Hay, sun, etc

The girls and Joe are out today, so I’m working hard to take advantage of the opportunity. (It’s amazing how soon after having a meltdown where you did your best impression of the kid in the exorcist these opportunities arise. I’m sure it’s unrelated.) I’ve got no time to be anything but random.

1. Thank you for your support. The only reason I didn’t leave for Aruba was because there were so many comments from other parents that I realized that I don’t have the worst kids in the world and therefore am not morally able to run away forever. Very reassuring.

2. A reminder that I am at the Borders in Burlington MA on Thursday at 7:00pm, apparently you can email or call to reserve a seat. Details HERE. (That reminds me. I totally need a haircut.)

3. The next day I am at RJ Julia Booksellers in Madison CT. Amy called to get a spot and was told that everyone planning to attend should register. I’m not sure if that’s totally accurate, and I’m positive they will just let you in if you come, but since the very nice lady behind the counter told Amy that only 30 people had signed up (probably because we didn’t know we should register) and she “didn’t expect it to be busy”, if you’re planning on coming, could you give them a heads up so we don’t have the chair thing again?

To reserve seats, call 203.245.3959 or 800.74.READS, or email books@rjjulia.com.

4. I could use knitters to take responsibility taking any hats we collect to a shelter when I am in both places. Any volunteers?

5. The details for Halifax are in! (I am unreasonably excited about Halifax. I’m really grateful to the Canadian Distributor of the books for finally getting me out that way.) August 7, 2007, Time: 6:00 pm, Lord Nelson Hotel, (SERIOUSLY! Sorry. All caps was un-called for, and the exclamation point was right out of hand. It is the Lord Nelson though…c’mon.) Regency Ballroom, 1515 South Park Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia. The Loop Craft Cafe is in on it, and they can help you with any other details you might wonder about. I’ll get it all up on the Tour Page ASAP.

6. I am still entering the emails for the Knitters Without Borders database loss. I have done hundreds, but there’s a lot to go. If you have already resent, but didn’t hear from me yet, please be patient. I confuse very easily, so if you resend twice in a week it makes it hard for me to keep track of you. I’m sending everybody a quick email when I get them entered so that they know that they are “in” and when I think I have everybody I’ll let you know. If you still think you’re missing, you can resend then…okay?

7. No sooner do I explain my love for the firm, smooth pointiness that is the Knit Picks dpns and claim that I care nothing for wooden ones than I am forced to declare an exception. I DO use wooden dpns for the sort of colourwork that is the Kauni Cardigan, in fact the whole cardi has been knit on wooden needles, and am very much enjoying these ones.


The new Grafton Fibers Darn Pretty dpns. Which are smooth and firm and pointy, but still have some of the “drag” that’s so helpful for colourwork. Love them, and they are indeed fine needles, and (as the name promises) Darned Pretty….


which is awesome, because I really like the people who run this business and would hate to have to figure out what to say the next time I saw them if they were crappy needles.

8. I finished the first sleeve of the Kauni Cardigan, and decided that I am exactly the sort of obsessive compulsive knitter who cannot possibly tolerate it if the two sleeves don’t match. I tried to relax into it, I really did. I know other knitters can let it go and just let patterned yarns do their thing, and I applaud them and even think that their sweaters look great. I just. Can’t. Do. It. Turns out it was pretty easy to get it all matchy- matchy….


All I did was use the ball winder to wind off the colours I didn’t want, stopping when I had the blue matching the start of the first sleeve, then winding off the other ball until it was matching the green.


Then I set aside those wound off sections, I’ll use them for button bands or something, and I’ll begin knitting with the two balls rigged to start at the right spot.


See? Obsession made easy.

For now, it’s back to the salt mines, making hay while the sun shines….all that.