Hay, sun, etc

The girls and Joe are out today, so I’m working hard to take advantage of the opportunity. (It’s amazing how soon after having a meltdown where you did your best impression of the kid in the exorcist these opportunities arise. I’m sure it’s unrelated.) I’ve got no time to be anything but random.

1. Thank you for your support. The only reason I didn’t leave for Aruba was because there were so many comments from other parents that I realized that I don’t have the worst kids in the world and therefore am not morally able to run away forever. Very reassuring.

2. A reminder that I am at the Borders in Burlington MA on Thursday at 7:00pm, apparently you can email or call to reserve a seat. Details HERE. (That reminds me. I totally need a haircut.)

3. The next day I am at RJ Julia Booksellers in Madison CT. Amy called to get a spot and was told that everyone planning to attend should register. I’m not sure if that’s totally accurate, and I’m positive they will just let you in if you come, but since the very nice lady behind the counter told Amy that only 30 people had signed up (probably because we didn’t know we should register) and she “didn’t expect it to be busy”, if you’re planning on coming, could you give them a heads up so we don’t have the chair thing again?

To reserve seats, call 203.245.3959 or 800.74.READS, or email books@rjjulia.com.

4. I could use knitters to take responsibility taking any hats we collect to a shelter when I am in both places. Any volunteers?

5. The details for Halifax are in! (I am unreasonably excited about Halifax. I’m really grateful to the Canadian Distributor of the books for finally getting me out that way.) August 7, 2007, Time: 6:00 pm, Lord Nelson Hotel, (SERIOUSLY! Sorry. All caps was un-called for, and the exclamation point was right out of hand. It is the Lord Nelson though…c’mon.) Regency Ballroom, 1515 South Park Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia. The Loop Craft Cafe is in on it, and they can help you with any other details you might wonder about. I’ll get it all up on the Tour Page ASAP.

6. I am still entering the emails for the Knitters Without Borders database loss. I have done hundreds, but there’s a lot to go. If you have already resent, but didn’t hear from me yet, please be patient. I confuse very easily, so if you resend twice in a week it makes it hard for me to keep track of you. I’m sending everybody a quick email when I get them entered so that they know that they are “in” and when I think I have everybody I’ll let you know. If you still think you’re missing, you can resend then…okay?

7. No sooner do I explain my love for the firm, smooth pointiness that is the Knit Picks dpns and claim that I care nothing for wooden ones than I am forced to declare an exception. I DO use wooden dpns for the sort of colourwork that is the Kauni Cardigan, in fact the whole cardi has been knit on wooden needles, and am very much enjoying these ones.


The new Grafton Fibers Darn Pretty dpns. Which are smooth and firm and pointy, but still have some of the “drag” that’s so helpful for colourwork. Love them, and they are indeed fine needles, and (as the name promises) Darned Pretty….


which is awesome, because I really like the people who run this business and would hate to have to figure out what to say the next time I saw them if they were crappy needles.

8. I finished the first sleeve of the Kauni Cardigan, and decided that I am exactly the sort of obsessive compulsive knitter who cannot possibly tolerate it if the two sleeves don’t match. I tried to relax into it, I really did. I know other knitters can let it go and just let patterned yarns do their thing, and I applaud them and even think that their sweaters look great. I just. Can’t. Do. It. Turns out it was pretty easy to get it all matchy- matchy….


All I did was use the ball winder to wind off the colours I didn’t want, stopping when I had the blue matching the start of the first sleeve, then winding off the other ball until it was matching the green.


Then I set aside those wound off sections, I’ll use them for button bands or something, and I’ll begin knitting with the two balls rigged to start at the right spot.


See? Obsession made easy.

For now, it’s back to the salt mines, making hay while the sun shines….all that.

167 thoughts on “Hay, sun, etc

  1. So glad you didn’t run off to Aruba without me. Sweater is still beautiful, matching or not.
    First post! Wow!

  2. Obsession is a good thing – at least that’s what I tell myself when I stretch my self-striping yarn out across the room so that I can tell where each sock should start.

  3. And I wasn’t. . . DRAT! I love the cardi. It looks complicated. Very pretty. I just got my invite to Ravelry. . .it’s binking amazing! I sure hope you’ll find your way to Wisconsin again (he he he the pressure begins). Aruba is too darn hot for wool. You would have hated it there after the glamour and solitude wore off.

  4. Aruba doesn’t have wool, so it’s probably good that you stayed. (at least, it didn’t the last time I was there).
    Joe and the girls leaving you alone today? Totally unrelated to the meltdown. Yeah, sure…

  5. “Obsession made easy” – LOVE that.
    Glad you didn’t go to Aruba (at least under those circumstances). I have a teenager too. And total empathy.

  6. I was a teenager. That my mom didn’t run off to Aruba is tribute to her patience. Or lunacy.
    Hmmm… I don’t use DPNs anymore, but I might make an exception for Darned Pretty ones.

  7. I’m not sure that’s really obsession made easy … how about obsession made to sound easy? And look fantastic, by the way! I still covet that yarn.
    Can’t wait to see you on Thursday! I’ll collect your hats in Burlington if no one else is crazy enough.

  8. I’m very glad you did not run away and leave us Boston area knitters hanging. My knitting group is really looking forward to hearing you speak!

  9. Hey Stephanie,
    Glad you’re back! The sweater is so pretty!!! I LOVE the colors! You must be SO glad for some alone time, especially since the next little while will be so hectic! My husband works at home, too, and I have college age boys who are always in and out, so I understand just how precious time alone is. I love my knit picks dpn’s also, but may have to have some of those new “pretty” ones! The matchy, matchy thing is great, too!

  10. Glad the hissy fit had a good effect. I L.O.V.E. that sweater. It just gets better and better, and goes so well with the needles!

  11. The cardigan looks beautiful – I love color and pattern but am too intimidated by it to knit other than one-color sweaters or self striping socks. Some day.
    Glad to hear you are doing better and have some time to catch a breath. Good luck on the road!

  12. Morally reassuring, yes.
    But maybe the eensiest bit disappointing since thusly there will be no abandoning them?
    I got all ex-tra-cited when I read Madison. Then I realized you mis-abbreviated Wisconsin. Then I realized I am an idiot and you are not coming to mine very own town; yea verily, nor even my state.

  13. I am glad you didn’t run away to Aruba. I like reading your blog! πŸ™‚
    That sweater is just looking better and better. It is so beautiful.

  14. Are you by any chance coming to Montana soon? I love, the sweater, by the way…

  15. I love painted yarn most when it’s all wound in a ball, but I especially like your yarn even after it’s knit up. Looks pretty on those needles, too.

  16. I am completely obsessed about the colors matching for anything and everything. It’s that control thing. The sweater is really beautiful! I’m hoping to get to Burlington!

  17. I’m so glad you didn’t leave for Aruba. My reservation for Burlington was made last week, and I’ve already told my boss I’m taking some time off!

  18. Glad to see you got through your tough spot.
    I had to bring my boyfriend to the ER last Monday. He was pale and looked horrible and I just about lost it when they hoisted him onto the bed. The only thing that saved me from losing it completely and sobbing uncontrollably was my sock knitting. Knitting solves almost everything.
    The doctor and nurses were impressed with my sock as well. My boyfriend rolled his eyes like usual.

  19. Alright, no where on the updated tour list do I see I-O-W-A. Fine. I officially give up trying to lure you here.
    BTW, the sweater looks fab.

  20. I’m learning to get over the matchy thing, starting out small with fraternal socks instead of identicals.

  21. Best of tours, here’s to good sleep and easy airports. You will be making hundreds of women laugh and be inspired to keep on creating! The hotel in Halifax is fabulous, we might have to stay there sometime soon. Glad you got some focus time…hmmm, new book?

  22. Enjoy your day. And good luck with the haircut. I find that experience so hit-or-miss. My last one is less than a month old and my hair is already way too long for my taste. Oh well, at least it is even.

  23. Glad you were able to finagle some time on your own – funny how simply going ballistic gives our attention-impaired children the hint it might be a good idea to factor Mom’s “it’s going to hit the fan” capacity into one’s daily strategy, no?
    And those are just the cutest little pointy things I’ve seen in a long time – who could go wrong with purple needles?
    Do you have Harlot-heads – like Deadheads – who follow you around the continent to all your shows? Trade bootleg tapes of your talks? Sell each other hand-painted mohair in the parking lot? You know, the whole rock-star thing? If so, give me a contact – I’m losing my job and could think of nothing more delightful!
    (And if there’s anyone on the San Francisco peninsula who knows of things that would work for a “mature” person who has experience in publicity and event planning, esp. in the arts [primarily music and dance] feel free to drop me a line!

  24. Could you let us know which L.A. public library on September 15? There are dozens of libraries in L.A. Thank you.

  25. I’m seriously starting to think I need to travel to come see you. Either that or start hounding yoru publsihers for more Philly-area locations. Still… Halifax… hmmmm…
    Loving the sweater. I completely understand the “sleeves must match” compulsion. It’s like socks. They need to match.

  26. Enjoy the sanctuary that is your home – at least for the time being. I’m looking forward to tomorrow night- family out – should have a good 2-3 hours of uninterrupted time – Pure Bliss.

  27. Your sweater is just beautiful! Just a note, today I was in a local book store and checked out the knitting books; you will be happy to know that your books all face forward, while most of the other books are in sideways! Good for you! Also, someone had stuck another book in front of one of yours so I moved it. Now all can see your smiling face. FYI, I am also obsessive about matching colors with self-patterning yarn; I usually have to unwind half a ball of yarn in order to start a second sock at the same place as the first sock. I have also spent (wasted?) time figuring out how to get the two sides of a variegated v-neck to line up right. I would definitely have to have the sleeves match!

  28. I’m glad you are back and didn’t run away. I remember my sons teen years (shudder)
    Your sweater is great, beautiful, amazing and I definately understand about the matching colors up thing. I’m right there with my socks. It’s scary actually.
    Oh! And now that you have decided not to leave the country, could you please check on Franklin? He has Delores posting for him. Not a good sign. I think he has taken up residence on the fainting couch again.

  29. You haven’t mentioned (or I missed it) and I know you’ve been busy but I just have to know – haven’t you read Harry Potter 7 yet?!!

  30. I’m breathing into a paper bag looking at those needles. Oh. OH. And they custom-make circulars… If some vendor at the Allegan Fiber Fest would care to make a big fuss about carrying those, my ears are perked. Oh.

  31. So, will you be wearing the Kauni sweater to Rhinebeck this year? It looks like just the thing for an autumn day in the Hudson Valley. I promise not to poke you this time if I see you there.
    As for the kids, I’m right there with you. I love them to pieces but I don’t like very much right now. My latest strategy is to insist that all requests be submitted in writing.

  32. Enjoy having the day to yourself.
    Obsessive compulsive about that sleeve? Yes, I could do that.

  33. Those needles! That sweater! Gorgeous!
    And hey: my oldest, who was my hardest, called me her first semester of college, out of the blue, and said she just wanted to apologize for all the time she’d been a brat growing up. I assured her she was never a brat, just a normal kid and that’s okay.
    Then I got off the phone and went, YES!!!!!

  34. Oh, c’mon Steph, you know better than that! WHERE did you get those needles!!????
    Rams, pass the paper bag please.

  35. I’m so glad to see you have found a little peace/quiet/work time. This morning on my way to the office, I took a different route to avoid construction and for a good solid two minutes I considered just driving on and seeing where I ended up when the gas ran out. (Of course, I quickly came to terms with the fact that if I did that, there would be no getting more gas to come back…)

  36. Hum…about obsessive compulsive, I, too, “arrange” your books at the book store, any bookstore where your books are “messy”….Any wayward ones are regrouped, and I try also to make room for a full cover appearance. And no, I don’t work in a bookstore….

  37. I’ll collect hats in CT except I am from RI and don’t know any shelters in Madison, CT. I do know some to call in neighboring RI, though. Will that work? Unless, of course, somebody from CT volunteers and then by all means keep the hats more local!!
    I was sort of chuckling in my head while on the phone. “Not busy”?? I’m sure their library will be packed.

  38. While you’re being proverbial, don’t forget “while the cat’s away…” (or perhaps that should be *Cats are away*).
    Those needles could even make ME want some DPNs.
    And the Kauni cardigan is just so insanely gorgeous — that yarn! Oh, oh, oh! I had just recently seen in in its natural form before knitting, and that’s just as pretty as the cardigan is. Matchy matchy for the sleeves — of course, gotta be.

  39. I am totally with you on the matching thing. If I made that sweater I would HAVE to match the sleeves and other details. Knit on, Steph!

  40. Aruba weather doesn’t lend itself nicely to wool. Good thing you waited out the hormone storm (there are more to come but I don’t want to scare you). Where did you get those needles? I went to their site…they sell to vendors/retailers. Clicked on each site…nope. No pretty needles, darn it. I also would have wanted the yarn colors to match for the sleeves. Now, what do you do with the odd, not nicely-striped or matched-up left-over yarn??? Do give us ideas. πŸ™‚

  41. Okay, this might be silly, especially coming from someone who has yet to try fair isle anything, but would it be feasible to knit both sleeves at the same time, flat, with a steek, in order to match the colors? Or would a seam in the sleeves be just too bulky? Or would the colors not match anyway because of the length of the color change?

  42. You have to know we are all drooling over those needles. WEnt to their site and checked all the sources they listed to purchase them and they are not listed anywhere. Can you help a sockaholic/neeleaholic get some? much thanks. Oh, thanks for staying, Aruba is highly overrated.

  43. Aren’t ball winders the most awesome toy……oops! tool. Sometimes I just need to feel the wool slide through my fingers as I wind a new skein. Almost as helpful as the Zoloft or tequila when I need to calm down!

  44. you were supposed to run away to aruba
    in all good romance novels you run away
    meet someone male tall and wordly who
    comes to aruba because of his past and
    needs to think–
    he has the hut next to yours trips over your
    needles you have drinks and reveals he breeds
    alpaca in italy now 20 years later your gandchild finds your writing seeks to find you
    and the sock -will the
    two of you ever meet
    book two to follow

  45. Talk about matching your needles to your sweater–
    Gorgeous! (Not that there’s anything obsessive about that . . . )

  46. I received my Vogue Knitting 25th anniversary edition on Satursday. They had a small information square about you and your blog! Thought you might was to look at it.

  47. just out of curiousity and because i want to make sure i am reading the Kauni pattern correctly (and interpreting it correctly, to US needle sizes)…. What size needles have you been using? I understood the pattern to mean that I should start on size 3(US) needles and move to size 4(US) for the body. But these almost seem too big for the yarn… Any suggestions? i just started “swatching” by making a hat, but i can’t tell at this time what it is doing…

  48. Halifax! The Lord Nelson! Oh, the memories of my college days – or, more accurately, the nights down in the Lord Nelson Bevrage Room (better known as the LBR). I am totally, TOTALLY jealous. And, of course, delighted that you’ll get the chance to visit Halifax.
    I do hope the LBR is still in business ….

  49. Sue, come to Bailey’s Crossroads on September 20th. It’s only 3 hours from Philly.
    Stephanie, I’m so excited you’re coming. I’ve already got a friend lined up to come with me. Should I bring the blobby first sock I made to cover my son’s cast ( a bit of genius there I only had to knit one!) or the first shawl that’s two inches long for the second or third time? LOL!

  50. The Lord Nelson has an awesome pub called the Victory Arms. Check it out if you haven’t been there before. Thank you for choosing a Halifax location that’s just spitting distance from my house, I’ll stroll on over, through the Public Gardens!

  51. Glad things have calmed down today. Let’s hear it for more hissy fits!
    Re: obsessions and compulsions, I’m one of those, too. In addition to knitting, I do indexing and cataloging (all those things where everything has to be in the right place). Here’s a laugh that came through on the INDEX-L list a few days ago:
    “I have CDO. It’s like Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, only in alphabetical order like it should be.” πŸ™‚

  52. Damn! I was all packed for Aruba. Maybe I should leave the suitcase by the front door as a deterrent to further horribleness from the family. I swear if I left them alone they’d be eating each other within days.
    We’ll find out in September! I’m going away without man, kids or work for 2 glorious weeks for a school reunion. The thought of it is all that keeps me going somedays.
    56 days and counting…

  53. No problem. Its easy to tell terrible stories centered on my kids. You mention haircuts? My kids cut my hair once. Or one of them did. I’ve never found the guilty party, but I can tell you they ALL were punished.
    See you have wonderful children, who you can give scissors to. I bet in your house, its safe to lie down and take a nap.
    (I’m telling you this to store up evil-kid story points should it get to much to bear again, kind of like a flu shot)

  54. That Kauni cardigan is inspiring! But I’ve got a question: I ordered the yarn for it from Astrid’s, and when it arrived, it looks not at all pretty-soft-rainbow-ey. Mine is like an autumn version of the same. I wonder why?

  55. This isn’t the best time of year for Aruba anyway.
    I’m glad I’m not the only one who is obsessive about matching. I’ve done exactly the same thing with space-dyed yarns. I even went so far as to do it on the fingers of gloves. The amazing thing is that non-knitters notice.

  56. I’m still snickering at the nice lady in CT who thinks the event won’t be “busy”. ~snort~ I’d love to be the fly on the wall by her face that night. Kauni is one of the coolest things I’ve seen! It’s probably done by now…

  57. I think the cotton ball and bourbon gum rub is a great idea. Just remember to rub YOUR gums, frequently! Having some lime close by and switching to a Margarita is probably how I would go with it. (about missing them when they are gone? you won’t believe how hard it actually is) Hang in there, we’re all sending good thoughts!

  58. “Not busy.” Oh, you have to love it.
    Here’s a small rah! rah! for your continuing slog through the KWB database – talk about an excruciating labor of love! Speaking of which, have you heard about MSF’s “Refugee Camp in the Heart of the City” program (http://www.doctorswithoutborders.org/education/refugeecamp/)? I wish I’d known about it when it was here in NY, but I only learned of it the other day from a friend who works as a nurse for MSF; she recently came back from a stint in South Sudan, and is going to be part of this fall’s Refugee Camp tour. Sounds like a real eye-opener, well worth seeing if you’re going to be in any of its ports of call at the right time. Wonder what they’d think if a whole whack of knitters showed up wearing KWB buttons….

  59. There is no shame in obsessively matching sleeves. I’d have done the same. Beautiful work as usual.

  60. Oh I am SO lusting after those needles! I first saw them in the most recent VK. It’s amazing how irrational we can get over tools.
    I think you should go to Aruba for awhile anyway. Perhaps in December though. You know, right around winter break from school.

  61. I’ve been to JRJulia and don’t recall it being a particularly large store. There is, however, a great coffee shop nearby called Willoughby’s. Well worth a stop. (Mom used to order beans from them regularly.)

  62. Drat it! I’m in Boston for work and can’t get to Burlington (and back) on public transportation (and can’t spend a ton on money on cab fare – that’s the yarn budget, you know). Can I catch a ride with you? πŸ™‚

  63. Kauni is looking great and so are those needles !! Must somehow get some of those beauties. You best look out for a stowaway for sure now after looking at the Lord Nelson site . Now this is my idea of running away in style.

  64. Baraka said:
    “Do you have Harlot-heads – like Deadheads – who follow you around the continent to all your shows? Trade bootleg tapes of your talks? Sell each other hand-painted mohair in the parking lot? You know, the whole rock-star thing?”
    She calls them stalkers….

  65. Can someone please tell me when and where Rhinebeck is? I’ve heard so much about it (from your blog and others)over the past two years. Maybe that would be a good time to schedule the vacation I haven’t taken yet this year??? Hmmm.

  66. I am excited that you are excited to be coming to Halifax (I live 1.5 hours away from there – and I am going!) I hope you have a chance to poke around some of the cool places in Nova Scotia (some knitterly, some not so much!) It is a nice place to see, but you really should do a few day trips outside of the city.
    Is there any sort of hat collection organized for the Halifax visit? I didn’t want to show up empty handed if we are doing a charitable knitting thing!
    Thank you for coming to Halifax (or thanks to Jaimie or the publishers, or whatever magical entity that has selected Halifax as a stop on the tour! (woo hoo ! the LORD NELSON! swanky!)

  67. I am really glad you didn’t bolt. your blog is where I go when I need to recharge.

  68. I’m glad your’e here! Your Kauni cardigan looks just wonderful. I don’t have enough yarn to make sure my sleeves will match perfectly like yours will, and I have given myself permission to let the yarn do it’s thing. I only take measures if I have two strands that are too close in color pair up. Oh, I should mention that I’m not using the rainbow colorway. I’m using one that is mostly blue/green and one that is pink/magenta.

  69. I agree with Roggey – I’d like to see Iowa on that list, too. If I still lived in San Antonio, I’d go to Houston to see you, but that’s a lot farther now!
    Oh – and I can’t wait to see what that lady in Connecticut says AFTER your appearance. πŸ˜‰

  70. The RJ Julia web page suggests registering for any of their event, so I did, right away. I asked in my email whether I needed to bring my own chair (they’ve obviously been alerted to crowd possibilities, as this is the only event on their schedule that’s in the library instead of the store), but the woman who responded totally didn’t get it.
    Whoever asked about Rhinebeck, it’s the NY State Sheep and Wool Festival, at the Dutchess County Fairgrounds, about 75 miles north of New York City. It’s an annual event around the 3rd weekend in October.

  71. September 17th (to come) Dallas…Dallas….Dallas, we hope we hope we hope!

  72. Sigh, after all my years of campaigning for you to visit Halifax, I am going to be out of town!!!! However, my mother (who does knit) is going to attend and get an autograph for me.

  73. I don’t have any Massachusetts connections for the Burlington event, but will be there. If you can’t get somebody to deliver the hats in MA, I will happily deliver them to a shelter in RI, where I live.

  74. The yarn…oh, it’s been a while since seeing cakes of the yarn, and it is *so* beautiful… BUT! The needles! Instant. Lust. Must track down needles. Grief, I might have to actually get used to dpns for more than possible future airplane knitting, because those are so flippin’ gorgeous and I WANT SOME! *kof* ‘Scuse me. I’m a sucker for: A) clever wooden items (Dad’s hobby was woodworking. As in, among other things, custom-sized spinning wheels for Mom and I.); B) little tools (small knitting needles are even cooler than teeny little wrenches); C) The thought of colored needles for knitting with handpainted sock yarn is an instant obsession. Dpns or not. Dammit.
    Isn’t it bad enough you have to sockBorg me, Steph? Now you want me to struggle with eentsy dpns and drive myself totally bonkers? You’re an evil, evil woman! ::whimper:: (It’s because I have no kids to drive me nuts, isn’t it? C’mon, confess. You want to think of all us two-circs sock knitters screaming like fishwives as we try to switch over and proceed to throw rainbowy little dpns across the room in utter frustration. That’s it, isn’t it? See if I send you your share of the fudge pudding cake I just made…)

  75. i’m so glad you didn’t bolt. i’ve only recently become completely addicted to your blog, and already i have two different socks on dpns, an order in for a tulip sweater kit, and 3 brand new ez books (on account of that darned bsj – that’s how it started, i swear). if you disappeared to aruba, what would i do for brand new ideas? think em up myself???
    ps: i don’t believe i could have one restful moment in that sweater if the sleeves didn’t match. you had to do it.

  76. Ahhh, A good meltdown makes a girl feel so relaxed ! And since there is probably no yarn in Aruba(even in S.C. where my daughter lives there is so little yarn-those people are just too hung up on it being warm all the time-don’t they know people still knit when it is warm?!) you may as well base yourself in Toronto-where your family is in case after the meltdown you want to live with them again.
    The sweater is looking great-I do the ball winding thing too,glad to know I am not completely obsessive alone.
    I am knitting a tank top for my granddaughter out of hemp/cashmere. I think you could smoke the hemp,which might make the world look alittle rosier,but I’m not up on if hemp is the real stuff or the real stuff lite and I wouldn’t know the real stuff if I fell into it(well, not right away anyways,I imagine it would take alot of deep breathing)so I guess a beer or a glass of wine will have to do. I prefer wine after a good meltdown. πŸ™‚

  77. Glad that you have some time for yourself. The sweater is so pretty. It is going to be amazing when it is finished.

  78. We stayed at the Lord Nelson for one night in June when we were there (really – John Lennon stayed there – who could resist). But I have to admit, much preferred the rest of our stay which was at the Waverly Inn (less expensive, better ambiance, not to mention is walking distance to The Loop). http://www.waverleyinn.com.
    (no affiliation just love it)
    You must check out Lucy Neatby’s Celestial Merino while there -worth breaking the stove-imposed yarn diet.

  79. You know Stephanie the more you knit the more obsessed you will be about matching and making things ‘right’. The older I get the worse it gets.. I made a pair of socks that didn’t match I may just have to rip one back…its starting to get to me.

  80. re strategy for matching sleeves – yes, but won’t that mean that you’ll want to have matching button bands as well????

  81. We do survive. Sweater is gorgeous! Did you mention (I’m sure you did and I missed it) what brand of yarn that is?
    Looking forward to seeing you when you get to Virginia!

  82. Oh, the sweater is lovely. And I just realized that Madison, CT is not only within driving distance but I have a friend who lives there. She’s not a knitter but maybe she’d like to come with me anyway. Maybe we can convert her. πŸ˜‰

  83. Hey, you know me, I hardly comment here (well, anywhere actually) because I am sure that I haven’t anything that original to add to the scads of people, so you know. And then there is the typing thing. Energy conservation and all that. Anyway-as usual we are living parallel lives, as I read your post of 7/27 I really wanted to comment, but almost lost my mind when as I was about to hit the comment button-not a full minute after Pete left to get a hair cut, leaving me alone in my home for the first time in months I heard the f****ng door opening and one of my kids walked in hours earlier than expected. O.M.G! It was all I could do not to lunge at her throat and take her down with my bare hands. This summer is doing me in. Possibly because I am still working part-time, possibly because all of the girls are here, leaving their crap and messes on every surface they can find and then telling me that I need to be happier. I mean! Who wouldn’t turn on the happy switch when walking into a kitchen that looks as if the thousands have been fed there in the few hours I had been gone. (The idea that just maybe, they could keep me happy by just putting a frigging dish in the dishwasher is just beyond their mental reach apparently-even though I have pointed out that little point a few times. Or more.) I’m feeling badly that I want them to move back to school, because I really love having them home. Well, some of the time. Like when they are all at work, heh. The irony of it all-I’ll miss them come the middle of September, when I finally get the house cleaned up again. Gillian my not ever move back here after this summer, and while there is a big part of me that is thrilled (especially since she has decided that she is a woman now and thinks that she should have as high a status in this house as I do. Ummmm……right.), part of me is a little blue about it.
    So, reading your post while living it at that moment helped. Misery, company and all that.
    I totally understand the matchy thing. I admire those that can just knit it. Wish I could too.
    Maybe I’ll see you Thurs. The thing is, I think my whole family is busy and my house……wait for it……will be empty. You know I love you Steph, but it is a difficult choice. Plans will for sure change by then for one of them, and I will be running, screaming from the house……….

  84. If you still need someone to take the hats collected to a shelter, let me know and I can help out.
    Also, the sleeves? I would totally have to match them too. You should have seen the leftover bits after I knit the sleeves of a sweater in Noro.

  85. Thank you for not running away – you are a rare spot of sanity in an otherwise crazy life! You have inspired and comforted me many times over. Please consider coming to Atlanta – we need you!

  86. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making the sleeves match. There is nothing compulsive about it. From a design factor, it will look so much better. It is such a beautiful design, and the effort put into it all goes awash when the sleeves do not match. The eyes keeps jumping around, and personally it looks a bit frumpy when they do not match. Thank you so much.

    Harlot in Halifax here we come!!! So glad you’re finally getting out our way. I’ll be there with bells on πŸ™‚

  88. I’m sure you’ve said already, but what yarn are you using for the sweater. It’s really beautiful. Can’t wait to see it on and finished.
    I would have wanted the sleeves to match also. πŸ˜‰

  89. Hope you enjoyed the day with the house to yourself and got lots done.
    Question – Was the interview for the 25th Anniversary issue of Vogue Knitting done before the trip where you ‘voluntarily’ gave up your luggage and someone brought you underwear at your next appearance? They didn’t throw it, but they did bring it.
    Good luck with the chairs. again.

  90. We’re leaving on vacation on Friday evening, for which I have so far done nothing but make a list that I know is woefully incomplete. I really really want to come see you on Thursday, but Borders is right down the street from where I work, and I want to be able to set foot in there again without their saying “OMG, there’s headless-chicken-wacko-woman again. Remember how she embarrassed herself at that Yarn Harlot event?” You may be asking yourself why I should suddenly mind embarrassing myself at one of your events, but if I don’t show up, that will be why, and/or I have been attacked by a swarm of biting laundry.

  91. I am glad to see you changed your mind about running away. I am sure it would just be plain unfair. See I have to take my 4 little ones, all 8 and under with me where ever I go (even the bathroom) since my darling hubby is away so much for work. Just today I had to take them with to a pre-op apt where they wallered all over the floor, ate my lip balm, climed on the exam table, then exited it in a manner that made even the surgeon, who was a father him self tell them they should stop and do what their mom says.
    We won’t talk about the trip to the immunization clinc in another part of the building after I was done so my older two can start school in a few weeks. (they really should make waiting area’s and exam rooms larger so the double stroller will fit with out trapping innocent bystanders in the room with you (or your own children in the bathroom))
    If you run away, I get to also, and then who will feed the kids and the husband?

  92. Thanks for the heads up about signing up at R Julia’s – we didn’t know.
    I’m finally going to see you in person – and I won’t have to brave the mob at Webs.
    They better make sure they have enough chairs, just in case!

  93. Ok, this is a stupid question. But you are probably used to stupid questions, I mean you have teenagers! Is Kauna knit in the Fair Isle style or is it self-patterning? I see all these balls of gorgeous color. And I was just wondering. Also, do you ever sleep?

  94. I have to ask: Are you going to see the little Greek hairdresser who says: “You sit down. I make nice.”, or the one that came very close to giving you Sarah Jessica Parker hair? :o)
    And, are you sure that you started the first sleeve at the beginning of the color? If not, you’re going to be a few rows off . . . or will it matter that much?
    Hope you’ve enjoyed your quiet day. :o)

  95. No, no, no! Bikerchick, I’m sorry but I mentioned on Sunday that Stephanie had that September 17th opening while I was in Hill Country Weavers and the person I mentioned it to (Mentioned as in: DUDE! The YARN HARLOT HAS AN OPENING IN HER SCHEDULE! (Sorry for the uncalled for caps and exclamation points)) got up immediately to go call Debby the Owner so that we might entice her to Austin once again. Being as how I missed her last time and all, and being as how it’s in September which is SLIGHTLY less hot in Austin and being as how the HCW people know how to do it right so they rented out the nice church down the street. This year, they’ll probably go for the convention center or something but I will still be there front and center with sock in hand. –Barb

  96. Awwww. I’m kinda sad you’re obsessive that way – I totally love the Kauni’s with unmatched sleeves. If I thought I would look decent in bright colors like that (and horizontal stripes), I would totally be able to give up my obsessiveness for this one case. It’s part of the charm for me. (But I’m totally with you on everything else. I just ripped stitches back because I did my sock gusset off one stitch, so it didn’t match the first/completed sock – it’s all ok now and matching!)

  97. I think that sweater is absolutely gorgeous and I don’t blame you one bit for wanting to have it match. I’m symmetrical like that as well. Either way it will look fab when you are finished. Love the DPN’s too. Neat colors they have!

  98. Ah, well. The guy who breeds alpaca in Italy could show up at Starbucks, too. Ya never know.
    Pretty, purple needles. Damn I wish I hadn’t seen them!

  99. Those balls of multicolored yarn are deeeelicious.
    Hi, I’m Erin. I’ve been lurking here for a little while, and if I must confess I actually went through your archives to read your…um…entire…blog. I’m not a stalker, seriously, I swear, blogs are just like books in progress to me and I want to start at the beginning instead of in the middle, especially if they’re interesting. Hope you don’t think I’m psycho, but I do like to let people know when I do that.
    Anywho, you’re coming to Atlanta! Squee! Fingers crossed that I’ll be able to make it, I’d love to hear you speak.
    (and PS- I’m surprised my stepmom didn’t kill me for all the hell I put her through when I was growing up. Trust me, I’m sure your kids aren’t as mouthy as I was. ^_^)

  100. Hi Steph,
    Katie (http://www.katwithak.com) has volunteered to collect the hats. I think you’ve met her previously (though it’s late and my memory is a little foggy) Thank you for posting the link and info for reservations-it’s made planning a wee bit easier. See you Thursday!

  101. Love that Kauni cardigan, and would very much like to knit it in more muted colors. I happen to go to Denmark this week, so it has been added to my list of ‘have to check out’-yarn. Thanks for another shopping opportunity !

  102. Oh, Stephanie, it is so nice to know that there is someone as (anal) obsessive as I am. I also need to have them match. I wind my sock yarn so that both of them match. Otherwise I wouldn’t be able to wear them comfortably. Even if know one could see them. Well, I am also glad you didn’t go to Aruba. But if you were taking your laptop then I would still be able to enjoy your blog. Makes my mornings. My coffee and your blog. Starts the day out great. Enjoy your trips. Hope to see you one of these days. Oh, and I wish I could come up to Toronto and give you that needed haircut. I would so love to. Have fun.

  103. I just wanted to lend my support to the vigilant mothering of teenagers.
    I got into loads more trouble between the ages of 12 and 21 than at any other time and I am SURE my children are facing the same temptations. Even though money is tight and ALL of my friends are now working and can’t understand why I stay home when I have a 20 year old (at college) and a 14 year old in high school. My answer is “HELLO? Have you read about the drug, sex, and accidents that teenagers are part of??”
    So cheers to stay at home mothers of teenagers! (BTW, neither of mine have ever caused me any real trouble. Hmm, wonder why?)

  104. I’m glad you didn’t run away. You couldn’t live with yourself if you did. Unfortunately, it’s hardwired into moms to take care of their kids, no matter how obnoxious they are. πŸ˜‰
    I work at home also and when the kids were still here (as recently as May), it was tough. My best option was closing my office door and saying, “Do NOT knock on this door, much less come in, unless 1) someone is dying, 2) someone is breaking into the house, or 3) the house is on fire.”
    Sometimes that actually worked for a while!
    Hang in there,

  105. Sigh. Me again. I’m going to have to withdraw my offer to collect hats. My mother is very ill and I can’t guarantee I’ll make it on Friday to CT–plans are very day to day right now. I would like an address to mail hats to, though.

  106. I applaud you for going for the matching sleeves. I never do that but it’s through complete laziness to work out the colours rather than preference for how it looks!

  107. if you need someone to collect hats at your atlanta appearance, i’d be happy to, just shoot me an email. so glad you’re finally coming! =]

  108. er, that’s collect hats and take them to a shelter. i can do either (and it does actually get cold enough in atlanta in the winter for hats. no snow, but cold enough for hats.)

  109. Message for Christine: I am so happy to hear your son came back. I left a comment for you on my blog. Thinking of you.
    Stephanie: I am glad things are better where you are. Thanks for hanging in there.
    Love that cardi. It’s almost finished…
    and are you really truly coming to Rhinebeck?? I’ll be working in the Sliver Moon booth. Please come and say hello. We also have extra chairs to sit and rest (and hide), right by the alpaca barn.

  110. I am addicted to knitting the Kauni. I have a trip coming up and was going to leave it at home and start later, and I caved. And now I can’t stop. I might even have to bring it with me, and it’s much more hot and humid where I am going than it is at home. I hadn’t even thought about matching the sleeves. Hmmm.

  111. Obsessive? No. Not at all.
    Halifax is so beautiful! Lucky you.
    Glad you didn’t run away. Although I suppose running away for a while is much better than wanting to go deaf permanently.

  112. I’ll be happy to collect hats in Burlington. I have a seat reserved and I’m looking forward to it. I’ll be there early because I’m coming straight from work and I get out at 5.

  113. so… how are the matchy-matchy sleeves coming along? can’t wait to see it finished!

  114. Please Please PLEASE tell us where you got those needles. I checked out the website, but I can’t find where to order them from!

  115. Thanks to Sabrina from above, I too wondered which L.A. library to get there early for. I’m sure we’ll just have to keep checking the schedule & perhaps Mrs. Harlot will put the actual location there.
    Can’t freaking wait!

  116. Pertinent to yesterday’s entry, I’ve always liked this saying: It says a lot for the human race that they allow their teenagers to live.
    Mine being grown and gone, I’m glad I did; they’re great people now.

  117. Oh man, if you don’t run off to Aruba to hide from your kids, that means I can’t either. *pouts* Thanks a lot! πŸ˜‰

  118. I followed the link to those beautiful needles and ended up at a list of every yarn store in America. Any way to find these beauties? Thanks, Lily

  119. Angelinos– I just talked to the LA Public Library’s info line. The nice gentleman told me they won’t post the exact scedule for September until late August, but he’s pretty sure Stephanie will be speaking at the Central Library, which is at 630 W 5th St. The website is lapl.org, so you can look up the information after it’s posted.

  120. Regarding the Halifax appearance, do you know if reservation is possible/necessary?

  121. The Halifax Knitters (aka Knitting Out Loud – our SnB group) are insanely geeked-out happy that you’re coming! I guess our harassment campaign to your lovely publicist worked.
    Steph, Rhonda and I have big plans for taking dorkdom to the next level for the event. There may or may not be matching t-shirts. Just sayin’

  122. I don’t suppose this will change anyone’s attendance plans, but I just got am email from RJ Julia Bookstore in Madison that the signing has been moved to the bookstore. I haven’t been to either the store or the library, so I have no idea if this means more or less room. But definitely register, so they can find chairs!

  123. I love those needles. I followed the link to Bryspun and couldn’t find them. My LYS carries Bryspun, but not those πŸ™ . Where else can you find them?

  124. I totally do not understand the color patterning for this sweater. Are you using two balls at once, as you would for other multi-color stranding?
    Looks like I won’t be in Seattle in September after all, so I can’t wait to see you in Alexandria (right?)!

  125. Looking forward to seeing you in MA! I made sure to register in case they didn’t believe vast numbers of knitters would show up!

  126. laughing here about the matchy thing – did it myself with the socks – started at the same point!!! Keep on doing what you are with the family – I hear it gets better – mine are only 6 and 22 months. Oy

  127. RJ Julia’s just called me and told me due to low registration they are moving your event to the store – which is smaller. please remind people to register!!!

  128. Ooohh! I love the yarn and the sweater.
    I also love the needles. I’m a metal needle person myself, but I like wooden when I need to tighten my gauge. (My gauge is very loose)

  129. OK, I keep checking to see if you have made a more recent post and … Horror! I get a message saying that your server is unavailable! I have seen that message before, so I panic, and call my fellow Harlot-lovers to ask them if Stephanie’s newest server has collapsed under the weight of Knitters everywhere?!? Thereby precipitating another rush of people trying to open the Yarnharlot blog… ooops. Sorry. I got a little panicky there, but I won’t let it happen again. OK. Now I am only getting tired of seeing that delicious Kauni cardigan because I am so intensely jealous that it even exists and is not on MY needles… yet.

  130. glad you didn’t run away from home. however, I still think you should read “Effortless Wellbeing the missing ingredients for Authentic Wellness by Evan Finer” available at amazon.com

  131. First of all, that low rumbling you hear now and again, but can’t quite place–that’s me you’re hearing all the way from Baltimore when my teens, in an unstructured summer, can’t even move their diry clothes from where they happened to fall off their bodies into the hamper. Enough said. Seccondly, I am the maniac who had to have every stripe match on her Noro ‘Butterfly’ sweater. Given Noro’s habit of simply tying a knot (or two or three) in the middle of a color sequence with no mind to the sequence, imagine a knitter with 20 clumps of yarn around her on the bed and a yarn bill that revealed I needed to buy half again as much yarn as the thing called for. I think we are either soul mates or finalists in the great knitting control wars.
    Love your blog. W.

  132. For anyone wanting to come to see Stephanie on Thursday at Borders Books in Burlington, MA and who doesn’t have a car:
    You can take the # 350 bus from Alewife Station on the Red Line. It leaves you off on the corner of Cambridge St. & Wayside Rd. It’s only a 2 minute walk from there. You can find the bus schedule at http://www.mbta.com
    I just talked the to nice lady at Borders. They are very excited! They are moving all the fixtures out of the way on the 1st floor to make room for lots and lots of chairs. They would like to have people register so they have an idea of numbers, but they expect a lot of walk-ins as well.
    Now I just need to figure out what knitting I want to bring! πŸ™‚
    Barbara L in MA

  133. Stephanie’s keyboard is probably burning up right now from the speed of her nimble fingers. Or she’s traveling. Or preparing to travel. Or maybe she’s just doing laundry. (I hope not) Maybe she is knitting while she is thinking about packing.

  134. Yer gonna have the chair thing at Madison. Except I heard they moved you to a bigger place. Good thing =).

  135. I’m sure others have mentioned this — but Aruba is not someplace you want to be wearing wool. Maybe next time you could plan a trip to someplace that will let you show off all the gorgeous sweaters? Run away to Iceland, a Nordic country or say, France?
    Glad you’re feeling better!

  136. Hope you love Madison as much as I do – I grew up not too far from there… can’t you just see me in that little movie theater, buying books in that little bookstore, getting ice cream down the street, and working in that little florist (which, actually, I’m sure has closed – the owner was a total crackhead)?
    Oooooh, I love Connecticut. Have fun..

  137. Rhinebeck is fantastic…I worked there for a summer at the Omega Institute. The link is http://www.eomega.org and its a great place to volunteer. You work 30 hours a week and get room and board for free. I lived in a tent but it was one of the best summer experiences of my life and I wish that I had knitted while I was there. All that peace and quiet…

  138. I was wondering if you know where (if) we can get those lovely colourful needles in Canada…or will I have to order in?

  139. I’ll be at RJ Julia’s in Madison on Friday and have a couple of shelters in CT our knitting group makes donations to…I’ll be glad to deliver hats.

  140. Stephanie,
    Was it on your site that I saw a citrus felted tea cozzy hot pad? I ran across this in the past week or so, and now I can’t find it! I just HAVE to purchase the pattern, it is the cutest thing I have ever seen!
    Thank you,
    Alice I can be reached at aliknit3@comcast.net

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