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Stealth knitting and a ton of work continue to make poor blog fodder. Last night I knit a round or two on the Kauni Cardigan and just could not believe how long this is taking to knit. I mean, it’s a reasonable gauge, a simple pattern and it really, really should be finished. (I would like to overlook the fact that I’ve knit the first sleeve twice due to operator error, since it means that I would be a lot closer to done if I hadn’t gone nighty-night on the pattern instructions.) it’s demoralizing to have it moving so slowly. This should be one that’s just whipping along. Jeanie is even knitting it in another pattern and still making good time. Susan is charging along (and I like her edge better) Cindy is completely finished. There are tons of others too…all going forward. My slow progess on this is unreasonable.

I’m not into a race, I don’t care how quickly I finish, not really…but it’s been on needles forever and I just can’t imagine what the hold up is.

Note: I wrote all of that, then moved the mystery stole to put my coffee down, shifted the socks in progress, moved the stealth knitting to my office so I could knit it while I read email and sort of got it. The Kauni Cardigan is taking a log time because I AM NOT KNITTING IT.

Never mind.

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  1. This is what happens when there is a project in every room of the house. At least you’re never BORED.

  2. This is kind of a side- but for anyone who loves knitting socks:
    Jimmy Beans Wool (a shop in Nevada which has an online store) has teamed up with Lorna’s Laces to create a specially dyed sock yarn. They will only make a specific number of skeins of each color (one new color a month) and when that is gone it is gone forever. Lorna’s will never make it again! And the new colors can only be purchased from Jimmy Beans Wool. I swear that i do not work for this store (nor do I know anyone who does). I was just really excited at the prospect of limited edition sock yarn and wanted to pass the info along.

  3. Funny how things like that happen….and it sounds very similar to what i just wrote about yesterday!! Things just don’t seem to get done when i don’t work on them-wierd….

  4. Um, Steph, so when you figure out how THINKING about knitting will make those stitches magically appear on the needles, will you blog about it? I have several UFOs here that could use some help.
    Is this like “The Little Engine That Could (Knit)”? I think I knit, I think I knit, I think I knit…

  5. I had a shawl like that, that I finished last week after a month, when it should have been done in 3-5 days. Sometimes it takes (for me) some really good music on the stereo to get me to hold still and work on a project that has begun to feel too much like work.
    Best of luck. It’ll be so wonderful when it’s done, it’s such a gorgeous project.

  6. Maybe, if I taught the dogs how to knit instead of eating the knitting, something would get done around here. Maybe.

  7. Remember the black hole of knitting? Maybe it is something like that? Or it could be not knitting it. Either way, I’m with earlier posts about learning how thinking about knitting actually accomplishing knitting! I’d be all over that-lots of wips here too.

  8. Didn’t I read something about this problem somewhere? Something along the lines of “the only way out of a black hole is to keep knitting”?

  9. I HATE it when not knitting leads to not finished. It happens to me all the time (am currently staring at the Hanami stole on my needles, willing it to finish itself; it’s not working). Maybe one of your daughters wants to have a go? Maybe sleeping on a wip makes it finish faster; like studying by sleeping on textbooks…

  10. You mean you knit three other things and the fourth thing makes no progress? Why IS that? Knitting is so weird that way!
    I was in the black hole of knitting my own sock for a while recently. I kept knitting the leg, and knitting, and knitting, and getting nowhere, and then last night, boom, ready for the heel! It was kind of freaky, how suddenly I was there. But freaky in a good way, you know?

  11. I’m with Terri. If anyone figures out how to knit using mind power alone, teach me please! It would certainly thin out the stack of sweater patterns that I want to try.

  12. Yeah, I’m finding the same with the Icarus I’m doing out of cobweb weight for a LYS. Things do move faster when you actually work on them! The fact that a dog or cat (who only is allowed to live because I’m not sure which is the perpetrator) snagged it with a claw and I have a huge loop hanging down off the back and a long thin line of tightened stitches on either side isn’t helping either.

  13. I’m with you. The shawl that I’m working on is taking longer than I thought. Of course, if I could get my act together and NOT miss those YOs, maybe I wouldn’t have to tink back two rows worth to get to the point where I messed up. I’ve worked the same three rows two nights running. Since you’re an experienced lace knitter, do you have any knowledge on whether it is possible to frog lace the same way one would frog a sweater? I’d love it if I could just pull it off the needles, rip it back two (or three) rows and then put the needles back in.
    I’m still loving it though, and I’m really starting to resent how this job thing is interfering with my knitting time.

  14. Ah, realizations. I’ve had the same one, a few times. I’m approaching some mittens, and a sweater, and a robot arm the same way, with the same results.
    (same, same, same, same)

  15. That, or ripping out a foot or so because you’d knit one plain row instead of two before the pattern. (What’s the emoticom for an eye roll?)

  16. You have no idea how ridiculously happy this makes me. Not that you are having problems getting something done, but that the root of the problem is the same as mine.
    The saddest thing about the entire thing is that to get through the frustration of not finishing something I often… start something new.

  17. At least it is moving forwards, my knitting is receding =( Had to frog a my whole sock yesterday b/c it was just too small.

  18. Just remember knitting is about the journey (Ya right!) not about the finish line and besides it gives me a chance to catch up to you. Robyn

  19. It’s too bad the knitting fairy only visits children with knitting moms. My son’s knitting always miraculously knits itself while he sleeps (correcting mistakes along the way). Mine, not so much.

  20. Perhaps you remember that sock-of-few-rows I had in PDX? Very, very few rows, maybe 4 tops? ‘Cause I was, like, really distracted after I cast on when I got to Powell’s, and couldn’t knit for laughing too hard while listening to you? (And taking pictures and talking with other knitters and stuff. Plus I am slow.) Then I goofed up a perfectly simple 2×2 rib and had to rip it out because there wasn’t enough to tell *where* I’d goofed. (While carefully using the power of my mind to try and unkink yarn that You Had Touched.) So I didn’t get around to casting on again ’cause of heat until I was on the bus to the first PDX Knit Bloggers meetup in early July. Got even fewer rows done that time before I realized I’d goofed *again*. (Apparently I cannot knit and talk and take pictures and laugh and eat a few cookies at the same time, either. At least until the pattern’s established.) Frogged again. Didn’t cast on again until just a few days ago. (Still hot, plus recovering from heat.)
    Y’know, it’s just amazing how fast that sock wasn’t coming along. In addition to being contrary, it was apparently generating the black hole of no progress *before* it got started.
    Although it’s got about 4″ now. Also amazing how much you can get done, even off and on, when knitting while your entire hard drive backs up…

  21. My solution to projects that just won’t end is to begin more projects. Funny how the second lot of things go along more easily, but the one I’m avoiding for whatever reason, just sits and waits. Last night I decided to make a quilt, bought fabric today, and it’s drying right now. And I can’t wait to cut out the pieces for the quilt! I also decided to crochet an amigurumi monkey and found yarn and hook for that. All this because I don’t want to turn a heel. It isn’t that I don’t know how to turn a heel, after all, the other sock is done! And I’ve done it lots of times. I’ve wanted to turn this heel so the rest of the sock becomes an easy car project. (and I can show that I’m a knitter with my new GoKnits bag dangling everywhere I go!) I decided on the quilt and knit about four inches on a sweater body, but that heel still isn’t done. So silly!!!!! sammmmmmmmmm

  22. If knitting couldn’t be put aside for distractions, many of us probably wouldn’t knit. Perhaps the cardigan wants a break from you and is actually feeding you distracting projects… 🙂

  23. “The Kauni Cardigan is taking a log time because I AM NOT KNITTING IT.”
    Where are the House Elves when you need them???
    I think mine somehow got gifted with socks accidentally. 😛

  24. That’s where Harlotry comes back to bite you (and me) in the arse. People come into my LYS and hold up a project they started 7 days ago and I proclaim them fast knitters. They aren’t fast, they’re loyal. Bet they’re dull though 😉

  25. It is amazing how many projects I have not completed by not knitting; aside from the eternal afghan/s, I am currently not knitting a sweater whose pattern I liked, but decided to do sideways (switching (the 90 angle curves for the bolero front is temporarily defeating me) and the mystery shawl, which will be done before it starts, so I will never know how it ends! There are more, but they are packed, and we shall not mention them.
    But I did by more wool today….is that a start?

  26. Hm, do you s’pose that MS3 and my waterfall rib socks are the reason that my “Rose of England” shawl isn’t done yet? You might just be onto something here… Now if I could resist the impulse to insert yarnovers where the pattern doesn’t want them, things might make more progress.

  27. I’m a pretty newly reborn knitter but one thing I find is that if I sulk a little and ignore a WIP that’s giving me a rather large pain (refuses to cooperate on size or gauge or striping or whatever) by the time I am ready to take it back up, I can be firm and loving and finish the dang thing. I used to employ this exact same method when I had a crush on someone and that person didn’t know I existed. Somehow, sulking and avoiding said person gave me the impetus to go on. I admit it’s not very mature but if the person/WIP has no idea yoou’re sulking, it doesn’t actually do any harm, either.

  28. With me its having too many WIP at one time. It gets so bad that I don’t know which one to pick up and work on , consequently NONE of them get finished . A trip to the LYS makes things worse . Then I have to start with the new yarn Just to see how it works up. OH oh oh . It actually gives me headaches and creates stress. MUST NOT start any more projects till these WIP are finished. Thanks to Gwyn for the note saying where to get the Bates needles

  29. So, you know, this is going around — lots of folks (myself included) are lately bemoaning a sense of little progress on things they’re doing.
    I’m not ignoring my carder right now, or my dyepots, why do you ask?

  30. Things go a lot faster when you don’t lose them, too. I tossed my knitting bag into the car the other day, ran to the grocery store, went to the farmers market, went to my sisters for coffee and a visit (took knitting out of car), dropped off groceries, went to the movies (still had knitting), had dinner with friends, got home, gave kids bath, put kids to bed, sat down to knit… oh yea, knitting bag is in car… or not… I didn’t leave it in the restaurant which means it must be in the bathroom, the kids room or the car. But it’s not. I’ve lost the sleeves for my mother’s sweater, 50 rows of MS3, and a sock. And my favorite knitting bag.
    It’ll turn up, in the meantime, I’ve started knitting on the sleeves for my mother’s birthday sweater again (have until 8/3 to finish that) and have started the MS3 again (but I’m a skein of yarn short because it’s in the lost knitting bag.)
    And I’m wondering if I’ve lost my mind because the last time I absolutely had it was at the movies… or maybe the restaurant… or maybe while the kids were taking a bath??

  31. I usually find that my WIPs go much faster when I actually knit them.
    (she says while she has partially completed projects strewn about her livingroom…out of reach of the toddler ‘o course)

  32. You mean you’re actually experiencing an off week? Hallelujah! She *is* mortal! Now I love you even more.

  33. An add-on to yesterday’s needle comments…
    HiyaHiya has stainless steel circs for those with nickel allergies. They’re not nearly as expensive as Addi Lace circs, which are brass plated.

  34. Welllll……it’s summer. And if that excuse doesn’t do it for you, try ‘hormones’.
    Not that either of those really explains knitting productivity (or lack thereof), but well, it’s summer, and I have hormones.

  35. Teri– she said she was going slowly because she had to re-do the sleeve a couple of times, so it’s “I tink, I knit, I tink, I knit.”
    Sorry. I’ll be quiet, now.

  36. I’m jealous of all you knitters. I have had to take a “vacation” from knitting. Think I wore out my shoulder passing the yarn back and forth. I need to learn how to knit the European way. I knit for charity and am getting aggravated looking at all my stash of yarn and not using it.

  37. Well, it grows when you knit it, and that’s okay. It IS very pretty to look at after all.
    My SOCK on the other hand is not growing. I knit and knit, discover a problem and rip and rip, and make anti-progress. I hates it.

  38. I wouldn’t want my dogs any closer to my yarn then they already are (Scrat(linger) still tries to swipe my yarn).
    Besides, one of the cats has extra toes, so it’d probably be easier for him.
    Don’t even ask me how many projects I have going.

  39. I have a bag like that. I don’t even have the excuse that I tore part of it out and redid it. No excuse, just not knitting it. How annoying that it won’t knit itself!
    The cardigan is going to be so amazing when it’s done, though!!

  40. That is my whole knitting life right now.
    I have a shawl, a pair of longies, a soaker, 3 pairs of socks, a poncho and who knows what else just sitting, not getting much larger/closer to done, because I’m not knitting them!

  41. Been there, done that!!! But I blame my mom for insisting I help her around the house for my UFOs… Plus the fact my room is still messy from when we moved in a bit over a year ago… It’s a conspiracy, I swear!!!

  42. Well that explains my little lace project. Thing is, I really love doing it. It so wonderully light and dainty. Makes me feel like a lady just making it. I find I need to be wide awake and I need to concentrate on the stitches so I don’t miss any yarn overs. Its a good thing its a really simple purse stitch or I really be out on my ears.

  43. Yea! I’m in the top 100!
    Last night I worked on a baby blanket (for a friend), until I saw the error I made the last time I knit it… don’t ya just hate that? I had to rip out all of the latest work, plus a bit more. Seems it will never be done. In other words, I feel your pain.

  44. Yep. I have a couple of sweaters that should be done, but I always find another cool sock to knit and the poor sweaters just sit there, waiting for me to give them some attention. I feel guilty…for a little while.

  45. Having the same problem over here. Got a few deadlines and am starting to hate my WIP’s.
    Keep your chin up. It’ll come along.

  46. It’s a bit like gardening. I’ve found that the sure and certain way to ensure seeds come up is – well, to plant them actually.
    I think you hate that sweater. I think you need to put it in a brown paper bag on a high shelf for a month or two. Or seven.

  47. Delurking at last to say (a)better too many WIPs than too few,is my philosophy, and (b)huzzah that you’re coming to Wichita Ks on your tour! Just a 2 1/2 hour drive from Lawrence. Dare one hope that the “to be announced” on Sept 17 would be Kansas City (45 minutes)? Either way, in the immortal words of The Happenings, “See You In September!”

  48. I find that the projects most difficult to make progress on are the projects that I’m not actually knitting. This is especially true when I’ve removed the needles from one project in order to start another one. I don’t have a problem. I have no idea what you’re talking about.

  49. Knitting is a hobby. It’s supposed to be FUN. When it feels like work, put it down and start or pick up something else. Who cares? If you have a publishing deadline, that’s different, but other than that — let it go! The beauty of picking up a UFO later is that it has a head start! The other Rainey Sister [Sally] has made an art of appreciating how far along she is on her “UFO’s turned WIPs.”

  50. “I tink, I knit, I tink, I knit.” That was too funny! Hmm, notice how tink and knit are the same work, just back to front? I wonder if that’s significant ^_~.
    And Steph, you’re definitely not alone on that one. I’ve got a few of those projects, as well ^_~

  51. My Kauni cardigan is also in time out, and I started mine before you started yours! I don’t think there is a problem with it, but I’ve set it aside to work on more pressing projects. In the back of my mind I sorta wonder if I’m afraid of the steeking. I’ve never done it before, and it’s the main reason I am knitting this. I really want to do it, but it scares me at the same time. Anyway, I’ve knitted some gift socks, and am about 1/2 way done on a shawl that I decided I need this fall for a Hawaiian cruise, so the Kauni cardigan will resume progress after the shawl is finished. Oh yeah, I caved in and bought my first Koigu a couple of weeks ago, and now I’m knitting Pomotamous (which was on my to-do list for over a year and a half). I’m in love.

  52. Sigh. I have a top like that…I keep looking at it wondering why it isn’t done…then I remember that I haven’t knit on it in a month. Doh!

  53. I probably would get alot more things finished in a timely manner if I just knit one thing at a time-and have less stash too, but like you, I have a project in every room so while a little amount of knitting gets done on most of them each day it seems to take forever to add up. But, I would be bored to tears and what’s bad about an expanding stash???

  54. What’s all this I hear about the virtues of knitting one thing at a time? Why are we all aspiring to project monogomy? This is the Yarn Harlot’s web site, remember. We are attracted to the Harlot’s blog for a reason! I’m worried that by “socks in progress” she might be referring to a mere pair, rather than a gaggle (pride? swarm? herd? pack?) of socks-in-progress.
    Yours in MS3s, “finished” but unsewn sweaters, seamless but missing the top of the yoke sweaters, unfinished shawls, single Jaywalkers, single socks-I’m-writing-a-pattern-for, unfinished, half-frogged Pomotomi, and miscellaneous socks-in-progress.

  55. Yeah. I know what you mean.
    I am supposed to have an entire sweater done by August 6th, it’s a commission. Sportweight, size 4 needles (I think that’s 3.5 mm). I have not started yet!
    But what am I doing? Reading your blog. 🙂

  56. Yeah, it sometimes helps to work on something if you want to get it done. I have a glove in the works that has been sitting for…months…woah…I should finish that.

  57. I have been trying to perfect the “knitting by osmosis” idea. It’s not working. So yeah, I know what you mean. Sometimes we just need a break.

  58. I have a philosopher’s wool cardigan that is moving along at just the same rate as your sweater! It’s been patiently waiting on the needles for about two years now. I do have one sleeve and a third of the second one finished. Good progress, huh?!?!?

  59. argh! i am writhing with sweater envy. those kaumi sweaters are so so beautiful!!

  60. Although your blog has been a little sparse of knitting lately, there are years of technique-rich archives available! And now you can really search them! I LOVE the new search, powered by google. Often I will remember a certain yarn, pattern, or technique was mentioned on the blog, but I’m not sure when. Your old search engine returned cryptic summaries and iffy results. If anyone is hungry for some hilarious hijinx, or the thrill of a just blocked shawl, the content is there for the searching. Thanks for making your vast body of work even more accessible!

  61. In my home…most knitting is STEALTH knitting! My the knitting fairies be kind to you, and knit up the Kauni… at YOUR gauge, not theirs.

  62. Maybe the hold up is because of that steek business. That whole idea just freaks me out!

  63. Is /that/ why my “Italian” Monkey socks are still just one sock, and maybe more just a “tube” since I’ not even at the heel yet and I went to Italy back in April….
    Hmmm, must think on this whole “if you work on the project, it will get finished” theory you’re trying to impart on us all.

  64. We will all happily support you in knitting promiscuous behavior! I remember being shocked when I saw a photo in a book of some unfinished work in a book. I had always thought I was the only one that did that. I think there is a sound basis for this, though. Some painters, when struggling with a painting, will work on another, totally unrelated piece. When they return to the first one there is usually a breakthrough and it can be completed.

  65. Hi! I am waiting for the new cardigan Ruth (of the Kauni cardigan) is designing – it has leaves on it, and I am a sucker for leaves. Otherwise I would be working (or maybe not working) on the current Kauni cardigan (all those colors!) and my poor MS#3 would be languishing indeed. Instead I have a sad little pair of socks in their own personal knitting bag waiting for my attention – but MS#3 says she wants to get caught up with the big kids. Sometimes I think these projects take lessons from my real children on how to be aggravating. But at least WIP don’t ask “what’s for dinner?” seventeen times a day!

  66. That is what is happening with my Mystery Stole 3. I planned to use my vacation to get caught up. However, I’m finding I have little time for knitting which requires me to concentrate.
    I finished a scarf. And I started a sock with my first ever skein of Fleece Artist. But it’s perfect. I purchased Canadian yarn in Canada, and I’m knitting with it while I’m still here.

  67. I’ve never used KnitPicks needles, but I understand that they’re pointier than Addis, especially in the smaller sizes. Since I am constitutionally unable to knit plain stockinette, I am all about the pointy.

  68. As long as you’re not knitting it, would you consider doing a little Q & A on how it works, I mean, how it would work if you were knitting it? I’m enough of a novice to look at those WIP pix and be floored. Is it one variegated color underneath, with squares of another variegated colorway in Fair Isle? Or what? How difficult is it? And is there another cultural story to this pattern, like the Bohus? Please enlighten! It would make me happy and it would be a way for you to work on it without knitting it.

  69. As someone who has two sweaters and my first shawl in progress, I shall not comment on the fact that nothing gets done if you do not knit consistently on it and it alone.
    On the other hand, I’m blaming the fact that my simple dropshoulder sweater is not yet even partly-done on the fact that I cannot seem to keep the darned Noro Kocheron even remotely on gauge. So, yeah, I would blame the Kauni’s not being done on the pattern’s inability to be knit correctly and therefore requiring frogging/ripping on a regular basis. (Operator error? There is no such things. Just uncooperative patterns . . .)

  70. “Gone nighty-night” just totally cracked me up! Yep, I know that “nighty-night” feeling lots (lately mostly on this MS3, what’s up with that?) Good luck with all the WIP’s… it does tend to slow everything down, eh?

  71. I’m glad I’m not the only having this problem.
    I am knitting a very simple sweater in garter rib stitch and haven’t even gotten to the sleeve yet! I feel as if I have been working on it forever!

  72. And again you teach me something. Instead of getting frustrated with my ridiculously slow internet at home, I should bring my knitting with me to the computer — I had never thought of that before I read this post. Thanks. Another way to get in 5-10 minutes of knitting.

  73. I have a co-worker who works at the Borders in Baily Cross Road in Virginia. I have warned her of the impending flood of knitters come September. If there is anything else I can do, let me know!

  74. That’s what I have to tell my sister all the time: it grows when you work on it, but when it just sits there, nothing happens.
    By the way, whatever happened to Joe’s gansey. Surely you haven’t abandoned it? It’d be a sad shame for such a potential masterpiece to enter the Realm of the Forgotten.(it only grows if you work on it)

  75. I feel your pain. I had a pretty bad case of Startitis a while back, so now I have tons of WIPs and no FOs in sight. Well, that’s not even quite true. I have about 20 rows to knit on the Lace Wrap (and 6 to re-knit), and I’ve turned the heel on my second cabled sock … and I’ve reached the edge of the crown of the bucket hat for one of my sons. So the end is in sight, but the knitting time to get them done is not!

  76. Hello all, I’m new here; long time lurker-first time poster 🙂 Thanks for letting me play!
    Chava: I too have been perusing the archives and have to warn you that there are consequences. This getting-to-know-you is directly responsible for my current wip…thrummed mittens…which has shamelessly shoved two (or was it three, maybe five) ufo’s out of the way!!!

  77. Isn’t it funny how sometimes when you vent, you suddenly get smacked in the face with a completely new point-of-view?! Enlightening, isn’t it. And my husband doesn’t see any purpose in venting ;0

  78. Hmm…knitting while on computer – a truly brilliant idea. Why did I not think of this??
    I must also say that I am a just plain slow knitter, nevermind the multiple projects!

  79. I received this from The Loop Craft Cafe:
    The rumour is true!
    The Loop is bringing the Yarn Harlot to Halifax
    An Evening With the Yarn Harlot
    The Loop and Thomas Allen & Son Publishers are proud to present and evening with acclaimed knitting author and blogger Stephanie Pearl-McPhee,
    August 7th at 6 p.m.
    at the Lord Nelson Hotel in downtown Halifax.
    Admission is free!
    Grab your knitting and head downtown for a lively evening of yarn harlotry as Stephanie shares her knitting insights and experiences with the characteristic humour that has made her a best-selling author.
    Don’t miss this chance to meet and chat with Stephanie, and to have her sign copies of her books.
    There will be lots of copies available for purchase at the event, including the new audio CD version of Stephanie Pearl-McPhee Casts Off, as well as great door prizes from The Loop and Thomas Allen.
    Tuesday, August 7th, 2007
    6:00 p.m.
    The Lord Nelson Hotel Regency Ballroom
    1515 South Park Street (across from the Public Gardens)

  80. Well, my Kauni is still in the bag – after arriving 3 weeks ago. It’s not going anywhere fast I can tell you that.

  81. I had so much fun hearing you speak at the Toronto Knitters Represent event back in May, I was laughing so hard there were tears of delight on my sock-in-progress! You also inspired me to start a small scale knitterly-philanthropic adventure of my own and I have personally been witness to the generosity of knitters.
    I have also recently began to go out to various knitters’ events and am really looking forward to the Toronto Stitch-&-Pitch event on August 15 at the Bluejays baseball game. Just wondering if you could confirm – will we be seeing the Yarn Harlot there?

  82. Stephanie are you going to knit the sweater shown on Jeanie’s Blog. The one fromn Astrid’s? It is really lovely.

  83. Much of my knitting for others contains Reiki healing thoughts in each and every stitch. Sometimes, the chemo caps or bed shawls fly off the needles, as I cannot wait to get them to loved ones I know could use some healing energy. Other times, the knitting takes way too long, and I used to attribute it to either my inattentiveness or personal lack of energy. Lately, I’ve realized that if I cannot feel some true sense that the healing energy will be helpful, I find it hard to motivate myself to finish and send it on. 🙁

  84. serves you right i was happy knitting my mystery stoles (one dark one light for my two daughters have to do them both at once THEYRE SISTERS)and knitting socks for relaxation. Then you posted the baby surprise jacket and i had to knit one -sent for pattern when it arrived i just had to try it used opal sock wool just finished it today and have started another one – too many wips and i’m behind with my stoles

  85. I wonder if my WIPs would finish faster if I wasn’t painting walls & pulling up lino in an attempt to update our aging house. I had to put the brown angora silk away with only one sleeve finished (pattern is on the cover of Lace Style – I love it but had to totally rework the math which is another WIP staller) because it was looking rather white with drywall dust. Shouldn’t knitters be able to knit & have others drywall for them? Others who like drywalling & painting & pulling up lino? But then, how can a person afford yarn?
    Hopefully I’ll start those felted booties tonight – I think my niece is in labour! Will that be enough incentive to FINISH the booties, ya think?

  86. can i join you? my family knows my secret desire is to run away to Alaska and sit and knit stuff i can actually wear (we live in Hawaii), or perhaps you might just want to trade places? i have 2 cats, a dog, 2 grown children (still living with us, and a grandson), oh, and a husband who left MA because he couldn’t handle the cold weather and knitted sweaters. it’s also possible that he was chased out of there, but one never knows.

  87. I am so excited about finding this blog.. and to learn you are coming near to Tulsa<Ok.. but we are right on the way from Wichita to Houston, so why not stop by Tulsa on the day off? we would love to meet and greeet you adn know there would be ahuge turnout in T-Town to see you.. MaryJo Enjoy your “getaway”….

  88. Hello–it’s been a couple of days and this is a hope and wish that you are ok out there. My kids are grown, so I say hang in there, this too will pass, and you will be so proud of how they have used your time and teaching to become wonderful independent adults–love, Jenn

  89. haha, that happens to me ALOT. usually because i have like 12 projects going, am a novice knitter, and get bored easily. lol

  90. has nayone figured out knitting by mind control? if they have, i want to know how! ill have 20 things done in a matter of days!

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