1. The Knitters Without Borders total is rising again, see in the sidebar? I’ve still got about 800 emails to deal with, but I’m getting through them pretty quickly. When I do yours I send a quick note just to let you know that you’re on the list and I’ve “gotcha”. If you have no idea what I’m talking about and have ever sent me an email about Knitters Without Borders, please read this, and help me spread the word to anyone who might need to know. When I’ve got everything tallied I’ll start up again with the gifts. There are tons to give away.

2. Jayme-the-wonder-publicist is at it again. Update to the tour schedule here. There’s Burlington MA, Madison, CT and Halifax, Nova Scotia in August, and Seattle, LA, Wichita Kansas, Houston Texas, Atlanta Georgia and Bailey’s Crossroads, Virginia in September. I would not be surprised if she didn’t put another one or two on there either, but I am not in charge of the woman.

3. I’ve been plugging away on my Mystery Stole, halfway through “clue 3” (Ok. Fine. Not quite halfway. Picky, picky.) There are 50 rows in each instalment of the pattern and they arrive each Friday morning.


I’m trying to stay on track and not fall behind. I wondered how I would feel about not knowing what I was knitting, and it turns out that I love it. I think it’s tons of fun to watch the pattern develop. I suppose that it would be less fun if Melanie hadn’t designed a stole that happens to be right exactly what I would design if I were as smart as her and had thought of it first… but that’s not the way it’s going. I think it’s very, very beautiful.


The yarn is Lane Borgosesia Baruffa Cashwool, which makes it sound like it has cashmere, but it doesn’t. It’s a very nice solid coloured merino laceweight with one hundred million metres to the skein. (I’m lying, but it’s still a whole lot…1350m.) I chose it for this project because it is very cheap, and I didn’t want to spend any more than $14 to knit a mystery. (I’m so sorry I doubted you Melanie, I bow at your feet in penitent shame. ) Now the thrifty knitter in me is thinking that since this was the only skein I had I should have more of this yarn in the stash.

4. Luckily, I have the new stove gleaming in the kitchen to remind me that no matter how cheap the yarn is, buying yarn doesn’t save money. Not buying yarn saves money. I have a new stove. I will be strong.

5. Yes. Watching other people buy yarn is the next best thing to buying it yourself…why do you ask?

6. No, that’s not enabling. That’s helping.

219 thoughts on “Update-o-rama

  1. Your stole looks lovely! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the design. I’ve never used that yarn before, I might have to go shopping…

  2. Stephanie, you are SUCH a bad influence! I HAD to go make a Baby Surprise after reading your earlier post – you can see it on my blog in almsot completed state. I have had the pattern for some time but thought it looked waaaaay too tricky – but it’s not!
    I used my own hand painted wool, and it’s looking great. All I need now is a baby to give it to!

  3. I agree, not buying yarn does save money. But it’s tough to hold back on beads! (Wow, one of the first to comment!)

  4. Thanks for the tip. The damn dog chewed through my stole and trashed my ball of laceweight this weekend. I was looking for something *cheap* for my restart.

  5. All you overachievers! I’m on row…sixty something.
    Of course I did have knitting camp in the middle of all this…

  6. The bookstore in Madison, CT won’t know what hit them when you get there! 20 chairs and High Society ladies all quietly waiting something serious. I’m beside myself just thinking about it. Enjoy that one, Steph! Show ’em some knitters!

  7. Glad to see the KWB total going up!
    I’m also knitting the mystery stole and I’ve been enjoying the once-a-week pacing of the clues. (Not that I was going to knit it any faster, but it does give me a goal to aim for each week.) I’m trying Malabrigo laceweight for the first time and I l-o-v-e it!
    Enough about that…I had my teenager read your last post. Thanks for that as I also have “screen time” rules that are unpopular.

  8. That’s my favorite merino laceweight. Nice stuff. And that’s a gorgeous pattern.
    I’d noticed that total had gone up, the moment the page loaded. Nice work! And thank you for doing it!

  9. Bummer, I’ll miss the Seattle one by just over a month ;-(
    I’m loving the MS3 project as well and pacing myself to keep up with the clues.

  10. You’re going to Halifax?! But I don’t live there anymore πŸ™ *sigh* I’ll have to borrow a car to get to Madison the week before.

  11. It’s so beautiful! I haven’t even started mine yet, in part because I didn’t know what yarn to use. I might now have an answer to that one. (But just because in at least one case you provided useful information doesn’t mean you’re not an enabler.)

  12. Whoo Hoo you are coming to Atlanta! I am so excited.
    Your MS3 looks wonderful. I can’t wait to see the whole thing. Maybe mine will be finished when you come here in Sept…I can always dream.

  13. It’s gorgeous. I’ll buy some of that wool for you. I may even have to start knitting myself some lace! Thanks for the reminder about the KWB. I’ll take care of that now….

  14. Burlington MA?!?!?!? woooooohoooooo! I am excited beyond description.. will bring the “Sainted Knitting Enabler” (thats my Mom) and the sock of socks!

  15. Yay for Virginia! I’ve missed you several times now…you were in NYC when I was in DC, when you were in DC, I was in NYC, and Boston has been a total miss. Hopefully I’ll finally get to come!

  16. Sometimes a yarn bargain like that cannot be passed up without being a sin. Buy some-your stash will love you and when you knit another shawl you will be glad you had it in waiting.
    Yes, I am a yarn enabler. Yes, I love being around yarn enablers. After all, as I am fond of saying,”it’s only money-someone will make some more tomorrow.” This is of course negated if one of your three daughters is on the brink of starvation and there is NO food to be found, but I doubt that level of Dire Straights. If it helps, I bought your new book on CD yesterday-even though I had the book. Long car trips when I am driving made it a must have and by the way, your voice sounds very professional.

  17. Wichita? Wichita!!! Road trip from Kansas City!
    The Mystery Stole looks beautiful. Someday I’ll give lace a go but I’m still dealing with that sock obsession you got me started on.

  18. I have to say I’m glad I moved away from my enablers in Charleston. I have a lot of stash to knit from and I don’t need any enabling, thank you very much. Plus, I’m weak when it comes to pretty soft thing…. So very weak.

  19. I just put in a PayPal invoice for a bunch of Wollmeise sock yarn. It should be arriving next week. I hope that helps πŸ™‚

  20. Lovely shawl – is the yarn a pale green?
    A last word re the TV. Have you ever noticed that cars break down, Mr Washie cramps up from time to time, stoves refuse to works but TV’s last forever? I think it’s a built-in feature all in aid of dumbing down the masses.
    Read dammit!!!! Or knit.

  21. Seattle? Fan-bloody-tastic! Missed you at Bumbershoot last year, slight case of double-booking as I was in labour with our first baby at the time πŸ˜‰ Hopefully I can make it this year.

  22. OHH! How did R.J. Julia find out about you, hmmm?
    Maybe someone might have sent the owner an email begging for her to sign you up……
    I’ll be there!

  23. I haven’t started my stole yet – the yarn is lost in the mail- but yours is beautiful. I can’t wait to start mine. My yarn wasn’t a bargin, I think all go buy some bargain wool right now so I can think about knitting something else, that makes sense right?

  24. I’m loving the MS3, too. And to be honest, I don’t really care what the theme is because I’m really enjoying knitting this lace. And every week, it just gets better.
    I was worried about withdrawl when this whole thing wraps up, so my friend and I started a Hanami-a-long. Melanie’s genius strikes again.
    We’re at hanamiknitalong.blogspot.com and we don’t know what we’re doing. You should come!

  25. There’s a spot open on your tour on Sept. 17!! Please, please tell Jayme that you MUST stop in St. Louis, Missouri that day. It’s very nearly on the way from Kansas to Texas. (By the way, your schedule looks exhausting – you are a woman of great stamina.)

  26. Okay, so the Border’s at Bailey’s Crossroads (named, BTW for the Bailey family–of Barnum & Bailey fame–who owned and farmed a great deal of the land that is now a suburb of Washington, DC)is my local bookstore, and I can’t imagine how they are going to handle the crowd. I have gone to a couple different author’s talks there and it is comfortable for perhaps 50 audience members. Hmmm.

  27. Oooh, Halifax! While I’m still living here! That’s going to be awesome. *crosses fingers for somewhere within walking distance of my house*

  28. Helping? Really?
    I don’t know exactly what this helping-not-enabling looks like, but I’d guess there are likely others who would disagree with your assessment of its non-enabling status.
    Yeah. Well. They’re probably wrong.
    Keep on pushing, lady!

  29. Wow! Houston! You are going to have one busy September. Remember that September is still summertime in south Texas.

  30. How do I get to whisper in Jayme-the-wonder-publicist’s ear? I want to whisper the words ‘UK tour please….’ or even ‘European tour….’
    Please. I can promise now that we won’t bite.

  31. It IS enabling…I like to do it myself! Could you try to come to Baltimore? We’d all like that!

  32. Yay! I’ll see you when you come to LA. From the look of the schedule, you won’t have much time to do anything more than just the event.
    The shawl is coming out lovely.

  33. It’s beautiful!!!
    Does anyone know if that will perhaps start up again? I missed it by a couple of hours πŸ™
    Not like I shouldn’t work on one of the other many, many projects on needles. I’m an A.D.D. knitter

  34. You are still two clues ahead of me. I have a hard time explaining this mystery thing even to my knitting friends. I can only knit from charts once everyone goes to bed. It is a good thing I am on vacation since usually when everyone goes to bed I go to work.
    I have some of that yarn – it leapt into my yarn treasury when it turned out to be the wrong color for my sister’s wedding shawl. I am certain that one day it will be the right color for something else – and it is very lovely stuff.

  35. I’ve been toying with the idea of Stephanie Japel’s little sweater in the current Knitty…now I know I must buy the yarn to make it, so that you won’t feel left out. It is my sworn duty to hit “send,” then hit the wool shop! πŸ™‚ (Besides, wool in July in North Carolina totally makes sense, right? Of course it does…it will be October in New York before we know it.)

  36. Hmmmm. My little friends at Mapquest tell me that that shop in Madison, CT is only 90 short miles from my house. Fortunately, Metro North will take me the first 70. I wonder if one can rent cars from the New Haven terminal? If not, I may have to stick out my thumb and promise handknit socks to anyone foolhardy enough to pick me up.

  37. Atlanta? Sweet! I’ll have to talk my knitting club into a field trip. Not that it’ll take much convincing, mind — we’re all big fans. Whoohoo!

  38. What? I need to buy yarn? OK. Since you’re twisting my arm and all.
    My husband just broke an ornament of mine with some sentimental value, while apologizing he said he’d search to find a replacement and my first thought was “screw that, buy me the set of circulars I want and a bushel of sock yarn, that’ll cover the apology, THEN you get to search for a replacement”. I came here to look at pretty things to cheer me up. The beaded mystery shawl is so beauteous.

  39. BTW, September is summer in LA, too. No wool for you– cotton, linen, rayon or silk. Expect temperatures over 90F degrees, possibly over 100F.

  40. It occurs to me. Buffalo and/or Rochester is/are very close to Toronto. You could easily come for an event here and then your hometown peeps could join us AND I could actually see you. As opposed the useless metro-Boston visits when I no longer live there. They do nothing for me.

  41. All the pictures out there of Mystery Stole 3 make me a little jealous. πŸ™‚ Maybe next year!
    Yours is looking very pretty!

  42. Oooh, you are evil. I love lace yarns, but I must remember that savings go away when you spend them. Savings go away when you spend them…
    I will not succumb for I have gift certificates for other fine yarn purveyors which will allow me to remain strong here.

  43. Your stole looks great – and even if you’re “not quite” halfway through clue 3, you’re still 1.5 clues ahead of me! πŸ™‚

  44. That is looking great! I am only on the second chart of clue one! Oh, well, I suppose it’s better than nothing. How do you get your beads to show on the photos? My beads have excellent contrast to the yarn (amber on midnight blue), but I can’t get them to show up!

  45. Halifax! And in boldface too. Our secret campaign is working. First the Harlot in Halifax, next World Domination! Bwa ha ha ha ha ha.
    Hey, if you need a location, I can hook you up with the public library!

  46. I’ve got the MS3 clues, yarn and beads ready to go. I’ve seen all sorts of photos of what people are doing and it’s really inspiring. Yarn and beads are both from stash. Such strength of character, ya know? (Actually, I’ve just been too busy to shop…)

  47. Oh dear. I wonder if Atlanta is the closest you’ll ever get to Florida. It’s something like an eight hour drive from here. :/ This will require some thought…

  48. Mmmmm, that yarn is pretty, and the MS3 is truly beyond lovely.
    That’s going to be one incredible total! 800 more emails to go? Brings tears to my eyes.
    So…September 17…place is not listed BUT the date before that is in Witchita,KS and the date after is Houston,TX….I’m thinking Tulsa IS between those two places….. I wish and hope.

  49. Wow, there’s beads on that shawl! I’m doubly impressed. Lace and Beads, what will they think of next? To help with the yarnbuying, I just moved, and nine (it may be more) large boxes and containers of yarn followed me. Not to mention the ones in my mom’s basement….. I’ve resurrected projects that I now know enough to finish or frog. Oops, no new buying, but it feels like I’m shopping in a store where I love everything already. Which is good, since I’ve already purchased it. Keep up the great work. I’m going to be in Seattle this time around!

  50. The stole is looking fab. I have some of the ‘loony boony’ (as some of us on a UK Knitting Forum are calling it) in Wine Heather and it really is so scrummy. πŸ™‚

  51. wish I had gotten in on the stole project– it’s lovely!
    When I was 23, newly separated, a child to care for, and broke as anything, I pulled all sorts of fabrics from my stash (a rather meager one at that) and made a lovely long dress because I couldn’t afford to shop at a store. Still have the dress, treasured because parts of it, even the zipper, came from my grandmother’s stash.
    Stay strong, work from stash, and it will liberate storage space for when you can Stash Again πŸ˜€

  52. I have your Seattle stop on my calendar, though I’ll miss seeing you with a smaller crowd as I did last year at Bumbershoot.
    The bride for whom I’m arranging a knitting themed shower just told me she wants to do donations to Dw/oB in lieu of gifts. The date is the preceding weekend, so I may have a symbolic check to hand you at 3rd Place Books.

  53. To answer a previous response: Borders bookstore in Burlington MA (August 2, 7 pm)is next door to LLBean in a new plaza.

  54. Bailey’s Crossroads! Fer crickets sake, hon! Have her work her magic over on this side of the Potomac.

  55. Your MS3 is gorgeous! I’m one of the slow bees. I just can’t put down the sock knitting long enough to focus on the stole!!
    Yay! You’ll be at Bailey’s Crossing in northern VA! I live about 2 hours from there so I’ll try to make it there, depending on what time it is scheduled. Thanks for the excellent reason to take off from work. ;o)

  56. Wichita? Wichita? Seriously, the one in Kansas?
    Oh boy oh boy oh boy. I see a road trip from the Kansas City area in my future. Now the problem…do I bring the husband and 3 boys…
    I am so excited. I was looking forward to September anyway, to escape this 90 heat. I love fall. Now for 2 reasons.
    Remember, I’ll be the one in back knitting, to shy to come up and say hi. Unless I do bring the hubby and 3 boys. You won’t be able to miss them. The boys will be doing something that I’ll find terribly embarassing but all the other mothers will say either “Awww, aren’t they so full of life?” or “Wow, I’m sure glad that’s not MY kids doing that.”

  57. Hurrah! I live a hop, a skip, and a very small jump from Bailey’s Crossroads, and I’ll finally have a chance to go to one of these events I’ve been reading about on your blog for so long.
    I cannot wait until September. πŸ˜€

  58. I lived in DC for 3 years, and I’ll say only one thing: I hope you get less lost in Bailey’s crossroads than I did every single time I was there. They don’t call it a crossroads for nothing…
    Also, the mystery lace is beautiful. I’m sad that I didn’t join πŸ™

  59. AAAAHHHH! You’re coming to Wichita!!!! YAHOO!(and not the website) I am so bringing the DH since he didn’t get to come when you came to OKC! YAY!!! I have to go tell everyone now or I’m going to explode!!!
    (just for good measure)

  60. lololol I see you’re now you’re coming to Northern Virginia, after I trekked all the way to MA from MD to see you! Oh well, that can only mean one thing. A healthy double dose of Harlot πŸ™‚ (Oh, and believe me, no regrets on the road trip. We had the time of our lives in Northampton, and I would never have discovered the mecca that is WEBS!)
    Beautiful mystery project. Look at all those pretty little beads.

  61. I am knitting my stole in the same yarn, different color. Mine is a cream color with a pearled purple bead. I love it. I am partially into clue two having frogged it four times before I learned what a lifeline was. It is my first significant lace project. I owe all of my recent madness to you since I learned of this KAL on your blog. The yarn may have been on the cheap side, but the 3 sets of needles (finally settling on the size 4 Addi Lace needles) weren’t. Its ok if I spent the milk money on this lovely project, isn’t it?

  62. Why does yours look so much nicer than mine?
    And no, this is the 4th time I’ve ripped this out, so I’m NOT doing it again.
    I hope it rains on Sunday evening so I can get caught up because I’m on row 50 for the 4th time.
    I’m using Knit Picks lace weight alpaca, whatever that’s called, in light blue. And some beads from my stash– I think Swarovski crystals, but I’m not sure.

  63. Ok, so I had to read this several times before I could get past that you are coming to Halifax. I am completely geeking out. Can’t wait to see you, I’ll be the one who talking really fast with a baby in a sling.

  64. In my agida I even couldn’t spell it properly. Apologies to Wichita residents noble and true.
    (psssst, KC! great food! awesome art museum! lots of fountains to pose the sock against! excellent beer!)

  65. I was so excited to see Halifax listed. My heart rose so high…then fell so low when I saw the date. 5 days later and I could go. So close yet so far away!

  66. Jayme: PLEASE! Wedge KANSAS CITY in there! The Yarn Harlot needs some barbecued…..tofu!
    I was going to use that same lace yarn for my MS3 but it had 40+ cuts in the skein (and not from me, I am persnickety and fearful with scissors around yarn). I had to return it, it was so maddening. But lovely stuff,and I have two more in bright red that will become something…someday. So yes. Please? We’d love it if you came to KC. We have really good beer, and I’d even bring you something yummy canned from our garden. How else can I wheedle thee?

  67. Looking good, Stephanie! I’m still on chart B, but nearly ready to start Chart C.
    And to make you feel better, yes, I bought yarn last week. I didn’t mean to – it was an accidental purchase. The yarn on eBay seems to be so inexpensive at the moment that I laughed and bid $10.49 on a bag of 10 balls of merino fingering. Then I got the message telling me I won! That’ll teach me, eh?

  68. C’mon you KC knitters! Until Twist opens the end of the month, we had to drive that direction to get any decent yarn. You can make one little ol’ 2 1/2 hour trip down to Wichita. πŸ™‚
    So excited you’re coming here! I was lucky to see you once when I was visiting Massachusetts, but it will be even more fun now that I’m a more experienced knitter and I have a whole knitting tribe in my KIP group.

  69. Can Jayme the wonder-publicist get you a date in Arizona this year? I promise the temperatures in Phoenix are much less soul-sucking in September and October. Pleeeeease?

  70. Selling yarn saves you even more money. (I was going to say it makes you money, but more than likely you paid something for it, right?) Care to part with some of your stash?

  71. Your MS3 is looking great, and I’m delighted to hear that you’re using the same yarn I chose, just a different color- mine’s a soft pale gray. I’m loving the Cashwool, it’s a delight to knit.

  72. Yay! Virginia. . . even though DC is 4 hours from my house, I’m making a road trip! It just so happens we have plans to be in Charlottesville on the 21st for a concert, so we’re making a big trip of it!! So fun!!

  73. I thought about signing up for the mystery shawl after I read about it on your blog, but it would have been my first foray into lace and I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to keep up. Instead I found an Estonian leaf lace pattern and decided that it would be perfect for that beautiful bronze-toned Handmaiden Sea Silk I picked up in Victoria during the Knit-Out. Who knew that lace could be so addictive? I’m finding that I deeply, deeply resent anything that takes me away from it (work, sleep, eating, etc.)
    You’re coming to Seattle the week before my vacation in September! Hooray, I’m not going to miss you! Too bad you’re busy the following week, you could have come with me down to the hippy vegetarian hot springs I’m going to in Oregon and hung out for a few days.

  74. Looks like you’ll be at the Third Place Books on Bothell Way in Lake Forest Park just north of Seattle. Makes sense as that’s the big one and, I think, where you were last year. Time is 6:30 on Friday, Sept. 14.
    You get a ticket for the signing line when you buy the book from them, but the tickets aren’t available yet, just the book.

  75. The calendar is marked for Bailey’s Crossroads’ Borders but I too wonder how that store is going to fit everyone in. Won’t stop me from coming but…

  76. Please tell Jayme-the-wonder-publicist that you need to add Dallas or Fort Worth or Arlington (between the two) Texas to your September appearances. I will be happy to give her a hand if she needs it. PLEASE!!!!

  77. Whoo! Congrats on continuing to work on the TSF total. It’s exciting to see it climbing. Also, a big WHOO! on the Halifax date. I’m so there.
    Your mystery is looking stunning. I think next year I’ll jump on the band wagon. πŸ™‚

  78. Totally off subject, but I just *have* to tell you.
    My hubby picked up your “Cast Off” book this morning and read a section. He told me later that he did something that I would totally admire and get all turned on about. He read (some of) your book! He laughed and laughed at how you pegged *me* with my “issues”. HA!!! I then turned him politely to the section for 10 commandments of traveling. After relenting to the fact that I’m not an anomoly, he asked that you add an 11th. “I will not be embarassed nor ashamed that I choose to have no legroom in the front seat of a vehicle as I work my way through any of the 6 projects I brought along or peruse the 1 of 3 magazines I just happen to have.” After all, one must be prepared in the even one gets caught in rush our traffic (LAngeles) or there’s an accident, or whatever. Heck, we even carry a potty chair for my toddler in the car for *those* such occasions!
    I think he’s seeing the light?

  79. You know, I keep trying to get that part through my brain – “not buying yarn saves $$” – but alas being blonde has its advantages and I am able to come up with some very convoluted theories as to how I am saving $$ by buying yarn. DH doesn’t neccesarily believe me, but does humor me.
    Whooo hooo for a trip to Virginia, I think I shall have to plan a trip since I live in VA Beach.

  80. Oh, that’s the same yarn I’m using! I won mine in a contest from Nova. But the yardage is a bazillion yards.

  81. You *are* a bad influence…I had to go join on to the MS3, after reading your post on it. I’m enjoying it thoroughly, and have discovered that I now feel fairly competent when it comes to lace and laceweight things. (I didn’t take on the beads, though).
    Now perhaps one day I will post the pictures I’ve been taking to my sadly neglected blog.
    -Stephanie in Chicago

  82. Where it Atlanta? I need to make reservations and find petsitters today! Yipppee! Only five hours away.

  83. I’m so excited to see you’re coming to Los Angeles (finally)! And to my favorite library of all places. If you haven’t been here, it’s absolutely one of the most beautiful libraries in the world.
    “Not buying yarn saves money” eh? I refuse to believe that… I could work out the math to prove it wrong…

  84. Please consider adding some place in Florida to the Harlot Tour. I know the weather is pretty hot but there are still knitters! Orlando would be a great central location and you could even take a trip to Disney World or Universal Studios if you’ve never been there. Please please please!

  85. I am in love with the color you chose. It is too beautiful… I need to hurry up and finish my store knitting for work and my clementine shawlette for my SIL’s wedding and then I can start my MS3… πŸ™

  86. The mystery shawl is looking lovely. I might be doing lace, but no way am I ready for that yet.

  87. That’s a pretty busy schedule, but I noticed that Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival weekend is still open. You wouldn’t have to speak or anything, just show up in some knitted thing we recognize (perhaps the wedding shawl?) and sit in on the flax spinning or alpaca spinning or Guernsey knitting classes and watch people give you “I’m not worthy” bows and offer to buy you Wisconsin beer and squeaky cheese. I’m still angling to buy a house in Jefferson so you’ll have a place to stay for the weekend.
    Those of us Wisconsin knitters who couldn’t make it to Detroit or Rosemont or St. Paul would be thrilled…and there are great whacks of us.
    I will stop BADGERing you about this now, it’s getting kind of CHEESEy listening to me whine about it.

  88. The shawl is lovely. I was tempted to join but I’m not at a comfortable level of lace knitting competence to try it. I look forward to the finished product.
    As another TV hating hippie mom I got your back. I don’t let the TV on during the summer before dinner and to make me even meaner than all the rest, we don’t have any video games of any kind in the house either. I’m surprised that the county hasn’t come to take the kids away.

  89. also, I was going to use that (in a different color) for my Mystery Stole before a bunch of stitches fell off the needle and dropped two inches and I decided that I was Not Having Fun Anymore.
    And I love the amount of KC knitters that are like “Wichita? for real?”
    (I am a KC knitter)

  90. You’ll be in Houston the day before I get married, so I’ll be in Vegas, otherwise I’d TOTALLY drive the four-ish hours to see you. You should get Jamie to book you in Austin again, because I would seriously contemplate changing my wedding date to see you.

  91. Hooray for Hali! (Wonder if we should bring our own chairs, as discussed at the local SnB.)
    I’ll be there, stalker shoes and bells on!

  92. My MS3 is still on row 77. so only 23 rows or so, and I get to start clue two lol. Hopefully I will get caught up, now that I got issue 2 published on spindle and wheel.
    I used Merino bare lace weight from knit picks, the cheapest of the cheap, mostly because it was there, and white. And I had white beads. It was fated to be to knit this stole…

  93. If MS3 wasn’t so much fun to knit I would be cursing at the amount of times I’ve had to rip and start over. Of course I should have know that this would be the case because even though I done a couple of lace things they were really simple compared to something this big. With a party in four days I should be putting this project away until next week but I can’t seem to put it down.Oh well nothing like practicing a new skill.Right? Though I am amazed(though I know I shouldn’t be)on how far you are MS3 considering stove,crashing hard drives, going through thousands of e-mails, fighting teenager over TV time, plus all the other things you do. HOW DO YOU IT!??* bowing down to you now* I want to be you when I grow up.Stay strong, you’ll have more room to add to your stash when you can.

  94. Holy Cow, you will be in Virginia….must. take. day. off. work.
    Your yarn is beautiful for the stole…I am digging it immensely.

  95. I agree – the mystery shawl 3 is so beautiful and wonderfully fun to knit! I look forward to Fridays and getting the next clue. I like this shawl so much I am going to buy the patterns for mystery shawls 1 and 2 and can’t wait to knit them also!!!

  96. Oh, do come to St. Louis, there’s a perfect gap in your schedule for it, right between Kansas and Texas! Okay, so maybe it’s not quite exactly along the way but close enough.

  97. tell jayme-the-wonder-publicist that you have canadian fans too! Come to Saskatoon!

  98. WooHoo!!! You are coming to VA!! Oh My I can hardly wait. I dreamed of going to WEBs and just couldn’t make it. This I won’t miss!! Thank you Jayme!! Can we entice you with crabs and beer? Now if you want to cross the Potomac and visit MD too…I’d be glad to encourage that as well. Can’t have too much of a good thing.

  99. Well, of course, you are coming to my neck of the woods as I head North for a family wedding!! Bailey’s Crossroads is totally do-able for me – if I didn’t have to be in NY instead!!!!!!! Wahhh! πŸ™‚ Perhaps I can go up on the 21st instead… hmmmm..

  100. Dallas, Dallas, DALLAS! Please tell me how to convey to Jayme-the-Wonder-Publicist that we NEED you in DALLAS! πŸ˜€

  101. I am so excited you are coming to Seattle. Hmm, need to start planning now…

  102. Fabulous! You’ll be at RJulia. I am so there! I can’t help with yarn crawls on that side of New Haven, but, on the other side, I certainly can.

  103. Wowsa, you’re going to be zinging back and forth like a rubber band again! We’ll be waving hello as you fly over PDX, keep an eye out. πŸ˜‰
    I feel so smug – not buying any laceweight, but I anticipated your encouragement this month. Got a skein of Colinette Jitterbug in Jay; lovely stuff. And two skeins of gorgeous sock yarn handpaints from an Etsy seller, Sunshine Yarns; in Zephyr and Dragonfly, which look like citrus/grape/lagoon colors and a spring garden, respectively. I have done my duty! I even put pictures up. Now, if I could just get some *knitting* done! (102 F. and knitting do not go well together, a’tall. I’m just beginning to recover.)

  104. Oh, I can’t believe you will be coming to Baileys Crossroads, Virginia! I’m about 30 minutes from there. Please keep us posted about where and when.
    Linda in VA

  105. I’m doing the mystery stole too. I picked yarn from my stash because I things are a bit tight right now so I can’t really go out and buy any more yarn. I haven’t made it past clue 1 yet and you can see my progress on my blog (if you’d like). I’m up to about row 61 or 63 at the moment. I also am leaving out the beads…this time. I love the project though. It’s fun not knowing what it’s going to look like.

  106. I can’t believe it, oh my goodness. I had to go and check the schedule, yes, it says HALIFAX!!!! I can’t wait to meet you in person.

  107. I think you should come to Tulsa on Sep. 17!!!! I totally missed your visit to OKC because I had just started a new job and I didn’t want to freak them out yet.

  108. You’ve enabled.
    I’m about to order my Kauni yarn. I’ll probably spend my last two hours of work looking at the webpage, just waiting to get home and order it.
    By delightful coincidence, my boyfriend is in Germany, and about to come home. And shipping from your Kauni supplier is only EUR 4.95 within Germany, NO MATTER HOW MUCH YARN YOU ORDER. So a couple of balls of the Opal Hundertwasser I’ve been admiring may come home with him too. And maybe a few other things.
    Feel good now?
    p.s. If you come to Indiana I’ll try to have a Kauni sweater to show you.

  109. Bailey’s Crossroads! That’s where I’ve got Harry Potter 7 on pre-order. September 20th is. . . Thursday. That’s Studio V and Building Tech. I will have to sneak out of class a few minutes early.

  110. Yay! You’re coming to LA! Mad props to Jay-may… Er, I mean Jayme. Sorry, my excitement got away from me and I couldn’t stop rhyming. But, seriously, yay! Do you need a Los Angeles hat lady?

  111. Atlanta! Atlanta! You’re coming to Atlanta! Yeah! I’ve been hoping and hoping and now you’re really coming. There’s several great yarn shops and some good vegetarian restaurants, both of which I’d be happy to point you towards. I’ve got the date marked on my calendar and will be there (wherever there is) on the 19th. Thanks for coming South.

  112. Okay, I read Atlanta, Georgia and my heart began to race. It’s like I’ve done 30 minutes of aerobics. I need to plan now to take a vacation day. (I’m two hours away in Columbus.)
    Thank you, Jayme-the-wonder-publicist, for bringing the Harlot to the Deep South. Oh, and Stephanie, the temperature in the South in September will probably still be in the 80’s.

  113. Happy Happy Joy Joy!! You’re coming to Atlanta!! Only a couple of hours from me! See you there!

  114. It will be fun to watch that total in the sidebar soar as you process the emails. We recently met an amazing woman who turned her life around well past middle age and has designated DWB in her will–like yourself, a woman who researches her charity!
    I resisted the Mystery Shawl (now to my regret) but will enjoy being audience.
    Happy touring.

  115. 1. Thrifty knitter, indeed. More Lane Borgosesia Baruffa Cashwool, please!
    2. I’m halfway through Clue 1, having ripped back more times than I care to share. I’ve learned to use lifelines. Lifelines are my friend. Maybe this is why she said don’t do this as your first lace project? It’s my first lace project. I’m slow, I’m ripping a lot, but I love it! And the beads! Go Melanie! (Though you are such a fast knitter, dear Harlot, you might have to start putting spoiler warnings at the top of your blog entries.)

  116. 2 words — yeeeee-haw! I am so excited to hgear you are coming to Halifax!!! I almost wet myself when i read it (sorry! but I am pretty excited! This is a pretty exciting thing — The Harlot is coming to Nova Scotia! Thank you! Thank you! hnak you! I am hoping to be there to represent (I am boooking the day off tomorrow!)
    ohhh this is soooo soooo great! (what should I take to knit!?!?)

  117. Oh! All of you KC and Tulsa people need to come to Wichita for the Greensburg afghan seaming party on Sept 15 and then stay over for Stephanie’s visit on the 16th! WooHoo for Wichita!! I never thought you’d make it to Wichita! (and I thought I had calmed down since learning about it. hehe NOT!)

  118. I’m beyond excited that you’re going to LA! The public library is a wonderful building, a mix of old an new architecture – love to hear your opinion of it (if your not so jet lagged that you can’t focus beyond immediate need for coffee). I loved hanging out there when I lived there : ) I’ve told my LA friends that you’ll be there in hopes that I’ll get one of them to go and get me something autographed (prefereably not a body part) and sent to me.
    I’ve decided that nothing can be added to the stash until I’m knitting again and can therefore have some hope of keeping up with the inflow. Of course the 100% alpaca yarn I bought last weekend at the farmers market doesn’t count – that’s supporting local producers : P

  119. I looks gorgeous! I can’t wait to see the pattern, I am so doing this next year!

  120. WOOOHOOO!!! You’re coming to Bailey’s Crossroads!!!
    I work about 20 minutes from there. I am SO there! πŸ™‚

  121. Watching someone else buying yarn is only the next best thing to buying it yourself to an extent: when you get a pattern repeat and a half done on your sock because you (and your sock budget allotment for the month of two balls of sock yarn) are stuck in line behind a woman who is buying $700 of yarn because it’s her birthday, she keeps changing her mind and running back to get more, and the final insult is when she casually drops $200 of cashmere on top of the pile… well, at least she noticed me waiting and said she was crap at knitting socks. πŸ˜›

  122. Hooray for LA! When I saw the photos from your engagement in Toronto, I thought (jealously), “I’ve been in that bookstore! I know where it is! Why was I not there on the same day as Stephanie?” Alas, I was about a year early.
    That’s one of the crazy things about travel. You can visualize places you once were, and know that there are people walking and talking and eating and going about their lives right there. You simply can’t see them. On the other hand, they have no idea you’re thinking about them. It might actually be creepy to think of someone imaging a street I’m walking down or a store in which I’m shopping.
    Anyway, you’re coming to Los Angeles, to OUR library, where we can see you live, not in our imaginations. We can go back there ourselves afterward and, looking at the place, remember what it was like with you in it, talking to us. How satisfying.
    Now, we just have to wait to confirm which library. The LAPL website doesn’t show you yet. However, it does list two separate knitting events at branch libraries on the same day as your speech. Hmmm…can we do them all?

  123. That’s great! Just freaking great. You’re FINALLY coming to Virginia and I’m FINALLY moving to Seattle. Well, hopefully I’ll still be here when you come. But wouldn’t that just suck…to have waited, hoped and prayed for so long that you would come here only to have it be just days after I leave Virginia for good. It does seem that you travel to the Pacific Northwest with some regularity, though, so I’m bound to run in to you sometime.
    September in Virginia is nice, but try to come toward the end if you have any control over it since it can still be pretty darn hot and humid.

  124. Bailey’s Crossroads — and Houston?! I can drive to the first with my eyes closed (and I WILL), but methinks my sister and brother-in-law in H-town had better gussy up the guest bedroom! Woohoo!

  125. You waved at me over here when you were in St. Louis–I’ll see you in Wichita and wave in person. I’ve been waiting for a good day trip and this is it! Anyone else in Southeast Kansas out there????? Woo Hoo!!!

  126. Hooray! Virginia! CAN”T WAIT!!! Bailey’s Crossroads is just down the road. I have two balls of cashwool in my stash – they’re a few projects down, though.

  127. If you want to get a “yarn purchase fix” you can read my post on the 3 knit shops that my husband found for me while planning our vacation (I know – he rocks!) and the obscene amounts of yarn that I purchased at said shops.
    I had reviewed (nothing like your writing) the 3 shops and spoke of the yarns and I am off to photograph the loot, er purchases, and post that up as well.
    I am envious of the Mystery stole. I found out 1 day late (was on vacation and missed the deadline) RATS!

  128. Argh… You’re coming somewhere within schlepping distance of me and my poor pathetic car-less self… but you’re coming on the day of, during the time of my favourite class? The one that is so hard that missing a lecture in it is tantamount to studying suicide? Argh argh argh argh argh. You’re a tough blogger to adore… First tempting with beautiful yarn and patterns, and now… moral conundrums! Good luck on touring, though. Hope it doesn’t wear you out too much this time.

  129. I’m alarmingly behind the crowd on this shawl and am still only on chart B of clue 1. Every time I sit down somebody either calls on the telephone or one of my kids needs tending to. It’s almost like clockwork… butt hovers over knitting spot, distraction begins.

  130. O happy day, you’re coming to Houston! I’m keen to find out what lucky/clever venue booked you. Oh, and September is quite warmish in Texas ( however, our air conditioning is excellent so you may want to bring a sweater or shawl). Houston has the added “bonus” of being humid so let your hair be warned.
    Goodness, this is such great news!

  131. Hurray! You’re finally coming to somewhere I have a hope of going (instead of all the other places I’ve lived or been!) πŸ˜‰ Now, if the baby will just cooperate, I’ll try to find Bailey’s Crossroads! Maybe by then I can leave her with her daddy for a day…

  132. Yippee! You are coming to LA! I hope you post the exact location and time soon so we can plan accordingly (yes, there is still traffic on the weekends here).

  133. Lucky lucky you –going to Nova Scotia ,wish I was a stowaway on that part of the trip. The shawl is turning into a REAL surprise and a lovely one at that. Love to watch it as it evolves. The yarn and beads are just RIGHT –lovely. My stash is a bit of a mystery too and also a lovely surprise and a bit mindboggling as to how this all came about. Do you suppose yarn has a sex life when left alone for a length of time as mine seems to have multiplied.

  134. *squee*
    YH is coming to Seattle!!!
    I missed you in Portland earlier and was really sad about it but now I’m back to really excited!

  135. If you had glimpsed Melanie’s Hanami stole before signing on to MS3, you would never have doubted her. I, too, am so glad I’m knitting this creation. And you, too, could design something equally lovely. Look at your stunning adaptation of the pattern for your wedding shawl.

  136. Hateful, evil, enabling helper-woman! ::glare:: That yarn is responsible for me FALLING OFF THE WAGON!!! On the plus side, I can start my MS3 once the yarn shows up. Somehow the cash/silk I was using wasn’t enjoying the stole pattern. πŸ˜›

  137. Blast! You are going to be in Connecticut while I am in L.A., and you are going to be in L.A. while I am in New York (close enough to Connecticut that I could feasibly get there). This has happened to every person/band/whatever that I could possibly want to see this summer. πŸ™
    But that Mystery Stole is gorgeous! I may have to rip out the stole I’m currently working on and cannibalize the yarn to make this one…

  138. Thank you for letting us know about MS3. My daughter signed up and is loving every minute of it. We are hoping to drive up to Wichita, KS to meet you. I am in charge of our sock club in our local yarn store, and as part of the fun every meeting, I read excerpts of your books. It is a lot of fun!!

  139. Mystery Knitting? Fascinating…how do I learn more about them? I knew that reading this blog would lead to no good!
    Thanks for all the laughs, Stephanie.

  140. Thanks for the lead AND the hyperbole.
    I hope your “tour guide” will get you to Dallas/Plano. Although DH and I are going to be up your way for a least part of September.

  141. HOUSTON?!! Really? Where?
    Oh Mcgoo i’m so excited that it doesnt matter!
    You are cutting it close with my due date though, but I’ll just have to cross my legs, do you think I can hold the baby at bay with a baby afghan??? Cant wait for answer-
    Off to buy yarn!!!

  142. you’re coming to CONNECTICUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so excited. I really want to go. I’m sorry, I hope that wasn’t too many exclamation points.

  143. Fascinating to see the MS3 develop, isn’t it ? I finished clue 2, still have to start clue 3 (trip to Germany came in between)

  144. Hark, do mine eyes deceive me? Could that wonderful word that I just read and had to re-read to be sure be HALIFAX?!? I am so excited. Thanks for listening to the nagging of us atlantic canadians!

  145. Ah! I am so far behind it is crazy – luckily I have some time off that co-incides with the Book 7 hiatus. I really do plan to get to work on MS3…I do.

  146. Am sorry to be heading off with the family the same day you’ll be just up the road in Madison CT. I see they’ve already moved you into a large space in the library across from the store, am sorry to miss you!

  147. OMG!!!! I’m not the only one who is thrilled that you are making your way to the East Coast!!! Halifax wont know what hit it!!
    A must see while your here Gaspereau Valley Fiber, you’d love it and it’s about an hour and a half from the city.
    I can’t wait to see you!!!

  148. Henry and I and the entire KOL gang (www.halifaxknitters.blogspot.com) are ready and willing to help out in any way while you are in town.
    Just sayin’.

  149. Bailey’s Crossroads, Virginia! Wahooie! That’s…that’s almost my backyard!
    I have informed husband that I will be at this event, squeed all over my lj about this event, and am lining up friends to go with. We shall be there!
    (And if Jaime does manage a location on the MD side of DC, that would be awesome too!)

  150. Well, Madison, CT, is certainly the closest you’re coming so far, and I’ve already asked my husband to come home early from work so I can make the 1 1/4 hour drive. However, I’ve also emailed the yarn store (Knit Wits) in Westerly, RI, to see if maybe they could possibly host you also since you’ll be practically right there?? Westerly ALSO has a nice, big library (I see you’ll be at the library in Madison, not the bookstore–see me doing my homework? ‘Cause I’m so excited?). I could send Jayme the information, you know, if you wanted. And I’d be a hat collector for Westerly. What else can I do to entice you to Rhode Island? Just let me know. πŸ™‚

  151. OMG – Bailey’s Crossroads!!!!! I’ll be camping out (it’s not the biggest place in the universe, and I think we’re already seeing a groundswell)…

  152. All hail Jayme-the-wonder-publicist. I will see you all in VA. This one is only a 5 hour drive. Yeeppie

  153. Wow, I saw “Madison”, and thought “Virginia”? How could that be – we don’t even have a yarn shop here?!. Then I saw the CT. However, you are going to Bailey’s Crossroads, which is a mere 15 minute jaunt from MILs house… so, I need to schedule a trip to MIL, drop DH and kids off with her, and come see you. Yipee!!!

  154. Your MS3 looks beautiful – I’ve not been able to start mine yet b/c I’ve been a little under the weather – BUT I’ve got vaca next week so I plan on getting a lot done!
    Steph, I am using the same yarn, just cause I happen to have one skein in my stash! what size needle are you using? I am trying to decide between US size 3 or 4.

  155. I’m so excited you’re coming to Virgina to visit. I think I might have to wear my “Canada” t-shirt… and perhaps start knitting a pair of socks (which I find totally intimidating but perhaps this is the goal I need to motivate me).

  156. I feel guilty leaving a message – you have more messages than I have visitors in a week! My daughter, Joy Lang, is a regular visitor to your blog and she is knitting the mystery stole. Funny … it looks almost like yours! SHE is the knitter in our family – my hands don’t like knitting for very long anymore – I stick to weaving and spinning.
    Blessings – keep up the good work on getting more knitters in the world.

  157. OMG,this post forced me out of lurkdom. You’re going to be literally in my backyard at Bailey’s Crossroads! I can’t wait, it’s been forever since you’ve been to DC and I missed you the last go-round. But seriously, can that Borders accomodate the crowds you draw? I might start camping out now…
    All hail Jayme-the-wonder-publicist, who truly is a wonder for bringing you to VA!

  158. Wichita, Kansas?!! Yippee! I will be there — sock in hand —
    I really never thought you would come here, so I actually sent my copy of your first book to a friend in Maryland who had you sign it at the MD S&W when you were there.
    Looking forward to meeting you!

  159. I am so excited that you’re going to make it to Wichita! We’re looking for an appropriate venue to hold all the knitters for your visit – the bookstore owner could not believe that we would need that many seats. I looked her dead in the eyes and said, “If you book her they will come.”

  160. Atlanta!! Hmmm… I wonder if I can talk the hubby into watching the boyo around then. Atlanta is likely the closest you’ll get to the Sunshine State.
    Maybe some of us lonely Floridian knitters can carpool?

  161. I recently picked up a skein of that Cashwool in a silvery gray. I haven’t used it yet, but I’ve been fondling it. Mmm, merino! I love that fact that you can make a gorgeous shawl for $14!! Your MS3 is looking great, BWT!!!

  162. Oh, golly! Houston is sooooooooo close to Dallas, I sure hope that one of the suprises Jayme-the-wonder-publicist has in store is a Dallas appearance! There is no way I can go out of town then and I think I might just keel over if you are that close & I don’t get to stalk you!

  163. I’m so excited you are coming to Wichita! I thought the closest you would get would be KC or Denver. Plus, it will be a total knitting weekend! Sat. the seaming party for Rebuilding Greensburg and Sun we’ll get to see you! I agree with Laura, everyone from Tulsa and KC should just join us for the whole weekend! A whole weekend around other knitters, I don’t think I’ll be able to stand it!

  164. eeeeeee!!! Dallas-Fort Worth is TOTALLY between Wichita and Houston! You’ll probably have to stop at DFW airport anyway… Pleeeeeeze???!!

  165. GET OUT! I am so going to be in VA on the 20th of Sept. I have already put in my request for a vaca day! yippee!!!!

  166. They say timing is everything. I made a special trip to WEBS yarn shop and was disappointed to find out I was 2 weeks ahead of your visit. Now you finally come to Atlanta the week I will be in Florida on vacation. Arrrgghhhhh. This is as bad as having to rip back a whole sock because you can’t measure properly.

  167. I have the worst timing EVER. I just spent the past weekend in Halifax and spent a truly shocking amount of money on yarn and books, so that now I am completely broke. I have no idea how I’m going to afford to get to Halifax again so soon. Luckily, my mother also knits and hasn’t seen me since March. She might be able to go to Halifax for the day herself and help me finance my trip…

  168. Bailey’s Crossroads, Virginia. OMG! OMG! For those of you Outside the Beltway, that’s WASHINGTON DC.
    Maybe 7 miles from the Capitol. About 4 miles from my stash (and condo) in Arlington.
    Historic note: before The War (don’t ask wich one, in Virginia) Bailey’s Crossroads was where the circus came to spend to winter. So it’s kind of appropriate, don’t ya think?
    Welcome, Stephanie! We will strew your path with angora.

  169. I hear rumblings of a NJ visit. I have a plan to order some Timtams in preparation. I guess I’ll have prepped myself to knit lace once that $14 skein arrives.

  170. Georgia, then Virginia! What happened to North Carolina? come to Raleigh, to Great yarns. We will welcome you with great droves of knitters.

  171. I just came back from visiting Madison CT and stopped in at RJ Julia’s Bookstore…absolutely fantabulous…told the friend we were visiting that she HAS to go and see you…enjoy

  172. All right! You are coming to Kansas and I can be there! See you in September.

  173. Waaaaaahhh! I saw “Madison” and got all excited, went to the tour page and saw that the Madison gig was on my birthday, just about fainted with delight, then noticed the small detail of Madison, CT, not Madison, WI. Going to find a nice quiet corner and have a good cry…

  174. Well, as much as I dislike driving in Atlanta, I am about 1.5 hours away. DH insists I go after years of listening to me lament.

  175. Oh, Happy Birthday to ME! Yarn Harlot is coming to Virginia! Hooray!
    Question: on your book tours, are there usually enough of your latest book at the store for everyone who shows up to buy? Or should I not risk it, and buy one in advance? I’d like to buy it at the store where you’re speaking, as a show of gratitude to the muggles for having you and accommodating all of us knitters, but if they’re going to run out, then I’d don’t want to be caught without something for you to sign!

  176. I see you’re going to be in Los Angeles on September 15. I may have to break my Cardinal Rule of only going into Los Angeles Monday through Friday for work!

  177. Heard via my local SNB Group that you’d added Atlanta – I’m SO glad. I thought my sister in Anchorage was going to get all the Harlot loving and was seriously not happy. Do you realize what those kinds of things can do in sibling rivalry? Even knitters have that when they’re related! Not to mention the mere idea that you’d go to Anchorage when I’d LEFT there and not come here.
    YAY YAY YAY! Whatever it takes, I’m SO there. As a matter of fact, I’m gonna go ask for the day off work. Then I can just stalk where ever you’re going to be so I know I get a good seat.
    Ok now I’m babbling.
    Yay! πŸ™‚

  178. Atlanta? Thank you, Jayme-the-wonder-publicist! I can hardly wait to find out where it’ll be.

  179. I am destroyed. My shawl looks nothing like yours. Maybe it will be nice enough to offer to the squirrel’s for nesting material.

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