Good company

Last night Ken and I sorted out that he was leaving this morning at 10:30 and me at 10:45, he to Canada’s west coast, me to the east.

Joe drove us both to the airport where we spent a happy hour knitting and drinking an electrifying amount of coffee. (We both ate too…but we are trying to forget the airport food and will not recount it here.)

I started a sock (STR in the sock club colour “Firebird”, available for purchase in a couple of months- the colours are exclusive to the sock club in the beginning.) and Ken worked away on his latest project. I decided he needed to learn colourwork and my will was wrought upon him at Lettuce Knit a couple of weeks ago when I chose a Dale of Norway Cardigan for his niece, (I’ll look up the pattern number when I’m back home.) grabbed the Baby Ull off the shelf and presented him with the whole shebang. (I had him provide the Mastercard. I am no fool and my enabling goes only so far. )


He’s doing really, really well. So well that I guess I was wrong and he doesn’t need to learn how to do colourwork. He knit. I knit.


I don’t know how Ken is doing as we wing almost as far away from each other as possible in this country…


but this is how much sock you can knit going from Toronto to Halifax…and this –


is a piper standing on the corner. This is Halifax. They are a free range species here.