If it’s August, it must be Aurora

Yessiree Bob, it’s that time of year again. The time of year when yours truly exchanges a whack of emails with Sandra and we pick the hottest possible day of the year to put as many knitters as we can in the upstairs of Tove’s shop (Needles and Knits) in Aurora, Ontario, then complain about the heat like we didn’t know it was coming. We wind up the evening with a discussion about how next year we will not make the same mistakes and this year, my friends, this year we have learned our lesson. This year I will go here:

Tuesday August 21 at 7pm

Aurora United Church, Basement Social Hall. 15186 Yonge Street, Aurora.

It will be cool, it will seat more people and we can have a proper yarn party without melting. We will still be able to go to the shop (because it’s one of the best shops ever) but we won’t poach in the upstairs, because you know what?

Sandra and I can be taught. (Slowly…apparently.)

That’s all for today, since really, I should be picking up a knitting friend from the airport, and I have to allow time to get lost and still be there when her flight comes. (Pearson International and I have issues. Does anyone remember how to get back onto Scarlett Road from Terminal 1?)