On a whim, Joe and I have decided to go to Algonquin for the the long weekend. Should be a very lovely (teenage daughter-free) trip full of canoeing, portaging and camping. I’m super busy pulling out the camp stuff, but did manage to finish clue 4 of the Mystery stole before putting it aside again. (Charts, lace and beads are not camping knitting. At all.)


None of these photos show the stole it’s actual colour by the way. It’s actually a sort of dirty lime green, which my camera seems to feel is unphotographable. I think it’s closer to this colour. I’m going to knit it as the designer intended, not doing the alteration to make it symmetrical. I started this because I wanted a surprise and a mystery, and I’m rolling with that. Besides, I accidentally saw a finished one in Aurora, even though I’ve been avoiding stole spoilers with the same vigour that I am eluding information about the end of the last Harry Potter..(I’m only halfway. Don’t tell me anything)… and it was beautiful. I’m sticking to the plan.


The plan though, will definitely have to wait until we are back on Monday, since I have to find the rest of our stuff. We’re doing real Canadian backcountry camping, with lots of bears, moose and no amenities at all. (No bathrooms, no water supply other than the lakes and rivers, no power or light we don’t bring with us.) I also need to pick some knitting to take with me that meets three qualifications. It has to be light (every gram of weight matters if you can only hike or canoe in) it has to be simple enough to be able to work by firelight, and it has to be something that will survive a dunking.

Clearly, the gansey is right out.