Way more fun than camp

I think I may die of fun any minute now…or at least keel over a little from it. Our schedule around here is going to need to be pared back a little, or we are never going to be able to survive this much fun.

Here are some things we did. (Note: due to the extreme fun and the time that takes, todays entry is brought to you alternately by me and Juno. It’s an efficiency measure. Blog camp.)

1. We played with wool in our dressing gowns and home pants until later in the day than it is reasonable for grown-ups to lie around. (Juno’s note: This depends on your definition of reasonable. I am working on getting This One to loosen up a bit. Vacation baby. Albeit vacation in your own home.)

2. We went out as a family and ate our own body weights in wicked good Japanese food.


3. We took the subway to the baseball game. (This is a very good thing to do with tourists.) (Juno’s note: Because I have NEVER seen a train before, uh huh. OK, maybe I got a little confused at the ticket gate. I’m used to swipey cards in NY. Steph’s Note: You can’t tell me you don’t think there’s a difference between the two subway systems. First of all…our rats spell with all those extra “u”s.)

4. Megan (Lettuce Knit Megan, not my daughter Megan, who is not old enough to suggest this) spoke of the benefits of drinking baseball beer with a straw.


Juno speaking now….Steph has gone to the bath, but we’re going downtown, so we need joint blogging or the afternoon will go away.

5. This made Steph unreasonably happy. Brother Ian with his…knitting bag. He asked her to hold it for a minute while he tracked down a missing member of the party. She was charmed. Steph speaking….I was more than charmed. I was stunned. Dude just stood there holding it. “Here…Hold my knitting bag.” I couldn’t believe it. It was like a miracle.


6. Juno Speaking: She’s making me blog. Dude, I left my laptop home for a REASON. (Which is that it is broken, but that’s beside the point.) Steph speaking: I am not making you blog. I handed you the computer and your instincts kicked in.

7. Birthday PIE! (Yes the six is backwards.)


7. Sometimes if you wave to the California Angels in the Bullpen, they wave back. But not at the sock.


8. Rachel H and Megan found the game surprisingly absorbing. Not at all dull. (Me, I wouldn’t know, I spent most of the evening untangling my boucle. That ball winding incident from yesterday continues to have repercussions.


9. Joe. He bought me beer. He is a Good Man.


10. The sock enjoys the view from the outfield. It wishes you were here.


11. All kinds of knitters having Big Giant Knitting Fun (I think the Stitch n Pitch was the only sold out section of the stadium. The drink vendor looked around at one point and asked the air “Why all these people were sewing?.” As Rachel H said “We’re going to keep doing it until you know this isn’t sewing, dude.”



12. Toronto is fun. You should come and visit here. Juno out.

125 thoughts on “Way more fun than camp

  1. The Blue Jays won!!
    The Stitch ‘n Pitch section was quite spread out. I was sitting over by the foul pole in section 209, pretty much surrounded by muggles.

  2. If I remember the “drinking beer through a straw” bit correctly from my college days, somebody better have driven Lettuce Knit Megan home!
    And honestly, how can you die of fun? It’s the blue days after the fun is over that are deadly!

  3. Sooo great fun… Knitters of the world are slowly taking over everything!! Tomorrow, Football… then.. who knows.. maybe.. soccer!

  4. Toronto looks more and more fun to me all the time, getting away from Neoconservative Talking Heads, knitting with other people (not a big call for knitting in the desert though we have holdouts), and enjoying a lush green landscape. I don’t suppose you have anywhere for me to keep my sheep? That would really seal the deal.

  5. Why do people always call it sewing?? Seriously people – sewing invovles REALLY pointy needles – only one of them – with THREAD not YARN (thread is not soft and gushy and touchy).

  6. That sounds like so much fun! I wish Stitch and Pitch would expand, like to Stitch and Kick, and Stitch and Puck, and Stitch and Skate, and Stitch and well, everything! There’s nothing that can’t be improved by the addition of yarn. Or beer. Or both.
    Loved Megan’s hair too. Seriously. Is that variegated or self striping? If there’s a yarn in those colors, I’m so there!

  7. Wow. Crazy fun.
    People usually ask me if I am crocheting. I correct them, but feel like they are close enough.

  8. I don’t know why I was surprised to see you there. I keep seeing you at various knitting outings and it catches me off guard. Next time I’m just gonna come up and say Hi!
    BTW, The Needle Emporium in Ancaster (awesome ladies were at ball game too) are offering a 20% discount with your ticket stub from last nights winning game!

  9. You had me at “home pants”.
    Thanks for the team-blogging and for sharing the very obvious fun you’re having together! Woo hoo!

  10. Stitch ‘n’ Punt? It would be fun to do this with football, but it would have to be early enough in the seaon that it’s not necessary to wear three layers of mittens to keep from frostbite.
    All that fun crammed into such a short period of time–you won’t die, but you may have to sleep a whole lot!

  11. When I opened my newpaper this morning, my first thought was, “Steph’s team won. Good on them.” The Angels are my local team, but that’s okay. I’m not much of a baseball fan.
    Glad you’re all having a good time.

  12. When I ask my BF to hold my knitting bag, he holds it like he’s holding a bag of dog poop.

  13. Happy Sweet 16, Megan! Please tell me what the temperature was for the game. I want to live vicariously. It is well over 100 degrees here in Memphis (for Elvis week) and I can’t imagine going to a local Redbirds game with yarn in hand unless I could hang out in a giant cup of ice cold beer or in an air conditioned sky box. Then you can count me in.

  14. I like how you matched your sock to the outfield. Good choice there.
    A man who brings you beer is worth his weight in gold. (Better than wool – you can use some of the gold to buy some, though.)

  15. I was at my own stitch and pitch – soccer pitch that is. 8 year old son had a game last night, and I ALWAYS knit at the games. The only difference was beverage – while I’d prefer beer, they frown on that at public parks. So Tim Horton’s coffee it was…
    Glad Juno is having way too much fun.

  16. A friend of mine and I want to come visit Toronto, visit Lettuce Knit, and NOW we have to add Stitch and Pitch with the Blue Jays to our itinerary! I missed the Seattle S’n’P this year (I was in San Diego and the Padres were on the road!), but then again, every time I go to a ball game, it’s a stitch and pitch for me! Lots of productive knitting time at a ball game!

  17. I know absolutely nothing about the game but if I had my knitting with me it wouldn’t matter if I found the whole thing boring! Anything can be tolerated (well, almost anything) with knitting in hand! And I don’t think I’d be knitting very accurately after drinking beer through a straw – if I recall, it concentrates the effects of the alcohol rather effectively and these days I only need one beer (without the straw) to befuddle my brain.

  18. Ha! That woman is *totally* kinnearing you!
    What a load of fun you all are having. So jealous. And I agree that Toronto sounds more and more wonderful with every post. For example, the whole island thing. Had no idea. Exceedingly cool. We have stich and pitches here in the states, but I’m a bit agoraphobic and can’t handle the nose bleed sections they usually stick you in. Looks like you scored some awesome seats, though!

  19. Am I allowed two comments in one day or will a comment alert siren sound?
    I just wanted to give you all a laugh. I called the bookstore that will be hosting Stephanie on 20 September to ask if they would be taking reservations. She said “IF” they bother with that, it won’t be until 6PM. They only do it earlier when people like Jimmy Carter come to speak. I TRIED to warn her. *Sigh* Maybe if all the Virginians start calling and asking her about it, she’ll get the hint…

  20. OK, so, taking Jo’s suggestion (a few posts ago), now I just called Borders/Baileys Crossroads VA re: Sept 20 & asked if they’re taking reservations. They told me “no”, too. So I asked if they had any idea of how many people to expect & they didn’t. I suggested that they check this blog, & told them not to be surprised at how many people show up!

  21. Uh…I think I just missed Ontario a little bit there. What’s that sound? Oh, it’s the ocean. There, it’s passed. (totally kidding, Toronto rocks).

  22. Sign me up for “Stitch & Puck” (or Stitch & Sticks)–what could be more fun than knitting at a NY Rangers’ game?
    Maybe the vendor got confused because there are stitches in both sewing and knitting? I know some of the vendors near my seats at Shea Stadium are not equipped with the maximum allowable brain cells. One saw me knitting a blue & orange scarf before the game started and said: “Cool. Do you sell those knitted snakes?”

  23. Remember how you said in your FIT speech that you hated to feel like other people were having big fun and you weren’t part of it?
    Well… grrrrrr, is all I can say. ‘Scuse me while I go off in a corner and pout.
    This was a nice way to get my Juno fix, though. Hang around her page lately and it’s quiet – too quiet.
    Drinking beer through a straw means… never having to put down your knitting. Yeah. I’m so there.

  24. Commenting while still in my pj’s (2PM)… I find it easier to clean the house if I’m not dressed to go out… no excuse then to run to the LYS and beg them to wind my linen euroflax into cakes (the one I did by hand got a little messy)… opps, how can I clean and wind yarn at the same time? Ahhh, it was a meant to be a little break. Enjoy your Juno days!!

  25. I have been making my way through your old blog posts and I have to tell you how much I enjoyed the March 5, 2004 post. I could not stop laughing! The “43rd doily”–I almost…well, never mind.
    My coworker just picked up your “Knitting Rules”, I plan on purchasing my own as well. I guess talking about you at work helped!

  26. Baseball is always better with beer and many good friends to talk to during the slow parts. Sewing though? Has knitting been off the radar for that long?

  27. That looks like such a fun day! If my brother ever said “here, hold my knitting bag” to me, I think I would pass out.

  28. So, I’m just going to jog down to the post office and get my passport paperwork. Toronto is on my shortlist of places to visit. If I were to just “happen” to show up at Lettuce Knit would that seem stalkerish? Just wondering.

  29. Thank goodness for knitting at the baseball game. It’s really the only way I can tolerate it. Well, that and beer.

  30. Okay, all those in favor of Stephanie starting a knitting camp in Toronto, wave your knitting needles in the air. You could combine pub crawl/eating/shopping in one grand week. We could all be “Harlots in training” for the week. The camp could be called “Yarn Hos Take Over Toronto” or something like that. Alright all you marketing types, think up a snazzy name for this…

  31. Awww, that post made me miss Ontario. I haven’t been to a baseball game in years. Of course, I haven’t owned a pair of winter boots in years either. Those two things might be related.

  32. How long does it take to get to Toronto from Rangeley, Maine? It’s gotta be at least four hours less than it would take me from home.

  33. Alas, little green sock, I wish I were there too . . . and I’m not even a baseball fan!
    I missed yesterday, but I must say to Megan, girl, you totally rock that hat. You do look more mature than last year’s waffle picture, and even more beautiful. The stripey hair colors look great with that yarn. I am of the opinion that human hair as just another fiber. Yours is of the hand-painted, many-hued variety that we all love so much. Happy birthday!

  34. Per knitting girl’s request: Maybe “Harlotting Toronto”? [g]
    Belated Happy Birthday to Megan! (*Love* the hair. I’ve always wanted to do that. I need to look into how you do it at home, ’cause no way I can afford it at a salon.) Love the co-blogging, too. Sounds like you’re having just the right amount of fun; lots! Plus hurray for brother Ian and Joe, two guys who are obviously Wonderful Men. (And both of you are lookin’ good, guys!)
    I’m all for Stitch ‘n Anything, ’cause most sports bore me silly. Except anything to do with horses. Ok, and gymnastics as well as the equestrian events at the Summer Games. Only problem I can see is when I’m watching some sort of equestrian event (rodeo, racing, cross-country, Grand Prix jumping, etc., etc.), I tend to lose interest in all else, my old riding muscles start twitching in sympathy as my body tries to react the way the riders are doing, even when it’s on TV — and I’d probably drop my project, not just stitches! 😉

  35. All those pics and stories and details and Diane H asks if Toronto mows their outfield in a patchwork. That’s brilliant. Clearly, DH is a baseball fan. Who is not from Toronto.

  36. The sock sorta blends in with the outfield – Happy belated Birthday to you daughter!

  37. Hi Yarnharlot! I was lucky enough to be at last night’s Stitch n Pitch, too, and just happened to be sitting behind your family. My husband thought Joe looked like such a SWEET GUY and I have to agree. I’m in the second last picture wearing my cherry red orangina, but you can’t see it because of Joe in front of me. I live in Toronto, am blogless, and am hoping to get up the courage to come to knitting night at Lettuce Knit this winter.

  38. Does look like lots of fun — all in one day. Maybe one day I should actually go to Stitch ‘n Pitch since I live four or five blocks from the stadium in the city where it originated.
    It’s afternoon here and I’m still in jammies and a big sweater while knitting and reading blogs, but that’s pretty normal for me. Helps to not have kids and schedule all responsibilities later in the day. I’m sure it’s an event when shared.
    The best parts, though, are the spread of Japanese food and the birthday PIE. Happy birthday to Megan and good choice on the pie.
    And congratualtions Steph on the conversion of Ian.

  39. What the heck are home pants?
    And while we’re at it, is a dressing gown the same as a bathrobe?
    If so, why does dressing gown sound so much more like you’re in a Tennessee Williams play?

  40. wow-knitting, beer, pie, baseball, Japanese food, yarn, and a birthday(happy day & great hair, Megan!)… you all sure know how to live!
    Stitch n pitch got a mention in the Freakonomics blog the other day(link on the NY Times homepage)….pretty cool!

  41. That’s what life is all about –having fun — and you two are certainly doing that . GOOD for you . I actually watched the game on T.V. last night ( a first for me ) and someone sent the announcers each a lovely hand knitted scarf and they commented on them. Who sent them up there –fess up. Keep having a GOOD time and thanks for taking the time to post

  42. I keep telling our local minor league team to have a Stitch n Pitch and it is falling on deaf ears! They just don’t know the power of knitters!

  43. I SO wish they’d do stitch n pitch here in charlotte! that looked awesome! and, to plagarize the Red Stripe folks, “Yay, Beer!”.

  44. I would like to know how both Juno and Rachel H get their hair to look so damned good, even while boozing it up at a ballgame.
    (I fell asleep at a baseball game once. It was that interesting.)

  45. I want to go to Toronto!
    When Husband and I last discussed where to go for our next vacation, he gave me the stipulation that it be a place without yarn shops.
    Honey, I am a city gal. And cities have yarn shops!

  46. I thought I had a dirty mind when I saw a possible issue with “Stitch and Punt,” but “Stitch and Puck?”
    I can’t help it. I taught ninth grade boys. It marks you.

  47. Why is it that our knitting gets called “sewing”? It doesn’t look like sewing. Fun times and beer! What a blast!

  48. Wow – the two of you seem to be having a blast – and the blogging camp gives me a hiliarious idea of what the conversation must be like. My favorite is the ball-winding at Lettuce Knit – you three are having too much fun.
    Also – Joe looks like a sweet guy and hooray for the men who bring beer!

  49. Well, my solo Stitch n Pitch was a bust. I brought my project to Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati on Sunday, and the security guys would not let me bring my needles into the park! They searched my bag and said that because the needles were “pointy” they represented a danger. I had to leave them outside the stadium– they wanted me to leave my whole knitting bag, but I just yanked the needles out of my scarf-in-progress and left them, forlorn, under the statue of Joe Nuxhall. I didn’t want to risk losing my yarn, as well. Miracle of miracles, the needles were still there when we left the game, so I got them back (they were Clover bamboo 7s, which aren’t cheap!)
    I don’t get it! The Reds had an official Stitch n Pitch night in May. Needles are OK that day, but deadly every other day??? I think I’ll be writing an angry letter.

  50. the best part of this is knowing with certainty that i am NOT the only person in the world who has birthday PIE! people think i’m odd, but now i can send them here to see that i’m not the only one. although sending non-knitters to this site might only solidify that actually… hmmm….

  51. Did you say “wicked good”? I think you’ve been spending too much time in Boston, although I’m not going to complain since you are finally coming to Atlanta! BTW, the people running that event know what to expect – they booked a former movie theater that is now used as an event hall.

  52. I admit that I am drinking a beer now, but this entire post seems…. beery to me. In a good way. Cheers!

  53. California Angels?? They haven’t been called that in years. Sadly, they are also 1 of only 3 teams (I think) that don’t have a Stitch ‘n’ Pitch event. (They are my local team).

  54. The drink vendor must have been sampling his wares…. How do we get a team to host a Stich ‘N Pitch? I’ve got two teams nearby, the Atlanta Braves and the Chattanooga Lookouts. Or did one of them have it and I missed it???

  55. My husband calls it sewing too!! I used to correct him each time but ,like a child whining for candy in the grocery check out, he has worn me down and I no longer correct him. He also calls The Yarn Garden(LYS) The Yarn Barn as in,”So, are you going to your sewing thing at the Yarn Barn tonight”? Now I just sigh and say ,”Of course, it’s Tuesday isn’t it.
    He does know though to never mess with Knit Night or a woman’s nail appointment so I guess he may still be somewhat teachable.

  56. For Kim in Oregon: “home pants” are those things you put on as soon as you get home and can fling off your “work pants”. Generally speaking they are at least homely, if not downright ugly, but elastic or drawstring-waisted, and comfy as all get-out. Rips are optional, but add character, and make it easy to spot when laundry day approacheth (ugly granny pannys underneath, ya see).
    Waterloonies were there with our sticks out, but we were the selvedge of the SnP’ers. Jen tried to kinnear you but grumpy “railing monitor” guy kept being in the way. Geez, if they don’t want you to put yer feet up on em, why’d they build em just at the right height? We tried a group mind-meld aimed at Rachel to get her to look over (we figured most of the rest of the group was already aiming at *you* – heh), but to no avail.
    Still, fun was had, beers were drunked, knitting was done AND there were loot bags. Begs to be done again, methinks.

  57. 1) Lace knitting over Wicked Japanese food? I hope you avoided the Saki. Otherwise the ripping will be audible here, in Michigan.
    2) Nice how the traveling sock perfectly matches the in-field grass;)
    3) Is it me, or do the Red Sock players look like tiny dolls? Maybe their plastic- that’s why they didn’t wave.
    Will have to come to Canada next time hubby comes over— like next week. I can talk him into a side trip to Toronto. It’s not far from London. (His office is in London;)
    Enjoy the rest of your time;)

  58. But it’s… baseball. Icky baseball… I’m not a fan, sorry. But all men should have knitting bags full of stuff so that when their girlfriend knitter inevitably loses her stitch marker/tape measure/yarn needle/crochet hook/cable needle, it’ll be readily available.

  59. 1. Home pants rule!
    2. I’m looking for the blog that has an entry today entitled: “I Kinneared the Harlot.” Hee.

  60. I. I am using Roman numerals to distinguish from all the other numbering systems in this post and its accompanying comments.
    II. Sheesh, Brother Ian is cute, too.
    III. I give up. I am moving to Toronto.

  61. The players didn’t wave at the sock because they didn’t see it. It blended right in with the field! Now THAT’S spirit!

  62. Interesting comment at the game. My husband always says I’m sewing, too. I do sew but when I’m sitting with two big needles and a bunch of yarn, I’m not sewing. I keep saying, “Knitting, honey, I’m knitting.” “Oh”, he says.

  63. I’m sending this to my friend the ex minor league ball player who keeps telling me to stop quilting at meetings… Looks like an aswesome time, dudes… bless Ian and Joe for showing up and stitching for the pitching…

  64. I am fully on board with birthday pie; I like pie way better than cake, and usually request some sort of fruit pie such as peach/blueberry.
    Happy Birthday Megan. The yarn you used for the hat is in colorway Rock Grotto, and looks from here like Nakuru (55% mohair 45% merino), but could be Oban (50% silk 50% merino). Kristine says “Nice work, Meg. Very pretty.”
    They’ve had two Stitch’n’Pitch games here in San Diego. Kristine has gone to both; I stayed home both times and babysat a scaddle of toddlers so her friends could go to the game with her. Which is way more fun for me than watching baseball anyway.

  65. Did Steph tell you I waited too long to buy my ticket? Yeah. Was looking forward to seeing you (and getting a knitting bag, yo!), but perhaps you’re having enough fun this week and something would’ve exploded or something. Next time!

  66. We just had our St. Louis Stitch and Pitch a couple weeks ago. My son wouldn’t touch a knitting bag, but we made him get one and he blushed like mad. I took my sock to the game too!

  67. Which came first the baseball field or the colorway of the sock? Looking at them, they could be twins. The dark greens, the light and medium greens and is there even a little brown in the sock colorway to suggest the bases?
    Who says you don’t get into the game.
    Have a great night.
    Deb in PA

  68. J& S:
    Our beer seller at the Texas Rangers S&P last spring asked us the exact same question, verbatim. I thought it was a lame attempt at a pick-up line at first, but he got very emphatic about repeating the ‘joke’ every few rows. I can even remember the vocal inflection.
    Do you think it’s possible there’s some weirdo making the rounds of all the S&P games across North America, asking lame questions, just to annoy knitters??? Hmmm.

  69. I can’t get over how the man in the last picture looks totally pissed off that all these knitters are ruining his game. Can you imagine being a die hard baseball fan (not that he was, but just being hypothetical) who finds out that your seat happens to be in the middle of a bunch of knitters who are more interested in talking about/fondling/passing around wool than watching the game? =)

  70. I love Megan’s hair! I want to know how it was done, too, so I can do it. Also, there was something about the sock with the green of the grass-just peaceful and really lovely.

  71. Great pics! thank you very much (i’m in second to last one on top left hand corner). Really enjoyed watching the game, the people and the knitters. I am still trying to figure out how to knit without looking – not going well. Loved Megan’s hat – I think I have a megan who needs the same!

  72. I’ve been hoping for a Boston Red Sox S&P nite. I don’t think I’ll ever see it. First off the tix are mostly sold out and if any are available they are soooo expensive. I tried to set one up with one of the minor league teams (Lowell Spinners anyone with Classic Elite Yarns as sponsor?!!) but they could not believe that they could fill a stadium with knitters!! Muggle logic at work again! Wish I could have been there to knit along with you all!!

  73. *sniff* Oh, how I love Toronto and the Baseball Palace, er, Skydome/Rogers Centre or whatever it is called. Totally my favorite park outside of Wrigley. It was so…big…beautiful…and we met Johnny Damen, who has upper arms the size of hams. I believe he could be a power knitter with that kind of strength.
    Seriously need to go to Canada again soon. It is such a beautiful place and the people are just amazing. The chocolate alone will slay you. Steph, next time you come to the U.S., bring your friends some Kinder Surprise eggs. Can’t usually get them here (choking hazard for the wee ones), and people love them. The toys are awesome!!
    I’m glad your vacation is going well. And happy birthday to Megan!! Any girl who prefers birthday pie and waffles is clearly someone with The Right Stuff.

  74. I pity the poor man who thought you were sewing — he probably still is deaf from all the ‘explanations’ that were roared at him! Hmm, maybe if they made this an event in Philly I’d actually think about going to a game. . .

  75. What fun! I’ve been in that stadium and brought knitting but was intimidated by all the *serious* fans. Take Juno to the harbour islands, you can knit on the ferry. It’s great fun for tourists (ask me how I know). I was in Toronto in June and went to visit Lettuce Knit on your recommendation – met Denny and Meghan – great women! Wish I was there again.
    Knitting away in way northern NY

  76. I love Stitch and Pitch. The spindle and I had fun freaking out the other. And the drink guy had to make a hundred trips to bring back all the booze for us. Hope the goody bag was hot!

  77. We *loved* our Shea Stitch n’ Pitch in NY – and we won, too. (We. Like I had something to do with it.) But I agree with Colleen – Mr. Beer Man didn’t come around nearly enough, although Mr. Cow Bell Man did. Oy.
    So. . . . . . . are you going to raffle off that “Harlot Toronto Tour” soon? Hmmm? I’m only thinking of TSF/DWB, of course. (looks innocently around the blog)

  78. Check out the next to the last photo. Now, am I the only one who thinks the knitter in the black tank has some really, really, really big DPNs on her lap???? Definately not sewing. 🙂

  79. Is that knitting right next to the soy sauce on the table? OMG, you’re way braver than I am!

  80. For all of you who have just been introduced to baseball, the outfield grass is often mowed in some sort of interesting pattern. You should see what they do for the All Star game and the World Series (okay, not all stadiums have real grass, but you get the idea).
    I went to a game a few weeks ago with my visiting sister and family. I am now sure that to enjoy baseball you have to be sitting down – we had standing room tickets at Fenway Park (yes, it is that small) and even the emergency knitting I brought didn’t help (although the people seated in front of us were highly amused).
    Love how the sock and the outfield match.

  81. Ladies…I am just so jealous of all the fun you’ve been having! I think that the Harlot Tour of Toronto would rock; where do I sign up?

  82. What fun!!! Back in the 70’s we had front row seats for our state university’s hockey team games. It was a fabulous team. However, I brought my knitting and knit in the front row (in the days before the plexiglass barrier). I embarrassed my husband by knitting during the third periods. And, one time I caught a puck!

  83. Hey Stephanie,
    just a quick question, is the green unfinished sock that poses for photos always the same sock? If so, how do you fight the urge to finish it?
    ~Nessa 🙂

  84. Don’t think I’ve been knitting at a baseball game yet. I’ll have to try that next time we’re in Chitown in the summer.
    “The drink vendor looked around at one point and asked the air ‘Why all these people were sewing?.’ As Rachel H said ‘We’re going to keep doing it until you know this isn’t sewing, dude.'”
    Ooh, yeah, I can kinda understand mistaking knitting for crochet (only kinda), but *sewing*?! Kripes! “Ugh. lady make things wif strings.” *headdesk* Someone called my spinning wheel a sewing machine once. Clearly there is a huge hole in the education of our young people.

  85. You know, being a native Western Canadian, I never had the slightest inkling of interest in visiting the Eastern part of the country, but I really am starting to want to check it out now. (I know, I know…but all the talk I really remember about things “over there” always had to do with Quebec throwing a tissy over something and it just kind of ruined it for me. Throw tomatoes, I was in the fifth grade.)
    Glad your team won. Perhaps I’ll organize a knitting thing for a Jazz basketball game so I can have something interesting to do instead of watching them lose. Ha ha.

  86. I was at the s’n’p, a few rows behind you and off to the side…everyone there had an awesome time, and it was great to see all the different projects that everyone was working on. I spoke to the gentleman responsible for organizing the s’n’p as we were leaving, and he assured me that they are definitely going to have another one next season! See y’all there!
    BTW of nothing, the Jays also host a “Dog Day” where you can bring your pooch to the game! Don’t know what made me think of it, except that I have had my Husky’s hair spun into yarn and have an extra-warm winter bonnet for the upcoming (ugh) winter.

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