59 thoughts on “Blog Broken

  1. And on Hallowe’en, too! I was hoping to see some costumes…..
    Have you upgraded to Leopard (or lion or lynx, or whatever yellowish cat Apple has named this new version….)?

  2. Your computer has probably been attacked by the undead UFOs. Hope this isn’t indicative of another full-closet problem.

  3. Ha ha. When I saw that there were no comments on yesterday’s post, my first thought was “Could I possibly be the first one to see the new post?” Then I thought “Naw, comments must be broke!”

  4. this is the night the veil lifts between the Land of the Bloggers and the Land of the Blogless…and the two shall meet and become one – Bloggers Who Can Not Blog

  5. I knew there was something broken in Toronto when there were no comments! Aha! A computer cozy is just the thing, so much more modern than a tea cozy. XBox cozy? iPod cozies are so passe. I should knit a husband cozy; he starts to shiver when it gets down close to 70. And we live in Green Bay, Wisconsin!

  6. Don’t worry about us, we can amuse ourselves with sticks and string till you get back. To echo something from the last time this happened I think the words are “Blog broken – make blog go”.

  7. Mmmm evil technology, don’t get too stressed about it, we’ll all be here when it’s back, meanwhile happy Halloween!

  8. You are coming through loud and clear! BTW, Ian so lost last year if he was there when the heat was on and received even the incidental warmth. I might have cut him some slack if he camped out in the yard while Uncle Tupper and Susan we warm. He lost. Case closed.

  9. working so far the lighting
    shut this one down the other day
    or just get mad at it it says
    oh yeah you just think so do you
    have you paid your bill it does help

  10. Well, as of 12:24 pm Eastern time, I could again access comments on yesterday’s post, see this new post, and comments on this post…so hopefully the shirt hangers are obediently sliding along, and the doors are opening and closing smoothly. (Ok, previewing comments works too.)
    Otherwise, it’s – ohmigawd – The Attack of the Zombie Computers, aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!
    Or not. 😉 Luck!

  11. Today’s one-liner post and the comments are coming through here, but I don’t see a post from yesterday (10/30/07) at all. (Is everyone else referring to the 10/29 post as “yesterday”, or am I the only one affected this way?)

  12. I’m another one who can’t see yesterday’s post. The last one I see before the test is 10/29.

  13. Oops re date – um, yeah; in my comment, anyway, by “yesterday” I meant the 29th. I seem to have zombied myself, and spaced on the 30th going by… [g]

  14. I’m first to wish Joe Happy Birthday! Who cares if I jumped the gun….I get credit for thinking of it, right? (Ok, in the interests of full disclosure: Joe’s birthday is easy to remember because we share it and are both named Jo(e). Anyway, happy birthday to my never-met Newfie twin. Umm…although I don’t know how old he is, I’m going to be 45. He can also be my baby brother, I guess. I know you are younger than me, so he might be too! Good luck with Blog test!

  15. Steph, computers are sensitive electronic devices. They can be affected by external elements like humidity and temperature. It’s the cold, dear. TURN ON THE FRIGGING HEAT!!

  16. New reader (since September) first posting Missing you like crazy but putting in the time between posts by reading the archived blog postings and enjoying them a lot. Have added a huge number of favourite sites to my computer because of your blog. Am considering printing them off and keeping them in a binder. They are as good as reading one of your books!

  17. Crap… I didn’t study…
    Oh… wait… not that kind of test… shew!
    I hope your glitch gets fixed soon!

  18. Working fine on this end.
    I have been thinking about your fuzzy furnace rules. How come a fireplace knocks someone out but cooking on the stove and in the oven does not? Seems to me your relative could have roasted marshmallows and therefore stayed in the running.
    Warm shawl time.

  19. it must be those halloween goblins at work! please don’t be gone long!! we couldn’t bear it!

  20. Congratulations. It looks like you and techie-guy got it working without Ken.
    I believe you, Steph but I used to work in computer tech support and I can’t tell you how many times a customer called in with something quite screwed up claiming that it used to work and no, nobody changed a thing. After digging, troubleshooting and much questioning later I would find out that yes, indeedy, someone did change something but they didn’t think that it was related so they didn’t tell me about that….
    Believe me, something changed somewhere…. it just wasn’t you.

  21. Oooh, thank you for this. My beloved geeky boyfriend (aka MyOwnPersonalTechSupportGuy) read it, and I think finally understood why I feel like I am going to pass out when he tells to call tech support myself. He even got the “sock as call-timer” bit. I love him so 🙂

  22. oooh the blog is just being shy because of the Bloggers choice nomination votes!! congrats on the top 3. I am headed to Vegas..to Blog World Expo..next door to PostieCon man will I have some knit bloggers to hang out with or will I be representing??

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