One on the way

I survived last night, and even did so with relative good humour and happiness, undaunted by my head cold. There was 15 minutes in the car on the way there, when being driven by a what I have been told now was a “real Jersey driver” (I have never gone so fast in a motor vehicle in my life) while listening to him scream at his wife on a cell phone to tell him what exit to get off at that I a) considered telling him what exit he could get off at, so help me or B) thought that perhaps leaving the house had been a significant tactical error. By the time I made it to the bookstore I was so grateful to have been not killed in a fiery and explosive crash that my own personal mucous issues seemed entirely irrelevant.

There was also a 5 minute stretch while I was speaking where I know I must have looked vague and pale, clutching the podium and hoping that I should not faint, not because it is unhealthy to faint, but because I knew certainly that my collapse would be blogged from here to Thailand, complete with pictures. (Such is the nature of bloggers. They would certainly tend to my wilted and prone self, but they would take a picture first, perhaps even with a sock posed on my senseless form. ) Thankfully the moment passed with me still on my feet, a gift for which I will be eternally grateful.

Behold, the Knitters of New Jersey!




Okay, now pay attention, because these people are interesting but I have to write about them quickly, because Juno is standing at the door in her Rhinebeck clothes and I am unbathed and blogging.

This is Megan and Thaya, the cutest wee pixie pre-knitter.


Meet the young knitters, William, Hilja, Leah (she’s the short one, the taller is her enabling mother Maggi) and my stalkers Leah and Briana, to whom I pointed out that if they really want to be good stalkers, they have got to stop getting one of their mum’s to drive them. All the best stalkers have their own cars.





Heather is knitting her first sock


Sue knit a sock of shame. (Once again, only denial lets a knitter accomplish something that size and then actually ask her husband to try it on.)


Here’s Melisa, saying hi to her Mum Mary in Caddagap Arkansas (they don’t see each other enough)


The skein Mavens,


Washcloths, from Australia and Pennsylvania.



Amy’s – Squared.


Dian, Carly and Maria, who met and knit together on the bus each day


Michael, proof here that he turned up and gave me beer as so directed by Tola


and finally, the revered and esteemed Judeth,


Who is donating that rare and venerable copy of the Principles of Knitting for a raffle so we may better raise money for Knitters Without Borders. More about that later, but know that she is a gem among knitters.

Now, wagons ho – for Rhinebeck beckons. I’m there today and tomorrow, today- shopping and enjoying, tomorrow signing (mostly all day) and speaking (at 1:00) in the Author tent, check your programs for how to find that. I’ll be the one with the kleenex.

102 thoughts on “One on the way

  1. What is that enormous green thing being knit in the front row?!
    And congratulations on surviving your first encounters with New Jersey driving. It’s sad, though, if that was really the fastest driving you’ve ever encountered. We drive a lot faster than most NJ drivers around here (Seattle area)–at least when there’s not much traffic.

  2. Ahhh…the large yellow sock could function very nicely for a Christmas stocking and not go to waste.
    Hope the cold gets better quickly so you can enjoy Rhinebeck.

  3. cant belive it i actually get to post withing the top 10!!!!!WOO HOO!! Have fun at Rhinebeck and remeber lots of Pics for those of us who live throught your blog cuz we cant afford to go ourselves! Hope to have enuff business by next year to be able to justify attending atleast Rhinebeck and hopefully Stitches Midwest! Seriously have fun!!!!

  4. You were fabulous last night! I’m so glad you made it. We never noticed the about-to-pass-out incident. Thank you so very much for a memorable evening, even without the fainting!

  5. Gosh, I am so sorry that I missed the chance to see you at your New Jersey appearance. I am a native New Jersey gal (and driver). I’m very sorry – somebody should have prepared you for our traffic and driving patterns. But that is the reason I didn’t get to see you – it was the drizzly rain and the traffic. (i was coming from central jersey and heading south and goin 21 mph and figured at that speed i would get to my destination in time to see borders cleaning up the area where you gave your talk.) πŸ™
    When are you coming back??

  6. That all looks like so much fun. I’m going to have to make it out to see you speak one of these days. The sock of shame is hilarious. =) And the Principles Of Knitting is extremely tempting – and for a good cause, no less. Have fun at Rhinebeck. Can’t wait to read your post about it. I can’t attend, but at least I can live vicariously through you. =)

  7. i left my home in nj long time go
    still the same drivers blows up
    every once in awile i live in florida
    now warm and do not come we have early
    flu i do not need your cold
    the others may be right allergies
    now this advice a room full of people
    with all that perfume on will make
    a person fell faint or almost
    go check your blood surgar
    i had to put my needles up i turned the same
    green as the yarn just in time for hollows eve

  8. Have a wondermous day at Rhineback! Our local guild is hosting it’s third annual Knit Out today…hurray for women with pointed sticks! Florence Alabama rocks!

  9. Wow, that was power-blogging with Juno in the doorway!
    At least the pressure part of the weekend is over; I know you have to be an author at Rhinebeck but you can also have fun, and with other knit authors and knit bloggers around, the spotlight is not just on you and your cold.
    Have a wonderful time!

  10. Wow, everyone must be at Rhinebeck!
    Ginger and lemon tea is good for colds, of course a wee dram before bed also helps πŸ™‚
    PS Will will ever see you doing the sock photo(book) thing in Europe?
    PPS Can us mere mortals donate prizes for the MSF draw, if so, how?
    PPS How about knitting a MSF shawl where one stitch is a donation…just to keep you interested. That’s you knitting the shawl by the way…it would have to be a mystery shawl of course πŸ™‚
    Happy happy Rhinebeck, yarn sniffing, stash enhancement!

  11. Bwahhahhaa…yanno it would get blogged that way too!
    No Rhinebeck for us today but we are off to the Cowichan Fleece and Fibre Festival – Yarn Ho! ( nice double meaning there ;P )

  12. I laughed out loud at the thought of bloggers crowded around you, placing the sock on your fainted body, so they could get some blog fodder. Hilarious. =)
    Have fun at Rhinebeck!!!

  13. Just wanted to say i feel for you as i am sharing that whole snotty thing across the pond here in london (also wanted to back up Judy – please come visit us!) and would not want to have to speak to 3 people, let alone a NJ crowd. Totally understand the whole red nose puffy eyes thing making you feel you’re not looking your best, but just remember: a) you are always beautiful to us knitters b) don’t sneeze on the sheep at rhinebeck, a sheep with a cold is a REALLY horrible sight. Hope the yarnfest cheers you up, Xx

  14. Yeah for Judeth!! Cool idea to initiate this year’s giving. [Hey, I’m planning it as part of my Christmas list already… especially after seeing Stephen Lewis this week… lucky woman that I am.]
    Just imagining a Harlot/Lewis event. Wow… that would be something.
    Hang in with the cold. Breathe deeply of the fumes of yarn. The restorative powers are miraculous.

  15. You have gotten the underwear, and now, if and when you ever pass out in public there WILL be a picture of you with the sock blogged across the universe.
    Thanks for another LOL minute!

  16. You know what boggles my mind? I was just at my local library yesterday and paged through ‘The Principles of Knitting’. I had no idea it was a “rare and venerable” text…I just knew it was too big for me to lug home that day despite it’s apparent usefulness. Ah, what one learns.
    Have fun at Rhinebeck!

  17. For the record, I would have checked your vital before posing my sock with your prone figure for a million dollar photo. Just so you know. πŸ˜‰
    Have a wonderful, fiber filled time!

  18. Oh you don’t want to go to Europe! It’s winter up there.
    You want to come to New Zealand where it is summer (any minute now) – a bit of sunshine would do your cold the world of good.
    We have sheep, we have coffee, we have Kleenex. What more could you want?

  19. I love how you blog like your fans are your friends. It really seems personal and I love that about you and this is why you are who you are and we love you! Bravo on not being killed!

  20. I’m so glad you didn’t pass out. You’re right – your prone body would have been photographed and sent world-wide. With the sock draped over it….
    Hope you’re feeling better soon.

  21. Principles of Knitting: My Bible!! Wow, great incentive for fundraising. And, must you copy everything I knit? Kauni and now Sunrise Circle?? Jeesh. What’s next? πŸ˜‰

  22. Yes, I’m with the Christmas Stocking camp – and it’s a Gryffindor Christmas Stocking no less! Well, it could be, anyway.
    Hope your cold gets better. Drink lots of OJ. Wish I could be at Rhinebeck!
    P.S. Caddo Gap, Arkansas? Who’d’a thunk? My mom used to go there every summer to see her grandmother, Doris (Doty) Marks. I’ve never been, but I hear it’s quite the little town.

  23. You are a trouper among knitters – and I love the image of you passed out, with various bits of knitting strewn about your body, for a photo op…
    I expect Rhinebeck will have magical healing powers…

  24. Michael said he had a wonderful time and is very glad I made him go and bring you beer. He forgot to speak to you in French, but he meant to. Hope you feel better soon!

  25. I am your friend. I have been your friend for a long time. I love you and am as ever concerned for your health and well-being.
    Yet somewhere in the recesses of my dark and twisted soul, there’s a part of me that finds the idea of seeing pictures of your supine and sock-decorated body all over blogland absolutely freakin’ hilarious. I would like to think that had this actually happened, I’d be incensed. At first. Then, after sufficient time had gone by, I’d probably laugh.
    I know. I’m not getting socks for Christmas for years now, am I?

  26. Stephanie, I really had fun last night in Marlton. I’m so glad you were able to make it even though you were sick (and you had a crazy driver). Have a great time at Rhinebeck!

  27. Dude, I SO would have draped your body in socks, and taken a picture before jumping on the CPR thing. A lot of us would…

  28. I NEED that sock from Sue, and three more in various colors for our Christmas stockings. OMG!! I just LOVE it! I may have to make them myself. My mantle will the most festive and talked about ever!

  29. First, I hope you are feeling better and having a wonderful time at Rhinebeck.
    Second, truly looking forward to the raffle for KWB.
    Third, that was an awesome sock! This is what happens when we think, oh, it’s not going to be big enough and we add a few more stitches…not that I would know from personal experience or anything…

  30. You were the best last night! Nope, I don’t think anyone noticed the about to faint moments. I am sorry that no one saw how distressed you were at that sec though! Formally, I would NEVER have posed a sock on your fainted self…my alligator scarf in progress perhaps but never a sock! Have the best time at Rhinebeck and I hope your cold gets driven off by the thoughts of loverly yarn!

  31. *grin* It was great to meet you last night. And yes, The Sock Of Shame is hubby’s new Christmas stocking.
    Hope you have a great time at Rhinebeck and that your cold is better. I second the vote of ginger lemon tea. It’s helping me a lot. πŸ™‚

  32. Have a great time at Rhinebeck! I am so jealous.
    No really, have a good time and I do hope you feel better soon.
    I can’t believe Sue’s sock – that is awesome that she finished it. I wonder what I ever did with the slipper I was knitting for myself (size 8) that was too long for my cousin (size 12 – men’s)?

  33. Despite being ill last night, you were GREAT, Stephanie! I so enjoyed meeting you and laughing all the way through your talk. Thanks for the mammaries (oops, memories)! Sending healing waves from the Jersey Shore~~~~ ~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~.

  34. OMG! Caddo Gap!! Li’l blip on the map next door to Arkadelphia, where I went to college. All the good food was out there, for some reason.

  35. “The Yarn Harlot touched my monkeys.” OMG! That’s something dirty if I ever saw it. Way better than the Harlot touched my jaywalkers….
    Was there booze? why is everyone wearing booze/ hospital bracelets? Odd.

  36. >
    Well, I am going to save this and show it to my daughter Leah when she is 15 and doesn’t think I am an “enabling” mother in any way, shape or form. Also…as cool as it would be to have three Leahs in two photos, I (enabling mother) am Maggi. Although, upon consideration, it might be really useful and sneaky to use another person’s name for certain yarn-related exploits (missions?)…Thanks for the idea…and for coming when you felt crappy!

  37. ok so I was wondering why I’ve been in bed all day with such a rotten cold… the sweats, the exploding head, the inability to breathe or smell… Thne I feel well enough to surf and realise it’s the HArlot’s fault… spreading her germs through the ether… THanks! If this is your cold, I have no idea how you got on a plane let alone gave a talk.
    Looking forward to hearing about rhinebeck it sounds loads of fun.

  38. Ok, so I was there last night. Stephanie was just wonderful.
    And can I just say? My kids went to school with Bruce Springtsteen & Jon Bon Jovi (long story). But I have never been so tongue tied as I was when I met Stephanie last night. I could hardly tell her what I was working on (thanks for passing along the advice on the Peruvia, I was the Tilted Duster behind the baby stalkers πŸ™‚
    Thanks! It was a great evening!

  39. I grew up a Jersey driver, and then moved to France, where the French drivers make Jersey drivers seem sedate!
    Tell us about the raffle for The Principles of Knitting!
    Better yet, talk to your publisher about republishing it so we can all get a copy!

  40. Thanks so much Stephanie for the picture and greeting from my daughter Malisa–I am the mom in Caddo Gap AR. That surprise picture made my day–my week! Like you, I have three daughters–and I am proud to report that they all grown into lovely young women who are now not only daughters, but cherished best friends! There were times when I had my doubts though! Ha! Malisa and I enjoy your blog so much–sometimes I swear I can hear her laughing all the way across the country when you say something so like what I or she would say. (“What do you mean you’re not going for graduation??!! I EARNED it!”) Malisa reports a wonderful time was had last night even though you did not feel your best. Hope you are feeling better very soon.

  41. Yeah, they’d take your picture if you passed out, sure, but what makes you so sure they wouldn’t steal your socks?

  42. There may also be a battle for the cardy (sweater)! I heard that “oooOHHH, the sweater!” as you walked into the room.
    The original edition will still be a very cool prize in the raffle, but I found this note online for everyone else who’ll stil be looking:
    “Principles of Knitting will be reprinted 9-1-2008, the ISBN#
    1416535179 for $45.00 retail.
    Alishia Nix
    Customer Service
    Simon & Schuster”
    So glad you got to make it over to NJ, it was lovely to see a room full of knitters geeking out. (and fun to watch passerby muggles wondering what the hell was going on with all of the yarny people. ) Also very glad I just nicked the dishcloth (sorry, mixup with all of my extraneous baggage) and left you the chocolate! I have the dishcloth in a padded postbag in my mailing area, waiting to be sent to any address you choose. (Jetlagged induced ditzy-kleptomania is my only excuse.)

  43. I saw you today in the Kauni at Rhinebeck. It’s really stunning. I too have been sick and was often sitting down sucking a ginger candy and downing water as you and Juno walked by. Sorry I’ll miss the talk and signing tomorrow. I was semi-good. I went over my Rhinebeck budget, but just barely, and compared to last year, that’s an accomplishment. πŸ™‚

  44. I’m a former cardiology nurse, so I think I’d toss my camera to someone else to take pictures while I tended to a fallen Harlot. But it would be blogged and I’m sure you’d be spared going into shock due to the nice pile of half-knit socks keeping you warm.
    Besides, can a Harlot fall?
    P.S. I want the book. I really want the book. Great donation.

  45. Yo! Sue! That is NO sock of shame! It is definitely one of the coolest Christmas stockings I have ever seen!

  46. Glad you survived driver and near-fainting! I was giggling through the post as usual, then came the picture of Judeth and The Principles…I read “rare and venerable” with proper awe and appreciation for Judeth’s generosity…then noticed the store sign hanging from the ceiling in the background, which if you use your imagination, is apparently pointing in Judeth&book’s general direction:
    Laughed so hard I went into a choking fit. And *I* don’t have a cold!
    Hope you had a helluva good time shopping today! (Keep getting better. You really need a long vacation after this, y’know? We’re gonna worry about you if you don’t.)

  47. Reprinting the book is good. However, at least one book I have is ever so much better in the original, because it has the original color photos and the reprint left them out. I hope the publishers of Principles of Knitting do it right!
    I made a sock that size on purpose, because I was testing a pattern and wanted to be able to see the stitches easily. It’s a great Christmas stocking!
    A classic NJ driver I knew in the 1970s complained about people going slower than 80mph because they got in his way. I think I see his clones on the highways every so often.
    Get well! Enjoy Rhinebeck! Rest! (Pick any two…)

  48. Stephanie, Thaya and I had a great time last night. It was the first time she heard such a large group laughing (over and over and over… but not at you of course!) and she just *had* to laugh along. I was hoping you’d dub her a knitter and hand her the magic knitting needles… but in retrospect I’m glad that you didn’t germ her!

  49. I’ve only driven in N.J. once. But Ontario drivers are really something too, based on my summer experiences!!

  50. I’m sorry I missed you this trip. (Really, you need to visit somewhere in New Jersey that’s a little closer.) I have to tell you, though, that NJ drivers are NOT all maniacs. Some, yes, but not all!

  51. It was nice talking with you in Briar Rose’s tent today, I hope I didn’t come off too blog-stalkery. I was the one laughing about Juno calling you a moron (and you telling me what you had called her recently, LOL). I hope that your cold abated enough that you could enjoy Rhinebeck and the gorgeous weather today.

  52. Hey Robin, I bet my Momma in Caddo Gap, AR knows someone related to your great-grandma Doty! How cool is that?! Stephanie, my face is still sore today from laughing and smiling last night. I hate that you were sick but I did have a lovely time!

  53. Ms. Pearl-McPhee, you are a class act. I was the stammering woman in Building 31 at Rhinebeck, interrupting you and Kate Gilbert and swearing I wasn’t a stalker, just a fan, a yarn-star-struck fan, and you stuck your hand out and said, “Hi, I’m Stephanie!” – and in my book, that’s not only class, ma’am, that’s manners. You can tell me I was the 1,309th person to accost you today, but you can’t tell me you weren’t brought up right.
    With apologies for acting like such a doofus and best wishes for a speedy recovery and some well-deserved R&R soon,
    – One of your former lurkers (but not stalkers, I swear!).

  54. I’m another babbling woman from Rhinebeck on whose daughter’s sock you knit on while I photographed the two of you. Seeing you made our day, week, month, and year! I wasn’t kidding — my husband really has quoted you in sermons! So thanks so much for humoring three fans and allowing us to intrude on your “free” day!. The sweater is more amazing in person and so are you!
    Try raw garlic with some salsa, chips and OJ to help the cold and prevent future ones!

  55. Wow! I’m glad I’m not the only person who as acted a wee bit foolish around you! He he he he. I wonder if you will meet my friend, Carol, at Rhinebeck? (yes, I’m sure it’s packed) She owns a woolen mill in WI and is the president or something for a coopworth breeders association (or something to that effect) Man, I love spinning her sheep! I don’t know if she’s selling or not. I bet you really dazzled people with your sweater. Enjoy the day.
    I’d try garlic with mead or maybe scotch and honey

  56. Oh My God! I saw you today at Rhinebeck! I freaked out a bit and grabbed my husband’s arm and said “there she is” – the sweater is fabulous by the way (much more beautiful in person)and I guess you can add me to your stalker list- I couldn’t help myself and snapped your photo. I very much wanted to come over and show you my very first pair of knitted socks that I was wearing but I lost my nerve! Love your blog and your books sorry you had to endure NJ drivers- I need to medicate when I go through NJ. Feel better soon.

  57. Hey! My friends and I totally saw you today at Rhinebeck! We were some of the ones who had dinner with you at the little pizza shop after you spoke/signed at RJ Julia’s in Madison CT in August. Your rainbow sweater came out really awesome, BTW. Hope you have a good day signing tomorow and hope you get well soon.

  58. Dear Stephanie,
    Have you not put 2 and 2 together?? Airplanes are the worst offender in the long list of how to catch a cold. First, Use Airborne(developed by a teacher) and zicam(shortens the length of the cold). Don’t touch anything in the airport or plane unless it is absolutely necessary and when you do have those anti-bacterial wipes(God, I’m sounding like Monk) and use them often. Some anitoxident vitamins would strenthen your immune system quickly if taken every day.
    How do I know all this?–I work for a school system-this has been years in the making!!!

  59. I was there with my 6 year old daughter. You so graciously entertained her while you signed my books. She now really wants to learn how to knit. Thanks for that. I really enjoyed hearing and seeing you. My husband got a kick out of the photo of you, my daughter and I. He said it was like I went to see a rock star or something. Thanks for coming. It took a lot of the sting out of missing Rhinebeck this year.

  60. If it makes you feel any better, I wouldn’t have photographed you prone on a floor after fainting. I couldn’t do that. Now if you were to show up somewhere drunk as a skunk, loaded on whatever drug was cheapest that day and talking about whatever case of gangrene you ever seen whilst dressed like a hooker from the corner I used to live at??? Honey, you’d be plastered on the ole blog from here to Timbuktu.
    (Hookers discussing gangrene is in fact a regular occurance in my old neighborhood. You know, just in case you were wondering.)

  61. Can anyone tell me what the green sock stands for? Is it like a lucky charm or is it just the traveling sock (similar to the roaming gnome)? I am just curious to know.
    I like the idea someone posted about the lady who made the huge sock to use it as a Christmas stocking. I would have never thought to do that, I probably would have frogged the sock or thrown it away.

  62. I didn’t see you at Rhinebeck yesterday. Hope you had a good time and picked up some cool stuff. New York in the fall is the best!

  63. I didn’t see you at Rhinebeck yesterday. Were you in disguise in a wig and big sunglasses?? Hope you had a good time and picked up some cool stuff. New York in the fall is the best!

  64. I agree. Clearly it’s a Christmas stocking.
    Caddo Gap! Hey there Malisa! My family is from DeGray. Waving!!!

  65. Stephanie, it was so spectacular to see you speak in person in NJ. Hope you are feeling better.
    Although, I must say that I’m bummed I didn’t make it to your blog. When you photographed your sock in front of all of us, somehow you missed me completely (while capturing my friend and the woman on the other side of me in two separate photographs. If I weren’t sad about that I’d say it was a pretty spectacular feat — see the tiny sleeve in the front row at the left of the second picture and again the right of the third one? That’s me.)
    Ah well. I did get to hold THE SOCK…

  66. Stephanie, a good time was had by all in Marlton, despite the cold. Even my husband enjoyed your talk and now wants to read the books you signed.
    I thought for sure your travel issues were going to involve having to make a left hand turn from the right hand lane, but encountering a typical Jersey driver is just as bad. I will say though, learning to drive in the Garden state helped me immensely when I had to drive all over Italy last year.
    Thanks again for coming!

  67. I hope you feel better soon. Take “Nurse Bo’s Cure”—the three C’s: “The couch, the clicker, and a quilt”. Works for anything that ails ya.
    (Okay, I know the word “quilt” doesn’t start with a ‘c’, but you know what I mean…)

  68. Stephanie, I hope that your cold is on its way out now. Bravo to you for pushing onward when I’m sure you would have preferred to stay inside, cozy and laid out with your Kleenex and knitting. You’re a gem!

  69. It’s really fun going like 150 on the freeway in the dead of night. Try it! It’s like a rollercoaster that generally goes in only a straight line.

  70. If you ever do pass out in public, it will not merely be blogged, but while the ambulance is en route, various knitters will pose their WIPs upon your prone form while someone quickly generates a new site, “”
    If you haven’t been to it, try:
    Oh, I do love the wee drop-spindler. She’s precious. And that sock? Not only ‘twould make an awesome Christmase Stocking, but also an awesome hat.

  71. Report: Western Frontiers Symposium, Johnstown, NY
    Number of people in auditorium: approx. 200
    Number of people knitting: at least 6, probably more
    I thought you might find that interesting! I brought a sock to work on – it helps me focus while sitting in an auditorium all day listening to speakers – and whenever I looked around, there was another knitter working away. I wish I brought a camera, to take a picture to send you of all the knitters. I can’t speak for the others, but as for me, you have inspired me! Knitting in public and all that. I just got over a Terrible Cold, and I real feel for you, especially as you have to keep going = I tried, but it won, and I was forced to stop. I hope you will be able to have a good time at Rhinebeck! I like the Nurse’s advice above – three C’s, the Q makes perfect sense if you have a cold. Hope you feel better soon!

  72. Hey there Stephanie… maybe this will make you feel better. Although, I don’t know if you have access to this or not, but here goes. You’ve heard of e-bay, right? Let’s just hope so. Right now, if you go to e-bay dot com, let’s say, and look under the category of “Yarn”, then in the little search box, type in the word “buffalo”, I think you will be most happy to see a couple of lots of your precious “White Buffalo” yarn. I seem to remember a post a long time ago talking about it. Anyway, it’s there if you want/need it.

  73. Yes, it is true that was a true New Jersey driver. I took driver’s ed in NY and our instructor taught us to be on the look out for police cars and New Jersey licence plates and and to steer clear of both. NY cab drivers on the other hand are quite predictable once you know the secrets…..

  74. You are such a trouper! Sorry you’ve been so ill. Hope you were able to have a reasonably sniffle-free time at Rhinebeck. At the last minute, I had to cancel my plans of going. And you wore the Kauni. Infinite sadness. Looking forward to some pics, at least!

  75. When you have a chance you should come and vacation in sunny Florida! Do a book signing, swim in the ocean, you know a typical Florida vacation. πŸ˜€
    As for the large sock, if she knows anyone in North Florida that is a fan of Florida State University (my alma mater) I am sure they would love to hang that on the mantle for Christmas. πŸ™‚

  76. I loved hearing you speak in NJ! When you’re on the roads in NJ you have to remember that speed limits are actually suggestions…AND, I just know that meeting Megan and Thaya had to be the high point of the evening…but then, I am the Mom and Granny.

  77. Hi Stephanie,
    I saw you at the end of day 2 at Rhinebeck, your Kauni is gorgeous. I stopped for one nanosecond to see you, but then re-considered as you were telling someone that a beer was waiting for you. Then you made a dash for it. Never come between the harlot and her end-of-the-day beer. As I turned around, you were RUNNING up the hill towards the place where a pint was waiting, evidently.
    I sure am glad that you are feeling so much better. Lots of wool has healing powers, doesn’t it…:)

  78. Being a native NJ girl, I can assure you that had you fainted, there would be NO WAY my fellow Jersians would have missed the opportunity to take a pic with you and the sock, peacefully unconcious on the carpet! Worldwide saturation would have been achieved by midnite. So, sorry I missed you, glad you didn’t faint.

  79. Another Amy asked: “Was there booze? why is everyone wearing booze/ hospital bracelets? Odd.”
    The bracelets were given to us as we arrived and sorted us into groups for the book signing. The earliest arrivals were gold, the next 30 or so people were blue and so on. We lined up in groups by color so everyone didn’t have to get in one big line. We had a terrific time.
    – one of the Amys, squared

  80. Stephanie, thanks so much for braving New Jersey and entertaining us despite your cold. You’re a really classy lady, red nose & sniffles & near fainting and all. (Kidding, I kid. You seem like a wonderful person, and I was completely gobsmacked to meet you.) Hope you had a great time at Rhinebeck.
    –The other of the Amys, squared πŸ™‚

  81. Sue has a great sock there, but I’m one up on her with my pair here in Houston! Plus, we get extra points for sharing our shame with the whole knitting world!

  82. so what is the big green thing in the front row? Looks like it is a over sized sock — right??
    was the festival all knitting or was there some spinning- rug hooking – felting?

  83. There is never a sock of shame when it is that large — looks big enough to nicely fit over a cast. donate it to a hosiptal

  84. Looks like a good time was had by all…I had to stop myself from rolling on the floor when I saw the sock of denial–we must both live along that same damn river!

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