Rhinebeck Hangover

Naturally, as you will read all over, Rhinebeck was wonderful. Juno and I drove up Saturday morning, models of efficiency that we are, and were installed in the fairgrounds by lunchtime, giddy and thrilled. I could go on for hours and hours about the lovely things I saw, but the pictures really speak for themselves. One of the best things for me about Rhinebeck is not just the wool (though that is pretty damn good too) but the things and people that one gets to see there…

There were sheep. Many sheep.


Goats too.


Men in Kilts (This one is Mel)


This one is the charming David, who not only showed me a little leg, but where the beer was.


Cara is making a baby.


Ruth already did.


The prize winning Blue Faced Leicester fleece.


Kellee loves the sheep.


Brainy lady Alison and Rachel scored big time.


Jess threw a party.


Sarah had fun at the party.


So did a lot of people.


I watched a sheep to shawl competition.


I hugged Mamacate.


Pumpkins were chucked.


Ann wore a hat, while Kay pretended not to know her.


Clara took my picture.


Sheep herding dogs were for sale.


There was Yarn.


There were free range Canadians.


Laurie, Claudia and Sil are held in thrall.


Sheep were shorn.


But mostly?


Same time next year? Definitely.

151 thoughts on “Rhinebeck Hangover

  1. So how come the guys standing next to the pumpkin chucker (where the pumpkin shouldn’t fall) get to wear hardhats, but the people standing where the pumpkin might be chucked don’t get any protection?
    Just wondering.
    Glad you had a great time. What are you going to do with your wicked nice wool?

  2. Every year I’m envious. I’m in California and have never been able to quite fit it into the budget. I will try hard for next year. Looks like a wonderful time was had by all.

  3. I saw you at the ravelry party, decked out in your kauni. I wanted to say hi, but I’m shy (us new yorkers pride ourselves on not bothering celebrities but in you case if I had the cojones I would have broken this unspoken rule.) I hope you had a fantastic trip.

  4. Sounds great, I need a weekend just for me, I’ll have to commit to going next year no matter what else crops up.
    Men in quilts is a great reason to give your kids the educational experience of a day at the highland games, just don’t get too distracted, you may turn around to find your six year old running towards the caber toss participants with his hand raised to ask a question.

  5. Oooo.. look at all the wicked nice wool and fun to be had. I’ll have to live vicariously for now, but thanks for sharing your pictures.

  6. Oh, I wanted one of those sheep herding dogs, but I couldn’t commit to getting some sheep so they’d have a job.
    BTW, my husband, a non-knitter, really enjoyed your talk. He thought you were funny enough that when we got home last night, he asked to look at and then read some of *Yarn Harlot.* Please take my word that he paid you a big (well-deserved, of course) compliment.

  7. Clever, clever Harlot. FOREsightful Halot. By taking lots of pictures and diligently linking, you manage to get away with writing very little and still keeping the ravening, Rhinebeck-deprived hordes happily occupied, clicking and oooing. Very smart.
    But tomorrow we want A Reckoning. Avec des photos.

  8. Glad you had a good time; many thanks for all the pictures. I wasn’t able to get to Rhinebeck this year… but I’m saving for next year.

  9. It was my first yarn fest. What a perfect day Sunday was! I loved your talk and have assigned my husband to research the comparative expenditures of golfers and knitters. He has pointed out (sad but true) that golf involves real estate, which grown-ups tend to take seriously. Me, I think it’s a function of most journalists being men.

  10. If you have to describe it in only two words, “wicked nice” is excellent. “Too short” runs a close second.
    Hope you’re feeling better.

  11. It looks like so much fun! I have just GOT to save enough to go next year — California isn’t too far, right? Thanks for sharing with those of us who weren’t there πŸ™‚

  12. No fair! That looks great. Why oh why do have to live in miserable cold grey England whilst you lot party at Rhinebeck?! Just my luck!
    Glad you had a great time!

  13. I’m going next year. I’m done reading about it on blogs. I want to be there! Would have done it this year, but I was busy getting married. Luckily, I got married to another knitter, so we’ll be there together. 1st anniversary? You bet!

  14. Thanks for posing in a picture with my friend and me at Rhinebeck! Hope you didn’t mind the accosting (twice). It looks good on my blog. πŸ™‚ And I did manage to Kinnear you later on. Totally going next year and actually going to stay long enough to hit up some of those rockin’ parties!

  15. Did not know there was punkin’ chuckin’ going on at Rhinebeck. May help convice my other half that it’s worth the trip and he might even join me. πŸ™‚

  16. Looks like a fantastic time was had by all! (Including Rachael. [g]) Love the guys with kilts, especially David’s modeling. Glad he showed you where the beer was – that counts as food, y’know. Plus as a prime restorative after the ravages of a nasty cold. Thanks for all the great pix! I hope you’re now relaxing (hah) and getting completely over that cold. ::crossing fingers::
    And I would be envious as hell – well, ok, I still am, for not having the chance to run into all you guys from back east whose blogs I read – but not *quite* so much as I was last year. For yea, I have made pilgrimage unto the Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival, and there is possibly Madrona in winter, at least for the shopping and visiting, and with June comyth the Black Sheep Gathering. (For which my motto this year is, “I’m gonna inveigle *someone* to go down there with me, even if I have to kidnap ’em!”) For I have seen the glory of fiber festivals at last, and at OFFF I was too busy with vendors or socializing to even make it to the barns!

  17. Wow!! It looks like you had a blast. My husband and I have a deal: I get to fly out there as soon as the little ones are in school. (Sort of makes me rethink the plan of having “just one more”) he he he. Safe travels home.

  18. I have one of those sheep herding dogs. No sheep, though, so she herds small children.
    And squirrels. Who are Not Amused.
    If I weren’t so far away, I’d lend her to you next time you need to leave some fleece out to dry.

  19. The picture of the hanks of dyed yarn made me drool! (as did the charming fellow in the kilt) The whole thing looked like lovely fun even though I really am allergic to wool. If I attended this event I would probably have to spend the next week on a respirator, so thanks for letting me live vicariously!

  20. Already planning next year and this year was a blast – sorry I missed you, though I think I walked by you and Juno – next time – must stop

  21. Are you sure the NY Times article quoted you correctly? I understand that “you can’t have too many people”, but did you really say that “you can have too much wool”? Hard to believe…

  22. deligtful posting
    thank for takeing me along
    i would have needed a 707
    to get me and the yarn and goodies
    and all the food out of there
    i was born up north fall
    can be so fine i miss it
    this is florida go knit
    me a snowbird oops visitor

  23. You forgot to mention that you were quoted in The New York Times!!!
    Le sigh. South central PA just seems too far to drive.
    Oh well, I can get to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival in the spring.

  24. For Karin, re: the hardhats…I’m guessing it’s in case the chunker comes apart. One of my friends made one, and I’ll just say it was a good idea to step away from the machine while it’s in action. πŸ˜‰

  25. I am constantly amazed how the internet, and blogs in particular, make the world a small town. I cracked up at the photo of Mel. I read a blog by Jean in Edinburgh Scotland. On her blog she asked that her readers keep an eye out for Mel in his kilt at Rhinebeck and there he is on your blog spotted at Rhinebeck. How cool is that.

  26. How WONDERFUL! I’m SO pleased that a lot of our fellow bloggers came back with pictures; it makes for a delicious virtual experience. I’m only in WI and my dear in-laws (of blessed memory) lived in NY, so I know my DH can drive straight through in about 12 hours – and HAS. I wonder what I’ll have to do to persuade him to take me there next year? (Any suggestions welcome)

  27. Serious. Rheinbeck. Envy.
    Perhaps one day I’ll manage to persuade (or bamboozle) some of my friends into making the trip. Until then, blog entries describing the event will have to suffice. Sigh.

  28. This sounds like a very nice shindig! How can you go wrong with many nice sheep?
    I think I caught your cold through the computer. Your previous posts make so much more sense to me now.

  29. Well Hell – why is it that the best looking guy I’ve ever seen wearing a kilt has a “partner”?????
    Glad you had a good time – makes me wish I could allow myself to go to the MD Sheep and Wool this year, but my Sitches visit cancels out S&W this time!!! :O(

  30. What a treat to hear you speak at Rhinebeck! I laughed ’til I cried! Hope you had a safe trip home (did you drive through all those gorgeous New England Fall colors!!) and that you are feeling 100% soon.

  31. I saw you! I would have met you but I was eating artichokes and wrangling my four year old while holding someone else’s baby, but your sweater was BEAUTIFUL and you looked happy. (I saw you around noon on Sunday.) πŸ™‚
    I took home socks that rock and some amazing hand-dyed alpaca/silk/merino from sheep shed and mountain view in New Hampshire (which I had never heard of but is *fabulous*). I also tuned 34 so yay! fun for everyone.

  32. I was standing about 10 feet away when you took the picture of the wicked nice wool, but far too shy to say hello. Anyway, your sweater was lovely in person. Rhinebeck is just so fun and everyone I talked to thought it was less crowded as last year, which made it far more enjoyable.

  33. aaaaaarrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhh! probably no more than a year ago, i had never even HEARD of the luscious Rhinbeck… and now i am just DYING that i didn’t get to go!!
    if anyone knows of a regular bustrip going down each year (from toronto area), please let me know!

  34. How nice to have finally met you on sunday. Your speech was empowering and your graciousness in signing all of those books….I hope you weren’t too overwhelmed. Loved the sweater (K-Mart?) (just kidding) and the buttons….thanks Steph for coming down to see us

  35. Yo, West coasters…we do have a very similar fiber festival. Check out the Black Sheep Gathering in Eugene OR every year in June. Big name teachers…Judith Mackenzie-McCuin, Sarah Swett, etc…Not all fibery gatherings occur on the “east side”.

  36. I totally didn’t know you got a picture of me at the Ravelry party. And yes, I had a lot of fun. Did David dig the sweater kit? πŸ˜‰
    So great to see you!! I’ll let you know when we get our act together to head to TO.

  37. Hey! My picture is on your blog! That’s me (and my small preggo belly) behind Jess at the Ravelry party!
    I hope you had a great time at the festival. I know I did!

  38. Wow! Looks like it was fun – I will have to go next year. And guys in kilts…please. Ever watch “Monarch of the Glen”? (BBC, we get it on PBS) Cutie in a kilt there, one of the reasons I watch the show! I hope you are feeling better from the cold, looks like you really enjoyed yourself – were you wearing the Kauni? Need some pictures…!

  39. Wicked nice wool, men in kilts, beer, blue faced Leicester…this is why we love you Harlotta. The things that speak to you speak to us!!!
    I think I may have to find Rhinebeck and go myself.

  40. I had to work in my guild’s booth so I couldn’t come to the book signing, but my husband went and met you! I’m not sure what you said to him, but he came back to tell me he needed to get some knitpicks sock needles… ;^D

  41. I can’t speak for Saturday, but Sunday was a lovely day. Only thing is, I didn’t know there was beer, and that’s too bad. I had DD with me and her interests veered from mine most of the day. Beer would definitely have helped. Next year I will start with beer. Maybe I’ll go look for one now, just to kind of catch-up.

  42. Parties. Sigh. I like parties.
    Rhinebeck’s a whole different kind of fun when your dance partner’s a 6 year old boy. Still really damn fun though. Wouldn’t have traded the weekend for anything, but I do wish I could’ve done more of the part where you get to hang out with the normally far flung friends.

  43. I had dinner with that guy in a kilt…my rider(who I “met” on ravelry, & in the flesh that morning) and I went early to the Ravelry party and asked for a table for 2 for dinner. Within seconds we had 2 companions, so became a table for 4. I can’t imagine a more enjoyable time spent with 3 strangers! It was a hoot, as was the ensuing shindig. Perfect end to a perfect day…though I can’t believe I didn’t manage to Kinnear you. I was too distracted by yarn all day, and too tired at the party to get up and look around much(didn’t even know you were there til I read about it just now)-I am sure you were surrounded by adoring fans all day, so probably this comes as good news to you…

  44. Dear Yarn Harlot –
    I just thought I would let you know that not only do I find your blog funny and wonderful – my husband has started reading too. He likes your humor.

  45. Gee, that looks so much fun! I loved the last pix. Wicked Good Wool…
    What is a Blue faced Leciester? A sheep? does it really have a blue face? Wow! Looks like such a good time. I wish it weren’t so far away from me.
    I will just have to live the experience thru the blogs.

  46. grumble, mumble, grumble. no, i’m not happy for y’all. i was going to go too, but noooo, my stupid mil has to come visit switzerland just when she’s better off staying in tx. and now i have to look at everyboy’s pictures. ’cause i’m certainly not reading everybody’s drivel on the best rhinebeck yet. bah. grumble.
    (surprisingly, i feel better now. thanks)

  47. Great pictures! I was there on Saturday, my first visit to the Sheep and Wool festival. I looked but never saw you and we arrived about the same time. I have to say, I was completely overwhelmed by the experience. My husband said I had a smile on my face the whole day. It was absolute heaven. We had to go home Sunday morning so I could babysit, though. Probably a good thing for the bank account. πŸ˜‰

  48. It was lovely to see you. Thanks for letting me pick your brain about the nursing issue … I’ll let you know how it goes.

  49. I’m so glad that Rhinebeck is as fabulous as ever because there’s a good chance I might be there next year! Whooppee!
    Can anyone suggest a good hotel? Sounds like I’d better book now!
    Can we see some Kauni photos please?

  50. Nice recap, it sounds like it was a whirlwind of a weekend! And maybe next year I’ll be able to experience the fiber orgy for myself πŸ˜‰

  51. Wow! again on the sweater! (From the nut job who stood in line and used her “signing time” to ogle the sweater…)
    And it was really nice to share the Festival with you.

  52. Was planning to kinnear you on Saturday…but you eluded me!
    I could only stay for Saturday with numerous muggles in tow (they were quite pleasant about the whole thing, but kept their distance from the sheep). My B-I-L was keen to spot you after I told him the story of the panty-throwing. He couldn’t believe that knitters (!) could do such things. He had a pair of his knickers in the car (I didn’t ask…), and kept them handy, just in case there was a sighting. I was at least satisfied that the number of cars in the parking lot left him speechless. Represent!

  53. Man, I sooooo wannna go to Rhinebeck. I need a second job to do all the travelling. First, it’s sock camp, then yarn school, then Rhinebeck. Work Sucks!

  54. Great seeing you and the Kauni at Rhinebeck. I had no clue that you were under the weather. The Kauni certainly wasn’t.
    I heard your talk in NY and again in Rhinebeck and loved it even in “rerun”. Of course, you’d updated it and kept it fresh.
    Just think: In March when the new book comes out, you can start all over again!
    “Free range Canadians”? Love it. Love them.

  55. They are NOT shearing sheep in New England in October!!! Please tell me those sheep were on loan from, like, Australia or somewhere that it’s about to get warm instead of cold.
    Otherwise, great pics! Someday, when hubby and I move to Vermont, I too shall visit Rhinebeck. πŸ™‚

  56. My NON-KNITTING friend and I have already made plans for a road trip next year. Such is the power of Rhinebeck. I want a fleece. Just to have and to hold.

  57. My very first trip!!!! Non Knitting Fiber Enabler (NKFE) accompanied me. He did not understand what all the fuss was about…then he saw the parking lot!
    I fell down at several vendors, The Fold for Socks that Rock was a rather large falling down. Non Knitting Fiber Enabler made 2 trips to the car..lol.. I heard you speak and laughed until I cried.
    Even NKFE enjoyed. Can’t wait until next year!
    Carolyn in MA

  58. This was my first year at Rhinebeck and I have to say that meeting you and finally hearing you speak was definitely the best part!! Thank you for making my weekend a great one πŸ™‚ Hope to see you there again next year!

  59. So did you see the Tsock Tsarina’s “Vintage” kit? I discovered her after you got the “Kitri” kit at Rhinebeck last year. Some of her kits are what I would have been after if I had gone. Of course, not going does not prevent me getting them online . . .

  60. Stephanie, Thank you for your wonderful traveloge– I’m marking my calendar for next year… I’m going! Thanks for keeping all of us in the “know”
    knits and pearls

  61. Every year I miss Rhinebeck- *sigh* (oh its complicated) and thus live vicariously! So many bloggers and so many sheep, all in one place!
    That sassy, sassy David! Always everywhere in his kilt, what a tease!

  62. hi Steph,
    Thanks for posing with me, Carol and our socks at the end of your long Sunday of signing and talking. It is up on my homepage. Rhinebeck was definitely a great play day, even with 10 hours on a bus. Namaste

  63. I am sooo going next year! Sorry to have missed seeing you in Marlton the other day; I live pretty close by in Mullica Hill. We moved here from Michigan last year and I enjoy reading your blog not only for the knitting, but also because it reminds me of home. Does that make any sense? I know Toronto is not MI, but it’s a lot closer, and we used to vacation in Ontario. I love the Pinery! πŸ™‚ (and I really miss the butter tarts we would always get…)

  64. But wait….I thought that was your fleece and not Rachael’s!!! πŸ˜‰
    And guess what? I think I’m going to go next year! Yep….

  65. Sheep to Shawl competition? What a wicked cool idea. Wish I could see more of the process, but you sure were busy elsewhere.
    All those yummmmy colors of yarn!

  66. Sounds wonderful. But O Harlot, do not torture us further! For those of us who didn’t get to go to Rhinebeck, at least let us see some pictures of you in the completed Kauni!

  67. Whoa – Rhinebeck is huge!
    I had no idea.
    The fibre festival thingy in Victoria is the only one I have ever been to. I clearly must become better traveled!

  68. Glad to hear you had such a great time. I saw you and Juno walking past our booth Saturday and your sweater is just stunning. The colors are just amazing. Even though you had great pictures, digital pictures don’t do it justice. You looked like you were a little frazzled and on a mission, so I figured I would say hi to you online after the festival instead of bugging you on Saturday. You must have been constantly talking (or being bombarded by awestruck and happy knitters) to people all day so I figured that you must be looking for and (possibly desperately needing) a beer. We were so busy that even I (who hardly ever drink) had a beer Saturday night. Actually it was more like desperately needing a beer myself LOL! The beer was wonderful, and so was Rhinebeck!

  69. Loved your speech and was thrilled to see your cardigan. It was even more beautiful in person than on the blog. By the way, as I was walking around with my friend, searching for the authors’ tent, I spotted your cardigan (with you in it) sitting on a bench. I was so excited, I nearly knocked my friend over, yelling, “There she is!!!” Fun times!

  70. You got some really good pictures. I had virtual camnesia, and what I took sucked. You survived handily despite the viri.

  71. This was my first year at Rhinebeck. I couldn’t believe how large it actually was! Amazing! Unfortunately, I had to miss your talk, but I’m definitely going back next year!

  72. Aside from getting dreadfully lost, tangling with *gasp* reinactors with muskets, and finding ourselves embarrasingly late and barely able to get through the door of the Ravelry party, we three Waterloonies had a nearly perfect Rhinebeck weekend. Even paying the duty coming home (and dude? there was some serious duty *grin*) was painless.

  73. Oh, how I hope to one day be a free range Canadian at Rhinebeck… Your pictures and captions are awesome, thanks for giving me a little taste to hold me over until I can finally attend in person πŸ™‚

  74. Tanya – I’m sorry to say that THIS New Yorker totally grabbed her brass cojones and not only said “Hello” to the poor Harlot Sunday morning at the hotel, but approached her, holding chocolate out at arm’s length of course. (She hadn’t had her coffee yet…and we’ve ALL been warned about that!)
    It’s probably ’cause I’m an upstater. πŸ™‚
    Thanks for being so gracious, Steph. (because I’m sure everything I actually said registered about two minutes after I ran out the door–it’s the caffiene thing, I know!)

  75. This quote is attributed to you, β€œYou can have too much wool, but you can’t have too many people.”
    Too much wool????
    It was in the NY Times…

  76. Awesome – come see us at MD Sheep & Wool next spring!
    and re. your talk – today my yahoo account offered me an ad to start my small business with them – a yarn shop! Looks like one huge company has noticed us – perhaps because they host the knitlist? Or was this more personally directed? Maybe they got inside info on the size of my stash…

  77. So by now you must be aware that you’ve been “outed” by the New York Times…looking forward to hearing (photos please, please) about the Cormu fleece…surely you bought one?

  78. Although I have been to NYS Sheep & Wool a half dozen times (and therefore come with a shopping list of vendors and items to snag early!) I brought with me a Rhinebeck virgin. A non-knitter at that! She was enthralled! Loved every minute of it. Totally fascinated by the animals. She kept touching all the yarn and saying, “Feel that!” “Feel that!” Yep, I think we’ve got a convert.
    My favorite vignette: an incredibly beautiful white cashmere goat with fleece like spun clouds being lovingly groomed by what looked like a middle-aged biker dude! Tats, leather vest, and all! Gotta love it!
    Knit on!
    Barbara L in MA

  79. Looks like you free-range Canadians were really on a roll! I arrived about 9:30 before the greatest swelling of crowds. Did you see the orenburg shawls?!! The man standing on the two draft horses? Now that was impressive, especially when they started to move apart! I stayed out of the fleece tent but got into plenty of trouble elsewhere…

  80. Hmmm.. Wonder if I could do a massive yarn crawl… customs may have issues if I try to bring back a whole sheep (especially marked “wicked nice wool”) !!!!

  81. This was my first Rhinebeck, and it was a life changing experience!
    I didn’t want to take up all of your time in the book signing line, but you complimented my sweater, and it was really fun to make so I wanted to let you know it’s the Round Trip cardigan from Knitter’s magazine. This is a link to the issue: http://www.stitchesmarket.com/xcart/customer/product.php?productid=6452
    And in case you don’t remember the sweater: http://www.flickr.com/photos/33379423@N00/193963609/in/set-72157594206737931/
    Your cardigan was even more beautiful in person than in pictures.

  82. I missed out on Rhinebeck yet again, but… I had an amazing interview at The Knitter’s Studio here in L.A. How fun will that be for part-time work? πŸ˜€

  83. They should put “Wicked Nice Wool” on the t-shirts. That one I’d buy. T-shirts and sock yarn don’t count against the quota.

  84. My blogging sister picked you out and I took your picture from afar. We sure lucked out on a beautiful Rhinebeck weekend! Your photo essay caught it perfectly!

  85. Wow! I was excited last year to see one of our sheep on your blog out of the hundreds at Rhinebeck. But two years in a row! The silver mocha (brownish grey) merino ewe in the front is Amy, the twin sister of the sheep posted last year. In back is Zeke, a moorit merino ram. His fleece from last year won grand champion fleece at the Mass. Sheep and Wool Fest. They are both from Sugar Maple Farm in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. My parents Bill and Donna are fitting the sheep for the show the next day. Maybe next year a lamb from these two sheep will be in your 2008 Rhinebeck post! Stephanie, I see a theme in the pictures. Maybe you secretly yearn to be a merino sheep farmer!
    P.S. I really enjoyed your talk and book signing.

  86. I love sheep. I love wool. I love to Knit. I so hate to spin! I so very suck at it. (Anyone want to buy a Louet Spinning Wheel?) But Rhinebeck looks like such a great time. I might give it another try. Or maybe just go next year to soak up all the vibes and marvel at other people’s talents. And spend oodles of money. Better start saving now, huh? Rhinebeck 2008! Woo Hoo! Great pictures, thanks for taking the time.

  87. My, and my “at first reluctant but knows where his next pair of socks is coming from” husband’s, first trip to Rhinebeck – “exhilarant” best describes our day that began with following the stream of laughter into the speaker’s tent to hear you speak, meeting you at the book signing table – an absolute thrill (your sweater is a stunning work of art!) – wool shopping of course, watching the sheep shearing, and ending with wine tasting – truly something for everyone! My reports to my knitting group has them all planning a trip next fall. Hope to meet you and all listed above planning the trip – could we get a “Harlot” tent? – fellow Canadian from “The Peg”
    PS – would love to read something about the Sheep to Shawl contest – mind boggling!

  88. Great lecture on Sunday! I’m the semi-stalker in the Scion xB who parked next to you on Sunday morning. Got out of the car and thought “Wow! she has the same sweater as Stepanie – No – that is Stephanie and she definitely has the sniffles.” Glad you’re feeling better – thanks for sharing your bits of wisdom & humor with us.

  89. Lisa Daehlin was thrilled to see Ann Shayne of Mason*Dixon in her hat! If you visit me, you’ll see LD herself in the hat as she explains her wire knit Condom Amulet bracelet to another Ravelry member. That cold did not slow you down, Stephanie. The crowd seemed delighted with your riff.

  90. But really… is there any wool that is not wicked nice? I mean, is there wicked mean wool? Wool with big pointy teeth and nasty splits? Wool that scratches you with little brambly nails on purpose? Mmmm…no. I’d say most wool really is wicked nice wool…

  91. Ooooo, Steph thoes sheep are not being shorn, they are being trimmed for show. Some may call it blocking. Shearing is still done with the beast held on the floor. I’ll teach you sometime if you ever want to learn how.

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