What The Blog wants

Usually when I sit down to write this, I know that no matter what I write, some element of the amorphous mass that I think of as “The Blog” will be disappointed with my performance, knit wise. (Did you know that’s how we think of you all? If I have a knitting dilemma I’ll say to Joe “Do you think this fits right?” and Joe will reply “I don’t know…What does The Blog think? Does The Blog like it?” and I’ll maybe reply “I haven’t asked The Blog yet. I’ll talk to The Blog about it in the morning.” That’s you. The Blog.) If I knit the mittens, part of The Blog will say “hey! What happened to the Sunrise Circle Jacket?” or if I knit on the Jacket then the other side of The Blog says “Show me more of those ribbed socks” and if I knit the ribbed socks some faction will surely ask me where my Tuesday spinning is. Today though, I have something for everyone.

1. I have attended to the Sunrise Circle Jacket until I ..er….ran out of clean yarn again.


Apparently, I cannot be taught.

2. I finished a mitten


(NHM #7 from Selbuvotter)


and started the next one.

3. I worked on the Rotating Rib sock.


Pattern mine, yarn is STR lightweight in “downpour”

4. I did indeed spin on Tuesday.


Rachel H., Denny and Laura came over for a drink wine/eat soup/ spin evening on Saturday, and I started spinning this beautiful roving called “copper penny” I got from Steam Valley Fiber Farm at Rhinebeck. (All purchases will be revealed in the fullness of time.)


So smitten was I with this roving, that I didn’t ask what its content was. I would suspect mohair/wool, but whatever it is, it has a wee bit of glitzy stuff thrown in that is going to make it the best present ever for someone on my list. (I am not so much with the sparkles, but I know someone who will LOVE it.)


I finished spinning and plying this Tuesday and now I have three skeins (which should be enough for a Christmas scarf) all good to go.


5. I continued to participate in the Furnace Wars. I’d like to thank global climate change, factories and SUVs everywhere for making it possible for Ian and I to compete into November for the first time in McPhee history. We aren’t even really suffering, and that’s stunning. (Todays temperature is a little colder, but still it’s a balmy 12 degrees (56 Fahrenheit) and that’s not very hard to take.)

6. I did not work on the Gansey, but that’s only because Joe still has an office set up where I would put the drumcarder. I have clean wool ready to go….so It’s not my fault this time.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got dinner for 16 (just the immediate family) to pull together.

It’s my darling Joe’s birthday, and I’ve got to figure out if I even own 16 plates.