One for the geeks

I have just suggested to Karen, the very nice tech goddess at Liquidweb who is trying to figure out why the server has spontaneously decided that today is not a day that I am allowed to have email, that she make something for me.

I would like a wee virtual button for my desktop that says SMACK MY SERVER.

It doesn’t even have to have a script attached to it that actually does anything to the server….it would just be like the buttons at crosswalks. We all know they don’t do anything except for give you something to push while you wait for the light to change anyway. I could call tech support, they could work on the problem and I could sit here and push the button (perhaps it could make a nice firm “thwack” noise) and I would feel like I was doing SOMETHING VENGEANCE BASED AND HOSTILE TO MY *&^%%$!!!!&&ING SERVER instead of just sitting here waiting for it to release me from its digital hades.

Never mind. Look at wool.


Wool never break down. Wool never need upgrade. Wool have no port settings. Wool have no hostname or DNS.

Wool Good.