Little Things

I’ve got a little parade of finished things. I know that two things doesn’t really seem like a parade, but I’ve finished things that come in pairs, and considering how hard it is to beat SSS (Second Sock Syndrome) or SMS (Second Mitten Syndrome) I feel like I should be celebrating four finished things. (Also, these are Christmas things and considering that there are 42 Knitting Days until Christmas left -that’s if you count today and not Christmas Day, I feel especially pleased.)

First up, the mittens from Selbuvotter are done.


These are the romantically named “NHM #7” mittens, knit from Shelridge Farms hand-dyed sock yarn (the pink/red) and Sisu in white. It’s a fantastic pattern, and has only whet my whistle for more mittens. I love mittens. Way faster than socks.


Speaking of socks, these are Rotating Rib socks, finished.


These were knit from my standard issue sock pattern, but I subbed in a short row heel instead of my usual flap heel because the recipient likes tall socks, and short row heels take less yarn than flap heels. Using less yarn in the heel lets me make the leg a little longer.


I made the ribbing “rotate” by doing regular 2×2 ribbing, then moving the ribbing over one stitch every 6 rounds. Works like a charm, and is sort of cool looking without being difficult at all. (Except for the part where you have to wake up every 6 rounds and shift the thing. Turns out that counting to six is harder than it sounds.)


When I got to the foot, I put 1/2 of the stitches on one needle for the top of the foot, and the other half on two needles. I kept the rotating rib working all the way down the top of the foot, and changed the bottom to plain stockinette. Love them. The yarn is STR lightweight in “Downpour”. A big success.

I love these socks. I may knit them another few times before it’s out of my system entirely. Not today though, because today is Tuesday, and I’ve got a date with my spinning wheel. I’m aiming to finish up the carded wool I have for Joe’s gansey, and then make an assessment about how close I am to done. (I have a feeling it won’t be good news. This project is never-freakin-ending. If it is ever done I shall likely collapse in a fit of shock and emptiness.)

PS. Sorry about mentioning the 42 Knitting Days until Christmas thing, but it’s sneaking up on us and someone had to say it. I won’t mention Hanukkah. (Hint: it’s way sooner.)