I’m a homebody, and the busier I get, the more I like to just stay in my house. When I’m writing (which is what I’m doing all the time anyway) I am even more intrigued with the idea of staying home, and if I’m on a deadline (which I am all the time now) the closer I get to the deadline the harder it is to convince me that the outside world is a compelling place to be. If I’m feeling swamped (which I am all the time now) I want my home, my knitting, my laptop and my time, and it has got to be something really compelling to get me to leave. Last night I got two offers I couldn’t refuse.

Jen brought her new baby to Knitnight. This darling little sweetpea completes the triumvirate of babies who will now rule Knitnight with their superpowers of cuteness.


Jen knows what she’s doing too..since she dressed little lady Fenner in a Debbie Bliss knitted bear suit, and this combination of baby and bearsuit was such an incredible superpower that it was like kryptonite to me and all I could do, me… who is never, ever at a loss for words and even makes my living bandying them about…all I could do was snuggle the wee darling and exclaim “Oh Jen! She’s dressed like widdle BEAR!” I am always helpless in the grip people who weigh less than 10 pounds, but this was embarrassing.


I had to tear myself away from the dominion of the wee ones, to go meet Joe and continue my mission to confuse as many celebrities as possible by asking them to publicly hold a sock without properly explaining why.

(Explaining ruins at least part of the fun. If they ask “But…why?” too many times I just think it spoils it.)

Over at Hugh’s Room, another Triumvirate had congregated, and since Joe produced their first record, we were on the door. (That album is out of stock there…and everywhere really. It’s that good. You can listen to clips of the tracks here. My favourite is “Precious love” (despite the rather twee name) and I highly recommend this album too. (For Joe’s fans, he also produced an album of Lester’s – listen to clips here. I think that “Broken Heart” is my favourite there, because the production convinced me Joe is a genius, and that’s a good feeling to get now and again when you’re doing a lot of a man’s laundry.)


The sock and I give you Madagascar Slim, Bill Bourne (who appears to be aging in reverse) and Lester Quitzau, who together are the Juno Award winning trio Tri-Continental. I think they did fine holding the sock. (Lester is wearing a merino hat made by his wife, May Moore, so I think he might have had an advantage. Their album together -which, at the risk of appearing overly smitten, I also recommend, has yarn on the cover. Good sign.) They appear mildly confused, muddled and pleased, which I think speaks well of them. (You know my theory. You can tell a lot about a person by how they react to a handknit sock in progress.)

To round out my evening, I got a piece of very good chocolate cake, on account of it was Linda’s birthday.


Linda reads the blog, and it was her day, so she’s holding the sock. (There are rules for this.)

The astute among you will not that they are not holding the travelling sock (due to a tactical error on my part, the travelling sock was in my other knitting bag) but my current sock in progress.


(Feather and Fan sock from Socks,socks,socks, knit in the yarn you were all guessing the other day, which is STR Rocktober) Loving it.

Today, I’m back in the house, and considering that yesterday was about as tempting as you can make a day….babies, good live music and cake…

I think I’m staying in.

PS. I agreed to do a podcast thingie for YarnCraft, and to make it a little more interesting they’ve come up with the idea of you all asking questions that I’ll answer. Details are here…but be warned. I’m ignoring anybody who asks about a gansey.