When I got up this morning, it was snowing. I like snow. I dislike winter quite sincerely, mostly because I hate to be cold, but the way I see it, if it’s got to be cold, it might as well be pretty, and snow is pretty.


It didn’t stick, this first little snow, but it was around long enough to pose with the two finished parts of the Sunrise Circle Jacket. I came back to knitting this last night when I heard the forecast for snow, because as I mentioned, I hate to be cold and you can kid yourself all you want about the impending winter…but once there’s snow, you know it’s inevitable.


I only have the back left to do on this sweater, and I am loving it fiercely. If it doesn’t fit, I think I shall be bitterly disappointed. I’d love to know what dastardly magic lurks in sweaters that lets you knit a swatch, wash a swatch, measure yourself, knit the pieces, measure the pieces, triumphantly note that you are getting both row and stitch gauge, finish knitting the pieces, measure yourself, note that you are still the size you are knitting, block the pieces, compare them to the schematic, dance with glee because all is well, sew up the pieces, put the buttons on and then…….

have it not fit.

It should be that doing that many careful and accurate things guarantees success, but it doesn’t. I’ve done everything right, and my experience tells me that my odds are no better than if I had just knocked off without so much as a single nod in the direction of gauge. It’s like a random joke the iniquitous knitting muses like to play on us, and after many years as a knitter, one that I know is occasionally inevitable. I’d still like to understand it though, because I really love this sweater, and it to look great on me. I’d like to think I was engaging in something a little more predictable than a yarn based roll of the dice, but I know I’m not. I want this sweater to fit, I’ve done everything I can to make sure it fits, and I still have to face up to that possibility that my straw will be drawn and it’s going to fit as well as that Ramones shirt I’ve had since I was 16. (Which is to say, not at all well….but who gives up on fitting into a Ramones shirt?)

Luckily, the yarn was cheap, and the knitting is fast, and I think that increases my chances. The muses are buddies with Murphy, and the more time and money you spent, the more you attract their decidedly cruel sense of humour. Maybe if I knit faster…they won’t see me go by?