It is a good day

The weather sucks today, I have a ton of work to do, the house is trashed, I’m behind on the laundry, the kitchen floor is so bad that I think the cat is in danger of getting stuck down to it, and poppets…I’m in a great mood.

I finished rebuilding the Database!

That’s right, thousands and thousands of emails later, yours truly has the Knitters Without Borders database back up and running (and backed up. You have no idea how many ways this is backed up. Never. Again.) and the KWB inbox on my desktop, the one that has been glaring at me and refusing to empty no matter how many names I entered….that one? It’s EMPTY. This is such a relief to me that I sort of want to take the rest of the day off, or lie on the kitchen floor drinking scotch or something like that. According to the grand and funky spreadsheet of all knowing…Knitters have given

$434 439.41

to the good guys at Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors Without Borders, who have used it to save lives and change the world. I’m so proud of all you knitters that I could just about bust. That’s yarn money up there, and there’s just nothing more touching that watching knitters give up yarn money. It’s spectacular.

Wanna Celebrate? I thought so. Let’s have a round of Karmic balancing gifts…shall we? Using a random number generator and the database list, I’ve let the fates choose some knitters. (If you think you see your name and you’re wondering if you’re the knitter I’m talking about? Never fear. I’ve emailed the lucky ones. Go check your inbox)

How about a Rockin’ Sock Club membership from Blue Moon Fiber Arts? Harriet O, it’s yours!

Barb has donated two things, a 1200 yard skein of Black Shetland Laceweight that now belongs to Margaret H.


and a 400 yd skein of 10% silk/50% alpaca/30% mohair/10% merino sock yarn in dark steel grey,


that destiny has decided should live with Sivia H.

Aubrey at Goodies Unlimited, has very generously offered FIVE $25 gift certificates, and those are going to Monika M, Cheryl C, Laura F, Lynne B. and MamaCate. (Aubrey also donates a portion of her profits, and I myself am a seriously big fan of her everything balm.)

Beth at Lorna’s Laces has offered one of their “little cans of paint” .


There’s two skeins of yarn and a pattern in there (but maybe not that colour), and it’s going to live with Linda S.

Caroline would like to give this away (although I cannot imagine why. She must be a very good person.)


6 50g/163yd hanks of Art Yarns 100% handpainted silk in a beautiful orange colour with one matching

multi hank. , and Caroline and I hope that Holly M. likes it.

Cadi makes beautiful salves,


and will be sending one to Colleen C.

Sharon has four skeins of Misti Alpaca lace,


and two each are going to live with Constantina M. and Lois M.

Susan M, a woman possessing a kind and generous heart, has donated 13oz of moorit lamb and silk roving (she says it’s mostly brown, with some reds and purples) from Autumn House Farm, that’s going to Anji (who I really hope has some spinning aspirations.)

Merry Karma will be sending a pair of Lantern moon needles to Sbacon. (I know that’s a weird name, but I only had an email address to work from on that one…)

and last, but not least for today, Lisa at White Birch Fiber Arts has beautiful sock yarn to give. She’s a one-woman dyeing operation, and each skein is aprox. four ounces, about 440 yards of 100% machine washable wool.


This skein of “Confetti” is for Cathy B.


“In the weeds” is for Sarah B.


“Sea beast” is for Michelle S.


“Wild Woman” is going to live with Jane B.

Whew! There’s more, much more, coming tomorrow and in the days to come, and all of this is just from the last round. I’m spending a little time thinking about what our new goal should be. What do you think?