At the speed of mud

I’m posting late because I had this big idea that if I did, then I would have the Sunrise Circle Jacket finished.


I’m unclear about what I thought was going to change between when I looked at it this morning and when I looked at it now, considering that I haven’t had time to knit on it. Maybe it’s just that I’m so close to done (12 little rows and a few seams) that I thought it might just take that leap itself… who knows. In any event those 12 rows apparently aren’t going to knit themselves.

In an attempt not to be perfectly boring….I give you the following non-boring things.

1. Anny has this grand idea. Go. Read. Love.

2. Remember Jeremy? He had trouble with the sock at his last attempt, but clearly the knitter within him is speaking more clearly, since at his show opening on Saturday night he was a lot less dorky with the sock action.


See? Much better.

3. I’m almost done with the Knitters without Borders total. See it creeping up in the sidebar? I’ve still got about 280 emails to acknowledge, but I’m getting there. A few more days at most (Maybe Monday?) and I’ll start giving out the latest round of Karmic balancing gifts.

4.I finished one sock.


It’s not much, but it’s all I’ve got for you. 12 rows and a date with a darning needle await me.

75 thoughts on “At the speed of mud

  1. WOW!! I dont believe it i actually made the top 5!! At anyrate love the Sunrise Circle Jacket, cant wait to see it finished. Sharp Pointy objects to “sharpen focus” OUCH, LOL. Gotta show that to my hubby, he better be afraid…very afraid, ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. You know we’re all holding our breaths until the jacket is on and fits you….if it doesn’t I’m sure there will be a long line of people wanting it!! lol

  3. The Knitters Without Borders total is at more than $395,000?! Yowza!
    You know, it occurs to me that it might be really, really, really cool if we could get to half a million by January 1st. You know, just because….

  4. Sometimes I want things to knit themselves, but then I remember that if that happened I wouldn’t get to do any of the fun things.
    (Though more things would get done.)

  5. And if we did try to get to half a million, I’d come visit and help enter donations in your spreadsheet, or whatever. Or even do it here at home, if suitably fortified with chocolate, if it’s possible.

  6. Did you know .. and apologies if you did .. that your photos don’t seem to show up in Bloglines these days …

  7. Hooray! You’re almost done with your jacket – and so am I (ok, I’m not, but I *feel* almost done). I’ve hit the bogged-down part where I’m furiously adding on for the front while whittling down the sleeves. It’s like the last third of a lace shawl.
    Regardless, the goal is to have something nice for the Thanksgiving weekend. Hooray for us!

  8. I’m seaming up the sunrise circle right now too. I’m hoping to wear mine for Thanksgiving dinner. But your’s looks like it’s much much nicer. It’s really fun to seam up the sides and see it start to come together. Enjoy!

  9. Would it be totally dumbass to ask how you managed to finish a sock with the end of the Sunrise Circle so near?
    …yeah, probably.

  10. that’s some nice lookin’ total over there on the side. I have some prizes for you – I hope you still have the pictures, if not, let me know. This week if possible – I’ll be away next week.

  11. Wow! The Sunrise Circle is nearly complete! Way to go. And the donations are amazing! I’ll be checking tomorrow to see the finished jacket, so get knitting! samm

  12. I love Anny’s idea. It is great. And it may help me since TWO MORE OF THESE LITTLE TEACHERS ARE PREGNANT over here and I am about out of patience with baby blankets and hats. I need something slightly more challenging (and maybe a little quicker to do than a blanket)
    Go forth and knit, Harlotta. Nothing says you can’t do a late night ps with that sweater finished today…….

  13. Aren’t knitters the best!! Lets hope our donations make a big difference in the services these dedicated Dr.s can provide.
    That baby pattern is adorable and since I am an aging hippie child of the 60’s I can’t wait to make one for a new grandchild. Maybe what comes around goes around. LOL

  14. short-row sock? cool!! im experimenting with learning that now, and although im grateful i learned how to do the heel-flap, i think ill probably switch to short rows, just because i like how they look (when finally learned properly).

  15. Anny’s baby jumper and hat convinced me! So cute and relevant. Maybe we can persuade her to design something along environmental / stop global warming lines as well?!
    Oh – and lovely sock ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Such a pretty sock!
    The jacket will be finished tomorrow, if you have any time to yourself at all. It will be lovely, and it will fit perfectly.
    TSF total becoming *very* impressive.

  17. That’s it. You’ve inspired me to take up the Manos that’s been languishing in my stash, restart the sweater I frogged because I’d forgotten where in the pattern I was, and see how much I can knit on it over Thanksgiving weekend. That, and an Unoriginal Hat for my daughter!

  18. 12 rows – go go go! Whenever you get the chance, that is. And remember, l’audace, toujours l’audace; make it fit by sheer force of will! (No, I have no idea where I’m getting this gung-ho attitude from. I don’t particularly care about the bad grammar in that last sentence, either. [g]) Lovely sock; the total is astounding, let’s do it again! hopefully with help for you like Lynn at 3:27 is offering, so you don’t go completely off your rocker; I think Jeremy’s got it this time; and hurray for Anny!

  19. If you get that “knit themselves” thing figured out, please let us all know. I’m working on my very first sock, & at this point I’d rather it go knit itself! I fell in love with some gorgeous hand-painted purple yarn, never thinking that it would take US size 1 needles. I’m finally getting enough of it done to realize that it’s TOO SMALL & I need to start over again. (I swatched, honest!)
    I envy you your beautiful sock! (Looks like much bigger yarn than that tiny stuff I’m using.)

  20. Once you get all your totals in order, you will need to ask for contributions for this year!!! I already have set aside my bit for the cause.

  21. 12…11…10…
    that is just me counting down those few little rows you have left.
    Thanks for the direct to the peace sweater and hat – I will have to have the pattern even though I cannot realistically expect grandchildren for another 8 to 10 years. Then again, there are all those friends whose children are getting married and having babies.
    Or I could knit it for the heck of it. Who needs another excuse?

  22. Funny you should mention Doctor’s Without Borders. I always think of them this time of year since reading your post about an addition to the family. It’s become a real addition in my household since I’ve gone on the donate every month plan. Just can’t find a better organization to donate to with their miracle food and all those hungry mouths. Thanks for sharing them with all of us.

  23. 12 little rows! You can do it!!! *makes cheerleader motions*
    I always find that my progress slows down as I get closer and closer to done. I always blame it on weird knitting vortex action. And my general hatred of seaming. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Good luck polishing it off! =)
    PS – Aren’t we shooting for half a million by the end of 2007? I think it’s totally doable. It’s getting to be time for my next donation, and I bet I’m not the only one. Are you going to have a big push around Christmas again? Want us to wait until then to donate/let you know so you have impressive “huge number of dollars in tiny number of days” stats, or do it now so you don’t have to input zillions of us all at once? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  24. Forget the knitting! I want to see the total!!!!! I’m so excited at how high everyone got that to climb. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I sat here laughing and laughing at YOU only having one skein of STR in your stash. I actually said out loud, “Come on, *I* have three for sure.” ๐Ÿ˜‰

  25. Karmic balancing, eh? I must have pissed Somebody off…I’ve got 22 coming for Thanksgiving dinner and a massive chest cold.
    And by the way — item three makes up for everything else. I may not even mention spinning tomorrow.

  26. Okay, okay, you’ve finally worn me down with all of the photos of tweedy goodness — I’m going to go add the Sunrise Circle Jacket to my Ravelry queue!

  27. I am about to be a grandmother (for the second time). New Baby April needs a Peace Baby pullover…I just decided. Gad, I love the power of grandma.

  28. I finally made a list today of all the knitting that needs to be finished by Xmas, and I’m quickly developing knitting angina. And now you go and spring a peace-loving baby outfit pattern on me??? (((Deep breaths…)))

  29. TSF almost done! Whoo hoo – I hope my e-mail is in those last 280. Would be glad to help total but am in California. And everyone is right – it is almost time to donate for 2008. The monthly plan is cool.
    Your jacket looks great. Kate Gilbert is brilliant – almost done with the Equestrian Jacket. The Sunrise Circle jacket has been on my list since I saw (and tried on) the original at Stitches 2006. Went looking for yarn yesterday as my stash doesn’t go in for sweater quantities of yarn – but refrained. Not a good idea to spend many dollars on yarn when your head and chest are stuffed with X*B#@ that shouldn’t be there.

  30. Maybe we could get our sweaters together and your Sunrise jacket could sew down the hemmed neckband on my cardigan and my cardigan could do the seams on Sunrise.
    I’ll be very happy to finish knitting the last quarter of each top-down sleeve once I can determine where they should end.

  31. Go, Stephanie, go!!
    If, after you have finished both your jacket and your socks, you are finding yourself looking for something to knit, please avail yourself of my new sock pattern which I just posted today on my blog. It’s called “Solstice Socks.”
    Have fun!

  32. Oh, my favorite sock pattern of all time, from Socks, Socks, Socks–feather and fan. I wonder why I bother with any other pattern sometimes. By the way, I donated to Knitters Sans Frontieres a while back, how do I make sure I’m in your hat for picking the wonderful prizes?? I’
    ve never won something, but there’s always a first time!

  33. Gah, me too. I’ve had the comuter to myself all day and still haven’t come up with anything to blog about. Can’t wait to see the finished sweater.

  34. hey! anything you wanna post, i’ll accept. after crawling home from another long day of dealing with other people’s behaviourally challenged children, i look forward to sitting down and connecting with “my kinda people”. so thanks for the post and i look forward to the final product!

  35. So if it is that time of year again (and it is) do you want to shoot for 750,000?
    (And you thought 120,000 was ambitious.)
    Never underestimate The Blog!

  36. Ah, the bane of our knitterly existence! What to work on first? Whichever one calls the loudest. Good for you finishing the first sock (and did you immediately start the second, like you know you should?) But then, the sweater waits again…
    All lookin’ good!

  37. What with Christmas being only 35 days away I’m surprised you have time to turn around let alone knit. It’s getting hectic out there. Good luck finishing up. Thanks for the post, I just don’t know where you find the time.

  38. Oh, nice sock. The color…wow…just is nice…and nummy…mmm…wool…
    I can’t wait to see the sweater. ๐Ÿ˜€

  39. 280 emails means you’re almost done? Holy cow.
    I love that sock yarn. What the heck is it about sock yarn? It calls to me. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  40. Adorable baby set. I am going to buy the pattern for my “to knit” file. Love the sock. You have cute little wee feet!

  41. Looks like I have a date with a darning needle, too: my bamboo interchangeable circular needle on which are a million stitches? Yes, that one. I just yanked the bamboo part free from the plastic part that screws onto the metal part that joins to the cable part. This is the part where I have lots of empathy for people wielding darning needles. Oh, darn.

  42. Nearly $400k with 280 emails to go? We are SO hitting half a million, maybe more ๐Ÿ˜€ Forget “the power of cheese”, behold the power of knitters (and crocheters)!
    I have a date with a darning needle too – and several dates with UFOs between now and Christmas… if only my love life were that active *lol*

  43. It’s always easy to underestimate how much time finishing will take, isn’t it?
    I’m psyched about Anny’s new site!

  44. Knitters are clearly amazing. That total is freaking huge. Seriously. It’s like that nursing program at Cornell 3 times over.

  45. (tune: “a pretty girl is like a melodeeeee”)
    A finished SOCK will stay in memory
    far longer than its mate
    which isn’t quite knit
    though it wasn’t in a kit
    Cuz a finished sock shines on in the memoreeee…
    Lordy, I must be really tired from travel… night!

  46. So, I just gotta ask. . . . .You know you have only twelve rows to go how is it that you knit a sock? I’m thinking that sock yarn must have a pretty powerful siren song to lure you away from your mere twelve rows (and a little darning). Maybe by the time I post this you will have finished? Of course I am not one to talk as I’ve been working on the same sock for about 6 months.

  47. I like that speed of mud phrase. I have a friend who always says “Off like a heard of turtles”

  48. I cannot wait to see that jacket. Seeing anything knit right now that isn’t a scarf or hat being made for a holiday gift is just sheer relief.

  49. “I’m posting late because I had this big idea that if I did, then I would have the Sunrise Circle Jacket finished.”
    I thought that was just me. I’m always late or postponing things because I think I can show a finished product. There is a disconnect in my head between the amount of work that needs to be done and how fast I can do it.

  50. Sad news. I saw in the New York Times this morning that Mary Walker Phillips died. I was glad to see, though, that she got as big a write-up (with photo) as Victor Rabinowitz. Well earned, I’d say. Rest in peace Mary.

  51. Love that sock. I’m on my second pair of toe up socks on dpns. I love making them, in spite of the fact that when I do the toes and heels I have to put on this dorky magnifying contraption on my head which looks like goggles. But that’s another story.
    So I’m baffled here because I see no hole. No hole where the instep lies, between the heel and the leg part. I looked really really hard at your sock AND I DON’T SEE A HOLE. I’ve made cuff up socks (Sally Melville pattern) and you can barely see a hole. But, man, the toe ups give me a hole that bothers me. (Shuddup, things are bad enough without you ROFL!)
    Yes, I did pick up a stitch in between the needles and then knit two tog on the next row when I finished the heel. Yes, I did.
    Okay, so I promised myself that either I would live the rest of my life trying to solve this problem or else go back to cuff up socks. Either way, I am making socks forever. I only started making socks about a year and a half ago and now I can’t live without the handknit socks.

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