It is a good day

The weather sucks today, I have a ton of work to do, the house is trashed, I’m behind on the laundry, the kitchen floor is so bad that I think the cat is in danger of getting stuck down to it, and poppets…I’m in a great mood.

I finished rebuilding the Database!

That’s right, thousands and thousands of emails later, yours truly has the Knitters Without Borders database back up and running (and backed up. You have no idea how many ways this is backed up. Never. Again.) and the KWB inbox on my desktop, the one that has been glaring at me and refusing to empty no matter how many names I entered….that one? It’s EMPTY. This is such a relief to me that I sort of want to take the rest of the day off, or lie on the kitchen floor drinking scotch or something like that. According to the grand and funky spreadsheet of all knowing…Knitters have given

$434 439.41

to the good guys at Mรฉdecins Sans Frontiรจres / Doctors Without Borders, who have used it to save lives and change the world. I’m so proud of all you knitters that I could just about bust. That’s yarn money up there, and there’s just nothing more touching that watching knitters give up yarn money. It’s spectacular.

Wanna Celebrate? I thought so. Let’s have a round of Karmic balancing gifts…shall we? Using a random number generator and the database list, I’ve let the fates choose some knitters. (If you think you see your name and you’re wondering if you’re the knitter I’m talking about? Never fear. I’ve emailed the lucky ones. Go check your inbox)

How about a Rockin’ Sock Club membership from Blue Moon Fiber Arts? Harriet O, it’s yours!

Barb has donated two things, a 1200 yard skein of Black Shetland Laceweight that now belongs to Margaret H.


and a 400 yd skein of 10% silk/50% alpaca/30% mohair/10% merino sock yarn in dark steel grey,


that destiny has decided should live with Sivia H.

Aubrey at Goodies Unlimited, has very generously offered FIVE $25 gift certificates, and those are going to Monika M, Cheryl C, Laura F, Lynne B. and MamaCate. (Aubrey also donates a portion of her profits, and I myself am a seriously big fan of her everything balm.)

Beth at Lorna’s Laces has offered one of their “little cans of paint” .


There’s two skeins of yarn and a pattern in there (but maybe not that colour), and it’s going to live with Linda S.

Caroline would like to give this away (although I cannot imagine why. She must be a very good person.)


6 50g/163yd hanks of Art Yarns 100% handpainted silk in a beautiful orange colour with one matching

multi hank. , and Caroline and I hope that Holly M. likes it.

Cadi makes beautiful salves,


and will be sending one to Colleen C.

Sharon has four skeins of Misti Alpaca lace,


and two each are going to live with Constantina M. and Lois M.

Susan M, a woman possessing a kind and generous heart, has donated 13oz of moorit lamb and silk roving (she says it’s mostly brown, with some reds and purples) from Autumn House Farm, that’s going to Anji (who I really hope has some spinning aspirations.)

Merry Karma will be sending a pair of Lantern moon needles to Sbacon. (I know that’s a weird name, but I only had an email address to work from on that one…)

and last, but not least for today, Lisa at White Birch Fiber Arts has beautiful sock yarn to give. She’s a one-woman dyeing operation, and each skein is aprox. four ounces, about 440 yards of 100% machine washable wool.


This skein of “Confetti” is for Cathy B.


“In the weeds” is for Sarah B.


“Sea beast” is for Michelle S.


“Wild Woman” is going to live with Jane B.

Whew! There’s more, much more, coming tomorrow and in the days to come, and all of this is just from the last round. I’m spending a little time thinking about what our new goal should be. What do you think?

225 thoughts on “It is a good day

  1. New goal! How about 750K. It’s quite a bit more but there is a new year coming up and new opportunities to give.
    All of those prizes are so gorgeous, I just wanted to pet them all through my computer monitor.

  2. What an achievement! So many emails and so little time. And the accumulation of yarn money going to something that makes such a difference. Everyone I show the total to has been impressed. We all do good in our everyday lives but you have focused the knitters of the world. Thanks

  3. WOOOOOHOOOOO!!! Unbelievable – hooray for everyone! Thanks for all your hard work, Stephanie. You definitely deserve the day off, or Scotch, or both, or whatever. Congratulations. What a *beautiful* total!
    Ok, let’s do it again! (Only, you know. With you having a little rest first. [g])

  4. I don’t think we should settle for less than $1 million. Gotta get my donation in ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Well, obviously our goal should be to gunk up your KWB inbox again. Say,matching the current number or so for a cool million? (I particularly love how conflicted this must make the MSW fundraisers — “Zut! What is it she knows we do not?”

  6. Congratulations to you and all the generous donors! MSF must be in awe of knitterly generosity. That is one amazing total in the sidebar.
    Enjoy your time off, but please don’t lie on the kitchen floor with your scotch. Unless there’s someone home who can peel you off when you need to get up later…

  7. One Million is a nice round number. I didn’t think of it in terms of yarn money, but that is amazing, no?

  8. I’m all for a cool $1 million too. That was, what, a year of diverted yarn monies. (Or was it 2 years with the database debacle?) Doesn’t matter either way. You’ve inspired us all to think beyond ourselves and our stash. Congratulations.

  9. Honestly? I don’t think you/we need a goal anymore. With you to keep guiding us, I think the total will just keep climbing and climbing…..far past any and every goal that you’d ever set. So I say just keep the urging and cheering going (And the loot. We fiber-y folks just love us some loot.) and we’ll keep up the donating. And All Will Be Well.
    And you can spend your time doing things that are much more pleasant. Like backing up the backups. Washing the kitchen floor. Searching online for faux fur to cover up the cat’s bald patches from it’s sticky-floor-caused wounds………

  10. Wow! Seeing that number and comparing it to yarn really says something. So much we can do, a bit at a time, that together is so huge…All I can think is that you now have an empty folder, but we need to start filling it up again! I can’t suggest a number to shoot for but will help with whatever you decide!

  11. Ya know, I was just about to email you and ask if you were going to challenge us again this year – I got a little bonus and wanted to send part of it off to a worthy cause…

  12. Kinda makes me want to add more donations to fill up your inbox again. (I asked for donations for Christmas so there should be some coming.)
    Let’s aim for a million this year.

  13. PS – This year, see if you can’t get someone (Ken The Blog God comes to mind) to build you a little automated doohickey that allows us to enter names, emails and donations ourselves, to upload into your backed-backed-backed-up database…

  14. Whatever the number, is it worth trying to find a corporate partner who might match all or part of what the knitters give?

  15. PS I totally think you should drink scotch on the kitchen floor. It would be vicarious public service for everyone else who wants to do that but can’t because they are trapped in regular life ๐Ÿ˜‰

  16. $434,439.41 is a FANTASTIC amount of money! Yay for us!
    So, yeah, let’s go for a million. That’s a nice round number. I bet I have a million yards of yarn in my stash (especially if you count the unspun fiber, and no, I’m not kidding), so a million bucks isn’t that much…right?

  17. OOOOOH–I like the $1 million goal AND the corporate matching thing. With you as our fearless fundraising challenger/leader, *anything* is possible!!
    Cheers, Barbie O.

  18. I think a million is a leeeedle bit too much. How about almost double (which would be AMAZING) AT $750,000. Seems more reasonable, eh? Stop looking at me like that!
    What about having the big yarn companies match us (Lion Brand, Bernat, Patons, Brown Sheep, Classic Elite, etc.)? Not exactly sure how that would work, but we could purchase something and/or make a donation through the corporate entity that they in turn equal in value. Hmmmmm.

  19. That is a lot of yarn money – clearly knitters are a darn powerful group.
    How about an attempt to match it in 2008? Crazy wild – but we’re nuts with things like this.

  20. I agree with comment(s) above, we shouldn’t stop until we hit $1 million! We’re nearly halfway there already. Let’s see what the knitters of the world can do for the rest of the world in 2008!

  21. Do you have a sub-total for each year? The new goal can start next year to see if it can be topped from the previous. Gotta as for donations for Christmas…

  22. I think we should go for a really big goal- one that won’t be reached simply by folks donating at a “normal” pace. I think that we should have to do things like auction off prizes/knitted items in an organized way (not necessarily organized by you) to reach this new goal.

  23. Gee, I was going to be wimpy and say only $750,000 but the calls for an even MIL have me inspired (also I may have a million yards, too!)–let’s do it! HOw about 1 MIL by Valentine’s Day? ?Spring/Fall Equinox (i.e., mid-March-ish depending on your hemisphere)? ?April Fool’s Day – or is that only a USA silly-day?
    and – yes – webpage/webform for us to enter our own info **automatically** into your database. It is, after all, the 21st century. and if Ken doesn’t have time, I bet there’s someone who reads your blog who would do it for fun.

  24. (Almost) Half a Million Dollars? Wow. Just WOW. I’m stunned. Wow.
    However, I wouldn’t lay on the kitchen floor – it may act like a giant sheet of fly paper. Yikes! :)K

  25. WOW!!!!!
    That’s all I can say.
    Well, okay, I have a big mouth, so that’s not all I can say. I can also say that lying on the kitchen floor and drinking scotch is fine. Just so long as you don’t lie on the bathroom floor. And take a picture of it. With a sock on top. Ahem.
    I think a million is a good round goal. Might as well reach for the stars, right?
    Oh, and Ms. Harlot? You rock! Thanks for doing this–every time I get mail from MSF/DWB I am amazed at how much they can do with very little. If we hit a million, we knitters will have made (heck, we already have made thanks to your encouragement) a very real difference in the world.

  26. I’m not surprised how generous my fellow fiber addicts are to other human beings.
    I think that my prize should be you coming to talk to a whole gaggle of knitters in I-O-W-A (Quad Cities, failing that Des Moines). Just sayin’…

  27. Oh very well done indeed! And as for future goals, let’s not forget that when you take the nightmare of computer crash and database reconstruction out of the picture, this number was actually reached within, what – A WEEK OR TWO of the original appeal? I don’t remember exactly how long it took but it was ridiculously quick. I think now we could do a million without even breathing hard. (And I’m definitely on-board for another karmic-loot contribution if we do….)

  28. How about something different?
    There are over 90 THOUSAND people waiting for kidney transplants. Not even 18 thousand transplants have been done this year, to date. I’d like to propose that people print out the FREE Donor Info cards available on the Net. Signing a card for yourself gets you one random entry. Print and hand out more to friends and family gets you more entries. Sure, this isn’t money, but offering up your organs after you’ve finally exhausted your yarn stash (isn’t that when you die?) is a gift.
    Best of all – give a gift that requires no Gift Receipt, and is never, ever returned.

  29. Has to be a million.
    Oh, and if the kitchen floor is as sticky as you say, you might want to have a lot of scotch. Then you won’t mind if you’re stuck there. Otherwise, maybe find somewhere else for a lie down.
    But I don’t think I believe that the floor is that sticky. So, never mind.

  30. I say we don’t settle for less than a Cool Million. I know I can (blessedly) donate at least the same amount as before, and I’m sure many others can as well. Let’s Go For IT!

  31. Uh, Steph? If the kitchen floor is so bad that the cat might get stuck to it, you shouldn’t lie on it to drink Scotch. Drink the Scotch while sitting on the living room sofa, as Nature intended.

  32. Just proves what we’ve all known all along – knitters are awesome people!
    Just remember, last year you thought $240,000 was an outrageous goal, and look what the world’s knitters did. We ought to be able to hit a million without even breathing hard. I say let’s go for it!

  33. Oh– and congratulations on finding the proper toilet seat, and I hope Joe’s luck has turned better. I was away for a few days.

  34. On your beautiful poncho pattern – it calls for mission 1824 yarn and 9mm needles? the needles are so much larger than the size usually used with worsted weight yarn. Is this on purpose?

  35. WHOO HOOO! What an amazing total! I say $1 million for the new goal. I have a baby inside me who is kicking like crazy as I type this. I just know she’s saying she wants to enter a world where she can know that people are still capapable of extraordinary goodness. the KWB donations blew right past everyone’s expectations in this last year. I don’t see why we can’t do it again. Go Knitters!

  36. That’s great that you rebuilt the database and the total amount donated is wonderful! I heard you tell this story when you spoke at Bailey’s Crossroads and I was impressed with you and my fellow knitters.

  37. Little pinkie up to the side of your mouth………………..
    O N E
    M I L L I O N
    D O L L A R S

  38. Way to plow through those donation emails Steph!!! Hurray for that breathtaking total!!!!! I think ONE MILLION is certainly within the realm of possibility here. Come on knitters – let’s DO THIS!!!!!

  39. What a tremendous amount of money for Drs. Without Borders!
    Isn’t it heartening to find out what a small group of committed humans can do? (to paraphrase Margaret Mead) Actions like this give me hope—we can take care of each other! And I applaud you for starting this and hanging in there to fix the databae!(sound of hands clapping)
    I’m with everyone who wants too shoot for a million—lets show everyone the generosity of knitters!

  40. I think 1/2 a million by the end of December would be a worthy short term goal. Think of all the money we waste on useless presents for people who don’t need anything. I’m on my way to the site now! Thanks for the inspiration.

  41. Woo hoo! We’re bad!
    How about a goal of 650K? Then we can surpass it as we did with the last goal.

  42. Congrats to the winners! I think $500k by the end of December and another $500k for a nice round mil by the end of 2008 sounds good. I’ll help.

  43. hey don’t forget, I have 5 skeins of Katia Ingenua Mohair (78%mohair/9% wool/13%nylon–50gm balls/140M~150 yards) that need to go to someone!
    (that 750 Yards!)
    I’ll post a photo on blog today… (or mail to you, so you can post)
    and the Tsock Tsarina promised to donate a sock kit, (i forget which one…)

  44. $1,000,000. We can do it. Who thought we could do a quarter of a million, and look what we achieved! Sending money to Drs without Borders feels a little like giving a fuzzy sweater or a warm hat or a baby blanket–it’s the closest we can come to giving the love that goes into a knitted garment without actually knitting. Now, I have nothing against actually knitting–in fact, it is as if I get twice the benefits! Thanks for the opportunity.

  45. Can’t settle for less than one million.
    I spread out my donation over the entire year – it’s so easy to do on the Doctors Without Borders website.
    They need to put a few knitters in charge of the world – we can solve anything!

  46. Used my blog address ths time. I havent had the chance to donate as my hubby and I have fallen on extremely hard financial times(i know thats no excuse) but…I plan to promo an item (or more) on my site and donate a portion of my profits from the sales to KWB as often as is possible. KWB/DWB are both very good programs and I want to give what I can when I can. That said I also have donations set up for VFW Charities and Breast Cancer/Cancer Society through purchases of sspecific items.

  47. Wow! As the number edged up, I was sure that it was going over $400K, but I didn’t quite expect it to go over $425K. Silly me – I should know better than to underestimate my friends! We definitely need to shoot for $1M. Piece of cake.

  48. That is beyond awesome. All of it… the $$ donated, the fixing (and backing up) of the db, the prezzies… all of it… beyond awesome.
    I second the $500K mark by year end and $1,000,000 for a long term goal… by… well… how long did it take to raise this amount again?

  49. yeeeee haw! how awesome is that! ๐Ÿ™‚
    i originally thought immediately “$750K” which is kinda not-quite doubled…
    but i like the other ideas. let’s make it $500k by the end of 2007, and another $500k for 2008. how awesome would that be?!@?

  50. I’m in for $1,000,000 as the goal. Look at all those lovely zeros…anything less would seem so attainable. Aim high!

  51. Go for the cool million! Last year you said:
    “I would like to stun the world with the power of knitters. I’d like them to see what I already know about you. I’d like you to achieve something incredible and legendary. I’d like to you aim high and make other people inspired.
    I would like knitters to double the number in the sidebar. ( Currently about $120 000)”
    And look how we blew that out of the water!
    Never underestimate the power of The Blog!
    ps.Big Hairy Man and I have already earmarked our present money for donation (we really don’t need any more stuff) and I’d happily put up and post out a box of goodies from New Zealand for the draw. Merino, anyone?

  52. Sure, I’ll donate again. Those were fabulous prizes!!! Regardless of the possibility of a prize, it’s a good cause. Besides, I should spread around my yarn $$. I’ve got enough yarn for three lifetimes!! You go, Stephanie. You can die a proud woman even if you sit and suck your thumb for the rest of your life. You have organized nearly .5million $$ to a fabulous cause!

  53. I say One Million CANADIAN (since it is worth more than U.S. these days)! Not that we really need a goal. I do think some friendly challenges and competitions might build the bank tho. I’m relatively new to the blogosphere, so don’t know what you might have done in the past… but it is certainly working! As soon as I get my bonus, I know where part of it is headed. Blessings on knitters everywhere!

  54. We could totally do 500k by the end of december.
    And another 500K next year. 1 million by Dec. 08!! Somebody make us a button!!

  55. Don’t knitters just rock?
    I think a cool mill would be a good goal.
    Personally, if I donated 1% of all the money I spent on yarn (and I think that’s a pretty meager percentage, maybe 2 or 3 would be a better goal) it would add up fast! Hmmm… something to think about for the new year. I already donate a portion of my Xmas budget as I don’t think my spoiled children should be the only ones to benefit from the Xmas madness.

  56. Ok, tried to get to KWB through the link in the blog post and couldn’t so I don’t know if it’s me or the link is down. I’m new to this so I could use the link. I want to donate and need to know how to go about it. I won’t say that I have “enough” yarn, but I can make do without some for a while if it’s for a good cause and this is a good cause.
    I love the blog. It gives me a laugh almost every day. And there are days when I say “yep, been there.”

  57. Excellent! As December is fast approaching it is time to make my (now) annual donation to MSF/DWB. Thanks for showing us what we can do.

  58. A cool Mil sounds doable!
    That’s impressive and congrats to all the winners!
    (um…if you are afraid the cat will stick to the kitchen floor, you’d better not lie on it drinking scotch until after you clean it! *wink*)

  59. I also like the idea of reaching $500,000 by the end of 2007, then adding another $500,000 in 2008! There’s a certain symmetry there . . .

  60. Do you notice any difference warmth/looks when using sock yarns (with nylon) vs. ones without nylon when making stranded mittens? Sock yarns are much easier for me to buy locally, but I wonder how the inability of the yarn to full would affect warmth of the mitten.
    The toilet seat was priceless–the wonders of old houses. You may start a new movement, it was such a pretty toilet seat that all these people will want a toilet like yours.

  61. You know, there is absolutely no reason why I could not give twice what I gave last year. Or what if we tithed? 10% of what we spent on yarn last year? Think of that total! Maybe even 1%! That would rock the world and wouldn’t make much difference to any of us.

  62. YAY Stephanie! and everyone for donating, that’s really awesome. Did anyone see the “Peace Baby” pattern that Anny Purls has published on her Jujube & Lolo site? She’s donating the proceeds to DWB too and it’s a SUPER CUTE pattern, so that’s another idea for incentive to donate – or those of you who are designers, you could do the same! ๐Ÿ™‚

  63. Wow you know about Everything Balm? (You should try her very yummy lip balm, she made me try it one day when I was manning her booth, I know her IRL, how cool is that!?) We should shoot for $1,000,000.00.

  64. You can’t lie on the kitchen floor drinking scotch until you wash it….unless you and the cat decide to stay there long time!
    I’m looking forward to the the next crazy challenge you set us…..who knows what we can do…..Won’t it be cool when it’s a MILLION??????

  65. Definitely go for the million. I am new to the blog & have just learned about KWB. You can count on my help.
    “Think of giving not as a duty but as a privilege.” John D. Rockefeller Jr.

  66. I totally agree – half a mil by Dec. 31, another half a mil in ’08. Though the yarn tithing is also a great idea and probably would achieve the goal at warp speed.
    I don’t spin (yet – a drop spindle and some fibre is on its way to me from Libby at Mad About Ewes – and boy, is she a gem!) but I would happily donate, say, 30 bars of handmade soap as gifts for donors. 5 or 6 bars per recipient? Just tell me where to send it, and it will be on the way after the holidays.
    Now get out there and start donating!

  67. Wow. I’m in awe. Whatever goal you set, we should make sure we don’t gunk up the inbox again, so that the system doesn’t crash.

  68. As a person who works in fundraising at a non-profit, that is an amazing amount. I’m not that surprised though since knitters are a generous lot.

  69. On behalf of my cousin, who works for Doctor’s Without Borders in Vietnam, thank you for supporting this wonderful organization!

  70. Wow, that is some serious money! What fabulous news! I think we should double it for our next goal. Come on, we can do it!

  71. For the last 20 years I have worked in Rural Development and Emergency Relief in some of the poorer areas of our planet…..for the last ten years here in Mexico and Guatemala.
    Only during the last two years have I been in contact with Doctors without Borders ( Mexico and Guatemala did not qualify before, because on paper we are too rich……go figure ), especially on a personal level this year during some of the worst disasters that have hit Central, South America and Mexico….
    I have to say that I am in absolute awe of these wonderful people who not only help those suffering from earthquakes, floods and hurricanes but also are absolutely dedicated to helping their fellow volunteers…be they doctors from Cuba or Church volunteers from the US……..
    I am equally proud to be a knitter who donated for their very noble cause before I ever came into personal contact with them.
    I gave last Christmas morning to the German organization, since I am German, but completely forgot to let you know a second time, because I was working the Peru earth quake, then the hurricanes and now the flood in Tabasco………and am especially proud to be able to give the good doctors a tiny bit of help in putting their funds to very good use.
    As always,
    In The Spirit Of Knitting….
    Mexico City

  72. One million sounds like a good number to me. I say we can do it (as long as we all block out that part about yarn money…quickly and often and totally!!)
    The Heifer program would let us donate a “knitting basket” too = two llamas and two sheep for the purpose of being used for warm garments in the same kind of areas that MSF benefits. What do you think, Steph?
    YAAAY for MSF and knitters!!!

  73. I say a million for the new year. Seriously. We really really should do it. I think we can do it at least.

  74. Well, of course a bunch of knitters can share that kind of cash. They have generous hearts and probably something already calling to them from their stash! ;^)
    Not sure about the part where you want to lie down on the kitchen floor with some scotch. Didn’t you just say you were seriously concerned about the cat melding to said floor?

  75. It is a remarkable number, and I am happy to donate again this year. Thank you so much for all your efforts! It would not have happened without you. I listened to the yarncraft podcast today and have been trying to figure out why KWF has been so successful. I agree that you picked the perfect organization, and that knitters are generous people who understand well how a little can quickly add up to a lot. But there is something else, too. Almost every day you give us all a unique gift — the opportunity to laugh and share your knitting life by way of your blog, and it is all for free. I think that one reason that people responded so generously is you–knitters could finally acknowledge your value to them, and for a good cause, too!

  76. This seems like a good time to remind you that several people did say they’d make a special donation to KWB to celebrate the gansey being finished…

  77. And I’ve got to say, I’ve gotten a lot of good out of it too…when the 5,000 charity operators start calling up this time of year, it’s great to be able to say, “I’m sorry–we give to Doctors Without Borders.” I mean, how can they argue with that!

  78. Consensus here… a cool million. And please let us know how we support the gifting too ~ email you a pic and description?

  79. Stephanie, I am going to make another donation Right Now, in honour of your rebuilding of that flippin’ database.
    ‘Nuff said.

  80. What an impressive total! I agree that knitters giving up yarn money is about as generous and act as can be imagined. And for a new goal? I’m a fundraiser for an art museum in my day job, and the trick is always to think big enough but not unrealistically big. I’d say at least $500,000. Doesn’t it sound grand to think of raising a half million of anything?!

  81. Knitters Rock! What a difference we are making! I know Aubrey from Goodies Unlimited and am also a fan of her “Everything Balm” and her soaps. In addition she is very generous with her knowledge and skills and did not hesitate to teach my daughter how to spin with a drop spindle when she accompanied me in October to our local spinning group. Then she gave her the drop spindle so she can continue to practice back in Austin!

  82. Absolutely incredible!! You are amazing to think of this! I gave 50$ American to DWB, but can’t get to KWB to tell you. Regarding the drinkie on the kitchen floor: I think you’ll find that you will be stiff and sore when you wake up–and probably cold, even with the kitty on you!

  83. I think that’s absolutely amazing. What a great number! So glad you got your database back up. I just spent the afternoon watching peoples’ videos of you speak, and talk about Knitters Without Borders. How wonderful that our total has gotten so high! WhooHooo!

  84. Rachel H. is right. I, for one, hereby pledge an additional $25, over and above what I plan on giving anyway, once the gansey is finished. How’s that for pressure?

  85. Why Rams, I would never have guessed someone as erudite as you to be a connoisseur of Barenaked Ladies songs. You are obviously a knitter of hidden talents.

  86. Haha Rachel H! I think I could join the “I’ll donate some extra when she finishes the gansey” club. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I never fail to be amazed by knitters. They are clever and funny and so generous. I think we can meet whatever goal you set! =)

  87. All hail Rachel the Brave.
    (I would’ve thought this would be safest as a long-distance suggestion from, say, someone like me. After all, not only does she know where you live, she can get there in half an hour.)

  88. Hey! Someone has the same name as me! and here I was, thinking my name was unique. I don’t suppose there’s any chance of the roving coming to me by accident?

  89. After staring at that three hundred something thousand dollars for so long, I never expected our total to reach as far as it did. Words fail me. If everyone gives even the same amount they gave last year, we could so easily reach 750k. And did I read something about corporate sponsorship? Great idea ๐Ÿ˜‰

  90. You know that scene in “Coming to America” where Semmi (Arsenio Hall) is in the Western Union office, sending a message back home to Africa for the king to wire him some money, and he asks the clerk if she thinks half a million would be enough money, and she says, “Honey, why not go for a cool million?”
    What she said.

  91. I am still holding on to my prize donation from last December. I can’t wait to send it to a generous knitter.
    For this year, I was struck by a prior poster who suggested urging everyone to register as an organ donor. We can all send yarn and a few bucks and maybe a hat or scarf to a good cause, but the organ donation idea is above and beyond. I already have registered as a donor, and told my family that in the event of my death they should harvest any useful bits. I hope lots more people do the same if they can.

  92. Let’s go for the cool mil. I will donate a prize for giveaway if you like. I will also buy you a Scotch if you promise to drink at the bar & not on the floor. You are an inspiration to us all. I was just about to make my annual MSF contribution anyway. No problem bumping it up over last year’s. They are an amazing organization. And so are we knitters – all around the world!

  93. And because I have an unbreakable habit (which I AM trying to rid myself of), my words for today are:
    Take that Willy Nelson!
    For those who weren’t around for the start of of Knitters Without Borders:
    Just after we started recording the amount we were donating to Doctors Without Borders there were a few brave souls who brought up Willie Nelson – who had donated the proceeds from his concert.
    But it was unthinkable that we could accumulate as much.
    It was $70,000 after all!
    Yeah knitters!

  94. We are so awesome! In January it will have been one year since my last donation and time to go again. I would like to donate something for the prize cache as well.

  95. One million. Totally.
    P.S. Will the pins be going back up in the cafe press shop? I’d like to purchase one for my work apron. Thanks!

  96. I vote $1,000,000. (runs away before she gets burned with her yarn)
    And I’d be willing to donated something crocheted to the prize cache.I’d just have to ship it up to ya, so you can snap pics of whatever it turns out to be and ship it out to its new parents.

  97. I didn’t think of the ## total in terms of stash, but that’s a lotta socks!! Even better, that’s a whole bunch of human beings being helped. Thanks Stephanie, for all you do. I have a little extra # from a bonus, I’ll put it in the savings acct. until you give us the go ahead for our new goal. How about $750k? You know we’ll go over it.

  98. What the hell. You found a toilet seat for the ancient beauty in your can. With them there odds coming through, why not stretch your luck and go for a cool one meellion dollarsss. Sorry, the dork in me always has to say that in an Dr. Eeevil sort of way.

  99. well – shoot for the moon, let’s double it!
    congrats to all on their fiberly prizes – this is such a great cause.. we can do it.. let’s go double or bust!

  100. I just realized today that I messed up in yesterday’s comment–the great sock explaination & pattern are in Knitting Rules (but you knew that). Anyway, the socks fit and that’s what counts!! Congrats on the total ladies! Amazing what a group of women with a goal can do : )

  101. I have to admit this whole MSF thing cracks my hard candy shell and exposes my soft marshmallowy centre. I get teary.
    Anyway I think you should go for the $750,000 mark too. Heck – I didn’t even get around to giving this last round, and there’s gotta be tons more like me, who would like a chance to give some. Plus these knitters have got to be jonesing for some ever-so-much-more-so, right? wanting to see just how far we can all go.

  102. Yay for the million! But how about setting it up with MSF so it gets tagged as KWB? Not for ourselves – we know we’re a cool and generous bunch – but think of the publicity MSF could generate with it. I can see the press release now, something about warm and fuzzy feelings I think.
    Steph, will your publishing company donate help with PR? They should be able to get something published in all the knitting and fibery publications.

  103. I am soo thrilled and proud of all of us! You know what? I have received your “thank you you donation is counted” mail last week… and went shy to thank you back. Because I was a bit afraid it would add again things to do in the kwb mailbox.
    So I thank you here. And beware: it is very soon the time for me to make my third donation.
    Thoses prizes are gorgeous. I would love to see what the happy ladies make with all those fibers and yarn. Could we create a little group gallery on flickr?
    xo from Switzerland, to you and all knitterswithoutborders.

  104. Congrats to the Harlot! Hurray! I think that you should try for a million dollars. Why not go for the gusto. Your challenge last year was to double your total, you should try to do that again. Look what last year got you. Thanks for keeping us all inspired!

  105. That is such an awesome number!
    As far as your next goal goes…I say, go for a million! And then watch us rise to the challenge!

  106. How fantastic !! I tend to agree with the $1 million dollar camp, although half a million by Christmas sounds good, too!! And your loyal fans and readers should be well thanked for all the donations and the lovely prize donations, so thanks to all of them.
    Dianne R.(formerly from FL and now relocated to “Yarn Hades”, Mississippi)

  107. First things first – let’s get ourselves over the half million mark by the end of the year. That’s doable. Totally and remarkably doable. How freakin’ cool is that?!
    And let’s all make sure we identify ourselves as Knitters Without Borders when they ask how/why we came by the site/called/mailed a donation. I agree with those who say we should have our own category now.
    The more I think about $1 million as a goal, the less it freaks me out and the more I see it as a cool challenge. It’ll take some doing, and a whole lot of planning and creativity, but why the hell not?
    One VERY IMPORTANT thing to remember when looking at a million dollar goal, or any goal really: Every Single Contribution Counts. Every penny. I don’t want to see any apologies for ‘only’ being able to donate a dollar or 5 or whatever. If one dollar is all that your budget will allow, then Thank You for sending it to help others, know that it’s a very important and wonderful gift and be Proud. Very proud. It’s a cumulative effort, right? All of us working together. One dollar at a time.

  108. Could you remind us what “we” started with when you set the most recent total (which we totally blew!) and what exactly that total was (240 something? I can’t remember).
    Then you should see how knitters exceeded the last target (based on how much there was donated since you upped the target) and double it. ๐Ÿ™‚ Or something.

  109. I think that the 1 million goal is worthy of the knitters! We shall be victorious!
    So cool to have so many digg in for a good effort!

  110. I agree – let’s go for $1million by the end of 2008 and for $500K by Dec 31. That way you can take little breaks from all your xmas knitting (-:
    I have to teach a class now, but will donate later today. We need to start filling that empty emil box you’ve now got!
    Should we do $1million Canadian now that it’s worth more than $1million US? I say yes

  111. Make the new goal $1million!
    We’re almost halfway there, and that is truly a number to make people notice knitters!!
    I’ll donate again for the new goal! I could probably double my last donation for a goal that momentous!
    Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it!!!!

  112. Great going, I think a mil is doable so I would set the new goal at 1,125,000.00. If you are going to set a goal to reach, then reach for the stars, people will suprise you. I will pledge at the very least one percent of my income for the coming year. If everyone who reads your blog did the same who knows what number we could reach.

  113. You just know that we are holding our collective breaths to discover who will receive the gift that started your overwhelmingly successful KWB donation campaign – the LATVIAN MITTS.
    Congratulations, Stephanie. A wonderful effort for a very worthy cause.

  114. Lets go for a cool Mil.
    PS- I ummm forgot to e-mail my donation-
    will do. immediately.
    PS- my middle guy donated his chocolate milk money to aids research…..made me cry- he’ll kill me if he reads the post;)
    If he can go without chocolate milk- I cn surely give up a skein of the good stuff worth of $….just sayin….

  115. when i saw the new total the first thing i thought was “I bet KWB can do a million.” and im glad to see that so many others think so too!
    Let’s do it, let’s reach for a million.
    (this might be embarassing, but, when i saw the total, i also got just ever so slighty teary-eyed to think that my humble donation helped make such a total amount. it is very inspiring)

  116. Absolutely, we can do 500K by the end of 2007! and another 500 after that…knitters’ generosity is ‘without borders’!

  117. Steph, you are amazing! You may go down in history more as a philanthropist than a knitter and that would be something.
    Is there some way you can have DWB have a check box or have something on your website, so you don’t have to go through thousands of e-mails?
    I also think cooperate sponsorship as in matching funds would be great for DWB and the cooperate sponsor.

  118. You should know better than to say the inbox is empty. That’s a challenge to all of us…I’m sure it won’t be empty for long!

  119. Definitely 1 million! We fiber artists are blessed with so much (not just yarn!). Let us share our blessings with others less fortunate than we have been!!!!!

  120. One.Meellion.Dollars.
    Happy to provide a few giveaways too – you know where to find me or heck, I’ll just send you some stuff. Use it now, use it later. . . .

  121. I doubt if you read down to the 279 comment, but I can’t figure out your email to let you know my DWB donation (a favorite charity of ours). Send it if you read this. Love your website–can’t wait for new entries. Also knit LOTS–mostly dolls now.

  122. I’m hesitant about the million idea, as that’s just an UNTHINKABLE amount of money, but, come to think of it,so is $400,000 plus. I like the idea of getting a round $500,000 by new year’s and then seeing what the year brings us.

  123. One million.. definitely!
    A half million by December 31?
    With this group, it shouldn’t be a problem! Get Wendy to promote another “Knit from your Stash” year, and the yarn savings alone should put us over the top! ๐Ÿ™‚

  124. I also think we could do $500,000 by the end of the year. Why not $1M by the end of 2008? And then in 2009, we will rule the world! Oh wait, that’s not what this was all about, was it?
    Also, you are lovely for sending gifts to donors.

  125. I too say we go for a million. I was also thinking of having some sort of knitting celebrity auctions on ebay…autographed knitting books or something like that. You know a few knitting book authors you could recruit? You can advertise the auctions on your blog.

  126. Maybe shooting for the stars would be a good start! DWB was on 60 Minutes a few weeks ago and the old man got to witness my jumping up and down and pointing saying, that’s who we donate to! The turnarounds in villages they’re making….ahhhh

  127. Wow! All of those beautiful yarns! I would have given just about anything for that handpainted orange silk. That is to die for!! I’ve never posted a comment, but I read everyday. Good job on the Yarncraft podcast! Can’t wait for the next book.

  128. I just about fell off my chair when I saw we were over the $400 000 mark!
    What is the next goal? Well, of course, to do the Christmas/Kwanza/Eid/Diwali/Hanukkah thing again this year and make the world a happier place.
    Should we send you our new donation count yet — or do you need a day or so to recover first?
    So cool!!!!

  129. Just a quick note to say
    1) *thank you* for writing this wonderful blog, which brightens my day every time I read it!
    2) *thank you* for starting KWB!
    3) You modestly never pointed out that you won the 2007 Blogger’s Choice award for Best Hobby Blog of the year ๐Ÿ™‚ Congratulations! You had about twice as many votes as the person who came second!

  130. scuse… but could someone tell me how to ‘slap a button’ on my blog? i can do it with code, but i’ve got no idea how to generate that. thanks in advance.

  131. I have a hard time paying my bills but always try to donate something to worthy charity when I can. I will get together some funds again this year! Next holiday season I intend to have a table at my local school craft fair to sell handknitted/crochet items. I promise to donate all profits to DWB/KWB.
    I feel everyone should donate their organs if they are able. Most states in the US allow one to enroll as an organ donor when you driver’s license is up for renewal. Please do so at your earliest convinience.

  132. Aren’t knitters just the best? I am amazed and giddy at that final total. CHOKE be damned, we are a powerful force – for good in the world, and isn’t that a darned good thing (imagine if we were into evil – BWAHAHAHA….).
    And you, little Ms. Inspiration, deserve to not only celebrate but take a nice rest from all these worthy endeavors – you know, sit down with a beverage and cast something on or something…
    Besides, the next campaign will begin soon!

  133. Stephanie:
    Thank you so much for posting your blog and being so “real.” It’s wonderful to know I’m not the only one who needs a beer or two before tackling the massive pick out I may have ahead of me, or needing chocolate to cope with the fact that I love knitting socks, but I always forget when I tackle socks for my husband who has HUGE FEET. Your sense of humor can bring me out of bad knitting days/moments, and I invite you to read my own knitting blog at
    Please feel free to comment, even critique my work!

  134. Congrats to everyone! Those prizes are so nice… And congrats to Stephanie for getting through all those emails and figuring out the total so far. I can’t wait to see what will come next!

  135. I two-hundred the motion for a million. Never underestimate the determination of knitters to reach their goal. Ever.

  136. Wow wow wow.
    Yes, let’s shoot for a million! It seems like there were that many stitches in my last sweater, and it’s done, Knitters can do anything!

  137. OH… definitely $1m… by the way, are we working in US or Canadian$ here?
    I am floored by that number…no doubt about it!!!
    By the way, are you in contact with the people at MSF and have they given you any feedback on this? Just curious, since it is a lot of money, after all!

  138. If we get the million ( and I’m fully confident we will), can we ask the Barenaked Ladies to sing at a MSF benefit for us? They seem like a nice bunch of Canadian lads who would appreciate the worth of well-knit winter garments made of natural fibres.

  139. One million dollars — either US or Canadian — and a BNL concert would be nice for all involved!

  140. I hope this didn’t get answered in one of the 200-ish comments above this, but I wonder what the MSF/DWB people think about all this. I’m blown away by that number, and think corporate matching would be a great idea.
    And I think 1 million is a good goal. It’s going to take time, but I think we can do it.

  141. That total just blows me away! I’m so proud of everyone! And thanks to everyone who donated such wonderful prizes. (((Group Hug)))
    For what it’s worth, I’m a professional fundraiser for a non-profit organization, and I really want to encourage yo to just go for the big number that we’re all already thinking. Fear not. Go ahead, make it official. Those “???” for this years goal are just not going to cut it ๐Ÿ˜‰ It’s like an affirmation. Gotta put it out there and let the universe respond. I discovered you too late to participate the last time around, but I’m in as soon as I hear the words “ready, set, go!”

  142. I fear our dear Harlot is stuck to the kitchen floor. I hope her bottle of scotch is a big one!

  143. Holey moley–nearly HALF A MILLION DOLLARS!!! I am gobsmacked.
    OK, if you set the goal to that scary number everyone is bandying about, I’ll double what I contributed last year.

  144. Ok, decided not to wait. I knew I was going to make a donation anyway, so just came back here from doing so. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Will send the amount when you give the official go; no sense driving you mad before you get set for all those emails, right? [eg] I’ll just wait and enjoy the warm fuzzies until then.
    And for Sally H at 2:38 a.m. 11/30, who wanted to know about getting our donations tagged with KWB? I had a brainstorm, and instead of using the “Internet fundraiser” button for saying why I was donating, I tried clicking “Other”. Sure enough, a text window opened. So I typed in “Knitters Without Borders.” (Which is about all it has room for; not enough spaces left to add “Yarn Harlot blog”, and KWB might not be recognized by *everyone* at MSF. Yet. [g]) Voila. That should do ‘er!

  145. set a lower amount
    then when you come in with a higher
    amount it will look amazeing to
    the public and amaze the knitters
    you desevre your win

  146. WOW – I’m so part to have paid a tiny, tiny part of raising all that money. Surely the first target has to be ยฃ500,000 – that must be round about the big scary number given the exchange rate. ๐Ÿ™‚

  147. Can you explain again how we can donate “prizes”– do we send to you? Tell you about it and send to winner? I had suggested $500,000 when I emailed you my humble donation, but clearly I was not thinking big enough for this crowd!

  148. Hello,
    I saw on your blog that Margaret H. has won “a 1200 yard skein of Black Shetland Laceweight that now belongs to Margaret H”
    I am a Margaret H. and have a very funky unreliable e-mail since I almost destroyed the computer with a download upgrade (very difficult to do to a Mac).
    So, could you tell me if I’m the Margaret H. that won.
    Until later, Margaret H. in Santa Clara, CA, USA

  149. Reading today’s post felt like watching a happy scene on Christmas morning. The giving you shared of the whole lot of Knitters Without Borders is beautiful news to share, and then the generosity of those who contributed gifts and the giving you did of those gifts to random receivers spread happiness in a big way.
    Rock on, all!

  150. Wow! Congrats on the gigantic number of donations you raised for KWB/DWB!!! It’s inspirational to see so many people can make such a difference together!
    Congrats to all the prize winners too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  151. Oh my gosh, that’s great news. And Stephanie, please, please, please mop the kitchen floor before you lie on it and drink Scotch.

  152. My very first thought was that it HAD to be a cool million. I’m so inspired to see I have so much company. I can’t say I have a million yards of anything, but I bet we can raise a million dollars by, say, the first day of spring (a new beginning!). Thanks, Stephanie, for all your hard work.

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