One for the geeks

I have just suggested to Karen, the very nice tech goddess at Liquidweb who is trying to figure out why the server has spontaneously decided that today is not a day that I am allowed to have email, that she make something for me.

I would like a wee virtual button for my desktop that says SMACK MY SERVER.

It doesn’t even have to have a script attached to it that actually does anything to the server….it would just be like the buttons at crosswalks. We all know they don’t do anything except for give you something to push while you wait for the light to change anyway. I could call tech support, they could work on the problem and I could sit here and push the button (perhaps it could make a nice firm “thwack” noise) and I would feel like I was doing SOMETHING VENGEANCE BASED AND HOSTILE TO MY *&^%%$!!!!&&ING SERVER instead of just sitting here waiting for it to release me from its digital hades.

Never mind. Look at wool.


Wool never break down. Wool never need upgrade. Wool have no port settings. Wool have no hostname or DNS.

Wool Good.

197 thoughts on “One for the geeks

  1. Sorry to hear about your server. I kind of understand. I am around computer geeks all the time. Married to one who does all the wireing for phones and computer, a bil who is the real geek. lol.
    The wool is lovely.
    This is the first time I ever got on and no one posted yet??? It’s a sad sad day to see that.

  2. Can we add a button for phone wires (and reps), too? I’ve had sporatic phone service (and therefore DSL as well) all week. This morning’s rep: “Well, it just happens sometimes…” [THWACK!] Me: “I’m paying for 24/7 service not 24/3-4, depending on what the wires feel like doing!” This afternoon’s rep: “We’re not authorized to work overtime…” [THWACK!] If you went to the rental office instead of the *maintenance shed* to get access to the wires, maybe it would be fixed by now!

  3. Lovely yarn……………..Is the brown tweed sweater completed yet? Just love that one!
    Melanie Z in Downers Grove

  4. It is a rare occassion that click over to your blog and I don’t end up smiling or chuckling and usually I’m laughing out loud trying not to have someone in the next office yell out – what’s so funny. Thanks for regularly brightning our days with your commentary on the various issues all your fellow wives, mothers, and knitters face daily.

  5. Maybe the server needs a little wool? A cozy or something to show it love. Does anyone have a pattern for a server cozy? It could even be a felted one…

  6. The internet and the server are clearly in the teenage rebellion stage. Don’t worry. This too shall pass.

  7. I’d put that button on my blog, too. Blogger’s servers always have little hiccups and such, too, but this is getting ridiculous. I think you need to move past wool therapy and move into quiviut therapy.

  8. I have a fake button affixed above the arrow keys to the right of the main keyboard. It looks like a real key but says PANIC. I often bang on that one while my browser is refusing to load or my web authoring software just up and quits on me.

  9. Yay wool! I’d have a few other choice words for that button…. and I only have a computer!

  10. As someone who just recvd her shipment of wool from KnitPicks…Yes, wool goooood very very goood.
    Sorry bout the server stuff. I don’t speak that language.

  11. Well I was going to e-mail this question, but then I see that there are make-blog-go problems again… so I’ll just toss it out for someone to help me with.
    Last fall Stephanie posted what looked like a very charming, very simple scarf pattern. It was a repeating pattern that came out with both sides looking “finished” and as the weather gets colder I was looking for a good scarf pattern to knit up. Anyone have the link to the original post that has the pattern in it? I’m looking around here but I haven’t found it yet.

  12. The wool is quite lovely! It looks like sock yarn to me but then again, I would expect nothing less from you! Me – I like it big and soft and then making GIANT versions of pretty lace things, LOL. Sock yarn is gorgeous to look at though, that’s for sure!

  13. Oh yes, that is very good wool. Why don’t you tell us what it is!?
    You should see if your husband can make a server button for you – the “thwack!” sound effect sounds like it would fall under his expertise.

  14. I’ve been working with computers since 1964 (that’s not a typo – yes they were around back in the dark ages)and they drive me nuts at times. I often get tired of computer error messages telling me that I’m wrong.
    That’s why I knit. Yarn doesn’t talk back to me. Hope you and your server have a meeting of minds soon.

  15. Oh, we need that here at work! We call our “helpless” desk, get issued a ticket number and never get any resolution. Then, when our e-mail goes down here in the States? It gets routed through Europe.

  16. Maybe this is your server’s way of inticing you to spend yet more time with your wool. It could happen. Yeah, maybe the wool was feeling lonely and neglected and paid the server to “break down”. One more reason to love wool. It’ll do anything for your attention.

  17. Wool very good. Server bad.
    I figured out my “crappy” wheel. Tried to spin total ass, made laceweight mohair instead.
    Clearly your computer mojo has moved over to my wheel.

  18. no doubt… what is the wool??? that is one of the prettiest colorways I’ve seen lately, and it’s so colorful and yummy I really need to have it!!!

  19. Yup. I need one of those too. Except for my actual computer. Sucks how much time this stuff ends up taking.
    Wool pretty. Only good thing about dying computer is that I can’t use it to buy wool to make myself feel better.

  20. Karen, I think you are looking for the “one row handspun scarf.” The post with the pattern was October 12, 2006.

  21. Pretty, pretty wool. Where did the wool come from and what is its name? When I am having a bad day, I go to my LYS just to pet the wool. Unfortunately, I usually end up back in my car with a bag of wool and no idea what happened.

  22. Yes, wool very good.
    Jumping on the bandwagon to ask what that beautiful yarn is!
    I bought wool Monday and can’t figure out where I put it. Lost wool make me mad.

  23. Wool good, double knitted toddler hood good, not figuring out how to make double knitted toddler wool hood without a top seam bad. Any ideas, oh sage knitter? I cannot find any answers in my knitterature.

  24. I make my living on the internets. This is why I knit for relaxation.
    Pretty, pretty wool. Me want woooolll….

  25. Yes, what is the wool? Very nice!
    If the server was strung together WITH the wool, we might have a better chance. I think someone needs to knit herself what our goofy church quilters down here stitch up for the annual fall festitval. It’s called a “dammit doll”. It could be made to look like a server and have SMACK MY SERVER stitched on. Basically you slam it into whatever and it makes a nice thwacking sound. There is a poem that is sold with it…off to hunt that up now.

  26. Usually these dolls are made in a rather amorphous human shape with whatever material is lying around – poem:
    “Whenever things don’t go so well…
    And you want to hit the wall and yell…
    Here’s a little dammit doll
    That you can’t do without.
    Just grasp it firmly by the legs
    And find a place to slam it
    And as you whack the stuffing out

  27. Hooray for wool! If only we could somehow design wool-based servers, I’m sure modern life would improve considerably.

  28. Is that Koigu?
    If only there was some known way to appease the server… but last I checked you can’t bribe them. Chocolate, alcohol, firstborn children, pleading, nothing seems to work!

  29. The wool is beautiful! It really works, has a nice calming effect. Good luck dealing with your server etc (I have no idea what you are talking about, but it’s upsetting and that’s enough)

  30. Better yet, step away from the computer and pet the wool. Snuggle the wool. Be happy with the wool.

  31. Wool very good. If you make a cosy for your server, make sure it is out of something very breathable. Computers like cool. Heat kills ’em.

  32. Wool good, wool beautiful.
    Maybe the computer would work better as a yarn swift? Set it on a turn table and give it a spin!?!?!

  33. Hmmm…your server must be channeling my browser…it just crashed the computer four times before I could read your blog…grrrrr….
    I’m going to go knit now…on Christmas presents…you go play with that purdy stuff…

  34. Hi Steph, I just wanted to say thanks for the simple and great hat pattern. I finally got the nerve to follow a chart and it wasn’t so scary once I started. You inspired me and the hat is so nice I already cast on a second one! Good luck with the computer. I rarely have the patience to wait and end up walking away. Beautiful wool!

  35. Is that wool Hacho from Mirasol? I have a skein that looks just like that and it is supremely droolworthy. Probably droolproof too, with a wash.

  36. I want that button for my email server at work! Except I would probably click it enough to WEAR A HOLE IN MY SCREEN!!!!! πŸ™‚

  37. I need a SMACK button for High speed internet-like why am I the only one that can’t get it while the world around me goes full speep ahead. I don’t live at the top of a mountain or on an island yet to be discovered. I live 1/2 mile from a college for goodness sake!
    There I feel better.
    Beautiful wool by the way.

  38. it’s definitely STR, just a question of which colors.
    i think a “smack my server” button would be VERY therapeutic! =]

  39. Smack the server !!?? How about a good swift kick in the arss for all of us that have the same problems. Go to the wool it’ll soothe the nerves .

  40. Ohhhh mmmmmmm yummmy wool! What were you talking about? Oh yea..sorry about the server stuff…now, what is that wool?

  41. My husband liked the Smack the Server button idea! He spends a lot of time wanting to do JUST that! You are on to something B.I.G. Wendy

  42. I would totally make you a t-shirt that says “Smack my Server,” except some guy on the streets of Toronto would think server = arse and, well, that’s a whole ‘nother can of worms.

  43. Pretty wool. I want.
    Bad server. Server make Harlot testy.
    Nice Harlot. We like Harlot.

  44. Smack Server! Make Blog GO! Make E-Mail GO! Make Browser GO!
    yep – want all those buttons. πŸ™‚
    Love the wool. Love all wool. Wool make things GO! Still love my bumper sticker: “Fleece on Earth/ Good Wool to You” Wool the best πŸ™‚
    feel better

  45. I have a panic button. People push it and I try to duck for cover (it makes a lot of noise). Give me a little bit of time and I will have a button and a little code (it works, but I haven’t added sound yet).

  46. Wool very good! Wool doesn’t think you are crazy. Wool thinks all your ideas are good ideas. Wool listens to you. Wool doesn’t talk back to you. Wait….sometimes it does.

  47. Yay wool! And when you knit it, it stays knitted, exactly the way you made it go, unless you tell it it’s going to the frog pond. It does what you tell it, when you tell it. Good wool.

  48. Maybe it would would cheer you up to post a blog inviting your loyal readers to send in pictures of the unoriginal hats we’ve all knitted since Tuesday. (I know I’ve finished mine!)

  49. Dear Yarn Harlot,
    The reason the server doesn’t serve is because it lacks wool. The reason your vocabulary has disintegrated to Buffy-style beer-good status is because you are trying to think in ‘server-speak’. Servers speak in 1’s and 0’s. You cannot knit with 1’s and 0’s. Knitting 1’s and 0’s makes nothing. Which is exactly what your server is giving you.
    Trying knitting the server’s tech guy (the server slave) a nice warm scarf. He is probably cold and lonely and in need of human comfort.
    Alternatively; whip his hinny with iCord.
    That is what I do.

  50. OK: I’m guessing Blue Moon Fiber Arts “Fire on the Mountain” colourway. If I’m right, do I win something??!?

  51. My DSL computer can’t connect, but the old dialup one works fine so far. Sometimes it isn’t the home-based machine that is having the problem. At least once I know it was the DSL part of the phone lompany. I contemplate going back to snail mail for all communications.
    Wool pretty.

  52. It must be Bad Server Day, because DH spent a lot of time on the phone with Comcast late last night and was finally told to bring the modem in for swap this morning; only when I did that they said it wasn’t just us, they were working on it, go home.
    I want one of those buttons.

  53. Have to take a moment to be practical, here: 1) Don’t knit the server a cozy. It will only make it angrier. If you could knit the server a coldy, maybe, that would work — they need cooler temperatures so they do not overheat and get pissy.
    2) Knitting is 1’s and 0’s. Knitting is binary. You knit and you purl. Otherwise, completely different from computers.

  54. I am a geek and I’d LOVE a button like that.
    Wool is good. I comfort myself with that fact. And I just got a ton of custom dyed wool in the mail! *parties*

  55. mmmmmmmmmmmm ….. pretty, pretty wool! wool has NO wires, cables or USB cords. mmmmmmmmm wool. so so lovin’ the wool today. special order from GREEN MOUNTAIN SPINNERY finally, finally arrived. i am still at the touch it, admire it, smell it phase before it actually gets wound into balls and worked into a thing of joy and beauty. mmmmmmmmmm wool. wool is goooooood.

  56. There is a reason that my husband is a computer programmer and I knit. In my mind, a server is someone who brings you food in a restaurant!

  57. Go to Google, look up a little flash game called Beat Up Your PC. Even in Spanish, it will doubtless give you hours of frustration relief.

  58. When a little box pops up with an “Okay” button you have to click, there should also be a “Not okay!” button. They do exactly the same thing…you just don’t have to say it’s okay.
    What’s that wool? Looks like a sock yarn, maybe STR or something hand-dyed. Very good.

  59. And somehow, despite our similarities (and the sub-basic vocabulary to which you have been reduced,) we still invoke different cultures, cf: Orghlaith at 6:17 PM citing Buffy “Beer good” where I was hearing Grawp “Hermy! Where Hagrid?”
    Grawp and beer — that’s what’s running your server.

  60. Mmmmm Wool.
    At work, there’s a little radioactive sign next to server names on the server webpage, so we “nuke the server” when it is acting up.

  61. What is it with this fall? My server gave up twice in 10 days, too… and I don’t have the traffic you get.
    Wool is the best answer. Pet wool. Just right. Aaaahhhh…..

  62. Wool very good. Wool love you long time. Wool come in happy packages in the mail. Sometimes cats lick wool. Bad cats! No tissue paper from happy wool packages for you!

  63. How maddening on the server. I guess you are now headed onto the NEXT level of server-ability eh? The yarn is a rich colorway and soothing as always.

  64. Oh my goodness, 105 comments, how do you ever keep up? Well, I don’t expect a response, as you are obviously busy, but I am quite curious about that yarn, it look gorgeous. what is it, give some details if the mood strikes. Otherwise, just have a fab weekend!

  65. Okay–I also want a button that says ‘Kill Bug’ and ‘Make Boss Sneeze’. Put those things on my computer, and I’ll be a happy woman.
    But I’d still need wool. (That particular wool is very tranquil, very kind looking, very theraputic…zzzzzzeeeeennnnnnnn…..)

  66. Ok. So I mentioned to my boss (who’s a IT god, like Thor, ya know?) that you were having server problems. He asked who your host was and I said LiquidWeb. He laughed. I don’t think that’s a good sign. He said they are known to be “dirty”. I guess a lot of companies block their IP address because of it.
    Not to stress you out anymore, but thought you should know.
    And yes, wool good.

  67. That could quite possibly be the best post!!
    Wool Good!
    Thank you for making me laugh hystarically!!!

  68. Occurs to me that “hostname” could easily be turned into “hostage name”…
    Wool gorgeous. Wool fumes soothing. Go pull a pile of stash out of storage and roll around in it. With luck, it’ll work on you like catnip. Or at least inspire Joe to distract you from things like servers. (Good luck with server. Bad server; no biscuit!)

  69. Now I have proof that I am not the only one who believes those crosswalk buttons don’t work, they are just there to make you feel as if you are in control. My husband thinks it’s just me…not anymore I have the Yarn Harlot on my side.

  70. Just be grateful that you are’t living in Ecuador, where the Internet goes down in the whole place every time it rains.
    We’re in the rainy season now — it rains every day. A lot. Until May.

  71. I had a total meltdown today during my dance class at school, (self consciousness taking hold of my poor, fragile, PMSsing disposition) and I picked up my current project, and the world seemed an immediately better place… I totally get what you mean about staring at the wool.

  72. Gawd that is pretty. Don’t be a tease…what is it? And more importantly where to I get it? And just as importantly, do they ship OS? :o)

  73. My job revolves around computers… Okay well, keeping mine working so I can access certain files. Which means that I had to learn how to build them and how to repair software… I feel your pain. Btw, that wool is gorgeous. What is it and where can I buy it? lol πŸ™‚

  74. Yes and as a fellow Mac user I laughed at your imitation of the noise your computer makes and my husband (also being the Mac user) said it’s called “funk”, although not as humerous as the “so su mi” name still an infuriating noise but makes you feel like your doing something.
    yes wool pretty

  75. Ugh. I’m sorry you’re still having problems with your stupid server!!
    I love the yarn, though. It is BEYOOTYFUL!!! I have to ask –what is it?? Looks like Koigu or Claudia or something. Or is it STR??

  76. Ouchie, ouchie! Sooo sorry. Perhaps it will make you feel a wee bit better to know that there are a couple of intersections here in Pittsburgh where you actually have to press the button for the walk sign or you won’t be walking anywhere. So maybe we can get you a “smack server” button…

  77. When you get one of these buttons, please let me know where to get one too. My youngest son is home this weekend with his laptop so I could get online to read you.

  78. I have a button on the thermostat in my classroom that works like that… It doesn’t do anything but you press it and it makes you feel better, well, sometimes….

  79. Stuff the server the tech geeks will sort that- you went knitting with Cornelia and all we get is her unusual ( perverse??) practise with skeins??? What about what she was wearing -was it Noro???, Is there a new book?? Was is her background?? etc etc, and yes that baby and its knits were lovely, but please Harlot- details, details??? Pretty please?

  80. Ugh. I’m the person my co-workers call when they want to smack the server. I can’t wait for my maternity leave to start after Christmas! There must be some sort of server mutiny afoot, because it’s been quite a week!

  81. Ohhh…sorry you are having ‘puter issues. I know how frustrating that can be. I like the button idea, though. Maybe, while she’s making yours, she wouldn’t mind making one for me that says ‘Smack My Husband’ I could find plenty of uses for that one, I surely could;->

  82. I don’t think you need a server cosy. Servers don’t like to be cosy. Stupid servers.
    I think you need a Harlot cosy – a sort of glorious woolly cocoon to crawl into and insulate you when stuff goes bad! Just room for you and your knitting and maybe the beverage of your choice.
    Mmmm – I think I’d like a Harlot cosy too…

  83. I could give you a website that let’s you smack the server, but it wouldn’t do much good if you couldn’t get online.

  84. hmmm…that is vaguely reminiscent of some koigu i have sitting out to start a new baby present. is that what it is? it looks very pretty.
    and it could be worse πŸ™‚ one of our kids smacked the settings on dh’s computer so that even though you can tell it’s connecting to the internet you can’t see anything. we’ve been trying to fix it for weeks. thank goodness no one else touches my laptop!

  85. You always have the most exquisite taste in wool and colourways. That wool is just lovely.
    Oh, and if you take the unoriginal hat pattern and knit it up with worsted on US size 7 (4.5 mm) DPNs? You get a darling preemie baby hat that is about 16 inches (40.5 cm) in diameter and 5 inches (12.5 cm) crown to brim. Time to stash dive for some heavy worsted and the size 9s to try for a baby size…

  86. Wool good. Wool low tech. Wool never cannot connect to network. Love wool truely madly deeply.
    Unoriginal hat on aran BFL and 6mm needles makes EXCELLENT 2 yo hat. Whether 2 yo will wear it…

  87. You tease! Wool pretty! Me want colors! Want wool name! Wool look like Koigu, Knitivity, maybe STR?
    Wool good. Wool no talk back. Wool no say, “Fatal Error Number 87.” Wool soft.
    Wool smell good, Computer no smeel good. Computer no soft.
    Bad computer. No donut.

  88. I like the idea of Melinda-in-the-comments’s voodoo-like doll..very satisfying πŸ™‚ and like so many others before me…yes, wool very good, but what is wool’s name?

  89. I went to a warm lovely memorial today – the owner of a local yarn shop died of breast cancer, and her family opened the store with all inventory left, put an ad in the local paper. Any one who wanted could come, choose what they wanted from the inventory and make a donation of their own choice to one of three charities, one being the Susan Komen foundation. Cookies and coffee were available, and the shop packed with lovely women, making comments like ‘she helped me make my first sweater and I haven’t stopped knitting since.’
    Wasn’t that a great way to remember someone?

  90. Actually, maybe the button could make a little “smack” sound, just so the button presser person is gratified!! Yes, the yarn is good, beautiful and tranquil. Look at wool. Have a button that says wool but when you click it it goes “ahhhhh”.

  91. In the land of things that make you go “ahhh” (rather than “hmmmmmm”) – It is no surprise to me to see the number of comments made by IT friends and others who are the ‘network managers’ at their homes or places of business that wool good. We need some anti-tech to destress us all from all that tech. Yarn and needles can cause us problems (and we know they DO) but we can find them…and fix them. Or decide that since we can see them they are a lost cause. Just think of the names they give stuff that is computer related “web browser” – cause it’s just looking around, it doesn’t really intend to find anything. “Internet service provider” – when it’s not on a break, it might provide some “ethernet” ETHER puts people to sleep…wonder what it’s doing in conjunction with the “server” (I agree with whomever said they are in restaurants)
    Yarn is good…tell us what it is Steph, we can’t take it anymore!

  92. Wool exceedingly gorgeous…. I love that yarn! Did I miss the answer to what it is called? I mostly do rughooking, but have gotten back to knitting for our grandbaby to be… on Monday! Wool, both woven and knitted, is a wonderful medium — and gorgeous dyed.

  93. Maybe you’re under attack from the Czech Republic. Our web server at our small, co-op ISP is. 10,000 log entries in the last 2 hours. That means someone has tried to do something they aren’t allowed to 10,000 times.
    We’ve also recently been attacked by Romainia and Bulgaria.

  94. Every so often (lately, once a day), SOMETHING happens to our computer service at work: the internet goes down, the guys working on the A/C cut the power to the server room, sunspots, gremlins. Within a minute of such occurence, the knitter I work for will shriek, somewhat loudly and inarticulately.
    I will rush into her office, find her project bag, and hand her her wool. It has *never* failed to calm her in the face of technological adversity.

  95. No, not a personal comment, but a HUGE RECOMMENDATION FOR THE BEST WEB HOSTING SERVICE EVER! I had incident after incident just like you and your blog have had, UNTIL (oh blessed day) I signed up with They support websites all over the world, but happen to be located in my town (Albuquerque) and I walked into their office to sign up about six years ago (to support my online business)and in six years my site has only been down twice, each time for short-term maintenance, and no information has ever been lost (knocking on wood). $99/yr and you can get a real person on the tech support line anytime. Really! You should check them out.

  96. Jennifer – and hubby – yes, I know I’m not the Harlot, but you knew the rest of us would never resist. And?
    That. Is. SO. Satisfying!! Thank you. πŸ˜‰
    (And funny. [g])

  97. hi Steph,
    Just love the hat..It has been some time since i have picked up my knitting needles. When going
    through the knitting terms I found ‘ C2,’ and ‘CN ‘ what do these terms mean?? They are on the graph..I had no problem printing them out
    Just highlight and on the printer mark selection
    thank you for sharing your pattern.

  98. Don’t servers just stink?!! Mine right now won’t let me view videos or pictures and I can’t send or delete email. Maybe our servers are in cahoots?
    Isn’t wool grand? My dh says it’s like crack…I have to agree. Go have some wool, Dear, you will feel better.
    amy in ne

  99. Oh, poor Harlot. Chin up. Wonky server equals more time for knitting equals great posts when server learns to behave itself again. Wool good. Blog patient.

  100. MMM. Wool good.
    Blogger silly. She not tell readers what kind of wool is. Blogger must like us to ask.

  101. The walk buttons in small towns do something. If you don’t push them the walk light will never go off. Plus when the walk light goes off all the traffic lights are red. Magical isn’t it?

  102. Steph –
    All this server talk is way beyond me. But thanks for the picture of wool… that has a way of making things better.
    Also, my boyfriend wants me to tell you (regarding the Furnace Wars): we have been in an unofficial contest with you. And here in Austin, TX, by November 11, we still have not turned off the A/C. Much less turned on the heat. Take that!

  103. hi everyone out there in the sisterhood of knitt-ness. i need some professional input. i am thinking of buying a ballwinder (not sure what a swift is, but they seem to go together?) and i need to know what you all recommend re: name brand, type, cost etc. so far in my knitting career i have either always purchased yarn in balls or wound skeins by hand. but now i’m thinking of getting all hi-tech. so i need some advice before shopping. if you also can recommend a shop that sells what i’m looking for (either in the general GTA or online) it would be appreciated. merci!

  104. Just stopping by to say hello I have been so slack lately with my own blog and also stopping by the blogs linked from mine, so I am trying to fix that πŸ™‚

  105. Once upon a time I worked for a company that made industrial push buttons. Big ones. I kept a big red on, on a large aluminum base, of course, on my desk top so that I could push it whenever things got out of control. A sample of those fun things can be found here:
    I recommend one of these for every desktop. Quite satisfying.
    Hope the server gets better soon!

  106. Stupid server.
    Would your smack the server button work in the UK? Cos over here our cross button thingies do actually work. On busy roads where just walking across (our normal way of getting from point a to point b when points a and b are on opposite sides of the road) would be a bit deadly you have to push the crossy button or the light won’t change! No green man!
    Weird, eh?

  107. Oh, poor Harlot. I hope it’s fixed by now.
    And to Jennifer’s hubby: That is wonderful! And so funny! I love the sound!

  108. Stephanie,
    I can’t find a way to e-mail you, so I had to try to communicate to you by a comment (sorry about that).
    Hello! My name is Nachaele Olson. I live in Denver, Colorado. I am the Director for a non-profit organization called Stitches for Britches. We (me and volunteers) knit items and sell them to earn money to support homeless children in Ethiopia. Our website it
    I was wondering if we could use your one row scarf pattern? We are selling items at a local shop that sells all handmade items made here in Colorado. I would love to knit and sell your one row scarf there, if we are given permission.
    Thank you so much for your consideration.
    Nachaele Olson,
    Director of Stitches for Britches

  109. Wow, you’ve had some really bad Web hosting experiences. I used to work for pair Networks and they’re honest, fair, and technically competent ( You should really switch.

  110. Speaking of Geeks….I knit whilst surrounded by them at a comic book show in Portland on Sunday. It didn’t feel odd at all, I just sat there knitting my sock watching all the crazy people in their Batman shirts, Star Wars outfits and felt somewhat….superior.

  111. OOps. I posted this on the wrong day–here it is again, with apologies:
    Are you going to put your pattern for the unoriginal hat over in the little free pattern section of your blog? In 3 years when I finally get around to kinitting it, it’s going to take an awful lot of scrolling backwards to find it.
    Thanks for hanging in there with the bad technology–we all appreciate it. Get some very very soft good wool to put in the drawer to pull out and work on when your server explodes. Something very special that you’re only allowed to work on in such a situation–then you can look forward to tech meltdowns!

  112. I think something along the lines of a shock collar would work better, so when a “technician” says something stupid like “is it plugged in”? ZAAAPPPPPP…. he would just cut straight to fixing the darn problem rather than asking more stupid questions… can you put a shock collar on a server? hmmmm… lovely wool, wool always makes me feel better.

  113. So sorry about your computer woes. But on a brighter note, that wool is gorgeous! What is it?

  114. Perhaps the server needs a little wool skein on top of it, a companion to keep the server nice and calm and serene, and therefore working.
    Or perhaps instead of a button, we need a nice, sharp needle to hit that will ‘poke’ the naughty server.

  115. Nice wool. Good wool. Squooshie wool. Wool never let you down. Love wool. What is wool? Where to get this wool?

  116. First it was the ice skating up the river last winter . . . a lifelong dream of mine . . . and now it’s a line-up of my favorite animal – cows, not to speak of the cubed angoras and fleeces so soft-looking I almost poked my monitor. All I can say is if I weren’t so happy where I am I might just up and move to Toronto. You have a one fine city there.

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