At the last

New Years Eve. Today is the day that I’d planned to have all the Christmas knitting done, no matter what, but as is nearly always the case with my plans, I didn’t quite plan enough. It’s not so bad though, I’ve only got one pair of socks remaining, but we’ll talk about them another day – for today, today we glory in Argyle victory!


Finished. Finito. TerminΓ©. Stick a fork in these babies because they are done. Done, wrapped, unwrapped and happily adopted since the recipient has an argyle fetish that these fed nicely. (They are seen here on my feet, which they don’t fit very well.) I was thinking, while I was modelling these that it’s a very good thing that they don’t fit me, because I really like them and probably would have tried to keep them.


When last we left off on the argyle pictorial, I had knit the patterned leg flat, and was ready for the next part. The next part is where argyles get sort of weird, and for a little while here, the argyle process is odd as fish. I promise it’s not hard. Just odd. If you’re really interested in how this works, and wind up feeling dissatisfied with my quick and dirty guide (for which you could hardly be blamed) there’s way more out there than my meagre musings:

Julia (The Argyle Queen who got me started on the whole thing) has a whole series of posts about argyle, but the most technically helpful one (for the purposes of this post) is here.

Julia, in her infinite wisdom has a page of resources

Edie Eckman has a fantastic
Argyle tutorial here. (I used it to figure some stuff out. It’s good.)

Zarzuela knit a gorgeous pair…there’s some good tips (and great pictures)

Knit Science has a
podcast about Argyles Here.

On most socks, heels are worked on half the stitches, so 1/4 of the stitches on each end are set away to become the heel in a little bit, and work continues down the top of the foot.


I know. I said it was weird. Breathe. When the diamond is finished, all of the intarsia for the whole sock is done and you finish the rest of the sock in one colour. The stitches for the top of the foot get held, and to start turning this beastie into anything resembling a sock you sew the seam up the back of the leg. (Julia points out in this far superior explanation of argyle fashioning that one must not be tempted to cheat, and she is right. Shoddy seaming has dreadful consequences. Don’t do all that fiddly intarsia and then mince out on the seaming.)


Seam sewn, all of the heel stitches are lined up and I knit an ordinary flap heel.



Next, well. Next is hard to explain. Next you pick up stitches along the sides of the flap, just like you would on an ordinary sock, except where you would usually then knit across the top of the foot, here you already have the top of the foot knit, so you’re going to work the bottom of the foot back and forth. You go back and forth, from one gusset to the other, making decreases like you would normally, trying really, really hard to ignore the fact that you’re not working the top. When you have the bottom of the foot knit as long as the top of the foot


you pick up those held instep stitches, heave an enormous sigh of relief and knit the rest of the thing in the round like an ordinary sock. (I’ve marked the point of normalcy with the green dots.) When you’re done you have this wee seam to sew at all the insteps:


But that’s it. See? Not so hard. Just fiddly and weird. I’m totally going to do it again, because let me tell you, it’s weird, fiddly and time consuming….but totally charming. (My next ones are going to be these. How can I resist?)

With the departure of the argyles, and the arrival of New Years Eve, I started thinking about the last years knitting. Things that were disappointments, successes, failures and surprises. I contemplated what the best thing I knit over the last year was. (I think you would be surprised if I told you what it is, which I’m not going to do until tomorrow.)

Today I’d like to hear what you think the best thing you knit in the last year was. What was a stellar project…and why? Was it the yarn? The pattern? That you learned something good…or that you found out that you’re a much better knitter than you thought? Did you surprise yourself with your skills?

Tell us your best thing – if you’ve got a link to a picture, enter it in the “URL” field of the comments so we can see it. Tip: Clicking on a persons name in the comments takes you to their website – if they have one. (For anyone who doesn’t know – entering a url in the “comment” part of the comments instead of the URL field means that your comment might not get posted. It’s an anti-spam thing.)

Walk proud….

and Happy New Year. It’s been a great one, and this blog and enormous way it enriches my life has been a big part of that.

Thank you.

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  1. The shawl in Blue Moon Geisha that I blogged, that Tina Newton called me wanting to buy, that I said no I don’t sell, and then as we talked I found out she’d grown up two miles from me. We hit it off. Heh. Her daughter said to her a few days later, walking up to where she was dyeing her yarns, Mom, do you know an Alison Hyde? You got a package…
    My gift to a fellow Marylander. I had more fun with that than anything.

  2. The best thing I knit this year was a mistake, actually. I began to work on a poncho pattern with Lion Brand Homespun, realized it was just too much to do, and bound it off after about 4 inches. I thought there was nothing I could possibly do with a huge circle of acrylic–until I looped it around my neck twice. Voila–a cowl-ish neckwarmer!

  3. The best thing I knit this year was a wedding shawl for a friend my daughter grew up with. It was the dayflower lace shawl made in off white silk lace yarn. I didn’t know I could knit anything so beautiful.

  4. I just read the entry from the 28th and I must say I appreciate being called smarter than I think I am, because I just IGNORED my common sense and continued to knit a sweater at 8 st/in until it was done save one sleeve (even assembled) even though I KNEW the arm holes were WAY too big. Idiot. Frogged the entire thing for my punishment and switched to some socks. And speaking of socks, I must be a freak; I love the heel!

  5. Not the most interesting, or the most challenging knitting project this year, but undoubtedly the best thing I knit was a Clapotis for a friend who lost her hair during chemo. Her chemo treatments are finished, but her hair has not yet grown back; I’m so glad the Clapotis is helping keep her head warm!

  6. really nice sock..thanks for the mini tutorial, even though you scared me last time with all the ends, I may just try this one.

  7. After many scarves, felted bags and baby items, I took the plunge and made my first adult sized sweater this year. It is the Placed Cable Aran from IK fall – in Ultra Alpaca, color Fern. I am so dang proud of this sweater I can hardly stand it. It is for my redheaded friend Jess who will rock the green like nobody’s business. Happy New Year to all!
    Deb from Pittsburgh

  8. i finished the cap shawl and it’s in the url for my name. i’ve done shawls before, but i think it’s the one i’m the most proud of to date. i’m working on a mock cable sweater but i don’t think i’ll finish two sleeves and a neckband before the clock strikes.

  9. Thanks for the great socks, Steph! I believe my daughters have already absconded with them, so intensive negotiations will be in order…
    Warmest season’s greetings and happy New Year to the thousands of you who have so generously supported MSF this year! It means a lot to all of us doing this work. To read some blogs by people actually making use of your gifts to help others, please see:

  10. I have to say I had a great knitting year. I can’t say one particular project was it for me. This year I decided to really admit that I do knit well, and I shouldn’t be so self-deprecating. I also truly learned what it was to be a combination knitter and how to decrease. So after knitting for 20 years, I finally seem to be comfortable in my knitting skin. The project I’m proudest of this year was two blankets. Not particularly difficult, just daunting.

  11. I’m not sure about the best,(lots of chemo caps, some fun scarves) but my favorite was the bed and breakfast sweater from Interweave Knits. It had been calling my name since it was published, and I had a bunch of Gems Louet to use.
    Next year will be the year of the argyle, I have a feeling.

  12. I am a new knitter this year. My favorite project was, of course, my first pair of socks. I felt like my first socks were a right of passage into an elite circle of knitters. Now, when visiting my LYS, I can saunter over to the wall of sock yarn with pride.

  13. For me I think it was Cookie A’s Monkey socks. I’d made several pair of plain socks but never before anything like this. And the joy I felt when I’d end up at the end of a row with no extra stitches left over…or not enough! Oh it was so exciting! I was surely a happy and proud person when they were completed.

  14. The best thing I knit this year was a plain old scarf. Why? Because I did it! I picked up needles after a two year hiatus and finished a project. I stopped knitting when I had my last baby and found I couldn’t run around after a toddler, care for an infant, and knit at the same time. Now I have a pre-schooler and toddler and I realized quite a few months later than I needed to that while I can’t escape them into another room to paint or scrapbook, I can sit next to them and knit! I’m embarking on flap mittens and a hat next for my daughter and then I’m going to tackle sweaters. Yeah knitting!

  15. The best knitting this year? An emotional project, but a healing one, too. I lost my beloved cocker spaniel in May and couldn’t bear to throw out or even donate the sweater I had made for her. So I patiently took it apart and the bulk went to make a hat and mittens for me. See “Recycling and Remembering” about half way down my Show and Tell 2007 page at

  16. Not just one item–but several dozens of baby bonnets and booties for the clinic babies at a local hospital, because EVERY baby need something new and pretty to wear home.

  17. Happy New Year! Great socks – not sure if I’m ready to accept that challenge yet, or not. Hmm – the best thing I knit this year? 2007 was the year I returned to knitting w/gusto. So – I think it’s a tie between the Embossed Leaves socks I knit during our 6-week road trip, or the series of Fair Isle Hats knit this past week. (December posts on blog)
    Post w/socks: (

  18. If I’m understanding this right, is there any reason you couldn’t knit an instep stitch together with a bottom of the foot stitch as you’re doing that part (to eliminate the seam) sort of like attaching an edging on a shawl or something?
    (I guess it wouldn’t look as tidy, but I have been known to wear my socks with long tails of yarn trailing out the back because I am going to weave the tails in “someday”.)

  19. Shedir from Knitty – the hardest thing I’ve ever attempted – knit once on 27 too many stitches up to the point of decreasing – knitting with wine – does it every time – Frog – knit a second time to just south of that – ripped out by airport security who had issues with my needles – all I was left with was the ribbing and about an inch of the pattern – then finally done and given to my son only to have him change his hair to the point where the hat is now, according to him, too shallow. No matter – I did it to pattern specs! I’m proud!

  20. Hi Stephanie. I found a man (a non-knitter) who finds what I knit clever and beautiful, patiently waits outside yarn shops for me to explore, gladly carries my packages, and has never asked me to knit a thing for him. To top it all of, he has bought into my view that sock yarn doesn’t count for stash purposes. So, this year, I took your advice from “Knitting Rules!” and married him. I’ve made many socks for him in the past, but this year I did a beautiful vest. It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever done, and it fits! It’s a great pattern, which I highly recommend.

  21. The coolest things I knit last year were a mobius scarf from the Treasury of Magical Knitting book, Autum Undulations (Oh I can’t spell). with a matching hat I mad up myself. These were out of Noro Silk Garden Lite (I love the slow varigation) and funner than fun to knit figuring out the “blobs” on the hat. I haven’t posted on my blog for a while but I’ll try to get a photo of these up today.

  22. The best thing I knit this year was a Corrugator scarf to warm my oldest son. Not a spectacular knit, but knit with spectacular love.

  23. I got a frightening amount of knitting accomplished this year (being pregnant and unable to move much will facilitate that), but the “best” thing I knit was the sweater I made for my now next-to-youngest child after I brought the baby home. It’s just a top-down raglan (which has alarmingly large armholes thanks to brain-addling post-partum hormones), but to him it’s a tangible reminder that he’s still my baby. He and I both needed that.

  24. I love the argyles, not feeling up to trying them yet as I still have yet to finish a full sock period. My best knit was a wool soaker for my 2yo son. It was the first thing I knitted that wasn’t a scarf.

  25. A pair of Garden Socks from the KNIT SOCKS! book was my best knitting of 2007.
    I learned about perseverance and a little lacy stuff and that knitting something in small yarn takes a LONG time.
    Only thing is I’m scared to wear them. Too pretty and precious by half.
    Happy New Year to all….

  26. Obviously I jumped the gun the other day…either that or I read your mind in advance.
    To recap: My best work this year was the grey cabled cardi that I designed for my husband. First “for real” design and first steek. A close second would be the Lattice Lace Wrap in Debbie Bliss Pure Silk, my most complicated (and extravagant) lace ever.
    A happy new year to everyone at Chez Harlot!

  27. Good job, Stef! I will definately tackle argyle this year!
    I made darling hats for my friend, my daughters and myself, in a month! They were the Almost-Famous Luggy Bonnets from Weekend Knitting. I used up all kinds of little stash bits to make them, I did a great job with the colours (I can have a tricky time with colour coordinating), and we got tons of compliments on them. I was tickled that I used up so much stash bits, made such lovely hats, and did a great job on the stars and hearts and I have never had a motif done in either intarsia or fair isle turn out so well! I will be posting pics of them on my Ravelry page after the holidays.
    Happy New Year everybody!

  28. The best thing EVER I knit was a tiny sweater, cap, mittens, and booties for my first grandchild – Jack! I had only knit one hat before – for a friend undergoing chemo – and never sweaters or mittens or even socks. I really only started knitting just about a year ago. But I was surprised and thrilled when the sweater (the first baby one from “Knit Two Together”) came out looking so much like the picture with neat rows all lining up. Annie at The Lamb Shoppe in Denver helped me seam it all up – they are the friendliest knitters anywhere and that is saying a lot! My daughter liked it so much that she bought a shadow box to display it until Jack grows into it (sooner than we thought!) and after he outgrows it. I smiled throughout the knitting, just thinking of that little life that would soon be scampering about. Knitting made the time go faster, and let me express my love for a child so far away physically but growing so in my heart! Thanks, Stephanie, for the opportunity to gush! Happy New Year, ya’ll!

  29. I did a lot of new knitting over the past year, and while I was very excited that I managed to knit a scarf for my husband without his knowledge, what really got me excited was that I managed to understand the formula for top down raglan sweaters and made a mini one for an American Girl doll. So totally thrilled that it worked from start to finish. Big confidence boost for a newbie like me.
    Thanks for the wonderful blog…my day is not complete until I have visited!

  30. hmmm – my first pair of socks, a new adventure led to lace socks, by far my favorite. Most meaningful though were prayer shawls – for both of my daughters as they welcomed my first grandsons and for a friend who received her shawl in December. I sent it since she lives four hours away. She received it about a week before her brother died – and tells me she wears it every day.

  31. I love the argyles! I have been wanting to do a pair for years now, but have never taken the time. Now I just may. Congratulations! Oh, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

  32. My biggest coup of the year was duplicate stitching a row and a half of a sweater to correct misreading a chart and no one at Camp could tell I’d done it!

  33. The above link shows my happiest knitting moment of the year. William Gibson holding MY SOCK. I was all geeked out and giggly. Not a huge project, but a very cool moment for a cyberpunk fangirl.

  34. I think my best knitting project of the year was joining Sock Madness. Before this year, I had never knit a pair of socks. By the time Sock Madness started, I had only knit two very plain pairs. I knit 6 of the 7 SM patterns and learned so much! I learned how to cable without a cable needle, how to do fair isle (including how to knit continental so I could hold one color in each hand) and most importantly how not to be afraid of a pattern. It’s okay to just dive into something that looks scary. If you get stuck, there are so many wonderful people and resources in this online knitting community to help bail you out. But the very best part of it all was making wonderful friends with some very talented knitters.

  35. The best thing I knit all year was Swallowtail Shawl in Sea Silk for a friend who was to start chemo. It was the most intricate lace I’d ever done and I was stunned that it made sense. I got a great puffed up feeling from the knowledge that I could do intricate things. Also, her emailed response to my leaving the shawl on her doorstep and running (the child was having a meltdown) was, “Ahhhhh, the smell of silk”. She loved it and still wears it often, even though her hair is back and her cancer is not.

  36. A question for your Brother-in-law. Do the folks at MSF/DWB know it’s us from the blog contributing? I imagine the MSF folks know, but I’m wondering if the U.S. contingent is sitting around trying to figure out who the Yarn Harlot is, and how she has managed to commandeer an army of knitters.

  37. Damn, Hell, Blast. Now I NEED to make these socks. I have several UFOs already from last year, and now I need to try and figure out these. The best thing I knit last year, was my monkey socks. My first real project and my first pair of socks, that and my learning how to spin and getting my wheel. The socks look great, and as ever I look forward to reading your words of knitterly wisdom in the New Year.

  38. Happy New Year’s Eve! I (re)learned to knit this past June so everything I knit was exciting and a revelation, but the gloves I knit as a first DPN excursion are, I feel, my 2007 magnum opus. My brilliant DD was home for a long weekend and she patiently taught me how to use DPNs and kept telling me I was doing okay through lip biting and finger cramps. That very same knitting sensei daughter coaxed me through my first mini-sock last Saturday. Guess 2008 will be the year of the first sock at my house! I’ve already ordered Elann Esprit cotton/elastic yarn to pack for our tropical vacation because even I’m not nuts enough to knit wool socks on a beach.
    Thanks for giving me a peek into a “real” knitter’s world, Harlot.

  39. Wow, it’s so hard to tell you what was my best thing that I knit. I am going to say the forest canopy shawl, because 1) it is the first shawl I completed, 2) it’s the first time I understood the whys and the where’s of the increases/decreases, and 3) I loved the concept that I started at the center back and the shawl grew both across and down simultaneously. It was freakishly cool, to me. I also completed an adult sized sweater and a baby sized sweater – both with sleeves! – and lived to tell. πŸ™‚

  40. I am proud of two projects this year. My clapotis using a varigated merc. cotton-the pooling created a neat argyle pattern.
    And a lace scarf I designed named Samara-I learned how to graft lace and I got to use Rowan Tapestry which is a dream to work with.
    This has been an exciting knitting year for me –opened up a new website, opening the knitting bunnies’ cages.

  41. It’ so hard to pick my favorite thing I knit! But, my blue lacy socks are one of my favorites. It was the first time I took a stitch pattern and made it work on a sock (you can see it by clicking on my name).
    Love the argyle socks! I have been scared of them, but not I might need to try them.
    Happy New Year!

  42. Interesting question! After pondering, I think the “best” thing I knit this year was my Sherlock Cloche. I have always been a by-the-pattern knitter who freaks out a little bit inside whenever I contemplate changing things up or straying from the pattern.
    So, I’ve never even considered trying to create anything myself from scratch. However, I desperately wanted a cloche unlike any I could find patterns for, and after years of searching I gave up on finding The One True Cloche and gripped my DPNs tightly, gritted my teeth and launched in. I cast on and made things up as I went along (shuddering a bit at the spontaneity of it all), and discovered that not following a pattern isn’t the end of the world and that, in fact, I rather liked it. The hat isn’t quite as envisioned in my head, but I wear it proudly and am very glad to have tried out designing my own pattern – one knitting fear conquered!

  43. My best project was Icarus, which I took three agonizingly long months to complete… but I found out that I have more stamina than I thought I did, and that I can actually give something that I love so deeply as that shawl away to someone I love even more… I made it in Zephyr lace weight, In Claret. I did everything exactly like she said, followed the pattern exactly. I also found out that knitted things get done much more quickly when you work on them. πŸ™‚

  44. Those pirate socks? They’re for me, right? I mean, to be shown off properly, you’d need someone who wouldn’t hide their beauty in a pair of boots. Right??

  45. More power to you on the Argyle socks. I made a pair once and swore never again!
    My favorite project for this last year was the Frost Flowers and Leaves square shawl from “A Gathering of Lace”. Its the first LARGE square shawl I’ve ever done and I thought I’d never get it done (at the end there were over 1300 stitches on my circs). My goal was to finish it before the end of the year and I made it a few days ahead of that.
    Have a happy and prosperous 2008.

  46. It’s hard to choose one thing — I think I really challenged myself this year to try some new things (I even started a blog to expose my attempts to other people — eek!). I made Kauni, which was my first stranded colorwork, and which turned out well. But I think the thing I’m proudest of was test knitting Anne Hanson’s Simurgh shawl. It felt like a big leap to be willing to check a pattern whilst knitting it, but it turned out really well. And since I got to play with one of Blue Moon’s new Raven colorways, it was even more fun! Happy new year, and thanks so much for sharing all of your knitting adventures with us πŸ™‚

  47. Without a doubt, my most favorite project was the swirled penatgon sweater I knit from handspun. All the spinning happened in the fall, but I knit the thing last January (for the most part). And I was thoroughly satisfied with the way it turned out! (as requested, the URL is linked to my name below)

  48. Knitting I’m most proud of for this year? The basketweave washrags I made a few months ago… And am now trying to sell! (Hey, need the moolah they’ll bring in for more yarn!!) I’m proud of it because they mean I’ve finally mastered the purl stitch!!! (Now watch Karma kick me in the arse… Not that the cold I got from mom isn’t doing that already…)
    And as far as crochet goes, it’s the granny square blanket I made a friend. It tested my patience and sanity (what little I have, anyway), but I perservered, and it’s all ready to ship out!!!

  49. My pattern of the year has to be the Zylie Sweater from the Twisted Sisters Sweater Workbook that I knit for a friend’s daughter. I saw it as a personal goal to knit this gorgeous sweater. It is handpainted, handspun and handknit. I am very happy with the results!

  50. It occurs to me that you should be able to do some sort of picking up of stitches there along the gusset that would allow you to work that section without having to go back and do any seaming. Something along the lines of how you knit an edging onto a shawl. But seeing as I have no intention of doing argyle, I suppose it’s an academic question for me. It may be an interesting problem for you to work on, though, because we knitters love problems to solve. Right?

  51. The best thing I knit this year was a Noro sweater for my widowed(and favorite) sister-in-law. She loved it-it fit and was made with love. The most fun thing I knit was the Baby Shrug from Knit Simple(fall I think). It was easy but looked elegant when it was completed and the best compliment I got was that baby wore it home from the hospital.
    The item I knit which got repeated the most was the Basket Lattice Cap from Vermont Organic Fiber Company out of 0-Wool. I made one-wore it-and everyone wanted one so I obliged.
    We won’t discuss the list of UFO’s I am making in an effort to finish them all in 2008.
    Some I looked at and thought”Hmm,I don’t remember starting this and the all time favorite comment”What was I thinking? This is a horrible…fill in the dots with the words color,yarn,pattern-you get the idea.

  52. I could very well go with the color work mitts I’m currently knitting BUT I’m not. The best thing I’ve knit all year- a simply 2×2 ribbed hat (that was too big!) for my dad. Why is it the best? Because I made it out of my own handspun. It’s the first thing I knit out of my handspun in fact!

  53. No specific best thing…other than tackling projects that I was ‘sure’ were too difficult, and having them come out just fine.
    I’ve done socks, a bsj, mittens, hats (one particular one was done on circs and dpns….I do socks on circs, so that was a challenge!)
    The usual assortments of washcloths and scarves, ponchos….and have started a chunky, easy first sweater for me!! I may have to try an adult bsj!!

  54. Awesome socks! I’ve had the pirates sock bookmarked for quite a while now, but I’ve been too nervous to try. I suck at intarsia πŸ˜‰
    I did accomplish my knitting miracle this year, it was my 2007 resolution to finish my 5 year sweater in progress. I’m proudly wearing it today! πŸ™‚
    I did as told, put a link in the URL box, here’s hoping it works.

  55. Your description of fiddly argyle weirdness had solidified my commitment to never knitting anything argyle. (OK, yes, I knit other fiddly things. Maybe it’s because I used to have a boyfriend with an argyle fetish.) Then I saw the pirate argyles. Oops. My no argyle rule is now officially wobbly . . .
    Sunrise jacket your favorite? My favorite was MS3, still not finished. but finished enough that I have proven to myself that I can knit lace. With beads no less!

  56. My thing was Kiri. I have been knitting since I was 5 (thats 25 years..) My mom taught me and for years I wanted to make her something special. this past year I learned to knit socks and other none rectangle things when I came across Kiri. I got that whole Ahh!! moment and knew I wanted to make that for my mommy. (yes i still call her mommy) =) I was a little intimidated but I figured I could at least try. It was much easier then I thought it was and it came out great. My mom loved it and got a little teary when she opened it on Christmas, and I was bitten by the lace bug. =)

  57. No, thank you Stephanie! You’ve enriched our lives as well. And the best thing I’ve knit this year…got to be your cable hat (my first real attempt at cables) and the Cat Bordhi lace socks I’m knitting right now (my first real attempt at lace too!). Its been a year of firsts! Yippee!

  58. My favorite 2007 project would have to be Jodi Green’s Durrow that I knit for my husband. It worked up perfectly, despite the extra repeat on the sleeves for my husband’s monkey arms. He wears it often, and looks so good in it that the poor girls on campus frequently snuggle up to him to tell him what a nice sweater he has on and how good he looks in it. It might also be my favorite since I enjoy imagining the looks on those girls’ faces when he smiles and says, “Thanks, my wife made it.”

  59. OH! My best knits of 2007! 1. I learned to knit socks and now I am a fiend; 2. I knit/felted a purse (Amanda’s Squatty Sidekick from Knitting Daily) and she loved it, which I wasn’t exactly expecting!
    For 2008, I hope to knit argyles and a sweater. I’ve got about 15 vintage argyle or other intarsia patterns laying around that are shouting at me to be used one more time. I also have mountains of sweater patterns, of which I have only ever knit one…

  60. I think my favorite projects knit in 2007 are my Portland Souvenir Socks – knit from Koigu KPPPM that I acquired during my trip to Portland to see you at Powells and my Kiri shawl, knit from yarn spun from Peace of Yarn fiber samples at SOAR 2007.

  61. The wedding shawl knit for my college roommate (a variant on Mediterranean Lace from A Gathering of Lace) it was on an impossible deadline, and turned out much bigger than I imagined, but I slogged through the whole thing, and in the end I could scarcely bear to part with it.
    It’s my masterpiece, and how I knew for certain I’d truly arrived as a lace knitter.

  62. For me, probably the best thing I knit this year were the orange Fleece Artist Monkey socks I made my mom for Christmas. The pattern was interesting, it was my second pair of socks, and the yarn was delicious.
    They were also the project with the most drama – I lost one of the finished socks in November and didn’t find it till two days after Christmas. Argh.

  63. The best knitting project in 2007 for me was finishing an afghan I had started about 17 years ago. All the blocks were knitted in a sort-of Log Cabin, and I couldn’t figure out how to put them together, since I was worried about slightly different block sizes and I don’t know how to crochet. The blocks have sat in a bag and were carried with me every time we moved.
    Finally, I decided to knit them all together. I did it. It’s done. I like it. Sorry there’s no picture.

  64. My favorite project for 2007 was the Patch Pocket Raglan from the Fall, 2007 Knitty for my coming-home-from-college son. What I learned: there seem to be people whose back sleeve length is longer than their front length. So if I ever make that sweater again, I’m going to have to figure that out because the neck in the back is about two inches too low but my son loves me anyway. What else I learned: When boys go off to college, they change. Every year. This year, the boy decided to take up weightlifting, which I did not realize would change him in a lot of fairly dramatic ways in the chest area until he came home. This caused a certain amount of panic until I read an article by Lily Chin about knitting gussets (a recent VK – can’t lay my hands on it now), and I madly churned out ribbed sections going from the hem to past the armpit so that the sweater would still fit. And the third thing – and this is not so dramatic for a lot of us but it IS for me: I finished it. In time. Those are two separate successes really since I a) find it easy to start projects (and I must have at least 6 unfinished knitting projects in the house)but find it difficult to finish them, especially if there is two of anything involved. Sleeves, mittens, socks, gloves. If there are two items to finish, I’ll end up with one done and run out of gas. Which is why I really like knitting vests. No sleeves. And b) the finishing “on time” bit. I am famous in my family for presenting gifts at least a month later than is appropriate. I have a sweater on the needles that I started for DH years ago – and very dumbly knitted in the starting date (a la Scandinavian fisherman sweater). Due to weight changes, date changes, etc. I have had to rip that sweater down at least twice..and it is still not done. So, starting a sweater for my son in the fall and finishing it for timely presentation on the appropriate date is pretty close to the second coming at our house.

  65. This has been the year of knitting many “little things”, but my best project would have to be the Henry’s Fork Flap Hat I made for my husband, named after the stream where he learned to fly-fish. It took me about six tries to get it right. I used what I liked best from several patterns—and embroidered dry flies on the finished hat. My husband found the yarn at a little knit shop in Crete, and got enough to make hats for both of us.

  66. The best thing I knit this year was absolutely the Mountain ash shawl. It’s huge, beautiful, and in Japanese. (I don’t speak Japanese.) I had never knit a shawl before, but this inspired me, and I did it.
    The Slippery socks (that’s my link) were a good project too, though…

  67. It’s a tie. I knit a shrug and a vest this year which taught me shaping πŸ™‚ I also finished my nieces’ Christmas stockings which are from the same pattern my grandmother used to make all of ours.
    (The pitures are on my blog – I don’t quite have a picture of the stockings up yet, but I will soon).

  68. Wow, I didn’t realise what a year I had until you asked. I look like a serious overachiever. I have a job too. I started and completed 3 Starmore fairisles – Abalone, Rona and Roscalie – the Kauni cardigan and Bohus Wild Apples. Now I have to try and top that in ’08. I’m blogless but I’m eclaire on Ravelry

  69. I’ve always wondered how one knit argyle socks!
    My favourite project this year was a surprise. After a long day with my 3-year old, I shut myself in my room for some quiet time when my husband came home – but I forgot to bring my knitting! So I opened the yarn closet, grabbed some boucle yarn and just started knitting. The result was a lightning-fast “By Gosh and By Golly” pullover that fits amazingly well and is one of those instant favourites. And the icing on the cake? The yarn for the entire sweater was less than $10! It’s a recent FO, but definately my favourite for 2007.

  70. Happy New Year to one and all!
    I think the best thing I worked on this year was the chuppah for Guido’s (It’s a Purl Man) wedding. It was wonderful working with so many other knitters and I learned to do kitchener stitch in knit and purl!

  71. I think you’ve inspired me to knit some argyles! My favorite and best thing I’ve knit this past year is my EZ Yoke Cardigan out of my handspun. Spinning enough yarn for a sweater was a huge accomplishment for my need for new projects, it was my first sweater and my first steeks. Love it! Here’s a link:
    Happy New Year!

  72. I overcame my unnatural fear of the unknown realm of sock knitting and knit socks for my toddler, 6 year old, husband, brother, and myself. When I first tried knitting with sock yarn on size 0 or 1 US, I nearly threw the whole thing out the window in exasperation and declared that the only way I would be able to knit such a fine gauge without becoming hugely frustrated was to drink several glasses of wine first. Then I knit socks in worsted yarn on larger needles and gradually went down a size in yarn and needles with successive projects until now; I am happily knitting two socks in sock yarn and have ordered more tiny DPNs because I only had one set of tiny needles! I probably would not have knit socks at all if I had not been an avid reader of your blog and books. You are right: self-striping yarn is entertaining enough to keep knitting on a sock. Now the rest of my extended family has formed a sock queue and they are picking out yarn for their socks. The only really challenging thing is when my toddler pulls out all my needles from a sock in progress and hides them.

  73. The best thing I knit all year was the Summer In Kansas I made for my friend for her wedding to a wonderful guy from Kansas. I knit it with two strands of cobweb weight cashmere from ColourMartUK (it was really more like two strands of, oh, newborn baby’s hair, except more fragile and thinner).
    I finished it all claw-handed at 4AM on the morning of her wedding rehearsal after choosing to omit the pattern edging… but it worked out well as she had a corset-back dress.

  74. I learned how to knit in Dec 2006. It was part of my list of “101 things to do in 1001 days” and I didn’t imagine I’d become as hooked as I am. I started with two scarves, then leaped right into trying socks after reading your book – it’s all just knits and purls, right?? The link is to my very first pair of socks and even though they came out two sizes too big, they were the most enjoyable and thrilling thing I’ve knit so far this year (which includes a pretty good list of hats, scarves and socks (dpn and magic loop) for a first-year-knitter if I say so myself).
    The socks bring me so much joy and now I have a stash of sock yarn (and two pairs of socks on the go) plus a pretty ceramic bowl in my living room that is reserved for the most lovely of the yarns.
    My first socks = biggest knitting fun of 2007

  75. Artist’s book, Japanese fold, each page three inches by four, left-hand pages handmade paper each carrying a stanza of a poem on knitting lace, right-hand pages six different lace patterns knit on ecru thread with #0000 needles and starched before assembly. Utterly useless and very close to what I had in mind. If the professor loses it over the break I am not responsible for outcome.

  76. Dang! Now you have me wanting to knit some argyl socks.
    This year, as a knitter, I have surprised myself with my ability to make a few projects: Winter’s Eve Socks, Mystery Stole (my 1st lace adventure), but the one thing I’m most proud of is my chicken — the one I knit for the BMFA sock camp, without a pattern (except for eyes and beak, it all came out of my head).

  77. I’m in my mid-winter funk – I don’t think anything I knit last year was all that exciting. I knit two baby hats, two baby sweaters, two baby blankets, one wedding afghan, a Minimalist Cardigan, my first pair of socks (they need darning again – dammit it), five hats for your hat campaign, a giant sort-of Morderne Log Cabin, the beginnings of a Celtic Dream sweater, the beginning of a simple lace shawl with my handspun, a frothy pink scarf, a pair of gloves, the body of a lace-accented pullover, a Noro cardian that was too small (and still is, oddly, after 6 months in a tub), the beginnings of a Lizard Ridge afghan, and the beginnings of a … thing, a striped thing. None of it thrilled me. Clearly, I need some sunshine, some good company, and some alpaca.

  78. The best thing I knit was the best because I learned the zen of letting go. I worked on a lace scarf for two years. Tiny thread weight yarn, big needles, beautiful hand spun. The finale came at the end of a week of the husband being out of town. I called the kids into the kitchen because I was finally binding off the damn thing. I held it up for all to admire and then noticed that down near the beginning, the thread had split and there was a huge hole. The kids looked at eachother and said “Get out of here. NOW.” I didn’t even get upset. I just tied off all the loose ends onto each other and took it upstairs to block it. I felt like I had reached both a knitting and a parenting milestone. And because it’s such a loose lace pattern, you can’t really tell where the hole was. Much like parenting, it was the process, not the outcome.

  79. I think my proudest knitting moment was when I designed my own cable scarf. I had only knit 2 cable items before that. So go me. It is not very complicated, but it looks pretty neat.
    Actually, I did not finish as many projects as I started (though they were all cool). I have a really bad memory so the scarf is one of the only things I can remember finishing. (I started and finished it last week). I should be posting a picture of it soon on my site.

  80. Great looking sock!!! My biggest accomplishment this year was the fair isle-ish hat I did for my son for Christmas. It wasn’t at all complicated really but it was my first experience with fair isle. It turned out pretty good but I learned a ton about what to do/not to do for the next project. I put the link in the URL box but here it’s here again if something fails in the computer world.

  81. (Checks list)… woah, I finished more knitting in 2007 than I thought! I was probably happiest to see the end of the twelve-foot long stockinette tube that became my mother’s Harry Potter scarf (on size 7 needles… what was I thinking?); my *favorite* project of the year is probably Nautical Knitter’s “Secret of the Stole”, but it’s not done yet. Ditto Some Knitting Required’s “Pretty as a Peacock” shawl. (Hm. Do I actually *like* anything I actually finished this year?)
    Of course, the reason I love those two so much is the Claudia Handpainted Silk Lace Yarn. It feels *soooo* good to work with!

  82. I think that everything that I have knit this year has been worthy of note. I have just really discovered the joy that is knitting and have been expanding my skill set greatly with my projects. That said I think that my favorite pattern of the year is the Sheepy Pants pattern. It is fun to be able to knit something for my kids that turns out so cute and is also very useful (it is a pattern for wool diaper covers).

  83. My sweater vest I knit for my husband is my proudest – mostly b/c he’s actually worn it.
    Happy New Year and all the best in ’08.

  84. There are many things I knit this past year that I love…things for wee babes (including the WoolyBabe!), a beautiful Sunrise Circle Jacket for my best friend, my first lace shawl. But the thing I’m probably most proud of is the Irish fisherman’s sweater I knit for my brother (in a 48″ chest) just because I knew he wanted one. It took 6 months of 2007 and my elbows and wrists still ache when I think about it too long but to hear the excitement in his voice over the phone on Christmas Eve was worth every single stitch.

  85. The knitted-by-me thing I was most pleased with this year was my Sockapalooza 4 socks. The dye job turned out great, totally by accident, and the lace pattern turned out really pretty, also mostly by accident.
    They are nowhere as cool as argyles, but if you want to see the process, click my name. And thanks!

  86. I know what I think is the best thing You knit all year, but it’ll be interesting to see what you choose.
    As for me, well, I didn’t finish many things this year, but I’m ok with that. Started lots of them though. But I’m having fun and learning and while sure, it’d be nice to have fewer bits of things lying around, overall I’ve been an incredibly fortunate person with knitting and knitting related friends and focus this year.
    I do know what my best knitting was though. Six small squares, three with sheep, three with Blessings, that were made with love and joined with other small squares made with love to keep three very special babies warm.

  87. Great Argyles! My daddy would have LOVED them! He was a golfer & wore a lot of argyle, including a sweater I once knitted for him back in my “sweater days”.
    My favorite, though not best, project this year was my first sock. Note I said “sock”, not “pair of”. The cuff is too tight, the leg is too big, & the foot is too short, but the heel came out just fine. I actually created “sock” — it’s beautiful, and I love it, and I want to make MORE. I’m going to use the knowledge of my measuring mistakes & the remaining yarn to make a beautiful, perfectly-fitting pair, and frame the first one. (If I don’t have to frog it to finish the second sock.)
    I find myself inexplicably obsessed with “socks” lately, influenced by your constant parade of gorgeous socks. As soon as I finish my Christmas knitting (Yeah, I know — just a bit late), I’m starting my new destiny as a “sock knitter”. Wish me luck!

  88. I have a tie for most favorite project of 2007. The one I wear the most is probably my Shadow Vest, because the sport weight yarn is best for my Bay Area climate. I also made an alpaca Friday Harbor Vest, which is sooo soft and yummy, but reserved for our short season of cold weather. I also made a Coronet hat for my DH, and the gray color looks just wonderful with his gray beard; I think he looks just like a Viking! I also made several pairs of socks that really turned out well. (All projects can be seen on Ravelry under nbgriz.) Yes, it was a very good knitting year.
    Thank you, Stephanie, for your wonderful blog! You have given me so much inspiration and encouragement to try new things. Maybe argyles will be on my list for 2008.

  89. My best knitting this year was the vegetables. (see photo) I made up my own patterns and did it for my own enjoyment. I ended up selling most of them and had orders for 6 onions! I still haven’t finished. Second most proud is my Mason Dixon mitered blanket. It took a long time but looks and feels wonderful.

  90. My best knit was one of the easiest: a sweater for my son. He is only one and a half, but he knew it was his while I was knitting it and he was so damn excited when I finished it. I would be lying if I tried to pretend it didn’t make me cry.

  91. I think I only finished one thing this year, LAST NIGHT! The Charlotte scoop neck sweater for Rowan’s A Season’s Tale in Rowan Kid Classic Crushed Velvet(a deep maroon color). I am pleased because it actually fits me the way it is supposed to, and it is made with yarn that DH proudly brought me from a business trip to England! No pictures yet. It was really simple, and I have to say my nicest realization this year is that I love challenging things, even though my lifestyle is not conducive to them (3 wild boys, kind of interferes with counting and uninterrupted spurts of knitting).
    still, I am so ready to again tackle something besides miles of stockinette! Nice to assure myself I am not TOO much of a novice, just check my temperature before I try lace again anytime soon! I’m thinking cables again…
    I think I have learned more about socks in your last two posts than I even thought there was to know! Great explanation! I love the socks, what a lucky recipient, I am sure they haven’t taken them off yet!

  92. Well, it’s not quite finished yet, one-half a sleeve to go, but the best thing this year has to be the sweater I’m making for the ex, now back boyfriend. Because he wanted a sweater that was in a Highlander TV episode, and with the help of online friends, I found the yarn, made up the pattern by combining things from several sources and proved I can knit something that doesn’t have hard and fast directions. And the only reason it’s not officially done — is that it’s on size 3 and 4 needles. Okay, so I also knit something on tiny needles and didn’t go crazy. Does that count as an accomplishment as well?

  93. The best thing I made this summer required no special skills beyond garter stitch and making stripes, and used tons of yarns that I normally hate working with, but it was by far the most meaningful project I’ve made. A good friend of mine had a baby a year ago who was born with CHARGE Syndrome. He can’t see, hear, taste, or smell very well, but they think he has normal touch abilities. Because of this, he’s extra sensitive to the way things feel, so I made him a blanket with random stripes of tons of different yarns so that he could play with it and feel all the different textures. If you scroll down on the post linked in the URL you can see it. It’s not the prettiest blanket ever, but it’s pretty special to me. =)

  94. Given that I have been either out on a stress leave or unemployed all year, there has been a LOT of knitting that’s been amazing to me – and a lot of time to work on it!
    I made my first (and second) socks – as noted by Steph in her blog post on the tour stop in Petaluma. First ones were huge and totally wonky but my son wears them, and the second were for me and amaze me with how much finer it is to have stuff on my feet that fit!
    I tried my first lace project, which has just gone from 50% done on Ravelry to 15% – I found a dropped stitch wa-a-a-ay back. This one taught me why they call it a life-line, as I was ready to slit my wrists before I realized I didn’t have to rip back to the edging every time I mucked it up, but just back to the last correct row.
    What I’m proudest of has been a stealth project – the same sweater Stephanie knit for Ken, but my son wanted it in 2 colors and with a different collar line, and the yarn I picked wasn’t quite to gauge when I got the consistency I liked. So on this one I learned to adjust a pattern to fit the gauge I was getting, and dusted off the grade-school math portion of my brain to figure out how to make it work. Yesterday was presentation day, and not only does he like it, it FITS! This is the first grown-up size sweater that I’ve finished, so it’s my biggest success, and as soon as he sends me the photos, I will blog all my holiday gift creations.
    Knitting has kept me sane through a really rough and stressful year, so I am happy as a clam that I not only saved my mental health, but came out of it with some accomplishments I can be proud of!

  95. As a newer knitter my proudest knit was my first sweater this spring. Learned many new techniques & as a bonus it even fits!
    Thank YOU Stephanie so much for your inspirations & humour. It adds more to my life than you know.

  96. Happy New Year! And love the Argyles!
    The best thing I knitted this year was a intertwined horseshoe cable scarf with Jade Sapphire PURE MONGOLIAN CASHMERE yarn in ruby slippers. I scored a couple of 60% off skeins at a sale in a shop in New Hampshire while on vacation. (I had no idea what I was doing or I would have jumped on the whole basket of it, credit card be damned!) It was like knitting with clouds! I didn’t even mind frogging half a scarf when I discovered that the dye lot was so different even on the varigated colors. I think I might have a bad cashmere habit now….
    Blessings to you and yours!!

  97. My favorite knitting of the year? I think I’ve narrowed it down to four pairs of socks. Two of them are variants on the same stitch pattern from Barbara Walker’s first book of stitch patterns. I worked out the lace pattern and put it into two pairs of socks, at two different gauges. I’m wearing one right now. The third was in a stitch pattern that I took from Nona’s Swatch-a-day blog. As soon as I saw it, I thought it would make a good pair of socks. And so it did.
    If you ask me again, I might make different choices. But, maybe not. The last two pairs of socks are in my Ravelry projects (Miami Vice Socks and Alpaca Coriolis).
    The fourth pair of favorite socks is on the list for a different reason. The first three are on the list because I designed them, starting from a vision of what they’d look like, and implemented the design. I’ve never been a conventionally artistic sort, but this is pretty damn close. The fourth pair? My Coriolis socks, based on Cat Bordhi’s Master Coriolis pattern. After I got the book, I knew I wanted to knit these socks, but I was waiting for the right yarn. And I found it: some Classic Elite Alpaca Sox, in a beautiful melange of blue and green.

  98. My best project was my first sock. After years of agonizing over the fear, the voice of my MIL in my head saying “You are not a real knitter Kathy, until you have turned a heel”, I did it. It was just a basic, child size sock, but I treasure that little sock. It also was a great reminder that things we think are hard or something we can’t do, often turn out not to be. Happy New Year!

  99. The best of my knitting this year is that I am still knitting strong after starting 2007 with knitting restrictions, therapy and finally carpal tunnel surgery. Back at it (a bit more sensible)100% !! Happy New Year. Thanks for sharing you with us.

  100. I think the best thing I finished this year was my Bristow sweater, because it is soft and pretty and DONE and even though the front button band badly needs to be reblocked or (probably) reknit, I love it. It has taught me to push on knitting sweaters; I believe they will just keep getting better.
    Or maybe it’s the Swallowtail Shawl I knit, the best lace knitting I’ve ever done and I still love it, ‘lo these 4 months later. I cast on for more lace not long after.
    Congrats on your holiday knitting. You really have achieved.

  101. ::totally blushing here:: Me too, on the argyles again. I have three shades of red Sisu ready to go with a turquoise diagonal. Can’t wait, but they’re three down in the sock queue.
    Best thing all year? Celtic Dreams, followed quickly by Sunrise Circle. Both in heavy wardrobe rotation.
    Happy New Year!

  102. I have to say that the best thing I knit this year was my Flower Basket Shawl. The yarn was this yummy camel & silk blend in the most gorgeous shades of red and brown. The pattern was a delight to knit.
    I did it under a week, and wore it to my husband’s Nursing Ball, so it made me feel very accomplished as a knitter.
    But most of all…I felt so pretty in it. I was very advanced in my pregnancy and felt sluggish and, well…huge. I managed to find a dress that fit like a dream, and then came across this yarn and it all came together so very well.
    Everytime I wear this shawl I feel really good about myself, and that’s what makes it my best knit of 2007.

  103. This is my favorite project of the year. It is my fav. because.. It was my second pair of socks, they were done toe up, they have a split-toe so that they can be worn with the recipients fav. shoes (flip-flops), they were made using bits and pieces of different patterns, short row heal, Jitterbug mist love it!, and TWO CIRCULAR NEEDLES!!

  104. “Totally Autumn” from the fall Knitty. It was a Christmas present for a friend and very much appreciated. Loved the pattern, loved the yarn (Abundance from Briar Rose), and love the recipient – what more can you ask for?

  105. My first sock experience was pretty cool, because I can’t wear wool and finally(!) discovered Fixation. There were actual swoony-with-texture&colour moments when I seemed to be creating velvet socks!
    Speaking of socks, I enjoyed every word of the argyle tutorial above, although I will be knitting argyle socks right after I build myself a kayak πŸ™‚
    Happy New Year to you and yours, Stephanie!

  106. My favorite project this year was my Josephine top from Interweave Knits. It was really the first official garment (besides socks) that I’ve ever knit. And I can wear it! How cool is that? I mean I can wear it in public and everything. And, I got the yarn on clearance, the whole thing only cost $8.00. That, is really cool.

  107. I made thigh-high legwarmers in 13 colors. They were inspired by Turkish Sock colorwork, and were created for the fashion show at the Dallas-Fort Worth Fiber Festival, where I had the joy of teaching (one class was Turkish-Inspired Sock Design).
    That was the best experience of 2007, legwarmers or no. Dallas has a big heart and good people.

  108. No question, the best thing I knit this year was a beaded lace wedding shawl for my friend; I designed it based on Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Pi Shawl basic pattern, hence its working name “Wedding Pi” shawl. The lace patterns I chose for both their looks and their meaning, and the yarn is hand-dyed suri alpaca lace, overdyed by me.
    Here’s the post with the pictures:
    If you like it, there’s more wedding shawl action shots here:
    the ‘recipe’ here:
    and the dramatic yarn story here:
    Sorry about all the links, but I’m rather proud of this one!

  109. I did a little retrospective and wrote down all the projects I worked on this year and was surprised at the amount of things I have finished. This year I made a lot of socks and took the plunge to make up my own decorative patterns. There was a good variety – plain, ribbed, cabled, lacy, in a whole rainbow of colors. I was proud of myself for trying my hand at designing. But my favorite project is the sweater I made for myself. I made it to comfort me during a difficult time and every stich is knit with protection and compassion. I swear I am going to sew it together *tonight* so it can go on the offical FO list for 2007.

  110. Those socks are beautiful! I have yet to knit my first socks, but those look gorgeous!!
    The item(s) I am the most proud of are my mandolin scarves. I play mandolin, so I charted one up, and knit it in intarsia on a striped scarf(pinks, purples, a pale blue, an oatmeal colour) I wore it to a concert of my favourite musician, Chris Thile, who also plays mandolin, and he was impressed enough that he asked for one, too! So I made him one, in greens and greys, which I gave to him the next time I saw him. He was beyond thrilled.
    But, considering that it was my first design, and at the time I started my scarf I had been knitting for maybe three months, it’s an accomplishment I am very proud of.
    (I’m too frustrated with my computer to go get the pics, but they’re on my ravelry account if anyone is curious. I’m “Mockingbird”)

  111. Love the socks! I’m a huge argyle fan myself. Those are too cute!
    Speaking of too cute, the best thing I knit this year – by far – was an adorable little pink cabled cardigan and hat for my dear friend’s baby. Said friend has been wishing and hoping and waiting for said baby since I’ve known her, and I’m not sure I’ve seen any person welcomed with more enthusiasm than this little one! She was also the first of my close friends to have a baby, so I got a little carried away with a baby blanket that I knitted (with crochet detailing) for a shower gift and then the sweater and hat for the night that I actually met the little cutie for the first time. The pattern was “Sweet Sophisticate Baby Set” from Lion Brand, yarn was the microfiber in a beautiful bright pink (and, to answer the question EVERYONE asked, yes it was a girl and yes I was sure of that before I started). It was so much fun to knit those things – and was my first foray into cables, so I learned something too – but the best part was seeing my friend’s eyes light up when she unwrapped them and thinking about how darling her little daughter will look in something I made for her!

  112. I’m starting to acquire a fascination with argyles. beautiful socks, and thanks for the links!
    rather than write a long-winded comment on my best knit of the year, I wrote a blog entry. but here is my short answer: Juno. what was yours?
    happy new year! so long, old year! thanks for all the knits!

  113. I think the comment I just made, is in spam quarantine due to too many links. Steph, I hope you check your spam folder! πŸ™‚
    Otherwise, here’s a SINGLE link to the project I am most proud of making this past year: a beaded “Wedding Pi” shawl for a wonderful friend, designed and hand-dyed by me.
    If anyone would like to see more, search my blog on ‘wedding pi’ and there are shawl action shots, a ‘recipe’ for how I made it, and also a backstory about the yarn (titled Peppermint to Autumn).

  114. Fiddly and time-consuming indeed. Argyles really aren’t my thing, but they look amazing.
    2007, for me, was intense, for better and for worse. I’m proud of what I accomplished, knitting-wise, and look forward to another year of partaking in the wonderful craft. =D

  115. Love the argyles – have you tried using the refootable sock method from “Socks, Socks, Socks”? I used that when I made several (!) pairs of the ARRRRRR-gyles last year? That way you don’t even have the “wee little seam” at the gusset.

  116. Although it’s not yet finished (due to a massive frogging that hasn’t yet been forgiven), the Mystery Stole is one of the projects that pleased me most this year. I knit lace and it actually looked like it should! The other project that I fell in love with was a scarf I made for my mom. It was very simple, just mistake rib with a crocheted border, but it was the first gift I’ve made with my handspun and both Mom and I loved it.

  117. It’s funny, but I’m having trouble thinking of what I knit this year! I’d have to go look at Ravelry to see! The most fun knit for me was your One Row Scarf pattern that I knit for the hub, sitting beside him watching tv, sitting beside him in the car, and seeing his face so surprised when he opened the package! It’s a gorgeous pattern and I enjoyed it thoroughly. The other present that was totally appreciated was The Bob, from mochimochiland. Bob was knit for my five month old grandson for Christmas, and he knew exactly what it was for. He stuck that long snout into his teething mouth and chewed away happily! Bob also catches teething drool….. a bonus! All my knitting was my favorite this year, because when I read your book, I realized that I am a Knitter! Thank you for that, Stephanie, and for making me laugh so frequently, and for your sharing of your life, your yarn, your family and your FOs, not necessarily in any order of importance. Happy 2008! Knit on!

  118. My favorite knit from 2007 was the Two Tone shrug from Fitted Knits. It was my first non-baby sweater. I loved the construction and the great fit of the finished product. I even got a compliment recently from an Ann Taylor marketing guy while shopping in Ann Taylor Loft. My second fave knit were the Lenore socks. I don’t think I’ve ever loved every stitch in a sock as much as that one. πŸ™‚

  119. I’m a new knitter as of Feb ’07. I made 2 quick scarves, then jumped right in with a cardigan sweater, large felted bag from Personalities, and 4 pair of socks! I took an advanced knitting class and learned some Modular knitting too. The thing I’m most proud of is being able to jump right in and try new things. Thanks, Stephanie, for contributing to my enthusiasm!

  120. Definitely the Hugs and Kisses Sweater I designed and knit for my Boyfriend. My first attempt at an aran style sweater and he wont stop wearing it!

  121. To be completely honest, my greatest moment of glory didn’t come from knitting, but from… crochet. Seriously. It was this massive granny square afghan that was nearly 4 feet across (1.33 m) and nearly 5 feet going the other way. I made a billion little squares, crocheted them together and I have a massive blanket. I am pleased.
    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! *opens the champagne*

  122. I finished my Koigu Oriental Jacket this year. It was long in the knitting, and there were many ends to be woven in, even though I tried to weave them as I worked for the most part. It’s a good sweater, and I get many compliments on it.

  123. I was very proud to finish a pair of Eunny Jang’s Bayerische socks this summer. I gifted them to my Sockapalooza pal in Australia, and now we are best blog buddies. Hardest project I ever knit, but they were worth the aggravation in the end. (My name links to them – if I did it right!)

  124. My biggest knitting success was the green rib warmer pictured in my blog entry, Knitting Rib Warmers. Not my first one by a long shot. BUT, it was my first one where I figured out how to knit it without using a pattern and chose my own yarn and knit it to my own gauge. Big step for me. Plus, the yarn, DiVe Autunno in the Chrysalis colorway, was a tactile delight. Now rib warmers are sort of my “happy feet”. I can’t stop.

  125. Although I finished actual PAIRS of socks this year and I’m proud of all of them, my best project of the year is the cabled purse form Last Minute Knitted Gifts ( because I had such fun the whole time I was working on it. It traveled with my to Ireland and France, to a conference with colleagues I love and on the first no-children vacation I’ve taken with my spouse in 8 years.
    Happy New Year to all!

  126. Looking forward to another year of your blog; your wit just kills me! My favourite project this year has to be the Circular Cardigan, designed by Debbie Bliss (LOVE her!); I’ve had so many comments about it that I’m teaching a class for this pattern at my LYS! I also made myself a purse from the Knitting Daily website (Amanda’s Squatty Purse), and loved it so much that I made 3 more for Christmas presents. Happy New Year Stephanie!

  127. Other than learning how to knit socks this year! yea-love them. I made this from the SOTS, I had never done lace, or worked with yarn this fine. It really stretched my knitting skills, and am hooked on both lace and socks-

  128. I have plenty of projects that I started in 2007, and I have too many sweaters that I didn’t manage to finish. They’re knit, just not wear-able. πŸ™‚ (that’s January’s goal!)
    I’d have to say that the knitting thing I’m most proud of is becoming a sock knitter. A year ago, I hadn’t even started to drool over sock yarns. But early in ’07, I took a class at my LYS. Did one top-down with a heel flap and one toe-up with a short-row heel. Then a pair of Jaywalkers. I was slow and didn’t fall in love.
    then I did a pair of Fleece Artist socks using your top-down recipe and got hooked. The link I chose shows both of my very favorite pairs of socks — the first of my pair of Bartholomews from Cat Bordhi’s new book, and that pair of Fleece Artist socks that truly got me hooked on sock knitting. Given a choice, one of those two pairs is on my feet when I leave the house.
    I truly enjoy your blog. Thank you for your commentary on the world in 2007 and I look forward to more good reading in 2008!

  129. I’ve grown leaps and bounds this year and tried lots of new things.. lace and colorwork being my favorite! I’m most proud of my first real, totally usable and being worn nearly daily sweater. I can’t believe I made a whole, real sweater that actually fits. I love knitting πŸ™‚

  130. The best thing I knit was a lacy pink scarf for my six year old niece. It was my first attempt at lace and it turned out nicely. And the recipient loved it…more for its pinkness than for the lace.

  131. The best think I knit this year, was a Wonderful Wallaby–hooded sweatershirt looking sweater. Okay, I have to be honest–I am just finishing the hood, but it will be done. It is probably too big, but it will be one of those sweaters that will be worn all the time because it is so comfy.

  132. My best things would be finishing one lace rather large lace project and doing yet another in the same year. I also amazed myself at getting my hubby’s Christmas sweater done a few days before Christmas eve πŸ™‚ also seen on my flickr page.

  133. I’ll be celebrating my one-year knitterversary this next week, and I’m so glad to have yarn and all these yarny people in my life now! My favorite thing I’ve knit…? I’m not sure how to answer. I’ve made baby hats, blankets, scarves, bags, socks, shawls, and animals, and given most of them away. It’s the knitting I like, and making things people use and like. I’m in a big sock phase right now, so I guess knitting them hasbeen the most fun, and might have to try those argyles in 2008! Many blessings for the New Year!

  134. My favorite is one I started this week and am still working on. It’s the Corazon mittens from knitty. I’ve never done Fair Isle before, and I’m shocked that I can do it!

  135. It would have to be the Baby Sweaters and caps I knit with sock yarn for my 7th and 8th Grandbabies. Twins! Born 10-08-07. No pics yet, the sweaters are still to big.

  136. My favorite knitting project of the year is a big crazy sweater I made–the third FO down in the link above (which is not my site at all but my LYS’s). But I’m also working on the party scarf from MagKnits right now, and that’s fun, and I also loved Tudora from Knitty, which I made in less than a day for my daughter. Mostly I love that I’ve learned a lot this year: lace knitting, my first BSJ, sock knitting, cables…it’s been a blast. Can’t wait to see what 2008 brings.

  137. Happy New Year! I really started knitting again this year after many years of not doing much beyond dishcloths. I finished a Daisy Sweater for a friend’s baby out of simple cotton yarn. I loved it, it was a pretty green and white stripe. The pattern was really easy to follow and I was so proud to give it away. I was also happy with some socks I finished and two throw rugs from the Mason Dixon book but the sweater was my favorite. Can’t wait to see your list!

  138. Best thing is probably the sweater I designed and knit for my father for Christmas. It’s a striped, v-neck pullover with set in sleeves. The yarn is navy and cinnamon Silky Wool. The striped pattern is loosely based on Sally Melville’s Graduated Stripes pattern. And best of all the stripes match at the arms and body.

  139. Great socks. Thanks for the argyle tutorial; I gave up on an argyle sweater for my husband this Xmas, and knit stripes, instead. Maybe next year.
    I’m still at the steep part of my learning curve, so almost everything I knit is the best thing I’ve ever made. My personal best this year is a striped jacket I made last month, of my own design.
    My best friend gave me ten skeins of Noro Big Kureyon last Christmas. I used half of it for a ribbed vest: wonderful, but nothing out of the ordinary. I wanted to make a jacket to go over the vest. Lacking enough Noro for a whole jacket, I raided the stash for mohair, wool, and alpaca in colors from the tweedy parts of the Noro. I knit that into carefully-planned faux-random stripes with the Noro, in garter stitch mitered like EZ’s ribwarmer, but turned on its side so the stripes run vertically. I used yarn overs for shaping, and came up with acute points at the front and back. Kimono sleeves. I *love* it, and with so many colors involved, it goes with everything.
    Sorry I can’t post a picture– no digital camera. I’d love to show it off.

  140. Lovely socks. My best knitting accomplishment in 2007? Learning to knit! I learned in May. Aside from that, I would say the fact that I knit something that I then actually wore out to dinner with people my husband works with that I’d never met before (MagKnits Ballet Camisole). And learning DPNs. Now on to argyle socks!? Maybe not quite yet…

  141. My best project was my first-ever completed one: a baby hat,after twenty-five years of thinking I would like to pick up the sticks. Then I went crazy and added stripes to the second one, which is still awaiting the dreaded weaving-in of the ends, dreaded because I don’t know how to do it and also left the ends too short. I think.

  142. as my favorite cat mehitabel
    would say toujours gai-toujours gai
    there is a dance or two left
    in the old dame yet-
    don marquis of archy and mehitabel
    this american is proudof the red scarfs
    she knitted this year better then last
    my personal favourite i a four inch
    wide fifty six inch scarf stole whatever
    made with ribbon yarn red on the
    orange side with a ribbon of gold gliz
    running dowen the middle
    the ribbon twist so i turned to garter
    stich and its all pebbly and beautiful
    much admired
    wishing you merryfireworks
    its been a fun year meeting every one
    happy new year to one and allon the page

  143. I learned how to knit this year, so everything is my favorite. But the most favorite things were my first pair of socks, the devil hat from Stitch n Bitch, and a bunch of little people, witch and kitty cat from Knit a Fantasy Story. What a great book! I wish I could still pretend like a kid, because those dolls are so freakin’ cool even my husband is fascinated. I have plans for a little Scotsman (anatomically correct under his kilt and with wee cables on his socks) and his pet sheep, as well as voodoo dogs that I can spank when my real ones won’t come.

  144. Hello ,
    Theres a lot of posts here,Im taking a chance.
    Dont know if you answer post directly.
    First of all Happy new year to you .
    I was going thru some of your older posts and on Dec.2004 I saw a lovely tree ornament on your tree.
    It appears handmade either crosstitch or needlepoint.The face of Father Christmas or St.Nick
    what ever.Would you be kind enough to tell alittle about that.And if i could copy,where might i find

  145. The best thing I knit this year was a Dale baby sweater for a friend of mine. Her 11-month-old daughter had passed away in February from a rare heart disorder (her 2nd little girl to pass away) and she found herself pregnant 3 weeks later. They kept it quiet for several months as they came to grips with all of it. When she finally told us at knitting group, none of us knit, we just talked about the implications. They knew at that point that it was a boy and that his middle name was Thor, given that their ancestry is Norwegian. I knew that it had to be a Dale, a traditional pattern and steeked. It would be the first time I steeked. It came out beautifully, I will steek again, and they just loved it!! There is a picture of him wearing it on my blog, . I’ve been knitting for a very long time, but nothing has ever meant as much to me as that little sweater has.

  146. The link in my URL is for November – on the 7th I showed off my Tubey. I love this becasue I bought the yarn (thanks to you and Rachel H), and waited for the right pattern. I made adjustments (thanks to Emma) to fit me better, and it worked.
    But if anyone wants to check December 11, 2007, theres some pretty nice beaded chokers too. I love those.

  147. Happy New Year!
    The Argyles are lovely. I’ve made two pair for some nieces and thought I’d make more but they were the fine Highland Dancing length and finer yarn so that idea went by the wayside.
    My proudest achievement this year (with no pictures as yet) was my Sister’s 65th birthday present. Made an afghan in blues using stitches from the 365 Stitch Year Calendar. Matched all the birthdays (41) and then used some plain navy blocks (24) for fill-ins and the boarder. Over 65″ square when finished. Not too fancy and not really planned out in advance but it looks good and she loves the thought and time that went into it.
    Looking forward to your new book and reading about all the knitting you do.
    Good health, happiness, laughter, friends and lots of knitting in the New Year.

  148. My favorite thing I knit this year was a sweater i knit in the round for my oldest son.
    I used elizabeth zimmermans knitting without tears.
    The gauge was fine(wow)and it fits.
    Used encore Dk knitting yarn.I am very pleased.

  149. Happy New Year! Thank you for all the laughs this year… especially the squirrel wars. The knee socks I made for my 4-year old niece were my favorite this year. I used Claudia’s handpainted wool to make them look like Easter eggs. Then I tried my first lace– a small lace heart pattern that actually looked like hearts!

  150. My favorite project has to be a patchwork blanket I designed. Of course it’s not done yet…
    Congrats on (almost) finishing Christmas presents! Happy new year.

  151. Happy New Year, Stephanie! And congrats on finishing such an impressive pair of socks!
    The best thing I knit this year was Emily’s Firmaments, a circular lace shawl of my own design, in indigo Zephyr. It was by far the most complex and time-consuming thing I’ve ever made. People actually gasp when they see it, and that makes me feel terrific.

  152. Best project of the year would have to be Knitty’s Avast pattern for my husband. The yarn was boring gray, the stockinette made me sleepy, but it’s my #1 because my husband wears it every. single. day. He loves it, and that makes it my best project πŸ™‚

  153. the best thing I knit this year…7 lace shawls
    the best thing I made this year …..amazing new friends at soar. hippy ewe year.

  154. My best project this year was the Doctor Who Scarf I made for my DH. It’s not that this project was particularly challenging or even all that interesting (hello? 16 feet of striped garter stitch), but the finished project brought him a good deal of joy. I think this project really solidified for me the idea that knitting is a powerful way to make your love for someone tangible.
    Thanks for the blog, Steph. Happy New Year!

  155. The best thing I knit this year would definitely have to be the first real piece of lace I ever did- the Swallowtail Shawl, in a light grey merino. It turned out to be well beyond my wildest hopes.

  156. My best project this year was the Janet Lace shawl from knitpicks. Even though the yarn requirements in the pattern were *way* off, I ordered more (and even got the same dye lot!) and saw it thru to the end. It was my first lace shawl, and I’m really pleased πŸ™‚ It was a major accomplishment for me.

  157. My favorite knit object that I finished this year would have to be my Diamond Fantasy Shawl, which (aside from being pretty and bfl-soft) was my first big project with my handspun. I’m also really proud of the Fetching mitts I knit from yarn that I spun from batts that I’d dyed and carded.

  158. The best things I knit last year were the two pairs of socks I made for my granddaughters for Christmas. They picked out the yarn while they were visiting me at Thanksgiving and I had them finished in a week (and I normally suffer from the very terminal second sock syndrome). I simply could not wait until Christmas to give the socks to them, so they got them when I arrived a few days before Christmas and wore them until I left this past Saturday. And they asked me to make more — how cool is that! Of course, they’re only 4 and 8, so everything I make for them right now is totally cool. Hopefully they’ll still feel that way when they’re 13 and 17!

  159. I got back into knitting this year once I started working in a store that is half yarn shop. So far, since July, I have completed 2 purses, 1 scarf, 2 dishcloths, and have 5 projects in progress — one wrap, two scarves (one mitered square pattern, which makes me ever so happy to knit), one baby blanket, and the best of all, I am attempting my very first sweater. It’s plain and simple and relatively straightforward, but my first sweater nonetheless, yay me!
    I have also started handspinning again, so I can knit even more fun things. Yay!

  160. Best knitting of the year: Bauhaus Fair Isle by Mary Jane Mucklestone from Interweave Knits Spring 2007. There were other fun things throughout the year, two of which I began last January and have yet to finish (an afghan, and a shawl, designated knitting-for-waiting, that lives in the bag I carry every day), but this one challenged my skills in a good way, and the wool and colorway were a joy to work with. I learned that I can cut steeks, and that they kind of rock. And I learned that the color of my work is pretty damned important to me.
    Frankly, that shawl isn’t seeing much action because I’m not a big fan of the yarn color (a gift)! And the afghan? Takes 1/2 an hour to knit one row. I rarely have two of those one right after the other to spend on it!
    Happy New Year, Stephanie!

  161. This is Norberta, a baby dragon. These turn out so adorable, and I’ve already got a long list of friends who want one. I knew I shouldn’t have showed it off! I gave one to a newborn, so hopefully it wears well, another went to my best friend in the colors of her choice.
    Happy New Year’s!

  162. Holy awesome arglyes batman!!! I would wear them with pride, and probably slippers, but thats a whole other can of worms,lol πŸ™‚

  163. What ONE project would I choose? The afghan I knit to raffle off at a fundraiser dance for a co-worker (I teach 8th grade language arts). I limited the chances to 8th graders. Over $500 of the $2500 we raised was bid on my afghan. Kids were so upset that they didn’t win, I had to teach them to knit so they could make their own (Operation Cast On: success!)
    Happy New Year, Stephanie. Thanks for the laughs, the tips…and the battle with squirrels. Slainte! (And don’t knit when you are overserved, because you’ll only have to go to the frog pond).

  164. I’m working on a Kauni cardigan using a Dale of Norway stitch pattern. I’m loving it. To see the most current photos, check out the last blog post. I steeked my first item on Christmas Day!!! I’m loving it. There are also photos on Ravelry. My name there is quiltmomoffive. Obviously knitting has taken over quilting recently.

  165. I have loved everything I’ve made this year – as it’s my first real year of knitting (since I learnt as a child – well over 20 years ago!) And I have to say – I’m hooked!
    I’ve made so much – and discovered and deep and abiding fascination with lace (I’ve made 3 shawls already, with 3 more on the needles!). I guess my favourite was the Summer Lace Shawlette from IK. It was the first thing I made for myself, from a gorgeous mohair blend, and not only did it turn out beautifully and is really lovely to wear – I learned how to NOT panic when I made a mistake. Thankfully there weren’t too many – but I think I got as much satisfaction out of fixing them properly (without ripping!) as I did from finishing it!
    Happy New Year everyone!!! πŸ™‚

  166. Gorgeous argyles! I love to mix and match when making those. I have had a lot of fun with colors in the past. I really like yours! Hope you have a great New Year!

  167. I finished my favorite project for the year just yesterday – a cathedral window bag done in Noro Kuryon which came out so pretty – I will post pics on my blog tomorrow if I can find my camera cable.
    You were a highlight of my year, too, as in the past. I enjoyed spending the time with you. Happy New Year!

  168. The best thing I knit this year (although not the showiest) was a pair of fingerless gloves for my husband to take with him to Iraq. They are wool, so they won’t graft to him in an explosion. They are superwash so he can send out his laundry and have it come back looking the same as it left (we hope), and he asked for them (a rarity). But mostly, I like them most because it gave me a way to be proactive in a situation I have no control over…
    Click on my name to see.

  169. My best this year was one of my last. The hat I designed for myself, and then when my mother loved it, I knit an even better one for her as a Christmas gift. If we wear them around, and other people like ’em, then I’ll write the pattern out legibly!

  170. Happy new year to you and to all the wonderful knitters here! I just went back to look at my blog to try to remember what I knit last year, and can you believe it’s very little? In fact, my favorite thing, a pair of lilac mittens with a nice blackberry rib cuff, I don’t even have a picture of those. Doh!
    So I’m going to submit my favorite crocheted item from last year. It’s a LarryBoy amigurumi. It’s my favorite because it well nigh kicked my butt. I worked on this little two inch cork-shaped fellow for weeks. But I learned a lot about how to shape things (like plungers) with crochet stitches, and my son loves him so it was all worth it.

  171. I hate to be such a scutch (I think that’s how you spell it) but this year, the best thing that I have knit is my life. So many things have happened–both good and bad. It’s still a UFO but I think I really like it. Through all of it, I was glad I had the Yarn Harlot to read.
    A happy New Year to you, your family and your friends. I think 2008 is going to be fabulous!

  172. Best knit(s) this year:
    Eunny’s Print O’ the Wave Stole, which I knitted for my Aunt Helen as an “Aunt and Niece Day” gift. We didn’t get our usual annual Aunt and Niece Day this year (because I travel like crazy for work) but I did finish it in time to present it to her at the celebration lunch of my great aunt’s (her aunt) 100th birthday. Still an Aunt and Niece Day on many levels, even if it wasn’t our normal thing.
    And second runner up is an alpaca boucle shawl collar cardigan knit in my own pattern, inspired by brass alpaca buttons I bought at La Lana Wools in Taos, NM while on vacation with my best friend. It was also partially inspired by a vest pattern from Nancy Bush, but with sleeves, of course. Nothing like great buttons to make you knit a great sweater.
    Sorry, no pictures. I’m in the midst of relocating (so I can quit all the business travel and get back to knitting!) and the photos are on a PC in Texas while I’m working from a laptop in Maryland.
    Happy New Year!

  173. My adult daughter recently gave me a photo from Marie Claire, with a model draped in a scarf that was seemingly 1/2 a mile long and cost over $2,000. “Will you make this for me?”, she asked.
    A. I was pleased she no longer says “can you?’ because she knows I can!
    B. I made it for less than $65 and she wears it a lot, stylishly and proudly.
    Happy New Year, one and all.

  174. I can’t say that there was any one project that was the best. I do think this was the year that I became a Knitter with a capital K. I’m finally learning to “read” my knitting and not just follow a pattern exactly as written – sometimes I’ve even just picked up some yarn and started knitting without any pattern at all! And best of all, it’s worked! Amazing how smart that makes you feel.

  175. I’m a fairly new knitter and I leared to knit baby hats that look like pumpkins, which meant I learned to use DPNs and different colors of yarn. I am trying to learn to do socks, and Stephanie, you took a picture of me and my first sock in Atlanta. It didn’t get finished because the cat peed on it. Not sure if that was a critique of my knitting or a message that the litter box needed attention. πŸ™‚ Happy New Year to all!

  176. This year has been my “yeah, baby, I figured this knitting thing out and let’s go” year…but the item I feel most proud of is probably the first sock (second one is on the needles for a little longer) of two from some incredibly fun Lana Grossa Multiefekt.
    I made myself my first sweater ever and have since felted it (not on purpose) and have gifted it to a more slender but much much taller friend. We will have to do some crafty magic to make it work for her. That sweater taught me a lot, but it wasn’t meant to be with me long.

  177. I’m really curious what your favorite project was this year. My guess is the mystery stole with the beads, because it seemed so unlike most other projects that you write about. Or maybe you finished Joe’s gansey in secret and you are waiting until tomorrow to triumphantly post a picture? πŸ˜€
    My favorite object was a sweater I made for my mother in law. It’s Tara by Alice Starmore, but with a few minor modifications. I eliminated the bobbles within the figure-8 cables (my MIL didn’t like them), and I narrowed it quite a bit because even the smallest size was too oversized for my very petite and slim MIL. Picture here:
    It’s my favorite because knitting sweaters terrifies me (it’s that gauge thing), so I’m really proud of myself for finishing it–and it fit just like I’d planned it.

  178. I knit a copycat sweater from Ann Budd’s Handy Book of Sweater Patterns and it was definitely the best thing I knit in 2007. I did learn to knit socks in 2007 though so that was definitely an accomplishment.

  179. This year has been my “yeah, baby, I figured this knitting thing out and let’s go” year…but the item I feel most proud of is probably the first sock (second one is on the needles for a little longer) of two from some incredibly fun Lana Grossa Multiefekt.
    I made myself my first sweater ever and have since felted it (not on purpose) and have gifted it to a more slender but much much taller friend. We will have to do some crafty magic to make it work for her. That sweater taught me a lot, but it wasn’t meant to be with me long.

  180. The best thing I knit this year was a Christening Robe for my husband’s cousin’s baby. I took the pattern from Heirloom Knitting and modified it a bit to fit a smaller baby and for parts of it to be knit in the round. I turned out very well, and was very well recieved by the baby’s mom and family. I even got a hug from the baby’s grandma.

  181. My coolest project so far: the wedding shawl I just did. I mean, for she-who-has-never-knit-lace, I think it’s a work of art!

  182. Love the argyles! I knit the Josephine tank from Interweave Knits this summer and wore it a LOT. But I finished a beaded Baltic Sea shawl in January, and I love it–not sure if I should count it as my favorite of 2007 since most of it was knit in 2006!

  183. The best thing I knit this year was a Habu kit by Setsuko Torii: paper yarn, japanese instructions, a real outside the box experience that resulted in a lovely, lighter than air, sweater.
    Happy new year to you and yours, Stephanie, and all Harlot readers as well. May we all knit well in 2008.

  184. Thanks to Marianne at 4:18 I’m now humming to the old year “So long, and thanks for all the knits…” And a Happy 42 to us all.

  185. I love the argyle socks…to the point where i might make them my 2008 knitting resolution.
    The project of which I’m most proud for 2007 isn’t anything particularly special — it’s a basic pair of socks knit with one of the Regia self-striping yarns, and one of the older patterns to boot! It wasn’t the first pair of socks I’d knit.
    But a couple of things made it special. First, it was for my company’s CEO, who announced in March that he was leaving the Vancouver-based organization to take on a new CEO role in Edmonton . I truly enjoyed working with this person; he was a great leader, and I also appreciated his sense of humour. Also, he was intrigued when I started a knitting club at work a few years ago (turns out he’d knit a hat and scarf for his wife when they were first dating).
    Secondly, I knit the pair of socks while I was spending time with my mother, a wonderful knitter (and Harlot fan), who at the time was terminally ill with pancreatic cancer. I remember when she started knitting socks about a decade ago, and I was terrified at the sight of all those needles! But aside from being a great knitter, she was a terrific and inspiring teacher. She told me that she knew I could do it, and then she helped me through the tricky bits. I was just one of many students lucky to learn from her — but as her daughter, I had extra one-on-one time. She was interested in everything and everyone around her until the day she died, and she thought it was super cool that I was knitting socks for my CEO (she was a big fan of the organization).
    My CEO loved the socks, and even more so, was touched that I made them while I was spending time with my mother.
    I also helped my mother to finish a pair of socks for a good friend; she gradually lost the energy to knit. She left a couple of unfinished projects, one of which is a baby shawl she’d started for me . It will be difficult to finish it, both emotionally and technically (I have NO idea how to knit lace, even though this is a basic pattern, as she was too weak to knit complicated patterns). But I can’t think of a better legacy to my mother than to tackle it.
    Happy New Year.

  186. The mystic waters lace shawl must be my favourite, although I have several other favourites this is probably the larges thing I knit in 2007!

  187. This tablecloth (click on link and scroll down a little) is the best thing I’ve knitted all year – not because it took three years (it shouldn’t have, but that’s another story), not because I made a mistake and had to rip out 26,000 stitches and then re-knit them.
    It is from a German pattern, was not difficult (only occasionally fiddly), and it probably the most intricate thing I have ever knitted.
    This was knitted in memory of a friend as a gift to another friend who needed the beauty and the memory. I had a very hard time giving it to her, but have comforted myself by starting another one for myself. I’m hoping the second one won’t take three years.

  188. The $1.50 cardigan from Spring Interweave. Love. This. Sweater. It was a bitch to knit at times as it took some real figuring, but it surprisingly knit up pretty quickly. I think I really honed some skills on this too, but honestly I think I’m still a new enough knitter (3+ years) where I still learn something nearly every project I do.
    I’ve been wanting to knit argyles for quite some time and could never figure out why there weren’t a whole lot of patterns out there. Now I know why. πŸ˜‰ Vogue’s Ultimate Sock Book has a pattern in there too (which was a Christmas present yay!).

  189. My best knitted item of last year were my Hopscotch socks. I’ve improvised a lot of socks before but this was my first proper design (i.e. one that got written up with charts and everything). Hopefully I’ll make the pattern available in the New Year. I just love how pretty they are and the fact that the yarn is dyed by a friend makes them even more special.

  190. auche, and they are lovely argyles. My stellar moment for 2007 was getting to the point of not having to chase a drop spindle half way across the town to find it. Auche, lassy after struggling with this marvelous contraption for 2 months I think I have the “”hang ” of it now . On ward and upward to actually learning to follow a pattern for a triagular shawl sometime this new year . May you and all that you love and care for have a healthy happy and prosperous New year.

  191. I had a productive year, but my best knitted item turned out to be one of the simplest. We have come to call it the “fecal roster” shawl. When I use the phrase, everyone in my family knows what I am talking about! I made Laura Chau’s simple, yet effective shawl for my 85 year-old grandmother’s birthday in July. The appreciation she expressed when it was finally gifted was worth more than all the other FOs combined.
    Happy New Year!

  192. Happy New Year to you and your lovely family!
    I have 3 best things.. it’s so hard to choose.
    Monkey socks I think go first, I made lots of those. Fleece Artist Thrum Mittens are a fav of mine as well….it’s so hard to pick!
    Next in line would be the Norwegian mittens, those were a first attempt ( remember I am left handed and American, a dangerous combination..hee hee hee) so, that project was approached with much trepidation, but with some serious coaching, and regular visits to Dr. Jack Daniels.. all came out well!

  193. The best thing I made in 2007 was a Felted Tea Cozy for my mom. It was her 80th birthday present. The cozy was made to look like a little house and I used silk ribbon embroidery to ‘plant’ some of her favorite flowers on the outside of the ‘house’. You can see a photo of it if you have a Ravelry sign-on and take the link in the URL box.
    Happy New Year Stephanie !

  194. Well, I have to admit that this project began in 2006. I live in Minnesota. I’m very short and have a child-sized head, so nearly all hats look ridiculous on me. But it’s cold! I finally gave in and started a hat – a cloche, to be exact.
    It gets knit sideways in short-row wedges, so huge and floppy that it looks like it should have eyeholes. Then the sides get grafted together and the whole thing gets felted. I’d never grafted, nor felted, but what the heck…
    So, I got this wool yarn. Bulky variegated gorgeous wool, mostly mossy green with olive green, olive brown, brown, a little silver gray…I’m embarrassed to admit that I was into the 3rd wedge before I realized that the purpose of this wool was to create woodlands camouflage. Yeah… Camo cloche. GI flapper. Thoroughly Military Millie. I finished knitting & flipped it into a corner for a long, long time.
    This fall, I finally decided I’d better pick it up again. I overcame my fear of grafting and felted the thing. The nice part is that shrinking it actually hid the camo pattern, mostly. I also borrowed the dog’s wire slicker brush and fuzzed it up as much as I could to disguise it further.
    The hat fits. My head is warm. Life is good.

  195. I figured out how to knit a sweater with a recipe instead of a pattern. It worked for baby sweaters, but casting on a sweater for my dh felt daring. I did it anyway. He loves it and wears it all the time. thanks for letting us share.

  196. My best thing knitted this year was my first thing knitted now that I know why directions made no sense. Click my name and you should get to the post.
    Bless you Stephanie for telling me what question to ask (Knitting Rules gave me a clue). Bless you to Telus for really crappy internet service and a hung up connection and bless you too, to the lovely lady who runs Knitting help dot com where the video was stuck on one shot for almost 10 minutes. Its made all the difference.

  197. My favorite knit of 2007 was the pink hat I made for my four-year old daughter. I spun it myself from Susan Sarabasha’s Pixie Batts and had a blast with it from start to finish! I think I really am in love with the yarn thwacking most of all — very therapeutic.
    Just today, my little one gave me a big hug, told me she loves her hat and she would like a green one, no — a blue one, no — a purple one, no — a red one! How can a mother resist? I think a striped chapeau is in the queue for 2008!
    You can see pics of the hat and it’s adorable owner on my (very) out-of-date blog!
    Happy New Year everyone!

  198. The best thing I made this year was a tessellated kite crib blanket for my grandchild, if I am ever to be blessed enough to have one. It was made during a particularly lean budget period and was made with all my leftover cotton dish cloth yarn. It has over a hundred pieces and reminds me of an old-fashioned patchwork quilt. It was a labor of love and if I never have a grandchild of my own, it will go to someone else’s grandchild.
    Happy new year to us all.

  199. The best thing I knit this year was a pair of socks using Stephanie’s basic sock pattern. I went from scarves to socks in one year!

  200. Inspired in my own small way by your example with KWB/TSF, I designed sock pattern last year, CAMPANULA FOR THE CURE, to raise money for Princess Margaret Hospital and walked in the 2007 Toronto Weekend to End Breast Cancer. The pattern earned over $3000, a total of voluntary donations (most were in amounts of $10-$25) from sock-knitters all over the world and over 180 people joined the KAL!

  201. Okay–I don’t think I can hook up the pictures, but I made a purple sweatshirt w/an alligator on it that I think looked as good as anything I’ve seen designed in a book. (I made it for my son… part of it may have been just that he looked adorable in the pictures. I am totally partial, you know:-) I also made a baby version of the ‘Arwen Cardigan’ for my little girl, Arwyn. It was my first REALLY complex cable, and it looks smashing with little girl’s jeans:-)

  202. My Best Thing Knitted? Oooh….I thought that might be tough to choose, but actually, it was easy.
    This year (Thanksgiving Weekend, actually [American Thanksgiving]), I finished my first shawl ever. It’s one of those square shawls that you knit in the round, with the increases going up the corners. It’s from one of many mystery knitalongs on yahoo, and it’s my first born, and it’s beeyoootiful. I used a sage green silk/wool blend–it came out a little heavier than the designer probably intended, but the manufacturer had a different idea of what “lace weight” means than do most of us.
    And Stephanie? You were SO right on about the magic of blocking lace!! I am *so* ready to do more! (if I could only get my belated Holiday Knitting done….)

  203. Happy Year End, Stephanie, and thanks for making both me and my non-knitting hubby laugh throughout the year.
    For a change, I actually had a bunch of finished objects this year, and each one showed me that I had learned a little bit more just by knitting and finishing one more thing. My “oh yeah!” moment, though, was while I was making my toe-up Jaywalkers. I put in the short-row heel and started knitting the chevron pattern… and got this horrid bulge above my ankles. Frog. Knit some plain rounds and decreased a few stitches. Bulge again. Frog again. Took some time for me to actually look at how my sock was constructed – and figured out how to knit a little triangular gusset before starting the pattern up the leg. Ta da! I now get to wear the world’s best-fitting socks!

  204. Thank you for keeping us entertained and educated through the blog, Steph. Happy New Year to you and your family.
    And *damn*, that’s a cool sock technique.

  205. I am most proud of the seamless baby kimono that I designed this year. I have just taken knitting back up in the last 12 months and this was my first real attempt at designing something myself from scratch and I love that it turned out just as I had hoped it would. It gave me the confidence to design and publish other items!
    Oh…and I love the argyles. πŸ™‚

  206. Oh I love those socks!!!
    Ok, my favorite knit this year was a sweater I knit for my daughter. I put the link in my name url, and it turned out SO cute…almost as cute as the girl who wore it proudly until spring and then found it no longer fit her in the fall πŸ™

  207. My favourite project was the dinosaurs I knit for my sister’s baby! I got the pattern off knitty =) They
    (along with my favorite baby bootie pattern) can be found in my July 31st post. My second favourite is the sweater and hat set I made her little guy – I’ll have pics up of them tomorrow! (I got the sweater pattern from Lettuce Knit!)

  208. My favourite project this year was Lyra – a table cover designed by Herbert Niebling – which I made for my mom. Way back when I was in university I started tatting a tablecloth for her that I abandoned about a third of the way through. She kept it in a trunk in the basement and occasionally brings it out when I visit in the hope that one day I’d finish it.
    I made Lyra to replace it. She loves it – and cried a little when she opened it. I’m hoping the beginnings of the tatted tablecloth have now been suitably dismissed!

  209. The best thing I knit in the last year? Two projects come to mind. One is a baby blanket, knit from a Kraemer Yarn, for my newest grand-nephew. For Christmas, my Dear Friend gave me Cat Bordhi’s “New Pathways for Sock Knitters,” so this weekend, while sitting with my ailing father, I knit a pair of Little Sky Socks – my first socks ever, and they actually look like socks! πŸ™‚

  210. The best thing I knit this year was a Lopi seamless yoke raglan sweater that I made for the Dulaan project. Loved the colors, loved that the stranded colorwork pattern that I designed on the fly actually worked. (Do not be impressed; see the pattern in the photo and marvel at how simple it is.) Despite how proud I was of that sweater, I have not done a lick of colorwork since and have to plans to do so. That one was probably beginner’s luck; no need to tempt fate…

  211. 2007’s peak knitting experience was knitting a hat that actually fit a human head. Previous attempts resulted in floppy things best used to cover young cabbages in the garden on a cold night, or non-stretchy chenile things that make swell doorknob covers.

  212. The best thing I knit this year was a pair of teeny-tiny socks for my daughter’s American Girl doll. They were knit from the scraps left over from my first socks-which look okay but fit terribly. I had to knit 4 little socks to get 2 good ones, but after I was done I had a much better understanding of sock architecture. Thanks so much for the blog. I enjoy it immensely. At our house I refer to you as “my friend Stephanie”. As in “my friend Stephanie” says… My daughters roll their eyes at me-but both are learning to knit. My 11 year old just finished her first project-a scarf for the same doll. 10 stitches and a zillion rows of garter stitch, but it’s perfect. Sorry about no link, but there will be more pictures on Ravelry. I’m sharpgirl95. Happy New Year!

  213. 2 favorites: For knits, I made Icarus for a LYS as a sample – first time with lace (other than feather ‘n’ fan) and also with cobweb weight yarn. I nearly went freakin’ blind but it was fun and worth it (and the new glasses I needed). The other is the handspun cashmere scarf I stealth spun and knit for my husband’s Christmas present – the first time I’ve ever knit my own handspun. Both are in my blog – it’s in the URL but also you can google no blog rachel.
    I’m so enthralled with the hand spun I’m now fantasizing about spinning for a sweater. What am I thinking??

  214. Hi Steph
    As I mentioned this time last year, 2007 became the year of the sock. I hadn’t knit in years, and only 2 pairs of socks ever. One pair when I was 10, and another for my new husband when I was 18. So in 2007, everyone got birthday socks, parents, sisters, sons, daughters, sons and daughter in laws, grandchildren and 2 friends. In all, 27 pairs, and used up all my STR yarn in the process.
    The best thing, my 11 year old granddaughter and 9 year old sister have learned to knit, with the older girl even knitting all her Xmas presents this year. Her tension is amazingly even. Then the 7 year old came running up Xmas Day with “Poppy, I got yarn in my stocking, will you teach me too.”
    So one lapsed knitter and 3 new ones, added to the fold in 2007.

  215. The best thing I knit this year was absolutely the Cobweb Crepe Shawl I knit for my sister’s wedding. I learned so much as I did it, proved to myself that I could, indeed, knit lace successfully, and made my baby sister even happier on her wedding day. This same shawl will soon be wrapped around her first child, who she and I both can hardly wait to meet πŸ™‚

  216. My greatest accomplishment was not only knitting 4 full pairs of socks and they all fit including the first pair ever πŸ™‚ but also my first ever swweater type object, its a hooded cardigan with cables size child 6 for my youngest niece. I started the sweater in Oct i believe and finished it in early Dec.

  217. Hmmm… My biggest accomplishment (knitwise) this year was knitting my first pair of socks. I’ve been knitting off and on for 45 years, mostly off, but started again with a vengeance a couple of years ago when my friends started having grandchildren. Afghans in abundance. Then there was the scarf craze. This year, I started hats, sweaters and the first pair of socks. I heard about the Harlot when I stopped in to the LYS in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia (being from sunny California I’d never been exposed – so to speak – to the Harlot). Now I own books and have been inspired to do socks. I’ve been carrying them around in my purse since October. The first pair took awhile because I was rather intimidated, but the second pair is moving right along. Thanks, Steph.

  218. Beautiful socks! How did you deal with all the strings??? That must have taken hours to clean up.
    I don’t think I have a favorite project this year. I knitted tons of socks. I did make a really fun and fast scarf from Morehouse Farm. You knit it on size 13 needles and then at the end you drop every other stitch. It’s cool to see the scarf transform. That was probably the easiest yet the “funnest” thing I knitted this year.

  219. I’ve read some amazing knits ahead of me, things I could not compete with if I tried to compare. My best FO in ’07 was a tiny thing, knit just in garter stitch. I finished a lovey for my baby just a week or so ago, after working on it intermittently for months. I knit other things this year, but this little rectangle for a babe I thought I never have makes me a little weepy each time I see him grinning around it.

  220. surprisingly, the best thing i knit this year did not turn out to be my favorite thing.
    the bee fields shawl was the best thing, i think, because it became a force of its own for a while there. the sheer amount of energy and excitement its evolution and release generated came back in turn to energize and excite me in a new way. it opened up new possibilities in several directions for me professionally, even as it exhausted me personally somewhat (but lotsa good things end in happy exhaustion, yes?).
    and my favorite thing? well the most fun thing i knit this year was irtfa’a, and i never saw that coming. my first time using BMFA yarn, my first faroese shawl, and i got to work with tina, which was a delightful surprise in itself.

  221. The best thing I knit this year was a hat for my stepfather. Plain blue merino, ribbed, so simple (almost hard to knit in its simplicity), but the most loved and appreciated.

  222. The best thing I knit this year was a felted messenger bag that I designed myself. It’s a great size, and the stripes are all wonderfully symmetrical (which most of the time just happened naturally, but I ended up with a ball or two with lots of knots and I had to fight for the symmetry with those).
    In hindsight, I do wish I’d done the handle a little shorter, as it does stretch if I have something heavy in it, and since I’d intended it for books, that’s usually the case. I’m happy with it nonetheless.

  223. I don’t knit–yet–(but I am I yarn lover–with a crochet hook)however, you got to meet my daughter last fall when you were in New Jersy–she knits constantly! We both enjoy your blog so much and talk about it on the phone (I raised 3 girls too–I feel your pain!). YOU enrich OUR lives!! Thanks so much and Happy 2008 to you and your family–from Malisa’s mum!

  224. Strange as it sounds, the most favorite thing I knitted in 2007 is still unfinished. It’s a no-frills baby blanket, started the day I learned that we’d been matched with a baby boy through adoption. I took it with me to the hospital and knitted at his birthmother’s bedside… when I wasn’t holding my beautiful new son, of course!
    I’m determined to finish before his 1st birthday (I know, who am I kidding) for no other reason than sentimental value… so many dear friends have gifted Sam with blankets already, and he’s definitely not lacking in the handknits department!
    I’ve traded my precious knitting time for naps, feedings, diaper changes, colic, crawling, cruising, crying and coos… and I learned that I wouldn’t have it any other way. πŸ˜‰

  225. While I’ve made a fair number of socks in the past, this is the first year I’ve made a pair that fit me well (plain stockinette, but hey they fit). It was also the year that I pushed my chart reading up a notch since my first lace and knit the Ripple and Weave socks from VK. They were pretty intricate with something happening on each row and I was proud of them when I was done.
    Of course, better than that pair of socks was the fact that I finished quite a number of things this year. That was a great feeling.

  226. I’m new at knitting so what I’m most proud of this year will seem very minor but to me they are a big thing. I knit a cat tube for my two kittens to play in – 22 inches long and covers both sides of the tube. They love it and it brings us great joy to watch them play in something that I made in just a couple of weeks. Then I became obsessed with face cloths which have given me a chance to learn new stitches and have something usable at the same time.

  227. My favorite thing was definitely “my favorite sweater” aka the january sweater from EZ’s Knitter’s Almanac. I love it, love it, love it and every time I look at it I just can’t believe I made it. You can see it on Ravelry – I’m beachknitter. Happy New Year and let me tell you – with trying to fit knitting into raising 4 kids and a man, seeing that you continue to make it through with good humor in tact helps me to do the same. So thanks right back for the enrichment.

  228. I think my best project for 2007 would have to be the mosaic sweater I started a year ago. It’s the best project because it is an adventure into new territories. The pattern is a mosaic patterned pullover with crew neck and 3/4 sleeves knit flat and seamed. It did not seem like much of an adventure at first, but I quickly left the pattern and wandered into the woods. I decided that it needed to be a cardigan with a zipper. I also wanted to knit it in the round instead of flat, so I learned to do steeks. It was the first time I tried to do shaping in pattern – scary. Then I decided to knit the sleeves from the shoulder down, and this meant doing short row shaping for the sleeve cap (which looked crappy until I stood way back and squinted my eyes). At this time, I noticed one of the steeks was coming apart and I panicked. I found out that fabric glue is probably not the best solution. My calculations for the sleeve decreases were off and the sleeves looked goofy. While trying it on, I also noticed that I overcompensated for my plumpness and the fit was off. So I ripped out the sleeves. Now I am going to experiment with using a line of crochet and scissors to get rid of some extra fabric (and the fabric glue). In other words, I don’t have a clue what I am doing but I am having a grand adventure. It isn’t finished yet and I have not decided if it will remain a vest. But whatever happens I will wear it. eventually. maybe under a jacket. Happy New Year.

  229. My best thing this year was your thrummed mittens and last-minute hat. I made them for my mother-in-law’s birthday.
    My sister-in-law who is an amazing knitter and who got me started with knitting, loved them so much she asked me to make some for her birthday. It felt really good to be able to make something for her that she hadn’t already done herself.
    Thank you.

  230. The best thing I made this year was a baby surprise jacket for my son. I used lime green encore worsted, which looked so pretty and bright in the spring, when I bought it. The color was totally obnoxious in the fall, but it’s still a pretty sweater–if you like bright colors. My son, of course, will not keep it on. He prefers pullovers (hasn’t figured out how to get out of them.) Now I am knitting socks for me. I feel deliciously selfish knitting for myself instead of the kids.

  231. My Mermaid socks ( ) with a pink/dark purple Koigu. There were so many firsts with these socks. 1)I did the sideways garter stitch cuff (cheated a little on the cuff, I kitchnered it instead of weaving the two ends together; the end result was the same) 2) my first lace 3) my first short row heel 4) my first pattern all the way around the foot and 5) my first sock with a pattern almost all the way to the end of the toes.
    The best things I took away from this sock are 1) I really CAN do lace. I immediately did a second lace sock (Waving Lace) and I’ve got a third on the needles (Child’s First Sock in Shell Pattern). Inspired by the Mermaid socks I did a lacy baby blanket which led to starting a lace shawl (Paws to Remember). And 2) I know another heel

  232. My Kauni cardigan was my best thing this year. I admit that it is not totally done yet, I still need to do the seaming and knit the collar and button bands, but overall it was really a big success for me. I learned how to do colorwork, steeks, I figured out a way to knit both sleeves at the same time with steeks to make the colors match. My gauge worked out and everything turned out looking great. I’m really proud of it, and I think it was my biggest knitting accomplishment this year.

  233. Thank you, Stephanie. Thanks for showing us your knitting and sharing your terrific sense of humor with us.

  234. Happy 2008 everyone!!!!
    My favorite was a wee baby sweater for the manager of my LYS. It had a lot of ends, but came out great. Even my husband commented.

  235. I live in a small town – 1000 people or so. Best knitting this year has been what New Knitters have been doing since about mid summer. I finally started a “group” to knit at my house every tuesday at 2:00. Just 3 counting me for several weeks, then word got around that I would teach knitting (or “reminder-ing” for those who knit as teens or something.) NOW (sorry for shouting) I have 3 – 6 knitters comeing in the afternoon AND (oops) 5 – 8 on the same evening! I am thrilled outa my gourd! I am having so much fun and these gals are making incredible stuff! Thanks for the encouragement (yes, you did it) to snare a whole bunch of new knitters. Merry New Year (which it is right now) to all of you all.

  236. I loved a lot of what I knitted this year, for many different reasons – some because they turned out so well, others because they were easy and fun. However, the two little white baby sweaters are probably my faves. I love the trim on the berocco sweater, and I am so pleased with my ingenuity in figuring out how to make the lacy sweater that was inpired by one of your posts.
    A long time ago, I knitted (one) argyle knee sock for my niece for her highland dancing kilt. I never did the second because she outgrew the kilt before I was finished. In any case, I learned how to knit argyle in the round – it was a challenge, but the result was beautiful. Each diamond is knit individually in a series of short rows and then picked up and knit together with the next diamond as you move on. A little difficult to explain, but the result is very neat. I will post a photo of it on my site sometime…
    Have a wonderful new year, Stephanie, and may your family be blessed with peace and happiness.

  237. The best thing I knitted this year was the Lady Eleanor stole. Best because I learned 2 new techniques: entrelac, and purling backwards so that I didn’t have to turn my work every 8 stitches. I am proud of myself for learning these techniques and really pleased with the results. I have already purchased yarn to make myself one of these (the one I made was a gift).

  238. What a great topic, Stephanie. I plan to spend a couple of days reading about everyone’s projects as soon as I’m home with a more reliable connection. Right now I’m spending New Year’s Eve drinking champagne and watching Astaire/Rogers movies in a hotel room – just what I’d be doing at home.
    I got back to my knitting this spring after about two years without time for it because of some choices I’d made. In August I started a cardigan – my first sweater in about 3 years and my first button bands and hems.
    I used Karen Alfke’s Unpattern, which gives a blueprint for designing your own sweater. I used Mountain Colors 4/8s wool and did picot hems plus YO increases along the top-down raglan line. I’m very happy with the results and have already worn it several times.

  239. I would have to say that my favorite think that I knit this year was accidentally on purpose from S’nb nation. it wasn’t complicated, but it was my first real garment.

  240. Happy New Year Stephanie! Just got home from a rockin’ party with some close friends, including 2 babies… how fun is that!
    I had a very good knitting year. I wish I had remembered to take more pictures, but that is my resolution (pun intended) for 2008. The piece I am most proud of is a modified Asymmetrical Cardi from Knitting Nature (photo in URL I hope). Strangers gush, and I do luv that! BTW, I knit that 2nd afterthought heel today, thanks to you! I’ll be wearing those socks tomorrow.
    Wishing you the best for 2008! (((hugs)))

  241. My favorite project from this past year was my first ever lace shawl, knit in Artyarns Regal silk. The lace pattern was not complicated, but it took a while to complete and definitely represents more perseverance than I usually possess.
    Thank you for a fabulous year of great blogging!

  242. “The best thing” I knitted this year was my Neapollitan Ice Cream sweater, done to my measurements and at my gauge from Jacqueline Fee’s guidelines in Sweater Workshop. “Best” because it was my first sweater made for myself, took a year to make, and it *fits*!
    (The URL doesn’t show up in my message Preview. I guess clicking on my name takes you there.)

  243. The best thing I knit this year was the sweater I made for my husband for Christmas. We have been married just over a year, so it was about time I made him a sweater. He is the most sweater-worthy man I have ever met, I am grateful every day that he wanted to marry me and that I actually had the good sense to marry him! Aside from being happy that I finally made a sweater for this wonderful man, I am also proud because I made it without a pattern(My first time), using a couple of books to help me figure it out-a top-down raglan with a mock-neck. A new knitterly milestone for me.
    We just got home from a New Years’ Eve party to which he wore not only the sweater(1st time), but also socks and a scarf I made for him in the past. He took every opportunity to brag on me. I think I totally got it right!
    Happy New Year, Steph- and thanks for all the inspiration. If it weren’t for you and your blogging, I would still be making scarves and thinking there has to be more to knitting than this…oh, and I also wouldn’t have known about Ravelry, my new obsession/time suck…all best, Kathe

  244. I “reclaimed” my knitting life this past November after several years of doing mostly class samples and demo pieces.
    At the very end of 2007, I made a cashmere hat for my husband and a small lacey kerchief for a special friend. And now I am ushering in the new year by working on a sweater for my husband (the first in many, many years) and wondering why it took me so long to return.
    I have enjoyed reading everyone’s responses – thank you for asking us to share. And thank you for continuing to share your knitting life with all of us.
    Gott Nytt Γ…r!

  245. Though it’s far from finished, my biggest accomplishment of this year is the mitered square afghan I’m knitting from leftover sock yarn. I’ve finished about 120 of 700 squares so far, since (USA) Thanksgiving. Any scraps you or your readers could send my way would be greatly appreciated. *fingers crossed*

  246. Snowdrop. She began a mild obsession with lace knitting, which led to Hanami, and then Rona from Knit Picks. The yarn was bought by a male morris dancing friend of mine in Purl Soho when he went to New York: it’s cashmere, and I had plenty left for socks. I started knitting Snowdrop because I needed a hug because I’d been unceremoniously and rather surprisingly dumped (OK, we spent two months on a very depressing ‘break’ before the end actually happened, and this was during the ‘break’ part. Break was apt. I felt broken), and I felt so very hurt that all I wanted was to be hugged. Suffering from a lack of chap to do the hugging because, frankly, the one I wanted to hug me was the one who’d hurt me and that was just plain messy, I knit myself a hug in under a month. Definitely helped. Thank you.

  247. It is hard to pick just one, so I’m going to pick 3. In March I picked up Zoe Mellor’s Knitted Toys. I made the snake, monkey, and turtle for my kids. There were some tricky parts to each and I didn’t give myself enough time to knit them before my daughters’ birthday. So they were a challenge. I rarely slept and loss feeling in my fingertips for a few weeks. However I had such a feeling of pride when I was done and my daughters were thrilled with their new toys which just happened to be their favorite animals. No sooner had I finished then my son requested that I make him one.
    Now many months later those knitted toys are still very precious to my kids. Every now and then the monkey comes over to kiss me and thanks me for making him. πŸ˜‰

  248. I Think the best thing I knit this year was a ribbed baby sweater. The pattern is nothing fancy, but its my first successful sweater and is gving me the confidence to try making a sweater for myself.

  249. My best knitted item from 2007 was a V-Neck cardigan knitted for my mom for Christmas using the book “The Sweater Workshop” by Jacqueline Fee. It didn’t have a written out pattern, but uses a percentage system kind of like Elizabeth Zimmerman used. It was knitted using Silky Wool and a #5 needle and has 17 buttons going up the front. It fits SOOO well, was really fun to knit and I learned a lot. Especially, not to be afraid of my knitting!!! It is seamless except for the underarm seams which were closed up using the kitchener stitch. I am very happy with this sweater and will certainly use this technique again! Pictures are on my blog!

  250. I suppose I am most happy with the size 5 and 7 two little sweaters I knit for my nieces and also the matching teddy bear sweaters. The two child-size sweaters are from “The Best of Knitters – Arans & Celtics”. The matching teddy bear sweaters could have been a nice (and fast) gift by themselves. Why did I select this as my favorite project? (1)I had never knit cables until December 2006 but did knit the Must Have Cardigan last year. The “little” sweaters were to fulfill my new “cable addiction”. (2)I never had knit small toy-size sweaters. (3)I totally modified the blue pullover by switching charts.
    I have lots of photos on my blog. and

  251. Even though this sweater’s too small, I really loved the pattern (it’s from Knitty) and the colorway. I can’t tell you anything about the yarn, I made it while in China & can’t read the labels. I learned that my boobs are bigger than I think and when making clothing it’s a good idea to take measurements (I didn’t). It looks great on my sister in law!

  252. Thank you for asking. I’m inspired by the works I’ve read about in the blog and comments. My best work this year was making vertically knit sweaters that show off the beautifully dyed yarns like Noro in a more flattering way (in my opinion). And using up buttons from my inherited button box. Nothing like “diamond” buttons on a cardigan. Now I’m playing with the Noro sock weight for more lacy sweaters. Anyone have resolutions? I WILL finish my UFOs this year.
    Happy New Year.

  253. My best project this year is a hoodie I made for my 6 year old son. It is a nice wine red denim colour. It’s not a particularly difficult project, but the best part of the project was seeing my son’s face when he first tried it on. He was so excited and happy that he had a sweater that was made just for him. It is his favorite sweater and he would wear it everday if I let him (occasionally I make him take it off so we can wash it). To see him this happy makes the hours spent on the sweater worth ever second. That is what knitting is all about. That is why I knit.

  254. I’d say my best project from the last year — the FO of which I’m most proud — is the EZ Seamless Hybrid I knit for my husband ( It was the first time I’d knit from a “non-pattern pattern” and I was worried about it fitting the entire time I was knitting. But in the end, it fit him perfectly and he absolutely LOVED IT. He wore it to Thanksgiving dinner, and I spent nearly the entire night staring at him in his sweater and being so happy that he looked so nice and warm.

  255. I learned how to dye yarn this year, which was cool. I think the best thing I knitted was actually something that I started 5 years ago. Cables After Whiskey in the biggest size for my husband. He doesn’t usually wear sweaters, but he wears this one all the time (now that winter is here) to take the boys sledding, to take the garbage out, to take the dog for a walk. Best thing I knit this year… or at least the most appreciated.

  256. I started a collared aran cardigan at the beginning of September, with a mild idea that it might be finished in time for Rhinebeck — in spite of packing to move and full-time job. Much to my amazement, I finished it in time!
    Of course, Rhinebeck was entirely too warm this year to wear the sweater, but I’m pleased to discover that I can knit a LOT if I want to get something done.

  257. The best thing I knitted in 2007 was my EZ ribwarmer. Loved making it; a fun knit and most important, love the result. Made it in Noro Kureyon; the colors, well you know! Picture on Ravelry (ruthieknits). And I love wearing it! Next best: 2 pair of Monkey socks…love that pattern; both in Tess yarn which is incredible. Photos also on Ravelry but not good shots, don’t do justice. Happy, happy 2008!!!

  258. Avid reader of your blog since 06. Best thing I have done this year, actually got round to learning to knit socks, it took 5 goes before I got it right but well pleased with myself now. Your blog inspired me to have a go. What can I try in 08 now? I’ll have to think of something, how about fancy socks. Love the blog.

  259. I made a number of small projects this year, next in the queue this year is a sweater for my son, BUT I think I was proudest of a dinosaur hat I made for him that I designed myself. It’s nothing major, but he LOVES it, and what more can you want? I also just finished a pair of Norwegian Mittens ala EZ in which I taught myself to knit with my right hand so I could do two-stranded knitting. It was paralyzing at first, but managed and I’m darn proud of them. AND I finished a Jayne Cobb hat for my daughter last night which she hasn’t yet taken off LOL (neither are in Flicker yet…). Happiness is kids who wear what you knit for them!!! *grin* Happy New Year, all!

  260. I just started knitting in 2007, so everything was pretty exciting for me. πŸ™‚ My first project, a pair of socks in Malabrigo worsted, probably wins for most impressive, although D.A.V.’s socks are my favorite. Mmm cables and Regia silk.

  261. Does it count if it’s still in progress (excuse: joined the knitting ranks July 07)? My first pair of Adult socks out of Rowan Mag #40 (Anna from the Fade to Grey Collection). I also really liked the cabled DBliss baby socks I knitted too- which is sweetly ironic considering I was convinced I’d never do socks or sweaters. So, was it the yarn, the pattern, or the moonlight? I’m thinking I have a crush on both lace and socks and the thought of having a pair of black, lace knee highs to wear with winter skirts dancing in my head makes the incredibly long project worth every minute spent.

  262. The best thing I knit in the last year, though not the most complex, was a simple striped silk and merino cap for my Dad’s birthday. Noro silk garden and Knitpicks Elegance combined for a really thick, soft fabric.
    Long and personal story why it gets to be the best. But it was the best thing I knit all year, hands down.

    My favorite object of the year, simply because I just learned to knit a year ago Thanksgiving and this is my only sweater-ish object so far, is the Celtic Seas vest. I love the colors of Noro, I love the double moss stitch pattern, and I love the fact that I finished it and can wear it. I don’t really love how it flatters or fails to do so. But hope springs eternal, so I’m about to embark on a sweater with sleeves for the first time–the minimalist cardigan.
    Thanks to Yarn Harlot for all the encouragement and entertainment over this past year! It’s hard to imagine that a year ago I couldn’t even spell harlot….

  264. I think the best item I knit this year was the pair of Uptown Boots socks that I knit fo rmy mom for christmas this year. I knit them out of some lovely mauve Koigu that I had been hoarding for myself. It was my first cable project and they turned out really well (so well in fact, that I was secretly hoping that they wouldn’t fit so I could have them back. I was happily disappointed).
    Happy New Year’s to you and yours and thank you for publishing such a great blog!

  265. HNY, Stephanie! I make family Christmas stockings that are done in intarsia and the heel is worked that very same way. I had never made real socks before, so that is the only way I knew they could be done — imagine my surprise!

  266. Fine job on the sock and the explanation.
    My finest 2007 knitting was finishing an adult sized lace shawl. Which called for 654 yards of yarn. For which I started with 975 yards. During which, I ran out of yarn and tried to swap with anyone at all in the blogosphere but ended up having to order more yarn from the source: BMFA.
    The shawl is done and (despite being a 5’4″ ‘jeans person’) I feel tall and elegant in it.

  267. The Kenobi cardigan from Knitscene. I love the yarn (Berroco’s Ultra Alpaca), the pattern, (and most of Norah Gaughan’s designs anyways), the fact that I was reading my knitting rather than being a slave to “I’m on a repeat of row 2 and now have to…” What I didn’t like: a) that I had to frog most of one sleeve because I’d been so used to working straight back and front pieces that I forgot the sleeve increase; b) sleeve length-I wish I would’ve thought that through and c) Is it the design element (reverse stockinette) that makes the one side continually flop open, or did I just not pick up enough stitches for the collar to help stabilize that section? Right now I’m too lazy to frog the collar and re-do it to find out.
    And thanks to your unoriginal hat, I taught myself to read cable charts (I used to rely solely on written out directions, but it was time to branch out) and again to read my knitting. Now I can tackle an Elsebeth Lavold design.
    Happy New Year. Thanks for the laughs, encouragement, and inspiration.

  268. My best projects of the past year are either the Kiri Shawl (my first shawl and first big lace project) or the We Call Him Spidey hat I knit for my nephew. I wasn’t sure I could do two-handed colorwork very well, but it turned out great! Click on my name to see the Spidey Hat blog post.

  269. Congratulations on the wonderful argyles – the arrrgyles are very fun, I made a pair for my father last Christmas!
    My project of the year was my Kauni cardigan – I learnt to steek and crochet edgings and what’s not to like in the crazy multicolours?
    Happy New Year one and all!

  270. I knit my first sweater for an adult this year. I knit three pairs of socks for Christmas presents (my first 3 pairs of socks ever). I also did the MS3. I feel as if I have learned so much about knitting in the last year.
    I have fallen in love with sock yarn. It is my new weakness and my new year’s resolution is to knit socks for everyone I know.

  271. Happy new year to you and your family.
    My project of the year isn’t a knitting one (tho’ it has lead to lots of knitting LOL) but my new baby due in March.

  272. My first attempt at a lace shawl, knit in Elann Peruvian Alpaca, for my grandmother, in 3 weeks. Marathon knitting that turned out wonderfully and on time for her 80th birthday.
    My project for this year? Knit sweaters.
    Happy New Year from TX!

  273. I echo others’ sentiments in thanking you for posting interesting, challenging, humorous and evocative blogposts throughout the year!
    I was especially pleased with a Lacewings shawl I knit with Seasilk. I tried lace knitting for the first time this year. I wanted to make a gift for a colleague who has given me over-the-top gifts too many times and I think it succeeded very well.
    I am still not a very confident lace knitter, but I intend to keep improving in future years.
    Happy New Year!

  274. I love your argyles. You have swayed me to the argyle with your posts with my decision to make the Pirate Arggggyles one of my first 2008 sock projects. As for my bestest thing of 2007, that would be learning to spin. I love it and have found so much encouragement from your posts and the links you provide. This is a picture of my first Handspun socks I made for my husby.
    Wishes for a Happy and sucessful 2008.

  275. I think I’m proud of everything I’ve knit this year but I’m particularly pleased with the glove I’ve linked here. I only have one done but it’s the first time I’ve done any two color knitting. I always thought it would be impossible because of the way I hold my yarn (in my right hand) but my friend, Sandra, convinced me I could do it. She was so insistent that she even sent me an extra copy she had of The Art of Fair Isle Knitting and two skeins of shetland yarn to practice with. I made a little swatch, found I could probably do this after all and then figured that the best way to learn was to actually make something. So, I chose a pattern in the book that would work with two skeins of yarn and gave it a try. I’m already planning a sweater. πŸ˜‰
    The other thing I’m excited about from this year is that I’ve learned to spin (also having been encouraged by Sandra!). I’ve made a hat and mittens from my handspun and it’s just a whole new world in craft and knitting.
    I have to say, dear Ms. Harlot, that none of this would have happened without you. When I started reading your blog (and then caught up with all the books you had out at the time), I was uncomfortable knitting in front of people because, since I hold my yarn differently, I thought I was “doing it wrong”. I thought someone would tell me I wasn’t doing it right and try to correct me so I avoided knitting in front of people I knew could knit. Then, I discovered the Harlot’s phrase, “there’s no such thing as knitting police” and I got out there to realize that everyone holds their needles and yarn differently. If I’m getting results I like, it doesn’t make a difference.
    I also never would have had an interest in spinning if I hadn’t seen the beautiful yarn you’ve made here on the blog. You made it seem doable and I’m glad I took the plunge, bought a wheel and took lessons. My next challenge is lace and I’ve started by taking a class in lace knitting. So, thank you, Stephanie, for enriching my life with knitting friends (Sandra and Mardi), with more satisfying crafts…and with lots of laughs! Thank you!!

  276. This as not my most difficult project this year, but ii was my favorite. The best part of it was that the recipient enjoys it so much. I learned hand-dying, more on altering a pattern, and tailoring knit pieces together. The yarn was great also. It was an old funky teal cardi that I was able to recycle into something fun and pretty and useful! (If you go back into June posts you can see progress photos also.) Happy New Year!!!

  277. I had to think a bit to remember everything I knit this year–which has more to do with my poor memory than great productivity. I have to go with my very first BSJ, using Cascade 220 for the first time also. Lovely yarn, and such an interesting pattern–knitting origami!

  278. Thanks for your great blog, I love reading it, and look forward to lots more in ’08.
    My favourite knitted item this year was a pair of socks with a pirate skull and crossbones done in intarsia on the ankle for my grandson. I placed 2 red beads for the eyes that glow wonderfully.
    What makes them truly special is that he told his mom that the socks grandma makes are so comfy and keep his feet warmer than any other socks he has. This kid is getting more socks!

  279. Favorite knitting project of 2007? A little felted beaver in a sweater of Hudsons Bay colours made from my handspun. The pattern is in Briggs and Little 100th anniversary book. It makes everyone laugh.
    And guess what!!!!!!! Thanks to your sock enthusiasm, I just finished my first sock. The yarn was handpainted first in 40 inch blocks of colours on a skein that was 40 feet long to begin with. The stripes are fantastic and I am so darned pleased that I finally knit a sock. (to get a 40 foot length of skein I had to go from an upstairs doorknob all the way down to the basement doorknob – back and forth, back and forth. My husband thought I was crazy). Happy New Year, Stephanie

  280. Love the socks!
    My favorite project might from the last year might be my namesake octopus. I decided to make a blue-ringed octopus using Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in Seaside and Knitpicks Bare sock yarn. I didn’t really know what I was doing, but by trial and error I got the head/body shaping roughly how I wanted it. I put magnets in the feet so I can wrap the little bugger around my kitties’ heads.

  281. The best thing that I knit in the last year was a bright red cabled vest for my granddad. The colour was picked at his request… after he sent me a few emails telling me just how much my grandmother loved the vest I knit for her, and how, if it wouldn’t be too much trouble, he’d really like one too. So I made it. …and I kind of sort of mostly made the pattern myself.
    It was quite an accomplishment!
    Happy New Year, all!

  282. I loved the Haiku sweater i knit my neice. It’s perfect and I can’t wait to try another. I also made a Weasley sweater for my son who is crazy about Harry Potter.

  283. The best thing I knit in 2007 was my Arwen Cardigan. I HEAVILY modified it, totally different construction than the pattern, and wear it whenever possible. I don’t have a picture of the whole thing yet (arrgh!), but it’s featured in my new blog’s header. That blog – first post yesterday! – is my current experiment. And you are mentioned in it, too! You’ll recognize the photo of all the librarians holding copies of “Knitting Rules!”. πŸ˜‰

  284. This year I knit my first pair of socks and am thouroughly obsessed with them now. I think the sock madness is catchy…. Socks are so portable that I can work on them on the subway and spread the sock madness to other random people who show interest.
    Thanks for sharing your knitting life (and sock madness) with us all this past year and happy new knitting year to all!

  285. I finial knit the felted stranded bag on the cover of Fall06 Spinners mag. It was too cool unraveling a piece of knitted fabric to reknit from. Dyeing a piece of already knit fabric allowed the colorway to have a larger repeat. I found stranded knitting to be very relaxing.

  286. My biggest yarn-related achievement was securing a place in the monthly downtown arts market and selling my handspun/hand-dyed yarn and roving. It’s one thing when your knitting friends say they like your handspun, because they know what went into it, but they are also the same lovely people who tell you that you look great when you’ve gained 20 pounds snd who would say your yarn was beautiful even if it really looked a dirty old mop. But when total strangers come up and coo over your stuff and then buy it … it’s not “better” than your friends’ appreciation, of course, but it is says something objectively positive about the marketability of your craft.
    So my very first customer was a loyal friend, (thanks Barbara!) and local people from the comments on my blog showed up — and so did total strangers, including a lovely woman from Sweden who wants me to spin a sweater’s worth of plain natural two-ply.
    Happy 2008 to all!

  287. The thing I’m proudest of completing in the last year was the christening blanket I finished in September. I actually spent about a year and a half working on it, off and on.

  288. It’s alot of fun to read about what other knitters are up to. I’ve especially enjoyed joining Ravelry and being inspired by what’s there. The project I’m most proud of this year was the Lily of the Valley Cardigan from The Pleasures of Knitting by Ann McCauley which has very elegant sweaters from simple to challenging. The cardigan incorporates several lace patterns including the Lily of the Valley with and endless number of bobbles. I knitted it in Jaeger Trinity in an off white and it looks like an antique. My second favorite project was a Swallowtail Shawl (Interweave Knits Fall 2006)knitted in the leftover Trinity-my first knitted Triangle shawl after over 30 years of knitting!

  289. I’ve been knitting for a year and a half. I learned from a PBS show because I didn’t know any knitters. I didn’t even know where to find one! How do you ask a stranger to please teach you how to knit? Or so I thought. Discovering your book, Yarn Harlot, which was so inspirational to me, I ventured out to my localish yarn shops. I found other knitters who answered my questions and liked to pet the yarns as much as me. (i told my husband that I can’t be crazy if so many other people feel the same way!) So Stephanie the Yarn Harlot, thank you for your blog, your books, your humor, and your complete understanding of all things knitted.
    My favorite thing that I knitted this year was a cabled hat for my husband’s Christmas present. It took two tries two weeks before Christmas but I got it done. He loved it and wore it to our family Christmas party. I thought I could finally relax because my Christmas knitting was done but alas, the top started to unravel. Dropped stitches were everywhere, I started to panic, remembered it’s only yarn, took out my DPN’s and fixed it during the party. I feel like a real knitter.
    My next project will be thrummed mittens because I loved yours on the blog. My husband surprised me by signing me up for a class (my first one!) and buying all my supplies. I can’t wait.
    Happy New Year to you and your family!

  290. I made my very first pair of socks this year and felt hugely proud of myself. Now of course I’m hooked and have been buying sock yarn like it’s going to run out someday soon. I have a lovely sweater to knit next, but somehow managed to cast on another pair of socks yesterday afternoon – how did that happen?

  291. Though I’d been knitting, on & off, for over 30 yrs, during 2007 I found the land of Knitting – joined an SnB group, started reading knitting blogs (started with yours, of course!), & realized that I’m a better knitter than I had given myself credit for. Gained more confidence to try new things, & knit my first pair of socks in July. (Now have pairs # 6 and 7 OTN.) For 2008, I’m thinking of challenging myself to try something in laceweight.
    Happy New Year to you & your family!
    P.S. – Loved hearing you speak & meeting you at Borders/Baileys Crossroads, & I’m hoping that your new book(s) will bring you this way again!

  292. The Argyles are wonderful…makes me itch to try them myself…(though I seem to have a large queue as it is…)
    My favorite project this year? My CPH! ( I did it in slightly less than a month, and it was my second, ever, adult sized sweater. It fits like a dream…the only bummer is how much it’s already pilling, but I’m still very proud of it and wear it all the time. πŸ™‚

  293. I knit the Forest Canopy, my first lace shawl ever. It turned out amazingly well, despite a rather large number of obstacles; both aspects can be seen in the FO post in my link. I was overwhelmed to discover that it was much easier to knit than I thought it would be – and that I had much less trouble than I anticipated.
    I am now completely addicted to lace, not that you can tell by further WIPs or FOs…yet. I’m about to kick off the New Year by casting on a stole. πŸ™‚
    Hippo Gnu Deer! I can’t wait to hear the announcement for the next book tour. πŸ˜€

  294. I’m a longtime on-again-off-again knitter who is becoming steadily more obsessed as a direct result of this blog. Thank you, Stephanie!
    I have two favourite accomplishments:
    (1) I knit my first pair of socks — and “Socks that Rock” yarn was a marvellous discovery!
    (2) My first shawl, “Lotus Blossom,” from Fiddlesticks Knitting. This is a bittersweet accomplishment … sweet because it turned out beautifully; bitter because it is a gift for my sister-in-law who is terminally ill with ALS. Whenever I wasn’t glued to the charts, I was thinking of her as I knit.
    Looking forward to lots of knitting in 2008!

  295. Thank *you*, Stephanie! Happy New Year, and let’s hear it for another Year of the Harlot! (I think “I’ve marked the point of normalcy with the green dots” should be on a t-shirt. Or something. [g]) Lovely argyles!
    Considering I rarely finish anything, LOL, I have to pick as my best project one that I not only did finish, but have actually worn. Although I’m cheating, because I finished it in 2006. But *December* 2006, I’d like to point out! Dates, schmates. πŸ˜‰ Anyway, it was a chullo made with the help of the HK Earflap Hat generator, designed by the Knitting Fiend at the dietary dot com. Hems and short-rows and one very, very warm hat! Plus a fun knit. (I put in the url that goes directly to the first in-progress pic in my blog gallery. 4 in-progress pix, then skip over 2 pix to reach the FO.)

  296. The best thing I’ve ever knitted, never mind all year was the RYC Kashmir shawl in baby alpaca. It was my second ever project after I knit a scarf and hat set in seed and stocking stitch. I love it and am so proud of it.
    Coming a close second is my first ever pair of socks, which means I finally understand what you go on about re socks. I am almost done with my second pair, and have about another 8 waiting in the wings. I now look forward to delays on the trin into work – how sad is that?!
    I look forward to hearing what your 2007 best of output was. I’m sure it will amuse and surprise in equal measures!
    Anna T (UK)

  297. The best thing I knit this year was a hat for my sister, in off-white wool/alpaca, with a cabled fold-up brim and a huge pompom. It’s very warm. (I tested it.)
    I had resolved to stay away from argyle socks after seeing all the little intarsia threads left over(I HATE weaving in), but the Jolly Roger argyle pattern has done me in. I’ll be crying, but at the end I’ll be so proud. Curse you Jolly Roger!

  298. My Favorite Knitting Adventure(s) of 2007
    1) Scheherazade as a gift to our wonderful veterinarian
    2) Scheherazade as a “gift” for me
    3) Swan Lake
    4) Reading your blog
    Wishing you and your readers many blessings!

  299. The 2007 project I am most proud of is my Frost Flowers and Leaves shawl. I started in on a May road trip and finished it on Sunday (I haven’t even blogged it yet, but will soon). I have already designated it as a pet to be carried around and hugged frequently. The yarn is JaggerSpun Zephyr (Wool-Silk) and so squooshy and the pattern is the most complicated thing that I have knit!

  300. Well, since this was my first year knitting I’m pretty proud of anything I finished that looked like what it was supposed to. I guess my best would be the Baby Bog Jacket. It was my first EZ project and it came out pretty good. Pretty proud of a pair of socks I finished as well.
    Oh and the sweater shell for myself wasn’t bad and it fit perfectly!
    Anyway, onward and upward for the new year!
    Happy New Year and thanks for sharing your life with us through the blogsphere!

  301. The best thing I knit this year was a sweater for my boyfriend. It was big and easy and boring, but he loves it so much and wears it all the time and it makes me really happy.

  302. Lace! It took me a day to recall that I haven’t been knitting lace my whole life, because I like it so much. Although I’m still on the simple stuff — that MS3 nearly killed me before I came to my senses and stopped trying. Maybe next year….. My first lace: Icarus with Zephyr in Ruby — 3 months (and the muggles are so very impressed). Next, Lotus Blossom from Fiddlesticks — 2 months. They suggested fingering or sport, but thanks to you, dear Harlot, I used lace weight (since your lace weight one is so very purdy). I chose KnitPicks, Shimmer, Morning Mist. I do have a picture, but alas not the knowledge to share the picture with you and your thousands of readers. alas. And, I must admit while my nupps were not the greatest bit of knitting I’ve ever done, the Morning Mist variegated colorway with that pattern really is beautiful. (Wow! I made something that is beautiful!> How in the world did that happen?) Currently, Swallowtail is on my needles, held there by Misti Alpaca Lace Weight, and it’s both the finest and softest yarn I’ve knit with yet. Now if I could just find my mistake….
    Thank you for reminding me that I both learned and improved on something last year! I would never ever have thought of it in those terms had you not asked.
    Happy Happy to You, Your Clan and Your Readers!
    And, of course, thank you for the many hours of fun as well as fabulous knitting tips. And, of course, I am always grateful for the yarn porn. It’s really amazing, this community you’ve created, and I’m so very happy that you did!

  303. I started them long ago (last jan) and finished right before december.
    But without a pattern I was able to copy Christmas Stockings that a friend of mine had. It was his from when he was a kid. His aunt made all of their stockings but she has MS now and is unable to knit. So as a surprise to his mother he asked me to make one for his wife and daughter. It turned out very well.
    And they look good. unfortunately I forgot to take pics of them.
    But they had the name and a christmas tree on them. Wasnt really hard but very satisfying.
    Two other things I made this year was a chemo cap for my father and a couple of squares for the blanket of hope on Knit Knack . typepad . com for her friends husband who has lymphoma.

  304. The best thing I knitted in 2007 was a baby blanket for a dear friend and his partner who had been trying to adopt for nearly 10 years. My friend had admired all the baby things I’ve knitted for coworkers over the years and has always gotten a little sad when I gave them to others. Finally they got the call that a baby was available and as soon as I found out it was a little girl, I leapt into action. Since it had to be done fast, I did a simple feather and fan pattern. I did it in pink fingering weight marino and it is soft as a cloud.
    Nothing I’ve ever knitted has given me as much joy as finishing that blanket and giving it to my friend.

  305. I got nothing. My resolution for this year is to knit something that isn’t square. I can’t purl – I can, but don’t like it. That limits my knitting, but I have done some great baby blankets and scarves with fabulous yarn. Stay warm – it’s 20 degrees here in the The Deep South – all of my friends have great neck wraps. Someone has to wear all this crap!!!

  306. The best things I knitted this year were my Monkey socks. It was my first pair using my handspun yarn, and the yarn itself was very special to me. They came out perfect, they look great, and I love everything about them. In the link, click on the first thumbnail and you’ll see the full-size view.
    Happy New Year, Stephanie and everyone!!

  307. Best thing I knit this year was a small sweater I called “Mommy I want a snake sweater”. I used stash sportweight superwash wool, knit a Zimmerman-esque hooded sweatshirt in the round (bottom up) and then borrowed your I-cord snake from Knitty, using self-striping sock yarn scraps, made snakes that swirl and writhe from back to front and back again. Best part was this fall, when He’d grown 2 inches, I snipped off the ribbing, picked up and knit down another coupla inches and ribbed again. Voila – Mommy, I got a snake sweater that still fits!
    thanks for all you do and all you say. Happy new year to you and yours!

  308. My favorite project this past year was a vest I knit for Afghans for Afghans. I used a basic side to side vest pattern but inprovised on the striping and the colors. Fortunately, it worked out so well, which really surprised me considering that that is not what usually happens when I decide to wing it because I’m under a time restraint. Never-the-less, I was quite pleased and considered myself lucky. Here’s the post of it:

  309. There are two projects from this past year that are very special to me. The one that I’m most proud of is a somewhat lacy wrap that I knit for a friend, which I’m especially proud of since I made up the pattern, and I think the end result is lovely. The one that’s most special to me is a scarf that I knit for my mother for Christmas, knit from a cream mohair in a simple feather and fan pattern. It’s very special because the yarn was my Grandma’s, which my mother gave to me earlier this year. I was very proud to be able to turn some of her supplies into a beautiful product, like she’d always done.

  310. I loved working on several projects including a Weasley sweater for my son, and Mystery Stole 3 (which is my first “real” lace project and isn’t finished yet.) I think the coolest project I completed this year though were a pair of smocked fingerless mitts. The smocking stitch was new and interesting to me, and the mitts turned out to be quite beautiful. I’m sure I’ll knit myself a pair sometime this year.

  311. My favorite thing I knit this year was a beehive hat for my 13-month-old baby sister Julia. I knit it from memory after seeing the hat in a store while on vacation. With little wooden buttons from a sweet button shop in Boston, I knit the hat up during a weekend-long doula training. A combination of making it from memory and the great environment in which I knitted it up made it the best thing I’ve knitted all year. Picture:

  312. I knit a pair of socks for my Irish-born partner as a St Patrick’s Day love gift – a pair of socks that resembled, quite closely…a pint of Guinness. And he loves them. That was a pretty lovely feeling, to knit exactly the right thing for someone you love.
    Of course, I also think that one of the other best things I knit this year was a variation on Knitty’s Pasha penguin – I adapted the pattern and came up with a baby Chinstrap penguin. It absolutely killed, it’s so damn cute.
    (no photos though, sorry, I didn’t have a digital camera at the time I knit them!)

  313. My favorite/best thing has to be a simple broken rib baby hat. It was my first hat and first item worked in the round. Not too bad for only knitting a few months! (Inspired by you and your fans at a booksigning.) I’m now hooked on baby hats, they are so much quicker than ones for adults.
    I hope next year I can say my favorite thing was a pair of socks…..

  314. For sure my best was my very last project of the year, Knitty’s Hedera socks! They gave me so much trouble, but I pushed through and ripped back and pushed through and ripped back and then it clicked and they’re not bad at all. πŸ™‚

  315. I am not sure if this is to late, but I wanted to submit it anyway. I finished a lot of things this year, but this sweater was the biggest project by far, and my husband loves it… he wears it all of the time. I think his affection for this sweater may even drive me to make him another some day. This was the biggest project that I have ever finished, and by far the most appreciated gift I have ever made. I learned so much making this, patience, knitting skills, patience, why ripping back is good, the wisdom in buying an extra hank before starting a project, patience, and the thrill of accomplishing something huge. Also, I learned that sweaters are not as scary as they seem. Every time my husband wears the thing I am reminded why it is such a wonderful thing to knit.

  316. I’m pretty darn proud of my Flowing River shawl. Click the link above to see it. It was the most ambitious thing I had done at that point and I’m really proud of it. Sometimes I don’t even believe I did it.

  317. I’m still quite the novice knitter — socks are far beyond me at this point. I’m proud to have started to knit things that are neither square nor rectangular — hats and felted purses. I’m very pleased to have been able to knit many of our Christmas gifts this year. I’ve been trying to economize and reduce materialism, and the knitted gifts went a long way towards that.

  318. Last year, I finally figured out lace. Not so amazing, I admit, but the whole Yarn Over thing had me stymied. I think the biggest lesson I learned from that is NOT TO OVERANALYZE the pattern. Just follow it, dammit. Wiser people than me have created it, and used it to great success.
    This lace revelation was made possible by Midnight Knitter’s Diagonal Lace scarf, and I loved it so much I made it twice…and will make it again, for myself.
    I also broke my sock cherry and finished…a sock. It took six months, but I did it. And am getting ready to start its mate. Long live socks!
    Of course, I’ve been a bad blogger and have no photos, so that’s something to work on in 2008!

  319. Best thing I knitted was a bright red and yellow hat and jumper for my long awaited daughter. It was a simple knit, but one I really enjoyed.

  320. Thank you for the tutorial!!! My daughter has been bugging me to make some argyle socks. Happy New Year to you and yours.

  321. I learned to knit last February, or maybe March. I knit a third of a scarf, got bored, and learned to knit socks, which is why I wanted to knit in the first place. People were impressed that socks were the second thing I had ever knitted. I didn’t think they were that hard. I’m still floored at how cool short-row toes are.

  322. This sweater, from Aran Knitting, Alice Starmore, was my pride and joy this year. Perhaps because it is the first sweater I have ever knit. Perhaps because I learned so much from it. Perhaps because it ended up fitting the recipient brilliantly. Possibly because I broke the sweater curse. And maybe because I managed to knit it on a month and a half while working full time and going to school part time.
    In any case, the recipient decided that it makes him look “too buff” which just cracks me up. I did tell him that most men would LOVE for a sweater to make them look buff!

  323. Hmmm. I didn’t finish many projects in 2007, but one of the best things I made was a knit kippah (yarmulke) for my husband, which was my first experience with dpns, which was like wrestling an octopus! Blocked it on a bowl and it fit his head perfectly. I also made scarves for my sister and mother, both designed by me using different stitch patterns so they’d know whose was whose! On the list for 2008 in no particular order: Scarf for husband. Frogging and reknitting two scarves I made for myself (because I’m just not wearing them because I’m not happy with them). Finishing WIP sweaters for daughter (designing my own stripe pattern in colors she chose) and me (the perpetual Manos cardigan). And I just ordered a Fleece Artist Garter Stitch Cardigan kit. And finally, finishing a baby sweater I started three years ago for a baby who has long since outgrown it, to give to another friend who just had a baby girl, before this baby outgrows it!

  324. How often do we hear that it is the littlest things in life that catch us the most? A little blog humor in the morning, friends not quite understanding it (but politely laughing nonetheless) as you try to explain this hilarious thing you read on someone’s knitting blog, a great cup of coffee made greater by the conversation along side it, soft yarn, realizing you are becoming a knitter as you knit a hat while waiting in line at the bank and think to yourself, “I’m not even looking AND there have been no mistakes since I stopped looking, how cool is that?”
    But, the best thing I’ve knitted in the last year (actually was knitted in 2006 but it still comes back and says “Hi!” to me a year+ later) was a simple cabled-on-both-sides Every-Kitchen-Rag (it’s a wash rag, an oven mit, an hot pad, it hides that little “woops”…you name it, it has done it) as a thank you for some great Canadian hospitality. Said recipient is still sending thanks through her daughter one continent and a year + 2 months later. That really makes your day, you know?
    Knitting for myself is nice, but knitting for others is fabulous.

  325. Happy New Year’s from New Orleans! I was at your book signing with the knitting tattoo. Anyways, New Orleans won the title of crime capitol of the year for 2007 and just to prove it someone broke into our house on Christmas day while we were away! In better news, I’m holding a little contest on my blog to try and generate some votes for January knit girl for myself. Since my tattoo made your blog I was hoping my flash of fame would last long enough to win the January title. Thanks!

  326. Happy New Year to all!
    My favorite item from this year? The Coup d’etat cardigan from Peace Fleece. Love this sweater!
    Other than that, the Snowdrop Shawl, Shetland Tea Shawl, scarves, mittens, gloves, socks…

  327. I’m actually embarrased to share this, but the best thing I knit this past year was a meditation shawl for a friend who was starting chemo for liver cancer. It was a really simple adaptation of a Noro throw from Simply Noro in basketweave stitch, so it was easy to concentrate on something else as I knit. The something else was praying an ancient sanskrit healing mantra over and over again. At the completion of the project, I had repeated the mantra more than 10,000 times. My friend wore it during and around her course of chemo and happy to say, the disease is gone. : )

  328. Shedir is the one thing I knit that I’m most proud of this year. I love cables, but have never done any shaping with cables or such an elaborate chart. I started it just after my ex and I seperated. It was finished just before the divorce was final. I think it’s also the first thing I’ve knit that is flawless. I ripped back 10+ rows after misreading the chart…something else I also had never done. Not only is it a beautiful cap, it represents my focused attention in the midst of a personal storm.

  329. Thanks for another year of inspiration and leadership!
    I noticed that there is now an actual picture of your new book cover on amazon! Congratulations! The best thing I knit this year was Jean’s Blankie under “THIS IS WHY I KNIT” third post down.

  330. My favorite thing for 2007? Probably the socks I knit for my hubby. They weren’t hard, but he is a size 12 so they took considerably longer than the 7s I’m used to knitting. They were part of his xmas gift this year and he really loves them.
    And thank you for continuing your wonderful blog, you have gotten me back into socks and I have pulled out my spinning wheel and have decided I really need to make time for it again!
    Happy New Year!

  331. I am super proud of my Chevron Sweater by Kim Hargreaves…because it took me All. Year. And it’s very nice and warm and cozy and pretty.

  332. the greatest thing I did (knitwise) was a “tilted boxes” scarf, in seasilk. WOW, I had post-project depression when i finished that. I wanted to grab some more yarn and start another. But by far the my greatest accomplishment was learning to spin. And after spinning miles and miles of something resembling dreadlocks, I finally am producing YARN!!! I love it. I want to quit my job, go live in the forest, and spin wool all day long.

  333. The best thing this year for me was kniting a pair of socks for both of my grandkids which they love a lot Also, I finished the pair of butterfly rib socks that I started when I came to see you in Petaluma, CA in June. I am not very fast but I did get them done in time to wear them at Christmas.

  334. Oh, argyles….yikes! Not yet. I tried some last week. I need to memorize those tutorials first!
    Here’s my knitting accomplishment for 2007: NASCAR socks for my nephews. Designed in two sizes and two colors sets, on demand. (URL in URL section, as requested.)

  335. I have done an awful lot of knitting this year, which I now see looking back on it. I have two favorites, though.
    The first is a snowflake I knit in July for my therapist when I came to the end of my time with her. It was knit in the round with double pointed needles out of jewelry wire and studded with dozens of glass beads. The pattern I had was next to useless and I made up more of it than I followed. It’s the most meaningful knitting because of all the learning involved – wire and beads were new to me.
    The second is a cabled sweater and matching hat. I finished the sweater in a mere five weeks, which is phenomenal for me because I flit from project to project, coming back to them all eventually. The pattern was the sweater on the back of Norah Gaughn’s Knitting Nature with changes. I could get gauge, but didn’t like the fabric it made with the yarn I had, so I did the math and reworked the pattern to knit the same beautiful cable at a different gauge, raised the neck some, and finished it in no time. It’s the most complicated project I’ve actually finished. The hat is the Aran Tam from One Skein Wonders, but I changed the pattern to knit it on straights instead of ciculars and worked the brim in eight wedges instead of seven to change the shaping some. I love the set and am so proud of how well it fits and how complicated it looks. I finally feel like I “get” gauge and understand cables. I’m not just following the instructions anymore.

  336. My Bird in Hand Mittens. I didn’t actually weave in the ends until January 1, 2008, but there was this party that seemed like more fun than the ends.
    Happy New Year! Thanks for all your inspiration.

  337. Beautiful work on the Argyles! Makes me want to do a pair myself.
    I did a lot of socks, including a couple of my own design, a couple of scarves, and a silk shawl, but my favourite piece this year was my first Niebling pattern, a smallish doily. I really enjoyed the work; it makes me want to do a full tablecloth πŸ™‚ There are two posts about it on my (recently started) blog; the “better photo” post has (you guessed it) a better photo.

  338. I’m with Patti on the spinning thing. I learned to spin this year and boy a life of quiet solitude sounds good to me.
    I can’t decide, so hard. I guess my favorite is the little feather and fan bonnet with attached scarf that I made for my little daughter. Very good, because it does what it is supposed to and fits well, and I made it from handspun. A close second would be the little knitted dollhouse dolls I made for my daughter for Christmas. you can see them both on my projects page at Ravelry.

  339. My best this last year was a hat. Now, I know, a HAT?? But, I’m only two years into this knitting stuff! I had made my husband the Irish Hiking Scarf it learn how to do cables. There was more then enough yarn left for a hat. I started a very simple, K2P2 hat and got very bored in about an inch and a half. So I got out paper and pencil and by the time I was done, I had an Irish Hiking Hat! Four cables up the quaters. My dd who started all this said she had never seen a knitted rib next to a cable but it worked! LOL

  340. It was a tough choice, between this (in the URL slot) and my second-ever pair of socks (Country Yarn for Sox (red) in a garter rib pattern- the subtle heathery highlights in the yarn were just enchanting…I adored every row of it).
    But this one has to be my fave- a log cabin baby blanket based on the Mason-Dixon knitting log cabin concept, but using a pattern stitch in place of garter. It used up 9 skeins of ultrafine baby yarn for which I had *no* other use, it was a load of fun, it taught me a few useful rules of thumb for dealing with borders of all sorts, and I will never be intimidated by the idea of picking up loads of stitches ever again.
    I think the reason I love it so much is that it’s a bellwether project. It was the first really creative knitting I’ve done in some years, and has inspired me to do a whole bunch of other projects that have been tremendous fun.

  341. A friend taught me to knit at the end of 2006. I made 1 million scarves. My mom died 11 years ago and boy do I miss her. I realize now that she was a knitting machine – socks hats sweaters you name it and I never even paid attention. She made all the grandkids these beautiful Christmas stockings with their names and a big Santa face. My goal in January 2007 was to recreate my mom’s stockings for my own grandkids- even though I barely knew how to knit and even if it took the entire year. What an adventure! I learned so much about knitting the hard way – but I wouldn’t trade one minute of that crazy journey although it did take me six months to make four of them. I am really proud that I mastered those Christmas stockings and now I am a fearless knitting addict. Happy 2008!

  342. Question – does one _have_ to sew that seam? Wouldn’t it be possible to knit two stitches together where the heel-flap-gusset part meets the top-flap part?
    Cool socks, in any case!

  343. i really can’t wait to see those pirate-skull-‘n’cross-bone arrrrrrrrrgyles! πŸ™‚

  344. The Mystery Stole was my favorite, as well as most challenging project for the year. Made out of natural colored Misti Alpaca laceweight with aquamarine colored Svarosky crystals (bead size bought in bulk), it turned out beautiful.

  345. I learned to do fair isle this year; so far I’ve only used it on socks but in order to use it I had to learn charts and knit two-handed. I am impressed with myself.
    but my favourite project was Flicca cosy and so elegant!
    Now I am inspired to learn argyle.
    Happy new year!

  346. I have a terrible time deciding on what i like the best, am the most proud of…so i blogged about it! I love the handspun that Laurie sent…it is truly lovely!

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