On the other hand

The good news: I am so close to the end of the manuscript that I can smell it. Seriously. It is, in the absence of my computer exploding or something (holy crap. I didn’t even think of that. Excuse me while I go back it up to a cd..) going to be absolutely finished, gone and out of my mind by about 4:00 today.

The bad news: 4:00 is exactly the time when the schools release the hounds for the winter break and I will not be alone again (unless you count the bathroom, where frankly, there are no guarantees) until January 7th. Excellent timing on my part.

The good news: At least I am not trying to finish a writing project with no time alone, because that is horrible. All I have to do for the next several days is shop (I am trying not to think about that) bake (and only a in a supervisory capacity, see aforementioned detail about school releasing the hounds) clean the house (who am I kidding) and knit,knit,knit.


The bad news: There may be more knitting that I can do. Yesterday I accidentally left the great big secret thing off of the list of stuff yet to be done, and while it was rather inspirational to imagine it being done, this albatross is likely the one that is going to drag me to the murky depths of failure.

The good news: I got this much done on the argyle.


The bad news: I got that much done on the argyle. This part is knit flat, on 2.5mm needles, in intarsia, and while I wouldn’t exactly call it hard…I wouldn’t exactly call it fast either. The best thing about argyle knitting is that while there’s definitely a pattern happening, you don’t need a chart. You set up the first row according to the chart, and then you can pretty much get rid of the thing, because the whole pattern moves so predictably from that point on. Oddly, this makes intarsia on tiny needles a good “do anywhere” project – which is excellent, because I see myself doing it everywhere for the next few days.

The good news: The sock that had only the barest beginnings of ribbing yesterday is now almost all the way down the leg.

The bad news: It’s the first leg. No pictures of this one, because the colourway would be a give-away to the recipient, and we here at Chez Harlot are not in the habit of spoiling Christmas. (At least not in this manner.)

The good news: The community scarf is continuing to grow (remember that one?)


The bad news. Not fast enough. All three of the girls have knit on it, I have knit on it, Ken has knit on it….clearly, the reason that it is not finished is Joe. I shall speak to him directly.

The good news: my sole goal for this entire weekend is knitting, knitting and more knitting. I have purchased egg nog and screech, and procured the second season of Dr. Who to make this possible. I shall fight to the last.

(I’m planning to blog over the weekend if things work out.)

The bad news: The last is only three days away.

126 thoughts on “On the other hand

  1. You’re doing fantastically! I couldn’t imagine knitting that much in a month, let alone a couple of days. Hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas!

  2. Love the socks, good luck on the big thing & lastly, thanks a whole damn bunch because you’ve just added an item to MY big fat to do list. I’ve never heard of Screech & now mus make a border run to see if the duty free on the Windsor side of the line has this stuff!
    Happy holidays ….I can’t really be number 1 can I?

  3. Yes, the last is only three days away … but that means it will be over soon! Then you’ll just have “kids always around” part, so you’ll really be looking forward to January 7.
    Wait, was I supposed to be cheering you up? Because I think I brought myself down, and I don’t even live with three teenagers!

  4. You’re still way ahead of me. I’m using all spare time and knitting until my hands are in danger of falling off. The good news: the stuff that had long distances to go has been finished, blocked, packed, and sent. The bad news: there are several projects that are local and whose recipients are getting notes that say, “Santa doesn’t knit as fast as she thinks she does, here’s a sample of what’s coming” with a snip of yarn taped to the inside. Beyond that, no hint as to what it is…. Must keep some surprise. And knit. And knit. And knit….

  5. The screech and eggnog sound lovely (assuming they are mixed?). I’m just about to fire up a cocktail and get down to xmas knitting myself.

  6. The second season of Doctor Who will make all the difference! You will be glued to your couch, completely rapt. (Of course, there are a few clunkers in season 2 — but some of my very favorite episodes, too! The Girl in the Fireplace!)

  7. Egg nog & screech? I prefer wine & chocolate! I have some suggestions for the rest of the family while you knit: Have the girls bake, knit on the community scarf while cookies are in the oven, and clean when they’re done with the baking. Joe can help, too. Better yet, do what I do: clean only the parts of the house that company will see. Bedrooms have doors. You can do it, Stephanie! A joyous Christmas to you and yours!

  8. I finished my Christmas knitting yesterday (unfortunately, I didn’t finish the washing & blocking, but I’ve got a few days and the humidity is very low) and I want to tell you I love your One-Row Handspun Scarf pattern. I knitted it in Panache for my brother-in-law and it’s just beautiful. Wonderful texture, easy to knit without looking; it’s a perfect scarf pattern. I’ll be using it over and over. Thank you for this pattern.
    Merry Christmas from warm, sunny SoCal, where the knitters export warm scarves all over the country.

  9. Go go go! *cheers you on*
    I have had to abandon all hope for one of my remaining projects. I was still iffy about how it was turning out and seeing as how it was the only gift for my brother I was having nightmares about not only not finishing, but also having the half finished piece look like crap with no time left to substitute something else. I buckled and bought him a gift instead and will finish the knit one later, if it turns out well it’ll be a birthday gift.

  10. Yup. As soon as I saw Rachel H. complimenting you on your maturity in letting the Big Honkin’ Surprise Project go I knew, Huston, that we had a problem.
    In sympathy I cast on a “We Call Them Pirates” cap this afternoon. Because, you know, there isn’t time to do And She Knits, Too’s scarf from scratch by Tuesday and I am, above all things, reasonable. (Scarf will be for over the break.)

  11. Kudos on the bobble cast-on — this is the year I, too, figured out that snazzy ends justify simple scarves. That and gorgeous yarn — is that handspun, o my?

  12. You can do it!! You weren’t planning on sleeping anyway, right?
    Personally, at this point I have abandoned all hope for any more Christmas knitting.

  13. I wish I had the weekend free to knit – I’ve got dinners to go out to, family gatherings to tolerate and a carolling party tonight. We don’t get a free moment until Wednesday.
    Oh yeah, I’ve got my knitting done. All of it.
    You can hate me later – tis the season for goodwill, right?
    Merry Christmas Steph, Joe, Amanda, Meg and Sam, as well as the entire extended clan and friends.

  14. I believe in you!
    If knitters everywhere clap their hands…they won’t finish their knitting. Hmmmm…maybe we could show our support some other way…
    We’ll get back to you.

  15. Whee! Almost-finished and completely backed-up manuscript! The rest is just gravy, you know – people are accustomed to receiving unfinished gifts.

  16. I can so sympathize with you, in a slightly lesser way…I just have to finish 3 glove fingers and a thumb, on sz 2s, in tiny yarn, with colorwork. And I really hope your computer doesn’t explode, that would be bad. Mine randomly ate part of my Christmas letter today. It was not pretty!

  17. The good news: the screech for reinforcement.
    The bad news: the screech for reinforcement.
    (Perhaps the screech should be left until you’re nearing the finish point (though argyle socks knit while on screech would certainly have an interesting pattern).
    We’re with you, mighty Canadian knitter!! Go forth and knit.
    By the way, the community scarf looks terrific.If Joe doesn’t want to knit on it, perhaps he would guest blog for you?

  18. You can do it Steph! I have about five more inches on one hat, and then a scarf. Also, if I can make time, I’ll try to finish my sister’s present (Ava – if you are reading these comments you will not find out what you are getting here! HA!) – plus…. she probably won’t be getting it…. Anyhoo – Merry Merry!! I must get home from work because Hubby Paul procured the third Pirates of the Caribbean – Woo HOO!!!

  19. A. Chain Joe and Ken to the table and make them knit on both ends of the community scarf. Failing that, when you see a neighbor passing by on the street, dash through the snow and force them to do a few rows, throwing in a quick garter stitch lesson if necessary. (What? Your neighborhood *is* your community, isn’t it?)
    B. As well as them baking, tell the girls you’re instituting Christmas rules, which mean they get to clean the house and do the shopping. If they protest, point at Joe and Ken chained to the table, and mention that at least the girls will still be free to move around. And have access to food. Or would they rather finish the scarf? Subclause B1: If the girls choose the scarf, Joe and Ken take over the baking/cleaning/shopping duties.
    C. Concentrate on the great big secret thing. Yeah, so it’s obviously done on larger needles and will go faster than socks, but didn’t you say it was a high priority project? That plus – from the looks of it – lesser ease of portability = giving it more time.
    D. Ok, so likely only C is in the realm of possibility. I still think it’s your best bet on the knitting front. [g]
    E. Since it should be about 4 pm in your time zone right now, I feel safe in saying: Congrats on the manuscript! Whew.

  20. I hope its not too late to write out holiday cards. Cause that’s my plan (along with red wine) for tonight.
    Looking forward to three more days of side-splitting entertainment, for which I thank you in advance.

  21. I’m still trying to finish 2 projects. Both may be wrapped unfinished and then retrieved to finish. I do have a long train journey on Sunday to help. Enjoy Doctor Who.

  22. On the good news/bad news front – My father loved telling this joke: It was the depths of winter, and the army was cold, and tired, and under-supplied. One day, their commander stood up in front of them and, “Men, I have good news, and I have bad news.”
    “The good news,” he continued, “is that each of you is going to get a change of underwear.” Cheers went up.
    “Now the bad news: Jones, change with Smith. Baker, change with Taylor. Henry, change with Davis…..”
    Happy knitting!

  23. The good news: I don’t have to have socks done for my nieces until they arrive on the 26th.
    The bad news: that’s only four days away, and much cleaning remains to be done.
    Wish us both luck. Going to knit now.

  24. Let’s all have a big group blog hug, to support each other in these trying times. I’m sending my good vibes your way, in hopes that someone, somewhere will do the same for me. It will all come together, and in the end a good time will be had by all.
    Here’s to hoping.

  25. It is my friend’s birthday today. Somehow, right up until last night, I was convinced there was an extra day between Thursday and Friday that was going to allow me to get her mittens done. Now, I assume by your comment that you are going to fight to the last is that you stole my extra day – all is fair in love and Christmas knitting, I guess. Hope it works out better for you than it did for me.

  26. I am in envy of your community scarf, I would get so much more if my hubby would just learn to knit and let go of the non-sense that it is somehow un-manly to knit.
    I showed him the big balls of yarn, but somehow he didn’t get my point. Oh well, back to mad dash knitting!

  27. Screech. That’ll fix *anything*.
    Good luck with completion. I just have one little (?) hat to make by Tuesday. I have Saturday off. Sunday and Monday I work. The joys of retail….
    Maybe I need to find some screech.

  28. Good job! We can do it! My boss is sending us home an hour early, and I have leftovers from my work party that mean I don’t have to bake any more cookies, so I’m feeling hopeful. Enjoy the Doctor!

  29. Note of warning, luv… the second season of Doctor Who is so good that you won’t be able to knit while it’s on. Ask me how I know.

  30. You go girl!! I WANT SOME OF THAT NEWFOUNDLAND LIQUOR! I am almost done with Christmas knitting. Two more “pidges” to go. What is a “pidge”?? A 22 inch neck warmer done in basic garter stitch, selling for $225. I think not. I made my own and used your wonderful Harlot scarf pattern from last year. That scarf pattern saved my butt last Christmas.Many thanks. A good story: I am the captain of our golf team and over the past years I have knit hundreds of scarves for our tournaments and charity events. This year the women from the club,( many of them non-knitters or beginners) made me a 40 ft. long scarf. They all knit pieces and someone put it together. The end of the scarf has a knitted bra. One of the gals told me she could not remember how to bind off, so she just slipped the stitches off the needle and sent it to the person putting it together. Pinned to the scarf were poems, sayings, and even a haiku about me. They also gave me a $200 gift certificate to my LYS. Now isn’t that a good story??
    Rosemary in San Jose, Ca.

  31. i’m just over 2/3rd’s the way done with an afghan, and less than half way done with a sweater and have to be finished in 48 hours. i think your christmas frenzy is contagious.

  32. You can’t give up, Steph–absolutely can’t. At this stage I’ve got three more small, worsted weight projects to do by Christmas, and if you give up on the itty bitty stitches stuff, I’m just boned. I might as well take a nap and sleep in!!!

  33. Ooo, I can second the Doctor Who warning. Not only is the show enthralling, but the ending pretty well incapacitated me for several days.

  34. Ooh! I am so envious of you curling up with David Tennant, booze and yarn. Have a fabulous weekend with the Doctor!

  35. A Dr. Who fan, are we? Simple solution to the knitting dilemma… Get a TARDIS!
    You’re welcome!
    Merry Chrismakwanzakah! Have a Ramadan-a-ding-dong New Year! (I think that’s P.C. enough!)

  36. Love the Doctor Who for knitting! You might want to put the knitting down and watch Captain Jack in the last couple of episodes though…

  37. weekday knitting always makes me feel like crap because i never get enough done, and then only really late at night. but weekEND knitting, first thing in the morning, all day long, and into the evening always makes me feel more than caught up, so i wish the same to you.

  38. You get to go to the bathroom alone? When I broke the kidlet of that, the pets took over. I don’t know which is more disconcerting. Good luck with the knitting. Is this the time to say that I decided to do NO Christmas knitting? It was hard at first, but I’m blissfully knitting on my own stuff, and nobody is getting anything knitted from me this year. NOW they’ll probably complain!

  39. I’m fairly new to the knitting blog world, but I started reading your blog after reading two of your wonderful books (glad to hear there is another on the way). Now I find out you are a Dr. Who fan too. Can life get any better than this?

  40. If I could send you my community knitting hands through the ether I would! I am done with my (albeit one) holiday knit, and pretty much every ornament on my list of ornaments to make, so I have free hands. Unfortunately, these hands don’t reach all of the way to Toronto. If only my arms would stretch like Mr. Fantastic.

  41. Our hounds not only set ours loose, we’re driving to the airport five times this week (counting Significant Others) to retrieve them when they do. If it makes any of the students reading your blog feel better, one of the SO’s got here, pulled up his laptop, and spent the last two days doing nothing but grading papers nonstop–he’s a prof so he’s not really off yet.
    I dragged one kid to the LYS last night and let her choose. Ain’t no way I’m knitting 1100 yards of fine silk between now and next week, but hey, this way we both know she’ll like it.

  42. I know you’ll knit up a storm till the last – and you’ll stretch the last as far as you can.
    Perhaps to stretch it a little further – someone suggested that Joe guest blog – I think that sounds like fun. “IT” from another perspective???
    Have a wonderful time with family and friends during the holidays.

  43. DR Who? Yes I do happen to know who that is but…. I usually knit to Star Trek Voyager, CSI, Star Trek Enterprise and Original Series along with anything that happens to be on on Food Network. Small life I lead HUH. Hope You and Yours have a very Merry Christmas!

  44. I’m in pretty good shape with my Christmas knitting. The only things I really have to do are to do the finishing touches on two orange hats for my hunting son and and my son-in-law and my daughter’s earflap hat. Of course I have plans for lots more IF I have time!

  45. Screech???? Real screech? Where did you find it?
    Inquiring minds(and envious ones who have no hope of finding it in Southern California) need to know.

  46. OMG knitting with Screech, as an actual Newfie, that just scares me. I try to knit on little sleep and it doesn’t work very well, I’m not sure I’d want to chance it with liquor. Were you actually able to buy it in Ontario? I know that I can’t get it around here (QC).

  47. honestly, stephanie, it wouldn’t be the holidays without your last minute knitting! When you were on schedule recently I was worried for myself and all of your blog readers.

  48. We, who have released the hounds, thank you for the two week respite.
    Rah, rah, rah, (yes, cheerleading for knitting!!), keep going to the finish!
    We have faith.
    Coffee might be a good choice too — especially full test.

  49. Ah, me. Just when my own Christmas knitting/shopping/traveling/planning had me in tears, I read your post. Thank you for making me laugh. (With you! WITH you!)

  50. Good news…only six more rows on the shawl….bad news its a bottom up….
    Good news only one scarf left to finish…bad news…see first bit of good news…
    sigh….Party tomorrow and I know that means wine…no knitting after wine.
    Sooo back upstairs I go.
    You can do it Stephanie! Chain them community knitters in a round (making sure not to twist the chain) and make them knit 5 rows each and pass it on. Should go quickly that way.
    Good luck

  51. Go Go Go!
    As they say on “cast on”:
    Knit. . . . Knit like the wind!
    Screech? Hmmmm. . . Canada has cool stuff.

  52. And the race is on…Go Steph!!!
    This evening I’ve been listening to an audiobook whilst working on a scarf for my Dad – what a great way to self-entertain without losing track of the pattern! Uh, knock on wood. Still several inches to go. I should just shut up about that “not losing track” stuff…
    Looking forward to holiday progress reports from the Land of Harlot. It’s so nice of you to take time out from everything else to keep us posted!

  53. Clearly the answer is to hop in the Doctor’s Tardis, zip out to the year 5 billion, complete your knitting while watching the doctor save the world (again), then zip back home with everything blessedly completed.

  54. C’mon Steph you can do it!!! I hope that your elbow has healed?
    As a personal aside, although some may hate me for it, I thankfully actually finished my Christmas knitting a couple of days ago; I say thankfully cuz me being me, I tripped this morning and managed to whack my right hand and index finger with an extension cord that was plugged into the vacuum. It wouldn’t be a problem, but the plug managed to WHAP the finger joint on my hand–you can actually distinguish between the ground end and other one, and it’s turning a lovely shade of purple 🙁 And egads, it is SORE! I guess the knitting goddess took exception that I ‘neenered’ her when I finished the doggy sweater..sigh…
    SCARF UPDATE–I truly apologize to for not replying personally to everyone who so kindly offered their advice as to the value of a knitted scarf [for my Secret Santa at work], but I really am having a hard time typing right now {see above}; I’m happy to report that the recipient seemed thrilled with the scarf. It didn’t actually get “stolen” as it was the second to last gift unwrapped, but it did merit a round of applause. So, I’m happy 😀
    I wish The Blog and the Harlot and everyone else a very very Merry Christmas, a fantastic New Year, and the ability to warp the space-time continuum so that all presents can be finished and under the tree.
    See y’all next year!

  55. GO!GO!GO! ~ Tis Time To Pull Out All Stops. We your loyal Harletts believe in you. Keep us posted is all we ask.

  56. Good luck. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you… no wait, I can’t finish my own knitting that way. OK I’ll mentally keep my fingers crossed for you and send you good knitting vibes. (Now to continue my own efforts on warping the space-time continuum for stressed out knitters everywhere….)

  57. To Lynne (at 3:28 p.m.) and others, re procuring the almighty Screech: Go to http://www.lcbo.ca (that’s the Liquor Control Board of Ontario), type in “screech”, select a city (eg. Windsor), and you’ll get the addresses of all liquor stores in that city, as well as information showing how many bottles of a particular item they have in stock. Very handy. Can save you a wasted trip. Don’t know if they deliver across the border!

  58. Heavy production knitting and Doctor Who!! The only way to go!! Although “Torchwood” and Captain Jack Harkness (pitiful sigh) work pretty well, too!
    I’ve got everything done, except my youngest’s new Xmas stocking. Half-way done, there. Pray for me?

  59. 3 whole days…3 WHOLE DAYS. That’s what you gotta remember….go for it. We have confidence in you. Merry Christmas!!! 😉

  60. Y-A-R-N H-A-R-L-O-T…What’s that spell? YARN HARLOT!!!! GOOOOOO YARN HARLOT!!!
    Picture me doing that cheer for you with jumping and flipping and everything. Wait…that might be hard considering you have no idea what I look like. Well, maybe you can picture someone else doing a cheer for you. Do you know anyone that can flip? I don’t think I can flip. Oh well.

  61. The Good News: I had the front, the back and both sleeves done on the sweater for The Boy Coming Home From College and planned to sew it all up together this weekend. I felt very “Oh, what a good girl am I.”
    The Bad News: When The Boy got home and took off his coat, I noticed something had changed. He’d taken up weight lifting at college so I’ve been churning out long ribbed strips to sew into the side seams and out into the arm pits to make the sweater bigger in the chest. Eight inches bigger.
    The Good News: It worked – the sweater now fits in the chest very nicely.
    The Bad News: The sweater is no longer a surprise.
    Back to knitting on the ribbing on the bottom and the sleeves. I’m being spurred by the vision of your needles heating up big time.

  62. I have to say, everything else pales next to finishing the manuscript early. You must have had a whack of self discipline to accomplish that.
    And it sounds like you intend to enjoy the mad knitting dash. I hope so. Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and a bit of time for yourself.

  63. The bad news: This has not been a good evening for me.
    The good news: I came home to find a delightful Harlot blog! Hooray!
    And in my best cheerleader voice, “Go go go! You can do it! Knit on!”
    Good luck. =)

  64. Eggnog and Dr. Who sounds like a good way to make knitting fast and painless. I was bogged down in the last stages of my husband’s Xmas sweater– solid color stockinette– when I declared it Katherine Hepburn Day, and finished the knitting to classic movies on DVD.
    How anyone did deadline knitting before DVDs, I don’t know.

  65. Go, Harlot, Go!
    I second Cath’s comments. I’m GLAD I released my hounds today. Let those 8th graders (US=age 13 or 14) chew on someone else’s ankles for a while. Except for the ones I’ve taught to knit, though. Those kids are cool. Eight and counting…and 3 are boys!! Woo hoo, Craft Club ROCKS (almost as much as teaching writing and literature).

  66. You’re doing amazingly! You’ve knitted more in the last week than I have in the last year. But in the end, it is what it is, if you have to wrap a few things with the needles still in it the trick I plan to use is to make it sound intentional. “I thought you’d like to put a few stitches of your own into it and this seemed a good place to stop for that. I’ll be happy to finish it after you’ve made it your own that way.”
    It won’t work on Hubby because he knows better but my daughter will probably fall for it hook, line and sinker. Of course, her socks, having a smaller surface area, are finished and his are, well, not.

  67. I finally came to my senses (?) and confessed to DH that his present will not be done in time for Christmas. He will have to just deal with seeing me knit on it and hopefully it will get done faster.
    What made me ever decide that truly knee-high socks with incredibly sharp decreases (he has muscular calves and thin ankles) were a good idea????
    Hugely impressed with the amount of stuff you’re able to get done. And blog, too!!!

  68. Ah,Screech-can’t even get that around here-which is probably a good thing. I happen to love Tequilla-which doesn’t approach Screech on a good day-and have been known to (unknowingly)consume a teensy bit too much of said drink and do a small fall down. Then try to die(but not fast enough) for the next 3 days. No knitting, wrapping,shopping,baking would get done and a certain 7 year old has her heart set on a Gingerbread House(which decorating said House would go much better with a teensy dram) and Grandma needs what wits haven’t been decimated by shopping,knitting,baking,wrapping to accomplish said Gingerbread House.
    Good luck with all that and the Screech!!! Merry Christmas and to all a good knit.

  69. have a good 2008
    jingle bells and all that jazz
    lord of the rings will keep you company
    santa gets in to your sceech
    i will know who to blame
    if he does not make it
    to floria -you just bet i will

  70. very late last night I finished my last christmas project, helped by an entire season of Lost. But I feel my future slipping into madness as each year that I knit the christmas project list gets longer and more time consuming… This year I started cutting projects out early, but they are all on the list for next year, plus a sweater for my dad… (I hope to do my first sweater before that)… so, in a way the madness of 2008 is already starting…. the only thing that might save the holiday for me is 90% of my presents have to be mailed and thus done 5 days before…
    I hope to learn from you… but what I am learning?
    Merry Christmas

  71. i am so intrigued by the great big secret thing. i can’t wait to see what it is and who it’s for!

  72. Love the argyle, but the thought of knitting that just taxes my poor brain! Merry Christmas to you and yours, Stephanie. And when are you visiting Vancouver BC again?

  73. I’m guessing you’re talking about the second series of the current incarnation David Tennant, rather than William Hartnell!
    I’m rooting for you to get it all done although I’m wondering if perhaps you should refuse to feed the family unless they each crank out many more inches on that scarf!

  74. I thought that knitting 10 pairs of children’s mittens would be a snap.
    I now consider January 6 the deadline, not December 25.

  75. I’m intrigued by your argyles. I haven’t ventured into intarsia myself yet, but puzzled – How do you knit the lines in as you go along?

  76. you go girl! Repeat after me “I think I can, I think I can…” Due to an unfortunate incident that messed up my hand I will not be joining you in the marathon knitting, although I will be there in spirit. I’ve had to face the reality that although nothing can be quite as good as that handknit gift, sometimes you’ve just got to bite the bullet and shop for an alternative, sob.

  77. I have read your blog for a while now, but I just needed to comment on the fact that I have for the past month been knitting while watching an episode of doctor who in between classes.
    I am continually amazed that people know the show!
    (and my father has asked for the original scarf for christmas. If I didn’t hate garter stitch then, I will at the end of this!)

  78. Technically, “The Last” isn’t until January 6th. That’s 12th Night, when the 3 Kings actually showed up to give their presents.
    Some (cruel) parents make their kids wait until Jan. 6 before they can open their presents.
    So take heart!!

  79. I LOVE Dr. Who! David Tenant is the best Doctor in my opinion, and Rose the best companion. Word is she’ll be back by the end of Series 4.

  80. Eggnog and Season 2! Excellent combination! Although you may want to line up Season 3, too, with all that knitting to do!
    I also find watching something terribly thrilling or with lots of suspense, like a movie like Pitch Black, will make my needles go faster…and faster…and faster…knuckles whiter… LOL!
    Enjoy David (rowr!) Tennant and your knitting! Good luck!

  81. Screech sounds pretty potent. Don’t drink too much or you’ll never finish your knitting, unless you can knit drunk? Have a great holiday!

  82. You still amaze me at what you can get done in a short amount of time. I am still working on a project I started a few months ago, and it’s not that big a thing !
    anyway, happy holidays to you and yours !

  83. I have started the last of my regularly scheduled Christmas knitting – just barely started, but it is a dishcloth so there is not much more than starting and finishing a few hours later.
    The emergency present knitting I was doing yesterday in the parking lot of the grocery store is finished, sewn off, wrapped and delivered.
    BUT! During the delivery of that emergency knitting, a few hours ago … I slammed my thumb in the car door.
    The nail now shows black and blue and it is sore – despite the first aid of ice on my finger, while resting my hand higher than my heart. (I don’t usually bother with first aid because it doesn’t usually make things pain-free. And it didn’t work this time either.)
    This is to go along with a broken elbow a few months ago, and tendinitis – currently – in the other elbow.
    How far away did you say Christmas is?
    janeyknitting AT yahoo DOT ca

  84. I really think that sometimes, all that needs to happen is that your girls need to be sent away to a really really far location. ie: a friend’s house, for the first two days of winter break. They can come back and sleep in your house, but they must go away. It’s like letting them go hang out while using that time to your best advantage. See? Logic ftw!

  85. You know, the Tardis would be the ultimate stash solution. Infinitely bigger on the inside! Oh my, I think I feel faint… the possibilities…

  86. I worked on a Baudelaire sock for 14 hours yesterday, slightly modified (shorter top in order to finish it). The good: it’s done. The bad: I need another. The unfortunate: I think I paralyzed my right pinkie in the process.

  87. Miss Stephanie, you are a wonder!
    Here in Massachusetts, its coffee, chocolate, my dear friend Jack Daniels ( bourbon) and one very helpful grandson. Said grandson is very pleased with the snow,his red hat and mittens knitted in Cascade 220.
    However, even though this sainted child is pleased, that does not excuse the fact that there are 2 pair of socks to be finished, and time is very short.
    Back to knitting!

  88. Sending a heartfelt thank you for your generous doses of humour throughout the year. Wishing you only the best of health and happiness for all those you love and cherish. May there be no dropped dpns in the New Year!

  89. I’m not the only one who knits while watching Doctor Who!!!!? (And various other S/F TV shows and movies) This must mean I’m not completely insane as my sisters would have you believe. Or at least if I am I’m in good company.
    PS: You’ll make it; just keep on keeping on

  90. Thank you for the link to an explanation of screech. Sounds like the ‘official unofficial’ whiskey made in certain parts of West Virginia by relatives of friends.
    So, happy holidays belatedly, and hope you got as much done as was needed to make a happy holiday for you and your family!

  91. do you start adding stitches at the instep of the heel or the back of the heel? i ask because i am having a hard time imagining the entire thing, but it seems to me a great lazy woman’s way of making socks, especially if you are a beginning sock knitter and you don’t want to sit down and read through the instructions.

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