Snow day

The pace here is tremendous. There has been a sad loss in our extended family, I’m still working to meet my deadline (you will note the use of the singular. I am getting things done.) and the knitting schedule has totally gone bust in exchange for the needs of my family. I stood a chance of making up time until I fell down the basement stairs Saturday and lost a full day of knitting time to holding a damn ice pack on my elbow. (I am bruised but not broken, although I do find it ironic that my fall was softened by the enormous load of laundry I was carrying.) With all of the work and the difficult things, this season was starting to be less fun than it should be. When a massive storm started to blow in on the weekend I got really annoyed. There are things I need to get done, there were places that people needed to go and the planet was clearly not on the side of efficiency. I looked out the window, I thought about all of our plans and I got pissed off. Then I had an epiphany. There was nothing I could do. I can’t make there be more time. I can’t knit faster. I can’t clear the roads. I can’t work harder…I certainly can’t stop the snow. Screw it.


I gave up. Just for one day. I took a deep breath. Baked cookies and made five colours of icing.


(I got the sheep cookie cutter at Rhinebeck.)

Then we threw open our door to friends and family. Whatever happens, happens. (Yup. That’s snow piled up outside our window to table height. It’s a lot of snow.)


We were stunned. Turns out a lot of people were feeling how we were. Joe and I knew our evening was a winner when amid the chaos we were dusting off the extra chairs from the basement, had the Bee Gees Christmas album on the record player (Yup. Old school) ran out of wine glasses, washed icing off the wall upstairs, heard people singing and playing Christmas Carols (the best musicians in the world cannot hold a candle to a whack of little kids with percussion instruments) and saw snowshoes piled by the front door. (We all agreed that cross country skis and snowshoes were the only solution. Certainly cars were out of the question.) Our house was filled to bursting, and everybody decorated gingerbread. Grown-ups, kids, knitters, non-knitters…



The best part is not just that we got some great looking cookies….(Although I think you can admit that these are some fine looking cookies. I think a little kid (or maybe my mum) might have eaten Rachel H’s stockinette sheep. It was quite brilliant.)






but that we spent a whole day (rather forcibly) unplugged from pursuing whatever mayhem modern life would have us believe is Christmas and its trimmings… and there, buried in the snow, we found a nice big dose of the real thing.

245 thoughts on “Snow day

  1. What a fantastic idea! Snow day party! If I’d had enough friends in proximity I would have loved to have done the same thing. I think the cookies are fantastic and I wish I had snowshoes too. Hamilton is still digging out. Hope the elbow is better πŸ™‚

  2. Sounds like a perfect break from the craziness! Hope the elbow feels better soon (and doesn’t get in the way of any typing/knitting!)

  3. I was wondering how it was going with the storm in Toronto, and I can see that it turned into a very good thing – it look like tons of fun! I hope the rest of the season is filled with family and friends for you too.

  4. There’s a lot to be said for switching off and kicking back. Sod the deadlines, the washing, the housework…get messy and chill out. Have a great Christmas x

  5. That sounds lovely! My partner and I missed having Christmas with my family because of the effing snow, and I can just imagine that a gathering like yours would have lightened my heart.
    Best to you and yours for the holiday season.

  6. How i wish it would snow here – but i think we can fake it πŸ™‚ And i bet i’d relax instead of being freaked out at having 5 houseguests ( 4 under 8) Great idea! i’ll post what happens here on my blog tomorrow πŸ™‚

  7. It sounds like the perfect antidote. I vowed several years ago that I would not get spun up over Christmas. What gets done, gets done and what doesn’t, doesn’t. I’m glad that you were able to find the unplugged Christmas. I wish more people could. Hang on to that feeling this week!

  8. Sorry to hear about your loss. I guess instead of turning lemons into lemonade, you turned a snowstorm into a life-lifting cookie party. Well done.

  9. I prostrate myself before Rachel H — and might have done a Granny-when-Sylvester-swallows-Tweety upending and bottom-whacking of whoever ate that incredible sheep — “Dropitdropitdropit!” Granted, cookies are for eating. But if Botticelli chose to work in gingerbread I’d feel just the same way.
    Storm missed us, by the way. Phhhhhhht.

  10. sounds like a great time! Wish we all could have snow-shoed up and joined you.
    BTW–I want you to come talk at my library’s knitting event in April–did you get my email?

  11. You must have gotten all the snow that was promised to us this past weekend… our 6 inches turned into just a dusting πŸ™
    It looks like you had a fun gathering, and the cookies look fabulous!

  12. When the snow melts can you send it to your friends in Atlanta, we’re still bone dry here-I’m at the age where I realize that there are some things you just can’t do nuthin about- so just go with it-

  13. So what’t the recipe you use for the frosting? I have a heck of a time making frosting…

  14. I need a snow day, and a whole bunch of family and friends to live within snowshoeing distance. Plus some gingerbread.

  15. I am very sorry for your loss. However, that said I am also glad you were able to have a wonderful snowday party with friends and family! Hope your elbow gets better and you are able to complete most if not all (we all know you are “SuperKnitter”) your Christmas knitting!

  16. If a person didn’t know any better they’d think you guys were an ABC After School Special. “Stressed out knitaholic learns the true meaning of the season.” The cookies look great too!

  17. It looks to me like you found the perfect solution to a bad situation. I just wish I could have been there, even though I completely suck at decorating cookies. I can bake, I just can’t ice. What’s my problem? I hope you heel up quickly!

  18. Seeeeeee, and you thought household laundry chores were no good. It is used to break falls from knitters;)
    I think the photo’s of the icers is by far the BEST holiday photo I have seen yet!

  19. At least you got snow… Here in CT, we only go ICE! It hailed all day and everything is frozen!
    Love the cookies and the gathering. I wish I live closer πŸ™‚

  20. Wow, sounds like the best kind of party! It snowed here but only 7 inches. It’s a lot for this neck of the woods though, the most snow in 7 years!

  21. Lovely! Reminds me of when I used to live in the high Sierra in a small ski town. When the snow would fly I would put on my pink tights and my Captain America T-shirt and start baking. Later in the day folks would drift in and stay for brownies, board games, and general mayhem. It was grand.

  22. It sounds perfect! I’m sure you’ll remember this party a lot longer than the number of socks you got done in time for Christmas πŸ™‚

  23. Sounds like you had a great day!!!
    Everyone of my family knows that I like to knit, but get done on time??? Rarity!
    Merry Chrismas!

  24. What fun!!! I’m about to make Gingerbread Men (and Women, of course!!) and would love your homemade icing recipe!! If you don’t have time I completely understand, though.
    Merry, merry, joy, joy!!

  25. Unplug the Christmas machine! And thanks for telling me where you got the sheep cookie cutter just as I was mentally asking you. Now, if anyone has a lead on sheep chocolate/candy molds, just tap me on the cyber shoulder.

  26. Rams, never fear. My sheep simply came home with me before it could be photographed, and I fully intend to make the boychild admire my work before he devours the thing.
    I’m particularly fond of Meg’s “knit me” sheep myself.

  27. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! I like it. REAL holiday cheer, not that fake crap the ubiquitous “They” force feed us from October to the end of December.
    And what a great way to spend a snow day! πŸ™‚

  28. What a wonderful day! Just what you needed. Now, try to slow down and enjoy the rest of the holidays.

  29. Stupid winter events are getting in the way of my Christmas stress! Oh, wait…maybe there’s a kernel of something wise here…WWMID? (What would Ma Ingalls do?)
    Yeah. Snow days are essential, as in necessary, as in defining the essence, as in they are the season.

  30. That has to be the best story ever! You’ve reclaimed the meaning of this whole crazy season. It’s meant to be enjoyed and shared with friends and family. I’m truely envious of the wonderful day you had!
    Kallie in Indiana
    (with slightly less snow)

  31. We had a snow day yesterday, and cookies and knitting figured largely for us, too. We didn’t have the throngs of friends and family, but there was a lovely, peaceful hush to what is my favorite kind of day.

  32. Being one of the “stormed”, you definitely did the right thing. Yesterday even church was cancelled here! Now we have large piles of snow bordered by large rivers of ice (It would have to get warm in between, darn it). Having a north facing side walk means I might not see it again until spring, and might not receive any mail either.
    Sounds like I missed an awesome party. I went to one Friday night (pre-storm around here) where dinner was followed by carols: two flutes, an oboe, two trumpets, three French horns, one viola, one cello, an acoustic bass guitar and a standard acoustic guitar. Also some singing – good thing my friend the hostess doesn’t have neighbors living too close!
    Happy holidays – celebrate them all!

  33. OK, I needed this. The huge boxes to our grandchildren will get there AFTER Christmas. It won’t kill ’em. In fact, it will make Christmas last that much longer. I’m gonna take a nap. Thanks, Steph! (Naps are Christmasy, aren’t they?)

  34. Only in a knitter’s household would there be a Stockinette sheep!
    Oh, yeah, and I could’ve told you to avoid basement steps and carrying laundry: that’s how I broke my ankle earlier this year.

  35. I like to think that days like yesterday are done on purpose. That the Great Whatever figures “These people are stressed. They need a snow day”. Much like when the power went out those many hours on the Eastern sea board a couple years ago, people are brought together when they are encouraged to stay off the roads.
    When I moved into my new house, my neighbours scowled at us, blocked us into our driveway with their massive truck, let their cats pee in my damn garden, and were generally unneighbourly. Yesterday, one of them came out and snowblowed (is that actually a verb? It has to be…) our driveway as we tried to dig out the car. Another helped push us when we were dumb enough to get the car stuck on the way back from an emergency milk run (never leave me without milk on a snow day like that. Tea had to be had, 4 foot wall of snow or no).
    I’m sorry about the loss your family has suffered. I hope yesterday helped with healing.

  36. Beth in WI: Have you tried Sweet Celebrations (formerly Maid of Scandinavia)? They are a MN based company with a web site at tripleW dot sweetc dot com. And if you ever get to the Minneapolis, the have an amazingly stocked store (well, Maplewood really).
    I have two items I’m knitting for Christmas, and I know only one will be finished, the felted clogs for my Dad’s wife. The Metro Retro sweater for my husband might be done by New Year’s Day…
    I totally love baking days! And especially when it’s snowing.

  37. I am sorry for your loss, but glad you found a break and some joy.
    You are most certainly not alone in your feelings of frustration, in 2 and a half weeks I have:
    -flooded the house
    -shorted our wiring
    -my husband’s car went in for a minor repair that seems to have made things much worse (he needs a hairdryer to start it now). I told him to do the repair
    -broke my birthday present from last year
    and so forth. Hang in there. We’ll all root for eachother.

  38. Absolutely wonderful, and I love the sheep cookies! I wanted to let you know that there are non slip stair thingies that you can stick onto those – dangerous – basement stairs, from the hardware store. You just peel and stick – they’re thin strips with the consistency of fake sandpaper. Google “outdoor non slip stair treads” and there are a bunch of places that have them – even ones that glow in the dark! And if that laundry basket gets too heavy, throw some or all of the laundry down to the bottom; that’s what I do!

  39. What a fantastically wonderful evening! Those sheep cookies are unbelievably cool. The “Knit Me” one made me laugh out loud. Sorry about the elbow. I hope it’s better today. At least the laundry was good for something.

  40. Sounds like a perfect day. I’m very sorry to hear of your loss, and I hope you’re feeling better from your fall.
    (I made four pans of your shortbread recipe while I was snowed in yesterday. One of my commenters asked for the recipe. Okay if I pass it along? I assume so but I like to check…)

  41. Seems like you had a wonderful evening! I wish we had all that snow here in Sweden. But of course we donΒ΄t. I am planning on moving the christmas date to january..then we usually have snow. I really loved your cookies, and I love to look at everything you knit. Merry Christmas!

  42. Very sorry for your loss, but glad to hear the spirit of Christmas found you in all the snow!

  43. I’m so sorry to hear about your family loss. And the elbow makes me think “lucky it wasn’t anything worse” although an elbow injury to a knitter is pretty significant. Hope the family/friend gathering eased the pain of both.

  44. I totally agree. I had plans to “do stuff” but that ended up being lying in snowbanks, shovelling (and more shovelling), yakking with all the kids and generally being delighted to see everyone who usually disappears between November and March. Nothing like a little weather to bring people out!
    Unfortunately Toronto is way too efficient at cleaning up and it’s back to business as usual today.

  45. I am sorry for your loss.
    Those are some mighty fine looking sheep, and they are decorated in their finery. Sounds like a fun time. We had 5 inches @ my house in Dover, NH, for a total of 13 inches in 2 weeks. Makes me miss living in Texas . . . and feel sorry for those kids still @ school in Syracuse, NY — I spent my 4-years there and that was enough. Though there were awesome snowball fights in those 4 years . . . πŸ™‚

  46. That sounds completely wonderful. I’m glad you were able to turn things around and enjoy yourselves and I’m glad nothing was broken during your fall. Maybe next time just chuck the laundry down the stairs and pick it up again when you’ve arrived safely at the bottom?
    My condolences on your family’s loss, too.

  47. Sometimes that is exactly what you need.
    Merry Christmas Steph.
    Feel free to send some of the snow my way. We never really get any that’s worth the cold.

  48. Yeah–the worst thing about holidays are the ‘sposta’s. “sposta decorate the tree, clean the house, send out cards, make gifts, sposta call relatives, wrap presents, tape santa on television…” Seriously–the damned ‘spostas’ that help make the season bright sometimes are just breaking your heart on others. Sometimes having external forces break your ‘sposta’ is even better than breaking it yourself. I know that the last time my ‘sposta’ broke, I ended up sleeping for sixteen hours out of a weekend day–and when I woke up, my family suddenly looked glowy-er and more beautiful than I’d seen them look in a long time. ‘Sposta’s are great for getting work done and paying the rent, but when it comes to holidays, I think a broken ‘sposta’ is the best gift of all.

  49. Yeah–the worst thing about holidays are the ‘sposta’s. “sposta decorate the tree, clean the house, send out cards, make gifts, sposta call relatives, wrap presents, tape santa on television…” Seriously–the damned ‘spostas’ that help make the season bright sometimes are just breaking your heart on others. Sometimes having external forces break your ‘sposta’ is even better than breaking it yourself. I know that the last time my ‘sposta’ broke, I ended up sleeping for sixteen hours out of a weekend day–and when I woke up, my family suddenly looked glowy-er and more beautiful than I’d seen them look in a long time. ‘Sposta’s are great for getting work done and paying the rent, but when it comes to holidays, I think a broken ‘sposta’ is the best gift of all. May your elbow get better, and your family heal, and your Christmas stay this bright.

  50. My sympathies for your loss. May love surround you and it seems it already does. Coming out of lurkdom to say I have finished my first object in about 35 years. It’s a scarf from my mother’s WW II knitting book. Hoping to slowly but surely get more FO’s done in the coming year. Thanks for your wonderful blog. My family and friends are getting to know you. Have a Merry Christmas and great New Year even though there will be a bittersweet tinge this year. BCA

  51. A perfect way to enjoy the season, the weather and Holiday with joy, peace and love for everyone you know. May it continue through the New Year.

  52. Better pile wool at the bottom of the basement stairs. Better yet…send a teenager down there more often. A relationship with Mr. Washie is a delicate thing and should be entered into gradually, but on a regular basis and with increasing intimacy.

  53. As I get older, I find that I’m better able to let go of the demands and enjoy the moment. We got nailed last year by sequential storms that kept me away from home for 3 days right before Xmas (long commute). My only regret was not having any knitting! Now, I ALWAYS have a sock or two in the car. πŸ™‚ I hope you feel better soon. What a lovely story of family and friends!

  54. My consolations to your family.
    It’s so great that you took advantage of the snow, and found such fun and friendship to boot! It’s definitely better to go with it than fight against it all: I spent the day in my pjs, knitting!

  55. What wonderful memories you are making. Your little impromptu party reminds me of some of my favorite Christmas memories. Merry Christmas
    to all you wonderful people and may you all have a great New Year.
    Moe from San Antonio, Texas

  56. I’m sorry for your loss. Thank you for the most wonderful blog post I have read anywhere in quite a while. OMG, I love you.

  57. I’m sorry for your loss.
    I happened to read your post after mixing batches of 3 different kinds of cookies for the baking day that we are having on Thursday. The grandkids don’t get bored waiting if the mixing is done and we get straight to the baking and decorating and the best part…. the sampling of the cookies. (Can’t let anyone have any that might be tainted so must sample for the safety of mankind)

  58. So that’s where the pretty multi-colored fleeces come from! Multi-colored sheep!
    Seriously, I’m glad you were able to put the craziness aside, and focus on being happy for a day.
    We had our Generic Midwinter Holiday party this weekend, too. No one needed snowshoes to get here, though, in the wilds of Los Angeles.

  59. I’m sorry for the loss your family suffered..and envious of your day of baking and decorating and togetherness…because that’s what it’s all about, togetherness.

  60. Thanks for a wonderful, cookie-scented Christmas card. What a glorious way to spend a day! Our snow day saw us finally putting up our tree. And since there wasn’t a lot of running around we could do (play practice cancelled, choir concert cancelled), we relaxed, ate chocolate, put on a Christmas video and enjoyed the process. And I have to agree. When you are forcibly prevented from doing all the stuff expected of you, that’s the time you find the warmth of the holidays.

  61. I love the cookies and the whole idea. And you know…take pictures of the yarn for a project, or the project in progress, and wrap up those pics with an IOU and let yourself off the hook a bit there for Christmas.
    I laughed at the gingerbread because my cousin lives in Oklahoma where they are still without power (7 days so far; will be lucky if they have it by Christmas). The second day without power she got together with neighbors and they all worked on….gingerbread houses with heat from the fireplace and candles for lighting (she had purchased the kits before the storm).
    ‘Tis the season!

  62. Stephanie, So sorry for your loss at this time of the year. I think, however you got the antedote (sp?) for the blues. Fill the house with the smell of fresh baked cookies, good friends and children lauging. Sounds to me like it might have worked. I would have loved to been there. Best to you and yours this holiday season!

  63. I spent 10 years in retail management, including one Christmas managing the Housewares department at a large Macy’s, so I long ago made rules to prevent holiday insanity. An impromptu cellebration of friends and family really makes the best way to mark the season. I bet you made the season for most of those guests.
    I need to dig out my family recipe for Swedish Pepperkokor – a Scandinavian gingerbread cookie. I haven’t made them for years. My whole extended family will be here Sunday. I think I have a plan for after the traditional kid-movie outing – 15 people on a sugarplum fairy tale high should make a good cookie frosting party and we haven’t done that for a couple years.

  64. Brilliant! I’m so glad you turned a crummy situation into a good one! And the “Knit Me” sheep? Priceless!
    I hope things settle back down and the snow doesn’t cause too many problems. My guess is that you are knitting for people who understand that December 25th isn’t the be-all-and-end-all of Christmas, and that if they get their presents a day or two (or more!) late, it doesn’t mean you don’t love them any less. Or at least, that’s what I’m counting on! πŸ˜‰

  65. Here in Montana I’d love to have some of that snow . . . I’m actually looking at blue skies and green — no lie, green — grass. And some say there’s no global warming. Hmph.
    Blessings to you and yours, Stephanie. You brighten my days all year with your humor and down-to-earth-ness. (And, I love, Love, LOVE the sheep & alpaca (?) cookies!)

  66. Looks like a wonderful day was had by all. Friends, family and fun, what a great combination.
    I am sorry for your elbow…my Mom did something similar, taking care of three kids with strep throat, many, many years ago. I hope it does not cause you too many problems. I am also sorry for your families loss. Losses this time of year seem to be a little more difficult to handle than other times of the year.

  67. What a great idea! i almost wish it would snow hardcore in DC so I’d have an excuse not to leave my house. (Then maybe I’d get some knitting done!) And I hope your arm is better. No more falling down stairs! Laundry is not worth the sacrifice of your body!!

  68. You are a good wife, mother, sister, aunt, cousin, friend, etc. That’s your gift to all of them. The knitted stuff is just icing on the cookies.
    We don’t get too many snow days in NYC. We have to content ourselves with power blackouts.

  69. I made my gingerbread on Friday–much helped along with my very large recipe by my second-hand Kitchenaid mixer, bought at a garage sale for a bargain $40, and cleaned up), rolled the dough out, and put it in the refrigerator between sheets of foil.
    I baked on Saturday, and decorated yesterday, something I’ve done for so many years that my cutter collection is now overwhelming and I’ve somehow acquired a full set of decorating tips. This time I stuck to three: a cowboy hat, a cowboy boot, and a bear (because I feel like hibernating?).
    Nothing in the world smells as much like Christmas as gingerbread and mulled cider.

  70. you live a rich and charmed existence!
    joyeux noΓ«l et meilleurs voeux.

  71. Amen, amen, amen! I made the stupid mistake of dropping into a Target the other day just to get some gift wrap (I do most of my non-knitting gift shopping online) and the place was crawling with shopping zombies! I couldn’t help but think–“does anyone LIKE doing this? Shouldn’t we all be home chugging mulled wine and watching old home videos? Wouldn’t that be infinitely better?” Three cheers for you and yours.

  72. Great! BTW, you should all know about my friend Lydia (of The Perfect Pantry blog) and her “Drop in and Decorate” movement. Over a pre-holiday weekend, she and her friends make a zillion fabulously decorated cookies for shelters and food pantries, and now people all over the US (and Canada and other ends of the earth, I hear) are doing it… See for lots of pics and info. I’m in there wielding a wild icing bag!

  73. yea- we had that snow too- spent most of yesterday removing in in shifts, every 1 1/2 hours. Very tiring. This morning it was like a sheet of concrete. But I also cooked for my holiday get-together on Saturday. Loved the sheep-maybe I will set out something like that for the younger guests to do……great idea!!
    Mary E
    PS- I am behind on my Christmas knitting also, thanks to said storm….

  74. Our winter storm (while not rising to drifts 14 stories up, where my windowsill is) had the same effect for us. We lit the candles and settled in for Tree Time with the kids while the wind and snow howled, and the look of delight on their faces when Diana Krall’s “Let It Snow” came on as the first song in the playlist…wow. For the first time this month, everything and everyone was in sync. It was glorious. I’m hanging on to it.

  75. Yay! We were supposed to have a party yesterday, and instead (snowshoes being in short supply) ended up knitting, reading, and watching football.
    Rachel H. is a cookie ninja. Does she make house calls? I am pretty sure I have a sheep. I know I have a loon and a moose.

  76. Oh dear… you sound like me when I realize that I’m screwed for a paper/final and just kinda stop trying. That’s generally not goodness. Yea…. ^^;;

  77. Those cookies are stunning jewels, and I think you guys found the true meaning of Christmas. Perhaps we should all strive to unplug and unplan at this time of year, and let Christmas be what it will be.

  78. That? Is my kind of day! Sorry to hear about the loss in your family…I hope everyone’s hearts are healing. Fast healing to your bruises as well, enjoy the season.
    And? That’s a LOT of cookies!

  79. Delurking to say… wow, that’s wonderful. I’m a recent transplant to California (from northern Michigan) and I am REALLY missing winter and family and snowshoeing and all of that. Still doing the frantic Christmas knitting, but doing it sans family in 40-50* F weather. Your party sounds fabulous – congratulations on relaxing and enjoying the people around you! πŸ™‚

  80. nice big dose indeed. thank goodness for friends and family!
    and a big hug for your family’s loss. may you know no more sorrows.

  81. Wow! You made a perfect day out of confusio
    When we lived in Illinois, I would bake cookies with the kids if we were snowed in. It brings back wonderful memories!

  82. Sometimes this holiday time needs a little bit less pressure. I’m glad you found a release. Because this time of year shouldn’t be about gifts and perfection, but family and friends and good times.

  83. Oh this is a tradition that I sorely miss. I had a few Christmas cookie parties where people would come and mingle and decorate cookies and share food. The idea of making and decorating cookies is absurd in this country (I now live in the UK, originally from California) and it’s really one of the only holiday things I actually like doing. I’m envious, but glad to see this tradition does exist outside the US πŸ˜‰

  84. Apparently “Screw It” is the exact opposite of “Bah Humbug.” Who knew? Looks like a wonderful time! (Except for the sore elbow. Ouch. Sorry about that & hope it’s mending quickly.) Sounds like you found a bit of the true spirit of Christmas. Don’t worry, the knitting will wait (but the cute little sheep cookies won’t. They look delicious.) There’s always Boxing Day and New Year’s day for gift giving. Heck, here in the U.S. we have Martin Luther King, Jr. day on January 21. You can borrow it if you like. Enjoy!

  85. Isn’t it wonderful when the real deal just slaps you up the side of the head and FORCES you to pay attention! Some of my favorite moments happen like that.

  86. Sometimes there’s nothing like Mother Nature to help us put the brakes on. We had a smaller version of the same storm — and so my daughter and I also baked cookies yesterday. We put on old Christmas movies afterward and I knitted. I actually had time to make a pair of felted mittens that were not on my list. Lovely.

  87. Beautiful! It’s time for all of us to take a deep breath and think of the true meaning of this season. Thank you for reminding us.

  88. Steph,
    I’m sorry for your loss.
    I hope that your elbow heals quickly; although it’s not always what you want to do, icing will definitely make a difference in decreasing the healing time [as someone who is a major klutz, I can thoroughly attest to this fact!]. I agree with the above commentator (?) about the non-slip strips–we have ceramic tile at our front door and leading up the few steps we have to the main floor. My mother has some mobility challenges, so I made sure I went to Home Depot and got a roll of the stuff (I have quite a bit of extra black if you want it!) when I nearly took a header down the steps myself. It’s not that expensive, and definitely worth it. My friend has even put some on her dog’s boots to increase the grip [he’s 14 and a little unsteady on his paws sometimes].
    I’m in Toronto too, and basically my day yesterday was shovel for about 1 1/2 hours, come inside and cool down and knit for about 1/2 hour, then go back outside and tackle the drifts and accumulated snow. Multiply that by 4 times, and you have my day…on the plus side, I discovered why I actually have 5 different winter coats, 6 different sets of winter gloves, and several winter hats! Drying them all out, well, now, that’s a whole other story!! AND with the knitting time [housework be damned! I considered it a major victory that I managed to get the dishes washed at all yesterday!], I might–just might (don’t want to tempt the Knitting Gods to smack me upside the head with wool)–actually get all my Christmas presents under the tree before New Years! Whoo hoo!
    PS To everyone that kindly responded to my request about “THE WORTH OF A HAND KNITTED SCARF”–my apologies for not replying personally, I’ve been busy [see above comment!] but I have basically decided that the Blog is right, NO gift certificate is needed, the scarf is present enough [well, more than enough, actually!]. We do our exchange on Thursday, I’ll let y’all know how it goes!

  89. I’m sorry for your loss. What a great way to turn the mood around. Not only are you a great knitter, you also can bake and frost cookies without the damn things falling to pieces! I’m in awe of your many talents!

  90. Neighbors down the street have an annual holiday open house. This year with the snow coming down, the only people who could make it were the neighbors i.e those who could walk. The kids played merrily and the grown-ups in the neighborhood just got to relax.

  91. My condolences for your loss, I’m so sorry.
    Thank you for this post. You’re quite right about all of it, we can’t make more time and mostly it doesn’t matter.
    I’ve been getting my knickers in a twist as I’m just not prepared for Christmas at all. Presents not bought, food not prepared, tree still not up and no decorations found yet (no idea where they are!) My mother in law arrives today (for three and a half weeks. Shoot me now) and the house is a mess and the ironing pile has taken over the dining room.
    Well, sod it. My house is still tidier than hers, we can wear crumpled clothes, we can have spaghetti for dinner instead of the fancy meal I had planned (the kids will be happier and I’ll be less stressed) and when she starts getting on my nerves I shall pour us both a very stiff drink and knit.
    Merry Christmas! Mine will be now!

  92. It sounds PERFECT. I’m so glad you had such a great day, you obviously needed it. And family and friends (and cookies) is what Christmas is about, right? I mean, Jesus was all about Love…. (grin)

  93. I have spent the whole day pissed off. We are moving again for the 16th time in 10 years and we are moving over Christmas. I will be close to family, but I will move away from my friend. Friends who came over and stayed up late on a “school night” to help me pack my house. One friend is taking time off work this week to come help me pack. I don’t have time to knit, make cookies or hardly shower. I want a snow day. Your snow day looks great.

  94. When people from the sunny south ask me how I can stand the frozen north I respond with a loud and hearty “SNOW DAYS”. They are a wonderful gift and I still remember how happy we all were when the little ones didn’t have school because of snow. We would all cuddle up in bed and sleep late-then outdoors for sledding,etc. and just let the world turn. I still love to watch the school closings in the morning and smile as I imagine the joy of the kids,teachers, and even the moms. Snow days are a true gift. The sunny south has nothing on us!

  95. Snow up to the height of your table! I’m thunderstruck, never seen that much snow in my life. I’m from North Carolina. Here six inches is a blizzard!

  96. I was wondering where my clumsiness had gone. I’ll make an effort to fall down soon so you don’t have to worry about it happening to you again. =)
    I’m sorry for your loss. I can see that having everyone together eased the pain a little.

  97. Brilliant!!! You gave your self a surprise present, and it was just what you wanted – and the right size too!
    I also pulled out my snowshoes this week. We’ve only got more-than-knee-deep snow here, but I work in the woods – not a lot of ploughing goes on in there!
    All the best to you and yours, Stephanie.

  98. Yeah, you need to take time to relax or life just gets sucky. (Lene, did you schedule time for Stephanie to relax?) Not that I always remember to do this myself until my brain is falling apart at the seams…um, so to speak.
    Those are some mighty fine looking cookies.

  99. Amen to a little break from craziness! I wish I could; unfortunately exams aren’t as forgiving as knitting schedules, especially since they are tomorrow.

  100. Sounds like the perfect christmas party to me! I love that, more than presents and fancy stuff. In college we used to get together by snow shoe and xcountry skis. We would have ethnic pot lucks, wine and cheese parties or ski tuning parties. πŸ™‚ I miss that. Happy Holidays!

  101. Sorry to hear about your fall, but I’m glad you’re okay.
    Love the cookies and fantastic job everyone did decorating them. Lovely! Have a beautiful Christmas and stay warm.

  102. First, I’m so sorry for you loss.
    Second, I have to agree. I find I’ve lost a lot of the cheer of Christmas this year, but even your little bit of real Christmas helped. Thank you, and Happy Holidays.

  103. Oh, I so wish you could send just a few inches (like 25…) of that snow over here. It’s pretty cold – but no snow! Your evening sounds like heaps of fun and it seems to me that being snowed in may just be a good thing, as surely it frees up time for knitting?

  104. Sorry for your loss, but happy what you gained in a snow day. Everyone needs a snow day occasionally.

  105. I’m sorry for your loss, and I hope your elbow gets better soon.
    In Ottawa, we stomped our way to the corner pub for brunch; it was crowded but not unreasonably so. We stomped to the grocery store (3 blocks; seemed like forever), then spent the rest of the afternoon indoors with hot chocolate.
    Hooray for cookies!

  106. Holy cow.
    i was homesick before this but your photos are too much. I’m SO Badly missing the snow.
    San francisco just doesn’t look like Christmas
    (or remotely like “Home”)

  107. It sounds like you definately made the most of it, in the best way possible. The cookies look very yummy, and I hope your elbow feels better today!

  108. As I heard similar stories from friends, it made me thankful for snow. It DOES sometimes make us stop: to enjoy friends, simple things and even get in some knitting time.
    Hope the elbow is feeling better and that the sympathy muscles don’t ache too much. [You know, the ones that seize up in the impending moment of the fall…]

  109. I am so sorry for your loss. But family and close corners are sometimes just what a person needs.
    We did cookie baking and decorating on Saturday with my 18 month old and my cousin’s 2yr. Great time had by all and some great memories made.

  110. Yay for you. Knitting schedule, gift wraps and cards- it’s all just extra. Being with friends and family, now that’s the good stuff. πŸ™‚

  111. Ok. But what I wanna know is, how did you manage to have enough grape ‘n grog in the house for such a crowd??? Twas not a day to run out to the bootlegger’s nor anywhere else for that matter, so you musta had a well-stocked cupboard. (I say cupboard advisedly. Anyone with sense knows the rum belongs under the kitchen sink, not in a pantry or a *ahem* sideboard.) Well done. From a household where we buy three then drink two, I applaud.

  112. Stephanie–Seriously. Throw the laundry from the top of the stairs to the bottom, then walk down. Really. It’s very dangerous to carry a huge lot of laundry down the basement stairs. Don’t make me tell you the horror stories. Three words: persistent vegetative state. Throw it down.

  113. Seriously… making good time is what it’s all about and that’s exactly what you did, how perfect.
    So sorry about your sadness from loss, I’m thinking several of those cookies were baked and decorated in honour….

  114. We got 18 inches of snow Saturday night and it didn’t even slow anyone down. We’ve gotten 58 inches of snow in the last 18 days and had 1 snow day … not because of the amount of snow, but because of the wind. (We average 300 inches of snow a year, here… record is somewhere over 400 inches and we may beat that by a LOT this year).
    14 dozen cookies and 4 dozen truffles and 9 dozen chocolate dipped home made marshmallows are ready to go off to their various charities in the kitchen.
    The house smells like christmas and the kids were sugar-hyped but have been out on their snowshoes and are exhausted.
    Woo hoo! Let it snow!

  115. so sorry to hear about your fall – I am glad that it wasn’t worse (one of the few times we might actually bless the full laundry basket, eh?)
    Those cookies look yummy – and the celebration of family & friends is perfect for this hectic time of year. congrats on keeping your eye on what truly matters in life..

  116. (((hugs))) I’m sorry for your loss. I’m sure that everyone (even Lene) can and will understand that your family must come first right now.
    And as for the party… it sounds wonderful!! I hope that you keep those memories close to your heart, even when cleaning up the mud and slush when the snow starts to melt. πŸ™‚
    Get that arm healed!!

  117. Ho-lee cow. That is a lot of snow. I live on the west coast of Canada, and we beg and beg for snow. Beg for it. We are estatic when a centimetre of snow falls. If the amount of snow that I see you guys have fell here, well. We probably would have a statutory holiday or something. I am so jealous.

  118. So sorry about your loss, Steph, and about your injury too. Hope both kinds of soreness are receding a little in the warm glow that you made from the snow day.

  119. I would just like to mention that your snow day will be more likely to be remembered by your friends and family than which pair of socks they get this year. Don’t stress about the knitting or the schedule. Cookies are more important.

  120. Life is good!
    Merry-Merry & Happy-Happy to you & yours!
    The “Knit me” Sheep is my fave *giggle*

  121. I’m so sorry about the loss in your family.
    It looks like you made a fabulous day. (Though with gingerbread sheep, how could any day not be fabulous?)

  122. I try not to leave comments much anymore, since you have such a huge passel of them each and every post. But I just had to say that this is right up there with your Shetland lace wedding ring shawl post.
    This is what the Zen Buddist monks have been trying to tell us for milennia. The world can just go have a mental breakdown all by itself, and we should live our lives in the present, relishing every moment. There will be frosting to clean off of the walls, and dishes to wash, but who cares?
    When my first was a baby (about seven years ago), I began to feel completely overwhelmed by how busy I was. So much to do, so many people to please, so many busy things pressing in on our lives. So I stopped. An acquaintance from church called to see if I could take dinner to someone who wasn’t feeling well, and began her call by saying in a bouncy voice:
    “So how are you? I’m sure you’re just busy, busy, busy!”
    I replied: “Actually, I’m not busy. I’ve decided not to be, and it’s great.”
    She was silent for a few seconds, and then said, “Oh, isn’t that nice?” and proceeded with her call. But I’ll never forget how surprised she was, and how she didn’t know how to respond to my answer. And I’ll always be thankful for that decision I made–because without it, I definitely would have been committed at least a few times by now!
    Merry Christmas, Steph, to you and all of yours. :o)

  123. Good for you! We call those kind of parties “snow gatherings” here. It’s usually a pot luck get together and great deal of fun.
    I’m sorry too, that your family has had a loss. It’s always hard but, somehow, the loss is more acute when it happens this time of year.

  124. So sorry to hear about your family’s loss, Stephanie. ::hugs to all:: And lordy, glad your elbow was the worst result of the basement stairs! That plus snow – yep, major hint to slow down and take things easy.
    Which you all did in a wonderful way! I love the sheep cookies…and the decorating. Hee; sheep with icing bobbles! Looks like a fantastic time was had, and I’m glad you all had a day to just get together and *be.* Love the snowshoes and cross country skis bit. We rarely get enough snow to need snowshoes, but when we get our ice storms which sometimes have a little snow, too, you bet the cross country skis and crampons come out! (Yeah, I know, we’re the Pacific Northwet; where do they all come from? You turn around up here and chances are you bump into a skier, snow boarder, mountain climber, or someone who’s all three. They morph into windsurfers and cyclists and kayakers in the summer!)

  125. We here in the DC area were promised snow this past year and got rain instead! I’m jealous!

  126. We had a fair amount of snow, enough to hope (unfulfilled) that there would be a snow day today. There was much baking here yesterday, too.

  127. Yes, Steph, sorry for the loss – always more poignant this time of year. And GRACIOUS watch those stairs. But the gathering? THAT is a Good Time. We have lots of snow here and we’re all just revelling in it…finally a beautiful White Christmas, as it should be. THe dusk is blowing off of skis and snowshoes and the street is ringing with the laughter of kids being pulled along on their sleds – this is what it was like when I was a girl. We’d get dinosaurs to pull our sleds up the hill and slide back down…….
    besides, NOTHING is as delicious as knitting and watching the snow over the rim of a cup of hot chocolate.

  128. Excellent! I don’t have to deal with snow, luckily, but there does, indeed, come a time when you just have to say “Screw it!” and just have fun with the people the holiday season is really meant for.
    So glad you had a great time!

  129. :happysigh: Oh my. How absolutely wonderful. I have a huge grin on my face and you have inspired me not to go back to work for the evening. πŸ˜€
    Happy holidays to you, and my warmest thoughts go out to you and your family in your time of loss. May you find joy this season.

  130. Losses are never easy, I’m so sorry.
    It looks like you did what was best for everyone. Reconnecting is the answer when Plan A does not work… and especially after a loss.
    Hugs. And enjoy those cookies, OK? (Assuming there are any left with teenagers around…)

  131. Sorry to hear of your loss, I have had three friends lose close relations in just a few weeks so I sympathise. Glad to see you’re all ok in the snow apart of course from a nasty case of laundrywoman’s elbow. This is a known condition, which is solely caused by too much laundry. The only long-term effective cure is to share the laundry load. (Joe!!! Come here!!!)
    I have total sheepy-gingerbread-cookie envy. I wonder if I can find a sheep-shaped cookie cutter anywhere before Christmas.
    I also have snow-envy. Yes, I guess it’s a big PITA, but we just don’t get snow up to the windows here in England any more, and I miss decent snow. Could you send us some please? Ta.

  132. We iced biscuits with the Brownies on Friday night. Slightly less home-creation of biscuits or icing, but they had a lovely time nonetheless (and produced some lurid biscuits).

  133. Sorry about the elbow, the knitting schedule, and the loss. I have several friends and family members who are missing a loved one this holiday season. It’s hard. My husband and I had some one near and dear to us die several days before Christmas on 3 different occasions. It happened 3 out of 5 Christmases in a row. It was so bad for a while that we were starting dread the approach of the Christmas season. Since then it has calmed down but man that was tough. You have my very deepest sympathy.
    On a brighter note I think you have some of the prettiest cookies on the planet! What a wonderful thing to do! Sounds like your party was truly visited by the Christmas Spirit. I don’t know how you manage to do all that you do. You are just astounding. I think you should let yourself off the hook for the Christmas knitting though. It’s hard but it does make for a nicer and saner knitter. My gallbladder decided to let me know it wasn’t happy with me several weeks a go and screwed up my whole plan. I have company coming, decorating, tree putting up, (we have no decorations up at all!) and a serious cleaning binge to do. Well, I’m just going to have to accept what I can do, be happy with it, and let the rest go. I have several people getting IOU’s for presents this year LOL! Take care and please save a cookie for me (or I’ll always take a butter tart! Someday I’m going to find a recipe for those awesome little things!

  134. I just wanted to say thank you. I was desperatly trying to fit things in, knowing that I couldn’t and on the verge of I don’t know what kind of break down. You’ve reminded me that sometimes it’s more fun to let others help out!!
    Merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year!

  135. Best. Holiday. Post. Evah.
    That cookie cutter is the awesome-ist and the cookies are to die for. If I lived in Toronto, I would definitely have slogged through the snow to help with the frosting.
    Your frantic posts are hilarious, but the down to earth ones like this one touch souls. Thank you for being sane in the middle of insanity.

  136. I’m feeling the need for a snow day myself. Despite the raging storm that blew through the Maritimes Sunday night, the working wounded didn’t get the snow day we so desperately needed.
    I’ve got knitting to finish, family members who need care, a twitchy eye and someone broke into our car and stole a rented PA system yesterday.
    We’re all about to go over the edge. Send cookies.

  137. At this time of year, we need to remember to be kind to ourselves. Sometimes the universe makes sure we don’t forget. Wouldn’t we still have a wonderful holiday even if not every last thing on our list was complete? I for one, would be thrilled with a pair of knitted socks on December 28th. Happy Knitting!

  138. Sorry for your loss and all the holiday stress. It looks like a snow-day-cookie-decorating-party is exactly what you needed. Isn’t the Universe smart?
    I really like the sheep cookies. Maybe if I make it back to Rhinebeck I’ll pick up one of those cookie cutters. Do you remember the vendor?

  139. Stephanie, my sympathy to you and your family for your loss (and for your bruised elbow). My MAD PROPS to you and your family for the awesome looking snow day cookie party! I love the Knit Me sheep! I’d like your gingerbread cookie recipe, please, if you’re inclined to share it. I’ll give you my brownie recipe in return!
    I cast on last night for a sweater for my daughter (for her birthday next month) and found out that my everlovin’ husband is gifting me with a swift and a ball winder!

  140. It is hard to imagine a city where friends can snow shoe and ski over to visit. That sounds like Christmas.
    The cookie cutter, I wish I’d found that one. Good get.

  141. Agreed! (You wouldn’t believe how many pairs of snowshoes we’ve sold at MEC…) I unplugged, let the walls go un-painted and the gifts go un-knitted for a day, and hunkered down to spend a snow day with the new Man. It was absolutely wonderful.
    Now where did I put that paint roller…?

  142. Such a nice way to slow down. Here in PA we’ve been blasted by ice, and your entry today reminds me that sometimes it is best to slow down and enjoy the day off.
    Thanks for always bringing a smile to my day!

  143. What a great idea! I love baking the cookies, but always fizzle out when it comes to decorating. Next year I am TOTALLY having a cookie decorating party!

  144. Congratulations. Like that old prayer says, “accept the things you cannot change.” Daughter and I hit the grocery Friday nite after we’d each had a long week, then stayed in Saturday and watched it snow, with no intention of going anywhere. Today, I’ll be busy again.
    I’m sorry for your loss, though. It can be hard. Merry Christmas! Julie

  145. Sometimes it’s nice to remember the holiday is about family and friends, and not about schedules. Relax, what gets done gets done. Everybody else in my family will then get a box and a promise . . .

  146. I’m sorry for your loss (and your elbow). Hope that things improve soon. Thanks for reminding me that there are some things that you just can’t change and the best thing to do then is let go and let what happens, happen.
    Best wishes. Growing up in CA I’ve never had a white Christmas – I’m envious…

  147. Sounds like the snow is just what you needed to snap that holiday noose and liberate you so that you and your friends and family could relax. I’m so very sorry for the loss in your family and I hope that your elboy heals. My philosophy with the holidays is that you have up until New Year’s (even longer if you won’t see the person) to finish your Christmas knitting. Cheers!

  148. I’m sorry for the loss in your family.
    What a great idea for a snow day!
    I took a bad fall down the steps several years ago when I was still living at home with my parents. I got a severely sprained ankle out of it, I was bruised from my toes almost up to my knee and actually had x-rays taken to make sure there wasn’t a break. What I found ironic about it was that, after all of those years of my mother yelling at me about leaving things on the steps for someone to slip and fall on, I slipped and fell on a litter box scooper that she’d left on the basement steps. Fortunately I too had been carrying laundry to cushion my fall.

  149. sometimes this universe delivers what you need rather than what you thing you need. Also, I would like some BFL cookies.

  150. I LOVE your cookie cutter!! I have to get one! I’m glad to hear you made a miserable day turn into a merry one with friends. I hope you feel better and are on the mend.
    Merry Christmas!

  151. I am SO with you in recovering the Spirit – and, with that in mind I’ve decided to give money to Knitters w/out Boarders as a way of honoring those to whom I had planned to give hand knits. This is not the time to panic about gifting.
    Time is fleeting. Life goes by quickly. Embrace those you love.

  152. We were let out early from work when the snow threatened with alarming force last week. It led to a beautiful day. The quiet walk in the snow home from the train and a bit of time just getting some of the inside things done. It’s just wonderful!

  153. That really was a great batch of cookies! I love the little sheepie cutter! We’ve only gotten “ratty” snow, so far. I’m holding out for a miracle snow on Christmas day!

  154. I think we should all take a snow day. Just spend some good quality time with friends and family. That is what the holidays are all about. Take time to play in the snow. Gift wrap the balls of yarn that don’t get knitted with promises of wonderful things in the new year. I have a friend who keeps one gift for each person on her list until February. Since February is such a dreary time of the year, she likes to have a party, exchange gifts, and have a great time. Gives everyone something to look forward to and a great opportunity for family and friends to gather at a time that isn’t so busy. What a great idea. Have a Merry Christmas, Stephanie, as well as all of your fans. I saw you this summer when you visited Halifax and I hope that you come back some time. You are delightful.

  155. It’s been bugging me since yesterday that I didn’t add my condolences re your loss. Celebrating the way you did, with love and loved ones and creativity, sounds like the most perfect way to face loss and sadness on any level. I’m so glad you all made those good memories.

  156. sorry about your loss and your elbow, but gee whiz, you sure know how to make the best of a bad situation πŸ˜€ Merry Christmas to you and yours; I’m sure your snow day will be a wonderful memory and I absolutely LOVE the sheep cookies πŸ™‚

  157. Thank you so much for the post! It really hit home…time spent with friends and family in a low-tech world – what a great reminder of the holiday feeling!

  158. I am sorry for your family’s loss. Thank you for such an inspirational post. I, too am starting to feel like everything that needs doing is piling up around me. I think I will follow your lead and make a batch of cookies with my kids. Maybe even a gingerbread house!
    Thank you for showing that no matter how bad the outlook, one can always dig out of the pile and LIVE!

  159. I am so sorry for your loss. And the elbow.
    What a great way to go about it all, to say scew it, and invite everybody over.
    And, thanks for taking the time to write it all down for us and posting. I think the extra icing for us all is always that we get to see a glimpse of you, and how you know how to make the best of life. Thanks for that, Stephanie.

  160. It was almost this time of year five years ago when my mother fell down the basement stairs carrying a load of laundry.
    She also then had an epiphany about how she was spending her life and has been much happier and physically fit ever since she got out of the convalescnet hospital for her broken femur.
    Even after all this time, your little anecdote still stirred up the worry and panic from that time. But you set it to rest again just as quickly. Thanks for the perspective.
    Have a joyous holiday season. Your blog always cheers me up.

  161. Maybe Someone is telling you (and the rest of us) that making ourselves crazy over the holidays will not in fact make for better holiday memories. Also, calendars, DVDs, and gift cards make excellent Christmas gifts. If your Christmas knitting doesn’t get done, your family and friends will not in fact feel less loved (particularly so if you manage to be sane and rested for the festivities).

  162. And that, my friends, is how it’s done! You’d have me wishing for some blizzard magic of my own, but that much snow in Maryland would surely knock out power for a week. No heat, no cookies…the beer would run out, and people would start turning on each other, lol.
    By the way, those are pretty spectacular cookies. Martha Stewart’s got nothin’ on you people πŸ™‚

  163. oooooo warm fuzzies… I wish there were snow days more often here πŸ™‚ (I am in winnipeg where they clear the snow almost as soon as it has fallen… if not snow days would last the entire winter…)

  164. I’m so sorry for your loss. And at Christmas, too.
    But it did make my day six times to Christmas reading your post. I’ve been feeling very snarky about the upcoming holiday, as nothing is going right, I’m exhausted, and the pipes at work burst and drowned my office… I think you’ve got the right idea: do what you can that’s fun with what you’ve got and invite others to do the same. Good on you!
    Best. Hope the holidays start treating you better, Mistress Speedy McKnits (I’ve decided that should be your superhero name).

  165. Wow – looks like my kind of fantastic time! But, I have one question – how did you get a picture of so many cookies? My girls & I used to make Christmas cookies every year when they were younger (I have announced that we are going to reinstitute the practice next year with the grands – esp after the spectacular success of Thanksgiving with the 2 grandsons helping – they LOVED it). We would spend many, many hours (at least 8-10) making & decorating cookies, making at least 5 or 6 batches, only to end up with about 15 – 20 cookies [I suspect far more went into our mouths – could be why no one was ever hungry for dinner 8-)].

  166. True Blessings of the Season…
    Loss does seem to remind us of remains…
    Sorry for your loss, continued joy in your family and friends…

  167. I love reading in your blog, since I made your lovely Earl Grey Socks (was my first work on a pattern written in english (! was a great experience for me!) my brother loves them – gave them filled with lovely smelling teabags! πŸ˜‰ )
    Where have You been all of my “kniting life” ?? *big hug*
    Yours Ixe

  168. Those are great looking cookies. Sorry for your loss.Sometimes we just have to step back and appreciate life. All we got was tons of ice which stuck to the trees and wires and not much to the roads. We lost a lot of beautiful trees, and the electric for a short while. Some folks have been without it for four days. Thank God for gas stoves and kerosene heaters.My knitting schedule is so whacked that we are resorting to Orthodox Christmas.Why not the DH is working a double on Christmas Eve, so he will be in bed all day.Hope your elbow heals up quick and you get back on the revised schedule.

  169. I’m so sorry for your loss. But thank you for the reminder to kick back and have fun – what gets done gets done and sod the rest. I have been freaking out slightly over the Christmas knitting and everything else; I should know better.
    Merry Christmas and all good things for the New Year.

  170. Stephanie, why don’t you make yourself a much more interesting, fun and do-able schedule for next year? Jan – start gift stash with a pair of socks from a pattern you’ve never knitted before, Feb, add two pairs of mittens in different yarns, March, his n hers hats for a couple (and wait to see if they’re still together by Christmas) April, a beaded shawl, and so on. You could give Lene a list of what you want to get done over the year and she can divide it into 12 envelopes to be opened only on the first day of each month. You might even be able to enjoy the gift knitting πŸ˜‰

  171. I decided in favour of my sanity this year and didn’t do cutout cookies.
    I got myself a spritz cookie maker instead.
    It’s brilliant. I may never go back to cutouts! (The previous sentence was a lie.)
    That said- I LOVE those sheep cookies.
    Trade ya!

  172. Oh how I wish I could have walked through all that snow to your front door and spent the day. It sounds like bliss. No snow for us in Tennessee but maybe later in the year. Have a good Christmas. BTW I can smell the cookies. They are great!

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