The buck stops on me

A thousand curses upon gainful employment for getting in my way. I can’t even begin to tell you how disappointed I am in myself.

I am bloody well self employed. If you are self employed, then theoretically you are the boss. (Note that this is not true if you have small children. Then you are not master of your own days no matter who employs you. If you have little kids then the success or failure of your day hinges on the whims of beings who are very small and yet very powerful beyond their means… Sort of like skunks.) Sure, I have contracts and responsibilities and things have to keep moving or we shall starve to death and be homeless, but there is no boss who can make me do things. I am the boss. This means that I should be able to arrange December as a light month…right?

Well smack me with a waffle and call me stupid, because I arsed it up again. I thought I was being smart when I made my manuscript deadlines in the fall, but I forgot that the edits would come back to me now and all of a sudden my desk is covered and there’s a deadline for a page a day calendar (Right now it’s still on my desk. I would link to the Amazon Canada page, but my name is miss-spelled and I’m pretending I don’t care.) It’s not due until early January but I thought that was no biggie because I would finish it in early December so it wouldn’t screw up my Christmas knitting. Now my Christmas knitting and the calendar are not done because some total moron who ought to know better (that would totally be me) didn’t remember that the editing on the next book would come back now and…well. You know. It’s like that. I’m behind on the knitting and the Christmas baking and the present wrapping, but staying on top of the gainful employment. I can’t believe what an idiot I work for though. (That would be me again.)


All of this is a rather long way of saying “hey look…I have one and a part of a sock instead of a pair of socks.” Also…I think my cat (who refused to budge from her spot) looks rather disappointed with me. (STR Dixie Chick, mediumweight, my standard sock recipe.) The schedule claimed these should be finished this afternoon for me to stay on track, and they are not, nor will they be. I’m officially behind. I’d promise myself that I would co-ordinate better next year so I can avoid this, but I think that considering I promise myself that every year, it might be a lie.

Do you think the planet would notice if we all called in sick to work this time next year and took a week off to sit around in our jammies, drinking hot tea and knitting? I won’t tell if you won’t.

228 thoughts on “The buck stops on me

  1. Nice socks, pretty kitty, great idea about the tea and jammies! Good luck getting through the work AND the knitting.

  2. Can’t call in sick… I have 3 kids under 4. (3 1/2, 2 and 12 weeks.) I’m lucky to be showered, let alone have knitting time.
    :sigh: This too shall pass…

  3. Stephanie – is your cat wearing a ruff that coordinates with the STR Dixie Chick on purpose? If yes, how very coordinated of you. If not, wow, you have powers you didn’t even know you had. Perhaps because you are the boss? (or is this just a side effect of the flash of your camera?)
    Best wishes to get/stay on track, maybe……

  4. Yikes…right there with you…working for a living kinda sucks…being your own boss is even worse…pet the cat, eat some goodies and good luck.

  5. I think it is time for something called skreech that you mentioned very early on the Blog. Or… you can just warp the time continuum or whatever it is really called. Good luck to you!

  6. Ooh! At home, hot tea, jammies and knitting…I’m right there with you! BTW, great colourway on the socks, and the kitty is adorable. Good luck!

  7. I’m ready to call in sick for at least the first half of 2008, which is when I’ll finish 2007’s knitting. Then long about October when I start 2008’s presents, I’ll call in sick again. Then I can call in unemployed, won’t have money for yarn and will have to try to knit up any kind of fibres I can find by the roadsides.

  8. A day of knitting and jammies sounds wonderful. I hear you about the small children and getting things done. Their energy is wonderful and exhausted. I miss the days when they were little. so cute. pet the cat for me.

  9. Steph-when you sent in the manuscript, my first thought was that it must come back for edits either really fast or at a leisurely pace (like 2008). Can’t we all edit a page–you’ll be done in no time! πŸ™‚

  10. I totally understand the work-interferes-with-life idea. You have teenagers at home. Ask them, no, tell them to make dinner, do the laundry, etc., and tell them if they don’t, they don’t get any presents for Christmas because Santa will think they shirked their duty and didn’t help their mother. >8-))

  11. I had a haircut last night, and found myself thinking of it as lost knitting time, and wishing I could work on my current project under the cape.
    Not that I tried, as I was at a have-to-watch-the-hands stage. But I dreamed!
    Might I suggest you make a note of this for next year? I’m always sure I’ll remember such things next time, and then forget. If you learn from it (ahem), that might help you feel better.
    Or maybe you won’t feel better until Christmas is over?

  12. The cat didn’t budge because the yarn matches her eyes so well. I just know you will work through this and it will all turn out well in the end. πŸ™‚ After all, getting Christmas projects finished on time is where hope springs eternal, right? Go pet the cat – you’ll feel better.

  13. I think the calling in sick thing is a spectacular idea!!!
    Jammies…tea… add some snacks, chocolate, and you have yourself a deal!
    This is such a spectacular idea, I may just put it into play…tomorrow!!!!!

  14. HaHa! I love the skunks reference, but I always compare my youngest to a wild monkey with strange octopus tentacle appendages. He climbs and he grabs things and as soon as you take something away another miraculously appears in another hand.

  15. Cut yourself a break (I’m glad you’re not my boss, geez). You’ll get done what you can get done, and it’ll be fabulous.
    The kitty is beautiful, and is it a trick of the light or does the kitty have two different colors of eyes?

  16. Since you really cannot call in sick, and you (I am sure) hope that your publisher will want yet another manuscript, there is but one solution for next year. You will have to start your Christmas knitting in July. Think of how leisurely you can knit with that much time to devote to your gifts!

  17. What I really want to know is why, every year, Christmas comes a month earlier than I think it’s going to. Who started these 11-month years? (Also, I wonder why your blog refuses to remember me. . .)

  18. I know exactly how being self-employed is supposed to make your life “flexible” and allow you “time to do what you want”. In 5 years I have yet to be able to schedule time off from work during the holidays. My only saving grace is that the four pair of socks I’m supposed to have knit by Dec. 21 are in DK weight and on US3 needles (only half of one is done so far). Otherwise, I would be bald and crying in the bathroom. Oh, yesterday I worked in my jammies until noon – I refuse to follow someone else’s idea of proper work clothes when my office is in my kitchen! Good luck keeping the bills paid and the knitting on schedule.

  19. Well, it seems that you’re much more organized this year than last year, even if you’re behind schedule. I mean, last year did you even KNOW that you were behind schedule on the 12th?
    A sick week with knitting sounds fantastic πŸ™‚

  20. You know – food, home, warm clothes are so over rated… quit your job πŸ™‚
    Sorry, Steph – I feel for you. I want to say something really bad, but I am going to just hold my tongue. … hehehe anyways it looks like your cat would take a swipe at me if I even tried.
    I know we will love your new book and your other projects that are coming down the pike, but our pleasure is bad timing for you.
    Get the tea, put on your pjs, and go hide away and knit for a short time period. It will all still be there when you return. (unfortunately they don’t make elves to take care of the rest for you…)

  21. I used snow as my excuse yesterday to buy some knitting time. I left work early and gained an hour! I HAD to finish the work knitting gifts by last night for delivery tomorrow. I just made it, done and blocking at 10 pm. Now to start the family knitting…

  22. ‘called in sick to work this time and took a week off to sit around in our jammies, drinking hot tea and knitting’
    Uhhhh— I didn’t realize there was a webcam on our computer. Shhhh — I’m off to grab a robe.
    btw – have you tried your tea with freshly grated nutmeg and a little honey? It is so yummy. Oh, and milk.

  23. Jammies, hot tea, knitting? Count me in. I’d rather do that than work, at least most days, and I’m not self-employed. Though I do love my job, just this week is dragging and I’d rather knit.

  24. It wouldn’t be Christmas without just a little IT, though. Consider it your gift to the rest of us who will have a LOT of IT. Sorta like Martha Stewart pretending to shop at the last minute to make the rest of us feel better.
    And it is disturbing to me how a seemingly black kitty matches those socks so well. Seriously. Both eye colors are in the sock, and the grayish bit on her neck is starting to look pink and blue.

  25. If I call in sick, I may as well call in fired. (The HR person here would like nothing better. She and I don’t get along. Good thing I’m good at what I do.)
    But I’d still like to…

  26. Though my ‘job’ is much less work, I’m my own boss, too, and right now dealing with a trip I realized last night starts today and I hadn’t told my cat sitter (AKA sister) exactly which day we were leaving and she’ll be at work until after the time we leave. I still thought this was next week, but somewhere in there it became this week. Unfortunately, you really can’t get hold of a teacher while she’s teaching. Sorry, Sis.
    And a smaller but similar snafu – my husband rebooted the server just as I clicked on Comments for this post. He was debugging the issue with our e-mail I’d just alerted him about. Fortunately, the reboot was fast. Unfortunately, it didn’t correct the e-mail issue.

  27. I have an idea – let’s all declare Dec 27 as jammie, tea and knitting day.
    And hey, skip the baking this year! – it’ll be your gift to yourself.

  28. I think that sounds like a delightful plan for next year! I’m sure you can get tons to join you!
    I’m also pretty sure that no one will stop being your friend/family member if their hand-knitted gift is a few days late. No worries! =)

  29. *cough cough* Sorry, I think I have the plague. I’ll be in next week or so. Depends on if I get those slippers done…
    I don’t have enough time to knit, and I only work part-time! I think that there must be some kind hour-eater that busts loose from its cage every year in November or so…

  30. Is this the same cat who makes you sleep halfway down the bed? And have you not learned by now that smugness will get you nothing so quick as a karmic smackdown?

  31. We modern women are supposed to be enlightened, aren’t we, and yet we still take upon ourselves the complete – and I mean complete – burden of keeping mates, kids, pets, houses, jobs, hobbies and Christmas all functioning perfectly at all times. What man does this??? I’m retired, and I like to think I’m smart, but I still feel the pull of all those demands. Is it hard wiring? Is it social conditioning? Whatever it is, we need to lighten up on ourselves.
    Dear Stephanie – Do what you can, do your best (you always do), continue to amuse and inspire us. Find – no, make – some time to sit, sip some eggnog and cuddle with Joe.
    We’re all pulling for you; we all love you, no matter how far behind you think you are! Merry Christmas!

  32. “Smack me with a waffle…” LOL! I am all for calling in sick in December and doing what you proposed. The planet might not notice, but given the power of knitters, the GNP of our various countries would probably notice. Still, it’s very tempting. You were on the right track, far closer than the previous two years. Good luck trying to get it all done without descending too far into insanity.

  33. Yeah. That whole self-employed thing kinda stinks. But you are one amazingly fast knitter (I’ve *seen* you, *and* I know you knit a whole Norwegian sweater in 16 days), and you barely have more than the toe left on that sock. C’mon, suck it up and stay up an extra half hour. You can do it….it’s too early to throw in the towel! (BTW – it’s a good thing you’re sticking with the bread-winning stuff first, though.)

  34. AMEN to the comment about small children. My first is 17 mos and I’m still amazed how my day/plans/schedule/knitting totally and completely revolve around a 3 foot midget!! I am NEVER allowed on the computer, but thankfully, knitting while she plays is fine by her.

  35. I’m behind schedule too so I feel your pain! Have the boss give you a day (or two) off next week, and all will be right with the world. That, or say you have jury duty!

  36. Christmas knitting??? I’m still working on finishing the last of the fall birthday knitting.
    Christmas knitting here is barely begun and may not get finished. Remember your green afghan story. Punch bowls are nice too!
    Hang in there and remember to enjoy the holiday. They’ll enjoy the socks just as much when their birthdays roll around and you’ll have more time to finish them!

  37. You know… I was feeling all good because I’m unemployed (technically self-employed, but my first client’s due in March, so I have a lot of time on my hands… you know the doula’s just-getting-started life…), the baby’s still in utero and will be for months yet, and I only have one project I’m making myself have done for Christmas. One measly little (ok, ginormous, it’s for my brother and his 25″ head)hat. I finished the socks for my SIL weeks ago, and all the other knitting I have going for other people I just want done soon, not for Christmas. And this morning my carpal starts flaring up to the point that I have actual, classic, tingling and numbness. Smugness WILL get you every time.

  38. I would settle for a day in jammies-as usual everyone will be getting half done presents-but they are used to it and I hate to disappoint.

  39. In my widespread family, Christmas presents routinely arrive any time from March to October. I’m not sure if we’re exceptionally laid back or just afraid of the post office. At any rate, no one takes offense and it’s kind of nice to unwrap Christmas presents in June.
    I say, do what is most important to you and, if the Christmas baking is very important to another family member, let them step up and have the fun of doing it.
    Thanks for taking the time to post!

  40. I totally just took off this last weekend to finish my Christmas knitting and DID.I only left my jammies twice this whole time. I blogged everyday and
    even though I got everything done ahead of time (Don’t judge me I started in August!) it was totally worth it to take 5 days to knit , relax and enjoy life. It also helps to clear out the wip pile. πŸ™‚
    You will also know that I have no small people running my life unless I choose to rent one for the day. πŸ™‚
    I don’t want to go back to work….We must do this more often!

  41. Is it possible that you have a few days of vacation saved up that your boss has neglected to remind you of? That could really come in handy and it’s just like a boss to withhold information like that.
    Still marinating in the stash with the pattern for Dashing – I may have to venture to the yarn shop. I’ll pretend not to be excited about that little excursion.

  42. I’d say don’t look at your cat anymore. She will only bring you down. That’s a “Who do you think you are, Miss Mucky-muck?” look if I ever saw one.
    So maybe the sock is not done. Look on the bright side! It looks like you’re knitting it with those pretty new Knit Picks Harmony needles. How bad can a day be if it includes knitting with those?

  43. Damn. Apparently the e-mail issue means I can’t get to my address book. I have a new phone with only a few numbers entered so far (the old one was too old for the handy chip transfer), the needed numbers are cell phones and not in Information, so I can’t call those I can’t e-mail, either.
    DH says a local and always reachable address list can be made – once we can get to the address list. That involves a reboot of another piece of equipment by pushing a button that is 1,000 miles from where we are currently. The number of the concierge who could push the friggin’ button is on the friggin’ malfunctioning box.
    Could be worse. When I last was someone’s real boss it was in a Housewares department of a Macy’s at Christmas. I’ll take the idiot-me boss issues any day.

  44. Hmmm, yes, I think I kind of like the idea of sitting around and knitting. I’m stuck at home (AGAIN) to finish up some term papers. 15 pages on Rousseau and education – NOT fun. Not fun at all. Let’s all have NOT fun together, yes?
    btw, your kitty’s eyes are kind of disturbing.

  45. Oh man, there’s no way Lene the Omnipotent can schedule around this one, is there?
    Why wait till next year to call in sick? I think it sounds like a great idea starting, oh, tomorrow.
    Hang in there. And remember, the holidays are a good excuse for spiked beverages. That may help a bit (with the stress, probably not the editing.)

  46. So, since it’s only listed on the Canada site, does that mean it won’t be available in the US?
    I LOVE the word arse…

  47. I like the call in sick to knit idea. O
    f course, 3 year old twins would foil this plan. I can’t even hide in bed when they are home because they want to ensure I’m “ok” by checking on me every 5 minutes.
    Such is life. I keep telling myself that someday they will be too cool for the likes of me!

  48. May I make a partially facetious suggestion? You certainly don’t need to convert, but could adopt the Jewish calendar and use Chanukah as your home made gift deadline! This year you’d have forced yourself to be finished before December 4th…
    Chanukah in 2008 is only four days earlier than your holiday, but even four days of breathing room to sip tea and bask in being done may be enough.
    As someone who is self-employed, I know the overwhelming burden of working for others and being at their mercy for when the work and deadlines arrive. But having a gift buying and knitting target date for a holiday that (usually) arrives much earlier than Christmas does have its rewards!

  49. You totally need to complain to HR about your boss. Ask for a transfer to a different department, and maybe a raise while you’re at it. You shouldn’t have to put up with that sort of attitude on your measly little pay.
    And tea and jammies? Uhhhh, I think maybe hot cocoa with peppermint schnapps or Bailey’s, or some hot toddy, or some nice mulled cider spiked with something, just to help me sleep, you understand.

  50. Funny you should mention it. I am home ‘sick’ knitting right now.
    It’s always something though isn’t it? best laid plans…
    I bought some of the ‘Dixie Chick’ at Blue Moons Stash Busting sale, nice to see how it knits up!

  51. Oh and seriously, don’t cats always look like that?
    I wouldn’t take it too personally, I think cats are pretty much disappointed by our existence (unless there is a can of cat food nearby;).

  52. Hee hee hee hee… by sheer freaking accident, I managed to get my book submitted today, and I get to proof my galleys the week AFTER Christmas. I cannot contain my glee. Of course, the week after Christmas, I will be pretty damned contained. (And that doesn’t mean I’m not knitting like mad!!!)

  53. Poor StephaniNe…. πŸ˜‰
    Oh well, things go as they go, and your job comes first. Good luck editing! I’m sure it’s going to be another great read.

  54. A week? I would be quite happy with a day (over the moon with a week). I totally won’t tell. I’m good with secrets (as in, I forget them mere minutes after I’m told).

  55. Or we could all say we have a “meeting” at my office/gallery space…I have chairs…I have tea…my staff is used to the knitting…they’ll never notice…

  56. Christmas baking? I heard a rumor about Sam–I bet she’d jump at the chance to help her Mum out in this area, provided the recipes come out right.

  57. Pretty sock; lovely cat.
    So sorry about the edits. I hate edits even worse than typing, and I hate typing. I hate typing almost as much as I hate vacuuming, which I just finished doing.
    I’ve decided that my husband is getting me a housekeeper for Christmas. Not a maid, just someone to do my floors once a week.
    Now I have to do the marketing for a fancy dinner for 40 I’m serving Saturday. I’m not knitting for anyone but myself, today.

  58. A page a day calendar?!! Hurrah.
    But back to the crisis – Just give the recipient of said socks the socks “as is”. Then, as required, wrap each gift (wool and pattern) up, “as is”. Finish your editing. THEN, IF TIME PERMITS, get back to the Christmas knitting. Or you could adopt Ukrainian Christmas, which would give you until January 6th!

  59. I am trying, trying REALLY HARD, to feel your pain, but all I am coming up with is tendonitis. Dude. You are knitting how many socks in how many hours? That’s getting a hell of a lot done by mere mortal standards.
    However, you have all my sympathy regarding work and Christmas prep colliding πŸ™‚
    Just don’t forget to ice your wrists….

  60. Don’t forget that the Christmas season begins on Christmas and goes until January 6th, Epiphany, or 12th night as many people call it. So maybe you have extra time if you look at it that way. Good Luck, love the colorway of those socks.

  61. I think the kitty thoughts are “This is sure comfortable curled up here with these awesome! socks. I’m glad they’re not finished — the cat chew toys (which Stephanie insists on calling DPNs) are positioned just right for me. I’m glad I didn’t remind her about the book edits when she was muttering about Christmas knitting schedules.” Good luck!

  62. *shakes head sadly* I knew that schedule gloating was going to come back and bite you on the arse… Your cat looks like she’s trying to will all of us to do something…

  63. tee hee…sob sob. We were just pondering that very same idea – call in sick, get the good stuff done. Cat has fabulous eyes. I’m very happy to hear about the page-a-day calendar, I’ll order many of those!

  64. I need to take a week off work as well to finish all my Christmas knitting! Staying home in pjs and knitting sounds like paradise right now too. You are one step ahead though. You may be behind in the Christmas knitting, but at least you didn’t start in the negative (I may still have a project from last Christmas still one the needles).

  65. Last week I called in sick for four days and sat around drinking tea but otherwise felt too sick to pick up any knitting. Next year I’ll leave off the part about catching the cold.

  66. Whoosh! The sock and sockling (socklet?) look lovely, as do your cat’s eyes. Are they really two different colors?
    I had a bad feeling the schedule was whimpering when we didn’t hear from you yesterday. Especially after Monday’s post. Onward! It’s not bad-crazy yet (or is it?)
    Deep breath and to paraphrase form “Finding Nemo,” “Keep on knitting, keep on knitting…”

  67. Don’t feel bad. I’m also self-employed and arsed it up as well. I started Christmas knitting in SEPTEMBER and I’m still not on my schedule. (Oh yes, I had to make out a schedule)
    I say next year: Screw the planet. It won’t stop turning if I take a week off to drink tea and knit. And even if it does go spinning off it’s GD axis, who cares? I’ll be happy.

  68. Here, does this make you feel better: we are celebrating Christmas early this year (younger daughter & her family are going to Mississippi to spend the holiday with her in laws & her cousins were kind enough to work around her travels)- on Dec 15th – that would be this Saturday. I still have 2 aprons to finish sewing (one is about half done, the other just cut out), golf socks (I think dear son in law will get 2 golf socks in his school colors with the rest to come), a dog sweater (not even started – fortunately said dog is a Maltese) & I really should finish the half don Wonderful Wallaby I started last winter for my great niece (but it is cotton & makes my arms hurt so I think I’ll be hitting a toy store for her). I am skipping my usual Wed night trip to the health club – hopefully I won’t have to miss Friday too.

  69. Buck up Steph! You are only part of a sock behind! Think back to last year…….how far behind were you by this time last year? I bet you are way ahead compared to last year. So keep it up. Next year, everything will fit in the schedule perfectly. You’re just working the bugs out for next year. Besides, throwing in the towel now will disappoint Lene so.

  70. Puss refuses to budge because, being a bit vain and self-centred like all cats, knows that she likes to hang around perfection so that the association rubs off.

  71. That last picture of the gorgeous sock with the gorgeous cat should definately go into your knitting calendar somewhere. It’s a gorgeous picture.

  72. I’ve got the tea and jammies thing going today. Not the knitting though. My boss, who is decidedly not me, would notice suspiciously long response times when I’m working remotely.

  73. I think the kitty wants to finish the socks herself.
    You’re not supposed to be all ready and on time for Christmas. Where would the festivities go to, if panic and hysteria weren’t the order of the day? Who would NEED that egg nog desperately? It’s meant to be.
    Also, as all self employed people know in their hearts, being self employed means that you get to chose any 24 hours in the day you’d like to work. Wait. Exactly.

  74. Oh, tea and jammies, what a great idea! I’d be more than happy to come up to Canada, and cook for the amazing Yarn Harlot and family πŸ™‚ I’d live for the day when I can be that close to so much sock yarn. Believe it or not, but I only have one partial skein of sock yarn πŸ™

  75. This is probably blasphemy, but have you ever considered not knitting so many Christmas presents? There seems to be a sort of brainwashing that happens when a person starts knitting, and they come to believe that, if they knit, they must give everyone knitted Christmas presents. But I’m here to tell you, you don’t have to! Go to the store. Or buy stuff from local artists. Your life will be much less stressful.

  76. I’m sweating and swearing right along with you. And funny thing, I was asking my best friend this morning “What would happen if disappeared for say, a MONTH.” Jammas and knitting was what I had in mind. Jamesons in the tea, of course–let’s all have some, shall we?

  77. I am a self employed seamstress,Ha!!!!
    And every Oct.I plan to cut the sewing off and
    Get ready for the up coming Holidays.
    I dont know what happens,people always come out of the woodworkand im sewing way into Dec.
    Not next year .
    LOL Please forgive the mess i made of this comment.Your the writer,I just sew.

  78. I say skip the Christmas baking. If anyone balks, you can say you are thinking healthy this year. If that doesn’t work, invite them to acquaint themselves with the kitchen!

  79. Love the Kittys different color eyes!! I have never saw an odd eyed black catn and i’ve had lots of pure and not so pure black cats!! You can do it , You are Super Knitter!!! Good Luck and Best Wishes

  80. Tea and jammies and knitting? I’m in!
    As for the disappointed feline? It’s been my experience as a cat slave, that cats have 3 expressions. Bored, disapproving and disappointed. Don’t take it personally. It doesn’t mean she doesn’t appreciate you. You are the source of food, clean litter and a lap, after all.

  81. I, too, am officially behind as well. My cast on isn’t working right.
    After the holidays, please post Lene’s schedule. It could possibly help us all a bit.
    Right now I should be working, instead I am chasing ants off my desk. It was 60F here yesterday, 35F today. They are coming in in packs.

  82. OMG, we must have been separated at birth. You wrote so eloquently about what I (also self-employed) have been feeling for the past 2 weeks. Just try to take care of yourself and stay healthy. I could tell you what happens when you add illness to mis-planning one’s schedule in December! Hang in there, somehow it all gets done.

  83. OOOOhhhh a schedule! That’s madness in the making. Last year when my (unnamed because she’ll be embarrassed) daughter pulled her carefully knit fluffy pink mohair moebius wrap from its box, she said… “um, uh, does this come in any other colors?” We still laugh about that(yeah right). I broke my cardinal rule which is to only knit things which will look good on me in case the recipient is not totally overwhelmed with my choices and I have to take it back. So this year, I’m doing it backwards. I’m giving out to-be-knit-gift-certificates … you tell me what you’d like, I’ll knit it … sometime before next christmas. Instead of stressing over midnight knitting sessions and unreasonable work commitments, I’m working on a lovely pashmina shawl for ME. They’ll be happy, I’ll be happy.
    And guess what … whether the schedule gets met or not, it will still be Christmas. Have a happy one!

  84. I am so with you on the tea, jammies and knitting. I even wondered if I could get away with wearing a burka to work today so that I didn’t have to hunt up clothes and so I could knit all day under it and no-one would know. I decided that would require me owning a burka and also would require me converting to islam. Because a lapsed catholic wearing a burka in the midwest would probably mean security wouldn’t let me in the building and would call those nice men in the white coats for me!

  85. What a gorgeous cat! I love her different-colored eyes. I had a cat who looked a lot like yours, just a little more white on her. The yarn colorway is lovely, too.
    Again I say, delegate all cooking, baking, housework, and other non-writing/non-knitting activities to your darling Joe and the girls.
    I love the idea of jammies, tea & knitting – just waiting until the four day Xmas weekend when I can do just that! My boss is on vacation now, but I still can’t knit at work. Dang.

  86. Great idea! I sat around knitting in my jammies all last week. And moving fallen trees and branches. I’m in one of the 2 rural counties in the NW that were hard hit by heavy wind, rain, and power outages and since I work for the school district, work was cancelled while power was out (all week). I was one of the lucky ones with an alternate heat source and many, many wool socks. It’s gonna suck to have to make those five days up at the end of the school year though…

  87. That is possibly the most excellent idea I have ever heard. I’m marking it on my schedule right now. Although I think I’ll make it annual leave. So as not to anger the gods of Human Resources.

  88. I’ve heard we are expecting snow and freezing rain tonight and tomorrow so hopefully I won’t have to go to work tomorrow! Besides my Christmas knitting I still have to decorate my house.

  89. I’m totally with you as I sit trying to slog through a work deadline when I have my lovely projects just sitting at home (and in my car, I have to confess)so ready and willing to be worked on and comfort me. Sigh…

  90. “Do you think the planet would notice if we all called in sick to work this time next year and took a week off to sit around in our jammies, drinking hot tea and knitting? I won’t tell if you won’t. ”
    You read my mind. I was just thinking that very thought this afternoon. Just a couple of weeks, that’s all I’d need. Sigh.
    Somehow, I think most of us are in the same boat. Misery loves company! πŸ˜‰

  91. I’ll even do that this year, but I’d have to come and hide at your house. (Wouldn’t you just love a house guest on top of everything else?) Since you don’t have any of my blood in your veins you might be far enough away that they won’t find me there.

  92. I’m behind on my schedule due to unexpected work, too. πŸ™ I’m totally in for a sick week of tea, jammies, and knitting.
    And – a page-a-day calendar? Yay!!

  93. I don’t think the cat looks disappointed; just attentive but inscrutable. And gorgeous, of course.
    Somehow, all that HAS to happen will happen, yes? And if it doesn’t, no one will die, nor probably even be cast out into the cold Toronto winter (possibly without enough handknits to keep them warm). Probably not. At least, I don’t think so.

  94. That kitty is gorgeous! Love her eyes.
    I think at this point, you should inform the children who depend upon you for food that they are now officially in charge of the baking, thus eliminating one chore. Then edit/knit, edit/knit, you get the pattern?
    And I join in the chorus of those who think it’s approaching time for application of liquid help. BTW just what is skreech?

  95. My only question is, who are you going to call in sick to??? I mean if you’re the boss, how does that work. I could try that on my hubby, but I don’t think he’ll believe me, being I’m a SAHM and all that. Good luck Stephanie, I hope you miraculously catch up.

  96. OH Steph! I feel for you. Just when I think I have things all orderly in my life and the knitting schedule planned, a child of mine lets me know that this and that is going on, and I internally yell that they are messing up my order. There goes the sitting and peaceful (smug) knitting! I’ll share a statement with you that others say to me (as I am ready to rip their lips off)…you got a lot done already~~~ go order something online for some of these wonderful people (cuz you could’t pay me to go shopping outside of my house right now). Chant Om….or a good Canadian beer could help, too.

  97. Crap. I’m torn. I want to to not be crazy. I want you to be on schedule…really I do..I want your knitting a book to both be done on time… but then you’d be nearly perfect…. and we couldn’t love you so much…… cause we couldn’t relate;)
    I say send the book back and tell them it’s perfect as is….. you’ve got a few under your belt now- and the pre-orders have to be doing well…. I know Diva isn’t your style— but couldn;t you try it and see if it’d work?
    Just once? πŸ˜‰

  98. There is blog evidence that Sam knows how to bake – put her in charge. Making new traditions can be fun–let the kids (and Joe) volunteer for the ones they want to take charge of (the other ones might not happen this year). Of course, some things don’t change, no matter how you try (like last-minute knitting). Good luck!

  99. I’ve thought about taking a week off after Thanksgiving (end of November or first week of December). It’s early enough to feel really good about finishing things, but not so late that everything has to be done in the one week.
    Of course, I am not doing that either (I’m not self employed, but I do have vacation time I could use).

  100. Life always gets when you really don’t expect it, eh? Well, now I’m not quite as envious that I’m not self-employed. Say, I DO hope this calendar project you are working on is one of those “works-any-year” calendars like the stitch-pattern a day calendar that came out a few years ago. Then, we could keep cycling through little witicisms from you for many years and that would be wonderful! I can just see it, my stitch-pattern-a-day on one side and the yarnharlot-a-day on my other side!
    Hang in there…..

  101. As one “employed” by two toddlers. I would LOVE, and probably desperately NEED a week to sit in my PJ’s, drink hot tea and knit, preferable with other knitters. (Did I mention one of the little beasts is sick and the other getting a molar…Oy.)

  102. Oh hey, the kitty has two different colored eyes. I’m in the “oh what the…” schedule bandwagon. Insane and I’m not doing any Christmas knitting!

  103. Stephanie, as far as the jammies week goes, I am IN! (I teach at a university, so my slammed time is always November through December, which is not good.) Hey, maybe you could put that week in on the page-a-day calendar…? Declare an “international knit in your jammies” week?
    The other part of the plan for me next year: don’t break my arm in the fall. (cuts way back on the knitting ability as well as time)

  104. Are the edits DUE BACK before Christmas? Because writer’s are notoriously never on time or just plain drunk. Feel free to claim either. Just tell your editor you’re ‘working on them’. πŸ™‚
    As to the baking … just make sure you have enough cookie sheets to load up all the dough for that batch at ONE TIME. Astonishing how much time you’ll save.
    I like that your cat is pretending to be David Bowie, what with the differently colored eyes. I have a dog just like that. The cat is only disappointed that you would believe there is anything beautiful enough to be posed alongisde her majesty. Knit her a hat, if you really want to see disappointed. πŸ™‚

  105. First things first: that is one gorgeous yet imperious cat. Put the cat in charge and you will never be behind again.
    I figured out a few years back that no matter what sort of holiday plans I make after New Year’s Day that by the following year they will fail or be otherwise useless. This is because even though the dates remain the same, the day of the week the holiday occurs, the relationship to US Thanksgiving, the age of the children, the roadworthiness of the car, (your personal aggravation here)… ALWAYS CHANGES! That is why, by the time the next holiday season rolls around, I am always scrambling, making short term plans, leaving stuff out, forgetting to do stuff, etc. It is just the cosmic way of things. Sometimes it works out well anyway, and sometimes…well, it works out less well.
    I am all for tea, jammies and knitting.

  106. I already did the ‘call in sick’ bit last week. Trouble is, I really **was** sick — developed bronchitis! — to the point where I couldn’t concentrate to knit, even a plain sock. Sigh. All I did for most of the week was lie around in my jammies, drink tea and **sleep**. So, I too am behind — with far lamer reasons than you have!!

  107. Yeah, calling in sick when you are self-employed is kinda hard. First of all I have about 60 “bosses” if you count all my clients – that’s a lot of people to call – and I can still hear the phone ringing in my office when I’m downstairs “resting” on the couch.
    Had pneumonia a few years back and worked pretty much the whole time: though there were days when was so tired I had to go have a nap in the middle of the afternoon, I just could not get far enough away from my office to get a really good rest. It’s right across the hall.
    Good luck with the edits and the Christmas knitting. I feel smug cos mine’s all done, only three pairs of socks. I knew better than to plan too much!!

  108. With your way of thinking…I have 3 skunks in my house. That pretty much sums up my days. =0) I think that’s how I’ll explain why things don’t get done to my husband.
    That kitty looks just like mine…I got her in Jr.High…and she went to kitty heaven almost 2 years ago.

  109. Oh, dear. I knew the smack down was coming. I remember very clearly reading the “I am ahead on the Christmas knitting” blog post and saying that the smack down was coming.
    Given that I am a mommy, I am hereby writing you a note for you to give to your boss (that would be you) saying that you are suffering from a very virulent case of “tardif tricotage et cuisson symdrome” and that you need at least two days off for recuperative purposes.
    That ought to about cover it, no?

  110. Considering the mighty power of knitters, I am sure the planet would notice. They wouldn’t be able to figure it out at first, but all of sudden things would stop getting done…they’d look around…puzzled at first, and then with a growing sense that something was utterly, terribly wrong…
    It would actually be pretty funny. (Quite beside the bliss of a whole week of tea, jammies and knitting!)

  111. Ah, maybe you and I should switch bosses I have the same problem – December should be a light month, and I’m going to have to work tonight and on the weekend…D’oh, so much for finishing my brother’s socks today!

  112. You can do this, we have faith in you! Cool about the calendar though – I am soooo getting one one of those for my desk.
    Love the idea of 2 weeks off for knitting in jammies. Not sure the knit shop I manage will like me doing that, but what the heck.
    Adore the kitty with the mismatched eyes – does he have a name?

  113. I too am self employed and way behind, in work and knitting and Christmas, fortunately my better half pays most of our bills. I booked an appointment for the car to be repaired, its making that funny noise again, and thought I wonder how long it will take and how much knitting I can get done there. Kind of looking for a long wait time. It’s sad really, the things we appreciate.

  114. I am self-employed too, and I’m a single mum of two kids, and my partner lives an hour’s drive away from me. And for one reason or another, we’re always ill around this time of year, which completely throws any schedule into disarray. So this year I haven’t made a schedule and I’m not making any gifts for anyone, especially as some of them wouldn’t appreciate it anyway. I will make gifts, but only for people who know I’m constantly short of time and who don’t mind getting their present 8 months late.
    This year has been more chaotic than others, but boy do I feel less stressed about Christmas, not having to get anything finished!
    Love the cat – she’s gorgeous. I don’t think she looks disappointed, she just does her ‘aloof cat’ look that cats do so well…
    Good luck with the work and the knitting!

  115. #1)Does that gorgeous cat have mismatched eyes?
    #2)I totally want your Page-A-Day calendar.
    #3)You spelled ‘misspell’ wrong. πŸ˜‰

  116. This is clearly karma, in the form of the Knitting Goddess, coming back to bite you in the arse for being so full of boasts and pride that you were ahead of the game. Let this be a lesson to all of us! However, I’m totally up for the whole calling in sick to work thing. Actually, let’s all do that EVERY month.

  117. Steph – hang in there and in the back of your mind try to figure out how to black out the first 24 days of december for next year. πŸ™‚ As mentioned above, Martha is the goddess of organization, YOU are the knitting goddess. πŸ™‚
    To all those ladies out there balancing the small children and still trying to have a life – I’m with ya! Hang in there and enjoy the ride, cuz the minute the kiddos are too big to sit in your lap or cause mayhem, you’ll be missing the little buggers! (At least that’s what I tell myself when I start to panic)
    Happy Holiday Knitting!

  118. I love the socks and the pretty kitty cat. Too bad I can’t knit to save my life, I should have paid more attention to my Great Grandma when she tried to teach me. But I love reading your blog! πŸ™‚

  119. Ooh, could we please call in sick? Does that work for Mothers of small children? No? Dangit. Maybe in another 15 years huh?

  120. Does not Lene the omnipotent scheduler know that you wrote a book? Surely it was her responsibility to ask you when the edits were likely to come back to you? Really, you can hardly be blamed for falling behind on an incompletely organized schedule. And since it’s not your fault, none of your gift recipients have any grounds for lamenting the belatedness of their knits. Onward with tea and jammies!

  121. I am so with you there! I want to call in for next few weeks – or change the date of the holiday….yeah that is the ticket— how about the 25th next month?? I might be done then.

  122. Would it really be such a bad present if you were to give giftees a piece of their yarn with a note? Something like, “Merry Christmas! Here’s a gift certificate for pink stripey socks.” I bet everyone’s feeling for you and will be more than happy to let you finish editing before they want their socks.

  123. My work totally interferes with my hobbies too. Although I did go to Hawaii this week and that gives me some knit time. Maybe expectations are too high when we think we *must* give all handmade gifts…give yourself a break and head down to Target or order gift certs on-line: better than battling the crowds!

  124. I’m currently unemployed, I could sit around all day in my jammies and knit. Instead I volunteered to make 12 dozen cookies for Little Brothers. So instead of knitting the day away, I made a gross of really yummy cookies. Tomorrow is shopping day, THEN I can work on my mother’s sweater and a pair of socks for my friend.

  125. What a beautiful cat and a great color for socks.
    I broke my wrist about 2 weeks ago and in am forced time out from knitting and spinning, so I can sympathize with not finishing gifts on time. I have one thumb left on a pair of mittens to do. That’s it. They are now birthday gifts for the recipient in January.
    I would skip the baking, and concentrate on the edits and knitting. If someone asks if you need anything, ask them for baked goods.

  126. Hmmm. And in my world, people keep insisting on calling meetings (with deadlines attached) and then of course, big storms hit which mean big work (again, in my world). Calling in sick and pretending we all live in The Little House on the Prairie seems like the only reasonable option.

  127. I’m not telling anyone, but I also have finals week this week, so if I don’t go to class, I’m pretty screwed, which generally is not good. But someday, I’m going to take time off for knitting. Someday.

  128. I never noticed kitty’s two-colored eyes; I think there’s some good karma in that, if that helps??? Hang in there!!

  129. writers and artists are not to be
    organized or know how to spell
    just wander around the house
    in a robe waiting for ideas
    hopeing the editor will not
    edit any thing-lene got you
    into this she can jolly well
    do the knitting

  130. As one with small children, thanks for pointing out the reasons for my failure to do much beyond the basics these days. Made me feel much better.
    Also, I’m not a cat person, but that is one good looking moggie.

  131. I love your Cat’s eyes! What is his/her name? Most cats look perpetually peeved. So I wouldn’t take his…ummmm, gaze the wrong way.
    I’ve given up a couple knitting projects for this year. So….I’m not late you see! Just freaking early for next year! Yee-HAW!
    PS- I really like the week off knitting & drinking tea in the Jammies thing. I can keep it quiet…really! Just let us know, OK?

  132. Three words to save you: Voice Recognition Software. You can knit and talk at the same time. yes?
    And I believe your teenagers owe you some knitting time for finking out on you with the tree. Make. Them. Cook.
    You will find a way, though it cost you a month of sanity. I believe in you Harlot!!

  133. Ha! I am a teacher with a lost voice and am not going to work tomorrow and I AM going to sit around and drink tea and knit! Yeah!!! We won’t talk about the ferociously sore throat that is responsible for this boon….

  134. The weather gave me my extra knitting time. I’m in the ice storm and have had lots of power outages and trees on the roads, etc. While it makes a lot of things inconvenient, it does give you more knitting time (albeit, you have to knit by the glow of an oil lamp, but hey, it’s knitting time!)

  135. Actually, I think Millie kind of looks sympathetic in that pic…
    Seriously. Stop and take a few deep breaths. Present wrapping? Gift bags and some tissue paper. The knit presents, at least, are squashable and fit into bags nicely. Bakeries are wonderful things too. Definitely try to rope the girls into some of it. Then tell the rest of the family you’re going mad, do they hear you, mad, and it’s not the usual IT, it’s authoritis. Maybe throw in a few bitter sobs while holding a bottle of wine. Someone will look alarmed and do– Well, something. Or at least not hassle you about Christmas baking. Meanwhile, don’t forget to drink the wine. You obviously need to cushion your nerves.
    And if you end up wrapping half-finished gifts, what’s wrong with that? Isn’t it another family tradition by now? C’mon. It wouldn’t be Christmas without it!

  136. The cat is so lovely I didn’t even notice that the sock was not quite finished…not at first. I must remember that technique for photo-documentation of UFOs! See, Ms. Harlot? Even when you are not trying, you are teaching us many useful aspects of the knitting life πŸ™‚
    I, too, live the rollercoaster schedule of freelancing, and sympathize totally with your situation – AND it’s bizarrely recurring “surprise!” quality. Stephanie, if you figure out how to smooth off the rough edges, please share that valuable info as well. Last month was especially tough, and I spent half of it gritting my teeth and mumbling, “next year, NO assignments in November!” We’ll see how that works out…
    Carry on, m’dear. All the best to you!

  137. You neenered your MOM and laughed at the knitting gods the month of Christmas. Twas bound to happen, and will likely only get worse.

  138. Last December, my boss was (very good-naturedly) ribbing me about my project I was working on at the office lunchroom table. I had ripped it back twice so progress was not evident. I sent him the following email……
    “I could really pick up the pace on the knitting if you would just let me post a little sign up front that says,
    “Dear Guests,
    Our receptionist is making handmade holiday gifts for our most valued clients. Expect yours soon in the mail! If you do not receive one, please feel free to realize you are not important. Our receptionist will be with you at the end of her row.”
    How’s that for well written? I mean I would still answer the phones (sometimes) and make coffee (if I felt like it) so would that really be that big of a problem? Would it, boss?”
    Honestly, it’s shocking that they ever promoted me……..

  139. Actually, it looks to me like kitty’s eyes are beseeching you to sit down and have a nice cuppa tea. And scritch her while you’re at it.

  140. I don’t know you well enough to give you advise. You don’t know me at all, but, I see frantic in your life and that is a destructive way to live. Knitting is suppose to bring peace and warmth along with comfort. So I wish you the peace and comfort which knitting once brought you.

  141. I would love to call in sick right now–so much so that I would almost be willing to get a mild case of the flu or bronchitis, but all my clients would need to get sick as well, and I don’t think spreading germs amongst one’s clientΓ¨le is really good for business….*sigh*

  142. 1. Awesome socks.
    2. Awesome kitty cam.
    3. I’m so far behind on the gainful employment alone I fear knitting is verboten until circa mid-January. Good luck with “It.”

  143. I’m totally with you. My gainful employment has completely screwed me over this week, and I am so far behind on the Christmas knitting that I’ve given up on everything but one pair of socks. And maybe some kid’s mittens. But that is all. And even that probably won’t be done. Alas.

  144. I think you need to cut yourself some slack. When you get that kind of anxiety going on, it makes it harder to get work done.
    1. Pick your top 3 baking projects. If baking is is a stress reliever, keep one for yourself. Assign the other two to the kids. “Hey, if you want ___ and ___ on the table, you’d better get started. Don’t forget to tell them how stretched out you are job and project-wise. If you don’t tell them, they might not even realize how badly it’s going.
    2. Pick your top 3 knitting projects. Make IOU Christmas cards for the rest. Remind yourself you’re a fast knitter and you can most likely get them all done by March.
    3. It’s an EMERGENCY!!!! Ask Lene to make a second to-do list for you taking the editing into account.

  145. Your kitty has an exact twin on the West Coast called Felix! I am also self-employed, I own a medical transcription and coding business and spend most of my day in front of the computer. Felix reminds me when its time to take a break and when its time to knit, by pulling the yarn out of its bag. Even if the world falls apart, we can KNIT!

  146. Can’t feel too sorry for you because I loved this post! Thanks for bringing a smile to my face at a really crazy time in the academic year.

  147. Your kitty also has a twin in Indiana! Same mane, same look of disappointment at my lack of progress on the Christmas knitting. . .

  148. Sorry about the being behind, but the cat is quite gorgeous… but of course she already knows that!

  149. I had 4 days a few weeks ago where I could legitimately say I was sick and could not really look after the kids (3.5 & 1). Unfortunately it came with a 101+ degree fever and a complete lack of desire to knit. That’s how I knew it was really bad.

  150. A friend of mine who is self-employed often says the same things about his boss… And another friend who runs his own business says, “Being your own boss is great – I get to choose which 16 hours of the day I want to work!”

  151. >
    Yes!!! I say we all do it RIGHT NOW!!!!!
    I have that STR Silkie in that same colorway for a little yet-to-be born girl’s baby blanket (must have some variation of the freakin’ pink in baby-blanket-land)
    Drink tea, put a little of that hooch you were going to stick yourself to the floor holding IN it and just do what you can.

  152. You know when people ask you to do something? Here are the answers:
    If a word is required: No
    If a number is required: 7
    If a special final word is required: No
    If a special final number is required: 42
    It’s my own theory, but has served me well. Right now a lovely elderly gentleman of fine manners and excellent character has asked me how many of his books I will bind by Christmas. His theory is: 30. My answer is: 7. The truth may be somewhere in between, but I’d rather he have a nice surprise when he gets 15, than an awful disappointment when he gets 15. (“42” doesn’t enter into it unless he asks me how many books he’ll get by the end of January)
    Maybe your publisher could benefit from a similar theory.

  153. HAHA My 2.5 yr old runs the show in this house. How I ever get my knitting done is an act of God some days. Oh and of course I’m all for knitting in my jammies and drinking tea.

  154. I’ll take a week off for knitting if you will! Hey I am game to take off the whole month. You think my hubby will notice if I don’t do any housework for a month.

  155. I was on vacation all last week and had great and mighty plans for my knitting and holiday prep. Didn’t accompish half of them. The week off knitting and drinking tea sounds nice but trust me, we’d just end up watching crappy daytime tv.

  156. if knitters rule (and we totally do, as witness to the donations for Doctors without Borders) then we ought to be able to CHANGE the rules.. right? well – maybe… perhaps the rest of the world is like that screaming toddler you spoke of in your post – and it is more powerful than it knows…. and its sure throwing a bunch of “tantrums” recently.
    but if we each get a vote, then my vote is for a week of paid vacation for every knitter/spinner on the planet on either the second or third week in December.
    I wonder if the world would stop turning?

  157. I dearly understand the being one’s own boss problem. I think I work more now than when I worked for the school district teaching middle school and I know I worked at least 50 hour weeks then.
    Your schedule of knitting has inspired me so I have made my own, and am sort of staying on it. I have also taken on fewer projects this year although I am doing that thing where I think I have so little left to do I take on one more. sigh
    However yesterday I played ‘hookie’ on myself and actually knit all afternoon allowing me to complete a knitted/felted ornament I thunk up myself for our LYS contest. I had pangs of guilt periodically but pushed them aside. I did work extra hard today on my ‘regular’ job stuff to make up for it.
    You can do it. Put those teenagers to work cooking dinner, doing laundry and other things they need to learn to be good independent adults one of these days. Call it practice.

  158. Wow, coordinating your cat with your knitting! That is way more clever that most of us could ever hope to be.
    To be honest, I feel like a kid again as I’ve been hoping for a snow day (one of the advantages of working for a school district). I can only hope…the weather is supposed to be more than a bit unsettled over the next week. If there is one, I am so staying in the jammies and knitting all day!

  159. Edit and knit at the same time. It’s what I do.
    Of course, it’s best to stick to stocking stitch or garter stitch. Which is why socks are particularly good editing knitting.

  160. That whole work thing is sooo inconvenient, isn’t it? It takes so much time away from knitting.
    Speaking of which, I have to get back to knitting now or I won’t get done myself!

  161. I made my husband come over to the computer to look at your cat. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one with such beautiful eyes (oh yeah, the socks are nice too) πŸ™‚

  162. You know, when I was self-empolyed (i.e., freelancing from home because dammit! I’ve been laid off!), I had way less time than I imagined I would have. I had to have at least a dozen stories out at any given time to make moolah, and folks just don’t understand that after 5 p.m is the end of the work day for home folks, too. I mean, if you’ve put in your 10 hours and are relaxing and knitting, you don’t want to hear from the idiot you’ve been calling for weeks when he finally gets his act together to call you back for an interview!
    I didn’t knit a damn thing all year.

  163. Ohhhh, I wish. I work on contract, so no holiday pay for me. Christmas is bad enough without adding any extra time off – I’d be bankrupt by the 31st! Instead I have pretty much given up on blogging, ironing and most other little irritations to enable me to finish the %h^”!@$** mittens for my Mum, a scarf for the granny-in-law and another scarf for Grandad-in-law. And, I hold my hands up, I am crocheting them for quickness. Yes, I am the spawn of Satan. It’s kind of working, it will be closer than I would have liked, but I did start in August…I am so looking forward to knitting something for me for a change. πŸ™‚ I don’t think I’m doing this again next year. Well, maybe warshcloths.

  164. Add to all of that, our son’s dog getting out while he was at a hockey game (the Caps won) on his birthday and plans that are far, far greater than the time allowed for such simple pleasures as knitting….and you get the picture. I totally simpathize. (Oh, and the cat and socks are great…our clueless Kaluah Cat agrees….I just can’t get her no matter how long she sits on the project… the way, we caught the dog.

  165. I for one am glad things are back to normal with you. For a moment there, I thought that you are Better Than the Rest of Us. πŸ™‚

  166. One of the things I seem to find myself saying relatively consistently about self-employment is that my boss is kind of a bitch. I understand where she’s coming from, but I really wish sometimes that she could cut me a little more slack on the schedules and whatnot, and do a better job with exactly the sorts of planning stuff you’re talking about. Should you arrive at any brilliant solutions with respect to handling that kind of boss, please let me know.

  167. This is why I’m removing the lance of the free from my thigh, where it has been firmly implanted for nine years.
    Which would explain the jiggling down there.

  168. Taking a week to sit around in jammies drinking hot tea and knitting sounds great. That’s what we should all (we knitters) ask for from Santa for next Christmas. We are an army in our own way, and certainly with such simultaneous wishing we cannot be ignored.
    Let’s put it on the calendars now, so that an entire year can go into the planning …
    Happy holidays,

  169. Okay 2 scarfs are done and one hat, I still need to do one more hat and the other sock for my mother-in-law, when I finished the hat last night my husband looked at in and said your NOT using the same yarn for Jon’s hat are you, this was STR in the Ms LaRock, I said no, and showed him the Raven that I bought for him, obviously this would not pass the male test, the Raven however was acceptable.

  170. Thank you for making me laugh on a day beset with children issues, work woes, and lack of knitting time…..

  171. My husband would like to point out that you have a typo in that last paragraph. He’s certain you meant to write “wine” instead of “hot tea”. And he also claims that although the rest of the world may believe that we knitters are tea-totler(sp?), he knows better.

  172. I think sitting in jammies and knitting would be an awesome idea! Sign me up and I will be on the plane to meet and knit!
    Boo Hiss to deadlines.

  173. I’m self-employed, too. My theory is that “your own boss” is a phrase invented to sell books to those with a regular paycheck. I figure everyone who pays me to do anything is my boss. I have dozens of bosses, and I’m not part of that picture.
    I’m doing the jammies, tea and knitting thing today. Because I’m actually sick. You get less done when it’s for real, than when you call in. Just sayin’.

  174. Mmmmmm…. a week off just to knit. Bliss.
    Except I have a 2 year old, so you know, very demanding boss who lives at my house! Mind you, she is quite happy with a ball of blue acrylic and 2 drinking straws, knitting away and saying she’s made a hat (she puts the ball of yarn on her head). So she’s got her priorities right already.

  175. My teenage daughters and I are going to do exactly that next Tuesday. I know, I know, planning a call-in-sick day to sit in our pajamas and eat brownies and watch Christmas movies until we are sick of it is not spontaneous, but … we’ve all got busy lives and the girls will finally be done with finals on Friday and family arrives Sunday, so we blocked Tuesday off the calendar for us.
    If you can’t do the sick day today, plan it for next week. No harm in that.
    Good luck!

  176. Well, I’m in. My employer expects me to launch a new benefits plan, handle corporate christmas bonuses, and overhaul the employee evaluation procedure,and they are completely NOT understanding that I have been gripped by the sudden and fierce need to sit around and knit mittens all day. So many people in my life need to be be-mittened, and so many great mitten patterns just waiting…it’s a damn crime, I say.

  177. I won’t tell. Right now my daughters (both under five) are destroying the living room with blocks while I sit calmly at the computer sipping cold tea, defiantly pretending it’s still hot, trying to forget the fact that we had a lapse in judgment that has left us without my daughters ostomy supplies, yet badly needing them and reconsidering (7 months too late) the conversation I had with my husband about how three would really be nice.
    My Christmas knitting is largely under control this year yet the playroom reno my daughters are getting is barely started and even I can’t convince myself that cutting out fabric patterns allows me to cross those projects off my list as finished.

  178. Aw, they called you the Harlott! Two t’s is very feminine, no?
    Congrats on getting as much done as you have! I’ve switched to *sewing* some gifts this year because things move so much faster. And the “homemade” aspect still gets big points. πŸ™‚

  179. You should take more pictures of your cat. Not only are her eyes beautiful, but her fur picks up the colors from the socks and looks rainbowish, too.
    I’m sorry, were there words in your post? All I saw was cat.

  180. Finally your kitty is back in a shot! She’s just beautiful! I agree, all I saw was her and how well she made those socks look!
    Relax, take a deep breath and don’t worry, we KNOW you’ll find a way to get it all done. (And we’ll get some great comic relief in the process).

  181. I too feel like I’ve been smacked by a waffle. LOL! Love it.
    Yes, sign me up for the jammies and knitting. Can I put a little something in the tea (assuming the knitting schedule is reasonably okay)?
    Does The Cat have two differenct coloured eyes or is that the camera playing tricks again?

  182. I’m all for the tea and jammies and knitting thing, but I think it may have to wait until January. I’m self-employed too. The cat looks like she’s been through this before. πŸ™‚

  183. Actually, I GOT to sit at home in my jammies, drinking hot tea and knitting (socks, too!) yesterday. And I’m not self-employed, although our school board would be really, really happy if they could call teachers “private contractors” and not have to pay for our insurance, which is what is holding up our contract approval… but I digress.
    Yes, the ICE STORM scared everyone in the central PA mountains and school was cancelled early. It was slippery, and getting to school would have been way too scary, but now everyone’s worried about what date will be taken from a vacation as a make-up day.

  184. I kind of did take a week off this year…but not for knitting. We are moving the day after Christmas so I made Friday my last day so that I could “pack”. Of course, everyone who knows me, knows I’m not good at packing so hubby does most of that. I’ll probably spend this week knitting like crazy!

  185. I LOVED this post so much I showed my husband. We laughed and laughed. We have a 3 year old and feel like we are NEVER the boss anymore! I also work for myself – so this one hit home big time. Thanks for the laughs πŸ™‚

  186. I work for someone else, and a day or 2 ago, decided that next year, I’m taking off the week or 2 before Christmas to do just that – sit around in my jammies, knit, bake, do whatever.
    I might even include the week after New Years, too.

  187. OK – I’m new to your site – but I knew I had found someone who understood me when I read “Knitting Rules” – what I really homed in on was your comment about being just “dim enough” to want to see how the next color in the self-striping yarn would look. Exciting isn’t it? Sigh – a kindred spirit.
    Anyway – what type of dpns do you use? I’m using bamboo but wondering what the nickel plated would be like.

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