Un-integrated Monday

Good: I finished the cuffs of both Vintage socks.


Bad: I finished them yesterday instead of Saturday like I was planning because there was a publishing crisis on Friday that sucked up two whole days of my life.

Good: I am especially proud of my grace under fire this weekend. I got a whole lot of work dumped on me out of the blue as a result of a mistake that entirely belonged to someone else and I just rolled with it, and lived in the moment. I absolutely skipped the part where I try to find out how something like this could have happened… I just said “Ok. So this is where we are. What are we going to do.” and did it. The person who made the big mistake was very apologetic, and considering the size and scope of the problem I feel like it got handled really well all around. I know that’s supposed to be how it is in business…that everyone is professional and cool headed and working towards the same goal….but I live with teenagers, so problem solving that doesn’t include screaming, 24 phone calls, a door slam and 86 choruses of “how can this be happening to me/ any unhappiness I feel is your fault / you did this on purpose” is as surprising as it gets.

Bad: Both socks have ribbing. The sock on the right, however..knit while I was conducting my ordinary life, has 3X2 ribbing. The sock I worked on while I was trying not to compound disaster this weekend, 2X2 ribbing. Now, I’ve got nothing against either sorts of ribbing, but I do feel that they should match. It seems like some sort of idiot move to spend all that time knitting tiny little leaves and embossed grape panels and inlaid toes and wine glass heels and then say “You know….I don’t really need the ribbing to match. I’m not that fussy.”


Out it went.

Good. I fixed it and started the “integrated i-cord bind off” that attaches the leaves.

Bad: That took a really long time, and I haven’t added the other 8 leaves or sewn them down. It looks sort of dumb right now, but I really believe it’s going to come together.

Good: It’s finished.


Bad: It was finished at 2am (I may have got a wee bit obsessed with finishing it while watching The Island of Dr. Moreau, which was a wonderful book, and the sort of movie that you watch all of because you are an optimistic person and you just can’t believe it’s going to stay that bad. (Tip: It does. Unless you are also working an integrated i-cord bind off…which is totally interesting and worth staying up for…Go. To. Bed.)

Good: I have been going for a walk every night and have been wishing that I could show you what the city looks like in the wintertime. Last night I actually remembered my camera.


This is the park by my house that I walk by each night. For the last several days there’s tobogganing there no matter what time of the day or night I go by.

Bad: I don’t have a toboggan.

Good: I also don’t have a broken leg. Probably related.

Bad: No more time today, lunch date and an integrated bind off are calling me. (Likely not at the same time…) I shall record the bind-off for posterity.

Good: I won best activities blog!


Good: Dr. Steph won Second!

Good: Knitnut won fourth!

(Our plan to take over the world continues apace.) I am especially pleased because I won even through Knitnut and Dr. Steph are both smarter than me. Excellent luck.) They don’t announce “Best blog” for a few days, so I won’t know about that for a while. The suspense is killing me. I don’t expect to win at all, but I found some comments on a blog a few days ago where the author suggested that it was sort of silly to have a knitting blog in the category, and well as much as I hate this about myself……. That made me want to squash the competition like bugs – which is really terrible, since the competition didn’t make the comment, and I’m a grown-up and other people shouldn’t need to be squashed for me to make a point and…. Never mind. You know.

Bad: In my next life, I will have to try to be a better person.