Self Preservation

When I woke up this morning and saw that it was snowing, something snapped. I flipped on the tv to check the weather and sure enough, there’s another snowfall warning. I know I live in Canada, I know this is to be expected, but another 20cm (almost 8 inches) brings the snowfall in the last couple of weeks up to a really unreasonable level. It’s starting to get to me, and there’s March and April yet to go. I’ve tried to be chipper this year, I really have, but dudes, it’s seriously depressing out there. Between the snow and the cold even walking has become exhausting. Yesterday my neighbour opened her door and the minute her kid saw the snow and felt the -30 wind in her face she just started to cry and if I weren’t a grownup I would have joined her. (Plus, at -30 tears on your cheeks are really bad.)

Denny has this rule that you shouldn’t knit anything colourless or grey in Toronto in March, since the whole city is, to be entirely frank, grey and colourless, and since it always snows in April, you feel like you’ve been in it forever and there’s no hope of it ending. She thinks that the combination of all that and a grey sweater that drags on a little itself could reduce a human to despair. I’ve always respected this rule of Den’s and in fact I’ve got some nice bright stuff planned for next month, just to keep me going. I’m wondering though, if this brutal string of storms hasn’t made February a little bit March-ish? I tried to get behind the sweater, I really did. I worked on it off and on last night,


but I kept coming back to the sock. It’s bright. It’s hopeful. It’s all kinds of things that the outside isn’t right now… colourful, warm, cheery…. a reason to live…..

I put the sock outside for it’s photoshoot but the snow was falling so fast that I couldn’t get a good shot.


Within minutes, the snow was covering it up,


and really quickly, you could scarcely tell it was there. I watched the snow cover it.


I drank coffee and I looked out at the white and grey world and I looked at that sweater. Then I did the only reasonable thing.


You betcha. I’ll finish the sweater in Tacoma, where I bet there’s just got to be a colour that’s not grey.