To a green and happy place

1. Flight was good. Delays all round for snow.

2. There is so much snow in Toronto that back door no longer opens.


It looks like this from the air:


3. Totally irreconcilable with this:


In Tacoma, where you don’t even need a COAT. (I see what you’re talking about with the mist and maybe some days there is rain, but today it’s sunny, and frankly, if you can go outside without 17 layers and an estimate of how long you can stay there before it kills you, I think you’ve got great weather.)

4. I finished the second Revenge sock on the flight yesterday.


Rabbitworks sock yarn, in Revenge, my regular sock recipe, 2.25mm needles.


5. I didn’t start anything else yet, I am working on the sweater because this


has lifted the pallor of winter gloom from me in a way that makes anything possible.

6. I went into the market last night when it was closed, and all the booths were set up. There was a very great deal of unattended yarn, and I was unsupervised. I didn’t take any, and I didn’t touch much. (I consider this a moral victory of sorts. Not that I am usually the shoplifting type, but I always wondered what I would do in this sort of situation, and now I know.)

7. The tour page for 2008 is up. There are a few yet to be confirmed, but that’s mostly it. There are more details to come about “Inexplicable Knitter Behaviour” and some fun stuff around the Toronto Launch, but you’ll have to wait and see. We’re trying something new this time, putting all of the stuff more or less in about 6 weeks. It may be brilliant, it may kill me. We shall see. (There will be other stuff later in the year, this is the tour for this book. – PS. New cover. I like it way better.)