Thanks Joe.


I love you too, and seriously? The flowers would mean nothing to me if you weren’t back home, holding down the fort with three teenagers and a cat. The stuff you do every day to show me how much you care about all of us means the world to me. There aren’t many women who can pack off and leave a guy to handle what you do, as often as I do…and then get flowers on top of it. You’re a pretty good guy.

(PS. Don’t forget to shovel out around the dryer vent.)

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  1. I think I’m gonna cry. Yay Joe! You get the Loving Supportive Spouse of the Year Award (at least for Canada–my honey wins it for the US).

  2. I love the bit about the dryer vent. Flowers are nice but it’s the shoveling out of the dryer vent that really matters in my book!

  3. Lovely flowers, and lovely sentiments all around! I think you should finish your darling Joe’s gansey.

  4. Sure is mild in Seattle, those flowers were ordered from a flowershop but they were picked right here on the west coast, it is so mild here…lol we’ll be eating peas off the vine next week….joking….but it sure beats slush ..from a born in Toronto, raised in Stratford, moved west sort of girl….

  5. Awwww, indeed! What beautiful flowers, a gift of spring and color. I’m heading down to Madrona shortly, hope I run into you fondling yarn in the vendor’s area!

  6. Why are we cloning sheep when we should clone men like Joe and my husband? I had a gal at my husband’s workplace put a box of chocolates and a card on his desk while he was out. I returned home after an awful day to find flowers on the kitchen counter. We skipped a movie in favor of staying home together and decided that since we have love everyday, Valentine’s Day was only frosting on the cake. Really good cake.

  7. What an awesome guy you have! And you can practically feel spring on the horizon looking at those gorgeous flowers.

  8. That Joe is definitely a keeper! And how imaginative, to send such a colorful mix, instead of just a dozen red roses with some ferns and baby’s breath…

  9. Those are great!!! I got my favorite chocolates and the perfect excuse to eat them!!!! They were a gift from the love of my life. It would be rude to not eat them. I love Valentine’s Day!!

  10. Those are really beautiful, and it’s even sweeter that he sent them to you in a remote place! It seems like a really thoughtful gesture, which, considering all the commercialization and obligation surrounding Valentine’s day, makes it even more special. Go Joe!

  11. Nothing like a beautiful bouquet to make winter blahs go away!!! Way to go Joe.
    And they make a hotel room seem more like home.
    You made me think-I better go shovel around the dryer vent!

  12. Lovely flowers, but I’m biased, note my name.
    We won’t clone Joe because there’s a lot of nurture and training involved too. I never had to teach mine to not leave dirty clothes on the floor, or to put the seat down. Thanks to my now-long-departed mother-in-law. She’d have clobbered him for either one long before I met him. Mothers of boys, please take note.
    Not sure where my hubby got this habit, but when he was in college, before I met him, his nickname was FTD. I like plants, and he knows it. I got both an orchid and a cyclamen, and home-cooked dinner, by candlelight, and with our daughter. I’d bought the chocolate for the household the day before, and I always tell him not to buy me candy, which he didn’t.
    To Snowless Jennie – there’s another one – you don’t want to know what happens in multiple freeze/thaw cycles (maybe that doesn’t happen in Canada?) when the main foundation drain gets blocked with ice. After our resulting flood, we eventually moved the drain opening, after a couple of years of making sure IT got shoveled out.

  13. That was very sweet of Joe indeed.
    I feel like sharing my experience too… I got such a sweet surprise from DH last night. He was at home before me and had filled some heart shaped red balloons in the living room. I even got a red heart pillow from him…. This is the first time he has shown me his love and care so openly…. I loved it.
    I am going to put up pictures on my blog soon 🙂
    Take care

  14. I’m not sure what to be more jealous of . . . the flowers, the fact that you have someone to shovel out your dryer vent, or the fact that you have a dryer. Of course, I’m not trapped under 6 feet of snow most of the winter, so I guess I should focus on the positive! The flowers are lovely, and what fun to get them delivered to your hotel! I’m not a bit surprised Joe sent them to you. He has proven himself a saint many times over (recording paraphenalia in the dining room notwithstanding). Hope Tacoma is fun!

  15. Beautiful flowers! What a great guy you’ve got:)
    This is the first time I’ve been able to convince my guy to forgo the flowers and take me by the BMFA booth at Madrona instead…

  16. Shovel out around the dryer vent? Dude, the stuff you snow country people have to worry about is truly frightening. Of course, we’ve got earthquakes.
    My Hubby_Baby got me flowers, too, the goose! He got laid off on Tues. from a company whose name I won’t mention, but it begins with a Y! Anyway, he coulda totally forgone the flowers, and I’d still love him to bits, “job-bed” or “jobless”.
    keep on purlin’

  17. Ha! We just vent into the basement during the winter to combat the so-dry-your-eyeballs-might-fall-out-air. The flowers are grand. I got a can of pringles and chocolate. (I’m still wondering about the pringles)

  18. What a *beautiful* bouquet, from a beautiful guy, doing a beautiful job. Joe, you’re going to have The Blog sending you collective hugs for the next week, I’ll bet. Thank you for sharing Stephanie with us! And for helping make it possible.
    Ok, now I’ve got to go look and sigh “Awwwwwww” again…

  19. You got yourself a good man there!
    Heading for Fla with grandson, son, and husband in tow. Have my knitting, Disney fun, and I am good to go!

  20. I feel like I should avert my eyes and give you two a moment!
    You are so blessed to have each other.

  21. I wish I had a boy that would do that for me… *is jealous* Seriously, so lucky to have him, well he’s lucky to have you too.
    Please, please, please, please, please stop by Sacramento! Please!!! ^_^

  22. Simply Lovely! I like the sunlight on them too 🙂 Thank you Pearl-McPhee family for sharing Stephanie ’round the world.

  23. They’re amazing when they do that everyday stuff. Nothing makes me feel more loved than watching the boy do laundry or scrub the bathtub…especially if he’s stopped me from doing it so that he can. And if he vacuums up the dust bunnies? I’m brought to tears.

  24. WOW the flowers are wonderful and the fact that I will not see anything spring like this far north until April or May . . . I really do love seeing colors like these even in a photo!

  25. Kuddos for you Joe . You are a keeper for sure.It’s so nice to see all the flowers and colour, thank you Stephanie

  26. That man is definitely a keeper! Thanks, Joe, for making Stephanie’s day — and ours by extension.

  27. Wheras I see that suicidal tour schedule as an elaborate ploy to escape spinning and knitting grey wool (and, like Inky, I’m not talking the Paton’s cardigan.) I’ve long said he’s my favorite literary character.
    Joe? Girls? Ice cream, electronics on the dining room table and a round of upside-down coffeecups. Go wild. You’re good.

  28. Made my eyes water. I am so glad for you that you have a man like Joe. I know relationships take commitment and work, and I believe these are expressions of a rich love.
    Have fun at Madrona.

  29. Oh what a sweet guy!!! And those flowers are simply lovely. A touch of spring in the dead of winter. Kinda like that yarn you are using for the Revenge socks.
    Sounds like an old sci fi movie, Revenge of the Socks! Giant socks running amok and trashing a major city!

  30. Pretty flowers, I got a new alternator for Valentine’s Day. Actually, that is a good thing. My hubby will be gone next week on business and that is when I would have probably had serious trouble with the alternator. So, an ounce of prevention….. 🙂 And, he installed it himself, ooooh so sexy!

  31. I bear in sign of love
    A sparrow in my glove,
    And in my breast a dove,
    This shall be all thine:
    Besides of sheep a flock
    Which yieldeth many a lock,
    And this shall be thy stock:
    Come, be my Valentine!
    Lancelot Andrews
    (Preparer of the King James version of the Bible)

  32. That’s so very sweet…and doubly since the post is doubled…or is that just my late-night beer-addled vision?

  33. I haven’t read all the way down so maybe I’m not the first to ask…the hot/warm air from the dryer vent doesn’t keep the snow melted back? I grew up in Hawaii so am unfamiliar with these issues…glad you got away from all the white stuff for awhile…Lovely flowers, great guy!

  34. OK, seriously nice. For Valentine’s Day, my hubby – 30 years – was MIA. Girls’ sub regional basketball tournament…double over-time, they won. He is a science teacher, and loves to attend the kids’ games. He is also a cancer survivor. So at 9 p.m., he comes home stoked (is this a regional word?) and do I care – Nope, I got invited to the PROM (as a chaperone!) I’ll take my hubby over a thousand poster boys with abs of steel.

  35. You must miss him. The two dozen of my favorite yellow roses may have trumped your bouquet – but the burst of spring for your hotel room looks mighty good.
    And you Harlot you! Shame on you for sending him out in the cold – I made mine Brownies with walnuts.

  36. The daily stuff is the most important, both as demonstration and in it’s affect on us. The flowers are a nice touch and communicate more of the facets of your relationship, though.Gotta love a guy who knows both kinds of demonstration are important.

  37. Definitely a keeper. (Mine’s pretty nice too. I get to go to SPA even though my folks don’t have room for everyone, so he gets to hold down the fort at home.

  38. There once was a Newfie named Joe
    Who bought flowers, and shovelled some snow.
    Ack. That’s all I got. Staring at the screen for like 10 minutes. Nothing
    mwah to you both

  39. wow! you really found a keeper! wish there were a lot more like him out there! is it something about Canada? hmm….. maybe…
    beautiful flowers…what a thoughtful guy!
    keep on knitting with neon bright sock yarn…spring will come!

  40. To julia fc – does this work?
    He looked after the kids while she knit a gig,
    That wonderful Newfie named Joe!

  41. To Julia fc at 11:08; May I help?
    “There once was a Newfie named Joe
    Who bought flowers, and shovelled some snow.”
    And holds down the fort,
    While Steph is in ‘Port’
    All the while he’s feeling love grow!
    Not great but not terrible either.
    And the flowers are A+++++

  42. You’re so lucky, mr pee on the bathroom floor didn’t even KNOW there was such a thing as dryer lint!

  43. May your daughters be as well loved, well supported and wholly entertained by their husbands as you seem to be with your Joe!
    As the mother of a “sound guy”, I know how fun(ny) they can be! It’s sort of fun to watch them get excited about amplifiers and cable terminations, isn’t it?
    Endearing is a very good quality in a man.
    Teenager-wrangling is priceless.

  44. Beautiful!
    And now for some completely unsolicited veterinary advice: make sure the kitty of the house can’t get anywhere near the lilies.
    I’ve seen cats need $$$ treatment and some die from lily ingestion. Even just walking by and catching pollen on their fur which they lick off later can be toxic.

  45. Awww.
    How sweet!
    Mine just went out in the snow plow for slush patrol of his parking lots. He keeps me plowed out and I can’t tell you what a great thing it is.
    Flowers and a good snow shovel…the stuff dreams are made of LOL

  46. Sounds like you have a terrific husband! It’s a wonderful feeling to know that they are there for you.
    Thank you for letting this crazy person touch your arm while you were in the lobby of the Madrona Fiber Arts Retreat on Friday! It was so nice to see you “in person”.

  47. Wow…what a great guy! What pretty flowers! What gorgeous sock yarn! What alot of cables! The flowers and socks make me wanna dance, and your willingness to attack cables makes me wish I had the nerve, but I’ll just live vicariously thru your knitting for those…HAGD!

  48. I have one of those too (a perfectly-wondrous man) and judging from comments above so do a LOT of other ladies. I KNEW IT! There ARE lads like ours out there, and they are NOT “all married or gay”. So if you don’t have one and want one of your own, do NOT settle or give up. “Anything worth having is worth waiting for” and this is no exception. Stephanie, Joe is a very lucky man to have such a whimsical talented clever skillful loving and creative wife. (And aren’t you lucky too?)

  49. Way to go Joe, what a sweet thing to do. The only flowers I can think of that were better were the dozen roses waiting in my bedroom when I returned from Iraq. I left that husband for 6 months in Desert Storm to handle everything and he did an outstanding job. All in all I’d say Stephanie is gone almost that much time per year. We see too many people on national TV complaining about spouses and whining about life. Let’s hear from all the people who have wonderful mates and couldn’t be more proud of them. For any guys reading this no matter how many times your mate says “Oh Honey, don’t send me flowers, they don’t last”. DON’T believe her, getting flowers is a most WONDERFUL thing.

  50. The flowers are beautiful!… I thought you might be interested in the following: Christy at has started a team to benefit the Make it Right Foundation (which is working to build houses in the lower 9th ward in New Orleans- you may have seen the hunky Brad Pitt on the ads). Her idea is to have a team called The House that Yarn Built- the concept is that you donate the money you would have spent on yarn (ex. the $20 that an average skein of sock yarn costs). You can read more about it at The House that Yarn Christy plans to have drawings for prizes! It sounds like a good cause.

  51. It also sounds like hijacking Stephanie’s site to promote someone else’s cause without asking her permission. Bad form.

  52. The flowers are beautiful, but I have to ask. Did you make the snapdragons roar? They’re my favorite flower because they’re interactive. (In case you didn’t know) you squeeze the blossom gently just where it starts to swell, and the “dragon’s” jaws open. Raaahr.

  53. Oh my god. You’re coming to North Carolina! And I’m even more super-duper extra excited because you’re going to be here the day after I turn in my thesis (finishing my master’s degree)! I wonder if it’s possible to be both bouncing off the walls and catatonic at the same time…

  54. Wow!! How beautiful…I was very touched…Maybe Joe could go along once in a while and give classes to the husbands…just a thought…

  55. The flowers are lovely, but I just looked up the book tour and YOUR’E GOING TO BE IN MADISON, OH YAY!
    And a week after my birthday, too! Oh, you must – absolutely must go to Ella’s Deli when you’re here. Of course, the yarn shops are wonderful too and the Madison Knitters Guild could give you a tour of them all…. Well, it would be fun to try.
    The pictures of flowers helped me endure another day of snow. Over 7′ thus far…

  56. Yo Harlot,’
    If’n you are still in Tacoma, there is a great yummy restaurant down by the water- North Pearl Street in Ruston. It’s called the Antique Sandwich Company. They do a cheesecake that is to die for, and their enchiladas and quiche are super tasty too.
    I used to work there in my youth. My favorite is the Peanut Butter Fudge. Take two, one more for the road home.mmmmmm
    Hope you are well with your travels!

  57. Your husband still gets you flowers because he loves you and you deserve them. Joe is so sweet and wonderful he deserves something, along the lines of best husband ever.
    So … whatcha gonna get him for holding down the fort (and surviving)? I think you should make him a pair of heated socks … so when he shovels out the vent near the dryer he doesn’t get cold!

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