Dear New Cardigan

I love you. Let me count the ways.


Must Have Cardigan from Patons “Street Smart“. 6 balls Valley yarns “Northhampton” in light grey. 4.5mm needle’s. Size medium.

1. I love you for fitting me exactly right. I thought maybe you were going to be too small but I’ll be darned if you didn’t wash up exactly the size the swatch (Ok. The sleeve.) promised. I can’t tell you what it means to me that we aren’t beginning our relationship with a bunch of lies to overcome.


2. Your pattern was easy and near perfect. I did shorten your sleeves by two inches, but it can hardly be your fault that I am not very tall. I also mirrored the cables (your pattern had them all crossing the same way) because that sort of thing really matters to me.

I did notice last night when I test wore you, that because your back neck stitches aren’t bound off and picked back up again for the neckband, it was starting to stretch out across there.


This morning I took 5 minutes and a crochet hook and put a chain of stitches across there to stabilise it.


It worked brilliantly, and doesn’t show at all from the right side.

3. You took exactly 6 balls of Valley Yarns “Northampton”. I thought you would take five so I called and got two more, but six was enough, and that makes you a $30 warm, cozy, soft, wool sweater. Since I am totally cheap, that thrills me.

4. I think you are going to match everything I own and be a fine upstanding sweater. Classic enough to be worn all the time, and neutral enough that you could be a little bit funky if I knew how to dress that way. I believe in you enough that I am thinking about knitting one of you for my sister, who is a little bit funky and does know how to dress that way. This must mean that you are a very adaptable sweater.


5. I think you are a little bit elegant, and considering that I am not, I sincerely appreciate the effort.



PS. Don’t take the fact that I’m about to start another sweater personally. It’s not you. It’s me.

253 thoughts on “Dear New Cardigan

  1. Love the Sweater! It looks very nice on you. Goodluck on your next sweater project and with the way our weather is here in the Midwest I’m sure you will have several occasions to wear it yet in Toronto!

  2. Me, Me, Me. First, First, First. do a little dance, make a little, love… get down tonight.. get down tonight..
    Sorry that was my victory dance/song.
    Love it, it is gorgeous. I am obssessed with cables. The buttons are also very charming. a wee bit short in the torso for me, but then again all of my sweaters have to be lengthened in the middle because I have a elongated torso. No two people every seam to be made alike, contrary to popular beleif in the retail industry.

  3. Great sweater, created to fit perfectly and it does. The photos are out of a magazine – you look terrific. Thank you for the tip about the stretching at the top back of the neck. Tee hee hee about the cost – that is a couple hundred dollar sweater in a boutique.

  4. Louie, I have a feeling this could be the beginning of a beautiful new friendship.
    Yay you on the mirroring – you’re a detail-stickler after my own heart.

  5. Yours turned out fantastically well. I started one when it was going around a year or two ago and screwed up on the second front and put it in time out. I may have to drag it out again and see if I can figure out how to fix it without frogging the whole thing. It is a most beautiful sweater.

  6. The sweater is beautiful on you, and the color is perfect. I’m only 5 feet tall and I always have to shorten sleeves, waistlines and pants, so I know how it is. When you are running close on the amount of yarn do you tell yourself that making the sleeves shorter will make the yarn come out all right?

  7. i LOVE this sweater and hopefully someday I too will be enough of a capable knitter to make it…I’m just working on my very first sweater and can’t believe that I haven’t shot myself or thrown it out the window yet – but I am a persistent knitter and seeing how beautiful your cardigan is, it has given me a renewed hope and energy to continue………thanks for sharing!

  8. Right at this moment I needed a calming place to go and I found myself here. I am quite certain your thoughts offer this to many people and I wanted to take a moment to thank you for inviting us in. I am calm and go back to work.

  9. Lovely! But you know that there will now be a “run” on the Patons book AND the yarn, don’t you?

  10. This almost makes me want to try to make one of these and I’m a total chicken when it comes to things like this.
    Very nice job.
    Great pictures too!

  11. Looks great. I’m happy to see one on a real person as I know that sometimes the pattern photos tell lies about how cute things are. I think I might start mine on March break while on vacay in NL (got yarn back in December on a 50% off sale at the shop…be still my heart). I’ll have to try and remember that tidbit about the neckline.

  12. Hello there. I love your sweater! So beautiful and the crochet trick, which I will remember, was fantastic. I am thinking to make one possible in the paprika colorway. Yum!

  13. I am in love with that sweater. I have been contemplating knitting myself a few cardigans (I am in desperate need), and this might be one. I love the neckline – round necks don’t do much for me; and the cabling is lovely. I have to track down that pattern……NOW!

  14. I have a confession…I have never actually knit a garment of any sort. Dishclothes? Hats? Scarves? Baby kimonos? Sure, but anything that actually requires a commitment of time PLUS finishing? Never. This sweater is enough to make me want to take the plunge! Your Kauni is too beautiful to comtemplate….way past my current skill level. But I have done cables, and might be able to fool myself into giving it a go. Thanks for sharing with us.

  15. Nice! You actually make me want to make one for myself, which is saying something, since I have never felt moved by the pattern before.
    And that’s a very fetching photo of you on the phone… πŸ™‚

  16. Okay…HERE’S the question that I have been pondering for some time now. You, Steph, and I seem to be about the same size (5’2″ give or take and about 120 pounds, give or take). How do you keep from becoming a 200 pound knitter? Not that there is anything wrong with being that weight, but for me, personally, it’s not healthy. Soooo- I sit and knit, and sometimes stand at the stove and knit and homeschool teach and knit, but I really don’t do any aerobic activity while I knit, per se. I know that you walk to run errands and also bike in nice weather, but how do you keep from adding on pounds? Do you severely limit your intake of food? I know also that you write (another sit-down activity), cook and clean, but other than the 50 yard dash at the airport while on a book tour, how are you able to not expand…..? I find myself having to watch what I eat all the time (also am 55 years old, so that doesn’t help). Am I destined to always be a bit hungry while I knit?

  17. Very, very nice – a “timeless classic”, I would say. However, if we’re allowed to make wardrobe requests, I’d really like you to wear the Kauni cardi to the book launch on April 1st. I love it inordinately.

  18. Couldn’t ask it to be any better! The total impression of that sweater is just what it should be. You inspire us!

  19. My goodness, the yarn harlot looks like a fashion goddess in that sweater! What a great fit and a beautiful sweater, and I see new socks in your hands in one of the pics πŸ™‚ I am trying something new – two socks toe up on two circular needles, so far so good… you inspire me…can’t wait to see you in Charlotte in April.

  20. Crappy Jacks! that’s lovely!
    (“crappy jacks” is my 5 year olds made up “bad word” )
    OK_ I’ve had a second Central Park hoodie stuffed in a bag for months because I lost track of my cabling on the sleeves…(2 at once… it was during a knit group… apparently I cannot cable/drink coffee and talk all at the same time…)
    Lesson learned- plain vanilla socks in groups;)
    I am now inspired to pull it out and finish it up!

  21. Woo…that *is* an elegant sweater! And yes, you do look elegant in it. Personally, I think those shots are better than most of the knit magazine shots we get to see. And I agree with Sarafish above me – *very* fetching pic with you on the phone. Great, great sweater! (Plus I like the mirrored crossings on the cables. [g] The button band, btw, and the buttons, also look fantastic.)

  22. That sweater turned out perfectly for you — and you can’t beat that price! I think your sister (and anyone else) would be very happy to get one of its siblings for a gift.
    And thanks for the tip about the neckbands — that will really come in handy!

  23. i admit- i’m not a sweater person. i know that’s sacriligious for a knitter, but that’s just the way i am.
    however, i think this is a gorgeous sweater! muted yet eye-catching, and altogether flattering.

  24. I must admit, I like more than I thought I would. Something about the way the grey combines with the cables that makes it a really lovely sweater. (Of course the skill of the knitter helps, too.)

  25. FABULOUS sweater! If I ever abandon socks & go back to sweaters, it will be the first one I knit. (Just cast-on my first try at 2 socks on 2 circulars at the same time!)

  26. yay for Grey in February! It looks fantastic! Now try it with a bright scarf tucked in around the neckline and you’ll have funky but classy.
    I have it stashed in Paton’s Classic in natural from the last time it made the rounds. I envision it with woven leather or wood buttons. Thanks for the inspiration.

  27. Beautiful! Your stabilization technique is a great idea! I think I’ll have to borrow that idea!

  28. Seeing this post makes me want to knit it up now. Don’t take it personally, I am not copying you, but hell if that doesn’t look good on you, and I can only imagine it would look good on me too.

  29. Love it. Bought the yarn (already have the pattern and am working on Urban Aran now), and can’t wait to start it. Am just learning how to cable and I love it!

  30. Gorgeous sweater! That pic of you on the phone looks like something out of a high end catalog. I have the yarn … I already have buttons for it (lovely vintage shell ones) and I’ve decided to add a ribbed shawl collar and mirror the cables as I, too, like symmetrical cables. Now if only the pattern book would arrive!! The perpetual Manos can wait a bit longer.

  31. That’s your next author photo. If they insist on doing one inhouse, take this along and say “Like that.”
    And Lisa at 1:57? We’ll always have Paris.

  32. Thank you for the tip re: crocheting a line of stitches around the neckline. Brilliant! Just realized, this is the reason my latest sweater is bagging at the neck. Now I know how to fix it! & I love the grey cardi. Cables rock!!!

  33. I think that you and this sweater may have just changed my opinon of cardigans! I love it. It’s gorgeous and, you’re right, those buttons really are perfect for it.

  34. That’s gorgeous. And I can’t believe you finished the back that quickly. I’ve been working on the same Eris since September! Granted, I’ve put it down for weeks at a time several times along the way, but still. So speedy. I envy your dedication.

  35. I love it! I have that pattern, and every time I see someone make it I want one, too! Love the color, I am partial to grey for some reason. Or at least I seem to have a lot of grey sweaters and t-shirts. Pat made one out of Briggs & Little Regal in Fundy Fog, one of my favorite B&L colors. (She has told me it looks the same as it did when she first completed it, and it has been well worn!)

  36. Okay,
    I give.
    I must now hunt down the pattern.
    I’ve resisted valiantly all the time you were knitting this. The ravelry pictures did not tempt me.
    But this post — has blown my resistance clean out of the water.
    This means that I will now discover that one cannot get this pattern book any where, for money, marble, chalk or cashmere.
    If I didn’t love you so much, I’d hate you for this.

  37. I love it!!! Now I need to finish mine. Mine looks just like yours only my cables all cross the same way and it’s orange!!! What are you starting next? I need some warning, so I know what rabbit hole I’m falling in next!

  38. And your hair looks really really good too.
    They should use that photo for the back of bookbookbookbookbook. Or maybe calendar.

  39. Thank you for showing the cardigan on *you*. I was loving the look in the book, but seeing it on a real person with real dimensions is definitely the clincher for me. Also having a source for cheap yarn for the cardigan, because I too am cheap, thank you THANK YOU! πŸ™‚

  40. What a great sweater, and a great fit on you. Love the buttons, too. I wish it came in “fluffy” sizes – it’s a nice classic.

  41. Oh, lovely! I’m thinking of doing something similar in peacock blue… if I can find a) the pattern and b) just the right shade of blue. πŸ™‚

  42. That’s a gorgeous sweater. Am I going to have to make one for myself too now?
    I have a habit of being inspired by you and ending up knitting something you’ve done about a year or two after you make it. Or maybe it’s that you’ve knit up almost everything already and it just takes me a while to catch up.
    Congrats on such a gorgeous sweater. I hope to see if IF/When you come to Montreal for the book tour…or is that just wishful thinking? I’ll bring bagels.

  43. sigh. sweater envy. that’s a good lookin knit. i’ve been itching to knit a sweater lately and can’t bring myself to commit.

  44. Oh. Now I GOTTA go finish mine.
    Except the endless grey cold Illinois days are getting to me too…I look out the window and notice it is snowing. Again. And my sweater is grey like yours.
    Clearly I need to travel somewhere…somewhere warm with spring flowers.
    Or else get some more Silk Garden and knit me another brooklyntweed scarf. Yeah.

  45. That looks totally great! I’ve got to get some of the current knitting off the needles so I can get started on this one. it’s been on my queue since the pattern has come out! I’m going to have to keep in mind about shortening the sleeves, my arms are pretty short in general…

  46. It’s a very beautiful sweater, Stephanie — a “must have” indeed! Great photoshoot as well. It looks like the perfect sweater.

  47. HOLY freaking WOW Stephanie! What a gorgeous sweater! And it looks great on you πŸ™‚ No wonder it’s called the Must Have Cardigan! Those buttons really make the sweater pop – good choice.

  48. Grey is very becoming! All shades. It can seem dull to work on but look at how it compliments your eyes and hair! Congratulations!

  49. Gorgeous! I have the pattern and am now thinking about starting this very soon… If you have time at some point, I would be thrilled if you’d post instructions on what you did with the neck to make it not stretch.

  50. I’m moderately tall (5’7″) but extremely short-waisted, so things that end at waist level look funny on me…this is so incredibly beautiful, though, that I’m wondering if it could be lengthened a bit without ruining it.
    Your knitting just blows me away. (I’m reading “back issues” of the blog, so I’m getting both past and current project envy–small smile.) There are so many wonderful things you’ve done that I would like to try or use as a jumping off point. Someday, if I ever get past turtle speed….
    Anyway. Thanks for the blog–knitting and life are impossible to separate, and it’s nice to know there are so many of us out there!

  51. That sweater looks absolutely fabulous on you. PERFECT PERFECT PERFECT. WOW!!! Not boring or drab at all.
    OK now you have me looking at sweater patterns too. I don’t love cables but do want something to wear with lots of my stuff yet could be dressed up too. I am looking at the Oat Couture Celtic Cardigan. Thanks for the heads up about the neckband. That sounds like a fix that could be used on lots of sweater patterns. The buttons are perfect too. Way to go!

  52. That’s one, great-looking sweater! Yesterday, I had button envy. Today, I have sweater envy. Good for you for finishing it in time to have several wears before the warm weather comes.

  53. Holy cow, that chain-stitch collar trick might be just the thing to save the sweater I made my boyfriend a year ago! It lies in the craft room, unworn, because the neck does that same weird stretchy thing πŸ™
    The sweater is beautiful, by the way…

  54. That is a great sweater. Classic, but not boring.
    And it looks really nice on you.
    ps. I just saw a video of you knitting. It was so fast, it looked more like a machine than a human. So know I believe I know your secret – you are really a robot! ; )
    (i must be watching too much scifi lately)

  55. I read ALL the time and almost never comment (because you don’t need more things to read/do)but I ALWAYS enjoy your blog. Congrats on a terrific sweater. It looks great on you and I’m happy that it turned out just right for you. And I commiserate with you on not being tall.

  56. Beautiful work, whipped out in no time, it’s signature Harlot. It does look like something from a high end boutique. My Mom has a saying for a certain type of look, “Handsome” and it applies here.

  57. That looks soo awesome on you..I was going to say totally awesome, but then I figured that would make me sound my age, but what the heck, it looks totally awesome!

  58. I have to say, I didn’t find this sweater very appealing from looking at the pic on the pattern, but I quite like how your’s turned out and it is very flattering on you. Very nice!

  59. Oh beautiful! Makes me want to knit a cardigan. Well not just any cardigan, but That One! Perhaps it’s time to make the committment to a bigger project like that.
    On another note, when I saw the tour page updated I just had to visit the web-page of the store for your visit to the UK. Oh. My. Gord! They have a licensed bar fridge!!! I think it’s time I changed my job – I need to open a yarn store in this yarn-starved part of the world I live in and I’ll do just about anything to put in a licensed bar fridge for all the knitter who (I hope) will come. Coincidentally, you’ll be in London, England 105 years after the day my dad was born there. Yes I know, it really is coincidence, you couldn’t possibly plan that, but after the memories you stirred up with the buttons and then seeing that date I’m really mushy today. When you are there, would you say a prayer, or light a candle, or throw a flower in the Thames and say “Happy Birthday Dad” for me? If he were still with us, he’d be the first one in line at my bar fridge and would happily pass hours listening to knitters talk and laugh. I miss him.
    OK – enough mushy – time to go find that pattern and yarn to make it. You are an enabler of the first water. (I’d complain, but I don’t know if there’s much point?)

  60. That sweater is everything a hand knit sweater should be – comfortable, flattering, adaptable and a joy to knit (even when it’s grey in February). It’s so great when a plan comes together…

  61. I think that is the perfect sweater. I’ve been searching for the perfect sweater, and watching your progress on this one, and I think I need one too. It’s just loverly.

  62. I love the little trick for the back of the neck — slaps head to say “why didn’t I think of it?”
    It’s so great when pattern and yarn make a truly useful and wonderful gift!

  63. A sweater that fits! I have knit 3 sweaters now, and two have been frogged due to whompass fitting issues, and the 3rd is in the frog pond waiting to be frogged. I tell myself I will someday try again, but i don’t now.. it’s pretty painful. less so than the dentist, but still..

  64. Thanks for the great post. You look fine in that cardigan, I love grey and I love cables. And if you think funky (and you so do) then you are funky!

  65. It truly is a beautiful cardi! Congrats on a great job! It is fabulous and fits wonderfully!

  66. Nice sweater. Love the design. Perfectly droolable cables. And in such a neutral gray that it will go with anything you want.

  67. Wow, I can see why it’s called the Must Have Cardigan. It’s classic, but also complicated enough that non-knitters will oooh and ahhh. I may need one in pink – it’s my grey!

  68. I’m looking forward to the day when I am knitterly enough to reverse a cable.
    I’m probably already knitterly enough to sit on a horse sculpture in a hotel lobby bar.
    Yup. Wouldn’t have to say “Dare ya'” more than once.

  69. I *JUST* found out I got into library school, so I’ve decided I need to knit a cardigan. Because that’s what librarians wear.
    I think this cardigan might be it.
    You know, I think you are no longer just a Yarn Harlot. I think you are a yarn (and pattern) pusher now. Thanks. I think.

  70. Well, you did it again!!! Another gorgeous, perfect sweater/project. And, it didn’t take you two and a half years! Wear it in the best of health. You must/should be verrrry proud of it. You are my idol….

  71. The sweater is indeed perfect. Unfortunately, the pattern does not come in my size and I am not up to altering a pattern that much! Enjoy your wonderful sweater!

  72. That sweater is pretty sweet. I’d wear it with everything, too, including my pajamas. That could qualify as funky – especially if I don’t bathe.

  73. WOW is all I can say. I’ve only knitted hats and scarfs so far. I am working on my first afghan with circular needles. I hope to someday knit like you do. So far, my stuff is “filled with love and mistakes.”

  74. What a pefect sweater! Lovely looking on you, too.
    Hmmm, I wonder if I have a spare pair of needles waiting, no longing, for something to do….If I don’t, I suppose, just suppose mind you, that my LYS might have a pair (or two). And a little yarn to spare. There’s probably not the perfect yarn in the stash.

  75. Gorgeous! And the sweater ain’t half bad, either. πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜›
    Seriously, though, it’s a lovely sweater and anytime a sweater that nice can be made for just $30 is even better!

  76. I made this cardi for my sister in Nature Spun Worsted Coffee (I’ve never tried Northampton but I like Valley Yarns very much) and it was lovely. I thought the pattern was excellent as well. Nice job, I think it looks stunning on you.

  77. I have never been a fan of cardigans, but like many things in life, you just have to see a nice one to appreciate it. That is lovely, inspiring work.

  78. Oh my! STUNNING! And your hip sister? She wants one too. This classic can mix it up with just about anything!
    You are my Hero(ine)

  79. OK, let me just poke my eyes out with a pair of 4.5mm needles…how long did this take you to knit? It would have taken me all season…damn! I love it.

  80. You look awesome in that sweater. What a wonderful job. just wondering what color would be for you sister?

  81. Before you left for Portland, you were saying the gray color was getting you down. But it’s a lovely shade of gray. Kind of pearly or the color of a cloudy sky when the sun is behind the clouds trying to come through. Not depressing at all. Of course, I come from New York City, where we wear gray when we are feeling too cheerful to wear black. In any case, the sweater is beautiful and you look great in it.

  82. Well today I just ran out of Street Smart pattern booklets, but I placed an order with my distributor when I got my newest batch & this time I’m placing a much larger order! Not sure how long it’ll take since my distributor says they are backordered… wonder if they are in the process of reprinting them??
    If you want to reserve a copy, you can either go to my site & place an order or watch my Patons pattern page or send me an email…
    So y’all know, there is a yahoogroups e-list called musthave_knitalong and it would be a great place to discuss this & thats about knitting the sweater. I think they also had a discussion about how to make it larger…
    Buttons… anyone have any good sites for getting some cool little buttons? Or should I make ’em out of Fimo?? (This is for baby sweaters that I made…don’t want plain jane little ones..)

  83. Wonderful – and I do love the color, too! Excellent tip about the crochet on the inside of the neck – my first sweater does that, and I refuse to admit that it may be a little sucky because it’s my first sweater. It must be the pattern’s fault. I’m going to try that crochet thing tomorrow! Thanks πŸ™‚

  84. Love it. I already have the booklet and the Patons Classic Merino to make it. Now, you’ve inspired me to get started. Since I don’t knit at your speed and also have several other things on needles, maybe it will be ready by next winter. πŸ™‚

  85. It’s a perfect fit! Just one thing I am personally sorry about–I wear a large in purchased clothing and most sweater patterns that have a large, have a larger bust size for their large. I love the sweater, and therefore am disappointed that it would be quite an undertaking to bring that sweater (L: bust 38″) into a bust 42″, on my own.
    (I am exercising to lose weight, but will just be happy if I don’t gain after I am done with menopause.)
    Again, I love the sweater, especially the moss st within the cable, how it fits you, and yes, I am a wee bit jealous that I can’t have it.

  86. I bet your sister has enough sweaters. How ’bout you make one for ME?
    It’s gorgeous. =sigh=

  87. I was going to make a sweater from a different Patons book – the Next Step 3. But now I might have to make the Must Have Cardigan. I’ve never done cables before, but I keep hearing that it’s easy.
    Also, I’m wondering how many other people feel like if they knit faster when the yarn is close to running out, it won’t run out so fast. A friend and I recently discovered that we both have this affliction. “Faster, faster, or you’re going to run out of yarn!”

  88. wow. love it. i love the criss-crossing of the cables mirroring each other.
    love the crocheting on the inside of the neck band. brilliant.
    and most of all? i love how satisfied you look in the last picture!
    I look forward to having that same look on my face when i finish my saddle shouldered sweater from the EZ opnionated knitter…
    congrats! look forward to seeing it worn in future pictures! :o)elaine.

  89. Your sweater is beautiful. I started this pattern the other day, after seeing how lovely the beginnings of yours was. And I discovered that I cannot follow the pattern while being bugged by the dogs to go out, and the husband to help with the computer. The poor thing is in time out until I get brave again. I bought the booklet a long time ago just to make this sweater! Yours is wonderful.

  90. The second commenter, Elizabeth, summed it up perfectly, “I wish all of the sweaters of the world could work out like this…Looks wonderful!” Couldn’t have said it better myself!

  91. Looking good, fine looking sweater on you and even though I rarely knit with grey, I was taken by the look, very styling and classy, and casual…a keeper, and I loved the little crochet chain trick, I had never seen that before and it was very clever and worked….nice all round job

  92. I commented this morning, but was looking at the pix again. The first one is such a knittng-babe-shot and the last one is sooo sophisticated. The sweater can do it all πŸ™‚

  93. wow! i am SO happy that i actually managed to procure myself a copy of this magnificent pattern! i hope i actually make this sweater someday….
    am i the only one who buys patterns and/or materials but doesn’t always get around to doing the project? please tell me i’m not alone.

  94. Wow, best wishes to a lovely couple. Who took those great pictures? That sweater is gorgeous! One day, I will knit a sweater. My socks tell me so…

  95. Your sweater and I have been talking, and we decided that monogamy (or lack there of) should go both ways. You know, the whole,”What’s good for the goose, is good for the gander……..”
    With that said, since you’re getting a little sweater on the side, as evidenced by your P.S. comment, we feel that your sweater ought to get a little human on the side, as well. Being the gracious knitter that I am, I told your sweater that it can come visit my home any time it’s feeling jealous of your wooly wanderlust.

  96. It’s lovely, and enough to inspire me to finally start my own sweater. You inspired me to do socks after all, so how could you lead me wrong with a sweater like that?!

  97. A bright turtleneck and a scarf (patterned silk, not knitted wool) underneath and funky you are!

  98. gorgeous jumper!
    I do have one question. Was the first picture posed or does your husband/family/friends know that you love to post lovely pictures of sweaters that they thought it was a good shot and took it for you for the blog?
    I must either pay my fiance or bribe him with knitted socks for him to take initiative to take pictures of me.

  99. Hi Steph,
    Wonderful job on the sweater – – it looks awesome! I have sweater envy at the moment. Looks like I have to find this pattern to start my own. Thanks for inspiring us!

  100. Hee, that was great. I loved your letter to your sweater, especially the part about the effort to be elegant. I have seen this pattern mentioned on a few other blogs, but no FO pics. So thanks for that too. I think I am going to have to knit this one. I love the color choice.
    Steph, can I ask you a question? Since you know all things yarny. Why the hell is it that I have been knitting everything but sweaters for the past year and the minute I become pregnant and my belly starts getting, well huge…all I want to knit is sweaters. OH yeah, and I want a dirty martini? What is with that? (only 3 more months to go, but I’m still afraid to cast on)

  101. Although I hate grey, I LOVE that sweater. It turned out fantastic!
    Wish me luck in beginning my first cardigan. 2008! The year of knitting without fear!

  102. Lovely! Very nice job. I finally finished the back last night. I cast on the fronts (2 at once so I have less of a chance of screwing up), and could do no more. (Got 3 rows of ribbing done this morning, though.) I was hoping to reverse the cables on the front, too. I didn’t for the back, but you know what? I can live with that.

  103. That is a very nice sweater. You should consider asking your publisher/editor if you can make a picture of you wearing it the cover of the next book. Something like that.

  104. If/When someone asks, “Why knit?” I think it is enough to show them this sweater, the design, the fit, the details. If they don’t get it, they never will. It is softly stunning.

  105. And being wordy today – yet another vote for Rams’ idea. You, that sweater, and that pose. PR pic, book cover, whatever; it needs to be done! Again. πŸ˜‰

  106. That sweater is lovely and the buttons are great!!!
    One of these days I’ll get over my fear of knitting sweaters. I slowly overcame my fear of DPNs and now I’m hooked on socks, so who knows what’ll happen when I overcome the sweater fear πŸ™‚

  107. I love you both! It’s a beautiful sweater, I love how you were clever enough to mirror the cables, and to make the sleeves the correct length.
    I need to do one of those work up’s where you measure your whole self so as to make the perfectly fitting sweater, but I can’t remember where I read about how to do it. I have extra long arms and a space-alienishly long torso so I am always adding inches, but never quite sure how how many to add. (perhaps I haven’t completely evolved.)
    I even like the gray, but I do hope your next cast on is a cheery color, since you have a lot of gray left in Toronto before spring hits.

  108. I rarely comment but just had to. You knit at such an amazing speed I am not surprised to already see this thing finished!
    The first time I saw you knit the way you do, at the speed you do, was Thursday night at Madrona. I wanted to escape the from the podium but seeing you knit was so fascinating to me that it kept me from fleeing!
    Looks wonderful.

  109. Gorgeous sweater. I almost took the plunge but was totally irritated that they didn’t include the charts… Seeing your sweater makes me want to get over that aspect of myself — almost.

  110. Dear sweater,
    Oh that I could gather up the courage to start something as beautiful as you – I’m so afraid of my sweater not fitting. I’ve done enough sewing to have experienced the frustration of hours of loving construction totally tanked by a bad fit. And now I am afraid – very afraid. If you have any pull with the Sweater Gods – send a thought my way. Thanks.

  111. Great Author’s picture for the next book.In fact, it is a very elegant picture of a very elegant lady.

  112. It’s beautiful! You have ALMOST convinced me to knit a garment bigger than a hat or BSJ. Plus, I have learned I LOVE CABLES! Wow…it’s just perfect.

  113. Absolutely adorable and those buttons are fabulous! πŸ™‚ I am very partial to grey and I love this shade of it.

  114. What a wooly masterpiece! You look BEAUTIFUL in your new, cuddly sweater. You are very inspiring!

  115. Gorgeous! I am totally in love with those cables. πŸ™‚ Another example of your marvelous work!

  116. Beautiful sweater ! ! cables,color, buttons and your work sure made a nice sweater which you should be very proud of. Great Job

  117. I bought the same yarn and I’m knitting the Central Park Hoodie from
    I can’t post it though because it’s a gift for someone special who visits by blogs but your were right, he yarn is lovely and I will probably buy more and knit something for myself with it…thanks for the tip…ciao


  119. Gorgeous! Enough to make even ME knit sweaters, instead of these stoopid little socks I’m so addicted to.
    Your friend the Socoholic, ==Marjorie

  120. It’s great, I think you are right about it being classic and yet could be a bit funky and it’s elegant all at the same time. I would knit another one too, except this time in red. Can’t be knitting grey in March

  121. I love it. I’m not even a cardigan fan but I find myself wondering how that one will look on me. Granted, I am several sizes larger than you, but it looks like it will still be an affordable project. And I’m all about that too!
    So.. what’s next?

  122. Just gorgeous! Love that you mirrored the cables, love the buttons, love the fit – Yay!! Great pictures of you in it, too.

  123. That sweater is so brillint that it almost has me convinced that I need to knit myself a cardigan, even though I don’t like wearing cardigans.
    It looks fabulous on you!

  124. Congratulations!!! It’s perfect. I hope you two will be very happy together. πŸ˜‰

  125. love it! would you consider doing a little tutorial on how to do the neck reinforcing? great sweater.

  126. “This morning I took 5 minutes and a crochet hook and put a chain of stitches across there to stabilise it.”
    Oooh – thanks for the clever tip!
    Love your cardigan – glad you love it too.

  127. I have the yarn and the pattern, it will be my first sweater and I am very anxious about it. I wish I knew someone like you in real life that I could call with problems/questions, etc. But coming to your blog has inspired me to give it a shot. Of course, I know you have been doing this a lot longer than I have. I love the sweater and it looks great on you! Congratulations on a job well done!

  128. I agree in that I think the picture of you on the phone is the most becoming shot of them all. Very…styled. The sweater looks great, and I love the changes you made to make it completely yours.

  129. Now, that is a very fine cardi. If I had one I’d wear it every single day of my life. Cabley stuff like that is like a lot of handpainted sock yarn – I can just sit for ages, watching it. I think you and this cardi will be v happy together.

  130. What a gorgeous sweater–I love cabled sweaters that aren’t bulky. Thanks for sharing your great idea about adding that line of crochet to stabilize the neck.

  131. Oh my, that is gorgeous! Darn you for making put yet something else on my list! Okay, I suppose it’s not your fault that I don’t have time for 10% of the things I want to make….

  132. Nice!!! Very nice!! How about a shot of that sock you’re working on—I like the colors of it. I’m sure your sweater will live up to it’s auspicious beginning.

  133. See? Being a crocheter (“crotch-a-teer”) does come in handy.
    I like the cables on the front, it would make a great scarf pattern for my DH.

  134. The sweater is lovely and looks stunning on you. I think it may go on my list of things to do!

  135. Your sweater is perfect. Seeing something turn out so wonderfully makes me want to knit. Now I’m getting this urge to ditch work and stay home to knit… actually, there is a tickle in the back of my throat and I’m feeling slightly feverish. Cough, Cough.

  136. Wow, looks fantastic. I love the cables and the texture. The colour is great and will match well with bright red, navy blue, forest green, and hot pink if you so choose.

  137. Great sweater. I need to knit faster. I have a sweater (I’m designing) on the needles for me and I’ve needed it for months. (This winter has been COLD). Hope mine turns out as well as yours did.

  138. I love it! I did find a copy of the book with the pattern in it on Ebay. I am sooooo happy. Started it today with some red wool from Phildar.

  139. Your sweater is beautiful and I hope you’ll be very happy together:) I went in search of your sweater’s bigger brother perhaps to make one for myself and it appears that, while we say size doesn’t matter, it does and his bigger brother just isn’t big enough for me:( Another time perhaps.

  140. Just saw that you’ll be at the I Knit Show in London this September! CANNOT. WAIT.
    You’ll have to let us know what to bring – England face cloths?…

  141. Just lovely. And your attention to detail is so typical of you. I’ll have to put one of these in my lineup!

  142. What a beautiful sweater! I love the poem. I particularly appreciate the line about crocheting a chain across the neck to stabilize the stitches. I have a project or two I need to apply that to.

  143. Your sweater is lovely and perfect and looks wonderful on you. But whew! I am so glad that you said that the sweater looked like it might be small!
    I’m working on the same sweater and commenting the whole time, ‘this is looking kind of small … maybe the cables just make the sweater look smaller.’ But inside I’m sweating because I don’t want to give the sweater to anyone else and admit that I need a size LARGER! How horrifying would that be?!

  144. I found the pattern yesterday, too – at JoAnn’s Fabric – of all places. I checked out the link to the yarn, too. That stuff is looking pretty enticing. Tons of yardage, amazing price, and the blue heather is calling to me…….Aarrgh! And I want a new cardigan, too!

  145. May I suggest, well in advance, that you make a stop at MacCool’s Public House after your appearance in Salt Lake City? A pint after a stressful event can work WONDERS for the nerves, and the Irish-ness of it all is delightful. Knitting there is a joy.
    1400 S. Foothill Drive, Salt Lake City.

  146. Gorgeous. I always threaten to knit that one again (my first attempt is just a bit too short, but looks great on my mother).
    Maybe I shrunk a little.
    Hope to see it in person before your madness, I mean, tour starts.

  147. Stephanie, it’s beautiful! And it looks perfect on you, as if it was designed for you. I’ve been lusting after it since you started, tracked down the pattern early on and have just started swatching yarns in my stash to make it.
    Saw on your tour page that you are coming to London in September. YAY!!! Look me up if you want a knitter to play with.
    – Pam

  148. I know this is a bit cheeky, and possibly too obvious even to ask, but my heart leapt when I saw that you’d reversed the cables, because I am planning to attempt this sometime soon, and if you’ve any time at all would you mind giving me a little advice?
    I can see that if it’s a simple back- or front-cross that you would just cross them to the other side of the work, but the pattern I am hoping to modify (Catriona, eg here ) is a bit more complicated. Have you any advice on where I might find pointers on how to do this?
    Thank you! Your new cabled sweater has inspired me even more to get on with my cabled tank. Your cardigan is lovely!

  149. I marvel at the beauty that is your sweater (of course), but I mostly marvel that after all this time I had no idea that you felt strongly about mirrored cables. Finding this out brings me great joy, because I am the same way, and now I don’t feel quite so weird.

  150. So beautiful! Everything a cardigan should be. I haven’t looked very hard, but what pattern did you use?

  151. Love the sweater, of course. And thank you so much for your own tweaking notes – those always make the most difference! Just got my own pattern and also printed Kate Watson’s up-sizing instructions. I find them so helpful, but still not quite enough for me! Has anyone revised the pattern up to a 2X or 3X size? Inquiring minds, etc., etc.
    geminiknitter on ravelry…………

  152. That looks so great- it was awesome seeing it “live” in progress too. (and that demo on correcting a cable was just awesome)
    Thanks for the fun educational time at Madrona!
    -D (aka the strange blonde left handed knitter on your right Saturday morning knitting orange handspun)

  153. Your knitting is lovely – it is indeed a lovable cardigan. But your writing is truly wonderful – it makes me laugh out loud and I look forward to each new post. Thanks! Warm regards, Lily

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