To a green and happy place

1. Flight was good. Delays all round for snow.

2. There is so much snow in Toronto that back door no longer opens.


It looks like this from the air:


3. Totally irreconcilable with this:


In Tacoma, where you don’t even need a COAT. (I see what you’re talking about with the mist and maybe some days there is rain, but today it’s sunny, and frankly, if you can go outside without 17 layers and an estimate of how long you can stay there before it kills you, I think you’ve got great weather.)

4. I finished the second Revenge sock on the flight yesterday.


Rabbitworks sock yarn, in Revenge, my regular sock recipe, 2.25mm needles.


5. I didn’t start anything else yet, I am working on the sweater because this


has lifted the pallor of winter gloom from me in a way that makes anything possible.

6. I went into the market last night when it was closed, and all the booths were set up. There was a very great deal of unattended yarn, and I was unsupervised. I didn’t take any, and I didn’t touch much. (I consider this a moral victory of sorts. Not that I am usually the shoplifting type, but I always wondered what I would do in this sort of situation, and now I know.)

7. The tour page for 2008 is up. There are a few yet to be confirmed, but that’s mostly it. There are more details to come about “Inexplicable Knitter Behaviour” and some fun stuff around the Toronto Launch, but you’ll have to wait and see. We’re trying something new this time, putting all of the stuff more or less in about 6 weeks. It may be brilliant, it may kill me. We shall see. (There will be other stuff later in the year, this is the tour for this book. – PS. New cover. I like it way better.)

250 thoughts on “To a green and happy place

  1. You go girl with those socks! And thanks for the beautiful flower picture…we don’t have much snow here in New Jersey but flowers in February are ALWAYS a lift for the spirit!

  2. I’m shocked! Tacoma, not gray?! Ok, ok, Salem (just a few hours south) is also pretty sunny today…
    The pansies are just lovely. πŸ™‚

  3. Columbus, Ohio … Columbus, Ohio … Columbus, Ohio … Pretty Please!!
    BTW, love those sock colors.

  4. You are coming to MA during the BUSIEST month of the year….April….Battle Road….we have millions of events leading up to Battle Road, and every town between Concord and Boston has all sorts of ceremonies…they’ll have just ended when you get to Webs, so I’ll have to come and listen to you, rather than just crash!

  5. Oh please, oh please….come to Iowa City on a tour!! We have a lovely yarn shop (The Knitting Shoppe) and I work for the local Barnes and Noble so if you think you’d pack Eydie’s shop then I could set you up at Barnes!!

  6. … color? what’s color? The snow here has turned that ugly brown/grey color that snow gets once it has been on the ground for a while. Yuck.
    I’m glad you have sun.

  7. Oh oh oh!!! you will be in NYC on a day when I don’t even have to work (I’ve already emailed my knitting buddy that we have to get there by 3 or earlier to get in)
    And I’ll definitely bring you a beer!

  8. Can’t wait to see you in Ann Arbor in April! Thanks for the pictures green and lovely things – made me remember that spring really will get here! This time of year, the winter gloom has a pretty tight grip on me as well. Counting down the days…..

  9. OH MAN i love the socks. I need to finish my bright pretty socks because it is GREY here.
    Do you think it’s too early to start camping out at Webs? I’ve been hoping you’d come back to NoHo. πŸ˜€

  10. Wow. April 10th is just around the corner — are we going to be knitting hats again or anything? I need a little time to get some knitting done if we’re supposed to “represent” Could you give us some details?

  11. Please don’t tell me you’re standing in those socks on a patch of dirt…it kind of looks like that – no one can miss seeing bare earth that much :~)

  12. I’m so glad you are experiencing green and sun. I bet your eyes LOVED seeing sharp shadows and feeling their pupils close down against the sun! That picture of Toronto showed so much snow and that is on a city!! Soak it up!

  13. Oh, those pansies. I lived in Nanaimo, B.C. for twelve years, and our weather was similar to Tacoma–we always had pansies and those beautiful ornamental cabbages growing. In late February I would plant my peas, in March, potatoes. The best thing about winter on the west coast is that spring-like feeling, even in the middle of winter. Your socks are lovely, and I would really, really like to know how you knit them so fast. Do you think you could teach us your technique? Or perhaps you have and I’ve missed it. I feel like such a plodding knitter.

  14. WOOOO HOOOOO it says: Salt Lake City!!! I finally am in the right place at the right time – Many thanks to your tour coodinator! (and, of course, you)

  15. OH! Those socks looked good in the snow but they look GREAT in the grass. Here’s hoping you come to Denver soon!

  16. Oh look, the grass and foliage on the plants are the same color green as my envy. It looks like Chicago resembles Toronto a whole lot more than Portland.
    On the plus side, how excited am I that you’ll be in Madison (a mere 2 hour drive) on the day before my birthday? Woot!

  17. Hurrah for the finished socks, Hurrah for the not grey day today, Hurrah for the beautiful flowers, Hurrah for the new cover (yes I saw it this morning and like it much better), Hurrah for April 1 – please tell us that’s a real date for the Toronto launch and not a little tease?
    Lots to celebrate on what is a little sunnier, but still grey winter day in/near Toronto. Already planning a road trip for the new book, hope Megan will have lots of copies as I’d prefer to buy from her!
    Thanks for the post that makes us all feel a little warmer.
    Chris S.

  18. I sure hope your tour will bring you to Southern MO or Northern AR, I so wantto hear you speak and meet you in person! No I’m not a stalker except of Knit blogs πŸ™‚ Well back to lurking on other blogs for me! Loved the socks by the way!

  19. Come to Maine! We have lots of knitters here!
    Love the socks – just ordered my yarn from them. Great colors for gray February days.

  20. YAY! Madison instead of Chicago. (Not that I don’t like Chicago, but Lakeside Fibers is there, as well as New Glarus or Capital Brewery.) I suspect it’ll be well worth my floating holiday and a road trip from the extreme southeast of Wisconsin.

  21. Ever since I’ve seen that colorway I’ve been itching to knit some rainbowy socks… plain stockinette really brings out the best in those colors. I’m kind of jealous at how you can continually churn out the plain socks… I wish I had that drive. I don’t think even the pretty colors could keep me interested for that long. I still feel like I should try though… because those socks are the shit.
    And here’s to hoping that one of the unconfirmed dates is in Philadelphia…

  22. Gah! No California stop this time? My DH was right. I do regret not dragging him and my carseat hating baby to Los Angeles last year. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that California is one of the few remaining stops to be confirmed!

  23. Love those socks and the flowers….why if I didn’t know I’d think it was spring. I’m thinking about a trip to Borders NYC to the book signing…any chance that you’ll be at the Wool Fest in Rhinebeck in October.

  24. Shhhhh! Don’t tell anyone how nice it is here, even in winter. The Great Northwest is the best kept secret around, if everyone knew about it, they’d all move here and all the green would go away.
    Lovely socks! Enjoy Madrona πŸ™‚

  25. I think those socks too revenge on the snow and grey skies! I’m glad you arrived in Tacoma to nice weather, does it stink there? (Aroma of Tacoma is how I always remember it!)
    I LOVE the new cover!!! And I see you have a Seattle date in April that I might be able to attend. YAY YAY YAY!

  26. I lurve the socks. And just knowing you are within 40 miles of me lifts my knitting spirits no end!

  27. All right! I may get to see the Yarn Harlot in St. Paul! Finally, paths crossing. I’m a native of California but never got to see anything happening last year, despite events in June coming close to where I was. But now I’m going to college down the street from The Yarnery. If I was going to University of St. Thomas, that would be even more amusing. Almost coming straight to me.
    Those are such awesome socks. The kind even I probably wouldn’t be bored with stockinette on. Mmm variegated yarn…

  28. I will go to the Columbus Circle Borders this week-end to scope the place out and figure out how early I need to be there on April 2. Fortunately, I can walk there from my office.

  29. Oh my gawd. I sound crazy, but You’re coming to my city! Well, you’re coming to a half hour away from my city, so YAY! I shall hopefully see you there!

  30. Purple pansies SUCH an amazing thought, here in the the deep freeze that is Winnipeg.
    SPEAKING of which: Canadians feeling very un-represented on tour schedule!! We understand, size of market, etc, but: please, maybe as a pilot project?? Let us introduce you to the Prairies! =)

  31. I’m glad you’re getting to enjoy some nice weather – you deserve it! Love the new cover, as well. Can’t wait for the book! =)

  32. Once again you are not scheduled (yet) to be anywhere in MA except WEBS, which, as I understand it, has lots of yarn. It’s usually supervised, but one cannot have everything. I appreciate knowing this now, as my daughter’s birthday is the preceding week, and I know not to schedule a party on the 27th.
    Inexplicable knitter behaviour (notice how well I spelled that) for me would be *not* to show up at WEBS. I am, however, willing to consider behaving inexplicably in other ways if it would 1) result in MSF’s getting money 2) astonish the muggles and/or 3) give me blog fodder. Please do keep us informed, or, since you haven’t really informed us yet, please do that, in your own inimitable season, of course.

  33. Welcome to Tacoma! You must have brought the sun with you somehow – I think it’s those socks. Wish I could make it to Madrona – one of these years…

  34. THRILLED THRILLED THRILLED that you will be coming to Madison. I volunteer to lead the all day tromp to LYSs and the beverage houses of your choice!
    Have I mentioned how excited I am….

  35. It is to cry. No California. Given the sleet we’re having here today, I can see why. The new book cover is wonderful, though — and it’s hardback! Woot, baby!

  36. Aw, DAMNIT! I have to be teaching a stupid class on the same night as the Toronto lauch! I may cry. Boo hoo hoo…
    Sitting here with all this snow it’s almost impossible to believe that somewhere, green grass and flowers are still growing. Thanks for the pics!

  37. Now that you’re out of the snow I can tell you… It’s 70 freaking degrees here today with bright sunshine this morning! Typical north Texas winter — Do I wear a sweater with a parka today or a t-shirt with a sweater in the car just in case? Of course, tomorrow’s high will drop at least 30 degrees from today’s high with thunderstorms. Oh, fun! There have been nights when I wanted a fire in the fireplace so badly that I turned down the air conditioning & lit one anyway.
    On a totally different note — Why aren’t you coming to Texas? It’s soooo lovely here!!!
    BTW — Beautiful socks!

  38. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!! You’re coming to Madison!!! Hooray! Thank you thank you thank you! See you in April!

  39. Wow, after the last tour’s frenetic pace, I thought for sure you’d slow down, but it appears that just the opposite has happened. Did you give up your rules? (I’m a little fuzzy on what they were but I know you had some.) On the other hand, I guess this tour is like one of those intensive classes students take in the summer when they cram all the work into 1/2 the time. You survive, but it’s not pretty at the end. Still and all, thank you for touring. We do luv to see you! And, have fun this weekend 8~)

  40. I am just going to ditto everything folks have said about Madison. It will be great to have you here. Hopefully by April most of our Snow will be gone. I can’t wait to see you. In fact, I think my children now think I have completely lost my mind.

  41. Flower Power! Welcome to the West Coast! Those socks are wonderful–I am going to be looking for yarn like that at Stitches West next week.

  42. Yippee, Harlot in Madison! You know, we broke our record for snowfall this winter…. at about 80 inches before it started today. It’s apparent you know how to handle yourself in a good ol snowstorm.hee hee Excited to meet you. Hopefully my pre-order of the book arrives from Amazon beforehand

  43. Much better cover – super cute! And that’s my professional (trade book art director) opinion. So psyched that you’re coming to NYC, now that I live here. See you on 2 April.

  44. And there is pansies, that’s for thoughts. They coordinate very well with the revenge socks, too. (That last line is mine, not Shakespeare’s. Though I’m sure he would have thought the socks were lovely.) Have fun!

  45. Its been one of those days where even seeing the grey cloudy snowy outdoors would be good and where being in the freaking cold would be good.
    Thank you very very much for the pansy pictures. It was such a lovely thing to see today and you have brightened my day immeasurably.

  46. I love that NYC is second on the Tour list! That is some travel schedule you’ve got going there. Can the laundry hold out while you are gone?

  47. We ordered the Puget Sound sunshine and balmy temperatures especially for you. Looks like they will mostly hold through the weekend too – guess the extra we paid worked. πŸ˜‰
    Enjoy Madrona and hopefully I will get to catch a glimpse of you on Saturday.

  48. You’re coming to NC!!! YAH!!! Please don’t tease – what is this you say – “sock camp”?

  49. Beautiful socks, beautiful colours! Pray tell how you manage to knit on a plane. I always have my needles taken away, even bamboo ones! I am anxious to know, will be flying shortly, seven hours is a long time, plus waiting time for transfers!

  50. HEY! I wonder if it’s too early to go hang out at Borders’? Hmm…yeah, probably. But you just WAIT, Little Missy, you’ll see how we Madisonians treat our guests! You’ll be GLAD you came! (You can wear your Badger Sticker; I’ll bring you a new one!)

  51. Aw, no Winnipeg stops? πŸ™ I was hoping to be able to see you before I work in the boonies for 4 months this summer.
    I am soooooooo jealous of the weather though, it’s still a -37 windchill here in Winnipeg. I’m all for winter, but this winter has been farking redonkulous. I’m soooooo tired of it being soooooooo cold. Tired of wearing my heavy parka, and two sweatshirts. Tired of lined jeans with long johns. TIRED.

  52. BOO! No Calgary on that list. C’mon girl! Let’s see that Calgary!!!!!!
    ps. The socks are beautiful! And so’s the green!

  53. No Chicago yet?!?!? I hope your people change their minds. It was so much fun last time! We talk about you at least once every Stitch-n-Bitch that I go to, so you know you are loved here!!

  54. Bless your heart. The flowers are sure nice to have when everything else is just white. : )

  55. I am SO there on April 21st. But you have to tell me what kind of homebrew you want…….Brown Ale, Steam Clone (California Common), Amber Ale, or my personal favorite, Belgian White Ale. You need a nice homebrew after a long signing session…..remember last year in Seattle? I see they didn’t book you for a Sunday this time! Lucky, Lucky!

  56. Glad to see that you found some beauty out there that isn’t white or gray.
    Hoping for a Pittsburgh, PA stop on the tour. We usually get you to swing by early on the list.

  57. Not to be whiney or demanding…but when are you commmmmming to the uuuuuuuuuuuuukkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk?

  58. I love that your door will not open. I can see you are not so pleased with this but I think it is so funny! I hope the snow melts soon!

  59. I’m visiting Tacoma right now as well, and am from Chicago. While not totally comparable to Toronto’s snow and cold I’m sure, it feels like Spring here! It’s great! (I don’t want to go home…..)

  60. The socks look awesome! Couldn’t you swing by Rochester, NY or even Buffalo?! I really want to hear you speak and I just don’t know if I can convince myself to drive all the way to NYC. And then get stuck in traffic because I’m not an aggressive enough driver!

  61. Hmmm, launching on April Fool’s Day…your idea or theirs? Like the sense of humour about it and hopefully you won’t have too many jokes played on you…or will you be the prankster?? Whichever, I am sure you will speak/write eloquently about it so this should be ver-r-r-r-r-y interesting! Now to decide where to see you TO or MA (WEBS)…as Pooh would say, “think, think, think”…

  62. First off, are those pansy’s? I love pansy’s. Our crocuses are just now sprouting, and I thought of you. They’re still little green grassy things, but they weren’t there last week.
    Now, I thought for a minute that you were calling them revenge socks because you were getting revenge on the gray sweater, or the dreary days of winter, by knitting them since they are so colorful. Silly me, that’s the color name. Have fun smelling yarn and flowers!

  63. Mother nature truly is amazing !! The green , the flowers –awwwwwwwwww– soothing to the soul. Thank you for the pictures and the hope of our Spring to come . Safe and enjoyable journey.

  64. How about anywhere in Alberta? We could car pool from Edmonton to Calgary or Calgary to Edmonton? Please?

  65. Well, Dale-Harriet and Laura/Yarnthrower and Melissa and I will have to take you to the Great Dane Brewing Company. One of the three. Or all three! No such thing as too much of a good thing, huh?
    OMG the weatherman just said 9-10 more inches of snow this Sunday, which will put us near 100 inches for the season. I hope it is all melted by the time you arrive. If not, I’ll be the one out in the parking lot with the beer and the blow-dryer.

  66. The cover is better, but still… could try harder.
    The socks are beautiful and so are the flowers.
    How soon do we have to reserve seats for the Annapolis (April 7) talk?

  67. Eugene is a very quick couple of hours south of Portland. πŸ™‚ And we have GREAT beer. (Ok, they do in Portland, too, but we have it here as well. Ok, so the entire Pacific Northwest is pretty much Beervana, but Eugene really is nice.)
    I remain impressed, delighted, and amazed by the power of the Harlot to cause dramatic demand in any knitting related item she mentions. I’m resisting this sock yarn (for now), but I did buy Vintage, which is SO cool. I don’t even do socks.
    See what I mean about power?

  68. Wahoooooooooo!!!!!!! You are coming to the Yarnery in StPaul. Nothing will make me miss it this year!
    And I will try not to sound like the worlds largest dork or pass out when I see you.
    You are in one of my favorite places on the planet- the Pacific Northwest. May it treat you well and allow you to make it through the rest of your winter in Toronto. I am stuck in western Wisconsin. Snow today and -20F tonite.
    green grass……………ahhhhhhhhh

  69. Those socks look like they’re good for what ails you – no matter what ails you, and even if it isn’t ailing you any more now that you’re out of the snow. I hope you’re enjoying them like mad. And – go it, Rabbitch! Two things that I don’t ordinarily have a whole lot of truck with – variegated yarn and the standard cuff-down sock – but dang, doesn’t that Revenge just make a flap and gusset SING. Or vice versa. Or both.

  70. Is that theatre on your Atlanta stop accessible? I’d love to come to the event, but it looks like steps everywhere?

  71. I really think you need some Canadian stops on that itinerary! Especially Halifax. Come on, you have to do right by your Canadian fans. I am a relatively new follower of yours but I must say, my knitting has taken on a new sense of humour thanks to your anecdotes.

  72. please excuse my ignorance but can someone tell me which of Stephanie’s books the ‘regular sock recipe’appears in? Am recovering from an evil knitting project and these look like the therapy I need. Thea.

  73. If “good weather” is any weather where you don’t have to check to see how long you can be outside before it kills you, remember not to come to Louisiana between the Fourth of July and the Autumn Equinox.

  74. No joke, when I saw Annapolis on the tour page – a measly 32 miles from here in DC – I clapped my hands and yelled YAY! (The boyfriend is a wee bit scared.) Happy Valentine’s Day!

  75. the weather in Tacoma looks loverly … but now I have “keep on Rocking me Baby” by the Steve Miller Band in my head , and am wondering if you have been to Phoenix , Arizona … that’s just how my mind works.
    The socks are so pretty.
    I am pleased to see the tour schedule … but we will have to work on Jaimie the OWnder Publicist to see if we can get a Halifax, NS date thrown in there … the East Coast is so fun (and maybe you could plan it for a few days … spend time with your friend the Master and OCmmander? And poke around some awesome Nova Scotian yarn shops? Play on our beaches — it makes for a great working vacation!
    I will start emailing Jaimie!

  76. ooooohhhh green grass (Ihatesyou) not really everyone
    ooooohhhhh fiber market (I hope you remembered your American $$$)and your friends.
    000hhh your going to miss the latest snow storm.
    Have fun for us……………… grass.
    Love your dennyx0xx0

  77. Gosh, I’m so jealous I cant even comment. Not wear have to wear a coat, wow. I haven’t been able to open my back door since the last storm and were still waiting for the snowplow on this street. Gorgeous socks those colors can cheer anyone up…ciao

  78. I have to say those socks are just as pretty in the grass as they are in the snow. Glad you’re getting a spirit-lift! Enjoy Tacoma!

  79. There’s a reason my husband wants to move to Bellingham (about an hour north of Seattle). Up until a few days ago, we had more than 30″ of snow in the yard, and we’re in the valley! The temps haven’t been anything like yours, though. It didn’t drop below 0F this year.
    Still, having a gardening/farmer’s market season that lasts for eight months or more of the year instead of five is highly attractive. So, just how location dependent is Joe’s job, anyway . . . ? ;o)

  80. Your schedule assumes that there are no delays, no unexpected layovers and knowledgable cab drivers when you want them. It assumes that coffee will be within reach each morning, and a tub will be available each evening. Do you believe in miracles? There will be no time for clean clothes, so your suitcase will be filled with cloth instead of wool and needles. Who made up this schedule? Your competition? Dear Harlot, I wish you well with an abundance of stamina, stimulents, and Cold-Ease. Good Luck!!!

  81. Whimper…it’s green! And flowers! Is it true? Is there a world other than snow?
    So glad you’ll be here April 11! We might not have snow then. Or we might. Impossible to predict with April. It could do anything. See you then!

  82. crap, the one time you are even within driving distance and it’s the same night as my daughter’s band concert:( very bummed oh well maybe next book???? Hey maybe by April WI will be done with the snow?

  83. Your coming to Atlanta!!!! I’m so happy to get a chance to see you again. I try to promise not to be such a babbling id-jut this time. πŸ™‚

  84. Cleveland, please? Pretty please? Give a Cleveland date so I can get my first socks done (3/4 through the first one!). If I have to I’ll drive to Columbus, but that would cut down on knitting time!

  85. Hooray for Preorder, hooray for New Cover (at least if YOU like it better!), hooray for GREEN!!!, and hooray for coming within two hours’ drive of me in Wisconsin, the state of Cheese Curds! (Remember the Wisconsin dishcloth with bobble? Pale green, state shaped vaguely like a hand? The bobble’s where I live, Madison is straight over from that in the center of the state.) Or I can drive three hours north and see you in St. Paul. Decisions, decisions!

  86. Yeah for Madison! Great to see green grass and flowers. We just broke the record here for most snow ever recorded, and it isn’t stopping.

  87. You know, I would be totally up for starting a fund for you to be able to go into a situation like the market, the night before, all alone, and just pick up whatever you want. Someone else would tally it later, while you are signing or something, and we all would pay for it. Because *somebody* should totally get to play out that fantasy, don’t you think?

  88. I’m keeping my fingers and eyes crossed that ‘later’ will include New York around Rheinbeck time as I’m hoping to hop over and be there this year!
    Failing that, who do I have to bribe to get you to New Zealand? And do they take backhanders in merino?

  89. oh yes please come to ohio, that would rock!
    awesome socks in a great colorway btw.
    enjoy the sun and save some for the trip home πŸ™‚

  90. I see that you may have one nano second of time around the Denver tour date. When, oh when, will you come to Santa Fe, NM? Small town which sustains 4 independent knitting stores AND the big box stores. Think about it. Please.

  91. NORTH! CAROLINA! (Please excuse horrible, rude screaming, as I dance giddily round the room despite personal enormity) You will be less than 3 hours away from me! I will be a major postpartum wretch and I. don’t. care. I’ve *never* been that close to any of your tour stops, ever! Must go!
    btw – book cover much improved, and I’d still gladly take some snow if you’d care to share…
    Enjoy Madrona. Be glad the temptation came early on, before the accumulated fumes got a chance to take over your brain.

  92. OMG OMG OMG OMG!! You’re coming to Annapolis!!! It was enough to make me come out of lurkdom. I’m SO excited I can’t stand it.
    Thanks for your wonderful blog, I look forward to it each day. You are an inspiration!

  93. Happy Valentine’s Day! Thank you SO much for the picture of spring-like greenness. I didn’t realize how much I needed it until I saw it. And the pansies are beautiful! It’s fun to start hearing about your travels, learn about the places you are going, I’m excited to hear about more of your adventures. Nice new book cover, too. Safe travels!

  94. This is a good week for Taooma. It has been gorgeous, if only a bit windy, the last few days. Love it.

  95. I am thrilled that you are visiting NYC and can’t wait to buy your new book. I notice that your new book links to Amazon. You may want to also link to Borders, Powells,Book Sense and Barnes and Noble to be fair to the booksellers that you are visiting. Someday I will tackle socks. Sigh. Lisa

  96. Loooove the socks, that colourway is going to be on its way to Winnipeg soon, I must have it.
    Speaking of Winnipeg, I noticed only US dates other than Toronto, I hope you make your way out here…we have sun! (Although it’s -40. Ignore that part)

  97. Hey, Steph, I spent 4 days in Louisiana last week (I live in Michigan), and I know what you mean about the rejuvenating effects of sunshine and warmth. I spent all my non-working time lying on park benches with my face to the sun . . . Now I feel totally refreshed and like I have a second lease on winter.

  98. Much appreciative of the springlike pictures. I also like the new cover very much, and I see I have an excellent excuse to go back to WEBS. πŸ™‚

  99. Welcome to the beautiful and GREEN Pacific Northwest, Stephanie! (I’m originally from LA – land of brown πŸ˜‰

  100. LOVE the socks!
    And I love the green grass and flower pictures! Here in Chicago, like you in Toronto, we have forgotten what those look like in all of this snow!

  101. Well it seems all us Cheeseheads are happy not to have to drive to Illinois! Madison is Coolidge, Calvin! Lakeside Fibers is a great LYS that would be happy to see you walk in unannounced!
    And while you are in St Paul, I highly recommend Amazing Threads in Maple Grove, just outside the Twin City.
    (Bwoop! Bwoop!! Yarn shop geek, yarn shop geek!)
    It’s a good thing your fans don’t plan your itinerary, you’d never be home!

  102. I shrieked for joy when I saw that you were coming back to the ever lovely ATL. Can we say, already signed up with confirmation in hand? πŸ™‚

  103. Yay! St. Paul! And, Annette, I live 10 minutes from Amazing Threads! Knitting on yarn from there as we speak. And Steph, I think you may be right–this tour schedule may kill you. What, like 10 cities in 11 days or something like that? You are going to need a lot of coffee. I’m supposed to work the night you are in St. Paul, but I may have to somehow play hookie.

  104. With a schedule like that, you must get down to Tilley’s and pick up their travel undies, and yes, socks. They honestly do dry overnight in a hotel room.
    Of course, I’d be happy to be your laundry wench when you are in the Twin Cities, if that would pleaseth thou. πŸ˜‰

  105. I am in love with your tour schedule! I happen to already be going home to Ann Arbor on April 11. Oh, I shall be in a very good mood for a while because of this! My day/week/life has been made.

  106. ACK!!! I don’t see Tulsa, OK, or anywhere near Tulsa, listed in your tour itinerary. *sob* Nice socks, by the by.

  107. I haven’t been reading your blog for as long as most folks and so I may have missed whatever explanation you have for so few CANADIAN dates on your tour? :’-(

  108. Whoa….you’re coming to Madison. The best place in the USA!! We have lots of great knitters, lots of great book stores, lots of great yarn!!! Lots of great handknit socks. Also, lots of great snow this year–we’ve set a record at 80 inches and more to come. Maybe by April we will have dug out and the ice will be off the lakes. But, we like snow here.We will try to minimize your snow trauma by bringing some of our great local beer. Did you know that Elizabeth Zimmerman moved to Wisconsin when her husband came her to be a brewmaster??

  109. I’m really surprised your not going to be at knit out ’08 at the mall of America! Maybe next year.. Have a nice time in the sun!

  110. Well, I signed up and have my confirmation for the ATL stop. Now I just have to hope that the planets align and I can actually make it up that weekend. This would not be such a problem if only Jamie TWP would book you for a date in Jacksonville, FL. We have beaches and a great micro brewery or 2 and oh, a WONDERFUL yarn shop that would be happy to host said stop. What about a trip to Florida???

  111. I will see you in New York!
    (Way excited about this, my first ever real life Harlot stalking experience.)
    Also, I like the new cover better, too.
    Also also, the socks are gorgeous, and I think of a better name for that color than “Revenge.”

  112. Ah, you’ll be in Denver! At the Tattered Cover, nonetheless. (Love that store. Loved it more when it was in it’s original location. But I digress…) And I just *had* to move down to Louisiana. I would say I’d just hop a jet to be there in April, but since I’m sure that won’t happen… any chance you’ll be in New Orleans later in the year?

  113. I love the pattern of those socks. I’ve been lurking for awhile (since I started reading your book) and you are very inspiring on the writing and knitting front. Especially with those DAMN leaves!

  114. If you’ve not yet seen it, the Salt Lake City publc library is AWESOME! It’s huge, at least for me, and has lots and lots of room for knitters πŸ™‚

  115. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the flower picture!!!! I hadn’t realized how much I needed that until I saw it. Nothing but snow, ice & cold here.

  116. Love the new book cover, much better than a dismembered Harlot head. Are you still thinking about another cover?

  117. You know, until this week, we’ve had all of SIX whole sunny days since October. You’re damn lucky πŸ˜›
    See you at Madrona! Driving back to Tacompton brings back such wonderful memories.

  118. Noooo! Another tour where Dallas/Fort Worth gets skipped! We knit and love you too!
    *big puppy eyes* Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease! We are ever so hopeful! You have made a big ol’ circle around the Metroplex on your last several tours, time to head right to the center of it all.

  119. Fabu, darling–everyone should get to go somewhere else for the winter. I have the feeling I’d love my home much more if I wasn’t here all the time:-) (Excellent socks. Most excellent:-)

  120. Hurray! The socks contrast so well with the grass and the pansies! I hope you’re soaking up sun like crazy. I just checked the forecast for the weekend, and *both* days have a bright sun showing, with no cloud graphics. The mountain might even come out again! Hope you’re having a lovely time already; it sounds like it. πŸ˜‰ Don’t buy out all the market displays before I get up there Saturday, ok?
    And good grief, we get to see you in Portland in *April*? Already? At the Forestry Center, where there’s *room*? Three cheers for Blue Moon! We’ll be there. With bells on. We PDX Knit Bloggers should give you an extra cheer for having inspired us to get our group started during your last appearance here. You are forewarned. [eg]

  121. So glad we could accomodate you and other midwestern winter refugees with some of our occasional nice winter weather. We do get some beautiful days and this sunny spell will have highs in the mid-50s rather than the 30s we can get when we have no cloud cover. Still, I think even 30 would look just fine in conparion to the unopenable door.
    Thanks for the tour dates. April 21 is on my calendar.
    And the Kaunis are on my blog.

  122. Beautiful socks! They *look* warm in those colours. I like the way the heels have sort of Fair Isle’d themselves.

  123. I see there is more to add to the tour list. Any chance you will coming to the UK, and more specifically Glasgow? I can promise we would show you a fabulous time…

  124. When I saw those flowers a warm glow came over me and I took a breath as if I could smell them and the breeze. Want… Spring now! Enjoy the taste before you have to go back to the frozen tundra.

  125. still not coming to London, England πŸ™ never mind, i’ll buy the book anyway – this time!!
    and i have to confess i would quite like a – little – bit of snow. is that perverse? love the sox, πŸ™‚ and envy you knitting on the plane, here they lock you up as a terrorist for even thinking of it πŸ™

  126. Toronto (and Ottawa, where I am) got more snow today, so I truly envy you your trip to Tacoma and spring. πŸ™‚ Beautiful socks, love the new cover, but I don’t see Ottawa on your tour list.
    We’re only a few hours away by car and an hour by plane – won’t you please come visit? πŸ™‚
    Have a grand time in Tacoma with all the wool and knitters and spinners. We look forward to hearing the stories and seeing the photos.

  127. Yay – coming to Ann Arbor!!! It’s about a 20 min drive from my house – cool beaners! Maybe, just maybe, we won’t have any more snow by then!!!!!;0)

  128. Just putting in a request that you ask your publicist to puh-LEASE consider making you fly to London, England. I realize it might involve sedatives but it would be completely worth it! (Ok, at least worth it to us.) Thanks for thinking about it.

  129. You are coming to WEBS on April 27th…but sadly I have a conference in DC that weekend. You won’t be able to sign my book with my purple pen this year. I am so bummed.

  130. Hey, are you standing in mud??!!! You are brave! I see no Halifax on your tour πŸ™ I know you came last year but I wasn’t so much of a knitter then so I didn’t know. I’m sad.

  131. I’ll see you in Lexington in April! I’ve missed you the last two years, this year I’m determined! Have fun in Tacoma, excellent will power by the way, unattended yarn is just plain dangerous.

  132. WOW you are going to a LOT of places in a SHORT timeframe, but YES! You are coming to NC! Wahoo! And enjoy all that lovely weather and yarn! πŸ™‚

  133. I find it highly amusing that your launch is on April 1, but I am DELIGHTED the launch is in Toronto for a change! Not the Canadian launch, the REAL launch. Can’t wait – it’s sure to be a good time, especially at U of T – a much better venue than standing room only Indigo.
    And I hate you. You know we’ve had 70 cm of snow in two weeks here in TO? – and more to come this (new) long weekend. I would kill to be somewhere with flowers.

  134. Love how cheerful your socks came out! We all need something to pick up our spirits, and how much better that it gives you the gratification of something handmade, too! I am rather jealous that you got to see Washington green and sunny. I grew up there and am due for a visit! πŸ™‚ I hope your visit is enjoyable! (I like the new book cover better, too.)

  135. I am so excited. WEBS doesn’t have it up on their website yet but I emailed the owners and put two on the list for the 27th of April. Second person is Dear Husband who will come with me for the 2 hour drive. Now there will be a Spring treat!

  136. I’m not sure the Borders in the Annapolis Mall is going to be big enough or prepared for the onslaught that will ensue. I’m going to have to take a half day off from work in Baltimore to be at the store early enough to have a spot. Must bring socks to knit while waiting. Looking forward to the new book and the tour.

  137. Wow. I’m embarrased to admit that I actually got teary eyed at the first when I saw the flowers because I thought they were violets (well, sorta are I guess…) and I wanted Spring SO BADLY to be here.
    It’s been a very long winter.
    I’m going to go buy some flowers at the grocery today. Apparently, I need some flower power.

  138. Green grass – I know it is just hiding under the three feet of snow in our yard here in Ottawa.
    My sister manages the Isabel Bader Theatre in Toronto, site of the Toronto book launch. Though she has not taken up knitting, she has been very supportive of my knitting – making semi-annual treks to Romni for Christmas and birthday gifts for me, and sending newspaper clippings of various and sundry knitting news items that we don’t get here.
    I think she will be surprised by the passion and enthusiasm of knitters and see that I am pretty calm in comparison πŸ™‚

  139. Yes! Lexington, KY. Currently only about two hours from me. Now to convince my stitch n bitch we need a road trip. πŸ˜‰

  140. You’re braving Ann Arbor again! I’m so happy. I will be there. I may drag friends along.
    On a happy note, given where Northwest Airlines has its hubs, you should be able to get a direct flight between Minneapolis and Detroit that goes nowhere near Chicago. And it won’t be April Fool’s Day.

  141. Stephanie !!
    Get that snow removed from in front of your back door! If there is a fire, that is your exit. You cannot afford to have it blocked. Get that snow removed. The door must be able to open.
    Nice socks. But they won’t matter if you are dead of smoke inhalation.

  142. Hi Steph- one of the links on your tour page is password protected.,.its the link to the map to the O’Shannesy in St. Paul MN. Here is the link to the visitors map= and here’s the pdf version of it= (sorry, couldn’t get html to work).
    Hope you had a great Valentine’s day.

  143. Steph: I don’t see anything like Philadelphia on your list. I’m officially offering up my yarn shop in suburban Philly for a stop. I. Am. Serious. Please, have Jamie the wonder publicist contact me to see what we can set up. I had to drive to New Jersey the last time you came here. (I was one of the public transportation knitters in Marlton). You are more than welcome to come to Ewe and I, 221 Haverford Avenue, Narberth, PA — we even have a French pastry shop down the street — my treat.
    Please, please, (whining and begging sounds follow.)

  144. Don’t forget that when you are doing your planning, I told you last year that I would be willing to drive to Pittsburgh to pick you up and then get you to Detroit or vice versa, so you don’t have to relive the Cleveland to Detroit by way of Chicago fiasco.
    I have a friend that bought red boots to defeat the gray of winter. So now I’m lusting after red boots or shoes. I do have a red scarf and red hat but the red footgear is just grand!

  145. What happened to the Oak Brook appearance on April 3? I was so looking forward to meeting you after reading your blog for so long! : ( I am disappointed there will be no signing in the Chicago area!

  146. You see, Revenge can be a beautiful thing. The new book cover is much more fun. Enjoy the nicer weather.

  147. Stephanie, Thank you for adding Madison Wisconsin to your list.I can’t wait to see you there.I called to see if we needed tickets or what ever and they said to call back closer to the actually date . I am gonna drive my family nutters. Have a good day ,you just made mine.

  148. Well!!! I just noticed that your blog got the
    “Best Canadian Blog” award. I scanned around and
    didn’t see any mention of it in your blog or the
    comments. YOU GO GIRL!!!! I’m so proud of you and your award. Congratulations. Some Windsor blogs got awards and were lauded in the paper and on the radio. Were you inundated with media pressure?
    Congratulations again.
    Marlyce in Windsor, Ontario

  149. LOVE the way the heels turned out in that yarn.
    And SO excited to plan to see you in ANn Arbor. THanks!

  150. Love the new cover-the “cartoon” you is soooo cute!
    Snowing still in Michigan-Driveway drifted shut again(It’s about 1/2 mile long so must wait for hubby to plow),still hovering around zero degrees with a wind chill of “damn,it’s freezing out here”. If I wasn’t going upnorth-and yes, I see the irony of this- for a weekend knitting retreat,I would have to beg someone for a dose of their antidepressants.
    Will spring ever come??????
    Wish I had the new book to read today to keep the claustrophobia away. I know it will bring a smile to my face.
    Can’t wait for April and Ann Arbor-hope no delays this year. I know the flight was horrible for you but last year the delay cost me a fortune-had to shop at Busy Hands while we waited didn’t we???!!! πŸ˜‰ LOL maniacally.

  151. I LOVE the new cover, so cute! My friends and I are incredibly excited Nashville,TN is on the tour. We’ll finally get to see you in real live person!

  152. Hey Stephanie, I know you travel United Airlines(pictures you have posted….not a stalker I promise) and I can’t help but say, when I look at your schedule…..not a good idea! I travel every week of the year (except for two or three) and I also fly United (that is how I recognized it from the pictures) and they have so many delay’s lately the odds of you getting to 10 different cities in 11 days are so NOT in your favor! Please don’t stress yourself out chickie, I think your travel planner may want to make some adjustments! We in blog land can’t lose you to stress or have you attack a gate agent with those lovely harmony dpn’s and wind up in the pokey! We would all miss you terribly!

  153. Isn’t Washington beautiful in February?! Over the next three months there are flowers everywhere growing on everything. First the daffodils then the daisies then the rhododendrons (which were always a favorite), then the giant dahlias. (SIGH) I do miss all the flowers! ENJOY!!

  154. New cover is MUCH better! (just pre-ordered)
    I love Pansy’s, but personally I love Viola’s even more (old-school name is money faces, they’re mini-pansy’s) What a nice burst of color in Feb!
    Taking another stop at Burlington MA again? πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ They said they loved having you…

  155. Just wanted to let you know that though my “home” is Atlanta, I am going to school in Salt Lake City until April 29. That means I miss your early-April Atlanta appearance, and your early-May Salt Lake City trip. You couldn’t have avoided me any better if you tried, as these are non-negotiable dates for my moving back and forth due to the impending arrival a mini-me&hubby at the end of May. If that was your goal, good work! πŸ˜‰

  156. Oh, dirty bad swears! We’ll both be in Portland on the same day, but I’ll be flying out for phase two of my wedding a few hours before you speak! Oh well… Maybe next time.

  157. Wow, the heels are entrancing! I am hoping to finish my Must Have Cardigan for Stitches West. I have 9 days and maybe half of the back done. Send your Harlot Yarney Goodness charm my way, will ya?
    (And please please please will you visit Northern California? Weren’t we fun last time? But damn, you were right about the Boyfriend Sweater Curse. I knit my gf socks and then we broke up. Hey, I’m better off and they pooled besides.)

  158. OMG, OMG. Ann Arbor (A2 as we locals call it)! I was on the East Coast last time you were here! Now I just have to figure out how to get out of work early enough to get a good seat.
    It boggles my mind how you infect so MANY of us with your humour, enthusiasm, and generosity & spur many of us on to do more than we would have otherwise. An awesome power that you wear so gracefully & use so conscientiously.

  159. Hi there! I am now in Florida–have two books signed by you from California book tours (northern CA).
    There are some serious knitters here in the Tampa Bay area–the largest metropolitan area in Florida.
    And yes, there is more than cotton yarn.
    Please consider coming a little further south while you are in Georgia and coming here.

  160. Nothing for Montreal yet? I thought you liked our bagels and our beer? Please, please, come back! It’s been over a year!

  161. Pansies do it for me every time! I love me some pansies!!!!!!
    I am heading for Fla, with grandson, son, husband, and my knitting.
    Enjoy Tacoma.. I am outta here!

  162. You’re coming to Charlotte!! You’re coming to Charlotte! (Although I suspect you knew this already!) I can’t wait!

  163. Is there a chance of a book tour taking you outside North America? For example…to Australia?
    (We’re just across the Pacific…)

  164. Yup – new cover better. And….please come to California! Preferably SF Bay Area – or Fresno. πŸ˜€

  165. Do you mean to tell me that somewhere, right now, in this world… PANSIES ARE BLOOMING!? aaaaaahhhhh, hope springs eternal! πŸ™‚

  166. Oh please, please, please, please come back to Austin!! I didn’t know about you the last time you were here!

  167. Chanting: California! California! California! We are big state, with a lot of Knitting Behavior. I was knitting at the beach today ( without a sweater) and a dogwalker and a runner both asked “Is that the new Noro sock yarn?” Yup, we knit. Visit us, please!

  168. Oh, Steph! I’m feeling the love this year. Last time I was pregnant, you came to Seattle 2 weeks before my due date. I live 300 miles away, so there’s no way I could have made it there.
    This time, I’m pregnant again, but I’ll only be 5 months when you come. Yay! Hopefully I’ll be able to go. I’ll be the big pregnant one with the wiggly kids.

  169. I live in southern New Hampshire, and I am _so_ tired of ice. Snow, I love; ice not so much. The picture of the purple pansies was good for a real boost. Thanks, and have fun!

  170. Damn, you’re coming at night! Alas. That’s OK. As much as I’d love to see you speak again I wasn’t sure if trying to wrangle a (what will be a) 14 month old in a library for what could be hours on end again (I’m in Detroit, see? OK, I’m really hoping for your sake you have a MUCH better trip here this time!) would be a good idea, so I guess my mind has been made up for me. πŸ˜‰
    I think those are the most gorgeous flowers I’ve ever seen (or at least I’m deceived into thinking so since I haven’t actually seen a flower in months).

  171. Still don’t see Hawaii on that tour page… you know it’s a lot warmer here in HI than in Tacoma. We keep hearing rumors about your appearance here.

  172. I am so HAPPY!!! You are coming to Charlotte, NC. I called the book store today to make sure they would have sufficient copies of your new book, and the kid said, “oh that event is not confirmed” and I said, it most certainly is, and you’d better be ready for a LOT of knitters — as the Harlot has posted the date on her blog, it is confirmed for all of us and we’ll be storming into your book store on April 8th!

  173. FINALLY! Salt Lake City! Hurray! Hurray! Hurr….wait a minute…May 4th is a Sunday! *bitter sobbing*
    Seriously, your turn-out will be SO much better if you switch to a day other than Sunday…us Mormon folk tend to stay close to home on the Sabbath. I was so excited to finally see you! *recommence bitter, heart-wrenching sobs* If you change the date, let us know; and if not, enjoy your stay…I can’t offer much in the way of just about anything, but if you do need something…just ask and I’ll try to find a way to help!

  174. I love the socks and have ordered the yarn. We probably won’t be attending the same parties this winter anyway, especially since we both live in snow lands! See you in Madison!

  175. Honestly, I keep re-visiting this blog entry, just to see real, true-to-life flowers in bloom somewhere, anywhere in north america! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  176. Purh-lease consider flying over to the UK. You would be made incredibly welcome. And we have crocuses out already.
    I know it’s a long shot, but I’ve always been told, “if you don’t ask…”

  177. I am sincerely pleased that the Pacific Northwest weather did not lead to disappointment. I can, and often does in February. You really do have good luck if you’re seeing sunshine on Valentines Day!

  178. Did you get to see the sunset tonight? Was it as awesome in Tacoma as it was in Bellingham? I’m so glad we’ve had a little break from the gray. Truly wish I were at Madrona, but sadly not this year. Hope you’re having a wonderful time & see you in April! Thanks for coming all the way out again! πŸ™‚

  179. Texas is oh so warm most of the year….you’d enjoy thawing out here over some good barbeque or Tex-Mex. 6 million people in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and we rarely get any decent authors. You could change all that!!! Happy travels, looking forward to your next book and trying to figure out how I can swing a business trip that will take me near one of your stops.

  180. Hi
    I like your socks. They are so colorful. It’s gray too in Montreal… too much grey!
    Would you like to do a little visit in MontrΓ©al? I’m pretty sure that you have many fans!

  181. Those socks are totally fantastic!
    I can’t believe your door can’t open due to snow! We’ve had 4 days of sunshine in a row here, and much as I love the snow – I am ready for it to be spring. I saw buds on a weeping willow while out with the dog today. Ahhhh!!! Of course we still have at least 3 months of dreadful weather before true spring here on the West Coast but in the meanwhile:
    Gotta love those winter blooming pansies!

  182. Please come to nw Indiana or Chicago for a book-signing!! I read you regularly and would love to be there!!

  183. I am so excited you are coming to Denver on April 4th! That is opening day for the Rockies (baseball)and we are planning a weekend trip to Denver for this…you being there makes it even better!

  184. I hate to be a complainer, and I know that the tour page only goes to the beginning of May so far…but could you make a stop in Edmonton some time for this latest book? Lots of knitters hereabouts!

  185. PLEASE, PLEASE come to Virginia Beach, VA!! We have tons of knitters & sock lovers galore. Really looking forward to the new book.
    BTW, your socks are wonderful!

  186. Please let it be brilliant, I don’t want it to kill you. What would the world be without the Harlot.
    Jo, you rock, keep on keepin’ on. We appreciated all you do to make the Harlot available to us as well. Thanks.

  187. Every time winter in Nebraska seems cold and snowy, I think about you in Toronto. At least every now and again we get a break with some temps in the 20’s or even low 30’s. This is a better late than never comment. Although I’d make the vintage socks a little differently, I loved the workmanship and colors. I loved the leaf set into the toe and the grapes made from texture.

  188. Vancouver, please. As season-forward as Tacoma (cuz it’s only about 60 miles further north), terrific local cultural scene, and no immigration/customs hassles.

  189. I see you are not coming to Kansas City, I live on a cul-de-sac, come stay with me, I got 4 cats that will bathe with you and we can knit socks in the cul-de-sac and drink beer.

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