Getting there

Who ever said getting there was half the fun obviously wasn’t a writer – or a knitter, since in knitting almost all of the fun is in getting there and in writing, almost none of it is. I am getting there with the final review of the manuscript and except for a crisis of faith last night in which I was convinced for several hours that I cannot write my way out of a paper bag and should be shot for the attempt, It’s going pretty well. (I drank a large glass of wine, knit on my sock and went to bed when I thought that. This morning I have a little more faith and renewed dedication. I don’t know if it was the wine, the knitting or the sleep that fixed me, but I’m going to keep doing all three just in case.)


I’m still tired and stupid, and couldn’t find a way to organize my thoughts in a reasonable way, so I’m calling today Random Thursday and just throwing stuff out there.

1. I am only pre-signing all of the books for the Launch. Everywhere else I will pre-sign some (so you could just take one and go if you don’t want to hang around) and then do a signing the way I always have.

2. This is especially true of the event in NYC on the 2nd of April. There’s no way to do an event in New York City that will have enough chairs (short of doing a repeat of the event in Toronto on the 1st, which seems like too much.) since space is at a premium, so Jayme and I did the next best thing. She’s found a bookstore that has as much room as possible, they are putting out as many chairs as they can, I’m going to keep the talk and the Q&A a little shorter (not by much- just for the sake of anyone standing) and lengthen the signing. It’s as fair as we can make it, without renting another big place.

3. Ken is doing a good thing. If it speaks to your heart, you know what to do.

4. It is the birthday of my friend and our lady of the comments, Rams. Please join me in extending very best wishes to her. The professional and dedicated commenter is a rare and valuable niche to fill in the blogoverse, and I love her for it.