Meg (16) is going away for the weekend, and this morning she was pulling together her knitting. (The young one has much to learn. She packed her clothes last night but left the knitting until this morning.) She chose a handwarmer pattern from this book – which actually sees a lot of play in our house, and went through her stash to come up with a skein of yarn, and packed the yarn and the book in her bag. While she was upstairs getting dressed, I started thinking. Meg’s a pretty quick knitter. Three hour drive up, weekend at her friends cottage, three hour drive back. Hmmm.

When Meg came back downstairs, I had tucked another ball of yarn and some appropriate needles into a ziplock and put it in her bag.


“What’s this?” she asked.

“Extra yarn.” I answered.

“Mum, I already packed yarn”.

“I know, but there’s six hours of car and 48 hours of relaxing and all you packed was yarn to make one pair of worsted weight handwarmers and that’s not a lot of knitting. What if you stay for an extra day? What if you knit extra fast? What if the weather is bad and you spend the whole weekend inside?” It made me just sweaty thinking about it. I mean, who doesn’t pack a little insurance yarn? What kind of mother would I be if I just let her go without taking enough yarn….


“Yeah Meg?”

“Try not to spread the disease.”

359 thoughts on “Contagious

  1. I always over pack my knitting, too. In fact, I’m visiting my mom right now (her 75th birthday) and knitting the last sock (her present) as fast as I can. But I also brought two more skeins of sock yarn with me–and I leave on Sunday night! At least sock yarn doesn’t take up much room.

  2. I’m totally with you– I went to NY to visit a friend for 5 days, and I. took. four. sweaters’. worth. of. yarn. And very few clothes.

  3. Only a 16 year old!!! he he he he. What a thoughtful mom you are to help her not get bored. She will learn.

  4. I laughed out loud when you mentioned getting sweaty thinking about not taking enough yarn when you travel. I feel exactly the same way. I knew I had to face up to my “condition” when I recently had to take my daughter to the emergency room during a severe allergic reaction, and the first thing she said to me once she started feeling better was “Mom, I’m sorry you don’t have any yarn”!

  5. Meg is hilarious! Please thank her for the big laugh I got this morning. I am a mom of five and I love it when my kids display a great sense of humor. I know I will laugh at her comment more than twice! Just wait till I tell it at S&B this afternoon–thanks Meg!

  6. I’m laughing out loud! Good on Meg for taking knitting, good on you for making sure she doesn’t run out, and good on Meg for having her mom pegged so well! Hope she enjoys her weekend!

  7. What was Meg THINKING? Yarn insurance cannot be overlooked!
    I am waiting to hear from Nana’s Knitting about tickets to see you in Oak Lawn, IL..squee! Before that I’d looked at your schedule and determined that somehow I had to get to Wisconsin (no small feat for a person without a car)

  8. I hope that when she comes home with nothing knit that you won’t be dissappointed, or maybe its a plot to keep 16 year old occupied for the weekend. ‘I have to knit something this weeked or my mom will think I have been doing something I shouldn’t have.’
    Try not to worry?

  9. Too late . . . my yarn travel bag is bigger than my suitcase. You need to pack extra ALWAYS! And what if you get bored with that one, you need another one. Or you make a mistake but are too lazy to rip, you pick something else to knit! I could keep going, but I won’t . . .

  10. My cousin is my cohort in crime or knitting you name it, we grew up together, it just makes sense we knit together. I went to visit her a few weeks ago and we were contently winding yarn from the swift to the ball winder. (Now as you can imagine, we weren’t bothering anyone else) her husband came in and said, oh so its Betsy Ross and her sister at it again. Hmmmm He is one of the ones who doesn’t understand why we knit socks, when you can buy them, why we give each other items we have knitted. (“why would you make her that, she knits? ) hmmmm and lastly when we were showing her granddaughter some lovely yarn the and the five year old was admiring it, he said, OH God, Try not to ruin her too!
    It is a shame how we do ignore him… ah well
    Please do spread the disease, its a disease worth catching…

  11. I know what you mean. I’m only taking one project for our trip this weekend to visit my Mom-in-law, but I’ve already located a yarn shop in Tulsa. I’ve told my husband that I’ll go to his favorite discount store with him, but only if we go on a yarn-hunt afterward.
    Side note — We had actual SNOW yesterday, at least an INCH!!! Every kid on our block made a snowman. I’d hoped the roads would be too bad to travel today, but apparently they’re good enough. Rats! (Uh, I mean, I would have been soooooo disappointed to miss the visit AND be snowed in all weekend!)

  12. It amazed me that your 16yo is even taking knitting away! You are obviously a great mum especially as you gave her some of your own yarn to take!!

  13. You are the best mother ever! And I’m assuming that she took your emergency yarn with her?
    There’s just one thing though…. You have to keep spreading the disease πŸ™‚ You’re great at what you do and an inspiration to so many people. Just look at the effect you have on yarn stores and designers. When the Harlot speaks, people listen!!!

  14. Well I think you’re just a wonderful mother. The last time I went up to visit my mother, and she saw my rolling suitcase containing a pair of jeans, a shirt, and 67 pounds of yarn and knitting books, she was *quite* snarky. I would love to have a mother who appreciates the need for insurance yarn.

  15. IF ONLY, I could get a knitter besides me in this family. Two grown kids but they are the smart busy on the go type. But wait I do have a daughter in law coming into the pictures in August. Na she is the smart busy type too. Ahhh what about in-laws??….. I stretching here!! Probably will have to wait for grand kids. Sure hope I will still be able to see and move my hands when that finally happens!! Have two grand dogs, two grand cats and a grand snake. They don’t knit either!
    Apples do fall from the apple tree! You have a good apple!! Congrats!

  16. This is FUNNY !
    I am back from Mont Ste-Anne in Quebec – last week was our Spring Break. And on top of my list was how much yarn I was bringing etc.. You know: Oblique in Suri Merino when I would be alert, Rocking Sock Club Serendipity after my day on the slope, etc… Unfortunately I didn’t get to have my new Harmony DPN, nor my new chart keeper from KnitPicks and my Mason-Dixon Knitting book before I left.. Thus I made sure my boyfriend went to the Postal office to make sure they wouldn’t return the package while I was away.. I didn’t care if some groceries or not were packed: I mean I can find that in Quebec City but not proper yarn, no non !!!

  17. I just love how Meg knows you sooo well. Laughter is such good medicine!
    I sat in the car waiting for our boys to finish wrestling practice( never ends on time)..I waited over an hour. When they came out I tried to sound upset with the wait. Our one boy said ” What’s the big deal Mom, you’ve got your knitting with you.” He’s right, I never leave the house without it.

  18. That’s wonderful! I wish my mom would pack me insurance yarn!… though, really, I don’t think I’m in any danger of not having enough projects. But still, it’s the thought that counts!

  19. I’m flipping out because I only brought 1 ball of cotton for a baby blanket in progress, and the power looks like its goign to go out at work, Again.

  20. I don’t think you can spread the disease. I think it’s genetic. She’s stuck. It’s more like you are dispensing medicine to soothe the ache!

  21. Funny. Maybe she’ll share her extra skein with a friend, but maybe not (then we’ll really see what she is made of). Disease, indeed! We are just… efficient, multi-taskers, grounded. Yeah, that’s right.
    I left for work the other morning and stood on the sidewalk in front of the house deciding, should I turn around and get my knitting or get into the car and go? I turned around, unlocked the door, and grabbed it, even though I never, ever have a chance to knit at work. And in doing so, I tricked the knitting fairies, because I had an off-site 15 minute wait… and got to knit several rows on the very-slow socks. Motto: never go out without knitting, and plenty of it!!

  22. Im surprised that she is willing to knit in front of her other friends at the tender age of 16.
    but her response was so teenage-esque!
    (btw, im eargerly awaiting your arrival in Ann Arbor, Michian. but this time, if you get caught in Chicago, we are just going to come and get you. no more flying back and forth. or should we get Brad to pick you up at the airport?)

  23. Heh Steph, now that’s a thoughtful mother if you ask me. My kids all knit,… Em, 23, is a hugely wonderful knitter who brings me stash from countries she visits (she’s in England now on a Gates Fellowship, studying biochem).. and Martha knits socks and hatsfor friends at college, (U Maryland, violin performance)…she had the hat pattern you posted a while back, with the cables, and the yarn was GORGEOUS, and she bought several skeins to make all her friends a new hat each)…and Sally, my baby, 16, is now helping me make a baby gift… I’m doing a Dale of Norway baby dress with ducks all along the hem, and Sal is going to do a baby hat, with a duck’s Yellow comb at the top… We share stash in our house. Four women and a big tub of stash, or two tubs. I let them take what they want, though they are very polite and ask nicely. Emily will have her own apartment in July, and will need, as one of her first things, a container for her STASH. What is best? Love to you all, Kathleen and girls in Vermont

  24. almost lost bladder control… must maintain bladder control… clicking away from the Harlot- to maintain control.
    I thought the Mom-rule was we were supposed to pack extra UNDERWEAR???? Crap- I’ve been doing it wrong for 18 years..
    Although- my non-knitting teenaged sons would KILL me if I put any amount of yarn or other knitting sundries into their bags–
    Well- that is, they’d kill me IF they survived the humiliation…boys who knit- has a stigma attached to it that they are not willing to breakthrough…
    Poor guys, they don’t even know that their inheritance is being stored up for them in YARN;)

  25. ROTFL!
    The worst is that the disease is wide spread already. Or why else did I have 3 projects packed for a 48 hour trip? Especially since like 20 of those hours was booked, not incl sleep……

  26. I ended up in the emergency room yesterday with my husband. I pulled the travel knitting out of my purse and was knitting away in the waiting room. The nurse came in and said (somewhat sarcastically) “I’m glad you had time to grab your knitting.” I said “It lives in my purse. If I didn’t have it, you’d have me in here with chest pains.”
    Husband is ok, btw. It was a muscle spasm.

  27. Funny, I just had that book in my hand last night at Chapters…ended up with Last Minute Knitted Gifts instead due to low budget. I’ll have to save for that one another time. It looked pretty good!
    So was she actually disdainful when she made that request? Or does she really see the humour in the situation?

  28. This was priceless! And, it reminds me of my knitting buddies who keep saying we are all sick, sick, sick. Want more yarn, need more yarn. Maybe Meg is right……..

  29. Ah, but it’s already been spread. The question now is, how badly has she caught it? Did she leave the insurance yarn in her bag or leave it at home?

  30. I abolutely hate not having anything to knit, so I tend to overpack yarn. It doesn’t seem strange at all. What really puzzles me is why more people don’t knit? Especially if you have children, you are always waiting somewhere. It really does make the wait less tedious, almost pleasant, to knit a bit. My dear husband is getting the book you mentioned for my birthday. I know where he has hidden it and it is taking all my willpower to not take a quick peek through it when he isn’t home. I hope your daughter has a lovely week-end.

  31. Ha ha, that’s great!
    With my mother and I, it’s the opposite: I’m spreading the knitting “disease” TO HER. (And it’s working… hehe.) Of course, she gave me the sewing/quilting disease when I was a kid, so turn about is fair play.

  32. Bwahaha!! That girl has a great sense of humor. You are in big big trouble. She is far too smart. Heh. So, like the rest of “the blog”, I too want to know – has she taken the yarn?

  33. Of course she needs more yarn. You can never pack too much yarn. I had back surgery a few years ago, and was told I’d be in the hospital 3 to 5 days afterwards. I packed enough yarn to make 6 pair of socks. What else was I going to do all day in the hospital? Between the after effects of the anesthesia and the pain meds, I could barely remember my name, let alone how to turn a heel. :/

  34. I love that kid. I’m sorry, though, she’s just not allowed to be 16. She is growing too fast. Please ask all three of them to slow down.

  35. Hah! That is a great snap shot of your family life. It was a good chuckle – and momentary hope for our family in the future. *wink* I recently got a new cell phone…and the hubby made it pretty with screen savers -images of yarn. (I didn’t ask, he just did it.) I was asking my son yesterday ‘can you see what time it is on the phone’ he’s 3…(and you can usualy make out what the real time is when he reads off the numbers in a mixed up order) but yesterday he looks at it and confidently says ‘Mom its Yarn time’. Boy to I laugh – he’s so true – we were at the park, I was kniting and managing the toddler!

  36. First time she is tuck somewhere boring with not enough knitting she’ll change her tune! I never leave the house without my knitting & a book. And, if either is close to being finished, I make sure I have a back up. I am taking the train from Chicago to Seattle (& back) in May – a trip I’ve long dreamed of & I’m already thinking about what knitting & books to take. And music for my iPod – gotta include Pete Seeger & the Bob Dylan 30th Anniversary Concert CD & probably Neil Young & the Indigo Girls.

  37. I love that book! I got it a while back at a new store that opened down the street from me. (What a horrible temptation!!)
    There are tons of things I want to make from that book.

  38. You can never overpack yarn when going on a trip. I always take at least two WIPs and at least one extra ball of sock yarn. Gotta have variety. I am glad she is learning from her mistakes early on. Go Meg!

  39. Good job, Mom. I have to agree though, it’s a little late about not spreading it! I’m also hoping your travel to Michigan goes smoothly this time around.

  40. um, it’s too late for that. Besides it’s a mom’s priviledge to make sure her daughter is taken care of when going away…for any reason. So, there.

  41. Laughed out loud at the “made me sweaty” remark. I feel your pain! I am at work, but made sure I brought with me the latest afghan project I’m crocheting and extra yarn. Just in case I get snowed in here. Forecast says we are in for 8-14″ of snow between today and tomorrow.

  42. If she’s packing knitting, it’s past the latent stage, so the only compassionate thing to do is to make sure she’s got sufficient medication. You know the etiology best.

  43. Oh and I also carry “emergency earrings” in my purse because I hate being without earrings on. That’s a whole different disease.

  44. HAhaha lol… That’s great! I totally hear ya! I’m going on a road trip from Winnipeg to Edmonton (about 14hrs on way) next week and I’ve already started thinking about what knitting I’ll bring!!

  45. I went to Alaska last year and shipped most of my stash (including enough for an afghan) ahead of me to my friend’s house. We then proceeded to visit several LYS’ and I had to not only ship my stash back home, but find another large box to ship my purchases – plus – I ended up buying those travel vacuum bags to squish all the yarn into so it would actually fit in only 2 boxes.
    Yep – I understand completely.

  46. You were just helping her to pack, it totally makes sense.
    For a two week trip abroad (where I was sure to spend as much time as I could being out and about), I packed a second sock I was finishing, another skein of sock yarn, and enough yarn for a full sized Clapotis. I only managed to finish my original sock, and knit one more sock on the flight back. Usually, I can knit one sock in a normal week, so why I thought I could knit three socks and a Clapotis in two weeks is beyond me.

  47. If she really said ‘try not to spread the disease’ that then I’d say she inherited your fantastic sense of humor.

  48. You can never have too much yarn! I’m going to Moldova this summer for 2 weeks. All I’m taking is a hiking backpack but you better believe me I’ve already thought about what socks I want to take with me to knit. I’m sure my muggle mother would scold me if she knew I was thinking about taking less shirts so I can fit in an extra ball or 2 of sock yarn (it is an 18 hour flight after all…). Keep spreading the love/disease!

  49. LOL!!! OMG I laughed so hard – “spread the disease” – wait till I tell my daughter!! But on a more serious note, one suitcase clothes and essentials – two suitcases yarn. If when packing to return from said holiday and you have no room – throw away some dirty clothes or back them in a box and send by post. NEVER under any circumstances come back without your new yarn!!

  50. I would have done the exact same thing! My daughter (12) knits in spurts. When she sees Mom starting something new and exciting, she wants to start knitting again. I figure this happens about a couple of times a month and lasts one day. :o)

  51. Disease? Heck we’re talking keeping one’s hands quiet. They’re like seven year olds. They have to be kept occupied or they start fidgeting and picking at things they shouldn’t be touching.
    She’ll learn one day.

  52. I understand your disease. I went away for the weekend and packed five projects, plus scheduled in time for a LYS visit just in case.

  53. You did the right thing. I mean, I would have had two skeins of sock yarn ready to go and probably some dishcloth cotton in case I finished the 1-2 WIPs I had brought with me too. I thought the knitter’s motto was ‘be prepared.’

  54. I’ve been known to pack a month’s worth of knitting for a 4-day business conference when I know I will be working from 7 a.m. to midnight and beyond. It’s a peculiar kind of common sense that makes that seem like a good idea!

  55. It never hurts to be prepared with many books and many knitting projects. Who knows what you’ll feel like working on?

  56. Haha! That is “so” me and that is “so” my daughter! I way over pack knitting, clothing, reading materials, etc………. My knitting bag looks like I am going away for a week when I am just going to the office for the day!

  57. It’s our job as parents to look out for our children when they are in danger, even if they don’t want us to.

  58. I’m comforted now knowing that I’m not the only knitter who is a firm believer in “insurance yarn.” You never know what a trip might hold, and God forbid we knitters should be stranded somewhere and run out of knitting projects/yarn!!! On behalf of all daughters everywhere – thank you for protecting Meg from the possibility of this unspeakable tragedy! KEEP SPREADING THE DISEASE!!!

  59. I understand the logic completely. I go up north for a weekend and usually pack more yarn than I’m likely to go through. Every time I come back with a skein untouched I go “see, I could have left that at home” but I know I’ll do the same thing the next time. It’s the just in case mentality. Good thing you’re there to look out for her interests.

  60. LOL! Love it! And I was just trying to figure out how much to pack into Disneyland with me next week. Well…there will be lines to stand in, right? Thought so!

  61. harharhar Funny young woman – like her mum! However, I think it is too late, she’s caught the ailment. One can’t knit ‘a little’ and a sure sign of the disease is the perceived lack of ease if one if away from one’s wool and needles and at least two (three or four) projects. I have a simple project with me right now…at my feet in my purse…at work no less. arghghg.

  62. You are good mom … just looking to prevent her from being bored and frustrated. She’s young, she’ll catch on … afterall, she IS your daughter. :o)

  63. That sounds like something one of my monsters would say. πŸ˜‰
    Extra yarn, like extra clean underwear, is one of those things that maybe they won’t think they need to pack until the day they find themselves without any.

  64. You just earned that #1 Mom mug πŸ™‚
    And one time I went on a trip for a week, and I took a suitcase filled with just yarn and knitting. The TSA people thought I was a nutjob for sure, but I had lots of knitting to bide my time with!

  65. *laugh*
    She doesn’t realize it’s already been caught, if she’s packing yarn!
    My husband at least will make sure I have my knitting bag, and will panic if I don’t have it… Got him trained! On to the next generation!

  66. There is one reason to pack less yarn on a trip. It’s a great excuse to go out and buy some.
    “Oh, I’m just about done with this, so I think I’ll see what yarn shops there are locally,” conveniently ignoring the week’s worth of knitting you have left.

  67. If you pack enough yarn for a trip you can always knit the extra clothes you might need. I have faith in the space time continuum that this would work!

  68. I so relate to this; you can imagine what I was trying to do when my daughter was leaving for France for 5 months! She kept me under control.

  69. I love this! Despite being nearly 24 I wish my mother would pack yarn into my bags when I’m going away. This is even better than surprise chocolate, or warmer socks!

  70. HAH…well we have to learn it from somewhere. Better at home than on the streets destitute without yarn wondering how her mother could let her leave like that!

  71. I have a sock bag, and a Samona contractor’s bag with a wip in my car whenever I leave home. You just never know.

  72. Love you, Meg! Great response!! When we moved to Barcelona for one year, we each could take two suitcases. I took one suitcase of yarn and one suitcase of clothes. I returned at the end of the year with one suitcase of yarn that I took, one suitcase of yarn that a friend took, and one suitcase of clothes!! When I went to Knitting Camp last summer I took one suitcase of yarn, one suitcase of project on the needles, and I forgot my suitcase of clothes at home!!!

  73. Heh. You’re right though. I took along an entire sweater’s worth of yarn and a pair of socks for a weekend trip away. It’s so hard to tell how much yarn you need to bring. Even if I’ve never knit a sweater in two days, you never can tell. Right? πŸ™‚

  74. You told her it was already too late, right? That her taking knitting on a weekend trip in the first place was a sign.

  75. You totally did the right thing. I once was stuck at the airport in NY for 8 hours waiting for a flight to California and didn’t realize until the ball of yarn ran out that I had packed the rest of the yarn for my sweater in my suitcase. Luckily, I’d brought 2 books, but all those lost knitting hours taught me a lesson. Always carry more yarn than you’ll ever need.

  76. She will learn. I took a sweater, a scarf and a sock for a 5 day trip. It was an international trip, so I don’t think that was too crazy, but my husband just shook his head at me while I was packing my carry on.

  77. Ok, just one question…Did she keep it, or take it out??? just wondering… You’ve already infected her with the disease, she just needs to learn that you know better than she does on how to control the disease! Good Mom!

  78. Oooh! I have that book! It’s most nifty and I’ve used it for a couple of projects already. (got it for Christmas) It’s super when you stash dive and find one little skein and wonder what one earth you can do with it.
    Btw–I leave for NY tonight, I have 1 project to start, 1 half way done, and two that need ends woven in so they can go to the recipients receiving them (who live in NY)

  79. Ah, Meg is a young knitter. Course my knitting bag is always bigger than my clothes bag when I go off for an adventure.

  80. Oh, go ahead and sneeze all over us-what better disease to have!
    I keep a bag of knitting in my car for unforseen emergencies-Emergency room,stuck in traffic,going to grandkids games,lessons and functions.
    When my gaggle was still at home and not driving yet I can’t tell you how many projects I completed while watching Basketball,football,dance,cheerleading,volleyball,gymnastics and the ever popular “waiting for the bus to return from the ski trip at midnight”.
    What do people do with all that time if they don’t knit??? Never waste a minute that you could be knitting is my motto-so I think Meg will be very happy for the extra yarn.

  81. Dearest Meg, it’s too late, waaaay too late, but fret not, we’re enjoying the symptoms that come with the disease :^)

  82. Judging on the forecast, she will be spending most of her time digging out from under the snow!! I think you showed great restraint in packing only one extra skein!!

  83. That is hysterical! That’s exactly the kind of thing my girls told me. Then they went to college, got roommates who knitted or crocheted, and called home asking for good yarn for their roommates–like the one that grew up in Hawaii and had never seen mohair in her life. Hey, Mom, do you have any to spare? (Was this a trick question?)

  84. The pathway is long and doesn’t end. She is in the beginning of her journey. Not long ago, did she even pack knitting? Here she is, packing knitting. Enough knitting? That is on the path. Knitting before clothes? Around a curve. She is young, yet. The pathway is before her. The disease is sly, sneaky, and incurable. She has already been infected and unknowingly infected others. *evil grin*

  85. Hilarious! As for the mom/extra underwear comments, if there’s enough yarn, she can always knit more, right?
    I’m in the midst of vacation knitting decision making. I only have two weeks to decide what to bring to Mexico for five days. And what needles Air Canada will allow me to use on the plane. I haven’t been anywhere for four years, this is major!

  86. There’s nothing wrong with that… I never go anywhere without my project and another project in case I finish that one (or run out of that skein or get bored with it or whatever…) and my husband (who knits!) and I both have learned the hard way that we should keep emergency yarn & needles in the car! (Yes, it’s sad.)

  87. Way to go mum!!! Lucky you have daughters who caught the knitting/yarn disease.
    I am like Laurie, IF ONLY I could get a knitter in the family besides me. Neither of my daughters caught the knitting bug. But I haven’t lost hope. Recently my sister told me that she bought some knitting needles & yarn to make a doggie sweater. She remembered what I taught her when she was little, how to cast on & knit garter stitch. I was so excited!!!
    Side note – my oldest daughter packs scrapbooking supplies, for a trip, like I pack yarn.

  88. πŸ˜€ I wish my mom did that! She never adds yarn to my packing (though I usually take more than that to go shopping, let alone away for a weekend…)

  89. So true! I always over pack yarn. Especially when I’m going somewhere where yarn purchase is doubtful. I had sock yarn for the plane, baby sweater yarn(Matinee Coat in Cashmarino) for the beach and thought it was not enough for a week in St. Thomas. I packed enough extra yarn for 4 baby hats and another pair of socks. I got to the heel on each sock and the back and one side done on the sweater. I’m sure the extra yarn enjoyed the trip.

  90. Love Meg’s final response! I have proof that all four of my children (2 boys, 2 girls) have knit. However, only the youngest really enjoys it. Already, at 9-yrs-old, she knows to take knitting along. I’ve learned the hard way, that there will almost always be down-time if knitting is forgotten.

  91. Meg has the bug, but she’s not terminal yet. You’ll get her yet, Steph.
    I’m going to WA DC in May, and what I will be knitting, is a MAJOR concern. But I have signed up for Sock Wars 3, which happens to start the day before we fly out. A last minute run to the LYS will be necessary….but the in-air knitting time will definitely be an advantage. I will point out, however, I AM taking back-up yarn! What if I finish my assination socks quickly!

  92. Oh yes…one should definitely try to spread the disease. And being a doctor, I should know. But…since so many doctors and nurses I know knit, maybe there is something in that (but I don’t know what!?)
    Wish I could spread the disease to my kids…so far only one daughter has caught it, and she doesn’t have a nearly bad enough case yet!

  93. Meg, dear..
    Your mother is working to send you to college (buy your yarn, and clothes and pay the cell phone bill) by SPREADING the disease…let her be- or go naked.
    I take that back. DO not go naked. It’s cold. And wrong.

  94. Thanks for the laugh πŸ™‚ I’m with those who wish someone would tuck some extra yarn in their bag for them, just in case.

  95. I love that book too! I am currently working on the Blue Waves baby sweater. We are in the process (translation: waiting, waiting, waiting) of adopting a baby and this will be the sweater we bring him or her home from the hospital in. I’m keeping the mindset of “if you knit it, they will come.”

  96. Was the extra yarn you packed from your stash or hers? and if it was from your stash, was it not good enough yarn, or was it a true sign of afection and how much you love her that you gave her special yarn.

  97. When Mr. CrazyCat and I go off on a weekend/week long trip, I fill my rolling tote full of enough yarn & knitting notions for my WIPs and the unexpected start of a spontaneous project.
    The tote takes up 1/3 of the back seat of our sedan. Now with a baby on the way, Mr. CrazyCat said I’ll have to choose – take the baby or take the yarn.
    Oh! the dilemma!

  98. I am still rolling on the floor laughing!! I ran out of knitting once on a trip….I have never run out of knitting projects since. In fact, even when I have to go to the hospital for my husbands surgeries I will pack no less than three or four projects–just in case. I mean, what if I have to stay the night and can’t sleep? Your daughter will learn, it’s better to be safe than sorry! Nothing makes me as miserable as riding in a car without my knitting!

  99. That is priceless! It so sounds like something I would have told my mom. I’ll be interested to see if she tries to spread the disease to friends on the trip with the extra yarn!

  100. I think it is your job to help spread the disease! You are very good at it, too!

  101. I was recently stranded in St. Louis because of a snow storm in the northeast. I was prepared to stay over one night, but when the airlines told me it might be 4 nights, my first panic was “do I have enough knitting to last that long? And, if not, is there a LYS? and if so, how will I get there.” Turned out that I found a flight out the next day and all was well on the knitting front. I have similar conversations with my kntting daughter who travels frequently.

  102. Ha Ha Ha, Talk about it !!! Don’t even want to mention how DH’s eyes widened on hearing that EZs DVD cost me $48.

  103. You are doing the proper motherly thing by taking care of your daughter’s needs,whether she realizes they are needs or not. She is young, and doesn’t understand the implications of being stranded with no knitting. And we can also tell of her youth because she packed her clothes first. Silly, silly girl. πŸ™‚ (Sorry Meg) Stephanie, keep up the good Mom work.

  104. My sons are 7 and 11 and both have wanted to learn to knit and have been taught, by me, bt Grandma, at classes, but it’s not taking. they have the desire, but not the ability/dexterity/whatever. Girls are just naturally better with this kind of hand stuff. (I know there is an official name for it, but I forget just now). I am still holding out hope they will take to it sooner ot later. Good job with Meg!

  105. I packed so much insurance yarn when I went to Stitches a couple weeks ago that I had to check a second bag on the way home since I bought yarn while I was there! Insurance yarn is a must for 2 reasons: 1. what if you finish and you have nothing??? GASP! 2. what if you get sick of the project? maybe there is a third even, 3. startitis. nuf-sed.
    Meg is going to grow up and do this to her daughters and realize that you did spread the disease πŸ™‚

  106. I wish my mother had your disease. I was just mocked for checking if TSA really allowed knitting needles because of the remote possibility of flying this summer. I suffer for my craft..

  107. You are an extremely caring mom…I would not dream of only having the one project with me for an even shorter duration of time, let alone allow my daughter to. Keep up the good work. πŸ™‚

  108. Har!
    Disease? What disease? I have no idea what she’s talking about. (I now have a car-knitting project for waiting in the car or to have handy at appointments, a dog-walking project, and my Must Have Cardi, which goes with me to longer-waiting events. And if you think that’s the end of my UFOs, you are hitting the Scots Whiskey a little too hard.)

  109. I absolutely love you Stephanie… make me feel ok about being that kind of mom. πŸ™‚

  110. Meg – your Mum’s JOB ( career, passion, gift) is to spread the disease. She buys groceries, kids’ clothes, pays bills with the disease. Besides, she makes b’zillions of people spit various liquids all over their computers in front of other people. How cool is that?

  111. Hello Stephanie,
    I was taking a little stroll around the internet trying to learn more about the irish cottage method of knitting (often known as “the yarn harlot’s irish cottage knitting”) but can’t seem to find a good resource for learning. Mostly it seems people are trying to learn by watching videos or super speedy individuals like yourself…
    So I thought, why not go straight to the source?
    Stephanie… won’t you please post a tutorial for your super speedy knitting method? I think many knitter would be so grateful. And if you’ve already posted it somewhere before I began reading your blog… won’t you tell me where it is? Of course this doesn’t have to be immediate, because I understand what a busy lady you are. But please, please consider it!
    Humbly yours,

  112. I recently traveled back east for 5 days, taking only my carry-on. Between the laptop and the yarn, there wasn’t much room for clothes…
    And, Bonnita — I’m a local, with annual passes. You can totally knit at Disneyland. Not just in the lines, but in the little areas to sit and relax when your feet get tired from standing in line. You’ll probably want something with short rows, in case the line starts moving, and some lines (Nemo) are better for knitting than others (the Matterhorn).

  113. What if she had gotten underway and had decided she just didn’t like her yarn or pattern? She clearly hadn’t thought the thing all of the way through and was lucky to have you there.
    Not surprisingly, my teen-aged daughter has similar lapses in thinking of all of the worst-case scenarios and, like Meg, sometimes fails to appreciate her mother’s ability to foresee crises.
    Just wait until they have kids of their own AND increased Crisis-Vision! Ha!

  114. So funny! I wish my mom was like that!
    I always end up packing too much yarn…

  115. Props to Meg for that reply! But she’s already caught the disease if she’s packing yarn.

  116. You know when you have caught the disease when before racing to the hospital with bleeding husband/child you race to take some knitting.

  117. You are doing a great job teaching your daughter. There is nothing worse than having a few spare hours, and nothing to knit. I’ve managed to spread the disease to my oldest daughter, and to a lesser extent, my younger one, and also many of my students at school. They walk around with knitting bags, and they rejoice when we have indoor recess. Out come the needles and yarn and funny looking garter stitch scarves with holes.

  118. PUH-LEASE! I am heading to the salon for a 2 hour haircut and dye job and have two projects with me….I am 11 rows from finishing one and am SURE that I can graft 108 stitches in 2 hours.

  119. That is really funny. I would pack extra too, kinda like when you over pack for vacation. I really over pack for knitting. She is cute, hope she has fun.

  120. My girls are only 16 months and 3 1/2, and I hope that when they are 16 they’re digging through their stash to find things to bring when they go away for the weekend.
    You so totally rock as a mom!

  121. There’s always the possibility that she might see a yarn store and get more too.
    After all, she IS her mother’s daughter, and the wool fumes can be very very, well, heady.

  122. I’m going home (Canada) in a week and then to Korea for 8 days. I’m not even thinking about clothing since everyone keeps telling me that I can get super cool, cute, cheap clothes there. (Except that compared to most korean women I’m an amazon.) I’m thinking about what to bring for knitting. And then I remember that there’s apparently this giant knitting warehouse and I think great, I can get MORE yarn… but still not worried about the fact that I might only have enough room for 2 days worth of clothes for an 8 day trip…

  123. I usually pack my hobby stuff first. And for a weekend trip I would take some knitting, some embroidery, the book I’m reading and another one just in case I finish the first one, and maybe a magazine or a crossword puzzle mag.

  124. It was just a small bit. Extra yarn and needles, extra pair of socks and undies…you have to pack for emergencies. She will learn.
    As for spreading the love of knitting…too late!

  125. HA HA HAAAA – Maybe most of us aren’t aware that we’re supposed to cover our mouths when we talk about yarn.

  126. Insurance yarn? Heck, I take insurance projects (even when I’m running copies at the school.) I kid you not, this was my conversation with myself this morning.
    “I’ll probably have plenty of copies to do, but there might be a line. I should take something tow work on while I wait. Hmm.. let me grab those socks I was working on. Oh, what if I get tired of those before I get back. I’d better grab that other one I started the other day (to try out a new technique.) Hmm… my hands might get tired of little needles, I’d better grab that Binary Cable hat in case I want a bit if a break. You know, I’m pretty close to finishing that one sock, I should grab the yarn for the iPod cover too, just in case…” And on and on it goes…

  127. I’ve wondered about this particular kind of delusion of knitting superpowers while on the road. I tend to get hit badly. (You should have seen my hospital bag when I was giving birth to my 2nd child. Who would have thought you can’t actually knit 5 pairs of DK weight socks at the maternity ward in two days?)

  128. Ok, that’s is. You get “Mom of the Year” award. Will you me my mom too? You should have seen what i packed for the trip to Hawaii. I had 2 separate bags. One for the plane rides and one for when we got there. I had plane knittng, beach knitting (cotton yarn and superwash wool socks), car knitting, etc etc. I really should have taken a picture. Funny thing is…neither my hubby or my sister said a word. I don’t know if they were impressed or frightened.

  129. Damn. Don’t you hate it when the daughters you raised turn out to be even funnier and smarter than you anticipated? Mine does that to me all the time.

  130. We spend at minimum 2 days a week or so at my Folk’s place a week (just daytime, not overnight)and when there we are usually busy cutting wood or some other nonsense that isnt knitting πŸ™‚ I always, at a minimum, take 3 projects with me, sometimes more, cuz you never can tell. LOL!

  131. I too got sweaty when I thought about how much yarn to bring for my 6 weeks abroad last year. But I packed way too much and hardly got any knitting done…ciao

  132. When I was packing for a 2 weeks vacation in Brazil I packed, 1 pair of almost complete socks, 1 new pair of kneehigh stockings, the sweater sampler from the sweater workshop and, just incase, a few balls to start a sweater I had meaning to knit for a while. I understand the impulse.

  133. I wish I had a mom like you to teach me these things… I had to learn the hard way on a camping trip with my in-laws. There’s nothing like running out of yarn and feeling like you have to make conversation.

  134. HAHAHA this is amazing. i wish my mom would give me some insurance yarn for weekend trips.

  135. hahha! thats just too funny, you know she was secretly so pleased that you put it there though dont you πŸ˜‰ hehee

  136. I have the same problem with fiber. (What if I want to spin something silky? What if I want to spin something I don’t have to worry about the colors on? What if I want mindless spinning? What if I have enough time to finish spinning the yarn I’ve been working on for the wristwarmers…?)

  137. Going to Ottawa for a few weeks. Half my (regular sized) suitcase is filled with yarn and needles, purposely kept the expand zipper shut, so I could pack yarn I buy in Ottawa for trip home, and so only 1/4 of suitcase is for clothes, etc. After all, I can use the washer and dryer every day, can’t I? Thought I was the only one who packed like this. Thanks for making me feel a lot less neurotic!

  138. One can never pack too much yarn. I am sure that she will be happy to have her fall back yarn. cecilia

  139. Now, this is the way I think… the yarn cake takes up more bulk on the way there, and the handwarmers, sock whatever actually take less room in the luggage on the way back. So it’s actually a space saving technique…
    ’nuff said…

  140. Its true – yarn is soo crack. But you know you are in too deep when you start modifying all the vacation places you want to go….lets shove off the tropical destinations – can’t knit with wool when its hot and humid…and then I would be in a mental state without my daily smell of sweet wool….preferably while drinking my Stumptown brew……It wouldn’t be a vacation then. *grin* So no, guess we will focus on the far northern places!

  141. I was getting all sweaty at the thought of just one skein of yarn too… that is until I almost did a “tea out of the nose” belly laugh at another addict’s thoughts and the well known “teenage” exasperation!!

  142. sweaty palms….breathing heavy…i pack at least a pair of socks…sweater…legwarmer in progress and 3 skeins just to ball up and this was just for work (down time is in 5 min increments). besides DD (dear dtr)….listen to your mother! especially while we all still make sense!!!!

  143. I am leaving for a single-day overnight trip this afternoon and I’ve allotted myself fifteen minutes after work to go home and pack clothes and essentials. The four projects I’m taking with me (including a sweater and socks) are already packed, in the car, and ready to go.
    This isn’t a contagion – it’s an epidemic.

  144. She will learn! Right before Christmas my sister decided on her trip to Spain to be a good girl and only bring the project that she was working on as it was a Christmas present. Guess what? She forgot the needles and she had no back-up project. I hope it was a lesson to her. I can’t imagine being stuck somewhere without a project-I would be so irritated for wasting prime knitting time.

  145. Teenagers… you just can’t teach ’em anything! Thank god she has a mother like you to steer her in the right direction.

  146. Good thing I left my coffee upstairs… I would have spit it all over the screen. Good Mum. Funny Daughter.

  147. Too late…I was mostly a crocheter, and relatively sane, with a huge selection of acrylic yarn. Four years later and I knit socks with wool for fun–all you, hon, and my daughter’s got it too. And to make it worse, we cough the knitting sickness with every chance we get.

  148. That’s what Mums are for . . . packing for emergencies. Congrats to you for being so cautious. I hope she has a great trip.

  149. I only wish I had a Mom who had done the same for me. Heck, I’d take a Mom who liked the hand knits I make for her. It is cool Meg is taking yarn, either her friends really get her (she picks good friends) or they don’t get the knitting (Meg is always herself). Cool chick!

  150. Okay, what rock was I stuck under? I don’t remember this book coming out. Jeeez. It looks fantastic. Gotta run get it.
    Will you be my mum? πŸ™‚

  151. *laugh* I’m with you on the needing more yarn bit. I always have to have extra – you never know when you might knit faster and be without. *gasp* The Horror! Meg will learn.

  152. That’s rad! Two weeks ago, me and another knitter (and several others) actually got snowed in and had to stay in Tahoe for an extra day.
    Our biggest fear? Not running out of food or booze, or even being able to leave. Running out of yarn. What if we knit it all up?
    We had long conversations about improvising new projects, either by destroying existing ones or by reclaiming fabrics and slicing them into knittable strips!

  153. Did you point out to her that you spread the disease for a living? As one who has been infected and am spreading it, too, I thank you.

  154. Teenage girls, Priceless!
    I don’t know if you have the heart to tell her it’s already too late. After all a girl of 14 with her own stash, hum, me thinks it’s already a firmly established desease… just a thought.

  155. You did the right thing. Even if she does not use that insurance yarn this trip, she will remember the lesson. It will sink in slowly, like water poured over clay soil.

  156. Im having this problem… I’m going to be in Europe for Four weeks and then at my parents for a week on the way back…what to pack, what to pack… I don’t have to decide to quickly, I’ve got 2 month left, but it still worries me.

  157. I don’t think one teeny tiny little extra project is the same a sneezing on loved ones. It’s only one little ball of yarn and one set of needles, it could’ve been a sweater kit.

  158. Too late Meg! I usually have 4-6 WIP’s in my bag at any given time. Some situations are more suited to the lace scarf, some to the patterned dishcloth, others to the simple baby sweater- but there is rarely a situation that cannot be improved by a timely application of knitting or ruined by the lack thereof!

  159. some young people are so naive.
    poor dear. at least her mum was there to help her.
    fun reading.
    also enjoyed vicariously visiting your winter retreat this last week, too.
    thanks for sharing

  160. I LOVE “yarn insurance” I work for a insurance agent (ha ha) now I have a name for the fact I to take at least Two or more bags (projects) for any given trip

  161. I idle hands aren’t something one wants to promote. Glad you have her covered to make sure those hands are busy!

  162. So you’re saying it was for insurance purposes that I took yarn for 3 pairs of socks on a two week trip to India, even though I can only finish a sock a week when nothing else is going on – like parties, jet lag, fabulous foods, and other vacation activities that actually cause me to put down the knitting?
    Anyway, one thing I learned about the advantage of circular needles: the metal part is short enough to “hide” behind your i-pod in your carryon while it goes thru the metal detector, you know, just on the off-chance you suddenly find yourself in a foreign airport that has a huge sign that specifically says “no knitting needles” and it’s too late, you brought yours in the socks you’re knitting and you really really really don’t want to pull them out and toss them (cuz India is just way too far to mail them home from). Just hypothetically, I mean.

  163. How charming! I can only get my friends to knit with me if it’s a either a long train ride or a car trip. And for my mother… She doesn’t quite understand the need for a stash.

  164. What a good Mom!! Most other mothers only worry about extra cash!! And “disease” implies something bad…perhaps it is more of an understanding?? You done a good thing, Momma!!

  165. what do you mean “what if the weather is bad”? Have you been observing a media fast or something. The weather is going to be bad this weekend. Very Very Bad. We’re expecting 30-50 cm of snow. I suspect you might get more of what Ian Black calls “winter mix” (which sounds like salad but is really ice pellets and freezing rain). Either way. Very Bad.
    Good thing you gave her extra wool.

  166. Very cute. I haven’t left a comment in a while (since you always get so many comments!) But this was just way too cute to not comment on! (I would have done the same) Too bad I’m having baby boy number 2…. and no girls… hubby is giving me issues with even thinking about teaching my boys to knit πŸ™

  167. Are you kidding, I take 2 knitting projects in my car wherever I go! Today I spent 20 minutes in the Post Office line and got some rounds done on my sock. Yesterday I took my scarf in the waiting room until the nurse called me. TRAVELING without plenty of knitting is just plain crazy!

  168. Snicker, snicker. But Mom does know best! It would be awful if she had to learn the hard way and run out of knitting!

  169. I have only one thing to say. . .BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! I have done that so much in the past. I always have several projects (even several projects of different types, just in case) and do I get to work on even one? Nope, I just end up packing the projects. Since I’m the one driving and when I get places I have to do stuff, I never have time to work on my projects except when I’m at home.
    Oh and you all will love this one. I knit in my nursing lectures. I do not bother anyone, I simply sit, listen, knit, and take notes. Several of my classmates (jealous souls they must be) have complained to the teacher that my knitting is distracting to them. My prof’s response was to ask the head of the nursing program who said that she had seen me knit and that there was NO way I could possibly be distracting unless the person was interested in learning to knit! HEEEEE! So now I just make sure I knit in dark colors. Guess the red was too much. And you would be very proud of me that I did not reply that the breathing of those students was distracting me but I refrained from commenting. Heeeee! See my angels wings!!!
    Ann in Maryland

  170. SNORT!! That’s my after-school-on-Friday beer, shooting right out my nose……….

  171. I completely get it!
    I just found out I’m going to Spain for 11 days. (With 19 teenagers, pray for me!) We don’t leave until June 30th and I’m already trying to decide on what project(s) to take. I can’t pick out clothes to pack until I’ve finished my diet:)

  172. Yuh musta done good work in the mothering if the teenager is telling you not to spread the disease. πŸ™‚

  173. Priceless.
    The best will be somewhere down the road, when she’s a mum and she tucks insurance yarn into her child’s weekend bag and gets chastized. Just wait for that “OMG – I’ve become my mother” moment.

  174. That’s just freaking hilarious! I love it. And as if you could you not pass along the disease? Did she think she was immune to the Kool-Aid? Seriously, no freakin’ way.

  175. I think that’s a good idea… bringing extra yarn. But if she’s going with friends, and she’s just starting the hand warmers, I think she’ll be okay. But a little extra yarn never really hurt.

  176. Be glad, be very glad that your daughter knits instead of only spending money to buy knitted things. Be glad, be very glad that your daughter has a sense of balance in her activities…a bit of knitting, a bit of visiting, etc. I would most likely have taken way too much and felt really badly because I didn’t finish “using up” my yarn. All things in moderation, eh? Meg sounds cool.

  177. you are a good mum…makes me tear up…and miss my mum
    happy international women’s day!

  178. Well, I’m afraid it’s too late for me. I have it and I have it bad. I commute to nyc each workday by public transportation with at least two projects, and if I’m nearing the end of one of them, I bring a ball of yarn to swatch. I refer to it as my traveling yarn emporium.

  179. Your daughter packs yarn and knits when going away for the weekend with friends. You must be so proud! Neither of my two daughters show any interest in knitting but one’s a gourmet cook and the other bakes cakes from scratch, so I’m not complaining but it must be nice.

  180. How timely! I’m going to England for a few weeks early april and I’m already plotting my knitting to take…..haven’t thought much about clothes yet. Maybe I could wrap myself in spare yarn, or take some roving to felt a bit for better coverage so I don’t have to waste room on clothes in my suitcase?

  181. Hee. As well as giggling, I must point out you didn’t give her only the crappy yarn, either. That looks like some of the good stuff. See what a good mum you are?

  182. I just have one word: “Options” as in a knitter must have options – even when going on a trip. You know we all agree with you.

  183. That was awesome. You have to have several projects, you never know if you’re going to finish one, get bored, run out of yarn, find out you bought the wrong dye lot, have the wrong guage…. I always bring several projects with me to work, and am working on compiling a set of needles/crochet hooks in my desk so I don’t have to put a project away b/c i have the wrong needles. Every year I go to disney world for gay days and I always take a couple projects for standing in lines with. It’s funny too, b/c SOOOO many people look at me longingly amd some even comment “damn, I wish I had thought to do that!”
    In my car, I have what I call my “wrath of God emergency kit”. Among the many things in it (clothes, food, plastic bags, tools, jumper cables, water, books, paper, pens, rope, flashlight, mace, etc..) I have a couple knitting/crochet projects, some yarn,tape measure, and a complete set of crochet hooks and some extra knitting needles. When people see it, they understand the general supplies, but gawk at the knitting/crochet stuff. =^)

  184. That story made me snort my tea. Thanks for the chuckle. Here’s something fun to try. Go to this page and type in your precise URL in the box. You’ll be able to read your blog, or anyone else’s in Pirate Speak. It’s a silly thing but almost as fun as catapaulting hamsters lol πŸ™‚

  185. Wow, you let your daughter take up space for a stash of her own?
    You are truly self-sacrificing!

  186. Um, Meg – it’s too late. Your mom has already spread the disease!!!
    Maria in NY

  187. LOL. I completely agree with the insurance yarn. I usually take at LEAST 3 different project just *to work* everyday, and I only get about an hour and a half (am break, lunch, pm break) of knitting time in. lol. *you never know*!! πŸ™‚

  188. If only all diseases were this nice to have! Besides, if you hadn’t of packed more, then there would have been a lack of supplies to convert others!

  189. It may be years from now but she’ll thank you for it. Maybe it’ll only be when you see her do the same for her daughter but she’ll thank you for it.

  190. How well I know spending the entire vacation shopping for yarn because friends needed to borrow some! Keep spreading the “disease!”

  191. I’ve gotten so bad I’ll pack two projects for going to the GROCERY STORE. “What if there’s a really long line? What if we get stuck in terrible traffic on the way home?” Also, my daughter, who is four months old, was fondling my yarn and grabbing at needles this evening. It brought tears to my eyes. I’ll consider myself beyond fortunate if she’s packing yarn to take when she’s Meg’s age. You’re a phenomenal mother.

  192. I’m the same, I took four yarn projects to Kruger National Park, I finished a pair of socks and nothing else. I also bought yarn on the way there when I found a yarn store, ‘just in case’.
    I’ll be thrilled to if my daughter is knitting at Meg’s age too. The disease needs to be spread…

  193. Haha that is too funny. You were just looking out for her best interest…it’s kind of like checking if she had enough clean underwear :)You can never have enough.

  194. If YOUR daughter delivered that line in the same dry, tolerant (with one eyebrow raised nonetheless) and amused tone of voice that MY teenaged son has used in saying almost exactly the same thing to me about my need to have “insurance” yarn and books at all times, I can hear it as if I’d been there. I love when my kids (boys 18 and 11) make me laugh… and that did.

  195. Well, she has her own stash, if I understand correctly. All I managed until now is let my DD knit a dishcloth when she was 10 (she’s 20 now). But she really likes her handknit socks !

  196. LOL!!!!! What a riot! What the poor girl doesn’t realize is that she’s already in the early stages of fiber addiction because she packed a BRAND NEW, not started yet project to take with her for the weekend. She’s already infected and shortly she’ll need her daily fiber fix as badly as the rest of us. Soon she’ll be packing a whole other bag just for her knitting when she travels. She’s aleady caught in the web. It’s just a matter of time now. You done did a good job there Harlot LOL!

  197. Today I packed four balls of yarn for my break and the tram trip home from work. Sure, they were small balls of bulky yarn, but I’m clearly delusional. The funny thing was, I knew I was being ridiculous, but still packed them anyway.
    I got through one.

  198. Note to self: swallow coffee then read blog. Meg’s a star and you’re a great mom. BTW the disease can skip a generation as it does in our family. Grandma knit. Mom’s a non-knitter but an awesome enabler. Thanks for the laugh.

  199. LOL! Read this story to my 13 year old daughters this morning. They laughed and totally identified with both sides! One of them said, “You knitters…it’s weird…you can’t just knit. It’s more like you need yarn to live.” Well, yea, duh.

  200. Tell poor Meg it’s too late… I was in the Dallas airport yesterday and there were THREE of us knitting in the waiting area to our gate. I bet (hope) we infected at least a couple people. It’s an epidemic.

  201. Ah, joy! yet another family member vaccinated with a knitting needle … spreading the cure to so many of life’s ills – the joy of knitting (reduces stress, increases feelings of accomplishment, adds beauty). Some day, she will do the same for one of her knitting children, remember that moment, and smile. You can never pack too much wool. Don’t leave home without it! πŸ™‚

  202. You are such a great mom. And your daughter clearly has you sense of humor. It sounds like there’s a lot of laughter in your home. And of course I clicked on the link and ordered the book. *sigh*
    Have a great weekend!

  203. “Spread the disease”? Did you catch a cold flopping about in the snow last week???

  204. My mom always packed insurance yarn for me too, and I was always grateful because I never pack enough. Especially for my ten hour drives back to Iowa for Christmas.

  205. You are a mom after my own heart. I have 2 grown daughters who both in the last 5 years have picked up the illness and are spreading where there are planting. And both have the same attitude as Meg. So much fun.

  206. A confession… My mom actually knits. With Fun fur….(she may be the last remaining fun fur scarf knitter in the wild)
    If she put yarn in my bag, my kauni would throw it back out. (It’s not me that’s a yarn snob— it’s my yarn that has issues)

  207. LOL….I know that feeling. When we go to the cabin in the summer we have one suitcase JUST for crafting stuff, and that’s just for 2 days&nights!
    Hubby always rolls his eyes.
    My daughter has YAS just like mom (only not quite as bad, she uses my YAS to feed her YAS) … but she sticks to one project until its done. Mom on the other hand usually has a tool shed of rods-in-the-fire, so to speak.
    Looked at the book — those spats are all the RAGE here in the states …. may have to buy that book if daughter likes their look. I’ve been trying to find a pattern to introduce dpn’s to her…hmmmm.

  208. Ya know, I DID notice, that you said Meg went through “her stash” for some yarn. Not “our stash” or “the stash.” I take it that you have YOUR stash and Meg has HERS. What happens if she approaches your stash?

  209. Just more proof that teenager’s brains aren’t finished developing yet. She’ll learn. Living with you, how could she not?

  210. Can’t stand it any more. I don’t know the protocol for comments but I’ve been lurking here, catching up on the archives. I got up to 11/05 and can’t keep quiet any more. I LUV butter tarts but only got to have them as a kid when we visited my family north of the border. Do any of you have a favorite recipe? I have one from Jehan Benoit, but that’s about it.
    Also, I understand/miss milk in bags. A couple of dairies in the neighborhood used to put it up that way. I used the outside bags to pack cookies for a party once and couldn’t convince anyone that I didn’t buy the cookies, that milk had actually come that way. Blew peoples minds.

  211. Bravo MOM! These young children must learn quickly to rank their priorities at an early age! I alway pack my yarn and smocking like I’m going back to a war and will be gone for a year in the desert! In fact, I’ve become so bad about taking a lot to do and I have a neck problem so my sweet knitting Daughter Katie bought me a rolling knitting bag for just such occasions! In the South we say, “She was raised Right!”

  212. I have a rew questions re: knitting and your kids. Do they all knit? Did they have a choice about it? Did you wait until they asked to learn? Just wondering, because even though both of my children are still at the pre-knitter stage (2yo, 3mo), I hope they’ll want to learn.
    (They won’t have a choice about piano lessons.)

  213. Since she’ll probably be snowed in for days it may well have been a good thing!

  214. I can totally relate. I always leave the packing of the clothes to the last minute, but the knitting? Planned weeks in advance.
    I had a total panic attack once in Thailand, as we were heading on to be on the sea for five days. My knitting pattern flew off the boat!! Thank GOD they actually turned the boat around, got a kayak out, and fetched my pattern. Thank ME for printing it on a laser printer and putting it in a plastic sleeve!

  215. Wish the book wasn’t kickin’ your arse so bad…I’m going to be in Toronto on Tuesday and planning a trip to Lettuce knit Tuesday or Wednesday. Would have been great to “bump” into you. Umm…there is never enough travel yarn. Ask me…I’m the worst there ever was in exceptionally optimistic yarn packing

  216. You never know when you will have a knitting emergency. I’m going to be a leader at a girls camp this summer, I’m already debating what knitting I’m going to take.

  217. Daughters – they are grand creatures!
    Could be worse, she could have absconded with your travel yarn. Or your travel music. ( I say this because my own dear daughter snagged my Wailin’ Jenny’s CD recently. Canadians & good music!)

  218. I loved this. I’ve recently been infected by the knitting disease and am a terminal crocheter. I’ve got two weekend trips planned in the next few months and am trying to figure out if people will get offended if I knit while listening to the discussion panels.

  219. I know exactly what you mean! When I am getting ready to go somewhere I can spend a couple of weeks planning which yarn or unfinished things I can take to work on. I worry much less about the clothing I am packing and usually do that on the fly the night before or the morning of.
    I also take some knitting with me whereever I go…you never know when you will find yourself sitting and waiting somewhere, so I use my time wisely. Yes, I do get some strange looks sometimes, like when standing in line at the pharmacy waiting for my prescriptions, but I am not out to impress anyone, and there are some people that ask what I am making and walk away smiling…I know then that these knitters are just as obsessive as I am!

  220. i caught the disease in 3rd grade
    fine by me my knitting can make
    some pepole nervous like banks
    the long sharp needles make
    a lot of people nervous
    i live florida we had tornados
    i feel i do not have enough yarn
    attack comeing on go make a call

  221. Not to worry about spreading, she’s already shown she’s INHERITED the disease. Lucky girl. (((((((meg)))))))))

  222. The fact that she packed yarn at all says that she’s already well on her way. She’ll learn that ’tis better to over pack then under soon enough!
    As to the “disease,” it’s not a disease, we’re not addicts, it’s normal. Everyone does this. Right?

  223. So what’s the yarn in the plastic bag? Is it “Walk in the Woods” by Claudia & co.? If so, what a great mom–I would save it for myself!

  224. disease? what disease? I always have 2 projects in the back of the car “just in case”, 1 or 2 with me, and at least 2-3 at home waiting for the knitting muses to inspire me to actually FINISH something! – I don’t see a problem here – I’m a scout leader “be prepared” is our motto!

  225. Wow,
    I wish my mom would sneak me insurance wool in my bags.
    This past week I was on reading week and went on 2 3 day trips. Now both of these trips were by car, and the first one was to Montreal and I was the only driver.
    Not only did I bring one second sock, one pair of socks and a fingerless glove to work on, I also planned the downtime of my entire trip so that I could visit as many Montreal craft stores as possible, needless to say I came home with none of the three projects completed, and even more yarn to add to the stash.
    Then we went to Niagara falls. I was sharing the driving so it came with me in the car, I wasn’t stupid. However, as we had a yarn crawl planned for the trip down to Niagara Falls from Toronto there wasn’t such an overpowering urge to overpack. Alas tragedy struck and we left later than we intended to, hit traffic, and missed the hours of every yarn store we planned to visit. Therefore our planned 3 day trip had far less yarn selection until we managed to hit the stores on the way back. Even though I had all of my prior projects with me, I almost finished one of them, and I was the one set to do the driving on the way back, so I thought I was safe to pack my knitting in the trunk… Once we hit massive traffic on the way back and the nasty nasty storm my partner took over the driving leading to some very desperate knitting times in which I turned the heel on her sock for her (I didn’t care what it was, I just needed something to take the edge off). Eventually those shiny new yarn purchases started their way into new socks.
    The lesson learned is that sometimes even insurance knitting isn’t enough. You can’t possibly anticipate all knitting emergencies that may arise πŸ˜‰

  226. Irritatingly, I read this post *before* I went to my parents for the weekend and STILL ran out of yarn for my cardigan!!
    Thank goodness for the half sock in my glove compartment!

  227. Better to have too much knitting packed than not enough. That’s my motto. You were SO on the ball. Pun intended. :o)

  228. There is a distinct possibility I will be going home to NS for two to three weeks next month — I have already begun my mental list of what to take. To make matters worse, I am also an avid cross-stitcher, so I have twice the list for my poor suitcase. AND I HAVE to have room left because I WILL get some Fleece Artist yarn and I WILL get some more yummy birch needles from the River John Needle Company while I am home to bring back with me, come heck or high water!!!!

  229. LOL, I’m so with you.
    I’m going to Japan, from Oregon USA in July… I’m trying to figure out if I can just wash out my undies so I’ll have more room for yarn!
    btw… She did *not* have enough yarn packed… You’re an excellent mother to have seen that!
    Nancy MM

  230. You are such a good momma!
    Part of my really wants to have children so that I can pass on my knitting obsession to them – is that wrong? ^_^

  231. Please, keep spreading this disease! You can NEVER have too much wool on hand! Just imagine having some spare time and no knitting? Its bad enough not being able to knit on planes anymore, let alone having the opportunity and no yarn.

  232. If you’re flying in the US, you can knit on planes It doesn’t hurt to be carrying circular bamboos, and any official can ban any item that makes them nervous, but there is no regulation against needles and many of us have been knitting on planes since 9/12. (There’s always the weenie in the next seat, as Stephanie can testify, but then, weenies you have always with you.)

  233. I was only a few yards short of running out of yarn this weekend during a short trip to Vegas!!! I shudder at the very thought! Stay vigilant! πŸ™‚

  234. Ah the joys of disease spreading, spread it as much as you can! I hate being stared at when I am in Walmart, (it saves me money, I cant knit and carry stuff). I understand your problems of trip knitting, we go to Florida on Wedneday, so two plane trips, one only knows how long of a stop over @ Pearsons, and customs to get to Tampa. And given that I am from waaaayyy up North, Timmins, most of the knitting up here is to keep warm, so you have to plan on suddenly knitting in 27C weather(so no mitts, hats, scarves or Thrum anything). And we have to bring it with us, as I have yet to find a LYS in New Port Richey. Argh!!

  235. My sister is going to China in May. When I think of all the time that she will be stuck on a plane I worry for she does not knit. I am still trying to figure a way to get her infected with the disease.

  236. ROFL!!!!
    I’m imagining having this conversation with my daughter 13 years from now! (Though, I admit that I harbor secret hopes that my two sons will also take up knitting, even if they DO hide the yarn and needles when their friends come to visit! LOL!)
    I too can’t seem to go anywhere without some knitting. My kids’ diaper bag is usually home to a project in progress. (I’ve happily discovered that there is more room in the diaper bag for knitting than there ever was in my tiny purse!)

  237. Milwaukee Brewers v. Colorado Rockies, Wednesday, July 9th @ 7:05pm
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    Plus, you can socialize with fellow needle artists, visit TNNA instruction tables and have a great time. For details, or to purchase tickets, please contact Caitlin Moyer, Marketing & Promotions Manager of the Milwaukee Brewers, via e-mail at or via phone at 414.902.4596.
    An order form for this event is attached. Please be sure to share this with your group and/or anyone else you know of who may be interested!

  238. Disease?? It’s an art form that desperately needs to be spread to everyone. I ask every person I meet if they are a knitter and encourage (read: enable) everyone who expresses an interest.

  239. It’s not a matter of having enough yarn; it’s a matter of options. What if project one doesn’t go well? Or, what if project two doesn’t strike your fancy any longer? πŸ™‚

  240. To MKEknits at 2:09pm:
    Did you ask Stephanie for permission to stand on the coffee table in her living room and drown out the conversation with your advertisement?
    If not, bad form.

  241. You are totally right! I would have done the same. I bring my projects to work everyday to knit at lunch, just in case… and always have something… in case I have to wait in the car with my daughter that might fall asleep on the way to do grocery shopping, during hockey practice… any spare time… and ALWAYS extra yarn.

  242. Wow. MKWknits at 2:09, that’s kind of breathtaking. Not only are you hijacking Stephanie’s bandwidth for your own goals, but you’re linking to the ballteam rather than yourself so it’s impossible to drop you a quiet note suggesting you reconsider your manners. And not even a line suggesting you hope Stephanie’s on board for such a knit-oriented activity.
    Strike three.

  243. Hehe… I wish I had a mum like you!
    Even though I always pack insurance yarn, I never pack just the right sort of insurance yarn. Then when I need it I don’t like what I have, so have to go out and buy more…..

  244. You’re a very good mum. I had an all day work event last Thursday and had a sock OTN, booties almost finished, and I couldn’t help but bring another ball of sock yarn just in case. For a one day work meeting.

  245. Okay, so you have already heard this over 300 times in this blog-entry alone, and have heard it at other times as well (hopefully as often from your daughters!) but you are a Good Mom. Could you include a photo of her finished project? That would be fun to see!

  246. Wow, MKEknits at 2:09, how rude. If I knew for sure that the contact listed was involved in posting that ad, I’d write something sharp to her. However, July 9th? Could this be a prank?

  247. Insurance yarn?!?!?!? Well of course! I keep at least 2 WIPS and 3 skeins of sock yarn in my bag “just in case”. One feasibly could be stuck anywhere for any length of time with no yarn… thats a horrid thought.
    I don’t consider what you did “spreading the disease” I consider it being an excellent mother.
    Carolyn in MA

  248. Dwar Harlot— I was talking about you again…. (on blog) and mentioned that I think you should have a (knitter rock star) Concert Tour T shirt…. with the tour dates- and places on in with logos etc….. quite possibly as a MSF Fundraiser???
    PS— have had several comments on the blog (And Ravelry PM’s ) that people would love them…
    Not that your life isn’t chaotic enough… but come on… a tour t would rock!

  249. A t-shirt-yes, a wonderful idea. How about in kids size too. As if my 3 year old isn’t saavy to the Harlot! Could you add Nelson, BC to your tour? It could be in my living room!

  250. My daughter, who’s a Meg in the making, is *still* giggling over this post.
    That puzzles me. I mean, extra yarn is always necessary, right? Right.

  251. Dear Stephanie I have searched everywhere in the Uk for the Patons Must Have cardigan pattern, do you know if it is stocked over here, or where I could get one from, over there? Thanks in advance for your help.

  252. Ooh, Stephanie! Here’s some new (well, new to me) sock yarn to take the edge off your funk over your sister’s sweater:
    Tilli Tomas Milan, made of 80% merino, 10% silk, and 10% cashmere. Wouldn’t you love to make a pair of socks for yourself out of that? And just look at the colors – with names like “Peonies” (that’s the colorway I bought), “Lillies,” “Hydrangea,” and “Mermaid” calling out to you for the annual spring “cast on something new” event, how can you resist?
    (Yes, I know I’m behaving badly in your living room. But darnit, you constantly entice me to buy more yarn than I’ll ever need. I think it’s high time for a little good-natured payback. πŸ™‚

  253. My 17 year old son has even started reading your books(due to the maniacal laughter he has sometimes heard as I am reading it). He says he is taking them as warning signs for putting me in the insane assylum! Keep Going! I really enjoy your wit!

  254. I all ways take a lot more yarn with me when I go places and my husband goes are you sure that you really need to take that much with you? You never know when you will get a few minutes to knit. All tho my daughter mutters about Madam Dufarg now and then when I visit her. She has resisted learning how to knit so far. Is a ardent Geo casher.

  255. I laughed out loud when I read this entry. I read this just after I contemplated which projects to bring with me on my trip home to see my parents. I added two additional projects into my knitting bag (to the two presently in there) to make sure that I had plenty to do during the 8 hours of car ride and 48 hours with my family.
    Is there an antedote? And if there is, do I really want to take it?
    Warning to your daughter, the disease IS most definitely contagious and I doubt that she will be free from it – inherited it from my fiber loving mother and grandmothers…and I never could have imagined, especially at 16, being as fiber obsessed as they are…

  256. I love it! I felt like a complete failure as a knitter when I was recently waiting for my husband in the emergency room with yarn and no needles! Five hours of painful yarn petting;)
    I am going on a 5 week trip next week–there will be more projects than socks packed.

  257. I’ve been wondering myself how many projects I need to take on an upcoming trip. My mother told me that you had some advice.
    I have the same approach to books. My philosophy has always been to never take too few books (I’m still a relatively new Knitter) on a trip. The results would be very unpleasant.
    I don’t know why people tell me I overpack … πŸ˜‰

  258. I’m hooked,LOL you will be a “must read”from now on. This is a great introduction, I shall smile for the rest of the day.Thank you. Lynn

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