Grip Getting

Whenever I start losing my grip (like yesterday, thanks for the reassurance and encouragement. It really helps) I look around for what’s missing, and opportunities to do thing that shore me up. Normally, when I’m this stressed out I would take a day off, read, watch a movie or some TV, (I have just discovered Stargate SG1. I’m such a dork.) and spend a day knitting and recharging the batteries. Works every time. This time though, if I take my eyes off the prize for a whole day, I’m going to blow it, so I’m opting for some mini-breaks. Last night I went to yoga (good move, that one) and today I’m going to at least fulfill the knitting component necessary to my mental health.

Everything I’m knitting right now takes looking and attention, so I just haven’t been able to do it, and it’s starting to make me crazier than a bag of wet cats. This morning (I’m so messed up I just thought of this) it occured to me that I could start something new and simple, something that could just chug along in my hands on autopilot while I read and revise the manuscript.


This is a new yarn from Lion Brand called “Sock Ease” that I don’t think is out yet. They sent me some so I could try it (this is a great week to remember that this job has it’s privileges). I prefer natural fibres, so Lion Brand isn’t a yarn I use a lot (although Megan is knitting an afghan with their Homespun right now) but this is one that I thought might be right up my alley. I don’t have an unlimited yarn budget (although sometimes I like to pretend otherwise) and so I’m a big fan of basic, good yarns that don’t cost the earth, and this one had some potential. It’s 75% wool and 25% nylon, which puts it in the same fibre content group as a lot of other brand name sock yarns I’ve thought were good like Regia, Fortissima Colori, Trekking, Knit Picks Essential, Opal, Valley Yarns Franklin, and my longtime friend Patons Kroy – which while not the softest yarn in the world, wears like IRON and lasts for as long as forever can be in a sock yarn. (That’s the nylon.) Like Austermann Step (which I haven’t used yet) the new sock ease is “finished” with Aloe Vera, and I’m not sure what that means or if I like it, but if it does what it says it can for my hands, now would be a good time to try, and try it I am.


No full review yet, since I’ve only knit a wee bit but so far it’s quite pretty, soft enough to be pleasant and it doesn’t suck, that’s for sure. It’s no handpainted merino, but that’s not what it’s supposed to be, and if it’s priced like I suspect it will be, it could be another affordable and decent yarn to have in my arsenal. If nothing else, it’s definitely going to be the reason that I don’t end today sitting in my yarn closet gibbering, rocking and chewing what little cashmere I own, and for that, it will always have my thanks. (Plus I’m sort of low on socks. The cobblers children and all that. I need to give fewer pairs away for a while.)


Sock Picture Scavenger Hunt.


1. All pictures must be taken with a sock in progress.

2. All pictures must be taken on April 1st.

3. All pictures must be on your camera to show to Rachel at the event, where, like in Bingo, she will see if you’ve won a prize the way you think you have.

4. It’s up to you to add up your points, and tell us what you have, so maybe print this out and check off what you’ve got, and bring it with you so you can do the math.

5. Don’t hurt yourself, break any laws or upset anyone. (Any more than sock pictures normally upset people.)

Ready? Your mission, should you accept it, is to gather photos of your sock with the following items (should you be able to) in the fine city of Toronto.

-at a Tim’s, 1 point. (They’re everywhere.)

-at a Tim’s held by an employee of said establishment, who is also holding the donut of our people, a maple glazed. 2 points. (Drive through accepted, even encouraged)

-with Canadian Tire money, 1 point.

-at a Canadian Tire store, being held by an employee who is also holding Canadian Tire money? 2 points.

– At the ROM with the new crystal. 1 point.

-At the ROM with the T-Rex, 3 points.

-At the Hockey hall of fame. 1 point.

-With a hockey player. 1 point for amateur (everybody knows a hockey player) 5 points for a pro. 6 points if he’s a Maple Leaf.

-At Skydome. Rogers centre.1 point.

-Held by a TTC driver (subway, bus and streetcar all accepted.) 2 points.

-With the CN Tower 1 point. (It’s big.)

-on the glass floor of the CN Tower, 3 points.

-With a pint of beer. 1 point.

-With a pint of beer brewed in Canada, 2 points.

-With a pint of beer from a local (Toronto) indie. 3 points.

-With a sign in another language, 1 point for each language. (Considering how diverse Toronto is, that one should be easy. )

-with the neighbourhood signs. (You know the kind with the neighbourhood name on top and the street on the bottom) 1 point for each one.

-At City Hall. 1 point.

-At City hall, held by an employee, 2 points,

-Held by the mayor – 10 points.

-At Union station. 1 point.

-At Allen Gardens 1 point.

-At Queens Park. 1 point.

-With your MPP. 3 points.

-At The AGO, 1 point.

-with a group of seven painting. 2 points.

-with a Henry Moore sculpture, 2 points.

-on the ferry to the island. 3 points (It’s cold.)

– at St Lawrence Market. 1 point.

-At St. Lawrence Market with one of those really good eggplant sandwiches from Mustashio’s, 3 points.

-At a head shop. 2 points.

-With an animal at Riverdale farm, 2 points. (3 if it’s a sheep.)

-At The Shoe Museum. 1 point.

-On the boardwalk in the beaches. 1 point.

-At The Textile museum. 1 point.

-In any Toronto yarn store. 1 point.

– Held by any yarn shop employee who is also holding a hot chocolate you bought them, 3 points. (multiple points for multiple shops. )

-At The Prince’s Gates. 1 point.

-At Ontario place. 1 point.

-At The horseshoe 1 point.

-At a legion hall. 1 point.

– At a legion hall with a veteran 3 points.

– With the geese at the Eatons Centre. 1 point

-With actual Canada Geese, 3 points (they can be mean.)

– With your boss. (If you are a parent at home, your kid can be your boss.) 1 point.

-With your office photocopier. 1 point. (2 points if you bring a photocopy of your sock.)

-At The map of Yonge street on the ground at the southwest corner of Yonge and Dundas Streets. 1 point.

-With one of Toronto’s finest. 2 points. (4 points for a mounted officer, and I mean on a horse.)

-With a street meat vendor (Veggie dogs accepted.) 1 point.

– With those warm roasted chestnuts that the street vendors sell downtown, 2 points.

-At Casa loma 1 point.

-At The Castle playstructure at High Park. 1 point.

-At the Duckpond at High park. 1 point.

-With a bartender at the Old York Bar and Grill. (My sister owns the place.) 1 point.

-At Honest Ed’s 1 point.

– At The Bay. 1 point.

– with any star on the Canadian Walk of Fame, 1 point for your choice, two points for getting Gordon Pinsent, Margaret Atwood, or William Shatner.

– With another sock belonging to a scavenger hunt player, 1 point. (No multiple points for multiple players.)

– With any Toronto Knitblogger, 2 points.

Finally, there will be a Freestyle category. You can take any sock picture (In Toronto, on April 1st) that you think will amuse or entertain me, because there have just got to be a thousand things that are a killer sort of brilliant that I didn’t think of. Entries for that category (one each please) won’t be judged that evening, but you can email them to me at my regular address (make the picture small so it doesn’t cripple up my inbox) which is stephanie AT yarnharlot DOT ca (change that stuff) before midnight April 3rd, and I will choose a winner from among them according to my entirely arbitrary whims and mail you a little prize.

Good luck, my stalwart knitters. Go forth and sock.

288 thoughts on “Grip Getting

  1. Now I really wish I’d booked that ticket to TO. What fun! I think you found your mental health diversion in thinking up the April 1 sock photo rules!! Sock on!

  2. Thanks for the yarn review…Good luck with the editing! I’m looking forward to reading both new books…the one I have on order and this latest…when will it be out? toward the end of the year?

  3. That new sock yarn does look like a winner. I have one pair of Kroys that I have actually washed AND DRIED a gazillion times. They still are not really all that felted, and no holes yet. Iron is definitely a good word for them. Have a wonderful time on April 1!

  4. OK…there should be a ravelry group set up where people can post their sock scavenger hunt pictures. Those would be a lot of fun to check out for those of us participating vicariously. Sounds like tons o’ fun!

  5. Can anybody participate in the freestyle (since its freestyle that kind of implies that it might take place outside of toronto?)
    I mean…what a great way to include those of us who live far away.

  6. Glad you’re feeling better! Will there be any world-wide version of the sock scavenger hunt, for those of us not in Toronto? I could get a good one with the Golden Gate bridge. That should be worth like five points or something (right?).

  7. I’m eagerly awaiting your review of aloe vera finishing. I don’t know about your hands, but I have calluses, blisters & raw spots that rotate according to my knitting. The worst spot is at the end of my right index finger from shoving the left needle… I doubt that yarn could heal that one, but it would be a good excuse to buy more – for medicinal purposes, just like drinking!

  8. As a Canadian Tire employee, and a knitter, I laughed my butt off when I saw the list- go for it, although your best bet is to go EARLY. And I say bonus points if you get a manager to hold the sock, and some CT money gangsta style (all fanned out) ; )

  9. NUTS! I was hoping to start the sock scavneger hunt, but I’m in Tennessee. Could you open up the freestyle by city?!? Can’t wait to see you on the 9th!

  10. I’m so envious of all the fun you knitters in Toronto will be having! And I would love to see how generally freaked out the city would be by hoards of knitters going around with half-finished socks and asking complete strangers to hold them… Maybe it’ll make the news…

  11. Sounds like fun. I’m thinking maybe I should be looking for jobs in Toronto…

  12. I’m glad you’re feeling better! Thank goodness for knitting, or we’d all be completely mad by now.
    I’ll be interested to hear your review on Sock Ease. The world needs more good yarn that’s inexpensive–let’s hope this is one!

  13. It’s not fair; you Canadians have all the fun! Will you post some of the photos? I especially am looking forward to seeing the pro hockey players with socks.

  14. Dorks rule! How many points for a sock being held by 2008 World Men’s Figure Skating Champion, Canadian Jeffery Buttle? That’s the one I want to see!

  15. Maybe the various hosts of your tour could create scavenger hunts for their cities? That way many more of us could participate – it looks like so much fun! It makes me want to move to Toronto, and almost makes me want to knit socks! (parital credit for mittens?)

  16. Wow, I’m really impressed with how pretty that Lion Brand sock yarn is knitting up. I’ll be anxious to see it in the stores.
    I’ve had an opportunity to work with the Austermann Step that has the aloe and jojoba oils in it, and it really is lovely on the hands. It doesn’t feel all that soft (or oily) when you feel the skein, but after you knit with it for a while, you find that your fingers feel remarkably soft. It’s very nice! It would be lovely if Lion Brand can produce something similar that’s in the same price-range that the rest of their products typically are.
    The scavenger hunt sounds like a lot of fun! I’m sad I don’t live in Toronto!! But I’m looking forward to seeing you when you make it to Nashville!

  17. bag of wet cats….perfect…week 6 of broken wrist…cleaner discription than what i have been mumbling…no punctuation, no knitting…kathleen in ohio

  18. Well, I can’t be in Toronto the Good next week (dagnabbit), but oh, did I smile while reading the list of people & places. It was a breath of home on a day when I’m stuck in the house with a semi-sick kid. The memories alone should keep me going for another couple of hours. Thanks!

  19. This is evil. Not only do I not live in Toronto (and therefore will be missing out on all the fun), but I am totally, completely helpless when it comes to Lion Brand sock yarn. I sobbed for days when I couldn’t find their Magic Stripes anymore. When this hits the stores…oh dear.

  20. I can’t afford the trip all the way to Toronto, even if I drive. I’m looking forward to people posting these pictures though. I want to hear the stories too, of how people react. I’m so sad, business is taking me away from Minneapolis on the day you’ll be there.
    Video! people should take video of themselves taking pictures of socks, and then post on youtube. Then the rest of us can enjoy. Now that is Inexplicable Knitter Behaviour!

  21. Makes me wish I were a knitter, and in Canada. Sounds like good fun!! I’m so busy quilting, I haven’t made time to finish the sweater I really did start…
    And Stargate SG1? Love it, LOVE IT – it’s great for mindless quilting, I’m sure it is the same for knitting. My boys introduced me (they had a marathon through the entire 10 seasons last summer), and I’m just now working my way through. I just started season 2…I’ll think of you, whenever I plug it in.
    Enjoy April 1, I look forward to reading ALL about it!!!!

  22. Wow! I’m so glad that Lionbrand has a new sock yarn! I’ve been buying their old one on ebay.It is a good sock yarn, and wears well. Hope the new one does too! I think I’ll follow your example and abandon for today the cable lace knit which is simple and which I cannot get right. I’ve frogged three times now. I’ve even changed yarn to see if it is that other yarn’s fault I keep screwing it up. :0/ I think I’ll go look at patterns…..

  23. I am wondering if anyone can suggest a sock yarn or a yarn to use for socks that does not contain wool as I and many of my family are allergic.

  24. My husband and I were living in Toronto last year–for the year only. Reading through your list made me sick for a place that was only briefly my home. I’m not a sock knitter, but I’d more than start knitting one if it meant I could be in all of those places again!

  25. oh i am so ridiculously excited for this. i might just have to start a new sock though, my current pair of sip are approaching knee length, and they might be a bit unwieldy. I do owe my 5 year old a pair of socks, would kid socks count?

  26. What about those of us who are American, living in the states, but have a Canadian husband? Can I perchance have him hold the sock while at a Tim’s here in town?

  27. It’s entirely fair that all the fun comes in your own town, especially since none of your other books got proper starts there….but feel sorry for the rest of us…. WOW you Torontoians (what is the proper term?????) are REALLY going to have ALL THE FUN!!!!!!
    Lucky ducks!

  28. Well, I live in Markham, so technically I could try to go all of those crazy places with a sock, but I would have to drag along a 3 year old and an 11 month old. yeah, I don’t think so. Ah, well. Sounds like it would be a blast, especially since I have only lived in Canada for a couple of years, and I don’t even know what a lot of those places are. It would certainly be educational!
    Anyway, I’m sure many others will take up the challenge!
    (oh, and you aren’t a dork for watching Stargate SG1. I am for naming my daughter after a character. Oh yes. I am the queen of dorks.)

  29. I’m so doing this! But I have a question. Does a picture with multiple Maple Leafs (the hockey variety) get you extra points? And the Leafs’ opponents that night (Sabres). My dad has a friend…

  30. *gulp*
    Since I live in Toronto, and have that afternoon off, there is no good reason NOT to participate… right?? But…I’m already breaking out in sweat thinking about asking OTHER people to hold my sock. I think I need some Yarn Harlot charm πŸ˜›
    (sorry to be advertising on your site, but this is the best place!~)
    WANTED: Sock knitting buddy for this insane scavenger hunt! Send a pm to “Nordly” on Ravelry.

  31. Aw. I want a sock scavenger hunt.
    All the talk about Tim’s and The Donut of Our People reminds me that while you’re in Portland on tour you need to get someone to take you to Voodoo Donut (home of the original voodoo donut, shaped like a man, filled with raspberry, and with a pretzel stick for stabbing; also many vegan donuts, and the Mango Tango which is a basic glazed filled donut except the filling is mango and the glaze is then dipped in TANG which is ridiculous) and at least view the one true donut- the maple bacon donut. They’d probably be cool about the sock getting a picture with the donut.
    But I totally want a freestyle sock pic scavenger hunt (if my armwarmer can be an honorary sock)!
    Um, and also I can’t believe you acknowledged my comment the other day, total fangirl moment… especially after I was such an ass as to completely skip congratulations on the new book *smack head*

  32. Aww man, I wish I lived in Toronto – this sounds like so much fun.
    Like what I see so far of the Sock-Ease! You can hardly find Magic Stripes in the stores anymore.

  33. LOL – that’s hysterical! On “Knit in public” day last year we were knitting at Trafalgar Square in London and two groups of students came by and asked whether they could take our picture, as they had a photohunt to complete. Good luck all!

  34. That sounds like fun. Are you going to do something similar for some of your other stops?
    A different, less expensive sock yarn, I am all for that, sonny boy has discovered ‘mommy loves’ are the best socks.

  35. Hooray Stargate!! I will applaud your good taste, and point out to you in the spirit of enabling that the orignal SG1 had a spinoff, Atlantis, which, if SG1 is cotton candy, really colorful and cheerful and completely fluffy (although you will find out that it gets less fluffy as it goes, for better or worse) Atlantis is *crack*, which will send you into all sorts of wild, manic moments of glee. I will let you draw your own conclusions ^_^
    As for the sock picture scavanger hunt, its times like these that I really wish I lived in Canada. I’ve been looking at graduate schools up there, and what do you know! University of BC at Vancouver has a library science degree program!! I’m crossing my fingers πŸ˜‰ Also, that sock yarn looks fantastic, love the colors. Can’t wait to see if the other colorways are just as pretty!

  36. If anyone gets the high point score, they deserve what ever admiration they can get. That’s a lot of locations and a lot of photography. I’ve no doubt you’ll get many who try will wait for the results with baited breath. I’m relieved that I don’t live there as I would be tempted to accomplish such lofty goals.

  37. Now is a time when A)I wish I lived in Toronto and B) that I knew Rick Mercer personally. That freestyle category has my name all over it.

  38. I actually like LB’s Magic Stripes yarn for socks. They wear so well! I only wish the colors weren’t tremendously ugly. I have only one pair in the red and blue colorway as its the only one I could stomach.
    I love that its cheap, wears so hard and long, and I can throw them in the washer without a care.
    I’ll definitely want to try the new stuff pending your review.

  39. OMG OMG OMG. Why do I think the TTC driver will be the hardest? There are some cranky people out there!
    I will be armed with my day pass and an early start on Tuesday YEE HAW!

  40. Sounds like so much fun. I hope we can do something like that when you come to Atlanta!

  41. Totally LOL at the visual of a Toronto Maple Leaf (or one of our own Sharks) with an in-progress sock.
    Do pictures of sock on one side of the glass and hockey player on the other count? I think you should have bonus points if the professional hockey player is actually TOUCHING the sock….

  42. This sounds like so much fun. I wish I could play hooky from work and go play. I hope you all have great weather! No more snow!
    (Vaedri on Ravelry)

  43. I am sorry it took so long for you to discover Stargate, but at least you found it. I would have told you if I had known you didn’t know. Make sure to start watching Atlantis too! We are currently spending our nights with our Stargate DVDs.

  44. I wish I lived closer. I can’t wait to see the day of the sock, there’s so much potential for knitters bumping into each other at key points.

  45. I love this idea! Can we do one the day you are in SLC? I’m sure we can think of some great places!

  46. Oh, that’s going to be such fun! I love the whole points list, but the best of all:
    -With one of Toronto’s finest. 2 points. (4 points for a mounted officer, and I mean on a horse.)

  47. have fun, canadian folks! umm, and can i ask what canadian tire is?
    oh – and your book has been spotted in the wild in nyc. i swung by b&n in union square and they happened to have it. which then meant i closed my office door for 1/2 an hour to read a bit (whoops).

  48. I have another on line pal that lives in Toronto maybe I should warn him about what is going to be happening on April 1! Well now I know why Lion Brand discontinued Magic Stripe just as soon as I found the right crochet sock pattern for it! Hopefully this new yarn comes out soon! Counting the days until April 7th. You will probably be the number one topic at our ‘group’ tonight!

  49. Short of a miracle, I won’t be in Toronto on April 1, more’s the pity, but may I totally steal this and combine it with what I was on about Monday (I think it was Monday) and do a contest of my own?
    I too love the mounted-officer one, and want to know on what else the officer could be mounted. Or maybe not.

  50. …Why did I think you already watched Stargate: SG-1? I know you’ve previously mentioned some TV-watching that made me think “Aha, Stephanie is not just a yarn geek, but a somewhat more general-purpose geek”, and I thought that was it.
    Lion Brand sock yarn has “win” written all over it…as long as it’s decent yarn, and Lion Brand gives it reasonably good odds…which means it will be discontinued just after I fall in love with it.
    And I am jealous of the scavenger hunt. Here in Michigan, I have access to only Tim’s, Canadian beer, and geese. Word of advice to stalkers of Canada geese: The males are insanely territorial, and will bite, which I’m guessing is at least somewhat uncomfortable. Kinnearing the goose might be a preferable course of action. If you find yourself being charged by a goose, it may help to flap your arms up and down and yell “HONK!” at the top of your lungs, thus confusing the goose into believing that you’re a substantially larger goose….(what, it worked for me…)

  51. There is a new SG1 movie out (Search For The Ark of Truth) and it is a wonderful knitting video! Stargate is my favorite knit watching too!

  52. totally forgot to say in my comment that i love the new book (hence the reading at work – not really something that is supposed to happen).

  53. I have this vision of groups of canadian sock knitters, huddled over a printout of this blog, socks-in-progress in-hand, camera’s around their necks, maps of the city spread out before them…plotting their course to as many of these places as possible. Wish I could be there to be a part of the fun!

  54. I’m glad you found SG-1. I thoroughly enjoyed the series, but especially “Window of Opportunity.” I won’t spoil it, but it had me and my best friend rolling. Good luck with the tour. The boys would love to see you if you swing by DC. Edison still talks about your last appearance here and Iain thinks it’s totally unfair that he had to miss out because of school.
    (I love the idea of the Scavenger Hunt. Sounds like fun all the way around.)

  55. I know that this has been asked at least twice already (I checked), but is it possible to open up the freestyle category to those not actually in Toronto? I feel the need to bother others with pictures of my current sock in odd situations, and seeing as how I live in Ohio, it might be tricky to make it to the launch.

  56. I’m excited about new sock yarns. That one looks really nice and I won’t have to make a special trip to the LYS for sock yarn…I’ll be able to get it at the fabric store at the mall I work in. While I feel a bit like a traitor for saying that, I’m thinking of fuel conservation in these times of rising gas prices…I can go to the fabric store while I’m already in the building on work days.
    My Jaywalkers are made from Kroy. The only signs of wear on them are from wearing them with my Crocs all the time, and all that consists of is a bit of pilling. I do find it a wee scratchy, but considering the results I’ve had with it (good knitting and durability), I think that’s a very small price to pay.

  57. Makes me wish I lived in/near Toronto.
    Oh wait – you’ve been posting all those winter photos. Scratch that wish.
    Seriously, can my guild steal your idea? I promise to credit you.

  58. The Scavenger hunt sounds like such fun, I wish I lived in Toronto! This should make for some great blog posts-I can’t wait!

  59. Geez, less than a month into the job – I’ve already taken one day off, can’t do another. I would love to see Rachel’s reaction when knitters come racing up to her with cameras and checklists!
    And… mounted on a horse… I laughed out loud. I’ll never look at my RCMP neighbour the same way again…

  60. You only now discovered SG1?!?! Well at least by waiting so long you can watch all the seasons. My husband has all 10 seasons on DVD and they are my favorite show to knit while watching.

  61. Hmmm, we’ve got spring break here next week. Maybe I can drop the kiddies off with the grandparents (middle of nowhere northern Saskatchewan) and continue on to TO… Unfortunately I just got back from a ‘girls only’ weekend in Winnipeg (oh yeah, I know how to parrrtay!) and it’s not in the budget to indulge myself again. Dang – and that huge wad of Canadian Tire money is just sitting there, waiting to be photographed!

  62. ummm do canadians “do” april fools day? hope those of us in other wool*lands get a chance to play(make spectacles of ourselves)sometime soon too.. have fun!

  63. Haha, it’s gonna be great. As you know I’m not a sock knitter, but I can be contacted if people want to take a picture of their sock with me.
    Also, I think the AGO is closed for renovations, so it will have to be from the street, I guess.

  64. fun day for one and all
    april first is april fools day
    that ought to make for an
    an interesting time and pictures
    if one is allergic to wool
    berroco has just come out
    with comfort sox 50nylon
    50 acrylic webs has it
    not sure if our leader has triedit as yet
    any one for a sox pic on mount everest

  65. WOW and wheoo…what fun and the list seems a great tour of Real Toronto. I’m going to print it out for our next trip up there. I’m sure other cities will copy that format and come up with terrific scavenger hunts! And now to purchase Paton’s Kroy, as I love the ‘wears like iron’ bit… πŸ™‚

  66. Man, I am so jealous, that sounds like such a fun day trying to get all those pictures! Can we ever try in L.A.?
    Are you ever coming back…?

  67. I am seriously thinking of taking the day off to take part in the SSH. Would need someone to scavenge with. And I would also need to start a sock!
    Something to note though: the TTC might be on strike next week. The union walked out on negotiations last night. A mediator is involved – so you never know.

  68. That looks like a lot of fun. You must have had a great time coming up with it. Best wishes for the launch and tour.
    Somebody ought to do “with a CBC personality” (extra points for Rick Mercer?)

  69. Deep breaths. You can do this. You’ve made a million deadlines and done a dozen tours before. You’ll be fine. Good idea with the easy knitting. See? You know what you need. I’m sure the book is good, and I can’t wait to read it because All of your books have been good, funny, insightful, and worth three or four times the cover price. At least.
    You are an incredible woman, and no matter what happens in the next few days, I doubt your children will starve, you’ll lose your house, or someone will die. If those things aren’t going to happen, it really isn’t worth making yourself sick over. So pick up your wool for a little bit and repeat to yourself “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. I will knit for my mental health, and I will enjoy it, gosh darn it.” Take care of yorself, or nothing else will get done.
    All the best, Steph. You can do this.

  70. Do we get to see the picture from the Freestyle winner?
    I’m oh-so-jealous to be stuck in north MN and not running around Toronto. πŸ™‚

  71. I can’t wait to see/hold/read/ your new book. What an amazing party you’ve planned for the launch! I hope you’re not too worn out from absolutely everything that is going on in your life by the time you reach Denver on April 4th. Are you applying the sign-ahead-of-time method to all your book signings? Can you get a stamp made with your signature to speed it up? You need to take care of your hands–they are precious tools.
    If you have need for a minion while you’re in Denver, I’ll gladly sign up for the job.

  72. Mounted. . .on a horse. HAAA! I love this blog!!
    Have fun–Please post picks on flickr and tell us where–I can’t wait! Have you all seen the knitted sleeves on trees? I want to say in Ohio, but can’t remember. just google it and check them out–this could be another idea that will spread.

  73. And to follow-up on Martha’s comment up there, the TTC is threatening to have a strike on April 1st, so it will be even more difficult to get them, let alone hold the sock!

  74. I am consumed by envy for everyone who will be in Toronto on April 1st. However, I will be at my first-ever spinning class in Pennsylvania, thinking good thoughts for you to have a blast!

  75. If I wasn’t going to Tasmania on the 1st, I’d want to be in Toronto… this sounds like SUCH FUN!
    And, I’d be in the audience listening to you for a 3rd time if I wasn’t going to be in Tasmania at the time…I was bummed about this. (Tasmania still won)

  76. Oh wow. That looks like such a blast. A world-wide one would be pretty awesome, but you would have to have people send you a link to where their pictures are stored or your inbox might just get up and go on strike.
    As to knitting while editing/revising, that is what I do at work. I am a tech writer so when I have gobs of documentation on government accounting software to edit, be sure that I have some lovely stockinette or garter in my hands. It is the only thing that keeps me awake at my desk with fingernails instead of bloody stumps. Government accounting is not as fun as it sounds…

  77. Oh, I wish I lived closer to Toronto! I used to be in Rochester and the doomed fast ferry would have been wonderful for this. Too bad it failed and I moved away… What a fun game! Can’t wait to try that new sock yarn. Magic Stripes just didn’t do it for me.

  78. Lucky Toronto folks! Geez, makes me wishing for cold Toronto over sunny Orlando where I toil away…have fun everyone!!!!!

  79. As a previous Ontario resident (now California resident), this sound like so much fun! I wish I was there!!! Shoot!

  80. You may be a geek but you have good company. Stargate rocks! I must be super geek because I have ever single episode AND the new movie. And, yes, all the episodes of Atlantis too.
    When I am having a particularly bad run of life I take a few days off and start with season 1 disc 1. Rarely does it take the whole series to get me back into the swing of things. In the meantime I get loads of socks done.

  81. Yay! Another Stargate fan . Adele , I’m loving Crystal Palace Yarns “Panda Cotton”; it’s completely wool-free (59% Bamboo, 25% Cotton and 16% Elastic Nylon), surprisingly soft, pleasant to work with and comes in lots of nice colourways. Hope that helps and I am now off to practice being sullen because I don’t live in Toronto πŸ™‚

  82. For the record, I’ve recently begun a project using Lion Brand’s new “Vanna’s Choice” acrylic – and I have to say – for acrylic that isn’t of the “Simply Soft”/”TLC”/shiny sort, its quite soft, and actually looks quite a bit like the Patons Classic Wool I was buying (on clearance! $2 a skein at Michael’s!)at the same time. No clue how it wears yet, but its knitting up nicely all the same (the project it is for isn’t likely to be washed very often anyway, so I went with it because I needed a specific color (a bronze for a Ravenclaw scarf) and wasn’t about to spend a fortune on a crazy Harry Potter scarf that will probably only be worn a handful of times, lol)
    Anyway – just wanted to share =) Yay for Lion Brand continuing to keep having a few decent yarns in amongst all the fun fur, LOL!

  83. Favorite socks? Blue/red Magic stripes.
    Second Favorite socks? Aloe imbued.
    I think I need some yarn…….

  84. You should make a Flickr photo pool for everyone add their images to a little virtual gallery, especially for the freestyle category. (That could also save you from getting all the images in your inbox – they would be added to the Flickr pool instead.)

  85. My socks are jealous, national discrimination!
    Why should our poor socks be deprived of such paparazzi like devotion,eh?

  86. BTW, my anniversary is on the 1st. Tempting the fates I know, and yet this will be number 8. Perhaps someone knows of a good fair isle bride and groom sock pattern!!!
    No….this is not a April Fool’s joke. Do they have April Fool’s Day in CA?

  87. I’m editing today, too, and it is tedious, very tedious. I’d rather finish the sock I’m working on. I was disappointed that it didn’t fit me, but my friend down the street had the magic foot size and will soon have a new pair-o-socks. At least I figured out what I’ve been doing wrong with this wool and pattern combo. Meanwhile, friends are replenishing their sock drawers and that’s fun.
    Good luck with your editing – I know what it’s like! Can’t wait to see you in Seattle.

  88. It sounds like you had a blast making that list. Even though I’m nowhere near Toronto, I did check; the Leafs are at home, playing at 7:30, which might be a bit of a conflict. But if they have open practice in the morning…

  89. It sounds like so much fun guys. I wish you would put out a scavenger hunt for those of use who are not in Toronto, like one to do in your own area, so more general rules like the timmies thing and a police officer. nothing that requires specific locations like the ROM. Can those of us not in Toronot participate in the free style competition?? I would love that. I think I might anyways. hehehehehehehe… laughs maniacly trying to figure out the most amusing spot in Sudbury for a photo op of a sock. Note to self, start more knitting on would be sock.

  90. The sock picture extravaganza sounds like fun. Wish I could be there but there’s this little thing called work holding me back. Sigh.
    I’m wearing my Austermann Step socks right now and they are heavenly. I loved working with this yarn and highly recommend it. The colors are really nice, too.
    I recently bought some fingering weight yarn (100% wool) on cones from Lion Brand. Apparently, this isn’t the same as the sock yarn you have since it has no nylon in it but I intend to use it for socks regardless. I’ve been winding it into 215 yard skeins so I can dye it first. I thought that would be fun to try. I don’t know how it will be to knit with it but it’s a pleasure running through my fingers winding it on the niddy noddy. It was really reasonable. I think it’s 2,045 yards for $22. Not a bad deal at all. I’ll definitely look for the sock ease when it’s released.
    Speaking of release, I’ve been searching Borders every evening for your book with no luck yet (I’m on Long Island). I can’t get there tonight (more work) but I’ll try tomorrow or Friday. Anyone out there buy it yet??

  91. For the freestyle, can we have a sub-category for other cities? We don’t even need a prize, just bragging rights…

  92. Congrats on the new book, sorry I forgot earlier. I’ve read all of them and the world could fall down around me and I don’t think I would notice.
    I will buy a new sock yarn just for visiting you in Atlanta, gotta be our best!

  93. Welcome to the SG-1 darkside! I encourage you to dip your toes into the Stargate Atlantis pool as well. And good for you for figuring out how to take care of yourself without thwarting your larger goals!!!!

  94. That’s cool about lion brand and sock-ease–as much as I love my handpaints, etc., having a decent sockyarn out in the main market is very encouraging…it’s like our little cult of a subculture (sock-knitters) is getting a few props when we need them.
    And as for the scavenger sock-knitting hunt? If I lived in Toronto, I would totally call in a sick day to join in them-there festivities!!

  95. What a hoot this will be – I am insanely jealous! I wonder if it could become a tour tradition and happen in other cities too? I could help pull together a list for Ann Arbor. My hubby watches a lot of SciFi Channel stuff, and although I didn’t expect to, I really like Stargate too, esp with Richard Dean Anderson getting one LOL line in each episode.

  96. I might make the trip up to Toronto just for the sock picture scavenger hunt–it sounds like a gas. Congrats on the new book, good luck with the rewrites and the going on tour and all that. Sending you warm thoughts and good wishes. πŸ™‚

  97. I tried to explain the whole “inexplicable knitter” thing to my husband & co-worker. I got some really blank stares! They just don’t understand the inexplicable. Or I didn’t explain it well enough!
    Love the Scavenger Hunt, but you definitely need an International Free-Style Event. With bonus points for a regional version of something on your Toronto list. For example — I work in downtown Fort Worth where we have mounted police (yes, with horses) who wear their uniforms with cowboy boots & white Stetson hats.

  98. So, I am trying to figure out how I can quit my job, leave my family and bring my current sock to Toronto for a few days — hmm? Sounds like a blast. Are you thinking of a Pittsburgh version?

  99. Has anyone warned the mayor that he/she may be decended upon by a – hoard? – of knitters? Oi!

  100. “(I have just discovered Stargate SG1. I’m such a dork.”
    OH ROCK ON! Soon – stargate: atlantis will call your name. \o/\o/\o/
    Hm. I’m wondering how best to adapt the treasure hunt for Chicago. I see hotdogs, Cubs/WhiteSox/Bears etc., neighborhood banners. . . it could be done!
    And hang in there, Steph! You’ll make it, I promise.

  101. Another vote for international sock pics. You would flooded with them so you could have others collect the pics/points for their area. I think I may know someone in the Bay Area of California who would volunteer (ahem).

  102. I remember during the last tour, there were people in charge of organizing the hat collections. How about this tour’s organizers for each city adapt the scavenger list to their city and then do something cool during the book event?
    I bet you could make a great collage with all them pictures!

  103. Man, the Mayor is not going to know what hit him (her?). He’ll think it’s the weirdest April Fools joke ever!!

  104. I wish I were able to be a part of the fun up there! Maybe next time. My husband has a nagging cough, I know you are probably wondering what this has to do with you, but my aunt says that the Canadians rely on this really nasty tasting stuff called Buckley’s Cough Mixture. He just tasted some and about fell off his chair with how aweful it is. Have you tasted/ever heard of this stuff?

  105. Ah, man. That sock scavenger hunt sounds like so much fun — I love scavenger hunts — but I’m in Virginia, USA. Bummer. For those of you in Toronto, have a blast participating in the scavenger hunt! Please share some of the winning photos.

  106. Why oh why must it be there? Why not here, in NC?
    *curses his lack of sock yarn*
    But I will be expecting hilarious hijinxs. πŸ˜€

  107. Oh! well at least you discovered it πŸ™‚ I am also such a fan of the show. Although, since I work and get home late I mostly don’t get to see it. But whenever I do, no one can dare flip the channel πŸ˜€
    I have not knitted a pair of socks yet apart from one trial in worsted weight but I have been planning to do it after I bring down my stash to a decent level. It has just blown out of proportion. Thanks for sharing about the socks yarn, I will look forward to buying it when available. The colors are gorgeous.
    Have fun !!!

  108. You guys! Stop telling her to watch Atlantis! She won’t have seen all the lead up and things will be spoiled. She has to watch the first 7 (or is it 8?) seasons of SG1 first. I can only shudder at how many plot twists and such would be ruined otherwise.
    And, how about seeing if any of you in Vancouver can Kinnear or sock-hold Stargate personnel? Boy, I would pay to see David Hewlet holding a knit sock!

  109. Ah…I too have just got into Stargate. SG-1, Atlantis, whatever. Watching several different seasons/series concurrently is mighty confusing, I can tell you. Great background noise to knitting though!

  110. I left Toronto nearly 2 years ago. The description of this scavenger hunt makes me SOOO nostalgic!!! I especially miss the good yarn stores. London (wonderful otherwise) may have “almost affordable” Rowan yarn, I do miss the gorgeous stores I could go to in Toronto! I am really looking forward to see these pictures!

  111. Well, I had a ball just READING all the off-the wall pictures you all will be taking. LOVE the one about the mountie!!!

  112. I ish I could be there. I want to take pix of people watching you take pix….I envision a news dialogue on Canadian TV, expert testimony, debate, and perhaps even a future label warning:
    “Yarn fumes many be hazardous to your health, leading to major unexpected expenditures, strange group activity, and uncontrollable repetitive hand motions, accompanied by the occasional….”frog it! I meant that!”. However, it must also be noted that as free socks and scarves may result for..well, everyone…it’s ok. This is one habit we want to feed!

  113. You lucky Toronto-ians! For those of us not anywhere near Toronto, can we use photoshop to take pics of the places Stephanie mentioned? That way, we can all get in on the fun! πŸ™‚ OK, so maybe that isn’t such a good idea…but I sure wish I could be there! LOL

  114. I’m totally trying to figure out how I can pack all of that stuff in on foot/TTC. I think I’ll map it and go from there. Dude..this will be so much fun!

  115. What fun the scavanger hunt sounds. Wish I could be there. The Homespun makes a lovely cozy afghan, I made one from it for a housewarming gift for my sister-in-law. The yarn was a pleasure to work with. (I am a textural knitter, big time.)
    I found the new book today at the local bookseller. They had to open the box for me as it had just arrived and I purchased the first copy! It was not even on the shelf yet. Can’t wait to read it. I have a tough choice tonight, knit socks or read. I am not as talented as you and cannot do both at once.

  116. You just discovered Stargate? SG-1 and Atlantis are required for knitting at my place — and you did know there’s a new SG-1 movie out, right?
    Please let there be a freestyle for cities? Pretty please? I’m trying socks again, and I’ve already plotted out sheep, LYS, boss, landmarks and yes, Canadian geese (they’re all over the lawn . . .)

  117. *sigh* I hate Georgia. Will sock-knit from afar with much longing. Much love and wooly goodness to you, Steph, as you ride out the next few days. Just remember to breathe… and knit… and drink. Dinking’s good. πŸ˜‰

  118. I can’t wait to read the news bulletins about Toronto being overrun by mad knitters! Go crazy everyone–you need to make the evening news so the rest of us can enjoy the fun!!!

  119. Umm, Steph? You do realize that this is also the release date of Sock Madness Round 2 don’t you? Ironic, n’est pas? I’ll be there, camera and sock in hand, if I have to walk to the event from Finch (due to looming TTC strike).

  120. I hope all these intrepid scavenger hunters will blog about their adventures. That list is enough to make me want to move to Toronto by April 1!
    I would love to send you a deranged sock picture, even if it is not from the greater Toronto area. And I have until April 1 to think of something outrageous (then again, this is suburban Boston – how outrageous can I manage to be?).
    Knit on!

  121. I want to Scavenger Hunt in Toronto! Bwah!
    And you’ve just now discovered Stargate SG-1? For shame! It’s Canadian! Now if it wasn’t for the fact that you watch Doctor Who, that would be an unforgiveable failure. But the Dear Doctor makes up for everything!

  122. Lord, I wish someone would make a documentary of the scavenger hunt. It’d be a total giggle-fest! Wonderful list, and while yes, I’m jealous I can’t join in (even though man, would I use a lot of Xanax. and need a partner.), it’s so nice that a Canadian city gets to have the fun and excitement. It’s about time! πŸ˜‰ Hope the frazzledness has smoothed out a bit with sock in hand!
    Tracy at 1:53 PM – The Ravelry idea for scavenger hunt pix is great, but we don’t need a special group; just start a new thread in the Yarn Harlot Fans group. There’s already a “Post your inexplicable knitting here!” thread that purplecat began. I’m betting someone will do it before the day is out. πŸ˜‰ Now, combine that with the Flickr pool idea that Amy at 4:01 PM had, and everyone could see ’em in one spot; on Ravelry or off. (And Stephanie wouldn’t go nuts with people worldwide emailing her pix for the freestyle, simply because they’re just dying to join in a little…which I can totally understand. *g*)

  123. Kree! Soon you will know. So glad you are on to SG-1…. and yes, watch them in order because they actually do pay attention to that stuff in this series. Worth getting the DVDs too for some of the hilarious commentaries. Lots of good injokes too when you do that. No knitting that I have ever seen.
    I’m wondering if Sara L. above named her child after Teal’c? Rather hope not… but hey, it’s a big universe if she wants to.
    Practice saying Ga’ould while you knit endless rows of stockinette… very soothing.
    [Stargate watchers – apparently another category by which knitters can or cannot be categorized.]
    DEEPLY sorry not to be in TO on the 1st. The scavenger hunt will be a riot. May just save it for another day for doing with a friend anyway. Now, THAT would strange knitterly behaviour!
    Have fun – as if I need to say that.

  124. I love it. I am very much looking forward to learning about the winners! I dug out a long-unfinished sock and knit a few rounds in your honor last night. (I was forbidden from knitting for many months due to carpal tunnel. Trust me, it was very, very hard, but I didn’t want to trash my hand completely, so I obeyed.)

  125. Sock Ease looks really pretty! Can’t wait to hear your review.
    The Sock Picture Scavenger Hunt sounds awesome!!! πŸ˜€

  126. You have been sucked into the best subset of humanity (that I know of in my twisted world): Stargate SG1 fans who love to knit socks. I feel secure and “at home” when I hear the Stargate theme come on! Yes, I’m a dork, but I am in great company.

  127. Hmmm, I must be doing something wrong. My LionBrand Magic Stripes and my Kroy socks are the only ones that have ever got holes in them. Hope this new LB SockEase is sturdier – I’ll keep an eye out for your review.
    And for Madison, WI? Gotta have a hunt. Bonus points for Mayor Dave, Victor Allen’s, or a State Street musician… double for a GFC copier.

  128. I so want to play!
    But I don’t think the family will let me run away to Canada for the day just to photograph socks in the wild.
    Perhaps I can cook up some local yarn sock photo opportunities…. I’ll at least have some blog fun with it….

  129. dear sweet lord, I hope you have warned the Tim’s and Canadian tire people that this is going to happen. Those poor souls. πŸ˜‰

  130. In the Freestyle category – somebody totally needs to take a picture of my sister, the manager of the Isabel Bader Theatre. Please, somebody, go knocking on her door and get her pic, maybe near some statue there or something. It would be so fun. Tell her I sent you. πŸ™‚ I’m sure she will be quite bemused.

  131. Oh how FUN! I will be travelling in the American Midwest on April 1, but I will try to take sock pictures in solidarity. Have fun, Torotonians (?)!

  132. Rachel, sweetie, I take it back. Forget the chic outfit. Wear lumberjack clothes and bring a cooler with a 6-pack of beer just for your own consumption.
    I have a feeling you’re going to need it.

  133. No fair! Can’t we expand this to the rest of the country, I mean, continent. I can take a pic of a sock with beer from here in Seattle!

  134. As a hardcore hockey fan…if someone manages to get a photo of a sock taken with a Toronto Maple Leaf, I’d like to see that posted!!! πŸ™‚

  135. I am sooo jealous! One more reason to wish I was Canadian (George Bush being reason #1). Can’t wait for pictures and stories. Sock on!

  136. I believe my sock will be taking a virtual tour. I may be in NJ, but the sock can travel anywhere via Google images. I might even be able to get its picture with the entire Maple Leaf team. (Are plural players Maple Leafs or Maple Leaves?)

  137. I hope you’ll post some of the winning pictures!
    I’m sooo jealous. I’m a train ride away from Toronto, but I can’t get out of work next week. My boss is not a knitter and doesn’t understand these things. She’s definitely NOT getting socks for Christmas this year……

  138. I won’t pretend that I’m anywhere near as busy as you are but I am studying for a test which is taking all my time and both my hands. I would love to knit a few rounds with that new sock yarn! I hope that it knits up well. I need affordable yarn choices. Oh, and good luck to all on the scavenger hunt!

  139. What about the rest of us Harlot Fans who dont live in and cant travel to Toronto? Any list for us general ideas would be nice but no Specifics pleas for the list!
    Have fun and Congrats on the Book Premeire!

  140. I wish I could be in Toronto to play the scavenger hunt game and see you and buy your book at the launch (I pre-ordered it from, but they don’t have a delivery date yet). It all sounds like a great deal of fun!
    I’d like to take part in the Freestyle photo shoot, too. Perhaps we could post our entries on our blogs?
    Congratulations on finishing one book and we know you’ll make it to this deadline, too. We’re all looking forward to your next project!

  141. Dang-nabbit! If I didn’t have an exam that day, I would so kidnap the car and drive down from Ottawa to participate. Told my partner that and it was a most interesting conversation:
    me “Dang exam! I wanted to go to Toronto on Tuesday.”
    honey “why?”
    me “For a sock-knitting-scavenget hunt of course!”
    honey [perplexed, frightened look, slowly backing away to hid suddenly threatening knitting needles b/c obviously knitting has made me slightly insane] “Ah-hun, right.” [looks for phone to call 911 in case my sanity is that close to snapping]

  142. I bought and read your new book today. It was a bit of hunt around the store to locate it and the cashier did smirk at me when I asked her where it was but it was worth it. It’s very good, funny, and true. Now back to my sock. πŸ™‚

  143. How I wished I could do the scavenger hunt! Any chances of an Ottawa scavenger hunt? All us Ottawans should make one! What fun!

  144. Well, I headed out to Barnes & Noble t’other night to buy your book, but they don’t have it. So instead I bought The Knitter’s Book of Yarn. Very informative, but not as much fun. I’ll probably end up ordering it online.
    Love your sock scavenger hunt! That could be adapted for any city. Hmmm…

  145. Yay! Stargate SG1! The bestest scifi show out there except for maybe Star Trek: TOS. Sam & Jack forever! ;-D

  146. Your sock scavenger hunt set off EUREKA!bells in this Guide leaders head!! This is such a cool idea! Can you tell how excited I am! Should I use more exclamation marks!

  147. YES! She’s been sucked into SG-1! The irrepressible Jack O’Neill (two lls), the amazing Daniel and their Forbidden Love! Er, their incredible team dynamic and chemistry. Yes. Seriously awesome story arcs and I swear to all that I hold holy that I now know why people liked MacGyver so much. Whee!!!
    Um. Enjoy. If you need to geek out or cry on someone in appropriate spots, feel free to ping me.

  148. Oh man! If only I still lived in Buffalo, I would totally drive up to Toronto to take part in the scavenger hunt! This is the first time that I’ve been sad about having left Buffalo for Boston..

  149. You are soooo cooool, Steph! I’m actually running away to Canada for the day so that I can participate. I can’t wait…and I’ll get to pick up a signed copy of the book, too! I’ve emailed a couple of people who have commented, but I’d love to meet up with a (or several) sock knitters and spend the day making everyone wonder. (My son is cringeing already, and I haven’t even taken a single picture, AND he has no idea of the hat I want to get done in time to wear for the festivities! Thanks for taking the time out of your hectic schedule to set up something so insane for all your groupies! Terrie

  150. Oh MAN!!! I just CAN’T wait to see the pics from the scavenger sock hunt. Sadly, April 1st is a weekday/workday so I can’t get into the city to participate… πŸ™
    But I shall enjoy watching from the sidelines! Go SOCKS Go!!! πŸ™‚

  151. I wish I were in Canad and could play along. I guess I’d need a camera too πŸ˜‰ Hope to see you in Maryland.

  152. PS: Susan dear? CANADIAN TIRE is the quintessential and original DIY store here in Canada… and probably every Canadian of a certain age definitely got their first ever bike from Canadian Tire. And since the dawn of time they have given customers a (small) percentage of each purchase back in the form of coupons called CANADIAN TIRE MONEY, redeemable towards any future purchase.

  153. I have never been to Toronto, but I’m saving this list as a guide for sight-seeing when I do visit! Have fun.

  154. Does anyone read the posts? I did a find for aloe and found only 2 posts. Altough lanolin used to stink, I miss how it made my hands feel good. That’s how past-knitters could crank out so much product and not have their hands crackle into a million bits. Now lanolin is removed and replaced with aloe. How green can that be? Gimme some of that old time yarn! Fun update Steph. Wish I was in Toronto for the hunt.

  155. Oh to be in Toronto
    Now that April’s there (well almost!)
    With Knitters ‘socking pictures’
    It’s really hardly fair
    That Aussie is so far away
    And we can’t join the fun.
    Oh well – we’ll sit and knit our socks
    And enjoy a bit of sun!!
    Congratulations on your new book and have a wonderful time at the launch – even though I won’t be there……sigh!

  156. Heh.
    I’m going to jump on the wagon that says Stargate rocks (Daniel Jackson, damsel in distress), and the spin off Atlantis ain’t too shabby either.

  157. We’re mad as Hell and we aren’t going to take it any more. What a revolution this could be!! Knitters on the Loose! Everyone watch out! I remember once a little old lady kept coming back to watch me weave at a demonstration in her home town. When we were alone, she told me she had always wanted to learn weaving. When I told her she still could, even in her 80’s. “Oh, no, my family always told me that weaver’s were -you know- those “kind of people.” I asked her if I seemed a little loose or weird or whatever she meant. “Oh, no, you seem quite normal.” But now-Knitter’s Are Letting Loose! Let’s all have fun!

  158. Delightfully loony, wish I could share the wackiness. You must have made the list when you were hungry, though. If all the knitters have a drink/beer/coffee/doughnut(cruller?) at these establishments, as they should to be polite, they’ll be rolling in to the event.
    And I’d hate to see the line for the Ladies Room.

  159. It is times like this that I have teensy weensy regret for divorcing my Brampton-native ex-husband.
    Oh to be in Toronto for the frenzy of April 1st! Though being unemployed does have its privileges: I may see you on the 2nd, the 6th, the 7th, the 8th, and the 27th. Well, I need to SOMETHING with my time! πŸ˜‰
    Bunny hugs,
    K =:8

  160. What a grand list of Toronto’s tourism hot spots – but why no Fort York – National Historic Site and the birthplace of Toronto? Especially since you’re in the neighbourhood. We’re halfway between the Old York Grill and the Prince’s Gates.
    Please people, bring socks to the fort, you can get a killer shot of the CN Tower and the modern city from the gates of the fort. We have canons. And we have Canadian Geese too.

  161. Oh, how I wish I could be in Toronto on April 1st!!!!!!!!!
    Everyone will have a blast, I am sure! You are lucky, lucky people for sure!

  162. What fun! Wish I could be in Toronto on April 1st … but I don’t think they’ll let me out of the office — Muggles all.

  163. Geez, is RachelH planning on growing a few sets of extra eyes? Anybody remember that little challenge called the Knitting Olympics?????
    Sockward, ho’s.

  164. I didn’t have a good day at work, not terrible, but bad enough that I knew going home and knitting all night wouldn’t be enough. I thought about buying something for myself, maybe expensive jewelry, but the pointlessness of working very hard and then spending all the money made so I would feel better was obvious. I thought of buying yarn, but all my favorite yarn stores were closed, and while on-line stores are always open, I needed immediate gratification. So I stopped at the bookstore, Keplers, between my office and my home, walked straight to the knitting shelf. There is was–your new book! For less than $15, the tension in my shoulders is gone and I am laughing again! Thanks!
    By the way, I got the book at Kepler’s in Menlo Park, CA–a fabulous local bookstore that you really should come and visit sometime. If you do I will buy another copy or a bunch of copies for all my friends. Please come to the Bay Area soon!

  165. You Toronto folks have fun, and the rest of us will watch the news as journalists try to puzzle out the yarny madness sweeping the city.
    Sock it to ’em!!

  166. you know, i think i may just make up my own version of this that day! (i’ll just tell everyone it’s my b irthday, lol).
    first on the list?
    the mechanic w ho works on my car (i’m scheduled to get the head gasket changed (yeah, i know, it’s not a head shop, but as close as i can get, lol))

  167. I too am excited about the new Lion Brand Sock-Ease yarn. Hopefully it will be more affordable than most sock yarns around now. I wonder when the expected date of arrival for public consumption will be.

  168. The scavenger hunt sounds like fun.
    Congratulations on finding SG-1. I’m surprised you hadn’t already found it since you recognised Jayne’s hat.
    There’s an SG-1 marathon on SciFi tomorrow. Be on the lookout especially for “Window of Opportunity,” “Urgo,” “It’s Good to be King,” and my all-time favorite, “Wormhole X-treem.” Plus many more.

  169. That new yarn looks right up my alley. I’m knitting a pair of socks right now (My 4th in as many weeks by your recipe. I broke my foot and deserve comfortable socks.)with Step and I LOVE it. It is so soft and “comfy”.

  170. I love that you found SG1. When you get caught up (that will be a while) you’ll have to try on SG Atlantis. Ever seen the movie with James Spader? SWOON. More applause for knitting while watching SCI-FI. No one can put US knitters in a box! Knitting behaviour? What.Normal? HA!

  171. Dude, now I feel homesick. I didn’t even have to think very hard to come up with a Toronto indie brewery, and it’s been almost 4 years since I left!

  172. I’m sitting here thinking I gotta figure out some way to play along, like blogging a riff on inexplicable knitting behavior. Now, what to do, what to do…
    A sock for a statue, perhaps? For my ever-so-patient Pyr? Or perhaps that tree on campus that looks like it’s wearing a bikini.
    Socks for an octopus? (knitted, of course) What would chicken socks look like?
    I think it’s time to go to bed…

  173. There’s also SRK’s On Your Toes with aloe vera (no jojoba oil), 100g balls, 360m/390 yards so only 1 ball needed for 2 socks. I ordered mine from Patternworks along with the Kertzer booklet SRK 402, I’m making the stranded Fair Isle socks on the back cover. The yarn is quite reasonably priced, and it’s a Canadian company!

  174. Glad you’re feeling better, good plain sock yarn and yoga can work wonders.
    Scavenger hunt!No fair – not in Toronto! Does a picture of a sock with canada geese outside Canada count? Of course this is moot as I don’t have a digital camera. Shall just have to knit with Canadian sock yarn that day and think of you all.

  175. Whee, *look* at all the other Stargate fans!* (If you’re a dork, what does that make me? I own all ten seasons on DVD, plus the first four seasons of Atlantis and the only reason I don’t have the new movie is I haven’t gotten to the store yet.)
    Kim WW at March 26, 2008 5:10 PM nailed it, however- this is a *much* more strongly-arced show than it might appear to be, and will be much more enjoyable if watched in order. Atlantis spins off at the start of Season 8, and runs in parallel to SG-1 for the last two years of the run (with a couple of cross-over episodes). And the new movie, Ark of Truth takes place after the end of SG-1 season 10.
    Interesting sock yarn! I just picked up some of the aloe-impregnated stuff (in another brand) myself and am looking forward to trying it.
    *goes to look for Ravelry Stargate group*

  176. Looking forward to seeing the Lion Brand in stores, it’s good to see them “jumping on the bandwagon o’ socks”. If April 1st fell on the weekend I would totally drive the 8hrs to Toronto for the scavenger hunt! I’m very jealous of all those socks!

  177. I never thought I’d be this bummed NOT to be in your fine city! Have fun, and keep us posted about the reaction of the muggles!

  178. I for one like using Lionbrand yarns – theirs is the only yarn I like as far as non snobbish yarn type – is that a word or sentence? hmmm.
    Anyway – I am so loving the sock yarn that you are using – the color is fantastic! I see shawls/ socks / and fingerless mitts with these
    Thanks for the update on this.
    Oh how I would love to meet the challenge and have a photo of my sock taken with the Mayor! I hope someone tries!

  179. I love how you specify that the police officer has to be mounted on a horse. I think you just saved a lot of knitters from a night in jail…but a damn good picture too. πŸ™‚

  180. Well, Damn! Does it count if I don’t live in Toronto? I could fly in for the day and play?
    I think if this works, you might need to expand it next year. Assign judges to each major city (I’ll even volunteer) to host and assign landmarks. I’m ready to serve!

  181. Wow, that sounds like a really fun scavenger hunt. Have you considered doing something like that along with your book tour in other cities? I know here, in Philadelphia, it would be easy to come up with a list and a large gathering of knitters who would gladly tour the city with sock in hand. Just an idea.

  182. The sock-photo hunt sounds like fun!
    I am maybe one of the biggest StarGate SG1 geeks you’ll ever meet — I’m so pleased you found it. Once you get farther along in the seasons perhaps you’ll find why Vala Maldoran and Carter are my favorite characters.
    And BTW, once you get through the seasons — the Ark of Truth movie is totally worth watching.
    How SG1 geeky am I? I hosted a small party for the last episode. There was a StarGate cake. I am not kidding.

  183. Dorks of the world unite! I am an SG-1 fan as well. Believe it or not, I’ve actually gotten my World of Warcraft playing, sci-fi loving, wants a master’s degree in astrophysics *for fun* fiance to sit down and watch with me. He thought I was a dork too, until about halfway through the pilot episode. Doesn’t it help that Michael Shanks is total eye candy? πŸ˜‰

  184. I’m thrilled to see that you are coming to my town – Annapolis, Maryland on April 7! I can’t wait to buy the new book (at the event, of course!!) and hope I can come up with an idea for inexplicable knitting behavior half as crazy-wonderful as the SPSH. Hey – if you need any recommendations for where to find great beer in town, let me know. There’s a local tavern downtown
    that has room for lots of knitters if you had any inclination to do a meet up after the bookstore event. I’d be happy to make arrangements and spread the word! (No affilation, yadda yadda).

  185. Jack Blumenthal of Lion Brand Yarn came to speak at our last guild meeting. He brought samples of pretty much all of their yarns and that sock yarn was one of them. The skein you have is such a nice color. When I first started knitting, I used Lion Brand alot then I ventured into other yarns. I now use a variety of yarns including Lion. I knit my first Clapotis with Lion yarn and I’ve knit many a baby sweater with their yarn.

  186. You know, it almost makes me want to leave my beloved Tejas to travel to a place that is actually COLD, just because you had to clarify that Toronto’s finest must be mounted on a horse! The possibilities of what else they might mount are dizzying! Friendly people, you Canadians, eh? πŸ™‚

  187. You know, this would be a great thing to do for a (inter)-national knit-out day. A Canada-wide contest would be very cool. A North America-wide contest would be cooler. World-wide??? I just got goose bumps.
    You’re the only one I can think of who could pull it off. I’ll just let that little idea lodge in your brain for next year…

  188. I have occasionally wished I was Canadian, and that list of cool stuff to do with a sock in progress makes me wish it all over again. πŸ™‚

  189. I miss Stargate SG-1. Geeky sci-fi girl eye candy! Richard Dean Anderson (soooo much cooler than Chuck Norris)! Cross-dressing aliens with a fetish for Maybelline mascara!
    I can’t believe I missed the new DVD release. Too much studying, not enough netflix.

  190. Man I wish I lived in Toronto – next time can you come up with a “Canadian” version that would be applicable anywhere in Canada? I know, picky..picky..picky..

  191. Oh man, the Colorado knitters are waiting patiently for your visit, but sheesh! it would be fun to do this scavenger hunt. Perhaps the Ravelry group can put one together?
    See you soon Stephanie!

  192. As a former Torontonian, your list of places to photograph was like a walk back home. Wish I could be there to participate/play. Good luck to all your contestants.

  193. You know, Steph, you [i]do[I] have a couple of days to take this global. I’m finishing a pair of LL Shepherd’s Sock, and I’ll take either this or a Trekking UFO with me when I see you in Manhattan on 4/2. Will be there in spirit with you in Toronto on 4/1 (which should be called ‘Sock Knittin’ Fool’s Day’; I don’t mind).

  194. planning on playing along- even if i’m not actually in Toronto. and then saying “Poisson d’avril” to anybody who looks askance. great idea!

  195. we need to make a photo pool on flickr so that we can all share after the event. is everyone on flickr? if not, why not?

  196. Hey There – you have a bazillion comments – but has anyone mentioned the AGO is closed (might be hard to get a group of seven photo)
    Great idea though – how many socks do you think will be stalking the mayor??
    and how many points do we get if the sock & Mayor end up in the local media??

  197. I have to design a local scavenger hunt for my town, just for kicks. No knitter group, though. (that I know about) I’ll have to rig something up for home schoolers. What fun!
    Steph, how far have you gotten in the SG1? Do you have access to the DVDs? All 10 seasons?
    People, I agree with your assessments of Michael Shanks and Richard Dean Anderson, but do not forget…Christopher Judge is BUILT, Wow! And even if something of a Johnny-come-lately, Ben Bowder is just DREAMY. And Corin Nemic *sigh*. If you go for incredibly hot, evil, bad guys…Peter Williams as Apophis or Cliff Simon as Ba’al…*drool* The eye candy cup runneth over.

  198. Dang – another reason to envy Canadians in general and Torontonians (Toronto-ites? Torontoni?); Ihope you have thousands of crazed and crazy knitters for the really, truly official launch of a Canadian knitter’s book!

  199. I can’t believe it took you this long to discover Stargate! Great to knit to. And once you’ve made it through all ten seasons and the movies, you’ll of course have to check out Atlantis (the darker dark side of Stargate fandom… πŸ™‚

  200. Hi Steph- just wanted to let you know that the Austermann Step with the aloa vera is wonderful and you will love it. Love Love Love it. It keeps you feet so nice and cozy. I can not believe you have not tried it yet. Kristin

  201. Blast it, I have to work on April 1! Is it worth any points to get a lawyer in Brampton to hold the sock? What about a Crown Attorney? A Judge? Gimme something, please!

  202. The part that I feel shows your evil genius the best is 10 points for the mayor pic. Go straight to the top if you want to freak out the city, eh? That’s really nice.

  203. Ah, so much jealousy for missing out all the fun out here in the boonies!
    I may try to get the maple glazed point anyway, just for kicks -there’s a Tim’s next to work. Not only am I thoroughly left out, I’m utterly impressed that you’re probably going to do more for Toronto Tourism in this one day than the entire city budget for the year could accomplish! I wonder how many far-flung Harlot fans who can’t make it are nonetheless googling everything they can from your list? Sock on, indeed!

  204. To all of you who are going to take part in Stephanie’s Scavenger Hunt – enjoy and have loads of fun. And to all of you who are so lucky to attend her talks and book signings – you are soooo lucky. I can’t wait to read about all your adventures in the blogs. To Stephanie – Thanks to you I’ve started knitting again. I have all your books and are ordering the new ones soon. From Alida – a Yarn Harlot fan in South Africa

  205. Steph,
    Welcome to dorkland, I love Stargate SG1 and Stargate Atlantis too. They are both very good and there are 10 seasons of SG1 and they are on the 4th season of Atlantis. You will have plenty to see for quite some time. Too bad you don’t live nearby you could borrow all my DVD’s

  206. While I won’t be in Toronto, I’m thinking of doing this where I am just for the fun of it and to celebrate your launch. After all why should Toronto be the only place to find knitters running around with their sock in progress. Maybe we should all give this a try? Also I hope things are getting a bit calmer for you dear Harlot. I know they probably won’t until the tour is over, but know we are all sending you positive energy and calm collected thoughts.

  207. You *would* have to stipulate “on a horse.” Damn! I was ready to go look up an old boyfriend…

  208. What I wouldn’t give to be able to watch all the knitters freak out the city (especially the mayor thereof). Looking forward to reading bloggers’ accounts of their experiences.

  209. OH, I love the color of that sock yarn! It is so bright and cheerful. Wish I lived in Toronto. The sock picture scavenger hunt sound really fun. We’ve got another snow storm in Montana and nothing is moving around. No deer tracks yet or anything. It makes me think that I should go out and do a snow angel! Maybe not! I just can’t wait to find that sock yarn.

  210. That list made me really homesick too. Glad you included the boardwalk and the ferry; two highlights I think.
    Also the “donut of our people.” I am alkways raving about them down here.
    Have a very fun day. Sounds like it will be a blast for everyone involved.

  211. Ummm so we’re getting close to tour time— I’;m just wondering— hsave you a pair of black pants… tights and a decent bra?
    If you order online now— you probably still have time to get them in and packed before you have to leave– save yourself the last minute shopping trip (or laundry;)
    But really I;’m dying to see the urban aran cardi….;)

  212. Hey! This is discrimination against those of us living in Toronto who are sock-challenged or just plain don’t like knitting socks (you can count me in both camps). Sock needles are not safe around me… see this link: for the proof.
    So – can I just take a photo of some Canajan maple doughnuts from Tim’s and Email them to you? πŸ™‚

  213. Just wanted to say Hello! to a fellow Stargate 1 fan. We are watching the entire 10 years on dvd through Netflix, again. Love all the characters, and it is a show my kids and I watch together.
    New movie just came out on dvd, check it out when you get back home from tour.
    Good luck!

  214. GAWD! I wish I could play!!! If the Tim’s is in the US, do you get double points?

  215. I wish I were going to be in the sock scavenger hunt in Toronto instead of on jury duty in DuPage County. (Any points for a picture of the judge/lawyers/DAs/defendants holding a sock in progress?) Lion Yarn used to have a sock yarn; I still have a couple of skeins. I’m glad to hear they’re trying it again.

  216. I just wish I could see this knitterly madness in progress! Please post lots of photos on Ravelry!

  217. Adele — Lion Brand has another yarn called Micro-Spun that’s 100% acryllic. I’ve been knitting socks with it for a while now, and it seems to work great. It’s really soft and is machine-washable.
    Another option is I’m working on a pair of socks right now that is made of 100% soy yarn. It’s really soft too, but is hand-washed. It also might require some cotton threading through the heel for durability.

  218. What do you think will happen to a yarn store employee if hundreds of crazy competitive knitters descend with hot chocolates abound? I’ll bet you have some pretty ramped up LYS staffers at the Isabel on Tuesday night.
    Zut Alors!

  219. I was shocked and amazed to see the new book at a bookstore near work today! I bought both copies they had and when I got to the car realized they aren’t supposed to be out for a week. I hope you will forgive me if I start reading it tonight.
    I wish I could fly into Toronto just for the scavenger hunt but that’s not possible. I won’t be there until 2009 (for a large convention).

  220. I’m guessing that photos of SIP taken in Slatington, PA, USA won’t count, even if they include the famous Fireman Statue.

  221. I love your scavenger hunt idea! I actually have a picture of a sock at the CN Tower (my family went at New Years) and me knitting the same sock at the Hockey Hall of Fame. I was too shy to pull it out and take a picture by the Stanley Cup though.

  222. I have never knit a sock, though it’s on my list of things to knit, coming right up there to the top, actually, as soon as I do a “learn to pearl” project. My “learn to knit” project, a shawl done in stockinette stitch with these pretty yarn-over sectios, is about 1/2 way done. And I’m not in Toronto. Or anywhere near Toronto. So I guess that I can’t be one of your crazy knitters. But it sounds like a blast!!

  223. “Crazier than a bag full of wet cats” – I love it! I’m adding that to my language arsenal.

  224. Aww, you made me homesick. I live in Dallas now but Toronto was my home for 10 years.
    What a fun idea. I think my SnB should do one for Big D. Do you mind if we steal your brilliant idea?

  225. I cannot express how much i really really really wish I could be in toronto for the fun and games!!!!
    I’m insanely jealous of all the folks who will be there… well, envious….or just having a pity party for myself. whatever. have FUN!!!!

  226. I used Homespun for their striped yoke sweater. When I could FIND the interior end and knit from inside the skein, it was lovely. But that didn’t happen very often. Loved the sweater in the end, though. If Meg has a secret to always finding the inner end, please let me know. πŸ™‚

  227. Rachel may need a little help. This sounds like so much fun that I’m picturing a long line of knitters wanting her to flip through the 30 or 40 pics on their digital camera. Yikes!

  228. When you are getting those episodes of confusion, take your yarn and needles, sit down in front of TV, turn on reruns of SG1 and relax. After SG1 be sure to check out Atlantis too. You can get a lot of knitting and relaxing with StarGate in the background.

  229. I finally got a goodly sized box of Street Smart booklets today if anyone is still looking for them…
    As far as the book… hmm… wonder if I could get my aunt in NY to pick up a signed copy for me… (or are there ways of getting a signed copy without having to go to a sign-in?)
    That sock ease yarn looks cool… but does anyone know of a cotton blend yarn in fingering weight (with no wool) that would be good for summer? I suppose I oughtta get out my fixation sock & fix the heel or/and my esprit yarn & make some cool socks…it’s already warm (but not today!!) in Texas… it’s the waitaminuteweather season here! πŸ™‚

  230. Steph, a knitter and an SG1 fan, I knew you and I would be BFFs if we ever met. SG1 Rocks! First 7 seasons are great the last 3 not so much, they jumped the shark when Richard Dean Anderson leaves the show.

  231. Whahoo I will be coming from Collingwood for the day to join in the fun and it would be great to hook up with a fellow knitter.
    New to knitting taught by a friend in the States. Love it. so relaxing. As new haven’t graduated beyond scarves yet, but i will try to knit cancer scarf for the day.
    If anyone would like to do hunt together please contact me

  232. Okay, being that Canada is like Northern MN where you can’t spit without hitting a hockey player – and they seem to like that sort of thing …. its 50 pts if you get it taken with a Buffalo Sabre player, right?
    Since they have a game April 1st and there will only be a limited number of Sabres on hand (not third stringers type of thing)?
    Or perhaps it should be 50 pts to have a photo taken with a FAN wearing a Sabres shirt/jersey since that would be – well ‘dangerous’ during playoff-contension time.
    I won’t be there … and looking at the local listing of abbr. I would probably be totally lost anyways. Tlms??

  233. Spent 10 days in Canada this past summer but only stopped through the Tornonto airport. I’ve sent my pic of my sock in a couple of spots in Quebec City though!

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