Inexplicable Knitter Behaviour

It is my experience, that people don’t have a clue about knitters. They think that everything we do is pretty nutty. If you don’t believe me, rent a mini-van and drive to another country for a sheep and wool festival with four knitting friends. Hell, just say you have “knitting friends” and watch ordinary people glaze over. I used to think that it was a problem of stereotypes (which I still do) but now I’ve gained another layer of understanding. I think that knitters upset people because we lack a demographic, and because you don’t understand knitting until you do it.

Think about it. Imagine trying to finish the sentence “Knitters are….” and see what kind of trouble you can get yourself into. Can’t say old, can’t say young, can’t say women. Can’t say we all like wool, can’t say we all knit acrylic. Can’t say we all enjoy knitting socks, can’t say that all of us see the pleasure in an afghan. We don’t all knit for charity, we don’t all have cats. We didn’t all vote for the NDP, we don’t all go to church. We don’t all have grandchildren, we don’t all go to Knit Night, we aren’t all hip – or not hip. We don’t even all stash yarn or knit in public. We are almost impossible to describe, and the things we have in common aren’t really visible. Now try “Knitting is….” and you’ll have the same trouble. What are you going to say? Fun? Easy? Hard? Challenging? Meditative? Cheap? Expensive? No matter what you try to say, a thousand exceptions are going to crop up and ruin your point. The truth of all of it is (I think) that the answers are so complicated because they have to do with what we’ve learned about knitting and how the practice of it has influenced our thinking and behaviour. Which sort of brings me to this book, which has just arrived here (one copy) and has been carefully examined and held proudly by yours truly to the point of obsessive weirdness.


I like it.

It’s hard for me to say that, because I wrote it, and that makes it sound terribly prideful to say I think it’s good or funny, but the truth is that I wouldn’t have sent it to the publisher if I didn’t think it was good or funny, because writing things and putting them out into public for people to say whatever they want, is scary enough without at least believing in my heart that it’s a good book. You need at least that to come back to when you’re done reading all the reviews. (At least my picture isn’t on the cover of this one, so I at least only have to read opinions about my work, rather than my appearance.) I do think this is a good one. It is, I hear, in stores today in the US though I have no reports of it being successfully hunted in the wild yet. I’m not going to pretend it’s an important book, or even a big one, but it is one that I worked very hard on… and I really hope you like it.


While I was carrying it around this weekend (Yeah. I know, but it’s sort of a big deal to me) I was talking to someone who clearly wanted to be kind to the little author with her silly book, but totally could not get what it was about. Once we had established that there were no patterns and no instructions for knitting, he was clearly at an impasse about what the hell could be in it? “Humour and Philosophy about knitting” I said, and he looked at me exactly like I had said it was full of “the crushed and dried entrails of a wildebeest with my personal diary written in blood”. It was, I realized, inexplicable to him. Just like a bunch of knitters partying in a yarn shop, or travelling to a knitting event, taking over a coffee shop or filling a bookstore, it was inexplicable knitter behaviour. Next to the stereotypes, it’s probably the biggest thing that knitters face. They can’t define us, so they can’t understand us, so they ignore us, or stare.

Now, this is not a call to arms (or needles). We are never going to get them to understand us. Instead, I have realized that the way that non-knitters find us inexplicable is an invitation. I can’t be the only one who, upon realizing that they don’t get us and don’t care that they don’t get us (in fact, they don’t think about us at all) suddenly develops an urge to be as absolutely inexplicable as possible.

There is, I think, a tremendous freedom in it. If they don’t know what we’ve learned from knitting, or what we get from it, if they are confused because they can’t pigeonhole us, If they stare and whisper when four knitters have dinner in a restaurant, may I humbly suggest a knitting dinner for forty? If they think that knitting at a pub is weird, then take over a pub. Invade. Wear tee shirts. Ride the bus en masse. Take sock pictures, pose sweaters in trees for for blog pictures. Give up. Don’t try to explain yourself. Don’t make any attempt to explain. All those things that make sense to us and don’t make sense to them? Just do it. Be knitters, and let it rip, and that’s what I’m doing with this tour this time (which doesn’t really represent a lifestyle shift for me, but might for you.) Starting with the launch, I’m going to suggest that everywhere I go, that knitters spend that day getting as inexplicable as possible. Embrace your inner knitter and go nuts. Your choice. Think up the weirdness and get to it. Imagine our goal as trying to make as many of the non-knitting as possible, wander home smiling to themselves and saying “I saw the damnedest thing today”.

Since the launch is here in Toronto, which is the first time that one of my books has launched properly and first in Canada (which is a very big deal to me) we have a special opportunity to show everybody what knitters are made of in these parts, and we are taking it just as far as we can. I (with the help of Rachel H and Joe) have arranged a few things that should make perfect sense to all of you, and be entirely inexplicable to everyone else.

1. April 1st, all day, there will be, here in Toronto, a Sock Picture Scavenger Hunt. A list of sock picture opportunities will be posted (here, likely tomorrow) and knitters have all day on the 1st (and only the first) to scramble around the city scoring sock pictures. I imagine that this should be seriously inexplicable. At the launch, prizes will be awarded for mad sock picture skills. It is going to be weird. It is going to be good.

2. For the fist time in Knitter history (I think) a Canadian knitting author/philosopher/ comic is getting an opening act of iconic Canadian musicians. Andy Maize and Michael Johnston (Skydiggers) are starting up the show, and if you don’t think that’s cool, you’re not thinking. (It’s also pretty inexplicable.) I have given them very little direction, and only asked that they start somewhere before I do, (Doors open at Six, I go on about seven) and keep you company while you knit. They are brilliant and funny and you will love them. I promise. Hell, come see them and forget about me. (I don’t really mean that.)

3. Rachel H, that organizational genius and generous heart, has sprung for more of the famed (and pretty rare) Knitters Without Borders pins.


This means that you can have one at the signing in exchange for a donation (give big) to MΓ©decins Sans FrontiΓ¨res/Doctors Without Borders, which we will hand right over to them for you. There is a limited number of these pins, and it is really pretty likely that the only place you are going to be able to get one this year is at this launch. Last year they went almost all in an evening in NYC, so this year it’s Toronto.

4. I’m pre-signing all the books. If you buy a book at the launch it will be signed with no waiting around. Last time, that was not the fun part, so we’re skipping it. This makes the next part super fun.

5. We are all going (me too, since I don’t have to sit and sign) to meet up afters at The Foxes Den. (If you are from Brampton, that’s probably cracking you up, because in Brampton there’s a strip club (where men, rather than women liberate their clothing) by the same name. This is not that place. Everyone will have clothes on. I think. I can’t promise anything for all knitters.) We’ll head over there after, hoist a great many pints, laugh, confuse the wait-staff and other patrons and I’ll personalize any books that you simply must have done. It will be grand, and I think we should go over together. I suggest a parade, just to mess with the non-knitting.

The Isabel Bader Theatre is huge, we are going to have tons of room, you don’t need tickets or an RSVP (no matter who tells you differently) and there should be enough knitters that it gets truly weird, and should shock the pants right off of the University of Toronto, who own the joint. (You can already hear it in their voices. “Knitters?”) The whole thing is going to be big fun, and I’m looking forward to what else people come up with, for that day, and for other days in the future of the tour. Hundreds of knitters congregating is as inexplicable as it gets to the non-knitting, and If people already think you’re inexplicable, then you might as well take it as far as your wildest dreams go. There is much that knitting has taught me, not the least of which is that we’re a subculture, and I know that to the non-knitting, it all looks like most of our behaviour is odd. I don’t care, and I think you shouldn’t either. People who don’t knit aren’t going to get it, and that is an awesome opportunity to mess with them. We can serve our own purposes, create events and occasions that make sense to us, and boldly go, unfettered by the norms of the rest of society, since we’re already weird enough that we have nothing to lose. It’s taken me a long time to figure it out, but one of the things I’ve learned from knitting is that it changes you. It shapes your life, and you’re not the same person once you know how, and that means you think differently than other people.

Inexplicable knitter behaviour. Coming soon to a city near you… but starting right here. Party on.

356 thoughts on “Inexplicable Knitter Behaviour

  1. I just called Joseph-Beth’s in Lexington, KY to see if your book was in stock, as you’ll be there on the 5th. They just got the shipment in today. YAY!!!! It’s nice to see that you like your book…that may sounds silly, but if the author holds his (her) book in high esteem, it gives good reason to the buyer to do so as well. Hopefully I’ll see you on the 5th! πŸ™‚ BTW, I just started my first pair of socks on Saturday, of course, using your pattern.

  2. If we aren’t from Toronto, can we somehow order a signed copy?
    I completely understand that glazed over look — I get it all the time from co-workers or family or even strangers, though I think I have converted a couple co-workers.

  3. Stephanie-I’m unable to join you in Toronto for the launch of your magnum opus. I wish you and all those in attendance great fun and laughs and have one or two for me. I’ll be looking for your book in Kingston. I plan on giving one copy to my sister who, in over 40 years of sisterhood, haver never, ever, gotten the knitting thing. Geez…

  4. I’m in CA, but I will do my level best to mess with some non-knitters on april 1st. I’m not sure what, but I’ll think of something. I’m with you in spirit, and I’m off to order the book.

  5. In my imagination I am booking a plane ticket to Toronto right now as I look out my Saskatchewan window to see a BLIZZARD!
    Wish I could inexplicably be there.

  6. We’ll be with you in spirit here on the West Coast. You are just superly inspiring! Go S, go knitters – Mess with the Muggles.

  7. I so wish I could be there. It sounds like loads of fun. I do hope that you plan to post pics of the socks. Have a grand time!

  8. You go girl!! Sounds like a ball or skein or whatever. The muggles are so easy to play with it almost doesn’t seem fair. Fun but almost too easy. Congrats. Maybe I’ll make it to Philly for your tour.

  9. Awww, you Canadians get to have all the fun! Hoise a pint for me, please?
    As for Inexplicable Knitting Behavior — I went to a legal education course last year with 200 lawyers in which there were 6 knitting lawyers. 4 women, two men. Knitting, as I recall, several sweaters, a baby outfit (from grandfather to grandson), socks, scarves and something that was destined to be a shawl. I think we freaked the other lawyers out at our ability to knit while paying attention to the speakers . . .

  10. Congrats on the new book!!! It looks fab.
    Looking forward to seeing you in Philly. Are you continuing with your Inexplicable knitter behaviour tour? Can’t wait to see what you conjour up in Philly.

  11. Yeah! I so wish I could be there next week, alas, work will not allow (although my passport would get me over the border and back). See you at the end of the month! Congrats on the book – the cover looks great!

  12. Oh that sounds like so much fun. I wish I could come! I’m stuck in florida dang it. Especially now that I have finally been exposed to the glory of the hand knitted sock! (I am a keeper of the old magic… As are we all…. =^) ).
    The whole “inexplicable knitter behavior” bit reminded me of college when my roomate, who was a VERY accomplished seamstress who used to make vintage and historical clothing and such, went billy joel caroling throughout campus with lanterns wearing dresses she made based on stuff woman wore in the 1800’s. It was a blast. People kind of looked at us like we were weird, which of course, we were. We used to dress in period costumes she made all the time, and one time someone asked us why we were dressed like that and our response was “we’re going to the post office”. Like that explained everything.
    Every once in a while you just have to make them wonder…. =^)

  13. Bravo on the launch – the music opening act brought me to happy tears. Have a muggle-amazing celebration of wooly crafting. Yes! I’m very happy and look forward to the Amazon box arriving. We are also purchasing more books when we drive up to Portland.

  14. I’m in California… but i’ll be in Toronto in November.
    Can you sign my book then?

  15. I love the idea of knitters taking over the world! πŸ™‚ When I knit as I walk along with my daughter during her Special Olympics golf practice sessions, I get such interesting looks but I think after 2 years, they’re getting used to me knitting and walking! I am fully prepared to be inexplicable in Seattle later this month! πŸ™‚

  16. you’re going to be in my area on April 21st (seattle)! unfortunately, that’s the second day of class. i’d skip class in a heartbeat, but i’m the teacher.
    here’s hoping i can convince my husband to attend the booksigning…

  17. ooooooooh – It almost makes me want to live in Toronto (til I think of your winter descriptions). But I take heart that THIS time you’re coming to MY city! I’m so excited!

  18. You’ve met my husband so this will make sense to you – his birthday is April 1st. Fitting, I know. I may just have to let him celebrate all on his own this year…

  19. Hoping to head up for THE day and just checking if there are any special requests for types of bagels or will an assortment of flavours suffice. Can I assume cheese curds will be welcome as well? I know your heading out on tour the next day but can I assume bagels and curds will be consumed before you go–probably @ the pub!
    Cheers, Barbie O. in Montreal

  20. First, gratz on the new book. I look forward to reading it soon.
    But I want to disagree on the deliberate weirding-out of the non-knitters. It seems to me that by each living our knitterly existence in our own way, we affect those around us, knitter or non. I liken it to the GLBT community – in fact very much like it, except I don’t think there are any recorded cases of knitters being beaten to death in alleyways just for having a sock-in-progress in their hands.
    There are those who feel the only way to gain recognition is to parade down Yonge (or whatever) street with whistles and music and outrageous costumes. There are those who feel that when they come out of the closet, they must come out twirling, in a FAB outfit. There are those who deliberately queen (or butch) it up, just to provoke a reaction. And then there are those who, by a subtle wearing of a rainbow pin or pride rings, or the deliberate non-neutering of their language, let others know who they are, without having to scream it in a neon thong.
    I’m that kind of knitter. I KIP on a daily basis, I meet a few friends on occasion in a knit-friendly coffee shop. I carry my knitting everywhere, and wear my handknits with pride. I teach knitting classes and am always happy to talk about my knitting with an interested person. But just like I don’t march in Pride parades to demonstrate my sexual preference, neither do I feel the need to stampede with the herd to demonstrate my knit-love.
    Have fun, y’all. Just remember you run the risk of alienating instead of educating. Do you really WANT people to feel that if you knit, you’re a weirdo?

  21. I was at your launch last year in NYC…Everyone going to Toronto have fun!!! Hope to see you in the Philadelphis area.

  22. Congrats on the new book. Can’t wait to add it to my Harlot collection.
    Now I did notice that there’s no mention of April 1 being April Fools Day. Is there any significance to that being the day for the tour kickoff?

  23. The first time I knit at a tax conference (I’m a tax accountant)I realized I could stay awake during the lecture portion of the course. Also no one would sit in the seats in front of me, beside me or behind me.

  24. I want to find a sock picture! That would be the most fun thing I could ever think to do!! Okay – back to my boring life now….
    ….waiting in Columbus, Ohio.

  25. Hooray! Congrats! Superb plans! And *finally* a launch in Canada. I’m so happy for all you guys. Sounds like a wonderful party, have a great time!
    Yep; reminds me of my own motto I came up with way, way back. If you’re weird, don’t try to act normal. That way, when you do something strange, people won’t think you’re weird. [g]

  26. I’m in the Boston area so I’ll have to miss the Toronto launch — although I’m tempted to drive the 10 hours and totally surprise my cousins who live in the Annex.
    You say that the theatre is large enough, but I checked and its capacity is only 500. Maybe someone should book an overflow room just in case….

  27. All hail RachelH and her mighty organizational skills! (This time please post a photo of her super-chic launch outfit, ok?)

  28. Argh! Can’t you have the sock hunt on the weekend for those of us who have to work?????
    Oh well, I’ll be at the launch come hell or high water (Oh barring breaking news of great importance to the Canadian public that will take away my babysitter – better NOT happen!).

  29. I love that first paragraph because it is pretty much a direct response to a conversation at my Easter dinner last night which combined knitters with non-knitters who were enthusiastic but trying to summarize knitters into some kind of cohesive whole.
    And nnnnnggggghhhhh but I want one of those pins and continue to kick myself that I still likely won’t be able to get one in person! They are beautiful and highly covetable and I’ll bet you’ll raise thousands more in one evening just through the knitters who will want one too.
    Sock Scavenger Hunt is BRILLIANT.

  30. Hmm . . . we wear matching shirts. Quite frankly I think we startle/scar people. They are never quite sure what to think of us. The muggles always seem to have that “deer in the headlights” look about them (especially when we travel in packs).

  31. If I’m not in labor, I plan to be at the Northampton production on 4/27. Best of luck kicking off the tour (you don’t need it). I’ll be in front with a huge belly and hopefully a gaggle of knitterly friends too. Have much beer for me……*sigh*

  32. Congratulations on the book! I waited too long (a week?) to reserve my place here in the Twin Cities and now I don’t have one πŸ™
    I have my fingers crossed, maybe, just maybe someone will back up. Have fun on the book tour!

  33. Previous comment taken: the sanctimonious need NOT parade along. Dispensation granted.
    Everyone else, STRUT.

  34. Just be sure to pace yourself – you’ve got a long, crazy month ahead of you with LOTS of inexplicable fun to be had!

  35. I see that Allison beat me to it–I was going to let you know that Joseph-Beth in Lexington got their shipment today! I’ll be at the event on the 5th as well. I’m looking forward to meeting you!

  36. Since I can’t be there and must be here, at our Twisted Tuesday Knit night we will hoist some serious beverage-juice-drink-liquid-libation in honor of the Book and yerself!! Cheers and party on!

  37. My knitting group meets on Monday nights, in an Irish pub.
    Last Monday was St. Patrick’s Day.
    Boy, did we weird some people out!
    Sorry I can’t come to Toronto, but see you in Northampton!

  38. Congrats on the new book. I’ve just added to the list of books I keep in my wallet.
    I’m so jealous of the Toronto people – sounds like a super fun night of knitting talk and people.
    I always get a double-take when I tell people that I knit. I guess knitting and athlete aren’t a familiar mix. But I find it really helps me take my mind off of training and bike racing.

  39. I loved your post! I am a hooker (crochet) not a knitter (yet – soon though!), and I get all sorts of weird looks when I crochet out in public! I rather like being inexplicable rather than have some sort of preconceived idea about me based on my hobby!
    Wish I was in Canada – I’d love to come to your signing!!!!! I wish you all the best!!

  40. Oh, how I wish I could be there…since there’s no way for me to make the trek from the Southern New Mexican desert, I promise to raise a few pints of green chile beer in your honor, and knit up some especially scrumptious yarn. Rock on with your wild and wooly self!

  41. The book looks beautiful! I am excited to see you in Lexington, KY on april 5 (it will be the day after my comprehensive exams for my master’s… be kind to me.)

  42. firstly: congrats!
    secondly: YEA!!! most muggles aquire that ‘deer in the headlights’ look when trying to comprehend knitters. Gentleness and unobtrusiviness are a requirement when trying to cultivate muggles.

  43. Oh! I wish I could be there… It sounds like it’s going to be a blast! To everyone who’ll be there, have fun!

  44. That sounds like way too much fun to miss- maybe the inexplicability will start at the border, when I tell the guards that the reason that I am going to Toronto is to take pix of sock and knit! (AND drink beer. I think that will help…)
    iconclastically yours,

  45. First: a big WOOOO-HOOOOO! Tell it like it is.
    Second, re: not alienating the muggles. It feels to me that the comment perhaps took this directive the wrong way? The point is that if our behavior (or behaviour) as knitters is “inexplicable,” that we shouldn’t feel like we have to hide simply because others don’t understand why we want to do what we like. Isn’t this, too, similar to those in and those who support and love the LGBT community? Be who you are? If who you are is inexplicable, don’t feel you have to explain to or be loved by those who refuse to try and see who you are, be inexplicable in groups, be more who you feel yourself to be. If, as in the case of the earlier commentor, that means going about your business calmly expressing affiliations through quiet and subtle gestures, then by all means, carry on. If, however, (as in the case of so many of us) that means to continue being our quirky, individualistic, iconoclastic selves, then, as stated to begin with, WOOOOOOO-HOOOOOO! Game on!

  46. Wow, a perfect opportunity to debut my (own slogan) inexplicable knitting t-shirt.
    I will stay mum on the actual slogan (only Jane knows), but I think you will want one!

  47. Omigod it’s so small and cute and would fit in my little carryaround bag!
    I think I’m going to buy it, and print a copy of this post, and stick that inside it, and then once I’m done reading the book, it’s going to live in my car… next to the uh, you know. Inexplicable yarn related items which live in my car no matter what. That way, I can say “Look, YOU may not understand why I’m unsure about the location of the jack, but am positive there are 4 skeins of laceweight and 3 decent needles here in case of a flat tire, BUT DAMMIT, STEPHANIE UNDERSTANDS, so, yeah. So there.”
    P.S. Your tour schedulers are evil, vicious people who are brutalizing you with a tour, while still making it so you’re never within 4 hours of me so I don’t know if I’ll be making it to any of your stops. Hrmph. If I mail you a copy will you sign it?

  48. Congratulations. Everything you said about knitting is true – we all do it and like it for different reasons. I listened to the podcast from last weeks interview on Fresh Air Canada. (I was on vacation last week). What fun to hear your voice! You did a great job. I wish I could come up there for the festivities!

  49. Thanks so much for cheering us on and up with each and every post. I look forward to your Webs appearance toward the end of the book. If no one has offered you a beer afterwards, consider this the offer. Best of luck w/ the launch, I’m sure it will be fantastic.

  50. Way to go, pearl-mcphee-o! Way to go! Way to go! Makes me so happy you’ve up and said it! It is so RIGHT β€” what you are expressing/doing. My bestest wishes to you, dear soul. May your days be as splendid as your thoughts. Good luck for a fantastic April 1 launch. For solidarity, in London I shall do my best to do the same as your good Toronto selves on the big day.

  51. OK, I want that on a T-shirt. “Warning…Capable of Inexplicable Knitter Behaviour”, or something similar. I would happily send funds to KWB or elsewhere for that one. What about it?

  52. Stephanie – What date does your book officially come out? says March 5th, but it’s still only avail for pre-order? I’m dying to get a copy, just curious when! (If you have any idea?)

  53. Saw you at New York last year, was the absolute BEST. Can’t even imagine what it would be like in your home court.
    I’m quite peeved that while I preordered the bookbookbook on amazon, it won’t be shipping until April 1st πŸ™ not that I’d have time to read it right now, so I suppose it’s for the best…

  54. … and, in honour of your excellent views on supporting the guys who support you, I’m going to hang on in there and wait and buy the book from I Knit London at your London launch. Now that’s showing the love!

  55. Inexplicably, I won’t be able to get from California to Toronto, but I am really looking forward to being a thoroughly inexpliccable knitter on April 1st! Thanks for the encouragment to be who I really am!

  56. I was looking at the tour schedule…what’s the chance there will be a California date added? I’m planning to buy they book and will wait to buy it at an event…if there is going to be an event I can get to. Otherwise, I’m going to have to go another route.

  57. Thanks for giving us a reason to come out of our knitted cocoons. (Even if we choose to knit them from wool or acrylic, cable or lace, dpn or circular, striped or intarsia….)
    Go make us proud!

  58. woohoo! Can’t wait until you get back to alanta in a couple weeks! last time you were here, the line outside the theater waiting to get in wrapped around the block, and cars would stop and ask people in line “what are you waiting for? is there a good concert going on?”
    and we’d say “no! we’re knitters! and we’re going to hear a knitting humor author speak!”
    and then they’d just kind of stare down at the long line of us all waiting there with our needles and books…and drive off in a bit of a confused fog. it was quite excellent.

  59. Well, I’m not in Toronto, or even near enough to get there, but I’m thinking there are some excellent sock photo ops here in Indy. The Motor Speedway comes to mind, maybe posing the sock on a race car. Ya think? I just love being a tad bit weird anyway. Congrats on the book. Gonna get it when you’re here (Well, in the northern suburb of Carmel) on tour. Party on, knitters of Toronto and environs!

  60. Congratulations on another successful “birth”. Your launch event sounds fantastic. With 6 months to plan for your visit to the UK, who knows what we can come up with. Looking forward to it.

  61. So then…it’s kind of like trying to classify all Stephanies. They don’t all knit, or even appreciate knitting (that particular cousin will never get another knitted gift!) They don’t all do yoga, and they ain’t all midwifes…
    Like a lot of life I guess.

  62. I requested the night off of work for the Carmel, IN event and in the box where it wants to know “Reason for Time Off:” I put “Yarn Harlot book signing”. My boss literally called me on the walkie to come to her office to explain that one. Needless to say I couldn’t, and I’ll be there! πŸ™‚

  63. Wow. . . . Just flippin’ wow! This is so cool. I bet you’ll have a boatload of fun. It’s nice to see the wilderness didn’t turn you creepy (like Jack Nicholson or Cathy Bates). I can’t wait to see how all the festivities go. I can’t wait for you to visit WI again!!!!!! I think you’re coming to Madison which is loads closer to my house. You know, we have a pretty awesome independent bookseller in Manitowoc. . . . . .
    Just sayin’

  64. Whilst checking on my pre-order for this book on Amazon, I was made aware in their totally in your face way, that a NEW Stephanie Pearl-McPhee book is ready for pre-order – to be released September 2008. Orders rushing in for the book you are rushing to finish. How cool is that!
    Wish I could indulge in the inexplicable behavior in Toronto. Alas, I shall have to wait a week until you are in Annapolis, MD.

  65. Well, it’s probably just where I’m am in life, but what it sounds like to me is Knitting Pride. Embrace all the little things that knitters have in common and reject the shame of Lame Knitting Stereotypes. Knit on!

  66. Congratulations on the new book. You certainly don’t need to feel weird for carrying it around–or for showing it to random strangers.

  67. I told my husband that we should move to Canada insted of Arizona!!!
    Congratulations on the book Stephanie, can’t wait to read it.

  68. Oh, I almost forgot, congratulations on the book of course, but big congratulations on the hometown launch. It makes me smile to think how nice that must feel.

  69. My answer to your statement “Knitters are…” is EVERYWHERE!! We are in the airport, we are at the movies (especially when we have daughters who like crappy movies…), we are in boring meetings hiding in the back, we are just everywhere. As a matter of fact, I am doing my part to perpetuate the Knitter Species by volunteering at my daughter’s middle school. I host a knitting club at 7:45 in the morning (yikes, that is early!!) two days a week. I currently am cultivating a wonderful crop of 18 new pre-teen knitters who will or already have joined our ranks! Got to keep the Knitter population going!! Congrats on the book. Can’t wait to read it.

  70. Stephanie, I do not believe that you are capable of putting out a book (or anything else) that you have NOT worked really hard on!!!!!!
    Congratulations on your “new baby” and I’m really looking to getting my own copy!

  71. i so want to come up for this- i just need to make sure i can leave the husband with the kids for 2 days mid-week, and that i can crash on my parent’s couch. i’m taking the bus for this Stephanie!

  72. Sounds lovely! Wish I could make it out but so far the closest one to me is about a 2.5 hour drive, and it’s on a Monday night. :/

  73. I wish I could come to Toronto. I cased the Borders you’ll be at on April 2 and the area where they hold the readings is pretty small.

  74. Congratulations and have a great time in the Toronto launch! My inexplicable knitting behavior is taking off work at 3pm to pick up a friend and drive an hour to Annapolis to your signing. Holding off to buy the book there, but it’s tough.
    I already told a muggle colleague I was going to see a fav knitting author. She thought that was a great occasion for satire. Joke’s on her!
    My husband thinks I’m nuts, but he likes the socks he gets out of it, so is lovingly tolerant.

  75. I am sooooo excited. Your blog has been my personal support centre and I never miss a post even when I’m up north on ‘dial up’. I feel at home here, I am always nodding my head or laughing my head off when I read your warm and funny posts. You make me feel so normal, you make ‘dorky’ seem normal and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  76. Do you know how much money you have raised to date for MSF? I ask because I had thought that the amount on your blog/web page was from on line donations, made before the crashing of the computer and its records. I was unaware of the Knitters Without Borders pens being “sold” in NYC for a donation. Is that money counted up and added into the figure on your blog?
    Why am I so terribly worried? Because I want this movement to raise over $1 million dollars. Easy for me to say, since I am not the one doing the hard part. Well, it is hard for me to part with my money, but I do it for MSN, you are the one to put your hand out and ask for the money. Maybe you can suggest that donations for MSF are always welcome at your events. Maybe even a little contaner to put the money into on your book signing table? Just a thought. Like so many others, I could give a donation anytime. But whenever you ask, I do give.

  77. congratulations, i’m sure it’s good and funny!
    i think i scared my roommate yesterday because i spent the ENTIRE day dyeing, unraveling, winding, blocking, and, of course, knitting. to me that seemed completely natural…

  78. People glaze over for knitters? They can at least relate to a sweater or something to wear. May I suggest that you NOT tell them you design quilt patterns, and induce the eye flutter of non-relating panic. I have learned to not mention it unless specifically asked, and even then, I don’t try to elaborate. Maybe 1 person in 100 will ask for details, but normally, they say something like “my Aunt Sally used to quilt…when I was a kid…” and trail off.
    All to say, knitters–why pigeonhole ourselves? If asked, and the eyes roll up, don’t wring yourself out trying to explain the appeal. It is more charitable to comfort them quickly. How about only that you enjoy knitting, and isn’t this sweater soft and marvelous? Then get the subject back on them.

  79. As a writer I understand completely “it’s sort of a big deal…” Congratulations!
    I learned to knit from Danny O. about three years ago, and it has certainly changed my life. Last year I started a knitting group in a queer resource library here in Guelph, and already every month we have at least 10 people coming to hang out and knit together. Practically every meeting there is somebody new, visiting from Vancouver or Arizona. You might realize that this essay about inexplicable knitter behaviour thoroughly resonates with my experience of being queer! Maybe I have a little too much mystique in my life, but I love it.

  80. 1. Congratulations! I hope the book has Harry Potter–like sales and that you make a bajillion dollars.
    2. Do I live in a hazy bubble world? I’m always perplexed and saddened by your posts about The Weirdness of Knitters and How Outsiders Will Never Understand Us. I’m only ever greeted on buses and benches by friendliness and curiosity. I will always treasure the memory of sitting on a skeezy bus speeding through a scary Chicago neighborhood while a bunch of alarming-looking men told me all about the things their mommas and grannies used to knit for them. Lots of my friends knit, but the ones who don’t seem to view knitting as any other hobby that a person might do. When you like a craft, you buy craft supplies, whether it’s yarn or paint.
    I dunno. I feel normal for me. I like knitting. Other people like other stuff. It’s all good.

  81. Congratulations on the new book. It is something to be very proud of. My daughter got her first big article published in American Photo and of course, I had to buy a copy and show everyone I know that her name is in a hard copy. Be proud! We all love you, even if I didn’t know how far you were walking in the snow.

  82. See, I think the problem is that non-knitters DO have a stereotype about knitters/knitting, and when we don’t match what they expect–there’s the confusion. If we want them to be comfortable, we need to get back in the box, which actually conjures up some pretty interesting ideas for the ‘out of the box’ tour! Have fun – I’ll be with all of you in spirit!

  83. Congratulations on your new book! It looks like it could be lots and lots of fun. ^_^
    I used to a private Christian academy in Brampton in Canada and the comment on the male strip club (where males strip instead of women) exists in the same area, especially since the only recollection that I have about that area is snow, snow, and school. ^^;;

  84. Thank you. πŸ™‚
    Now if only tickets for your St Paul event hadn’t sold out in a week… (a week! you’re very popular here it seems).

  85. Congrats! I’ll be calling my LYS tomorrow morning (closed on Mon) to see if it’s in yet. I’ve already reserved my 2009 calendar! You do realize that all this craziness on April Fool’s Day (is that celebrated in Canada?) will really cause some freak outs. When people go home and try to explain what they saw (knitters on the loose), no one will believe them. Wish I could be there but I’m glad it’s being done right and starting in your town this time.

  86. knitting parade. Brilliant. I envision a crowd of you stoping to pose for pictures of your half knitted sock. Good times, Good times!

  87. Yay, book! The launch sounds amazingly fun and if I didn’t have a presentation to give that afternoon I’d drive to Toronto for it (I like Toronto, just not driving into it). I’ll just have to enjoy hearing about it later.

  88. I plan on giving a speech about knitting for my General Speech class, in april. I’ll definitely be quoting you.. Maybe if I can get your book before then I can wave it around with the others, trying to share some knitting wonder with the class.

  89. *YAY*
    I can’t wait for the first.
    I was already excited just to go, and now a sock scavenger hunt.
    Does it get any better than this?

  90. So jealous I can’t come to Toronto!!! But I know it will be a blast! I didn’t pre-order this book because I wasn’t sure what my address would be when it came out (of course, it stayed the same…figures…) so I’ll venture out into the wild tonight or tomorrow to see if I can find a copy! Woohoo!
    At my undergrad school (Texas A&M University) we had a lot of what could be called inexplicable Aggie behavior (aka “Traditions”) and we had a saying: “From the outside looking in you can’t understand it; from the inside looking out you can’t explain it.” Your post reminds me quite fondly of that. =)
    Best of luck! Can’t wait to hear all about the launch!!! =)

  91. I am trying to change a work committment to be at your signing in Annapolis, which is only 45 minutes from my home in Baltimore. My husband (with whom I work) is trying to help make it happen. He is not a knitter, although he did learn as a child, but hasn’t picked up needles in 50 years. He does “get” me however, and loves the end products that result from my being a knitter. He even went so far as to tell my mother that he is very lucky to have a wife with a pasttime that results in such nice things. And he indulges my stash acquisition (actually he is an enabler). I may even ask him to help me come up with good inexpicable things that day, as he is way better at it than I could hope to be.

  92. I was at lunch with a business associate the other week, and she gestured over my shoulder and said “Look at the women at that table.” I looked, and shrugged. She said “Look again!” Again, I looked … and had no idea what she was talking about.
    Finally she said “The one in the red shirt is knitting! At the table! In a RESTAURANT!”
    It was so completely unremarkable to me, that I had literally not noticed. She, on the other hand, was completely freaked out by it.
    Yeah … they don’t get it.

  93. I was wandering while working – Igram has 1,500 copies on order for your new book. Excellent!
    When will it be available on CD??? Soon I hope. I really enjoy driving down the road listening to you and laughing – other drivers just shake their heads. It’s like knitting in public.
    Enjoying the sunlight and dreaming of knitting at work…

  94. This almost makes me want to leave Australia and move to Canada.
    You know, I’d do it if it didn’t get so bloody cold there. Have a fantastic time! It sounds like so much fun.

  95. I have your book on order at Amazon and I am very much looking forward to it. But I have to say I agree with Kathy at 3:56(?) “Weirding out the muggles/non-knitters/people-who-are not-us” is not for me. I think it also contributes to a them-against-us mentality which is never a good thing. By all means be proud of being a knitter, have fun being a knitter, have an absolute blast at the launch but I just don’t feel purposeful alienation is helpful.

  96. Congratulations, Stephanie! The book looks fantastic, can’t wait to get a copy in my hands and read it!
    SO wish I could be in Toronto April 1st!

  97. You kill me with the not coming to Las Vegas, NV thing! We even have a beautiful LYS here that would gladly host you and I can personally promise to bring you cupcakes.
    Should you ever decide you’d like to visit our fair (and often forgotten by famous knitters) city, please let me know and I’ll start baking the cupcakes.
    Congrats on the new book. I’m going to the bookstore immediately after posting this to hunt it down. I may even begin reading it in the bookstore, even though I’m only half way through ‘Knitting Rules!’ right now….

  98. Congrats on the book!
    So sad I’ll miss this launch – I’m a Torontonian, but as luck would have it, have to work out of town that night. Guess I’ll just have to talk my knitting grrlfriend into scooping me a copy at the launch.
    Enjoy post-launch the knitting/drinking fun – that’s always a hoot for me!

  99. Oh man! That “theme” is just too exciting for words. Just when I thought I couldn’t get any more excited about you being in Madison!!!!!

  100. OMG, I wish I was a closer to the Canandian border than the Mexcian one right now. (wow, I doubt I’ve ever said anything close to that.)
    Congrats on your new book. I am going to have to hunt that one down.
    Funny story: I teach in an intensive English language school, and I was subbing for another teacher last week. They were working on a writing assignment, so I got out my knitting. By the end of class they starting watching me, and one of the boys asked me what I was making. I told him, and he laughted…..I’m knitting a sweater. My first one in fact, and here in Oklahoma it’s spring already….not exactly condusive to a wool sweater. πŸ™ The whole class was impressed, and another student asked that when I finish I come and show them. It made my day. While they probably don’t understand me, a knitter, they tried. p.s. I have one sleeve left, so I might get a little wear out of it before it’s shorts and tank top weather.

  101. Hurrah for inexplicable knitting behaviour. Need to come up with a t-shirt for that day – I’ll put my thinking cap on.
    Danielle at 4:50 – don’t know where your bus is coming from, but if you aren’t meeting up with anyone else, let me know – I’ll be there with a friend I’m trying to assimilate and could use some help. I think we’re going early in the day to roam the city. e-mail me.
    Marsha – are you stll out there? Your e-mail address has changed? Andrea and I are going on April 1 – want to come out and play again?
    Can’t wait for the book! I’ve got mine reserved at Lettuce Knit for pick up on the 1st – may I get it signed somehow?
    Too excited to make much sense here – I’ll feel better after I go home and have a glass of wine. And knit. and read some SPM books. and knit. and maybe some more wine.

  102. I can only imagine how you must feel with that book in your hot little hand. Congratulations–you deserve all that comes with your success.
    Rip it up out there.

  103. I was bummed when I missed getting tickets for your St. Paul, MN signing. This launch in Toronto has me wishing I could hop a plane and join you for the celebration. Sock hunting I could do. Okay, I’m gonna go eat some chocolate and then go buy some yarn, and/or needles…something to take the edge off….

  104. The technical name for this behavior is
    ‘Freak the Mundanes’
    Challenge accepted.

  105. A round trip ticket Seattle to Toronto for that date… $1500. I’ll see you on the 21st! The Hubby added it to the calendar before I could get to it, I think he’s as excited as I am.

  106. Stephanie!
    This is just so wonderful!
    When you listen to the word
    “INEXPLICABLE” is the “sound” of knitting!!!!
    listen . . .
    much love

  107. I might actually catch up with you this time but not in Toronto. When we rode Harleys, there was a saying, “if you have to explain, they wouldn’t understand”. The same would and does apply to knitting. All of my friends but one are knitters which is good. Otherwise I think I would run out of conversation in five minutes!

  108. I think you hit the nail on the head completely. We are not a demographic. Modern society is all about the pigeonhole. We defy pigeonholeing, and that’s what gets them. Who are we? They don’t know. They don’t like that they don’t know.
    Screw ’em.

  109. Your book will be good and funny both, judging by thing #12’s title. Also, I am moving to Toronto next week so that I can join the fun. Know anybody who’s looking for a roommate?

  110. Congrats on the new book. I received an IOU for it for my birthday two weeks ago. Can’t wait! Would you believe that I actually priced an airplane ticket to Toronto — over $400 with stops! Would you also believe that I actually considered it for a minute!
    Why, why, why no stops in Texas??? I realize we’re not exactly prime knitting territory; we’ve already had 80 degree days this year. However, we do have the “Weird Capital” of probably most of the universe a mere three hour drive from me. If you come to Austin, I promise to personally purchase & deliver to you a “Keep Austin Weird” t-shirt for you to wear that day. And I’ll photograph my latest SIP anywhere you designate! Please, please, please ya’ll come down here, y’hear!
    P.S. — Next time you go to that beautiful cabin in the woods, I suggest you leave whatever book-in-progress you’re working on and take JOE instead! Just a thought, deary.

  111. damn it all to hell. how am i going to get there in time from calgary? i have my tiara already, and my knitting.. so all i need is a flight.

  112. Having already been a member of one inexplicable group (nurses), I am fairly comfortable being in another. You can’t define it, but you know it when you see it. Mess wth the muggles!!

  113. So don’t think of it as “deliberate alienation.” Think of it as amusing the public.
    “Thinking the world should entertain you leads to boredom and sloth. Thinking you should entertain the world leads to amusing graffiti, bright colored clothing and amazing grace in running for the bus.”
    Anne Herbert
    (Come to think of it, sounds like Denny.)

  114. I’ve hatched a plan to come all by my little lonesome from Sudbury..on the bus, at 6 am the day of the launch. The man says go ahead, as long as I get on a bus back home that night at some point. I’ve traveled to Toronto many times, but never alone.This will be so much fun! I hope someone will adopt me as a tag a long friend so I’m not completely alone all day.

  115. Congratulations Steph! It looks like a great new book. I’m so jealous of you Torontonians. I love the Skydiggers! I guess I’ll have to get a copy of the book and put on their CD and go engage in some inexplicable knitter behaviour of my own. Perfect for April fools day! Have fun!

  116. Oh, the launch sounds like so much fun! When will it be Chicago’s turn to launch a book for you? I love the cover & just want to say, how could you expect others to love it if you didn’t? Nothing wrong with being proud of such a major accomplishment 0 I think that’s a really female thing – the false modesty (I know I do it myself but think about it – have you ever seen a guy do it?)

  117. Good morning Stephanie – love your blog.
    I would like to say I knit in public when waiting for things like the dentist, blood donation etc to get going and have never had any person express an adverse, negative or gee whizz opinion. I think the difference is that I live in New Zealand and our grans, mums and sisters were knitters and so kitting isn’t such an out there thing to do. Are Kiwis more polite or couldn’t they care less about what I do in the dentist’s waiting room? Who knows? Won’t stop me.
    Good luck with the book launch.

  118. I try to read some of the choice parts of your books to my husband. He finally said, “I’m sure that’s really funny, but I don’t understand why.” He is a very understanding person and is an artist, but he doesn’t knit. Such a hoot!
    Thanks for your books. They are terrific.
    Sarah in Houston

  119. Congratulations on the book. Can’t wait to get mine! Now, on the subject of knitting weirdness, many of my students know I knit and one asked me to make her a pair of socks. So I did, and when they were done I proudly pulled them out of my bag in the staff lunch room. I waved them around, I looked at them, then I looked up. What I saw were 10 of my teacher friends, forks frozen in mid-air, staring silently at me. I put the socks away and didn’t mention them again. Funny thing, though, a few weeks ago I showed them a baby sweater I was making for someone on staff and they all went nuts over it. Maybe it’s just the socks they don’t understand.

  120. Grr…none of the bookstores here anticipate getting it until April 28!!! Even Amazon’s free shipping is faster than that! πŸ˜‰

  121. Congratulations on your new book. I’ll pick a copy up asap. I’ve been thinking…knitting, for me, has become a way of life.

  122. I recently had the chance to show the Truly International Sock KAL a good time here where I live, and I had a grand time explaining it to folks. I didn’t find it to be an exercise in alienation at all – even the non-knitting public I encountered thought it was a really cool idea. So I think one can be inexplicable in a thoroughly charming way. Practically every knitter I have ever met has certainly been charming!
    I am definitely up for the t-shirt and would send another contribution to get a pin!

  123. All knitting behavior seems inexplicable so it’s going to be fun to see a marshalled and determined effort. Go, Knitters! I’ll be cheering you all on from my desk in California.
    Also your new book has “the crushed and dried entrails of a wildebeest with my personal diary written in blood”. ?? COOL! lol.

  124. Hey, speaking of fiber festivals in other countries, did you know there’s going to be one on Martha’s Vineyard next month? It started as part of “Shearing Day” for the farm’s CSA fiber-shareholders and blossomed. It’s not going to be the size of Rhinebeck or SOAR or anything like that, but it’s the first one, and it’s on Martha’s Vineyard. That’s … that’s … bliss!
    Okay–I have to go check my Amazon account and see if my copy of your book has shipped yet (grin).

  125. Well. First of all, congrats on the new book. As an aspiring writer, I can only imagine the thrill of actually seeing your work in print. I’m sure it kicks ass. Yay you for kicking ass.
    Secondly, on the knitters thing? A number of months ago, I had left my copy of ‘Knitting Rules’ on the floor by the couch. My non-knitting husband picked it up when I wasn’t around and read it cover to cover. He enjoyed it immensely. He also said to me, upon my return home, “I understand you a little better now.”
    So. Thanks for that. πŸ™‚

  126. The description I give of your books to non-knitters is: “really funny books that make great presents for people who knit. You know, because you don’t know enough about knitting to get the knitter yarn or needles or a pattern book. This book is just funny.” I also, feel no need to ‘freak the mundanes’ – perhaps I do that enough by knitting on my morning walks.

  127. Aw, and I don’t get to Toronto till the end of May! All best wishes for the launch, hope you really shake people up, and see you in London in September…

  128. I was knitting in the chalet at my boys skiing class. An 8 year old boy came and sat down by me and started telling me about the purse he was knitting. He and his grandmother knit them and sell them at craft fairs.
    Slowly we’re taking over πŸ™‚
    Congratulations on the new book, I can’t wait to get it!

  129. Congratulations on the launch of your new book. I had seen it on the pre-order listings, so I’ll be making sure to get a copy to read!

  130. Congrats on the book!
    I do not get the “mess with the muggles” sentiment that is getting commenters so excited… I don’t “get” scrapbooking myself, but I would be quite miffed if a scrapper called me a derogatory name for not taking up their craft.
    I love to knit, in public included, and I like Loretta have yet to experience a bad response to it. People are uniformly impressed with the concept, and yes, most of them don’t understand how it works, or they just say “I had an auntie who knit.” That’s polite!
    What is the goal of the parade and encouraged invasions? To create a reputation for knitters as wacky? If you really didn’t care what people thought, wouldn’t you have no need to create a spectacle?

  131. I am a nerd amongst nerd, a geek amongst geeks, and a weirdo amongst the odd and strange. It isn’t so much that I look at butterfly butts for a living, nor my strange heathern ways. It’s the knitting. I knit between classes on plant anatomy and flowering plants and I knit during discussions on speciation and people are FASCINATED with it. Utterly baffled on the formation of a sock, flabbergasted by two needles and some string. So what am I gonna do? I’m going to keep knitting (and do a presentation on plant fibers for my plant anatomy class). I embrace the wierdness. My name is Jess, and I knit!

  132. Damn. Sounds like fun, except, will it be Spring on the East Coast yet by that time? πŸ˜‰ (I kid, I kid! It’s sunny here in Victoria, BC today…)
    But um, won’t people (the non-knitters) just think it’s some weird April Fools Day joke?

  133. Oh, I’m doing the Sock Picture Scavenger Hunt. I don’t even care that I live in the states. It’s totally going to happen.

  134. Knitters are… productive. That’s all. I wonder how people stand themselves, all the time they waste? I mean, people who, I swear to Whoever, SIT ON THE TRAIN WITH THEIR HANDS IN THEIR LAP? They’re not having a Zen moment. They’re being useless wastes of oxygen. I knit to feel… like I’m not wasting my time and everyone else’s by breathing air that Gandhi could have used better than me.
    Part of me wants to embrace my “weird knitter” and just give in- I’m going to get looks anyway, so I might as well be genuinely weird. But… I also want to share this thing, and I don’t think that will happen if we alienate the general populace. So I’ll go with “weird in a way that makes people ask what I’m doing” instead of “weird in a way that makes people glare at me and leave.” Anyway, I’m confirmedly weird enough without the knitting.
    What about the crocheters? What about us? Why is knitting huge and crochet still marginalized? Why is there a Knitty but no Crochetty? (oh, yeah, cause that looks like “Crotch” and really we have to get a better name for this than “hooking” anyway) – why is Ravelry totally overrun with knitters? why?
    Bah. Our day will come.

  135. Inexplicable like drive close to 10 hours to another country to see the launch when the tour will take you to within 2 hours of my house? Yep, I’m considering it.

  136. Excellent! I love being inexplicable. And darling–about carrying around the book? It’s going to be fantastic, and if I could write books as wonderful as yours, I would build a little halter to show it off to everyone I faced. (Hey–speaking of inexplicable knitting!) Congratulations on the new book and on what sounds like a fabulous day with your peeps on your home turf, being inexplicable and very dear.

  137. You couldn’t be more right, Stephanie! I think Inexplicable Knitter Behavior is quite similar to Inexplicable Chocoholic Behavior, myself. One could never squeeze chocolate lovers into one demographic but a similar abyss of incomprehension exists between chocoholics and the rest of the world.

  138. Public display of one’s hobby is called “freaking the mundanes” in my medievalist group.

  139. Anna at 6:15 pm…I dont think the “Mess with the Muggles” idea is meant to be derogatory or anything of that nature…Rams, Presbyteria?? am I right in thinking this way? I believe; as the Day IS April Fools Day and a day for Celebrating the launch of a new Knitting book by The Yarn Harlot (whom we all adore) that this is just another way of having fun and a great/fun way to get some totally awesome sock and other WIP pics. I for one will find a way to get around my little town, or atleast my yarn, for some fun pics and post em to my blog! Congrats Stephanie and I cant wait till the book is available at a bookstore near me!

  140. You know what would be amazing? A Sock Picture Scavenger Hunt open to your whole blog, with weird-but-general things to find pictures of and fancy prizes and/or widespread internet fame.

  141. That sound you hear? It’s not the wind. It’s a big sigh emanating from the East coast for not being in Ontario come April. Hope it’s a big, inexplicable success.

  142. Congrats on the new book…I look forward to holding one in my hands. I hope someday you can find your way to Texas, like Austin or San Antonio, or dare I hope for my own town of San Angelo??
    In addition to knitting, I also do counted thread embroidery (counted cross stitch plus more). Every October my sister-in-law and I fly to Tulsa, OK for a weekend retreat of sorts where we stay up until the wee hours working on cross stitch projects with another 45 or so obsessed stitchers. My friends and acquaintances make fun of my “sewing weekend trip” but I don’t care. I love it. My husband loves it, too, because I come home tired but “refreshed”.

  143. Sounds fun! Count me in!
    (Madison, WI, being a university town, has seen some weird stuff I imagine; we Cheeseheads will have to come up with something good!)

  144. I agree that you can’t generalize about knitters. However one of my buddies said something at last week’s Knit Night that is absolutely true. She said that if you meet a knitter for the first time, you can assume that they’re not stupid because stupid people couldn’t handle this hobby. They would get frustrated & perhaps burn the project.
    I don’t believe in using derogatory terms when discussing level of intelligence. But I know that my knitting buddy is right on this one.

  145. My heart flipped when I saw the cover of the new book. Hurray! Hurray! I remember when I first heard of you and bought one of your books for my daughter and me. I taught her how to knit, but you really turned her onto it – and I mean that in a “turned on like a little 17 year old knitting machine” way.
    We love you. You know that, right?

  146. Ooh–it’s done. Congratulations! The Toronto opening sounds like it’s going to be awesome. I wholeheartedly embrace weirdness and wish I could be there!

  147. Having a husband who is a scientist works in my favor for once. I listen to him natter on about all sorts of inexplicable things about the computer chips that go in your cell phone and what the “next gen” cell phones will do (this from a man with a 10-yr-old Nokia that does nothing other than call people – he’s sort of a Luddite in that regard). In return for listening, nay paying attention and actually recalling large parts of the conversation, he, in turn, has gotten into knitting. Or, rather, the accessories involved. He insists that the swift he gave me for Christmas was the best present he has bought himself in the last two years.

  148. So, first CONGRATS! yay. Can’t wait to see the book!
    Second, how much does one have to give to get a pin if that person can’t get to Toronto? I think there need to be more pins. πŸ™‚ I really want one, but a 1 year old and one income are going to prevent me from flying to Toronto to get it.

  149. Don’t be afraid to be pride full of the new book. It’s no different than being proud of something you have knitted. Hell, I’d carry it around with me and show it to everyone I met. The party sounds wonderful. Party on Knitters!

  150. I scored your new book today at Joseph Beth Booksellers in Lexington. Eagerly awaiting your tour stop here. Actually, I will be in Florida the week of your stop here, I will be coming home early so that I can be there though. I am such a geeky fan. See you on the 5th.

  151. Borders Columbus Circle is not prepared. You are not listed on the coming events. When you call,it takes them ten minutes to figure out who you are. Then they just sat it may be crowded so come early.

  152. Rats. And Toronto is so close. But Tuesday, a school night during the week before Kate’s piano exam and right after what all is going on this weekend with her is right out. Crap. I need a different job.
    I’ll look for your book at the local B&N tomorrow (I have a hunch I’m going to enjoy it) and I’m off to make a donation to MSF whether I get the pin or no.

  153. I too will see you in Annapolis. I am part of Annapolis Knit & Crochets. I am one of the & Crochets! I will probably be crocheting a sock. I do know how to knit just haven’t done so since I was sixteen!

  154. Sounds like a lot of fun; wish I could be in Canada and celebrate with you. Congrats on your book. looking forward to getting it.

  155. Oh, man! Do I wish I were near Toronto. I am so very jealous. I may just have to do some kind of weirdness on the 1st. We’ll be in St. Petersburg on that day, so it would be a lot of fun. I’ll have to get with the St. Petersburg, FL Stitch ‘n’ Bitch to see if they want to amuse the non-knitters of St. Pete. Kewl!
    Have fun all. -sigh-

  156. I always have fun telling people that I go to a knitting convention (Stitches Midwest.) They always look at me like I’ve got some special kind of crazy all over me.
    I’m coming to see you in Madison the day before I turn 40 and I’m looking forward to whatever you have planned for us to do to represent!

  157. I super stoked for the new book!
    My brother actually said something the other day along the lines of “I’m surprised a bunch of knitters have heard of…something or other”
    I was so offended I got all up in needles with him.
    I hope you come to Edmonton sometime, love to see you here!

  158. Hmm I wonder doesn’t my husband need to head to the main office of his company on April 1.. (in Toronto of course) why I think he does! yes.. and he can’t drive all that way alone.. he will need company.. yes yes he will…

  159. congrats on the book, stephanie! and i can’t wait to see/hear you in indiana next month! the indy area has several good lys and lots of fun-loving, wacky, enthusiastic knitters who are bemused by muggles.
    a pleasant colleague who’s 15-20 years younger than i am was quite surprised to find out that her staunchly feminist, sometimes foul-mouthed, sorta funky associate was, of all things, a knitter. and not only a knitter, but a regular participant in actual knitting GROUPS.
    i’ve knitted at a camp, at two jimmy buffett concerts (only until the music started — then it was time for my feet to dance instead of my fingers), two lys, two bookstores, two restaurants (two different groups) and a bar (too dim). on planes, trains and automobiles — no boats that i can remember. and never on a motorcycle a la elizabeth zimmermann.

  160. Holy moly, batman. I just realized that reading this post was the very first time I managed to continue knitting while reading, all without thinking about it — and I didn’t drop a durned stitch. I should get a merit badge for that, right?

  161. In the SCA, we call this inexplicable behavior, “Freaking the mundies.” *grin* Indeed! Let us Freak the mundies of the non-knitting world!
    Damn… Toronto sounds like fun. I wish I had better planning skills and could be there. Have fun!

  162. Congrats! I’m looking forward to the launch—and to the book, of course. I’ve found myself rereading At Knit’s End and Yarn Harlot the last couple of weeks, can’t seem to stop myself. I blame the new book. Wonder if I’ll recognize some friends in it?

  163. This has been my life philosophy for years, Stephanie. In fact, as a teenager years ago, I used to pray “Please, God, please….don’t let me be normal.” Glad to say, my prayers were answered. Here’s to all of us enthusiastic eccentrics! Always leave ’em confounded. And in the case of you, my dear Stephanie, always leave us wanting more of your books!

  164. Congratulations! I pre-ordered the book on Amazon. I’m really looking forward to it. But boy am I jealous of the folks in Toronto. I know it’s counterintuitive to consider Florida as a location of dedicated knitters, but don’t forget: most of us escaped the cold environs to settle here and brought our knitting addictions with us. Please, please consider a trip to Florida (can I interest you in Orlando?) I can promise a huge crowd!

  165. I won’t be able to see you when you come to the Twin Cities, so I’m leaving work Right Now to go get my copy at Barnes & Noble. Yay!

  166. Well Done! You have set up a marvelous day of fun for the knitters in Toronto… wish we could arrange such a thing in every city! My hubby suggested that he *take off work* to come with me to Charlotte, NC, for your book signing – how cool is that?! We are leaving the kids with friends and making a very long weekend of it, and we both can’t wait to meet you to say thanks in person. Party on Steph, Party on Knitters!!

  167. This is my favourite post ever! Being inexplicable is what I do best. I can’t wait for you to get to London – it’s only one small sea away from me so I hope to make it. And my fellow travellers on the boat can back away from the knitting as slowly as they like…

  168. Vermont knitters (and any writer who launches a book, regardless of subject) will be with you in spirit!

  169. HA The Foxes Den…I had a nice chuckle over that (I live in Brampton). My husband looked over at me laughing, so I had to explain. As soon as I told him that Knitters were going to the foxes den, this look of horror came over his face! lol
    Ah…thanks πŸ™‚

  170. My sister is the manager of the Isabel Bader Theatre; everyone please be kind to her and her staff. πŸ™‚ But then knitters are known for their kindness, especially Stephanie’s fans.
    I think Lisa (manager sister) should be in a sock picture. She understands how smitten I am by all things knitting, but inexplicable knitting behaviour might be something altogether different. Hope you all have a great time at the launch.

  171. How’s this one: In the office park where I work there is a statue of a nude guy doing either gymnastics or yoga, I’m not sure which. I decked him out in socks, although not necessarily where one would usually wear socks, and took pictures of him for a contest. It was about 6 pm, and I could hear the cars going by behind me, although since no one asked me about it the next day they probably don’t work for the same company I do, or maybe they just wanted to forget the whole thing. Anyhow, I think this qualifies.
    (Look here should you want proof.)
    I hope to see you at WEBS.

  172. If I had to try to explain it to a non-knitter, I think I’d say the books are humor and philosophy using knitting as a connection. It’s not entirely accurate but it’s something they could accept.

  173. COOL! that’s my very favorite kind of book . . i’ve read your first book about 377 times (not in a row; more like one page at a time), and still look at a few pages every day, just for kicks.
    i’m SO happy to have a new one!
    hmm, how long does it take to drive to toronto from ohio for the book launch? and is that inexpicable?

  174. Right On, My Sister of the Fiber!!! Can’t wait to get my signed copy. Until then, I’ll dream of going to the Foxes Den (the one where the boys take all their clothes off) and knitting.

  175. I’m just so used to being different from “normal” people in so many ways that it’s just normal to me. I just am what I am, and if it freaks other people out, oh well. Usually not much of an issue now that I live in Eccentricville (growing up in Everyone-must-be-the-sameville was horrible), though people usually don’t sit next to me on the bus unless every other seat is taken. Whatever.
    Can’t wait to read the new book. There’s a Borders on my way to the bus station I could stop at after work tomorrow…

  176. Everything you wrote starting with ‘If they don’t know what we’ve learned from knitting, or what we get from it..’can be changed to SPINNING. It always gets people *really* confused, I mean, you can buy yarn (sweaters,gloves,socks) at the store, right??? Alas, I am far from Canada, but when you’re in my neck of the woods, I’ll be the one in the audience with the drop spindle.
    Congrats on the book, I can’t wait to read it!

  177. If you could manage to add a stop to your tour which is within 200 miles of Kansas City, I will arrange for a contingent of knitters dressed as Vikings to attend. (all refusing to explain ourselves to non-knitters)

  178. Brava on the new book! So about the pre-signed books thing — will that be in every city? Or should I go ahead and get mine from Barnes & Noble beforehand (I’m in NY)? Alas, Amazon has my pre-order delivery date of the 2nd, the very day you’re going to be here! I can’t afford to be late!

  179. Wow, Stephanie! The launch sounds like so much fun. I’m sure it’s not inexplicable knitter behavior that I’m considering flying from Philadelphia to Toronto for the launch…
    Congratulations on the book; I’m sure it’s another fantastic one and I can’t wait to read it. You strike me as a modest person when it comes to your books and your knitting (both of which I think are wonderful) so if you think this book is “pretty good” I bet you’re going to knock our collective socks off. (Har!)

  180. First of all, I’m going to the bookstore right after I post this comment! I can’t wait to read the book πŸ™‚
    Secondly, please tell me you’re coming to Southern California on your book tour. I have at least three knitting friends as well as myself who would love to be terribly inexplicable.

  181. I’ve been laughing thinking about inexplicable knitting behavior and what we can all come up with! Congrats on the new book, I’d carry it around too if I were you! Love that it’s going to be the same format as your first; I enjoyed that one so much.KEEP THE FAITH and CONFUSE THE MUGGLES!

  182. That you are launching in your home town/country must reflect the fact that you have risen in esteem/sales with your publisher. Congratulations and have a ball/skein/hank.
    Please post descriptions and pics of all the nonsense for all of us in this benighted country to your south. Have pity on those suffering through an interminable election with no fun in sight.
    All you Torontoans (Torontites??) have a wonderful time. Make all knitters proud.
    Love the cover, can’t wait to get the book.

  183. Whoo hoo! I plan on buying my book during your April 22nd speaking tour in Portland.
    Just last week while waiting in the lobby of my daughters’ school a lady came up to me and asked what I was doing… obviously the answer was knitting. After hearing this she leaned over and whispered to me, “Did you hear that a lady in the office here was talking about taking a knitting cruise? Who ever heard of a knitting cruise!” To which I replied, “That will be the third annual Seasocks cruise and this leg is to Alaska.” Once she realized that I too was one of the strangely obsessed she moved to another table and proceeded to tell the other mommies about the strange knitting people and their gatherings.

  184. Congrats on the new book!
    Raise a pint for me on the 1st. Totally sorry I can’t be there but I’ll do something inexplicably knitterly nevertheless. If I send a Tricoteuse donation could I get a pin??

  185. Congratulations, it is a book! You have every right to be proud; writing a book and having it published is a huge accomplishment. Have a great time at the launch! Break a knitting needle (or maybe not.) Jane

  186. Last week a new friend came to my apartment to hang out. I had cleaned earlier that day so all of my yarn was neatly tucked away instead of sprawled all over my couch and living room table as it usually is. As he was getting ready to leave he caught a glimpse of a bag sitting between the couch and the wall. “That’s a lot of yarn” he said. “Yeah” I said. I didn’t want to freak him out or anything, but that was my scrap yarn! They just don’t get it.

  187. hope the book sales go well and
    you do not have an april fools snow
    ihave knitted for ever it would semm
    i live in florida we could all knit
    squares and make a beach blanket
    that would cover the poor naked man
    standing in the ringling museum
    court yard his name is mike i think
    thats in sarasota florida
    rachel will lovely in sequins and pearls

  188. Knitters are… awesome.
    When I went to China for a year, I found it really thrilling. To the people there, I was just me. I was whoever I wanted to be. All they knew about me was what I told them. This is also why I find family events trying – because no matter how much I tell them that I am not that person anymore, they won’t let me be myself.
    I get such a kick out of being on the bus, knitting, and getting the stares. The warm glow of ‘you don’t know anything about me, so don’t assume you do’.
    I recently introduced a workmate into my knitting group. It was a little nervewracking, but as I sat at the table at the restaraunt where we meet, I realised how proud I was to be part of such a diverse and wonderful group. I am lucky to have my knitting friends, those I see and those I only visit through the magic of the interwebs. I love how they let me be me.

  189. Happy day! My amazon pre-order will be in the mail soon!! Wish we all could be there at the “cast-on” of your newest book. Thank you so much for all the insight you add to the knitting world.
    Robin in California

  190. Stephanie, Allison, Ann and anyone else going to Lexington: see y’all there! I am so excited, Jo-Beth called me today and my book/ticket are all set. Going on one of my dream vacations: thorougbred farm tours. Steph gets my last day. Can’t wait… After just missing you on my last two vacations (Webs in MA and New Orleans), I finally caught ya! My sock pic for April 1 will be on Secretariat’s memorial, I hope. Or in front of Barbaro’s mom, or…..??

  191. Great, crazy ideas! love your style. You finally got me to post with my good news/bad news. Good news, I’ll be in NYC from up north in Alaska (saw you at Title Wave, it was great fun) on April 2. Bad news, I can’t come as my husband and I are there for him to have prostate cancer surgery. Good news, we expect everything to be fine and of course, I’ll have my good luck sock knitting going (a surprise for him). Health blurb: girl knitters tell all your men to get checked out, starting at age 40; boy knitters, take yourself to get checked out. It’s curable if caught early.

  192. You’re back in the saddle again!
    I have one question: how do you go BACK to the book you wrote a year ago, after you’ve just been deeply immersed in the next book? I know you have a lot of practice with this now…but still?
    I will come see you in Northampton again this year. The next book I’m in won’t be ready yet…durn it.
    Good luck with the launch!!

  193. Congratulations on the launch of another WONDERFUL (I’m sure) book!
    I’ve already requested our library get it. (Of course, I’ll order my own, too.) I figure if the library gets it (they got the last book of yours I requested) more people will get to read it!

  194. I preordered your newest book awhile ago. I can’t wait for it to arrive.
    I knit when I go to Continuing Ed classes for Tax professionals. There are usually a few of us knitting while we listen. It certainly makes the subject more interesting!
    Keep up the great work and Good Luck with the launch.

  195. First of all, love the look of the book. It is darling. I can’t wait to read it.
    Second, I’m sorry I’m not in Toronto. It sounds like a lot of fun.
    Third, never underestimate how strange a hobby will look to someone else. I have a friend who collects flashlights. He belongs to a whole community of flashlight collectors who pay THOUSANDS of dollars for custom flashlights. My friend and I agreed to happily accept each other’s hobbies without a word. πŸ™‚

  196. Sounds great! Have made plans to drive up to Portland, OR, to see you, and am SO looking forward to it! The only fly in the ointment is if I get hired for a new job, and they want me to start before then. So am hoping YES for the job, but that all the paperwork won’t have me starting before 24 April. πŸ™‚ Congratulations on the book, Stephanie!

  197. A Sock Picture Scavenger Hunt is possibly the best idea ever! Have a great time (wish I could join in). Congrats Stephanie πŸ˜€

  198. First, super-congratulations on your new book. Extra-super congrats on feeling good about it, liking it. When we issue a music CD sometimes I don’t like it for 6 months after it comes out. Sometimes I like it just fine. The second feeling is so superior to the first, though in the end it all works out.
    But drat, I’ll miss the Canadian launch this time (last time was the most fun I ever had with knitters… especially the “stuff the bus stop shelter with knitters/baby” part, and the “public transit with 23 knitters/1 baby” part. Loved every second of it.
    This year I’ll see you back in Ann Arbor… only an hour’s drive, will sleep in my own bed that night. Of course, Rae and I are car pooling and taking the day off. Of course. The line in Ann Arbor forms early and is very long.
    Can’t wait to see you again.

  199. Congratulations, Stephanie! Be proud! I’ll whistle a few bars of “O Canada” in your honor.
    (in Maryland)

  200. Long time lurker, first time commenter, just wanted to say that I think I love this post/idea so much I want to have its babies.
    Is that weird?

  201. I am flying into MI from NJ to visit a friend that Thursday night, and visiting with knitters at the Ann Arbor library on Friday.
    If I get pinged on the airplane for knitting, I have a plan. I”ll put my needles away, bring out my thick yarn, and I’m finger knitting all the way there. What are they going to do then, take away my fingers?

  202. April 1st is my birthday. Wouldn’t that be a cool birthday present? alas, i don’t have my passport, or the $$ to go, or anyone to hold the fort down while i’m gone, so you’ll just have to hoist a pint for me.
    we’re planning on going to estes this summer, though, and we’re getting t-shirts that say L&V Security Detail (miss v will just be wearing her usual attire, lol, we’re going to be the “muscle” (even though everybody is bigger than me, lol!))
    and i plan on wearing it everywhere, and not just the festival. inexplicable enough for ya?

  203. If you think you get weird looks when you say you knit, you should see the weird looks I used to get when I started a sentence with…”on this knitting blog I like to read…” I might as well have said, “this one time, at band camp…” I’ve stopped saying that. Now I just say, “a friend once said…” Less explaining.

  204. Oh I just cannot WAIT to hear the stories from this book launch! Everyone, take pictures!!! I can’t be there, but my thoughts will be with you!!
    Knitters untie!!! I mean Unite!
    Gooooooooooo KNITTERS!!!
    Ann in Maryland

  205. WELL! I got all ready to tear over to B&N to see if the new book’s there yet and buy my usual two copies (one for me, one for Lovely Daughter) – and then realized they probably wouldn’t even let me in. 1) they frown on people shopping in pajamas; 2) they’re skeptical of old ladies wearing flannel PJs with outdoor camping motifs all over; 3) they tend to be hostile to people who try to come in and shop at 1:00 a.m. when they aren’t even open. BUT TOMORROW! Tomorrow I shall go. Also, there’s a plan afoot to try to spirit you away to The Sow’s Ear, our fabulous LYS here, when you come to Madison: we Hog-and-Bloggers (denizens of aforementioned Sow’s Ear) intend to attend en masse! I brought you a Badger sticker last time, just WAIT till you see what I have for you this time!!) Honestly – SO excited. I cultivate my reputation as an Eccentric…but my daughter says you have to be rich to be eccentric, I’m just WEIRD! See you next month….

  206. Good luck for the launch,unfortunately I live in France so cannot join you. Can you think up a name, as you are so inventive, for non knitters, just like MUGGLES in Harry Potter for non wizarding folk. Then we could have a private little laugh when they think we are weird!

  207. Stephanie, congratulations on your new book. I hope to come to the event in Annapolis on April 7th. I hope your kick-off on April 1st is a success.
    I read about Knitters Without Borders. Terrific way to spread ideas about charity. Ten years ago, I finally understood that I was rich. Although I didn’t turn into an angel as a result of the experience, the thought is always a part of my life now. It’s not only important to know that there are people who have to go without, but it is also important to recognize all the good things in my own life.

  208. I wish I could be in Toronto for your launch! Congratulations! I have your book on pre-order and can’t wait to get it into my knitting hands. Wishing you much fun and good weather on April 1st, I really wish your tour came to my area….alas, maybe your NEXT book? Free Range Knitter…that would be wonderful! Warm thoughts and wishes.

  209. I’ve been freaking out the muggles for years, even before I learned to knit. Green hair, “unusual” clothes, strange taste in music and holidays, sketching in public, photographing walls…It’s not a case of alienation, it’s a case of being yourself. If others don’t get it, that’s their issue. If they feel alienated, that’s also their problem. I for one don’t really care, to be blunt. It screwed me up for years trying to be like everyone else, to be “normal” and accepted in a group. Now I don’t give a stuff any more πŸ™‚ turning 30 does that to you. It’s made me much more accepting as well, which is a good thing. I’m looking forward to London – any knitters out there want to meet up and partake in inexplicable knitter behaviour?

  210. Congratulations on what I know will be another hugely successful book! The tour sounds like a ton of fun! I wish I lived in Toronto just so I could be there. Hopefully you’ll come to my town and do the same.

  211. First, big congrats on the new book, which I am waiting to buy at webs. Second…
    I haven’t read all the comments (must go to work) so I may be repeating someone else’s thoughts. Or (gulp) bringing the Wrath of Blog down upon my own tiny head. But I’m going to try to express an opinion anyway.
    I think “them” and “us” stuff is unfortunate. At the risk of sounding humourless, I’ve always thought the characterization of non-knitters as clueless “muggles” to be kind of mean-spirited. Stereotyping goes both ways, doesn’t it?
    I think anything that sets people apart – and language is a phenomenally powerful tool for building that wall – is just…well, not a good thing.
    Why would I even care if someone “gets” my knitting or not? Maybe if I was being mocked in the public square for knitting, or maybe if rogues were stealing my needles, or some other dastardly behavior was occurring, I would feel differently, but in those cases, the issue would hardly be knitter/non-knitter, would it?
    (off to find my helmet now, just in case…)

  212. I will never forget the Toronto launch last time… when we were all on the bus and that mother held her son close and said, “stay away from the Knitters.” with fear in her eyes.
    Congrats on the book! and just in time for my birthday!

  213. I so wish I lived in Canada right now… that’s alot of fun you’ve got planned !
    Congrats and have lots of fun

  214. Is sock knitting whilst on the tread mill at my local YMCA odd enough behavior? I’ll have to put that off in favor of a good book hunt today though!

  215. This sounds like so much fun! I hope you’ll make some of the sock-in-progress scavenger locations kind of generic, so those of us not in Toronto can play, too! April 1 = Inexplicable Knitter Day!

  216. Well done on (what I am sure will be) another great book! I wish I could be there but I will continue to be the wierd-knitter-in-a-long-skirt-when-everyone-else-is-wearing-jeans to join you in spirit.
    Re: the KWB pins. How about adding them to your Cafe Press site? You know, I bet loads of people would want one of those for a goodly donation. Or if that isn’t possible, perhaps a volunteer could help order and send them out (hand in the air if you need someone to help.)

  217. I’m soooooooooooo jealous I love scavanger hunts. I’m stuck in California while ya’all are having BIG FUN in Toronto.
    Congrats on the book. You ROCK!

  218. CONGRATS on the new book! Can’t wait to get my copy! And even though your tour won’t be coming to my part of the world this time, I’m totally getting in on the inexplicable knitter behavior act. For me, it was telling my hubby that I’m attending the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival with a neighbor. When I said that, my uber-supportive, knitter-loving, muggle husband’s eyes bugged out and he said “A SHEEP festival?” And this is the same guy who came with me and laughed his head off when you stopped in Bailey’s Crossroads on the last tour. I never thought I could perplex him with anything woolly, but I have! Hurray for the new book!!!

  219. Congratulations on your new book. I can hardly wait to get it here in SE Washington state. Wish I could be there, but will look up all the socks I have knitted and be there in spirit. I’m just wondering — does being a knitter AND a hammer dulcimer player make a person doubly weird?

  220. Dang it…I don’t have my passport yet (but the applications are in my car, awaiting our tax rebate).
    Congratulations, Stephanie, I can’t wait to read it.
    I’ve found that people who know me for awhile, and THEN find out I’m a knitter, tend to get a spacy, far away look in their eyes for a few seconds after I casually mention my knitting. I’ve come to both expect and enjoy it. it’s them trying to fit me into their idea of what a knitter should be (old, introverted, hopelessly dorky) and superimpose that image on me (not-quite-old, outgoing, personable). It never works, and they are forced to ask questions about what I knit, and try to get a better idea of why *I* knit.
    Have a *wonderful* launch in Toronto. It sounds incredibly fun. Hopefully by the next book I’ll be able to play hooky at work and join you.

  221. Oh fabulous! I soooo look forward to reading your new book. And I’m so glad I moved to Toronto, I will definitely be there for the launch! I am speechless with delight ;-))

  222. I have learned that there are lots of other things you don’t have to explain. I have recently begun to study Reiki (if you don’t know what it is, I’m not explaining!) and I will say ” I’ve got to go do my Reiki” and my boys and my fiancee will glaze over and say “Reiki? Oh..okay. ” They have NEVER asked me what it is!!! I find that hysterical. You can get away with an awful lot, I think. Here’s to being inexplicable.

  223. I have just recently started visiting your blog regularly, and it cracks me up every time. I haven’t read any of your books yet, but I’m looking forward to starting with your new one. It’s nice to know that it is not just me being weird, but that there are other people who “get it”. Here’s to being inexplicable!

  224. Rachel H. ….. you have nice clothes already, the ones Steph and I call “your big girl clothes”. But hey, don’t let that stop you from going out and getting something nice and new for spring. I mean come on ….The Skydiggers!!!!!! I know!!

  225. I can’t wait to read it. I just finished “Yarn Harlot,” laughing the whole way through. I’ve sent it to my Grandma to read next. She’ll love it, too. Your writing is hilarious and I relate to so much, despite being a beginner. (Well I thought I was more “intermediate” until I read your book). I’m inspired to try new projects and techniques!

  226. What is the official street date of the book (I used to work in a bookstore, so I know the lingo). Since I can’t make any of the signings
    πŸ™ and the Cleveland area is not on the tour as of yet, πŸ™ I’m going to get the new book on the release date. Congratulations!!

  227. Hurray for knitting weirdness! I completely agree that this is something we need to celebrate, embrace, and nurture…every day. I personally love the stares, even better are the people who kind of get that pissy, “I can’t believe she’s knitting in a restaurant/coffeeshop/bookstore” look, but then can’t stop sneaking peeks anyway. *snerk*

  228. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese oh pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease come to Lisbon-Portugal for an European book release!!!! I will be the mad girl at the airport madly waving a colourful yarn skein in the air welcoming you!!

  229. Glad to hear that you’re happy with the book. You certainly deserve to be pleased with the finished product after all the work you put into it!
    Also…”People who don’t knit aren’t going to get it, and that is an awesome opportunity to mess with them.” = best thing ever.

  230. I like the way you think!
    If I were in your place, I’d be wearing that book as a necklace. Would you like me to knit you a bookholder necklace?

  231. I can’t believe it!!! I wont be in Canada until the 20th. I guess I’ll just have to take sock pictures on my own….

  232. congratulations Stephanie !!
    not only on a wonderful new book, but for Rachael and Joe scheming up what sounds like a perfect launch.
    May Toronto be filthy with wild knitters wearing eclectic assortments of hand knits, whilst hoisting numerous pints in your honor.
    wish I was there.

  233. The Sock Picture Scavenger Hunt sounds like so much fun … rock on! Err, I mean “Sock on!”
    I love your little book, and I can completely understand about you wanting to look at it over and over again and carry it around. It looks like one of those treasures a creative person would be naturally proud of and not able to take their own eyes off of.
    Best of wishes with sales on the new book!
    Warm regards,

  234. Inexplicable (non) knitter behaviour.
    Not long ago I had to go into the centre of an ancient, respectable but unfamiliar English town fairly late on a Friday night with a group of friends, we had just come off shift and were tired, hungry and in need of a quiet pub in which to eat & drink a few well-earned pints. As we hunted high & low for somewhere suitable we had to wend our way through hordes of scantily clad young women & men who were, for some reason, dressed as nuns and carrying inflatable sex dolls of both sexes. Some of them – the people not the dolls – were on roller-blades. And they think knitters are weird! At least we get garments at the end of it.

  235. I am so excited for all of us that the book is finished! Congratulations on all of your hard work and enjoy the celebration.
    I believe absolutely in the connectedness of all people and things and so on April 1st, as far away from Toronto as I will be, I too will be inexplicable!

  236. *sniff* this whole thing sounds so amazing and wonderous. I am so sad to be stuck in British Columbia right now.

  237. I’m like Miss Amanda – I’m so excited for y’all in TO but I’m currently hanging my yarns in Calgary, Alberta so… well… hope you have a great time and wish you were here. πŸ™

  238. Congratulations on the new book! I SO wish I could be at the launch in Toronto — it’s going to be an awesome, inexplicable party!! Have a great night!

  239. I absolutely love today’s entry. It makes so much sense and explains why even Artists (note the capital “A”) don’t understand about knitters. I was a member of California Fibers (see until I could no longer stand the politics of the group and took up knitting. I got, “Well, when you’re ‘better,’ you’ll certainly come back.” I’m not coming back. Now I’m a Knitter (note capital “K”.) Thanks, Stephanie, and I will invoke my right to be inexplicable! In public!

  240. I don’t get golfers, the way some people don’t get knitters. At least I have something to show for my hours of knitting besides the sunburn that golfers get when they forget their SPF15. I wish I was in Toronto this weekend – have a great party!

  241. next stop: the sword & sheild!
    brampton represent, yo.
    (posted this to the wrong entiry. carry on!)

  242. I am in Missouri, how the heck to I get to Toronto! Since I can’t I will wait impatiently for the book and PLEASE record it for Audible. I love to hear you read your books. Another thought. How about a web scavenger hunt? Pictures on various web sites for people to click on and record. I think it could work and then those of us so far away from you can participate. Despite my long distance admiration, congratulations on the book. Those treks through the snow were definitely worth it.

  243. I read this all with such amusement. I am a lifelong knitters and until the past 8 years really did not know anyone else who knit. I now know I am not alone.
    My husband is a part-time magician. It often happens that he an other magicians get together to watch videos (to learn new routines.) They will take over my house for hours. I on the other hand, have to wait till no one else is home to watch one of my EZ DVDs, Knitting Help, or Lucy Neatby. If hubby should come home and I am trying to learn something from my DVD he will be very concerned that there is nothing else to watch on TV.
    Just part of life I guess!

  244. Ah, the game of Shock the Mundanes. I am a Rennie, folkie, techie, and all-around general-purpose nerd; I’ve been carefully building my collection of weird-looks-received since about 1988. Last June we had theater tickets, and I asked my SO which outfit I should wear: spiffy or swishy. He chose spiffy. I was rushing to finish a sweater for Dulaan. Picture me, therefore, in a severely corporate charcoal grey pencil skirt, crisp pale blue shirt with embossed collar and cuffs, hair in a severely corporate French twist, knitting good Maine wool on the train to downtown Chicago. Later found out that it had been National Knit in Public Day.
    But you know where knitting in public has been most prevalent for decades? Science fiction conventions. We fen (the plural of “fan,” if you didn’t know) came to the conclusion you did long ago. No amount of explaining will make the mundanes Get It, so nevermind. Mess with their heads. Wear strange clothing in hotel lobbies. Cuss in fictional languages. Knit in public.
    See you in April!

  245. i have heard nothing of this book being available right now. while i want to rush to find it, i’m afraid of the crowds who might be out there looking for it.

  246. I am in love with your tour theme this year. Certainly an evolution from last time around. I’m a wee bit shy and generally find it difficult to be inexplicable, but I’m now inspired!!

  247. 1. I wholeheartedly support skipping the boring part. I remember in Petaluma last year you were there until unbelievably late signing books. It would have been so much more fun if the books were pre-signed and we could have listened to you, then off to Knitterly for a good shop, then to a pub with our ball winders & swifts to freak out the locals.
    2. Are you a little worried that your non-knitting Canadian bretheren (sisteren?) (Rams, am I spelling that right?) will just think you are acting strangely b/c it is April Fool’s? (Although I must admit April Fool’s Day doesn’t traditionally include sock photoshoots. Touch of genius, that.)
    3. Ooooh, goody! I’ve always wanted to be a “damnedest thing”!

  248. I think it’s all a little odd that knitters are now the inexplicable. My family is from gansey land – North Yorkshire coast – where a woman NOT knitting was inexplcable. You scrubbed your house (and kids) within an inch of it’s life, gutted fish and knitted. Well, except for my family who farmed and therefore left out the gutting fish part. Women stood around gossiping in the sun – and knitting. Women went shopping – with their knitting. But, of course, that was in the days when people knitted out of necessity – mum not knitting = naked family. And the patterns show a great deal of parcticality. You knit socks top to toe because the feet wear out first and can be replaced. You knit sleeves shoulder to cuff because the cuffs and elbows wear first and you can reknit. If Dad’s sweater is worn in too many places, you pull it out an knit one for the kids. When that, too, gets too worn, you knit a toque, or mitts. Does anyone knit like this anymore? Or is it all fancy scmancy, about the cool yarn and the intricate pattern?

  249. I am so excited, I finally get to see you on tour when you speak in St. Paul Minnesota. We still have plenty of snow, so you will feel right at home!

  250. Congrats! Now I’m even more excited that I’ll be able to make it to Toronto! It’s a 5 hour drive, but from the sound of it, it’ll be totally worth it. I’m seriously contemplating taking the train since my non-knitting travel companion can’t drive a manual transmission!

  251. I went to B&N last night, seraching for the book. I didn’t find it, but will try again later this week . . .
    Bring on the inexplicable!

  252. Just had to jump in and say that the book has been seen in the wild!! Nana’s Knitting (host for the Chicago tour stop) got their copies in this morning, and I am now the proud owner of my very own. Woo-hoo and congrats on the new one!

  253. Hum…I just called the Borders here in Charlotte,NC and they say they’ll have the book, and they also said they are “not sure how much space they will allocate for the event”…I’m going early πŸ™‚

  254. Congrats on your book! I’m going to buy it right away. Can’t wait!
    It’s funny you should mention going nuts in public because I did just that yesterday afternoon (well, I do it all the time… who cares?). I came out of the knit shop after knit night, stood on the corner and yelled “I finished a sock!!” Unfortunately it wasn’t as crowded as I would have liked it to have been, but I got a really good effect from two elderly ladies (who hadn’t been at knit night) crossing the street who turned around on the opposite corner and chuckled at me… while pulling their own knitting out of their bags. Wonderful.

  255. Wow, how did I miss this? I’ll have to toodle by our local book or yarn store and see if I can claim a copy for myself. Congratulations on another stellar effort (I am sure, but don’t disappoint, okay?). Wish I could come to Canada for the launch. Work can be so rigid sometimes.

  256. Isn’t it a bit naive of us to think that it is important that people understand us? I know a guy that put years of his life into speed racing on ice. Whyever? Another friend knows EVERYTHING about WWII. My husband keeps buying computer software and and computers, too. We now have 10 – count ’em, 10 – working computers in the house which doesn’t account for the ones not functional that can be used for parts. Compared to some hobbies knitting is very, very reasonable, and cheap, too.

  257. My copy has been preordered for ages, plus the next book and calendar. Hope your new one shows up here soon! Congratulations, and I can completely understand your happiness and pride in it. :O) I’m still trying to figure out how to get to Toronto. Are you collecting hats still? Hope to see you there. And not have to leave early this time. :O)

  258. We ARE difficult to “type” and why people are puzzled about that, I do not know.
    When you show someone a project, many times they looked puzzled (pained ) and say, “Cute.” Cute? Weird would be better, cute! They just don’t get it.

  259. What does harlot write??
    Knitting inspired, philosophical humor. You’ve created your own genre.
    New book looks great-however- I strained my nearly 40 year old eyeballs- trying to read the type and fill in the blanks covered by your hand;)
    Congrats- looking forward to another great read;)

  260. Congrats, Steph! It must feel like such an achievement.
    I’m eagerly awaiting my Amazon pre-order (though they told me today they’re “having trouble locating my unique choice” O_o), but I’m unsure when it will be arriving. I had trouble finding/ordering ‘Casts Off’ last year locally, so I’m sticking with Amazon for this one since they always come through eventually, even though they seem to not have a clue in this case.

  261. I won’t have a chance to attend any tour point, but I’ll definitely do my best to be odd around non-knitters…..wait, I already do!!

  262. Hi Stephanie! I just called my local book store to order your new book and they had At Knit’s End: Meditations for Women Who Knit Too Much in stock, so, I get to get two of your books! I did ask them if they would host a book signing for you and they said they would love to work on it. So-How About It?!? San Luis Obispo, California is a beautiful place to visit. Novel Experience is the name of the book store. Think about it! It would be great to meet you in person!

  263. Congratulations! You’re really tempting me to just come to Toronto for the launch. My guy is pretty tolerant of inexplicable knitter behavior so I might just convince him to come along with our little one. hmmmmmm…

  264. I always feel weird (and apologetic) knitting in public. I love your philosophy to just have at it and let the muggles deal with it. Rock on! Let all knitting hell break loose!

  265. Congratulations on the book! Well done!
    I read a lot of the comments here, and I do see where those who disagree with the “us” and “them” theme are coming from, I interpret it not as “dividing”, but as recognizing that it’s OK to be seen as odd, or different, or unusual. I don’t think that there is anything derogatory about the term “muggles”, nor anything wrong with “freaking out the locals”. It is done in good humor, and the concentration, I think, is largely on the freedom to step out and be proud of who you are and what you enjoy, whether it’s knitting, collecting flashlights, computer games or fire-breathing.
    I, for one, have ALWAYS been viewed as odd by most people who observe me, and I find Stephanie’s celebration of oddity to be wonderfully freeing.

  266. I think I can be there. A parade of knitters – Toronto, LOOK OUT! Congratulations on the finished book. Cover looks great.

  267. How’s this? Someone picks a color for each tour stop, and everyone who’s going wears a T-shirt or hat or shawl/scarf, etc. in that color.
    Guaranteed to freak the muggles, plus it would be easier to find any other Harlot fans on the way to the event!

  268. Love the way the cover of the book turned out. Read Paul Jennings (Australian children’s author – he has his own website) on the pride one feels with one’s own published book in the hand – he sums it up well.

  269. Congratulations! And just to be completely obvious….
    “Knitters are people who knit.” That’s all I can come up with that is truthful. πŸ™‚

  270. I know its a 2009 calendar, but do you have a ballpark estimate for when “Never Not Knitting” will be out?

  271. Congrats on your new book! The launch sounds like it’s going to be a blast – you really know how to get knitters excited about a party… Can’t wait to join in the inexplicable fun when you come to Seattle!

  272. A fun way to be inexplicable is to knit at a poker table. I went to a friends poker party, where there were 50+ players. By the first break, I was apparently the thing to talk about. “There’s this chick who’s KNITTING!” It also has it’s benefits. It messes with people’s head when you are knitting along, place a large bet, then happily go back to your knitting. I throws them off their game.

  273. You should be proud of you! I’m proud of you, too. Inexplicable behavior, eh? That conjures soooo many memories from my childhood at St. J’s Catholic Academy. I may be confusing the word with ‘despicable’ but I seem to remember being yelled at many times for my ‘wildly inexplicable’ behavior. Like, the time that I drank out of the holy water bowl…you know, harmless things really.

  274. I believe I have managed to confound the non-knitters in my part of the world. Some folks I know really, honestly and truly want to know:
    What is a “go bag” and how can I remember to grab that and not my purse? WHY in the whole freaking world would I take my knitting with me to a place that is going to be noisy, and possibly dark? And the all time, numero uno, confounding and burning question on the lips of non-knitters: how could you go on a mission to find yarn, send other folks hunting for that yarn, pay top dollar for it, wait days/weeks for the yarn to come, spend HOURS/WEEKS making the item then GIVE it away?
    Not answering any of those questions is my revenge. We’re like the freemasons: it’s not really a secret – I’m just not telling you.

  275. Only a week from today, I didn’t realize! I can’t scavenger-hunt (unless i can do it at work), but I’ll be out the door of the office the second I can escape & get to the theatre, really looking forward to this. And I’ll make sure to tell people, just to get that inexplicable reaction (I’m used to it anyway)!

  276. Not all non-knitters don’t get it. Some of us with equally “weird” hobbies do understand. You should see the looks I get when I mention that I go to cross stitch conventions, some of them in other countries! Why yes, you can imagine, because you get the same looks about knitting conventions. See? Some of us do get it, because we have had similar experiences, even if not about knitting.

  277. CONGRATS! on the new book. Can’t wait until it comes to my LYS!
    I can’t be in Toronto but I plan to take sock photos around my town (Lawrence, KS) on April 1 to celebrate the inexplicableness of knitting and this knitter and blog about it. Let the fun begin.

  278. I’m waiting none too anxiously for my pre-ordered book to arrive from so far there’s no date for release.. and I’m really chomping at the bit for the next “stephanie installment”.
    Any chance of a Virginia stop on the tour???
    Torontonians (is that a word) have all the fun! (Pout)

  279. Want inexplicable behavior? I knit in strip bars. I also tell all the guys that go in the group which girls they can give dollars to. She has to actually dance, not just start sticking her boobies in guys faces. My last boyfriend and I started a quest to see how many different states I could knit in a strip bar. We broke up at 2, but I may continue the quest if I have people to go with me. I don’t go by myself. πŸ™‚
    I hope this doesn’t offend anyone, and I apologize if it does. It’s just something silly I have done. I enjoy talking to the girls and finding out about their lives and the choices they have made that led them to this occupation.

  280. Sounds like a blast, and I’m stuck in Africa. The most common comment I get here when I knit in public is “You remind me of my grand mother” (I’m young btw). I’m yet to meet some young knitters here (2 years in) I’m sure that there are some somewhere…

  281. I was SOOOO jazzed reading this post, I started laughing out loud, have dragged my husband over to read it, and am proud to say tomorrow I will try to knit EVERYWHERE I GO and absolutely LOVE EVERY stare I get!!!
    (I’ve only been knitting less than a year but I’m hooked- I’ve given up perhaps? NEVER!!!!)

  282. I saw you at Knitch in Atlanta last September. They sold “I Knit with the Yarn Harlot” tshirts. I absolutely love the looks I get when I wear that shirt out and about. Of course, the funniest part is when people ask me about it and I tell them I don’t knit. I just have an affection for knitting blogs and their authors. I think I must grow a third eye by the looks I get as I say that.
    Although, truly? It is my secret wish to learn to knit. It seems quite magical. Although from reading the blogs, quite frustrating too. Maybe this year.
    I’m going to miss your Atlanta stop this year. I won’t be able to add to my Yarn Harlot tshirt collection.

  283. I can’t be in Toronto – But will see you in Charlotte NC for the first time ever! I’m bringing all my books? Is that okay?
    I CANNOT WAIT – you’ve never gotten quite this close to where I live…and I’m kinda weird. Everyone looks at me and says “you’re taking a day and a half off work for WHAT?”
    They don’t get us at all!

  284. I love your new book cover. I like it much better than the last one. And itΒ΄s not because you were on the cover last time. I just didnΒ΄t like the color scheme. It didnΒ΄t stop me from buying it though πŸ™‚ But I did buy it as an audibook so the cover didnΒ΄t matter anyways.

  285. The best knitting moment for me was when I was walking in the Dyke Parade in 2003. I was alone, dressed in fun clothes, and knitting on my Bag O’Plenty (big bag to be felted). There I was with all the girls with electrical tape on and I heard this cry from the crowd, “OMG She’s KNITTING!”
    Knit on!

  286. Should we buy a book before we get to a signing(I’ m going to Atlanta on the the 6th) or trust Knitch to have enough books to buy?

  287. I’m so excited! I will be there in Toronto for the launch! I’m from Minnesota and mentioned to my husband how fun it looked, and he found me a cheap ticket. Yay!! I’m looking so forward to it! I have never been there, and need a few days off.
    P.S.- I own a bar in Minneapolis, and I get a lot of stares while I knit. I get more people asking me if I will knit them things though. I tell them I don’t have time but will be more than happy to teach them. That always gets the weirdest look! Easy to criticize, hard to duplicate!!

  288. Looking forward to seeing you in Charlotte, NC! Come on down. The weather is mid 70’s and sunny!

  289. Oh how I wished I lived in Toronto (only during your launch) But instead I wait to make the journey to Washington…. the closest you will get to Vancouver.
    Not to put any pressure on you… but will the book be released in audio version? Its hard to knit and read…

  290. Please, please make sure that everybody takes pictures and that is put up on your site somewhere.. I need to see this…

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