I’m home. Joe hiked in with a proper sled yesterday, and we towed my stuff out and made the long drive home.


I’m fine, but taking the day to be with the kids, knit on a stealth project and try to find the house that I know is here under this mess somewhere. (I don’t want to know why there are three rolls of toilet paper in the dining room and a bag of almonds with a fork in the upstairs hall. I’m sure it’s complex.)

I don’t miss the peace of the woods at all,


but I sure miss the scenery. For those of us hanging on by a thread here in Ontario, I’d like to take a moment to remind you that no matter how it looks outside today… It is officially the first day of spring, and the date or the equinox. The day and night are equal today, and tomorrow, the day will be longer. There can only be so much more snow before the rotation of the earth on it’s axis makes it impossible. Hang tough.

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  1. Wow! Please come visit us in Georgia all you frozen Canadians. It is 65 and sunny here today. We would love to have you anytime.

  2. Glad you’re back safely and enjoying the chaos of normal family life. Those are beautiful pictures, and with five children here, I think I would enjoy the peace of the woods for quite some time!

  3. Er… I can probably explain the toilet paper. Obviously I lead a very important life.
    Glad you are back home in one piece!

  4. I heard on the radio this morning that climatologists are expecting another six weeks of winter weather here in Ottawa. I almost cried.

  5. You are SO brave! welcome back to the insanity and tyranny of life: it’s so daily πŸ™‚

  6. holy crap, I’m in the top 10 first posters! I think. Glad you’re home! I hope you figure out the almond/fork mystery.

  7. Thank you for the great story about your walk about. My 8 year old wanted to know why I was laughing out loud. She enjoyed the story also.

  8. You’ve no idea how much I have loved your photos lately. Here in London we don’t get snow and we don’t get nature’s beauty. Thank you for letting us have a peek at something outstanding – you’ve transported me away a little lately!

  9. Glad to hear you’re back safe and sound. I was a bit worried after Tuesday’s post. Welcome home.

  10. I must remind you of the coffee mug..
    “Gentlemen, you may all go to Hell…and I will go to Texas!”
    –Davey Crockett
    It’s 70 here in Dallas, with bright sun, flowering pear trees and grass going very green! Makes for a delightful equinox, despite the size of our spiders! πŸ™‚

  11. Welcome back! I hear you about this crummy winter. I’m in Waterloo and I actually cried when I saw the snow falling today. I saw some birds in a tree yesterday – so I think there’s hope.

  12. There was an article about spring in our local paper today, which pointed out that the only months which very rarely have measurable snowfall are July and August. Note that they said “very rarely”, not “never”. (I live on the Front Range of the Rockies, in Colorado).

  13. Imagine…if you run low on toilet paper, you only have to hike to the dining room. I hope there is beer in your fridge for you, too.
    BTW, did you say “stealth project?”

  14. Soon (at least in geological time) the air will smell of warming soil, moisture and growth and life will be a beautiful thing. Eventually there will be bright green buds of that wonderful spring green everywhere (and you’ll probably get to see some on your tour before they show up in your neighborhood).

  15. I was just at the supermarket picking up lunch. The woman at the deli counter said we should cook that groundhog.

  16. I can understand you not missing the woods. If *I* was subjected to a walk like you had the other day I would be perfectly relieved to be back in T.O., even *with* all the snow!
    I’m glad you’re home!

  17. whew! i’m so glad to hear you are back home safely with easy access to both beer and toilet paper!

  18. Welcome home!! Glad you’re back safely! Hope your work is done, which made the experience worth it. Now, sit and knit, relax and yes, today is Spring. Well, at least my daffodils seem to think so!

  19. Well, my parents have sworn you weren’t staying with them πŸ™‚ However, if there is a next time….just drive back up the road to the next house. Almost everyone has a plow or tractor with a snowblower and for $20 or some beer, would be more than thrilled to help some city slickers out πŸ™‚
    Oh, and if I had been caught up in blog reading this week, I certainly would have questioned you walking 7kms to the store….and back. I know you’re fit and all, but I know what it’s like up in the wilds of Ontario, and while 7km across Toronto might be do-able….

  20. The blog ate my comment, so if it shows up twice later, I apologize (I waited five minutes to avoid that.) If you need nature back, I’m sure there’s a gray squirrel that would love to help himself to those almonds; there should be enough sun now to bring him out of hibernation.

  21. Almonds and a fork? Almonds and chopsticks I’d understand, but almonds and a fork…

  22. Welcome home! So glad you survived this trip to be peaceful and take it easy… oy, when someone posted that 14 kilometers was eight and half miles, I realized what you had tried to do…. you were getting in some exercize to build up your stamina for your book tour! *grin* Hope your legs and back have recovered!
    Thank you, btw, for being part of my inspiration. I haven’t learned to knit, but you certainly have a big part of the credit for getting me crocheting again after many years without!
    Thank you also for making me laugh.

  23. I live in Toronto, and on my slog to the grocery store this afternoon, I saw actual *green things* poking out of some actual dirt in a front yard. It was on the sunny side of the street, and my north-facing yard will not be showing dirt for weeks, but there were certainly signs of spring. It’s terrible that we can count the signs of spring so far on one hand, but we will overcome…

  24. I think the toilet paper in the dining room was for you actually.
    Your family got telepathic messages that you were heading out for toilet paper and they gathered some up for you in homes that they could mentally beam it up to the cabin for you…. or maybe someone meant to slip it into your luggage before you left and forgot.

  25. Jo at 2:05 — yeah, and look what happened to him when he got there!
    Crocus ancyrensis up but too cold to open, even in today’s dilute sunshine. Snowdrops visible but not pickable — at the stage where Patmore says they “hail far summer with a lifted spear.”
    Emphasis on “far.”

  26. When you said you were going to walk 14 kms in snow & ice, I just thought you were joking. Now I realise you were pioneering extreme orienteering (or possibly disorientation).
    I’m really glad you’re back in the bosom of your family, amid the coffee mugs and almonds.

  27. And the nuts were to fend off the vicious squirrels. Maybe there was a threat of squirrel invasions of the stash while you were away. So they put almonds in the hall to distract the beasties. The fork is of course there to fall and make a loud noise and scare them away from the stash.

  28. The almonds are for the squirrels and the fork is so they don’t get messy.
    The toilet paper? Hmm, maybe your family was planning to festoon the living room and ran out of time.
    Welcome home. Though I must say I love wooded solitude, esp. if it’s howling outside.

  29. Yay spring! You’d never know it.
    At least you didn’t have to walk back to Toronto.
    “It’s just a good stretch of the legs!”

  30. I’m so glad that you are home and safe. I worried about you. Isn’t that strange? Friends from blog-world only can really care about one another!
    Will you try going back again to write sometime, maybe not in winter? I am only as far north as Wisconsin but even WI is in a severe winter storm watch that begins this evening through tomorrow. I remember snow on Easter as a child but not for a VERY long time.

  31. Whew – glad to see you made it out alive. After your St. Patrick’s Day Death March I was worried when you didn’t post yesterday. πŸ™‚

  32. Welcome home! You think Joe and the girls put the toilet paper there so you wouldn’t be tempted to hike to the nearest remote shop? As for the almonds… I’m clueless and I’m not sure I want to know either!

  33. The almonds are to distract the hidden vermin in your luggage (the girls are a bit afraid of what you may have brought home) the fork is only to be used in self defense. (No guns at the Harlot house) and the toilet paper in the diningroom?
    WEll- for pete’s sake Harlot- they were afraid if it wasn’t readily visible and available— you’d be off on crazy- woman a hike to locate some… that family of yours is brilliant. Just brilliant.

  34. So you don’t think a vortex of cold air will draw down atmospheric cold fronts and leave us danging in the grip of a bitter and cruel winter forever?
    Good. I was beginning to fear when the frickin’ thermometer read -24 this morning.

  35. You still have a lovely spring to look forward to; here in southern California, it’s already starting to dry and turn brown. Maybe you can go back to the woods when all the live things there KNOW it’s spring!

  36. Glad your home safe. I know what you mean about strange things left around the house when you’re gone. I came home once and there was 2 fishing poles and a box of lures on the table. Good thing there wasn’t fish!

  37. Glad you’re home in one piece. The scenery is indeed spectacular where you were. If only it weren’t so COLD.
    Just color me wimpy.

  38. Three kids who either won’t share a box of tissues or are too lazy to get the box of tissues (that would be the variety in my house)= three rolls of toilet paper. The almonds with the fork? The spoons were all dirty and no one wanted to use her fingers.
    When our mom was on a trip, which was rare, we knew Dad was good for two things: Cheerios or McDonalds.

  39. Spring may be here but I’ll try not to think about it as I gird myself for the snowstorm due here tonight. I guess the Easter egg hunt will be inside again this year.

  40. I grew up in central New York state & I well remember March. Ugh. Hang in there, Steph. (I escaped to warmer climes years ago, and I still get a chill thinking of March, the month of Grey Snow.)

  41. Pix are beautiful, and I never tire of the silence, but then I don’t have kids to miss….we are a bit frozen here, as well. I think for Sunday (Easter), we will have frozen egg rolls….

  42. Hmmm, my first reaction (and looks like my fellow commenters)is wanting to know “the bag of almonds with fork in the hallway” story. Can’t say that’s ever happened in my house. Toilet paper on the dining room table–been there, done that.
    Welcome home

  43. Welcome home to the madness that can be family. Also, we know you are tough and superwoman. Thought you could make yesterday’s trek with ease……LOL. Take care.

  44. It is well known among the aficionados of indoor rhino hunting (soon to be an Olympic sport),toilet paper, almonds and cutlery are standard issue equipment. Outdoors, we use horseshoes to ring the horn, but toilet paper is easier on the plaster when aim is off. The nuts make a rustly sound in the bag, attracting the rhino to the upstairs hallway, where he can no longer turn around. Then you spear your rhino right between the eyes with the fork. You could use a knife, but tournament rhino hunting is strictly catch and release.

  45. I hope when all your snow melts you’ll be luckier than we are–I have several major tributaries running across my basement floor from all directions! Several days of rain on top of the melted snow has given my yard all the charm (but none of the alligators)of the Everglades!

  46. I knew you could get out of there, but when you said “a proper sled” I was hoping to see Joe commandeering a team of reindeer – you know he could handle it, big strong man like him! And the almonds/fork combo? No idea.
    Welcome home, and if you need spring, please feel free to come hang out in the SF Bay Area – my garden is looking lovely (check my blog) and there’s a decent stash of wool to bribe you with.

  47. Must share: My son was reading over my shoulder the other night and saw the picture of toilet paper and Guiness and said “hey thats a picture from my dorm room!” When I told him who it was he decided that he is going to come to the book signing in April and meet the “cool chick” (dont worry I told him you were married LOL)

  48. Welcome home, that is beautiful scenery and lemme say that as I sit in texas at 70 degrees I kinda wish we had snow *ducks* I know that people are rolling their eyes at me but…
    I have a toddler who’s never had snow in his life, for once I’d like him to have the real deal you know?
    Maybe not in march though. Much better in Jan or Dec.

  49. Glad you are safe & warm. I’ve been loving your snowy stories & photos.
    Would have gladly sent some of Melbourne’s autumn heatwave.
    We were sweltering last week (around 38C)…
    …you’d have been thawed in no time.
    — Aussie Jay.
    Happy, Happy Easter!!

  50. If only Jayme the wonder publicist would send you to southern California for the sunny break that you need!

  51. You’re not alone with the spring snow. The forecast for the Chicago area is for thunder snow starting between 2 & 4 am & accumulating to 3-7″ in the city (more in the northern suburbs, less in the southern suburbs).

  52. I have enjoyed reading about your adventures and am glad you are home safe. I hate to tell you that in Calgary the sun is shining, it is 3C and the only snow around is on the tops of the Rockies which I am lucky enough to see out the windows that run along the wall beside my cubicle. Happy long weekend to all of you who get one and if not, happy spring!

  53. The first day of spring means we get a good cup of hot chocolate and sit and watch the snowflakes swirling about in the wind outside. Upstate New Yorkers know that spring is fickle, and not even close to being ready to make an appearance here. Now it’s time for me to tackle the chaos in my own home, and I haven’t even been away in the woods for days!
    Can’t wait to read your book …
    Welcome home,
    ~ Dar

  54. Welcome home-glad to see that you made it out of the woods more easily than going in. And thank you for the affirmation that spring is truly here. Now if my 16 year old would only stop talking about the years with no summer in the 1800’s. I’ll try to focus on your positive words instead of his extremely depressing ones. And I won’t think about the snow forecast for tonight and tomorrow. And I’ll drink some wine, eat some chocolate and knit. That should help with everything.

  55. The snow/sleet forecasted for tonight does make me wonder whether it is really spring, but considering it is 50F here now, I am going with it.

  56. Those pictures have been beautiful… thanks for sharing! I will try to have a proper spring for you here in MD when you come.
    It’s best not to speak of tp in the dining room… or almonds in the upstairs hall. πŸ˜‰

  57. We’ll all be here when you come back to wish you we-e-lcome home! Welcome home.
    Does your having needed the sled mean that your 14-km hike included 1 km each way of exhausting snow? No wonder you were exhausted when you finally got to Ron.
    On the plus side, your post on Tuesday inspired me to write about smoots.

  58. The “real” spring, flowers and warm weather and such, is not here really till April 28th.(my birthday. Hang tough. Real tough.

  59. I’m sure Joe was the sweetest thing you’ve seen all week … well that and the girl in the car. You city folk crack me up though the way you disparage the snow…you have no idea how important it is for the farmers. We are down over 20″ of snow here and we are praying we don’t make it up in early spring rain, we would much rather have the moisture as slow melting snow than gully washing rain.
    Everyone pray for a little more snow before April for the farmer’s sakes

  60. Joe is such a great guy to haul all that stuff out for you!
    The groundhog said six more weeks of winter on Feb 2nd, and by my count that six weeks ended last week, so yes, it’s now the equinox and officially spring here in Philly. Also my Dad’s birthday!

  61. Ah, Ontario, how I miss the lion/lamb spring balance…Spring is coming to you soon, we’ll send it over shortly We’ve had spring since February in Victoria, BC (also in Canada for those that don’t realize not all of Canada is blanketed with snow year round!) – We have had fields of daffodils ripe for picking this month, lovely to see, but alas, the problem out here is there isn’t enough daffodil pickers…

  62. I nearly cried this morning when my coworker got to work and read aloud the latest Winter Weather Advisory, which advises us that we can expect 3-5 inches tomorrow.
    Dudes. This winter has sucked beyond the telling of it. I keep looking around me thinking I see snow falling out of the corner of my eye. It’s going to take me until December just to get over this winter!

  63. Love the photo of Joe in the snowy distance. Makes me smile to think you were watching for him, camera in hand. However, am I completely mistaken, or is the man bareheaded??? It’s not like there aren’t a dozen lovely, hand-knitted woolen hats at home, right?

  64. Even with the snow I would settle for some of that blessed isolation right now. I am sort of tired of worrying about 5 other people and one dog. I suppose I would have to find something to do besides knit, and I doubt that anyone will be paying me to write any time soon, but I can dream, can’t I?
    Glad to hear that you and your family are all well, even if the house did suffer a little.
    Knit on!

  65. Welcome home. Stay there until you need to come to NY for the April 2 Borders gig. You’ll be right across from Central Park and can see what passes for wilderness for us. Don’t laugh too hard.
    Clearly the thing about toilet paper runs in your family.

  66. While we are enjoying a lovely first day of spring here in central Ohio, we are by no means free of the threat of snow. I hope we have seen the last of it for the year, but you just never know.

  67. The first day of spring, I totally forgot. It was overshadowed in these parts by the first day of NCAA men’s basketball tournament. Which is really just another good excuse for knitting to me. Welcome home!

  68. Plenty of time to finish those socks for Denny as you wait for spring. Today it’s about 70F in my neck of the woods. Wish you were here.

  69. Nicely put…and the fork was to kill the almond stealing Bejebesnezians before they could incorporate them in a secret potion designed to facilitate taking over the world. Your girls did well–you should be proud:-)

  70. About time you posted, young lady! I’ve been worried sick & checking the blog every couple of hours, afraid you’d gone haring off into a raging blizzard after some other damned fool thing. OK, maybe Guinness & tp don’t quite qualify as “damned fool things”, but you know what I mean.
    By the way – Great pic of Joe & sled.

  71. Considering that we’re got about an inch of new snow today, and it’s still a full two months before the last frost date, I really needed that reminder. Sooner or later, winter will lose. . . . I just wish our friends out in the Puget Sound would quit telling us how gorgeous the rhododendrons and tulips are! lol

  72. Glad you made it back safe. How are your legs feeling? This is the first winter I can recall having to shovel my roof, actually we’ve done it twice. It has been raining/snowing here in Montreal today and I will believe spring is coming when it finally stops #*#^!!**!# snowing.

  73. It may be spring here in Philadelphia, but it’s so windy that my hair would wrap right around my face if I weren’t wearing a hat! A knit hat, so it won’t blow off. I saw a gentleman CARRYING his hat.
    We had no snowfall that lasted longer than a few hours on the ground. Maybe next winter … OK, I’ll stop now! Glad you’re back and all is well.

  74. Last time I ate almonds with forks, a chocolate fondue was involved…..
    And I saw TWO robins today!!! They were shivering in the falling snow, but they were definitely ROBINS!!!
    Welcome Back, Spring.

  75. Perhaps they were channeling your need for TP the other day. Is there any Guinness about? As for the almonds and the fork? Your girls are still in the mid-teens, I’ll let you find that one out for yourself.

  76. My pussy willow trees are in full pussy – or whatever you would call them. The snow has all melted and we are having lovely +10 sunny days. You really should come to Alberta to see it and us. We have great LYS in Calgary and there are at least 7 of them. I’m sure we could find ways to make you feel really welcome. Please come!

  77. I really is spring here in Georgia, and when you visit in April, I sure hope the weather will cooperate, and show you what your missing, living up the in the cold Northern Country. However, we may have three days to wear wool sweaters! You can’t win.

  78. Ah Spring…is it odd to be dreaming fondly of blackflies and mud puddles? Welcome home from the woods. I love your stories, do keep them coming.

  79. Welcome home-ask no questions-you don’t really want to know why there are 3 rolls of TP in the dining room or almonds in the hall.
    Here in Michigan the sun shines today but once again we are under a winter storm watch for like 6-10inches of snow. It may be the 1st day of spring in some parts of the world,but in mine winter hangs on like the Rat Bas…d it is.

  80. The only good part of this continuing winter weather is that we can all keep knitting and there are no outdoor chores calling us. Makes it easy

  81. the day here is also dreary, rainy (at least no SNOW for once) and cold (Maine). 3 feet deep of snow, I wonder if it will ever melt. So today I celebrated spring by spinning and working on a sweater..it’ll come-2nd week of May as usual.
    Mary E

  82. Glad you are home! The stress of kids and a husband and everything that comes with them is tough some days. I have three girls, and a Dr. husband – and there are times when I wish I could hang out in a secluded cabin in the woods…just me and some yarn and lots of wine (I don’t know about the writing deadline, though) Then I think of what it would be like to not have them to come home to at all, and the cabin in the woods doesn’t seem so inviting anymore. The first signs of spring are just hinting at their arrival here in Michigan (I heard a dove this morning, and an owl two nights ago) – Hang in there, you’re not that far behind us! Happy Spring!

  83. Come to Vancouver! Grass needs mowing badly and the hydrangeas, lilacs and rhodos are starting to bloom in my backyard. Not raining today either – bit of a miracle.
    Because it is the teensiest bit grey for parts of the winter here I do pay a lot of attention to light and I thought that the days got longer starting on Dec 21st! I’m pretty sure of that because Dec 20th the sun set at 4 pm’ish and yesterday it set at 7:20 pm. I could see the light through my pre-dinner martini.

  84. My husband who is currently on leave from his deployment to Iraq just noticed me reading your blog (I became a faithful reader shortly after he left- my knitting also turned into an obsession shortly after he left. No coincidence there; it was either that or turning to the booze which is dehydrating unlike yarn :)) and commented on your name, Yarn Harlot. “Is that like Yarn Whore?” he asked. I replied that you don’t really sell your body for yarn, that harlot was merely tongue-in-cheek. What I didn’t explain was that as virtuous women we might not peddle ourselves on the street to keep up the yarn stash, but that keeping the yarn coming does rank somewhere up there after clothing, food, & shelter. Just wanted to say thanks for lifting my day so regularly.

  85. You are more than welcome here in Oklahoma. Currently it is 74 F with a slight breeze (okay, a little gusty, but it is Oklahoma). Also, there is rain in the forcast for this weekend, which I would gladly take over your snow! Just hang in there. Spring is very close!

  86. Welcome back, I’m glad your are safe. As much as I like my cabin in the woods I don’t think I would go there by myself with the amount of snow we had this year and I certainly wouldn’t attempt to walk the distance you did to the store. I guess “lucky” is your middle name…ciao

  87. I hear you – it’s snowing here in upstate ny, which makes for a very sad first day of spring (it’s even a gloomy snow, not a bright fluggy snow). I just hope we don’t get snow on Easter. bah.

  88. I just want to let you know that “I don’t want to know why there are three rolls of toilet paper in the dining room and a bag of almonds with a fork in the upstairs hall” ties for my all-time favorite sentence anywhere, ever, with this one from The Beet Queen by Louise Erdrich: “Ever since they arrived with their cake full of bugs and their spicy sausages, I’ve taken to sleeping downstairs on the pool table.” Both of them make me feel so goofily pleased with the universe. I can’t explain why; they just do. πŸ™‚

  89. Here in Rochester we are getting pretty sick of the grey skies and snow/sleet. The ONLY reason I’m hoping the snow doesn’t melt in the next week is that my son is coming home for his two weeks leave from Iraq, and he so wants to see snow(the snow they got in Baghdad just didn’t cut it). So. It can stay whitish outside till Monday…then it must melt!

  90. Leslie @ 3:04 – I think you might owe me a new keyboard. πŸ™‚ I was smart enough not to drink anything while reading the blog, but I totally forgot how witty the commenters can be.

  91. What a wonderful sight that must have been.. seeing your Joe coming up the path with the sled.
    I understand about the toilet paper in the dining room, and the almonds/fork/hall combination.
    Welcome home
    Carolyn in Massachusetts

  92. I live in the maritimes and when I looked out my window this morning, after a night of freezing rain and the like… I cried. Not only was school canceled for my 5 year old but my 2 year old is sick.
    And the freezing rain hasn’t stopped yet.

  93. Toilet paper? Almonds? Fork? Some things, particularly when they involve adolescents, are better not known. Mysteries of the universe. Glad you made it back in one piece!

  94. Sigh. Now comes the time of year in San Francisco when we quit being glad it doesn’t snow in the winter and start lamenting that there is no sun in the summer.

  95. Ah…I would miss *both* the peace *and* the scenery…But I am glad you made it home safe and sound — and with knitting limbs etc. intact. Hope the book had also moved ahead.
    Who eats almonds with a fork?!

  96. Can I rent that place? It sounds like heaven, except about the running out of t.p.
    And the yeti…
    But the rest sounds good.
    Deb .

  97. Meanwhile, we here in Melbourne Australia have been sweating with five days in the 100s (40 degrees c, in our speak) and my parents in Britain are dealing with the worst storms on record.
    Perhaps we could knit an ozone layer….

  98. Meanwhile, we here in Melbourne Australia have been sweating with five days in the 100s (40 degrees c, in our speak) and my parents in Britain are dealing with the worst storms on record.
    Perhaps we could knit an ozone layer….

  99. AND,IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! AND IT WAS WONDERFUL! I got flowers at work from both of my children, their spouses and my grandchild. It was so exciting when the second delivery came. And I had a wonderful homemade white chocolate cake with cream cheese icing. And Pizza and when I came home, HURRAY! Package from the Moon sock place. Well, yes I ordered if for myself but who knew it would get here on my birthday?????? Life is good. Welcome home Stephanie. And thanks for all the laughs and sighs and parts of life that you share with each of us. Not to mention the cool shopping hints. Love ya like a fat kid loves cake!

  100. Out here in the BC mountains we are having our typical spring. In the valleys the snow has all melted but the ski hills are still going strong. And we greeted the first day of spring with our obligatory blizzard which lasted a couple of hours – just long enough so my boss’s neice and nephew couldn’t get in on the morning flight and for our bookkeeper’s son to call her a liar when she told him it was the first day of spring. Sunshine now but wait five minutes and see what happens next.
    And has CSIS investigated your “stealth” knitting project? (for the non-Canadians – no, I don’t mean C S I)

  101. “and a bag of almonds with a fork in the upstairs hall”
    This made me laugh so hard…I can’t even imagine what they may have been doing with that!

  102. It was sunny here for the first time in what feels like years (I’m sure it was only a week), and I’ve now got spring fever really bad. Do you think my students would notice if I just ditched work? Hm…
    Enjoy your re-entry! (if that’s not a paradox) At least you know you won’t have to walk 7 miles for a beer.

  103. I nearly spewed coffee all over my screen AND keyboard. I’m curious as to what else you’ll find scattered about your house. Maybe the cat will snitch? Unless of course she was the mastermind….

  104. My brother-in-law, who lives in Toronto, told me today that he had a seven foot pile of snow at the foot of his driveway, and I didn’t believe him. I didn’t believe you either, when you said you would walk 14 km to the ‘town.’ I think I need to reevaluate Canadianness in general…

  105. I have to say now that I’ve settled down, when I saw the title “Quickie” and your husband had just picked you up, I quick note wasn’t what immediately popped into my mind. BAD KNITTER, BAD KNITTER!!! I’ll punish myself and force me to had another Cosmo until I have nicer thoughts!

  106. Happy First Day of Spring!!! Just saying it gives you hope for warmer sunshiny days ahead πŸ™‚

  107. Yes Spring!
    I fill my bird suet feeder with yarn pieces so the birds can build their nests. Just now I looked to see a squirrel with a big bunch of a bright red marino in his/her mouth. I know you don’t like them but you can’t really think badly of a critter that justs wants to decorate with wool….. well, I guess you can. πŸ™‚

  108. Take heart – in a month you will be in the Seattle area! See ya at Third Place Books!

  109. I love, love, love, living in California! It was almost 70F today and is gonna get warmer. We have flowers, the fruit orchards are almost done blooming, and the new grass is an impossible shade of green.

  110. Well, I hate to say this, but I could/would give about anything for that cabin the woods. In it’s own way, it is a relief/retreat from society. It appears to be restfull from the mundanities of life worries that consume you. Besides I haven’t really watched TV for almost 4 years, read the newspaper on occasion, and I spin for relaxation. What more is there? Besides, if I have a good stack of firewood and TP and beer is down the road, what else is there?

  111. OMG I have GOT to read your blog more often!! I would have shouted NO NO NO! Surely there was a magazine that could have been sacrificed. What were you thinking?? 14km is too far! So glad the shop sent the daughter. Phew I am better now.

  112. Sunny and about 16C here in San Jose, Ca, today! Plus the spring blooms are marvellous – will start a series of “spring” photos soon! It’s been spring here for a couple of months now.
    Please, a signing in the Bay area. Pretty please? I’ll even hire a car for the day…

  113. The first day of spring in St. Louis brought flooding and road closures and evacuations due to the flooding. Can’t wait for that snow to melt up north and send even more water this way….never mind, you can keep it. They are predicting worse flooding here than we had in 1993 in the “Great Flood”, so while I’m glad to have warmer weather than you have in Toronto, I’m not sure I wouldn’t trade if we got rid of the high rivers!! πŸ™‚

  114. First thing this morning I looked out the window to see that it was snowing here in Salt Lake City. But tonight there’s a clear sky and a beautiful full moon. Thanks for the reminder of the spring equinox.

  115. The average pace for walking is 3 miles an hour, which in kilometers is 4.82 k an hour. So if you had to walk 7 k that would be about one and one half hours. So, if you left at three in the afternoon, you wouldn’t get to town until at least 4:30, and if you headed home at 5, you wouldn’t get home until 6:30, probably well after dark. So, my advice is to either go around ten in the morning or don’t go. But of course if it’s for beer, it’s worth it.
    There. You have been warned.

  116. Glad you’re back safe and sound!
    I must make note that I see your pic of Joe approaching the cabin (?) looks like it’s taken through a window, not from outside. Either that, or you were outside, but distance, camera focus, fog or really fine snow falling was blurring things slightly. So, does the cabin possibility mean seeing him approaching from afar did not inspire you to pile into outerwear at superspeed, joyfully bound forth into the depths of the snow to leap across the drifts and fling yourself welcomingly into his arms, like some heroine out of an Arctic romance novel?
    Ok, so it could also have been taken from the car window on last approach. I prefer thinking that it was from the cabin. [g]
    (Folks, she may have learned caution. We can hope.)

  117. It actually SNOWED here in Eugene, Oregon this evening. I mean, it does NOT show here in March, for crying out loud. Big fat flakes for about 15 minutes. Obviously NOTHING like the fun you had up north but just very, very weird.
    Welcome back. We’re all glad you survived your trek (was that 14km round trip or each way?!) and got your beer and TP, two very important items, you betcha.
    By the way, it is entirely possible that my yarn stash has surpassed my fabric stash. Scary. Might have to build (another) story on my house…

  118. Well happy first of spring. I saw cherry blossom today; then again the UK weather people also said the wind is swinging round to the north and we should have snow for Easter. Suppose I’ll just have to eat chocolate and cope. Enjoy your time at home.

  119. sorry, but we’re having an amazing summer down here in the southern hemisphere, we’re still swimming and sunbathing – you may have to keep the snow up there for a wee bit longer! but yes, eventually NZ will relinquish the sun to you.

  120. Just thought you should know that The Hurricane and The Tornado spend a solid 45 minutes coming up with reasons for the almonds and fork. It was the calmest 45 minutes of my afternoon. Thanks.

  121. I will stop whining about our rain–it could be sooo much worse! But on the plus side, you have a longer sweater season than I do. πŸ™‚

  122. Thanks so much for your great stories! and pictures I have been spending the last week in the hospital with my son who has had a major operation for a perforated bowel due to Crohn’s Disease. While sitting by his bed in ICU I’ve managed to keep sane by – you guessed it – knitting. It’s amazing how soothing and calming it can be, wish I could escape for a little while to that cabin in the snow- when my Daniel is better of course! Meantime I’ll keep knitting (socks in Dan’s football – Aussie Rules – colours)

  123. Glad you are home safe and sound. Yes, there are always unanswered questions when leaving husband and children alone in the house for a while…like why the dogs hair on his head is green and blue.
    Good luck with the cleaning.

  124. Ya’ll, I’m getting married May 24, outside, in Manhattan. And our families are coming from Texas and Mississippi and Georgia. Come, Spring, and stay! (sounds like I’m talking to the dog. sit, spring, lie down, and stay!)

  125. So glad you got home safely.You may wish for the solitude soon. Here in Wisconsin, we were having spring like weather most of our snow had melted than “Good FRIDAY” came, WE are expecting from 4 to 10 inches of snow today with blowing and drifting and even “thundersnow”.(Thank heavens we planned an inside easter egg event this year.)I despertly want spring.

  126. Allright Joe!
    Allright Steph!
    Allright Spring!
    It’s spring here in Los Angeles…it’s supposed to be 85 degrees tomorrow…We’re BBQing to celebrate. Don’t hate me….it was 106 degrees last summer and the neighbors had no power so we had to run an extension from our garage to his window so he could run his fan…he’s elderly and I was very concerned so I kept trying to convince him to come to our house and sit in the meager A/C but the best I could get him to take was Lots of Ice Water. The sun literally Burned a bunch of our plants and everyone’s cars overheated. We were driving and my friend had a slurpee and it melted within 5 min…Then we have rolling balckouts because everyone in L.A is selfish and cranks their A/C to 15 degrees F when it gets hot and when we do have power it costs more than a college education.
    That’s IT! I’m moving to Canada!

  127. Okay, I lurk and never post but Geez, Louise, I gotta say…..let’s talk mountain climbing for a moment here. The peak of Everst is never the goal…it’s HALFWAY! Getting back down is the point. Climbers know that most (80%) of accidents happen on the way down. On to knitting…say in a pair of socks, when you finish the first one you are only halfway! Sleeves on a sweater, the front AND the back, mittens, gloves; life is full of halfway points. I think as you knit today you should reflect on “halfway”
    Glad you’re in one piece. Welcome home. Back to lurking.

  128. I know why the almonds, fork, and t.p. are where they are. Ever seen the movie ‘Gaslight’?

  129. The fork is for shooting almonds at your sister. The tp is on the table because that’s where they left it when they unpacked the grocery sacks. They should hire a housekeeper the day before you return.

  130. I guess I’ll be the first to point out that it is the winter solstice where day and night are equal length, not the equinox! πŸ™‚ (I’m sorry, I had to say this – I am such a science geek!)
    But I loved how you put it! (P.S – Do you actually read all these comments?)

  131. I have a new photo on my blog of my azalea in full bloom…might bring some south GA warmth to your cold frozen tundra….keep warm.

  132. Stephanie:
    I LOVED that photo of Joe approaching the cabin with the sled. What a great guy you are married to!! Hope you get to return to the cabin again. You have such a neat outlook on life.

  133. If you didn’t say it was Joe coming to get you, I probably would have assumed it was some creepy stalker person out to get you with a hand-ax.
    It’s thoughts like those that make me completely NOT miss Canada. I get S.A.D. and it’s pretty bad sometimes. But there is hope… there is hope…

  134. you know? i wish i had more snow where i was. i’m in PA, and there is NO SNOW. and i’m just now thinking to myself, time to attempt to knit a sweater again! but, no. it’s spring now, and i’ll have to stick to shrugs and tanktops. i guess i’ll just have to do shrugs and tanktops all year long… and i guess that’s kind of builing me up to a sweater… you know. in the area of skills and *ahem* gauge. πŸ˜›

  135. Thanks for the reply, Stephanie. “Fog.” Something about that one simple word struck me so funny that I was laughing in little wheezes – somewhat like an asthmatic hyena – for about 10 minutes! πŸ˜‰ (Ok, to be honest, every time I think about it, I start laughing *again.*)
    And dian at March 21, 2008 1:02 PM – Yes. Yes, she does. [g]

  136. Thanks for the lovely pictures of the snow! It feels like it’s been months since I’ve been out in the woods and they’re a nice reminder of something beautiful that’s close by.

  137. happy spring time
    the states are lovely
    april and maytime
    visit if you can some of
    nearby botanical gardens
    lovely gardens in bloom
    are a good photo op
    i live in florida west central
    we are most always in bloom
    we are electing again and
    the daisys are in full bloom

  138. I feel your pain. It’s been so sunny here, I was convinced that spring was going to happen, even though I knew better. I woke up and was thoroughly angered when I saw 10 inches of snow outside. Stay strong.

  139. I imagine someone read the blog and left the toilet paper where you could find it easily. The almonds and a fork …could have been someone who accidentally dropped something into the bag while munching and was fishing around with the fork to find it (I would suspect a dental filling…almonds are HARD.) Once item was retrieved, the fork was merely an
    afterthought..let it stay in the bag, Mum will go nuts (sorry about that one) trying to figure it out. (Just think like a teenager and maybe….)

  140. Spring can be a confusing thing here in the Pacific Northwest. Today starts Spring Break for the kiddo’s and it was chilly but sunny and rainy and windy and then sunny. If you go 45 minutes to the east, you hit Mt. Hood and near record snow fall accumulation.
    The flowering prune trees are blooming a beautiful pink blossom and then later when the wind picks up and it will, it will ‘snow’ pink petals!!! I very much enjoy sitting in the occasional sunbeam and working on my latest project.

  141. Tonight 3 of us were knitting at Starbuck’s and your blog came up in conversation. We noticed that we haven’t see The Sock in any posts lately. Is that because it’s a travelling sock? We miss how you hold it up in pictures. Inquiring minds want to know.
    By the way, I remember the commercial that said “I’d walk a mile for a camel”. Just think of the beer commercial you could do! Or toilet paper, for that matter!

  142. Absolutely beautiful pictures of the snow. You should print them out on A3 and get them framed. They’re art!
    Hope the trip was as productive as you planned.
    – Pam

  143. I just realized that my husband is going to be in Toronto on April 1st and I wondered if tickets are required for your Toronto Launch in the Isabel Bader theater. My wonderful husband would be willing to stand in line to get one of your books signed for me if the launch wasn’t sold out. Can you let me know if he needs a ticket? Thanks.
    Glad you are back safe and sound. That cabin sounded like heaven on earth to me and I wasn’t worried for a minute about you taking that big hike for beer and toilet paper.

  144. Just watched The Day After Tomorrow and wondered why it looked familiar…now I remember!
    So glad you’re home safe and sound and do hope you managed to get done all you planned while you were away.

  145. what gorgeous photos…makes me quite jealous…it’s over 80 farenheit here in SoCal. try getting enthused about knitting in wool in that temperature!

  146. I vote that there was something else being eaten alongside the almonds; something that required a fork. All remnants of that something were removed (either eaten or cleaned up) but the fork was left behind, perhaps unintentionally, with the almonds… Almonds and rice? Almonds and cake? Almonds and scrambled eggs?

  147. It’s elementary. Someone in your house is telepathic. They felt your need for TP and beer, and attempted to fill it. It had to have been someone underage, who, when denied the purchase of beer, picked up a packet of nuts instead.

  148. God, looking at those pictures it seems as if it will never be warm again. On the positive side, it will be staying lighter longer, so it will get warmer. I know, start knitting for spring and summer! April has got to be better. I hope.

  149. I’m so glad you are safe and sound at home!
    On a random note, I made my very first pair of socks this weekend from your “recipe” and I have to say, THANK YOU!!! I’m sure with teenagers you don’t hear this enough, but you are 100000% right! Knitting socks is the most amazing, wonderful activity and I am so glad I have that skill now! YOu are such a genius and everyone should listen to you and always do what you say. Wow. Socks. I finished my first sock at 3am saturday and was so grateful that my roomate was still awake so I could show it to her. I think she thought it was a little weird that I came bounding down the stairs screaming “I made a SOCK! I made a sock!!” but I think she’s getting used to my knitterly weirdness. I wore that one sock all day saturday while I worked up the second one and I now have my first pair of hand knit socks. You are SO right, they are amazing. Knitting victories are the best victories, aren’t they? And it’s so nice when they come at the perfect time like this one did. Thanks again!! =^)

  150. Welcome home, I agree it’s best not to ask about the toilet paper on the table and almonds upstairs…it’s not important. Can’t wait to see you in Phoenix, Arizona!
    (trying a bit of psychology with my begging)

  151. So glad you are safely home! Talk about signs of spring – today, in central NY, the road crews are out – cleaning up the sides of the roads, trimming trees, etc. Never really thought about it before, but it lifted my spirits to see them. On another note, I, too, am curious about the fork in the almonds. Hm. Can’t come up with a scenario for that one!

  152. Question: why did Joe have to hike in to the house, when Ron’s daughter was able to drive you there? Just wondering…

  153. Gaila G – Frozen egg roles! Ha, is that with frozen won ton soup! Ha.
    Where does one live where there is silence besides Vermont, Maine or New Hampshire or a retirement community in Florida. Can’t cope with life, Welcome to Vermont!

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