I have 15 minutes to post a blog entry, so I have to tell you this may be short on both words and charm. Denver just about killed me. I’ve got a new respect for people who live there, mostly because I think that its an environment that kills off the weak. There’s no air in that state, and it’s so close to the burning ball of fire in the sky that I think that you could be incinerated in moments, were you to succumb to the lack of oxygen and happen to fall down somewhere the bright sunshine could get you. It’s the altitude, that place is just closer to the sun and farther out of the atmosphere. By the time that the signing rolled around last night I had a headache, swollen hands, swollen feet (probably a swollen face, but I’m trying not to dwell on that) and was exhausted and dizzy after executing demanding physical chores like carrying a coffee cup from one side of the hotel room to another. Sadly, sock pictures in Denver are sadly lacking as a result. I did get the most important ones though. The knitters.



Good looking bunch, aren’t they?

Erynn was first in line with Isaac and Isaiah.


I think there was nobody in the place who thought there was anybody with a better reason to be first. I didn’t ask her to hold the sock. Her arms were right full.

Then was Jackie, who’s sister wondered why on earth she was going to see someone called the “Yam Harlot”.


Amy Clarke Moore, editor of Spin-Off magazine, and a friend.


Ruth may be my new best friend,


because she gives hand massages. (I entreated her to follow me from city to city.)

I met Marly,


who does the great Yarn Thing podcast and gave a nice little knitted sock a chance to hang out with some crochet.

Jacob was back,


This time wearing a great kilt and sporting kilt hose underway. (Do you all remember Jacob and his great shirt from last year?)

Stacey brought the mittens I knit and she won several years ago back for a visit.


Penny came all the way from Wyoming. (I don’t know where that is, but it sounds far.)


and this is Liz (the mum) Abigail (the wearer) and Hannah (the knitter.) Also sisters.


Abigail is modelling the first pair of socks Hannah ever knit.


(Ever get tired of these overachievers? Bloody brilliant knitters making the rest of us look bad.)

It was Lisa’s Birthday.


And Pat loaned me a darning needle, so I could finish the Sock Ease socks (liked the yarn perfectly well still. Good stuff. I thought the aloe might be weird, but it’s not. It’s nice.)


and so they’re done!


(Which is extra good, because I didn’t pack enough socks. It’s good to be a knitter an solve these little problems independently. Slowly, but independently.) When I was taking these pictures this morning (rather early) I happened to look across the street and see this.


A Jolly Roger, flapping in the wind on the building across the street. What building?


The Chamber of Commerce. Dudes, you gotta love a city with a sense of humour.

Thanks for everything Denver. It was a blast. A breathless blast, but a blast.