10 Things About Sock Camp

1. I love where it is. Orcas Island. There is the sea and the hills and actual trees and flowers.


2. The twisted brain of my friend Tina who can even imagine, invent and make real a week like this. Seriously. There are camp tee shirts and buffs and a big plan that is weirder than you can imagine. I love it. (Also, if you click on that link, she has very, very big plans for the Portland Event on Earth Day.)

3. Campers. I’m spending 5 days with knitters. For five days I will only walk among my people. For five days nobody will say “don’t you think that’s a lot of yarn” or “how many pairs is that on the needles now?” For five days I will talk about socks, and nobody will try to get away, because everyone here wants to talk about socks. A lot.

4. Cat Bordhi. It is very good that Cat and I are friends, but probably also good that we live this far apart. We are trouble together. Trouble. Also, I am going to kick her arse in all the camp games. Just like last year.


5. Yarn.

6. I do not have to get on a plane today. I did not get on a plane yesterday. I do not get on a plane tomorrow. This makes me so happy that every morning that I am not getting on a plane I am doing a balcony dance.

7. Oh yeah. My balcony.


8. Deer.


9. Cookie. (I like the face she makes if you sneak up on her with a camera.)


10. I am knitting.


Blue Moon Heavyweight in a Rare Gem (one of a kind) that I snagged yesterday. I think I talked Tina into making it a colourway. It’s just too pretty not to be able to have again.

It’s going to be a very good week.