One sock camp

We are having almost a criminally good time here, but I have to tell you, I think that like SOAR, Sock Camp may have a mortality rate. (Like SOAR, I believe the proximity to water is helping to cover this fact. If I had to guess, I’d say the bodies of the knitters who don’t make it are stripped of sock yarn, needles and useful notions and rolled into the sea by the Sockateers.) I’m getting tired, but I’ve got my wits about me and expect to survive.

Here are some things we have been doing.

1. Learning about socks. The classes (though I have only been in mine) sound terrific, and everyone seems to be learning a ton. (Hopefully, some of them are learning something in mine.) I want to take the class that’s just about different cast-ons really badly. Three hours….lots of different cast ons for socks. I have stolen procured the hand out, so I am learning anyway.

2. Tina made their “camp project” a toilet paper cover. You were to make it and bring it. I didn’t have time – (I ended up doing what I did last year, which was something with Cat Bordhi that we just won’t discuss) but the campers really, really stepped it up. They were so much better than I thought that I just couldn’t believe it. Some were just beautiful.



Some were just hysterical.


(This is “Crapotis” – note the appropriate stitch pattern)

Some were darling.


Some were literary.


This is Edgar Allen Poo, who is standing like that because he has just released “the tell-tale fart”. He is, naturally, in front of the house of flusher. Yes. I think that is very funny.


Then we had a day where we made little tiny sock monkeys.


I am delighted with mine.


Then last night there was a knitting relay race, a game with toilet paper I don’t want to discuss but left a large and strange mess, and then there was a game of “Can you knit with this?” To which the answer was a resounding






YES. (The beef stick smelled really funny and the knitter who got the piece of a plastic hangar and a drill bit did finish, but boy, that was a challenge.)

After that, Cat knit faster than me with turkey basters, and we called it a night.

Today, more classes, some underwater knitting (camera free event) and I have no idea what else. This is the strangest way I’ve ever spent five days, but I’m having a great time.

Last, but not least, it is Rachel H’s Birthday. She’s funny, clever, organized, knows everyone’s schedule, (though I am particularly grateful she knows mine..) makes kick ass soup, makes a thousand things possible just by breathing air, and is my friend, for which I am very grateful. She has my love and very best regards on this day. Happy, happy Birthday.