One fine day in Portland

There is so very, very much that I love about that part of the world. I think of it when I am in Vancouver and Victoria and Seattle, but never so much as this time in Portland. It is green and lush and green….and lush….and standing off in the corner are Mount St. Helens and Mount Hood. (That’s a volcano too…but they say that it is sleeping.) I love how everything looks there. This time, because I was hanging with Tina, and she runs Blue Moon Fiber Arts and that is in Scappoose, that’s where I went, and I was absolutely stunned to see something totally new to me.



See that? It’s moss! Big Moss! Moss that wraps up all the trees and covers everything. It drips from the trees like some sort of thick verdure spraypaint. I loved it. I was so completely flipped out by it that once again I found myself thinking about how much I would love to live there, and then it started to rain, and I remembered. (I think I must have been a cat in a previous life. I hate getting rained on.) The Pacific Northwest and I will just have to date. We could never live together.

(While I got to see the inner workings of Blue Moon, how they dye everything, how it all works – the mountains of yarn, I didn’t take pictures. The light was bad and the space deserved better. Rest assured that it’s as magical as you think.)

We journeyed to the Forestry Center (which is a really beautiful space) where the Blue Moon team was setting up for their day and doing a heck of a job. They only sold one colourway that day, a fantastic one called “Doctors Without Borders” $3 from each skein goes straight to the good guys. (You’ll be able to get it on the website soon.)

I knitted some up into Leyburn socks (I love that pattern) but I’ll show you in a day or so when I can photograph it nicely. I paced around the back, walked off my nerves and listened to the sound of more that 400 knitters arrive in the driving rain. (There’s another difference between there and Toronto. If it was raining that hard in Toronto a bunch of us would have stayed home. Totally.) Then it was time. I walked out and already there was big fun. Tina had done an Earth Day scavenger hunt. (You should look at the pictures here. They’re fantastic.) Here’s the winner – Susan.


Susan got up at dawn, spent the whole day with maps and a plan and claims to have had a fantastic day. I don’t doubt her. Susan and the runners up chose yarn from the big box of Socks that Rock.


When I got up there, this is what I saw.



Portland knitters. More than 400 of them. I’d have been freaked out but they were too much fun. Just when I was working my way up to having a stroke completely, Duffy got up and sang. (You gotta see it here.)


I got her to hold the sock. It was the least I could do.


Portland babies represented: Amanda and Everett, Shannon and Jaxon, Mia and Gunner. (Click to embiggen the babies.)


There was, as always, the first sock brigade: Jillian, Tinivial, Rachel, Mary, Camille and Hillary.



Camryn represented for the youngsters. She’s a competent and knitterly 8.


Nic was sent on a mission (bribed with fudge) to get his Aunt Kathy (from the comments) a book. (He admitted to having a good time Kathy. Keep working on that one.)


Melissa went to Voodoo donuts for the scavenger hunt and brought me back this baby.


Er, yes. It is shaped like what you think it is, and it is (naturally)…. Cream filled. (Also, yes. It does appear to have been licked. Not by me.)


Michelle brought an Oregon washcloth and Leann gave me a rabbit rescue one.


Knitters with cool tats turned up. That’s Maiya and (although I was so impressed with her back I didn’t get her face) Kelsey. (I love what hers says. Click to embiggen.)

Maiyatathat2304-1 Kelseytatwools2303-1

Libby knit a “Princess Diana” sweater in the eighties. (Bitterly, it turns out, since all her friends were able to go and buy a commercial version right after. ) It’s knit on supertiny needles.


The PDX knitbloggers turned out in scary force.


…and they even brought Judy Becker with them, which is awesome, since she’s a genius.


Roxanna wears a mean hat and gives a wicked, wicked backrub. (I want to be her when I grow up.)


….and, in case I wasn’t overwhelmed enough, here’s Deb from Fearless Fibers. (Which I have coveted for some time, seeing it beautifully pimped out on Knitspot.)


Finally (and I hope I didn’t miss anyone) this is Zarah, who lost a sock while doing the scavenger hunt.


In her words the misplaced sock is 1 bright green simply soft “ugly sock” lost on Gateway bus #19 (probably.)

Have a look around will you? A hand knit sock is a terrible thing to waste.

All in all, it was a spectacular evening, only made more so by the terrific efforts of Blue Moon Fiber Arts, comprised of several women I am pleased to count among my friends. Jolly good.

For now, I’m off to bed. I’m in Northampton, totally freaked about tomorrow. The big WEBS event looms large, and I’m petrified but at least I’m here. This morning when the sky turned grey and stormy over Toronto (that storm moving along from Chicago tried to get me on this end) I was nervous, but although we had a terrifically turbulent take off, I’m all the way here. Wish me luck. It’s going to be a big one.

PS. Reports are true. I’ll be in San Franciso May 3 at the Maker Faire. Saturday, 11am at the Main Stage, and then I’m doing something (I have no idea what…maybe signing…at 2pm at the Craft Demo area “Fiesta”. (I especially like the “Fiesta” part. Makes it sound like fun.)

112 thoughts on “One fine day in Portland

  1. I cannot believe I am first!! I also could not live in the NW. Tooooo rainy. You sound like the trooper you are, hang tough and don’t let the weather beat you. I can hear the smiles in your e-mail when you see all the lovely knitters.
    Enjoy. Claudia

  2. My first comment, and I’m the very first one to post!
    I just wanted to tell you how much my mom (Hilary, from the Portland first sock group) and I enjoy reading your blog and hearing about your adventures. Unfortunately, I am in the middle of some seriously scary law school finals in Boston and can’t come to your Northampton event tomorrow, but my mom had a great time at the Portland event and sent me an autographed copy of your book. I can’t wait to read it! Thanks to you, I’ve been inspired to do some fun knitting projects over the summer (including the other half of my first pair of socks).
    Good luck with the rest of your tour and your knitting!

  3. Yay! I’m very excited that you will be coming to our neck of the woods after all… Hope to see you at the Faire.
    But is it in San Francisco? I saw somewhere online that it would be San Mateo. :/

  4. We’re glad you enjoyed your trip to Portland! As one of the PDX Knit Bloggers, I hope we didn’t scare you too much! We want you to come back next year!

  5. I really enjoyed your visit to Portland. Though I must admit I felt like a teenager at my first rock concert or seeing my first celebrity. I’m usually not that loopy/giddy/hyper in real life. Or so I’m told. Maybe it’s just the yarn fumes.
    I’m so glad you braved the driving rain to regale us with your knitterly wisdom. You truly are the queen of knitting!

  6. San Francisco, hmmm? I wonder if I can convince the boy to go for a weekend in the city…
    Or, if you want you can come to LA a few days early and camp in the guesthouse.
    And all the babies you’ve been showing are so cute, but the ones at the Portland event made my ovaries explode.

  7. I was so bummed I missed you when you were here. Thank goodness they got you a space larger than the room Powells had you in last year!
    I’m a transplant to Oregon — and I love the moss on the trees as much as you do. Still completely enamored by the area 12 years later and the rain only starts to get to you right around this time of year. I’ve had enough by now — but I’ve never had to shovel rain, so I’m fine with it!

  8. I feel much the same way about Portland. Guess that place has lots of “mistresses”. Scavenger hunt for Earth Day sounds like fun. Sigh, wish I thought I could go to see you in S.F.

  9. My boyfriend, Rob, and I drove up from Eugene to see you in Portland, and we had a smashing time. Really, it felt like a holiday to me. I’m usually a solo knitter, but being around that huge lot of knitters made me feel so happy, I’m going to seek out a knitting group here in Eugene. I’m thankful there’s so many folks out there (like you) encouraging commuknitty. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Thanks for the concern for my sock, Stephanie. It never did show up. But I’m well on my way with #2, so, I’ll try not to be too heartbroken. There will always be pictures!
    Rest assured, if you ever decide that dealing with the rain is worth it to live here (which, by the way, it totally is), you will be welcomed with open arms (and open yarn stores, and open coffee shops, and chocolate). I promise we’re worth it ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. Just stopping by to let you know that at my tiny local bookstore, Locust Books in Westminster MD (rural, about 45 minutes west of Baltimore), your book is sitting in the place of honor by the cash. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Enjoy Northampton, it’s a great town. Be sure to get some Herrell’s ice cream while you’re there.

  12. I was so bummed that I had to be out of town when you were here in Portland. But at least I was there in effigy. The PDX Knit Bloggers have informed me that you signed my back side. I’m fairly certain that would not have happened had I been there in the flesh. ๐Ÿ˜‰ It looks like a wonderful time was had by all! Have safe travels.

  13. Thanks for the Northwest fix of Orcas Island, Seattle, where I lived for 27 years, and Oregon, where I lived for 21 years. Yes, moss grows on all sides of trees there, you cannot tell which way North is by looking at the moss.. Return to these places someday in the summer months. You will be delighted. In the meantime, we all remain delighted with what you bring us each day.. It’s so much fun to read about the spirit of knitting that exists everywhere through your blog…and the creativity of these song writers! sincerely from sunny Arizona…

  14. I just received a note letting me know my pic was here on your blog. Thank you so much for including a little plug for FF!
    I thoroughly enjoyed hearing you speak here in Portland and having the opportunity to meet you. It takes quite a bit to drag me out of my comfortable knitting chair in the evening, but the effort was well worth it. It was such an entertaining evening. Thank you!

  15. You were so fantastic in Portland, Stephanie! I keep trying to remember all the cool things you talked about, to share with my friends. And there you were at 10:30 pm, still signing books and getting hoarse. Drove up from Crescent City, CA, to see you (700 miles round trip), and it was fun and definitely worth the effort.

  16. Did you not get to go around Portland at all?? That’s so sad! I was kinda hoping someone would take you to the Museum of Contemporary Crafts or something ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Oregonians are tougher than you know. They do *not* cancel their plans when it rains; if they did, they’d die of boredom.
    I was there a month ago. During Spring Break, there were hundreds of people leisurely strolling on the beach *during a sleet squall.* Here in California, most people stay indoors if it sprinkles, let alone sleeting.
    The advantage to all the rain is all the green.
    My husband and I declared this year as our “moss” anniversary. I knit him a green merino scarf in moss stitch.

  18. Poor Libby! That just about broke my heart.
    Much luck to you, fearless traveling harlot. May the rest of your journeys be timely and smooth.

  19. Nothampton is the home of the Young at Heart Chorus! Pay homage. See the movie. Be awed.

  20. Yes, when you live in Portland you realize at some point that you still have to go out when it’s raining (or you’d never go anywhere), but the teeniest bit of snow (not in the mountains) still freaks us out. You Torontonians have us beat there! ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Relax! All your stress of speaking at WEBS should be completely assuaged by the WEBS sale yarn (mmmm, warehouse).
    Hope you brought an extra suitcase. Or you could just mail it home…

  22. I loved the photo scavenger hunt – my friend Jane rode shotgun. *Way* fun. And we found immediate parking spots at every stop, which is really, really spooky, weird, and marvelous. We both also had little mishaps with our socks… My mishap was prevented from becoming a tragedy by the very nice van driver who screeched to a stop when the yarn wrapped around his van windshield and honked to let me know, and patiently waited while I collected my yarn on my way to find the other end/yarn ball. Jane ‘s mishap resulted in a bit of a double yarnball mess, which we untangled while enjoying your talk (sorry about the distraction during Q&A).
    Being a transplant from snowy Michigan, I find Oregon rain wonder and it actually cheers me up. I think it’s so cool and amazing that cars grow algae and moss during the winter. You really have to appreciate that.
    You might also notice that Oregonians use windshield whippers at a minimum, mostly on very low, and if you use Rain-X, you can almost avoid using them entirely. Also, umbrella’s are down right silly.
    Good to hear you enjoyed Portland and got to appreciate the dripping mats of moss. The Grand Canyon taught me to appreciate the complexities and beauty that come in the colors of pink – Oregon showcases green.
    Thanks for being so resilient in your tour and making us laugh. We hope to see you again soon.

  23. It was so fun to listen to you speak in Portland. I am already looking forward to your next visit!
    Also, as someone who brought her little man to your talk (Jaxon), I just want to thank you again (I already thanked you when you signed my book, and had my sister thank you when she went through the line much later in the evening) for you pre-boarding policy. There would have been no way that I would have been able to stay and meet you if we would have had to wait in the line (it was already very late for my little man)!
    Thanks again and good luck on the rest of your tour. May all your flights be smooth and on time!

  24. True, the rain really is annoying, but the lushness AND the marion berries might finally tempt me there someday….

  25. Please don’t be petrified of coming to see us in Northampton! We promise we won’t bite! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Lots of Ravelers waiting to see you! Many, many of us on there because of you!!
    And it looks like the rain is going to hold off too. Even better! ๐Ÿ˜€

  26. Hi Steph, It upsets me each year that the Webs event always seems to freak you out. I think it’s as nice a (big) bunch of knitters as I’ve seen on any of your other destinations. Look at Portland with more than 400 — how can that be different? Northeasterners are just as friendly as Northwesterners! Everyone is thrilled to be there, you are always wonderful, what’s to worry about? Please relax and enjoy the day. I’m looking forward to going soon. It’s just unfortunate that the weather may not be as perfect as it had been — over 10 days of 70 degree (Farenheit)perfection. See you soon — you will be great — the day will be a pleasure for us all — really!

  27. Heehee…”driving rain.” Actually, the heavy stuff – in Portland, at least – didn’t start until after dark. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Everything during daylight was light rain. Whereas if there’d been 2-3″ of snow, you would have died laughing. The entire city would’ve shut down and newscasters would be gravely talking about “Snow Watch ’08”, with continuous coverage, yet.
    So glad you got to see more than just downtown and PDX this time. It’s beautiful out by Scappoose. You and Joe and the girls should come out here in summer sometime, just to enjoy all the green under the sun! We had a great time too; thanks so much for a wonderful evening. Glad you made it safe to Northampton – let’s hope the rest of the tour traveling goes smoothly!

  28. Come on, Steph. Surely if you can get to San Francisco, it’s not that much further to come down under.
    We’ll provide the lamingtons, Anzac biscuits and pavlova…
    …and Bundy rum instead of screech…
    …not all at once, of course ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. Oh, come on, you know perfectly well you’ll have a grand time at WEBS. It’s huge, it’s full of yarn, and today it’ll be full of knitters. Your kind of place. If I get my act together, I’ll bring you a beer. I’ll bring you my first socks (you can darn one of them). I’ll bring some random cute baby off the streets (I have none of my own, alas). I’ll wear my first Kaffe Fassett (the one big enough to cover all of Northampton). I’ll bring all my WIPs, which will instantly reduce the guilt level in every other knitter present.
    I’ll be a hoot.

  30. Yay, I’m glad you made it safely to Western Mass. We’re so happy to have you here! See you in a couple of hours!!
    (I’m very excited to see what WEBS has on sale for their “Harlot Specials”!)

  31. WEBS (sigh……) Have fun (sigh…….)
    I hope Zarah finds her sock. I’ll bet she does!!
    And I got my hands on your book yesterday!!

  32. Looking forward to seeing you in “Mad Town” (Madison) tomorrow- the good part of all those storms is that the flowers are loving it- Don’t forget to check out the tulips around the capitol-they should be awesome by now. Travel safely!

  33. Thank you for visiting us in Portland! (Note to self, next time I go to see you, wear Depends. I laughed so hard I cried and almost wet my pants!)
    If it weren’t for your blog and wonderful books then many of us would still be lone knitters. You’ve united the fiber world and given all of us a place where we can feel comfortable and make friends. Thank you again.

  34. It was raining? I’ve lived here so long I hardly notice anymore. If I don’t use an umbrella, it must not be raining, right? Thanks so much for the great time in PDX. I brought my mother-in-law, a fellow knitter who hadn’t heard of you before. Well… let’s just say she is now a fan. She came, she saw, she bought the yarn…she may even try knitting a sock!

  35. I’ve been lucky enough to vacation in Portland a few times and I love it there. And some of my best friends live in Portland. Sigh. I left my heart in Portland. I would move there in a heartbeat if it weren’t for the fact that my entire family lives in Iowa.
    I remember being completely mesmorized by the green moss covering the trees the first time I visited. It is stunning.

  36. I hate bad take offs:( Glad you made it fine!
    Knitter Frolic? Excellent. I will be high from wool fumes for weeks.
    Big Fat Burrito? Umm…WOW.
    Lettuce Knit? WOW.
    Rachel? Denny? Kim? Jen? Danielle? And every other Canadian Knitter I met here yesterday? WOW. So much fun, and so welcoming to a loud, hyper, wandering, American knitter!
    I should move. I clearly live in the wrong country. I will post about it- but not till tomorrow;) And yeah- I’m worried the border will think I’m trying to import yarn…. I bought that much:)

  37. You are welcome to a backrub anytime you are within reach. Word of honor! I seldom run across someone who deserves pampering as much as you do.
    I also write a darn good knitting fantasy book. May I send you a couple some time? Sanna, Sorceress Apprentice, and Sanna and the Dragons are just as odd and whimsical as their creator.
    I am tickled pink that you liked my hat!

  38. Dear Harlot,
    In Kyoto, the oldest and beautiful city in Japan, do you know there is a temple(well, actually there are gazillion of temples in Kyoto) and this temple is called “Moss temple”. Their garden is covered spectacular green moss all over perfectly, it is carefully protected from general tourists(you cannot visit there without invitation, that if you ask in advance you can get)and the beauty of autumn season with Japanese red maples over it is…sublime. One day in a future, if you have any chance to come to Japan, you should visit that temple. The gorgeousness is almost surreal. It is a heaven of colors.

  39. Seven days & you’ll be in Salt Lake City, YEAH!
    To be in a room full of knitters, that will be an adventure and with you speaking it’ll be the icing on the cake.
    Oregon is beautiful — ocean, trees, and LYS. The LYS is enough to make me want to move there.

  40. eeeekkk!!!! That’s not a lot of notice, darling, but I’ll see if I can make it!!!! So glad to see Roxie in the pix–the Lizard Queen hat is a delight but then (as you’ve discovered) so much about Roxie is!!!!

  41. Bet you’re missing home by now, but I hope you’re still having fun!
    It’s 2am in Australia, and my little boy (11 months old) has been up and playing since 11:30!! He’s very happy and energetic… I don’t know why. I imagine I’ll look back on these years, when he’s a teen like your girls, and think, “Those were the good old days…”

  42. Another Michigan transplant now living in Oregon checking in. What you experienced wouldn’t be called driving rain. While it was rainy, most everything is just called misting here, I have found. Had a great time at the Forestry Center. Thanks for coming to PDX!

  43. Don’t feel bad about not taking pictures inside the Wizard’s Domain at Blue Moon. They won’t let you take pictures of the action anway!

  44. I so enjoyed getting to see you here in Portland, I’ll being trying to make it down to SF, family there anyway and all…
    I am so excited about working my first sock (inspired by you of course) and the progress of turning my first heel, that I forgive the misspelling of my name. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Hope the storms pass you by quickly and the rest of your travels are storm free!

  45. So glad that you made it safely, and that you did get a *little* extra time at home – hope it was enjoyable! The Chicago area knitters seem to be a very forgiving and understanding bunch; I really hope that eased your guilt. We all know that you control the timing of babies being born, but I guess you don’t have that weather thing down yet….bummer….

  46. San Francisco on the third?! Not the third… Alas… Older Daughter has a middle school placement exam and Anne (of Knitspot) is coming to town and we have a knitting date, or I would so totally drive the 500 miles to be there (I mean, you and the City at the same time, doesn’t get any better). Hmph.
    I’m glad that travelling has gotten a bit less weather-ridden. Fly safely!

  47. Um, what’s with the first to post thing? don’t get it. Just asking.
    Those are some seriously cute babbas there ๐Ÿ™‚
    You think it rains a lot in Portland? Ha! you want to come to Ireland to see proper rain!
    Seriously, come! we want you here ๐Ÿ™‚

  48. I’m so glad you had a happy day after the horror of 8 hours in an airport. You deserved it.
    I want Camryn’s choker/neck thingie! I’ll bet she made it herself. Pattern, anyone?

  49. So glad you’re going to the Bay Area! Now maybe my mom can experience your brilliance in person, too.
    I’m very happy for your preboarding policy as well. I was with Mia and Gunner (I was their doula, as it happens), and while I don’t have a baby on the outside yet, the one on the inside was definitely making standing in line… uncomfortable. Assuming all goes well, this little one will be representing for Oregon babies as well, next time!

  50. Damn, I HATE when my job gets in the way of my real life! I have to show up at commencement that morning – in Fresno. That’s about 3 1/2 hours away from SF. I’ve been hoping and hoping you’ll come out our way. My hubby lives in San Jose and I could normally EASILY be there! So…..come back again soon, ‘k?

  51. Interestingly, the total yearly rainfall here in Seattle is about the same as the part of the foothills in California where I grew up. It just falls in smaller storms more often – and it doesn’t dry out between winter rains. But much of the year our rain come for an hour or two, often at night, then we go to partly cloudy and have a nice day. Just don’t sit on the grass – which will be green and wet all year.
    FYI Since someone in SF will probably say something, saying you’ll be in San Francisco when you’ll be in San Mateo is kind of like saying you’ll be in New York when you’ll be in Poughkeepsie but with worse public transit. I can say that as I’ve lived in both, though SF was by choice as an adult. Call it The Bay Area to mollify the locals.
    Hope you can reschedule Chicago but managed to get some good rest as compensation.

  52. You’re coming!!! YAY!!!
    And the first time I saw moss like that was Spanish moss in Florida when I was nine. That stuff swings from the trees like Tarzan. It’s lovely.

  53. Pst…I think the second knitting tattoo is my co-worker’s and her name is actually Jasmine. Unless she has changed it, or someone else in Portland has the exact same tattoo.

  54. Hooray for Portland! My knitting tattoo has a Portland friend, thanks Maiya! (ps, my name is Jasmine, I was just getting a book signed for my best friend, Kelsey. ๐Ÿ™‚

  55. I love Portland. Seattle may have the open ocean breezes, but there’s something about Portland and the way it just feels…more relaxed? More open space to walk in the woods? I don’t know, having only fairly brief visits to both, but vibe-wise, I prefer Portland I think.
    And speaking of delicious vibes, sorry it looks like someone licked your chocolate salty balls. It does look yummy otherwise.

  56. Oh goodie! Thanks for confirming the Maker Faire. We thought so but it’s nice to know you think so too. I hope you enjoy your time there. If you want another excellent meal let me know, I’ll take you to my favorite restaurant. I know it’s not the same as home cooked but it is excellent food and as good at home cooked. I’m a good cook but I eat there whenever I can.

  57. Am so excited to see you in Carmel, IN in a few days. Everything is conspiring against me being there. Three kids have to be in three different places, husband at meeting, knitting buddy can’t make it…When I told my husband this and said, “Oh, I guess I won’t go. I’ll catch her next year.” He said, “Not gonna happen. You go, we’ll figure it out here. But won’t you be a bit uncomfortable standing with knitters you don’t know.” Then I just began to laugh. Knitters together aren’t strangers! Silly man!

  58. OMG! That’s awesome that you’ll be at Maker Faire! We were already going to be in the Bay Area so my husband could go to Maker Faire and I’ll be there for sure now!

  59. Gotta agree w/MonicaPDX, most Oregonians (those on the west side of the Cascades) probably didnt even noticed the rain that day. We do get a little punchy when it goes on like that for weeks at a time, which, yes, it does do here.
    I totally cracked up about the moss though! Before I read what you were liking about the pics, I thought, “I wonder what is so special in these photos, looks like my backyard…” I totally cracked up when I saw what you were exclaiming about.
    You should (if you are brave) see the moss that grows between the toes of a true Oregonian

  60. glad to hear portland remains cool. my son plans to move there. i visited 9 yrs ago and loved it. now, if i visit him, i won’t hesitate to knit in public.
    happy travels — central indiana knitters are awaiting you eagerly.

  61. Ah, the moss… Surprised me, too, having lived my life to that time in New England. I was teaching Outward Bound courses in the Oregon mountains. I fashioned a drop spindle out of a whorled stick and spun some of that long, long moss, just to see what would happen… Switched back to wool soon enough.

  62. Greetings! Camryn’s mom here. She can’t increase or decrease yet so we have been exhausting ourselves making straight, flat things to wrap around appendages like wrists, necks and heads. Her choker is literally just a flat strip 10 stitches across with funky Nepalese silk yarn. Then I helped her make a button hole at the end and did the flower for her. The flower is from a hat in the book Knit2Together. She sewed everything together and voila!. Easy peasy!
    Thanks for the compliment! She was pretty giddy to be there and to get on the blog?! Heaven for an 8 year old.
    Stephanie – thanks again for stopping in Portland. You were amazing in so many ways.

  63. It appears as tho a new “tradition” has been born this year – “singing in the Harlot !” (a rousing way of welcoming you to a new city – grins)
    May it continue with joy everywhere you go.
    PS> it doesn’t rain around here as often you might think – it’s just a rumor to keep it less crowded !

  64. So jealous of the people who will get to see you in Northampton! I went to Mount Holyoke and never even knew that there was a ginormous yarn store less than a half hour away.
    I also think that you MUST get ice cream at Herrells while you are in noho – and if you have a spare few hours (which I know you don’t, but still) go visit Mount Holyoke. It’s stunningly gorgeous this time of year, and you can chill out in the library and knit if you want, or take pictures of socks in the garden, or lounge around on the grass. Or – ask someone for directions to the Book Mill. It’s the best place on earth.

  65. You went to Portland and no one brought you a beer?? We are nearly drowning in microbrews over here. I’m a bit down south and demands of home and work meant I couldn’t come, but if I’d known you needed a beer, well, that’s serious stuff. I should have come.
    I had to read the details of the moss pictures to see what the big deal was. It’s just normal out here, so I couldn’t see what was worth commenting on.
    (I get it now. It’s not like that other places. I’d never noticed.)
    Beer next time…. I

  66. I was there, I was there!! It was fabulous! Thanks for coming to our wet, green city, Stephanie. If you look at the 2nd big group picture, you can almost see me and my kids and my friend standing up in the very back–the two on the left side. Speaking of kids, I really appreciated your post on kids. I took my 3–ages 6,4,&2, and I know if any kids were distracting, they were. But just because of little kid energy. And everyone was great about it. We had a blast. Thanks.

  67. Maria at 6:43pm – No worries, we did not fall down on the job as citizens of Beervana. Thanks to Belmont Station, after consultation with RachelH (thanks again, Rachel!), I brought two 22oz. bottles; a Rogue Kells and Orange-Honey-Wheat. I’m pretty sure I remember reading that someone else brought some, too. I just hope she managed to pack ’em safely! Some smart person suggested using socks for padding, which led to a brief, lively discussion… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  68. MonicaPDX–thank you. I feel better knowing this. I should have known that Beervana is alive and well in Portland.
    I lived in the UK for a few years and believe it or not, the beer is pretty awful compared to the great stuff we get. I can attest to the value of socks as padding for beer when traveling as I brought back many, many bottles….

  69. You were awesome in Northampton today — thank you so much for all you do!
    Lucy was so enchanted with you that she cried half the way home. Since you’re the awesomest, it’s all okay. ๐Ÿ™‚

  70. I’m in SW Wisconsin, just trying to decide how early to get to Borders in Madison tomorrow! And if I HAVE to be knitting on a sock or will other knitting be acceptable or will I be kicked out if I don’t have a sock to knit or if I’m not wearing knit socks or if, or if, or if…… 23 hours and waiting!

  71. inquiring minds want to know — did you eat the donut? for godsake woman — you didn’t let cream filled go to waste, did you?

  72. Yeah, see, if we don’t go out in the rain, we don’t go out. Not a good plan. Probably end up licking the wallpaper after a week. Srsly though, it isn’t so bad once you get used to it. I’m transplanted from Buffalo NY. It may rain here but you never have to shovel it! And the coffee’s better.
    Totally bummed I didn’t get to the event. Looks like it was much too much fun.

  73. O.M.G. I’m too excited to read the comments. Has anyone else told you the amazing coolness that is the maker faire? You are so lucky to get to be there. And I’m going to be there too, and get to see you talk! sigh. There is no way I’ll be able to rein myself in. I’m sorry in advance that you will have to deal with some crazy ranting excitable redhead there at the maker faire. I’ll try to get a grip.

  74. You don’t like being rained on? Errr…how do you feel about a possible rain/snow mix? Never mind, we’ll get to Madison early and start knitting up an umbrella.

  75. Sigh. I missed the Noho event today b/c I was out of town (stupid family vacation. lol) Hope all went well and that I’ll catch you somewhere else!

  76. Portland is a great town (and those donuts are fabulous). I work at an LYS about a mile from the Maker Faire. I exchanged e-mails with Jayme about you possibly stopping by, but she said your schedule is already jam-packed. Oh well. Maybe next time. Enjoy your visit here!

  77. Maria – you’re welcome. (I’m giggling about the vision of your suitcases filled with sock-cradled bottles.)
    And Stephanie, I hear you got to meet Dan/Brewergnome! (The cute, blond, be-kilted guy with his first sock.) ::does a little happy-dance:: I’m so glad he wore his kilt for you, I *told* him you’d love it! He bought yarn for kilt hose at WEBs, too. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  78. Yay! You’re coming to Maker Faire! As soon as I read that I zipped right over and bought a ticket – can’t wait to see you – and this year I will bring you more homemade soaps and a jar of very special, made-with-spices-direct-from-India (courtesy of my friend Dianne’s sister who works with the Hugging Saint, Ama) Queen Anne’s Chutney.
    It’s truly quite tasty, and it’ll probably go great with whatever beer you choose.
    See you next Saturday, huzzah, huzzah!

  79. I visited Portland this January and was stunned by the greenery like you. The colours and textures of those mossy trees remind me of a gorgeous green ball of yarn!

  80. Glad to hear you enjoyed your tour stops in the PNW. Nad I’m jealous you’re going to hit my old stomping grounds. (Bay Area…woot!) I missed getting to come see you this time around. But, there’s always next year! Isn’t that moss gorgeous? If you want to see even more moss, the Hoh Rainforest on the Olympic Peninsula is amazing. It’s one of the world’s few temperate rainforests. Plus, it makes me laugh to think of the “Harlot at the Hoh!”

  81. Isn’t Portland spectacular? It doesn’t rain nearly as much as people think…more of a mist. And the flowers come out much much sooner! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Mmmmm VooDoo Donuts!

  82. Noooo!! Why is Maker Faire so perfect the one year I can’t go?!?!? I have three weddings that day, starting at 10 AM. Bloody bloody bloody hells! Please enjoy the bay and check out Holly Bobisuthi’s fantastic jewelry at the faire, serioulsy, it’ll rock your world.

  83. I am so jealous, I’ve always wanted to visit Portland, and still haven’t gotten there!

  84. So thrilled to see you are coming to the Bay Area, only two hours away, and a fair, I can bring my family! Unfortunately, it costs $25 per adult and $10 per child. As much as I would love to see you, $70 bucks is a little steep.

  85. Isn’t Duffster the best? She’s even more fun to spend a weekend with at a knit camp. Love her. (She’s also a killer spinner.)
    I am lucky enough to have spent nearly every summer out on the coast from Portland, so I well know that moss and the crackle of rotten wood under your feet as you explore a forest. It’s the best.

  86. Wow! Wow! That is a picture of me on the blog. Loving the lovely yarn I eventually chose from the basket! What fun to be included in the harlotblog!
    (and next time, let’s plan your visit for summer…the rain was definitely rainy during your visit)

  87. I can’t believe it. I knit that same Princess Diana sweater in the 80’s and my daughter just found it yesterday. Although I must confess that I only knit the sheep on the front. I am majorly impressed by anyone who perseveres through the back and sleeves.

  88. Hey there, here I am again–trying to find the answer: will there be books to buy at the Maker Faire? I’d be happy to pass the answer on to my fellow local Ravelers. Thanks!

  89. woo hoo – I finally get to see the harlot. As I’m lucky enough to live in San Francisco, it’s just a hop, skip and a jump to the San Mateo Fairgrounds. If the Harlot needs a tour guide, I’ve got stellar credentials, I’m 3rd generation San Franciscan, not a stalker, and my mom owns a pub with a fair share of local brews on tap. If the horses are running at Bay Meadows that day, I’ve died and gone to heaven.

  90. Oh, MAN! Saturday? Here? I have to work at my son’s nursery school’s auction. Booooooo.

  91. I read your blog with interest some time ago when you wrote of your adventure with knitting and Barack when he was here in Wisconsin, i went to see him but i they weren’t allowing any knitting inside ๐Ÿ™‚
    I thought of you for some reason, even though i don’t know you, when Johnny Depp came to town.
    We all turned to jelly!!! i’m sorry to say (well, sort of) that he pretty much tops anyone i have seen for a long long time ๐Ÿ™‚ I am happy to say that i touched his hand and sorry to say that yes, i did have to wash eventually..
    I wish i had been in Madison for whatever the event was you attended. We used to live there and i grew up nearby, so i miss it.

  92. I can’t whine about making size 14s anymore. And I thought I had it bad….

  93. Please consider coming to Eugene on your next trip to Oregon, you’ve got just as many fans down here, unfortunately, I wan’t able to make it to Portland to see you, but lloved reading about it.

  94. Oh. My. Gods. I just had an AMAZING idea. <3 Thank you so much.
    I was thinking about “Well, is it a finished sock, or still on the needles? Because losing the needles would be awful, but the finished sock could be added to someone’s mismatched collection and make a lonely sock a happy, uneven partner.”
    I just thought about knitting little bobbles, just small things that wouldn’t cost much, and leaving them around places with a note with a website asking people to “report in” if they found them, like the Seeanote movement. I should get to making more Seeanotes, too. (They’re little cards you make with an inspirational message on them, then leave them where people can find them. I’ve left them at restaurants after dining, taped to bathroom mirrors, on tables in the uptown region, etc.)

  95. I SO wish I could’ve been there!!! Arrrgphbt! Was taking care of ailing family member or I would’ve!!! Glad things went well, ailing family member doing wayyyy better too. I worked on a sock in honour of your PDX visit.
    See you next time thru! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ )

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