One fine morning

It’s just before 6am, and I’m about to dash off to the airport, to go to Madison. (Who am I kidding. My ability to dash is long gone. I’m so tired that watching me navigate the world should be a sitcom.) I’ll post about WEBS, which was awesome, as soon as I manage to find the time to process the billions of photos generated by an event with a thousand knitters at it. (There are a few.) That’s not why I’m posting though.

I’m posting (before 6am.) because it is Denny’s Birthday, and she’s worth the loss of coffee drinking time.

Happy Birthday Den!

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  1. Many happy returns of the day Denny! Happy travels to you Steph! Looking forward to the pictures.

  2. Good morning from all the early birds! Happy birthday to Denny and wishes for safe and uneventful travels to you, Ms. Harlot.

  3. Yesterday was terrific! Thanks for coming back to Mass! It was great to see you again (and anyone who hasn’t gone and is on the fence – Steph really rocks it this year!)

  4. You were terrific yesterday, Steph! I hope you get some much deserved rest; all us fans are wearing you to a thin frazzel. Safe travel!

  5. Once again you were within driving distance on a night when I had to work. Ah well, I suppose there’s always RHinebeck. Have fun in Madison. I always liked that town.

  6. Good Morning to all! Happy Birthday to Denny! And may all airport coffee suddenly become elixir from the gods!!

  7. Happy birthday Denny!
    Hope you feel more awake, soon, Stephanie. Can’t believe you’re up at that obscene hour (although, frankly, I’ve seen a lot more of that sort of time of late with my little one).

  8. You were amazing at WEBS! The last two times you were in the Boston area I was out of the state. I was hell-bent to make it this time and left the weekend houseguests in the custody of my husband. I don’t think they quite “got” who I had to go see and why. What do you want from non-knitters? Anyway, I finally made it to a Harlot event.
    I can die now.
    No, wait, there’s another book tour in the future…Never mind.

  9. Assuming you’re talking about Madison, Wisconsin, I think you’ll enjoy it there. The people are funny, and UW Madison is the home of The Onion: which is usually a hilarious alternative to the real news (and often more insightful!). Oh yeah, and Wisconsin is the Beer and Brat capital.

  10. Happy Birthday Denny,
    and chere, chere Harlot – I honestly think you should become a sitcom. It would be awesome.

  11. I know that you are tired, but your sucess is awesome. I guess you could say you are a victim of your sucess. Thank you for all you have done for knitters.

  12. Happy Birthday Denny!
    Safe travels, and thank you for a wonderful time at WEBS! You were awesome as always, and I hope you like the beer I brought you ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Happy Birthday Denny! I would like to challenge you to keep track to see if you receive birthday wishes from all 50 states as well as all 7 continents. Should be doable. You must be a very special person for you to get a wake up blog!

  14. happy Birthday Denny.. I’m from NH.. good luck with the 50 state challenge.. I bet we’ll do it.
    Stephanie, you were wonderful at Webs… thanks so much and I hope the rest of your tour is as successful as yesterday… I can’t wait to see all the pictures…

  15. dear denny
    happy birthday from the state of florida
    tours jours gai tours jours gai

  16. The challenge is on!
    Happy birthday Denny from Minnesota.
    Stephanie, I was at your MN/Yarnery event and I still am living through it with each and every post. Both yours and the Knitters who are experiencing it. You are amazing. As are they.

  17. Happy Birthday Denny!
    Oh, BTW: Is there anything special you’d like in Indianapolis tomorrow night? OK, besides a week of sleep. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  18. Stephanie…we too love the West Coast and the Oregon Moss is our Oregon Green color…we’ll give you a skein to make mossy socks next time you’re in Oregon. Love your stories about hotels and errors of thinking. Be well. If you will be at Maryland I’ll bring the Oregon Green with me
    Oh I’ll take it just in case! ….Ann

  19. happy birthday Denny, any one who can come between the yarn harlot and her coffee before 6 am must be a very special person!
    and Stephanie, i hope you got lots and lots on the plane (and got some sleep too!)

  20. ‘Twas great to see you at WEBS – I wish you Safe Travels, and a warm, pleasant visit in Madison! I gots couzinz there, but to my knowledge, none of them knit.
    Happy Birthday Denny!

  21. Hippo Birdie Two Ewes,
    Hippo Birdie Two Ewes,
    Hippe Birdie Deer Ewe,
    – Boynton
    Glad tidings and here’s hoping that, if you have any wishes, at least one of them comes true!

  22. Happy birthday, Denny!
    And I wish you were closer to Iowa than Madison!! If I hadn’t have just come off vacation, I’d have taken the trip!

  23. I can’t wait to see you in Madison tonight! The weather has turned back to winter, so I’m bringing you some nice warm soup!
    And Happy Birthday to Denny!

  24. A Very Happy Birthday, dear Denny! Make good times!
    Stephanie, safe travels and enjoy. and you know, try and tend to that ‘resting’ thing as much as possible. xox

  25. Happy Birthday Denny!
    Good Tidings from Connecticut.
    WEBS was awesome. Even better than last year!
    I finally got to meet the Harlot, and I met some other great people, too!
    Travel safely and get some rest, you did not let the tribulations of the last few days show at all.

  26. Happy birthday, dear Denny!
    Happy birthday to you!
    (And many more!)
    And Stephanie, here’s hoping for smooth flights so you can get some needed naptime.

  27. Happy Birthday Denny!
    And see you tonight Steph. Hope you packed heavy, it’s going to be sweater weather.
    Time to load the kids and make the *first* trip to Madison to get my wristband.

  28. Hope you got to Madison before the snow! Yes, snow at least that’s what we got this morning on the way to work in Appleton, which is only about 2.5 hours north. SNOW on April 28th!!!Have fun while you visit our fair state wish I could come and see you, but daughter’s band concert is tonight (last middle school one:()

  29. Happy Birthday Denny! Thank you for another great visit. The Webs people are amazing and so were all the friendly knitters. If knitters ruled the world we would have peace!
    Julibeth, Rhinebeck,NY

  30. Happy Birthday to Denny! And happy Monday to you! It was great to see you at WEBS–wonderful talk, and as always I am awed to see your graciousness in engaging personally with each of hundreds of knitters. I didn’t get a chance to thank you for your sacrifice (and Joe’s and the girls’) in giving up so much family time to come on the road to inspire and entertain us. BTW, I stood in line with Mr. “It’s just one scarf”, and he really is a sketch–very funny. Travel mercies to you.

  31. Happy Birthday to Denny, from Vermont!
    WEBS was awesome in so many ways… good company, excellent talk, fantastic yarn, delicious food. I’ve been telling everyone who will (or for that matter, even people who won’t) that knitting is making me smarter and a better person. Speaking of being a better person, I can’t wait to get started on that gorgeous skein of hand-dyed silk I bought yesterday… mmmmm.

  32. Happy Birthday to Denny! She seems like such a vibrant, fun person in every description and photo I’ve seen of her. I wish her all the best on her birthday. ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. Happy Birthday to a really warm, funny and fabulous lady!
    And trouble-free travels to our equally warm, funny and fabulous (-ly tired) Harlot!

  34. HB Denny!
    My girls, nicole and emily, loved meeting you and think you are way cooler than Hannah Montana! They knit their bandanas for the rest of the day, with their own, self-picked, newly acquired Webs stash. i had to take the needles away in bed and keep it home from school! Thanks for influencing and encouraging 2 real knitters, they are not dabblers any more!!!

  35. Here’s to cashmere, cupcakes, and The Work of My People — hope the day is filled with all of the above! Wish I were there.

  36. Welcome to Wisconsin!!! See you tonight. We waved our Cheesehead hats around to make sure the skies were clear enough for flying (and landing) for you.

  37. Happy Birthday Denny!!!
    from Pennsylvania… one of the original colonies! And Thanks Harlot for your incredible stamina.

  38. Happy birthday, Denny! May your day be filled with delicious treats of your choosing.
    And SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! You’ll be here in Madison soon! See you later, alligator!

  39. Denny– Happy birthday from Virginia! Hope you have a truly wonderful day.
    Stephanie– Good luck making it through your day and enjoy the heck out of Madison.

  40. Love,love, love Wisconsin! People are great! May the travel gods be with you Harlot! And a very Happy Birthday to Denny!

  41. Oh yeah and I’m on my third cast on for my very first sock….not totally insane yet, but I want it to be perfect and to have it finished by the time you come to Philly. I’m hoping to get there to see you!

  42. Wishing Denny a knitterly birthday. I will be sure and have some knitting time in your honor!
    Sorry to have missed you at WEBS; between yourself and all the yarnish enticements at the store it must have been the creative event of the century. Just thinking of all that fibery creativity makes me shaky – why worry about energy shortage when the knitters are on the loose!

  43. Happy Birthday, Denny!
    I had a great time at your visit to Webs and the Calvin Theatre yesterday. Thanks for working yourself so hard, but – my goodness – I have no idea how you do it (I would totally watch that sitcom, by the way). Perhaps all your knitting has taught you extreme persistence… or maybe you’re just operating in a near-constant theta state ๐Ÿ™‚

  44. Rest up, you’ll want to be fresh for the Maker Faire on Saturday. The sock of doom and I are driving 100+ miles to see you! If you want to play hookey you can escape back to Monterey and hide out and sleep for awhile…no rain here, promise.

  45. Lets not forget 10 Provinces and 3 Territories!!
    HappyBirthday Denny from British Columbia

  46. Enjoy Madison! I grew up there and love it. I wish you weren’t coming on a work day though! It’s too far for me to drive on a weekday. Maybe next time..
    If the weather is gross (which it probably will be since it’s snowing in Green Bay) and you have time, go check out the Conservatory at Olbrich Gardens. It’s lovely and relaxing and not very far from the event.

  47. I can’t believe you’re awake. I can’t believe you’re going BACK to the West Coast next weekend. Remember, you need to be able to retire undefeated… I hope there is a light at the end of this long travel tunnel.

  48. Happy birthday Denny!
    Bless you Stephanie, there’s got to be a way to schedule your tour regionally. Portland, Chicago, Mass., Madison, etc. Holy cow! You better be collecting those miles for a really great trip with your family.

  49. Happy Birthday, Denny! Hope you have a great one, with yarn indulgence and cake, beer, or all three. Want some rain from Oregon? ::runs::
    Now, if only we could knit Stephanie some more sleep!

  50. Happy Birthday Denny…..and were marvelous at Web’s. Daughter #1 and I enjoyed you so much!!! Thank you.

  51. Happy Birthday, Denny, from sunny California! And Stephanie, I’m sorry I won’t be able to make it for your only Northern California visit this year. Next time, can you swing by Sacramento? We are full of knitterly enthusiasm for you here!

  52. Happy birthday to wise, kind, smart, dear Denny, whose word should be everyone’s command. And safe travels and success to Stephanie.

  53. Feliz Cumpleanos, Denny!
    It’s good to be queen…for the day!
    Safe travels, Steph, and here’s hoping you get some rest! (….i’m feeling guiltier and guiltier about being excited about your visit here on Saturday, but I AM so so so excited!!)

  54. Happy birthday Denny! Enjoy the day, and I hope the birthday fairy brings you everything you want!

  55. Happy birthday to the illustrious Denny, who really needs to get a blog, so we can all bug her in (virtual) person.
    Actually, one of these days, I’m going to come to Toronto and bug all of you in person. Denny seems like my kind of wacko fun person.
    Oh, and a question I was too shy to ask at WEBS: Just how much raw fleece do you have in your basement? Please say it’s more than 9 fleeces. I think I have 9. If you have more than 9, and I’m mistaken about having 9 and I really have 6, then I can get more this spring.
    Doncha just love knitters’ logic?

  56. I so wish I could come see you tonight! Any chance of adding Milwaukee to the list? We have great beer!

  57. When this is all done you will have to post your thoughts on the logistics of the current tour versus the last one. I totally could not keep up that pace! You are doing a great job ๐Ÿ™‚

  58. When can Jayme arrange for a trip to Viginia? Lovely flowers, warm weather, lots of rolling hills……
    Happy Birthday Denny!!

  59. Happy Birthday Denny!
    You’re starting to sound just a little frazzled, Stephanie. Pity there isn’t some way for you to do your tour via private rail car like the politician’s of the first half of the last century. At least then you could rest up while traveling and not have to keep packing and unpacking.
    I wish you streamlined travel for the rest of your tour and look forward to listening to you in San Mateo. Unless I should have already bought a ticket and am now out of luck. I best go panic about that now.

  60. Happy Birthday Denny!!
    With The Yarn Harlot – Stephanie – WEBS – I have the Yarn Harlot’s “Future Hair”!! Me :::hyperventilating::: with the Harlot!! Stephanie, Thank-you soooo much!! You are sooo Amazing! Love Ya… MysticStormy

  61. Stephanie, here it is a cool and beautiful morning so far in Wisconsin, and as much as I want to see you tonight . I am going to be stuck at home ,We are down to one car right now and I am the one who has to make the sacrifice , I ain’t a “happy camper”.I have your book and love it. Hope Madison is good to you. Keep knitting.

  62. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DENNY! Wow, you are one special friend to receive such greetings, I’m proud to even share a corner of the innerwebs with you! OH, and Stephanie? It’s going to be COLD here, but otherwise fine; we were trying for milder weather but the Department of What’s It Going To Be Like opted for something they thought would be more compatible for une Canadienne….

  63. Hippo Birdie, Two Ewes!
    Hippo Birdie, Two Ewes!
    Hippo Birdie, Deer Denny!
    Hippo Birdie, Two Ewes!

  64. sooooooo envious of my dear Madison friend who gets to see you _again_…. and you’ve never been to Santa Barbara yet!
    Think of sunny beaches, wine country, and 3 LYS in the city alone…

  65. Happy Birthday Denny!!
    Dude, you need a Harlot tracker like the Santa tracker they have on Google Earth. It should move just as fast and piss off anyone trying to see where you are right now.

  66. Happy Birthday from Caribou, Aroostook County, northern Maine!
    And safe travels, Stephanie!

  67. Happy Birthday to Denny.
    Ms Harlot,
    I will assume that the Madison to which you refer is in some other state than Indiana. Cause if you came here and I didn’t know I would be really upset. But we will meet anyway, tomorrow in Carmel by the Corn. Me and the rest of the Odd Tuesday Group. That is Odd Tuesdays not odd group. Stop laughing.

  68. Happy Birthday Denny!!!! I hope you have the greatest day ever. I’m wearing my tiara in your honour.
    Love from me and from Mandie xoxo

  69. Happy Birthday Denny! Did you finish the 7 shawl project? I remember from June at Lettuce Knit. I’m the one form NY with the sheep stash.
    Stephanie, never, never, never, I repeat, never , never, never go through O’Hare. I quit years ago after having my flight out canceled while I was flying in…due to….drizzle. I slept in the airport on one of the three “couches” without armrests that I could find in the whole terminal. I’m too old for that anymore.

  70. Happy birthday, Denny!
    Had a great time at the Calvin and WEBS- came home with lots of sock yarn… (And I should have said, I *credit* you for all the socks I’m knitting- not blame you ๐Ÿ™‚ I love the socks- even the second ones! Too conscious of the long, long line behind me to be eloquent. Hope your voice is recovering- you sounded a bit hoarse. Take care-

  71. You were great yesterday! I wish I would have had to to meet you. My husband is a big fan. He was the one that made you the red, white, and blue dishcloth.

  72. PLEASE travel safely! We are so looking forward to seeing you in Indianapolis on Tuesday!!!! The weather here is fine so far…..

  73. Hi, Stephanie – I enjoyed your talk so much at WEBS. One comment I have gotten from non-knitters who see me knitting is one you didn’t mention: “That looks so hard – I could never do that!” My response, thought of at 3:00 AM, would be: “Can you tie your shoes? If so, you can knit.”

  74. Happy Birthday Denny from the state of Illinois
    Hang in there Stephanie and safe travels.

  75. I’m so excited you’ll be in Wisconsin, but I won’t be able to see you today in Madison. Southern Wisconsin is supposed to get snow today. Do you bring it from Canada when you visit? My thermometer still says 45 degrees though, so I’ll cross my fingers.

  76. You might consider changing management. I do not know the behind the scenes regarding Chicago, however, the appearance is that the yarn shop was not kept informed of your travel difficulties, and a fast so sorry on the website does not cut it. I find it apparently poor planning to have you in Chicago, IL on the 25th; Portland OR (4 hours away by plane) on the 26th; and flying into Madison WI (aprox. 100 miles north of Chicago) on the 28th.

  77. Stephanie, I wanted to let you know the 300 mile trip from PA was worth it. Both to visit WEBS (YARN HEAVEN!!!) and to hear you. You were just like I thought you would be. I think all of the commenters would just love to sit and have a beer with you and unwind. You are US!! My three kids (13 yr. old boy, 12 yr. old girl, and 9 yr. old boy) enjoyed you, too. Well, the boys were playing their PSP’s, but I heard them giggling!! Hats off to you and your intensive tour schedule. YOU ROCK!

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