This morning, all I can think is that Steve and Kathy at WEBS are the smartest things ever. They had a thousand (maybe more) knitters turn up yesterday, and I didn’t catch either one of them crying in the bathroom from the strain of it all. (Kathy and I did have a matched set of stomach cramps though. Stress.) Steve directed traffic in the parking lot, Kathy wrote names on post-it notes so I could spend time with knitters that didn’t include asking them how to spell names, and they experimented with a “pre-event signing” from 11-1 that, while it worked well, just about killed me. (I am still not so sure what is so tiring about this job. Meet knitters. How hard can that be?) There was a scary and totally weird moment on stage when I felt a little faint (of course. That’s never happened before but it just has to happen in front of a thousand people) where I felt sure I was going down and all I could feel was a terrible certainty that if I did faint, a thousand knitters were going to A) blog it and B) pose socks on my fallen form.) Kimberly (my favourite stalker) saved me with a bottle of water and I felt better almost instantly….as you might have guessed from the lack of reports that I went down like a house of cards. Totally bizarre. I blame fear…because this is what it looked like.



Individually, the knitters were way less scary.

Here’s Guido, from It’s a Purl Man, came with his wife (yup. She’s real, though camera shy) and their wonderful hand knit Chuppa (I somehow missed a picture of that. It was beautiful.)


Amy won a skein of sock yarn from me, and she’s turning it into a little sweater (there’s a baby under there.)


Jennifer and Maaike came all the way from Montrรฉal, bringing me fresh bagels (there is Nothing like a Montrรฉal bagel) and squeaky cheese and dishcloths to add to the effect.


Kimberly, the rescue stalker. (Never before has a bottle of water meant so much to me.)


Nell brought her octopus. He knit on the sock.


Heather brought “Eye of Jupiter” yarn (Get it?)


There were first sock knitters EVERYWHERE.

Meet Noelle, Nancy, Lynn, Chris and Carol (brought me a beer that was my best friend later that night) Chris, Alex, Maria, Cheryl, Dennis, Stacy, Lucille, Dianne, Carolyn, Dan (who has only been knitting for three weeks and had a perfect sock) Jennifer, Louise, MargoLynn (she had a monkey too) Cori, Rebecca and Angela. (Whew. As always, Click to embiggen.)






There were mums and babies: Cynthia and Emerson, Jessie and Eamon, Aimie and Matrim, Lee and Charlie, Kristine and Lucy (I love that kids smile. You have got to click on her.) Zoรซ and Aoite, Lia and Zephyr.



There were young knitters, Leah (almost 10), Emily (7) and Nicole (8), Emma (9) and Sarah (13). There was even a whole family of knitters (and one pre-knitter) Jonquil, Eliana, Talia (9) and Jeff.



Washcloths from all over:

Linda, Susan (hers was handwoven), Ruth, Kristen, Sheila (who was knitting a bunch but they weren’t for me) Shanan, Charlene, Maria, Scott (by way of Patti) Patty (that’s a CT Knit for the Cure one) Jayne, and Heather.





Melodie made wee me things:


and Kristina was knitting a Hemlock ring on size 000000 needles. (Seriously. That’s a dime.)


Jess and Caro came. (Plus Caro’s mum, who is very nice.) Caro’s got great pictures.


My buddies Stitchy, Melanie and Kellee. (Maryse was there too…I don’t know how she got away from this picture.)

They brought me veggie fare. I loves them.


and finally, Aaron. Aaron stood up at Webs last year and said that he was only knitting one scarf. That he didn’t believe that it was addictive, that he wasn’t going to get sucked into it’s evil web, and that he was not going to be a knitter. He was just going to knit one scarf. Yeah.


Dude’s screwed. I reiterated to him what I said last year.


When it was all over, I drank beer with Steve and Kathy (you would be proud of how much forbearance we showed in the face of a day like that) and we drove back to the hotel, where we saw this.


Movin’ on. The Calvin, and me.

I’m in Madison Wisconsin now, about to jump in a cab and go find me more knitters. ‘Cause you know. I haven’t had nearly enough. Bring it on.

(Tomorrow: Indianapolis at Barnes and Noble – Carmel. I’ve just realized I have NO IDEA where Indianapolis is.)

174 thoughts on “WEBS

  1. Every bit as fabulous from the other side!! Keep it up, the sock isn’t done yet!!!
    Nicole and Emily are thrilled to be “on the Web”!! Stars and knitters they are…
    proud mother of 2 young knitters, totally hooked they are! YES!

  2. Wow, that amount of knitters is pretty scary! Looks like fun though.
    Also, did you you know that the “Yarn Harlot Fans” group on Ravelry is number 6 on the list of groups in order of the most members? Pretty impressive if you ask me. Plus, you beat Harry Potter!
    I hope your tour continues smoothly and there is lots more beer and rest!

  3. Indianapolis is in Indiana. Next to Ohio. Where I live.
    I’ve been envious (as I read your archives these past few weeks) of you being a working writer, but the tour schedules are mnaking me change my mind. They seem pretty brutal. All that getting up early, waiting in airports, and that horrible weather-related flight cancellation that prevented you from making it to a recent event… heck, pure heck!
    But the knitters, esp. those bearing beer, must really make up for it.
    I hope to be one of those beer-bearing knitters myself someday, but you must get your wonder-publicist to schedule you in NE Ohio again. Missed you in Cleveland as I hadn’t discovered your blog yet. Won’t make that mistake again!

  4. Oh, I wish I was in Madison in a cab on my way to see you, but I’m in Green Bay (about 3 hours northeast) finishing up my day at work. I’m the mother of Ann who brought her kilt hose for you to see in Lexington. In less than 3 weeks they’ll be on the groom’s legs. I can’t believe I’m in the top 10 commenters!

  5. Indiana is the state just below Michigan. When you were in Anarbor last year, or was it this year, sorry I can’t remember, you were not far from the Indiana state line. Indianapolis is about 3 hours south of the Michigan state line and 2 1\2 hours south east of Chicago IL. Carmel is about 20-30 minutes north of the Indianapolis airport :o) I’m so excited that I will finally get to see and hear you speak live:o)
    Can’t wait for tomorrow !!!
    Tracee from Zionsville IN

  6. I’m so sad I missed WEBS this year. Silly classes getting in the way of yarn love. The event looked wicked awesome!

  7. just FYI, the indiana place where you’ll be speaking is pronounced CAR-mel (not car-MEL, as in california), and it’s a large suburb just north of indianapolis (home of the ’07 super bowl champ colts, the indianapolis 500-mile race and the temporarily — i hope — useless indiana pacers).
    indianapolis is home to eli lilly & co. (pharmaceuticals), many national and international sports organizations, several colleges and universities, simon malls, an outstanding symphony orchestra, the world’s largest children’s museum and TONS of knitters who are looking forward to your visit.

  8. I think you may be in need of an iron supplement and another beer! You must be crazy exhausted.

  9. I believe myself to be a good friend. I know I love you very, very much. And yet, in direct contravention of the aforementioned 2 facts, the idea of you prone, decorated with socks continues to make me laugh more than I ought to admit.
    Sorry ’bout that. I’ll buy you a beer when you come back home to take the sting off.

  10. So far they have told you how to pronounce Carmel, where it is, what Indy is known for and why you’ll have a good time when you are here. Just wish it was better weather and you had a free evening. We’d offer you a Hot air balloon ride. (I stash yarn, he blows off hot air! LOL) See you tomorrow evening.
    Oh, and the DH does not knit but loves to read your writing as he sits here now laughing at your newest!!

  11. Wahhh…now I’m really really bummed that I wasn’t there. All those cool people in one place!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  12. That is one cute baby smile, alright. And some darling elf-like baby ears as well.
    I’m glad you warned Aaron that knitting is a borg-like activity. Needles and skeins of yarn encompassing everything in their path. The two skeins of mail I got in the post on Saturday thrilled me beyond belief (of non knitters) Paca Peds. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. Hey Stephanie — This is the knitter with your “future hair”… yeah the ol’ lady. You were and are absolutely wonderful!! Thank You so much for a fabulous day!! I am in such awe — you are truly amazing!! I keep mulling over the day with you in my head!! I feel so blessed to have been able to spend some time with my favorite fellow knitter. I almost can’t believe it — but my kids keep saying it did happen and there are some pictures to prove it!!
    Please do take care of yourself — we don’t want anything to happen to you. Please be sure to get some rest! Have fun and know I’m thinking of you. Sorry I was so ‘dorky’.
    Thank you for signing all my books…. I just preordered your next one plus the calendar. I am also in the Yarn Harlot Fans Group on Ravelry!!
    Now… must go knit….knit….knit…. and dream!
    Love Ya, MysticStormy
    BTW–You forgot to add me to your friends. LMAO

  14. Ok ok… now it’s just TWO scarves…
    For now.
    Thanks for another entertaining talk! I look forward to delving into “Things I Learned from Knitting… whether I wanted to or not” as soon as I find some free time. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Cya the next time you’re up in Massachusetts!

  15. Wah!!! My one chance to see the Yarn Harlot in Indianapolis, and I have to work after planning to be off…but what can I say when someone asks me to work for them because their sister is nearing her time of death from breast cancer…I had to say yes. Stephanie, I hope that the Indianapolis trip is very successful, I’m very much wishing that I was with you there right now, and I hope you come close to Southern Indiana again soon! Bloomington, Columbus, Sheepstreet Fibers in Morgantown…all very close to me. I’m so sorry I missed you, but I couldn’t NOT help a co-worker in this situation.

  16. I’m SO bummed that I can’t come to Indy tomorrow night to see you. Hmph. My boss WOULD choose this week to come to town for client meetings.
    Indy is a fabulous city. I hope you get to take at least a quick tour of downtown. We were there last year to hear Joshua Bell (yum) with the aforementioned fantastic symphony, and walking downtown at 10PM was like being in NYC, only much much much cleaner and safer. I love Indy. Plus I hear there is a great yarn shop in the downtown area. Alas, I didn’t know that when we were there…
    Take care, and drink LOTS of water. Airplane air and beer both dehydrate you. But you knew that, I’m sure. Sorry, I got in Grandma mode for a moment.

  17. Matrim and I had a great time seeing you yesterday! I’m wondering if you have a link to that study you talked about in your “speech”? I want to show it to my husband, who has PTSD. I’m trying to convince him that knitting, especially during his therapy sessions, will help him, but he’s not believing me.

  18. I wish I could come see you in Madison but I live 2 hours away and it’s a school night so I can’t go. ๐Ÿ™

  19. I never would have guessed that you felt faint–you did great. I can see how looking out at that many people–even friendly knitters–would knock the wind out of anyone. I just dragged my husband in here to show him that my picture is on your blog, and he said very nice, and looked at all the pictures, and then declared us all nuts. In a nice way. I think. Well, he’s very supportive of my knitting, so we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. (I’m one of those knitters “intelligent enough to convince someone else to share their living,” and I apologize because I probably misquoted you, but that’s the gist.)
    I had a blast yesterday. Thanks so much.

  20. Two random thoughts, first, I don’t know how but I TOTALLY spaced out when you were here in the DC area. I nearly cried when I read the post about Annapolis and realized I had momentarily lost track of my days. And, I just found out the other day that Indiana TOUCHES Michigan. I had NO idea. Like, I was totally shocked by this! But, then again, most people don’t know where NH is and that’s where I’m from.

  21. Lene and I think alike. The Harlot….inexplicable knitting behaviour….prone….socks.
    I’d have been catatonic in front of a crowd that size. My hat’s off to you!

  22. Indianapolis tomorrow! You should go see Indy proper if you get the chance. It is esp. pretty downtown at night! I will be there with bells on tomorrow night and I can’t wait!

  23. Just popping in to say that I enjoyed the Webs talk very much. I saw you at Knitch in October (I had my 3 first socks, all unfinished) and was sad to miss you in Atlanta earlier this month. But I happened to be in Noho this weekend–imagine my delight! Also, I was your last question–the one with the friend who got her a spinning wheel gift certificate. Thank you for the advice. it was much appreciated!

  24. The urge is getting stronger. The next time you do a tour, I may very well have to come along to every city to take care of you.

  25. What I want to know is how you keep all the names straight of the people in your photos? I have this mental image of thousands of sticky notes…

  26. Stephanie,
    It was great hearing you speak yesterday. Thank you for taking the time to talk with me briefly and I can’t wait for you to tell everyone else what you’re going to do with the dishcloths — I promise I won’t tell. Oh, don’t forget to order the customized “knitter” shoes from Converse — that will definitely be some inexplicable behavior!
    ~Heather (the one holding the pink NH dishcloth!)

  27. EEEP – you were feeling faint? Holy CRAP – ‘course, if you’d SAID that, you would’ve been stormed by water-bearing knitters, so probably was best to just say timorously, “…anyone have some water?”. I am glad you had a Personal Stalker who came to the rescue!
    It was a great day, and I have stolen the pic of me for my records – and will forward along the ones we took when I think of it, lol! Thanks again for the knitting bag recommendation, I will look for one for my walk this October. Enjoy Indianapolis (INDIANA), and all points forward!

  28. I don’t know how you do it! You are a superwoman, knitting needles in hand, flying from place to place, validating knitters everywhere. Soon, you’ll tell us you are actually from the planet Wollmaise and were sent to this planet as a babe to spread knitting far and wide. A part of the plot for World Fiber Domination…. When we see the mother ship over the planet, shooting laser beams at all acrylic yarn and the people who “just don’t get knitting”, then we’ll all know the Truth is Out There.

  29. It was so great to see you again; what a blast! Thank you for exhausting yourself for the knitters, we do appreciate it. Glad you liked the cookies.

  30. Your whole speaking schedule would make me faint dead over. Right after I barfed on my shoes. That the one-on-one meeting of the knitters is exhausting above all else is not too much of a surprise to me. I’ve imagined that’s the most difficult, even though best, part of it all.

  31. You were incredible at the Calvin and I was in awe because you did not flinch and you certainly did not look like you would pass out. You were fabulous!
    I was laughing hysterically at the addiction question. That may have to be your next book… wishing bad things on ourselves so we have more knitting time, smelling and feeling yarn… addiction.
    We need another book with recipes intermingled!!

  32. Eye or Jupiter… er, I’m afraid I don’t get it. Maybe a fellow commenter will enlighten me.
    “I am still not so sure what is so tiring about this job. Meet knitters. How hard can that be?”
    Sure, you’re just getting up at the crack of dawn, flying all over the continent, and then doing some public speaking followed by signing your name thousands of times. Nothing at all tiring about that. ๐Ÿ˜‰ (At least there’s beer.)

  33. I am probably the only person alive who finds the whole Harlot, Nick Lowe, George Carlin, Ray Lamontaigne thing awesome. I’d totally go see ANY of those people! Although I’m not too sure what In the Mood is…
    Any plans for a Vancouver stop?

  34. I hate when you come to my home town when I’m not in it!
    It looks like, despite my help, Northampton once again held its fibery own. I’ll have to see if I can dig up a newspaper to see if they put you on the front page again. Anyway, glad you got your Western Mass. wooly due, and sorry to have missed the festivities.
    May your travels be gentle on you.

  35. I think I would have been more than a little faint at the sight of 1000 faces staring at me. 2000 eyes. Waiting for me to say the inevitably stupid, redneck type of thing.
    You’ve got a good bit of nerve there to not pass out from the fright of it all.

  36. OK – HOW do you remember all those names??? AND under pressure no less? I can barely remember my own. And seriously – nothing would have kept me from hitting the floor in front of all those people! I’m shaking just thinking about it.

  37. It was great, Stephanie – you were awesome! I don’t know how you do it – I was exhausted just going to the event (asleep by 8! Really!) You’re an incredible trouper to go through all this, but it means so much to all of us, and we appreciate it!

  38. Come to new Zealand – land of fibre; sheep, goats, alpacas, possum. And snow, but only on the mountaintops in the distance so you can admire the beauty but not have to be closely involved.
    Your blog always brightens up the day.

  39. If you draw a line southeast from Madison to Chicago and keep going along it you will hit Indy. I hope you don’t have to change planes at O’Hare.
    Speaking of the Colts, Pacers, etc., don’t forget our Indianapolis Ice! In the land where basketball is king some of us will take whatever hockey we can get. ๐Ÿ™‚

  40. Thanks Steph! It was a trip to say the least. We actually love being with you – you are the smart one ๐Ÿ™‚ I will tell you, somewhere, in the Calvin, is that lone bottle of water I truly started to bring to the podium, but never quite made it.
    Oh, and note to self (that would be “my” self – no more empire waist tops – the rumors are flying ๐Ÿ™‚

  41. Thank you again for a wonderful day!!! You are always so kind and such an inspiration!

  42. We were all so enthusiastic, we didn’t realize we looked so scary. But a good sort of scary, no? And, Stephanie, I don’t know how you manage to greet everyone so personably (I mean, it must be exhausting); but it made my day. I drove all the way up from Virginia to see you (and WEBS), and you made it totally worth it. Well, you and the 25-percent-off sock yarn sale…

  43. After a long day of packing boxes, I was sitting here all bummed because I was missing your visit. Then I suddenly remembered today is Monday, and you’ll be here tomorrow!!
    I’m going to bring you a map so you always know where Indianapolis is ๐Ÿ˜€

  44. It’s weird that you only have 40 posts (when I logged on). I guess that everyone saw the first, and assumed that was it for today. He hehe.. I agree. Resistance is Futile.
    I didn’t hear about that last year… how long did it take for the knitters to stop laughing after Aaron said that? It took me a few moments to compose myself with just reading it!
    Would love to see you in St Louis, but maybe next year?…?
    It will be over soon. just a little more, then you’ll be done.

  45. Stephanie, please come back to Chicago! I wrecked a rental car trying to get to see you on your bad weather night and I’m miserable at missing you (not to mention the thousands of dollars the damage is going to cost!)
    Waiting for you in Chicago!

  46. Stephanie, you were amazingly funny, focused and engaging at the Calvin. I frankly don’t know how you did the signing thing at WEBS, it was SOOO overstimulating! But everyone helped, there was lots of water, and we got to KNIT. What else is there?? I mean, what else is there besides that -of real significance???

  47. heh heh… the idea of you fainting and everyone simultaneously reaching for their cameras… that is funny.
    What a world we live in, eh? You can’t walk out on stage without checking that your fly is up because, forget momentary embarrassment, you might get BLOGGED with your gitch showing! Isn’t it just the greatest?

  48. Thanks, for being so awesome and so genuine. I think I just about blushed to my kilt hose when you complimented my (I assure you mistake filled) first sock.
    Bought yarn for a bunch more socks and a sweater that I swear will have ::gasp:: cables.
    I had a great time, looking forward to seeing you again!

  49. I have been lurking long enough. Even though there are a ka-billion posts by the time I read the blog I figure I’ll de-lurk to say: Will you ever come to Southern California?

  50. Hey! I thought I was your favorite stalker!
    Did you bring a second suitcase this time? Webs looked like so. much, fun.

  51. Thanks for sticking it out – I know that there’s no way I could sign and talk and stay awake and personable for that entire day. (A thousand knitters is a scary sight to see, especially if you’re the reason they’re there!!) I was astounded that you know who I am (assuming you’re being truthful, of course!)
    Hope you are able to get some rest asap, you deserve it!
    ~juliet (the kinky knitter)
    P.S. Enjoy the cat toy/ whip. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  52. I’m looking forward to hearing you speak tomorrow in Indianapolis. I wish it was warmer here – last week it was in the 70’s but tonight we’re getting freeze warnings!

  53. So glad that the snow we’re having in central WI today didn’t effect your travels. Enjoy one of my favorite cities.

  54. Having a terrible 24 hours, this is the only thing that’s made me happy (besides my new Roomba – that made me happy as it sucked the tumblefur off the hardwood): “a thousand knitters were going to A) blog it and B) pose socks on my fallen form.” Thanks for the visual and the laugh!

  55. Thanks for a great talk. I was the Q&A person about the mental index cards. It seems to me that your friend deserves credit for the great retort on knitting as a method to avoid insulting others. ( I’ve had some wildly rude comments about my strange last name as first name, then I go marry a Sicilian! worlds collide) Anyway, the other comment I wanted to add but couldn’t stand to bring people down, is regarding your brain research. Folks found that Tibetans who were tortured by the chinese upon occupation had much lower incidence of PTSD and trauma, attributed to their beliefs and practice of being in the present. Sounds like Theta state of mind. Thank you so very much for linking knitting to a higher state of mind and connecting that to the long-lasting benefit of Theta. Did you hear the story of Edison in the race to invent the sewing machine and how he went into Alpha to problem solve?
    Western MA says come back soon! Crane

  56. I am so sad that I won’t be able to make the 2 1/2 hour trip to Carmel to see you. I have 400 people who want me to stay at work and write their pay checks tomorrow. The nerve!!! You have inspired me to put away my crochet hooks and take up knitting because I want SOCKS, SOCKS, SOCKS! Enjoy Indy. Sorry it has turned so cold here. Up in the northern part of the state it is supposed to get down to freezing. There go all our pretty blossoms….

  57. Hint: Indiana ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I think I would have passed out cold if I’d had to stand in front of that many people, knitters or no knitters, water or no water. You done good!

  58. Oh my dear Harlot! When you find Indianapolis will you get to see any of it? Hotel, knitters and . . . ? 1000 knitters all in one place! I must say the non-knitting fraternity must have been amazed no one lost an eye. And remember, 1000 knitters can in no way be scarier than 2500 Girl Guides – and I survived that.

  59. Indianapolis is a super cool city that never seems to get the attention it deserves. Have a pizza at Bazbeaux, check out downtown and if you have a chance see the Radical Lace and Subversive Knitters exhibit at the Indiana State Museum.

  60. I was recently doing a job that required public speaking and the trainer that was brought in to help us with our presentations suggested this trick if you’re feeling faint: while standing, cross your legs one over the other, and press your thighs together. It helps push the blood out of your extremities and back into your head. Best done behind a podium though-otherwise you look like you really have to pee or that you’re Paris Hilton posing on the red carpet. neither of which are really great looks…

  61. Steph! You’re going to be less than a KILOMETER from my brother’s home when you are in Carmel Tuesday night….I have tried to figure out for the past 3 months how to get there to see you in person. I’m a newer fan, and I’ve never posted a comment before (I don’t think) but I read you faithfully. In honor of National Daughter’s Day on Tuesday (which I invented on the fly this morning), my mother is going to attend tomorrow night for me. So if you see an older woman holding an open cell phone, it might be me on the other end. And, just FYI, I live in north Texas, it will be 85 here tomorrow and there are enough knitters around the Dallas-Fort Worth area to support at least 10 yarn stores. That said, next winter/spring book tour, you gotta come to Texas and thaw out! Enjoy Indy. Hope you get to see a few sights.

  62. Thanks for commenting on Lucy’s smile (the blog features frequent smiling baby pictures, so pop on over any time, haha); she was thrilled to see you and sad to go, and I’m so glad you posted the not-dorky picture, as I think I look dorky at the best of times, so I can only imagine how dork-a-licious the picture you *didn’t* post must have been.

  63. My sister Jackie and I saw you at the Calvin on Sunday, and we will be back there on Thursday to see Nick Lowe. Much as I love Nick Lowe, I’ll bet you anything there were more people in the Calvin for you! We’ll see if I’m right.
    Thanks for coming back to WEBS and Northampton. You rock the Yarn World!

  64. All my girls in one place! So sorry I missed you Steph! I adore the book (my favorite so far) and adore you. Are you having fun yet? I suppose the days of taking over the restaurant down the street from your talk are over. Sigh. When we’re old and gray we’ll all have to catch up again.

  65. Steph, seriously, we would have called for help.
    While waiting for the ambulance to come, I don’t think it would be irresponsible to put a sock on you and snap a picture, would it? I mean, we’d make sure the shots were all tasteful, even artistic. “Unconscious Knitter with Sock, a Study in Exhaustion”.
    It was fantastic to see you yesterday, if you’ve never shopped Webs with a buzz, I totally recommend it for your next visit. Until then, get some sleep. ๐Ÿ™‚

  66. Hi Stephanie! Tahnk you so much for such a wonderful day. I’m sorry it cost you so much in energy and health! I hope the yarn helped to give you a little pick-me-up. Also, if the GC for MSF gets lost, no worries. We can replace it. I know the boss. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  67. Woo hoo!! I’m so glad you’re coming to Indy! Although I’m not sure we can promise you your name on a marquee, I bet we’re just as excited to have you here. Hooray!

  68. First things first: Please take care of yourself. None of us wants to hear of you passing out from stress/exhaustion. Trust us. Despite the begging from everyone to come to their part of the world, we also want you to maintain sanity, and we’re pretty sure your family would be happier that way, too.
    Secondly, I love all the pictures. It sounds as though Steve and Kathy are superior human beings.
    They’re also very organized and (relatively) unfazed by huge numbers of knitters. Seriously cool.
    Thirdly, Nick Lowe?? What I wouldn’t do….. Takes me back more years than I care to admit to my time at University. I Knew the Bride, American Squirm, Switchboard Susan. Okay, okay. It’s 2008. I remember.
    One more thing, a happy belated birthday to Denny.
    Hope lots of yummy yarn was involved, and almost as much yummy food.

  69. The combination of stress, dehydration, lack of sleep, and consecutive party days have been known to cause even the strongest of souls to pass out. Moderation in all things, dear Harlot. We’d hate to hear you have to take a hospital lie down (like some other stars who will not be named). On a happier note, the crowd looked fab, and the knitwear was to die for (Amy I’m talking to you!).

  70. Y’know I nearly jumped on a train to see you in Portland, then I had a rethink (earth day and all that and 19 hours on a train…). And the universe smiled on me cos even if it costs $25 to get in, we were going to the Maker Faire anyway. Woo hoo!

  71. Well, if there is a bright spot in the galaxy, Indiana is the point that it’s farthest from. Sorry. I knit; I watch Star Wars. Indianapolis is dead in the middle of Indiana, if that helps.
    And, about two and a half hours directly north, lies Roann, a speck of a town. Outside of that speck is me.
    Tomorrow, I will take my car, point it north (deviating to visit one yarn shop) and come to see you.

  72. Stephanie it was really great to meet you if only for a fleeting second while you signed my book and I shared my story of how I ended up with a hyphenated last name and my husband as well.
    My Mom, good friend Kelly and I drove up from Connecticut to see you. Your talk at the Calvin was great! I laughed so hard. I also shared all the information about theta waves and the monk study with my husband when I got home (he’s in education and psychology).
    Thanks again!!! Next year I’ll remember to take my socks out to show you ๐Ÿ™‚

  73. I am heartbroken that I no longer live in Indianapolis. I used to live 10 minutes from that bookstore.

  74. I want some! Am trying to get sereknity’s page to load, and I think you’re crashing it by sending us all over there to acquire Eye of Jupiter yarn. At least, all of us geeks.
    Bethany: Nothing critical, really. It’s a reference to the new Battlestar Galactica series. It’s a star system, or a series of pretty red-yellow-blue paintings that may or may not be signaling my favorite character’s insanity. Hm, now what would Kara make if she bought that yarn??

  75. I will live 5 minutes from the Carmel Barnes and Nobles… IN JUNE! Argh! Have fun though and I hope to catch you on your next book tour.

  76. I’ve been wondering how to get you to visit us here in Brisbane, Australia, but now you’ve said you don’t know where Indianapolis is, I’m thinking that all I have to do is convince you that it’s the capital city of our state of Queensland and maybe you’ll come here instead! (although I think you’d notice that the flight was just a little longer than you expected)
    Webs looked like lots of fun, and as intimidating as it must have been, you so totally deserve that much adolation. Have fun in the real Indianapolis!

  77. Steps It Takes To See The Yarn Harlot In Madison:
    1. Make dinner for 10 kids and husband so they won’t notice you’re driving to Madison for the evening.
    2. Drive to kids’ high school to exchange 15 passenger van for cool, sleek 7 passenger mini van.
    3.Pick up friend to keep you company.
    4.Stop at gas station to fill up b/c 18 yr old apparently doesn’t need anything but fumes to drive on.
    5. Lock keys and cell phone in car.
    6. Walk to high school to find son and therefore his keys to said car.
    7. Son is not at school but has “just left” for baseball practice 3 blocks away.
    8. Get to practice, but son “just left” for batting practice 10 blocks away.
    9. Find son but keys are back at 1st baseball field in “unlocked” friend’s car in backpack.
    10. Return to 1st field to find LOCKED friend’s car with backpack inside.
    11.Return to 2nd field to get keys to unlock car to get backpack.
    12.Return to 1st field and get extra keys from backpack.
    13. Get ride to gas station to unlock car and leave for Madison more than one HOUR later.
    14. Stop for beer;) (thought about it at this point though!)
    Stephanie, it was worth every minute to finally get to hear you. Had to leave before our color was called though. Hope to meet you next time. Thanks for all the laughs. You are a funny, thoughtful, delightful person. Take good care of yourself. Love ya!

  78. I also have a nervous stomach. I swear by crystalized ginger (aka candied ginger). I carry it with me everywhere. It may be a Pavlovian response by now, but it calms things down every time. Hang in there!

  79. Eye of Jupiter yarn! Perfect!
    I think Cobol also had beautiful colors for a hand-dyed concoction..

  80. Good grief woman! Who plans your road-trips? I’m exhausted reading about your travels from Chicago to Portland back to Madison then Carmel, IN………..you need a new travel agent.

  81. Might anyone know what Wendy the Rescue Knitter is wearing? I want to knit it NOW!
    erm. thank you.

  82. Kristine lives in Vermont near my daughter, and when my daughter had to spend a Saturday in the ER getting IVs, Kristine took her some Ben and Jerry’s as a get-well wish, having met me and being friends with me but having never met my daughter. I love that her little Lucy has the radiant smile that she does; Kristine earned it!
    Hang in there, meantime, and many happy landings.

  83. You’re in Madsion and I JUST got into Green Bay on business!
    You need to come back to Northern California. Please please pretty please.

  84. Thanks for coming to Madison. You poor child–too many cities in too many states; if you don’t end up in the hospital from exhaustion it’s not because you didn’t try!! You were wonderful! I didn’t have time to explain why Madison is somewhat famous for the World’s Largest Bratfest (more info at http://www.bratfest.com/). I know you are vegetarian (you can get bocaburgers at the Bratfest) but a handy Madison Bratfest tote bag seemed to be perfect for stray knitting projects. Keep up the great work, but get some sleep, girl!

  85. Eeps.. 1000 people? I learned not to fear public speaking too badly while in college, but 1000 people intently focused on me just waiting for me to slip up to provide them with blog fodder would have definitely done me in!
    So.. before you get to Philly.. Do you drink rootbeer? I’m not much of a beer drinker so I wouldn’t know what to bring you. But there’s some pretty fine local rootbeer here that I love sharing with visitors. Let me know!

  86. Indianapolis is one of those US oddities – a major city that most residents of the same country couldn’t tell you just where it was. Exactly where is Indiana, other than somewhere in the north of the middle?
    1,000 people, even if you happened to know them all, would be daunting when lined up to hang on your every word and blog your every tick. And the brain consumes a lot of glucose coming up with a new phrase of greeting or the odd remembered connection. Yours works overtime at these events.

  87. 1,000 knitters? Yikes! I would’ve fainted not-so-gracefully, water or not. Wonderful report, as always, and way to freak the muggles!
    And man, after this tour is over, you deserve about two weeks of vacation somewhere sunny, where all you have to do is sleep, knit, sleep, snuggle with Joe, sleep, and maybe occasionally amble down to an LYS to get more yarn. And sleep!

  88. I’d imagine the reason you’re finding just meeting knitters so tiring is because, well, (a) you’ve been on the road for ages and your body, mind and soul need a break; but (b) because meeting a lot of strangers at once, no matter how friendly, is stressful – and stress tires you out. Having to be ‘up’ and friendly constantly takes it out of you.
    If you can take time out from your incredibly busy schedule, and don’t do this already, grab yourself a bottle of lavender essential oil – it’s a great all rounder and will calm you in times of stress, help you sleep (the old on/beside the pillow trick), banish bed bugs and creepy crawlies (there are bed bugs in even the smartest hotels) AND keep nasty moths away from your precious knitting. On top of all that it smells fabulous! What’s to lose?
    And, P.S., don’t suppose there’s any chance you’ll come to Europe (specifically, Ireland) any time soon? Now is probably not the time to ask!!
    Stay well, x

  89. OMG the Octopus! Who knit that? Its amazing! *wants*
    I hope said knitter reads these comments as I want to let them know how awsome it is! ๐Ÿ™‚

  90. My dau., Leah, the “almost 10-y.o.” knitter, was delighted to wear her first handknit sweater to the event and spend the day among so many enthusiastic fiberfolk. I had a blast too. Thanks for providing the spark that grew into a great day of knitterly fun!

  91. As always, you have an incredible life. ๐Ÿ™‚ And, not to get all mom on you, make sure you’re drinking enough water. Talking is thirsty work.

  92. You were great in MA, Stephanie! Thanks so much for coming back to see us. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I had a great time, even met a bunch of fellow Ravelers. I have to say that’s thanks to you because you were the one who told so many of us about Ravelry in the first place! So thank you!
    Can’t wait to see you next year. ๐Ÿ˜€

  93. While I feel incredibly sad for all the people who are commenting that they have to work tonight, I am delighted to be able to report that Rebecca (Age 10) and Caitlin (age ‘nearly 9’) will be skipping ballet class tonight (even though our performance of The Nutcracker is only 3 weeks away) to come and see you in Carmel, Indiana!
    They are very excited, but they are 8 and 10 – nothing to get faint about, okay? We were welcomed by Indiana almost 4 years ago when we moved here from Maryland, and the people here are LOVELY! I solemnly swear that they will not eat you alive!
    Have a lovely day, and we’ll see you this evening!

  94. I promise I would have put your feet up and made you stay down while you drank water.. I would have been fine with you continuing to talk from the floor..
    Seriously, I hope you are never on stage without a glass of water or a stool again.
    Seriously, you are a mah-velous actress because you didn’t appear nervous or shaky or anything. you were great

  95. My husband and I had been guessing how many people were there on Sunday…we were way low! Seriously, though, you are much stronger than I am – I couldn’t bring myself to stand in the crazy book signing line. I’m sad I didn’t get a signed copy, but oh well…maybe I’ll drive a little farther from home next time and catch you where there are only 400 knitters!

  96. Enjoy Madtown! I wish I was there!
    My daughter lives in Indianapolis, and will try to see you at the Barnes & Nobel for me. I won’t be there until June and the closest you will get to here is London, but that’s not until September.

  97. I will see you tonight at Barnes and Noble in Carmel. If they don’t have something you need there, like water or food, or anything else, let me know. I can run right over. The store is less than two miles from my house. And we have the best ever kniting store nearby, called Stitches and Scones. If you need any knitting supplies, I can get them for ya, too.

  98. Do you realize that your book events are getting more turnout than when Clinton and Obama show up in town? You SERIOUSLY need to have a talk with your publisher, because you are a gold mine for them. I mean 1,000 people at one event? Most top 20 authors can not garner that, let alone in the course of a month continuously!!!!
    There are seats for 200 tonite in Indy, can’t wait to see you!!
    Hmmmm. Harlot for President…… the first Canadian president of the US??? aw mannnnn, stupid constitution won’t allow it.
    I’m now debating which beer to bring with me..

  99. i stood in line next to the women with the tiny hemlock ring – and then she was three seats down from me, and next to me was a girl knitting a hemlock ring blanket. with eco wool! IT was HUGE! i love the contrast.
    I’m really glad i went up to webs. i had tons of fun, you were hysterical (you know it’s bad when i can retell ANY of the jokes because they are just too funny!), and it was sooo weird to put faces and people to some RAvelry names. I’m now addicted to fiber events…

  100. You were absolutely fantastic on Sunday, as usual! Also, thank you for the perfect excuse to not clean my house (and have to explain myself to my husband) and knit, ALL DAY! How awesome.

  101. The Henlock Ring Rocks! I can barely knit on 2’s and had no idea there was something so small. My eyes were crossed looking at the computer screen, so I can’t imagine what it would be like in person.
    As everyone has said, be sure to drink lots of water during the tour. I hope the travel gods are with you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  102. Seriously, I don’t know how you do it all. I imagine that you only manage to hold together by the sheer force of will. That is, the will of all your knitterly fans. You are made of awesome.

  103. Indianapolis is in Indiana. Where I live – can’t wait to see you tonight. It’s a little chilly here, but there is sunshine ๐Ÿ™‚

  104. Oh my gosh! I was in Indy this weekend and left on Sunday. If I had known you were going to be around I would have stayed an extra day and stalked you properly (with beer)! Now I’m sad.

  105. It sounds like you are having quite the adventure! I am so bummed that you are coming to Indianpolis today and I can’t be there. My friend Carli is in Ireland at the moment and is VERY upset that she is unable to make a flight back to see you. We are with you in spirit and hope that you have a great time in our fair state. I hope that the weather is OK for you today, but what they say about Indiana weather is this: “If you don’t like it, wait 5 minutes, it will change!” Have fun, drink lots of water (beer, whatever!), and good luck today!

  106. I think someone needs to plan a tour schedule which doesn’t have you criss-crossing the country like that. That sounds so exhausting.

  107. Hee, hee! What great pictures : ) Yeah, that was a lot of knitters!
    P.S. Thanks, Cobweb, for your nice comments about my octopus – he (and I) had a great time!

  108. Harlot –
    A WEBS addiction has contributed greatly to my growing stash. I don’t know if anyone has asked you this yet, but what did you BUY?!?!
    Also – I remember you posted that this tour you were going to do it all at once instead of in little bits. What’s the verdict on which is better?

  109. Glad you made it out of Northampton alive. Your speech was great. I have no idea how you write speaches, books and blogs all at the same time. You are truly masterful with the whole word thing and research. Perhaps they will add harlot new brain wave state…. harlot waves

  110. OK, just like my kids I am only focusing on your last comment (you know how teenagers only hear snippets of conversations you thought you had with them, but apparently were only talking to yourself). At this point in your tour do you really want to have a geography course on where a certain place is? Or, do you just want to go home( and by home I mean home…Joe, the girls, etc), get a nice glass of wine, get in the tub and soak for awhile? I figure you’ll see our airport (look at new one out the window under construction). See our lovely interstate, perhaps get to one of our fine LYS, and maybe get downtown before you collapse on someone. I hope it won’t be a blur, but I suspect as tired as you are it might be. Wish I could donate energy to you. Perhaps a trip to our wonderful Eagle Creek Park with lots of wildlife, beautiful trees, lake, paths to walk would be a place for you to reenergize?

  111. My first thought was of Battlestar Galactica when I saw the Eye of Jupiter yarn. For some reason though, I didn’t think you were a big BSG fan, Stephanie. Really, I should have known that anyone who wears a shirt that says “All your yarn are belong to me” is a total geek.
    I mean that in a good way!

  112. Stephanie, thanks for finding my book so you could sign it. I can be such a ditz when in the presence of a knitting goddess. The photos of our socks is right up on the wall with my Bobert B. Dog of Ravelry sticker. It was the best day I’ve had in months!
    But I have a question and should have asked it at the Q&A … Who was that videographer and what was he doing there? Is the publisher having you filmed so if any more Chicago diasters come up they can stream you there? Can you please explain? Thanks.

  113. WOW that’s a bunch of knitters! Amazing you can match all the names with the photos, you must have a good system worked out there.
    LOVED the pictures of Portland, btw, all the mossyness – just beautiful!

  114. Indianapolis is south of WI – but I hope you brought a sweater ’cause they’re predicting freezing (cover the plants) tonight.

  115. Amazing. You’re right, resistance is futile. Knitters are taking over the world!
    I am a little worried that by the time you get to Philly you’re going to be completely exhausted. Do we need to organize here? Set up a beer, vegetarian fare and yarn skein chain to keep your energy up at the Book Fair? At the very least, I’m making a note to pick up a bottle or two of local brew. You have got to try a Milk Stout!

  116. Dear Stephanie,
    thanks so much for coming to Northampton.
    You talk was brilliant– I want to hear/read more about the brainy stuff!
    I am sorry you felt faint. I was in the 6th row back and couldn’t figure out how to get through to the stage with water (or the trail mix; surely you must have felt faint from not eating??)
    Webs was a zoo. OMG. You did so well, I’ll be impressed forever. I decided not to stand in line for the personal autograph…but I did snatch up an autographed volume. Plus two more for friends. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I think I got claustrophobic for the first time in my life. The place was teeming with wool buying crazy knitters, all doing their part to donate to the midwifery center. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Yes I second Shel’s comment above to get organized with all of that. Sustenance for the harlot!

  117. Indianapolis is smack dab in the middle of Indiana. It is the state capital and is known as the Circle City because everything radiates out from a central circle called Monument Circle. You should try to visit not because it is a good touristy thing to do (though it is), but because you can visit the South Bend Chocolate Company at the same time. It sounds like you might be needing some chocolate by this point and you won’t be disappointed. (And no, I don’t work for them, but I was a very loyal customer the two years I lived in Indy). If the weather is nice you might meander over for a walk on the canal and check out the outside of the Indiana State Museum. Each county in the state contributed a decorated “brick”, sort of like the state quarter thing we have going on here in the states only much, much better.

  118. Wahhhh! I was born a Hoosier, lived in Indiana for years & years, but now that you’re going to Carmel, I’m in Oklahoma with little to no chance of you ever coming here to spread your yarny-goodness to us Okies…. Hope things slow down for you soon — take care!

  119. Indianapolis: Look at Indiana on the map. Look at the middle of the state. That’s it. Can’t miss it. I can’t wait!

  120. AAACK!! No BSG spoilers please! I just bought the DVDs of Season 3, and haven’t watched them yet. So I’m a whole year behind, and will not know how the whole series ends until they release Season 4 on DVD (or show reruns.) I can’t be tied down to a weekly series–that’s why I’ve waited to watch the whole season at once. Well, over a few nights anyway…
    Still trying to figure out how to escape the boss’ clutches in time to make it to Indy. It’s a 1 1/2 hour drive from here. No hope.

  121. Can’t wait! Only seven more hours until I get to see you in Indy!
    I’ll be the idiot who babbles moronically about how excited I am to meet you.

  122. I didn’t know you could get size 000000 needles! How cool! And that photo from Caro of you? Just gorgeous!
    How funny, that Kimberly, she’s just EVERYWHERE (even vicariously)!

  123. You go girl! You are becomming quite the stand-up comedian. The talk was awesome and the good people at WEBS couldn’t have been better!

  124. I agree with MonicaPDX at 3:45 a.m. that you deserve two weeks of vacation somewhere where you don’t need to lift a finger, and, I might add, paid for by your publisher!
    Re: the possibility of fainting: in addition to the other suggestions you’ve received, I will add one from a choral director, who always reminded us to stand on the risers with our knees slightly bent. Apparently if you stand with locked knees for any length of time, it impedes the blood flow to the brain and may cause one to pass out. Not recommended if you’re singing Handel’s Messiah with about 300 other singers–though with that many, perhaps just one toppling over would not be noticed. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Try to cut yourself some slack wherever you can, and I hope you can get home soon and collapse gracefully into the arms of your family. Daughter alert: take care of your mother!

  125. Re: one commenter’s comment intended to be supportive – really, the crowd is not there waiting for you to make a mistake – the audience is there to cheer and support you. The audience actively wants you to succeed!
    Good food and drink: even if you were able to have the kind of meals you ordinarily eat (and with your schedule it’s impossible), your normal diet takes care of normal stress-related needs, but signing tours add major amounts of stress and that means you need far more of the “stress vitamins” combination commonly reported to be B, C, E and lecithin. That may be one reason the beer helps – good beer really does have some vitamin B.
    Your tour scheduler may be a wizard at squeezing all the stops in, but your next tour absolutely must allow a full day between events, for real food and real rest, not to mention making airline connections. Janis Joplin died of over-touring.

  126. Sorry to hear about the stress! My friend was in Madison last night, and though you were awesome. Indianapolis is east of Chicago, in Indiana.

  127. It was wonderful to see you in Northampton! I firmly believe that if you had fainted we all would have been very concerned about your well being and it would have been after you recieved medical attention before 1,000 knitters thought “what a great photo my WIP over Stephanie’s limp body would have made!” I hope you never have to find out, though.

  128. This is the first time I’ve ever posted anything, anywhere but I just had to let you know…knitters are indeed poised to take over the world. I wish I had had a camera AFTER the event at the Calvin in Northampton, to capture the amazing, multicolored, exhilirating flow of knitters coming out of the Calvin Theater, spilling into the street (traffic lights be damned) and flowing like a tidal wave through the intersection when the “walk” sign finally flashed. It was inspirational. There were so many of us that there was no way the cars would drive through the intersection even after the light turned green–we were a force to be reckoned with, for that one bright and shining moment.
    Your talk was as good as last year’s (I went then, too), and I’m ever so glad you come to our funky little neck of the woods. Thank you, thank you, thank you! And best wishes for all the other dates, and for a well-deserved spell of R&R when it’s all done. Can you get back out to that cabin in the woods? Even without all the snow, it seems like a perfect respite…take care, and thanks again.

  129. The Jess in one photo is none other than the RAVELRY GODESS herself. YAY, I heart RAVELRY. And thank you Stephanie for the introduction to them, between you and Rav, I am becoming a braver knitter.

  130. What a crowd!! Yes, resistance is definitely futile. Now if only I could figure out how to get to Indianapolis tomorrow.

  131. Stephanie, I just wanted to say that I loved your talk and was so glad that Shanan and I (the ones with all the dishcloths and the sock dishcloth)trecked from Boston to see you. I love the part when you were talking about how as far as you know knitting is good for us and hasn’t caused liver cancer. Shanan and I, (Sheila) looked at each other because my son Zach at 18 mths was diagnosed with liver cancer. I was not knitting then, so I don’t think it was cause of me, but we had a good chuckle over it. I would deffinately say that knitting has gotten me through a lot of truama in my family’s life. Now just to convince my husband of this and I will be good to go.
    Thank you again, you are fabulous.

  132. It looks like a wonderful time was had by all–and aren’t you wonderful to keep track of EVERYTHING–I think maybe a weeks worth of sleep and some family time and maybe no weirdness on stage!

  133. I love reading your adventures in different cities and what great crowds you have. I can see how you are nervous every time. But, they are their for a reason to SEE YOU and hear you speak. They love ya lady. We all do. Rowena

  134. this is entirely off-topic, but I just showed my wife (Vicki) the picture of your one-row scarf, and she said it made her want waffles….
    it is a truly inspiring scarf (it made me want to knit one!)
    can’t wait to meet you on Saturday!!

  135. Hence we call it India-NO Place.
    Hopefully I can wiggle myself out of class a bit early tonight and get to meet you!

  136. So glad you are coming to Indianapolis; too bad I cannot attend as I have to fill out a police report…..I prefer not to talk about it. Wish I could be there; I’m a big lurker (who isn’t?) but some friends of mine will be there! Indiana isn’t all THAT bad….HA!

  137. I don’t know if Kathy and Steve (of WEBS) were able to get this info to you before you left, but through your event at the Calvin Theater WEBS was able to raise $4,698 for the Coooly Dickinson Center for Midwifery Care. WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  138. In centuries past when most people were rural and only had their feet for mobility, a person would meet an average of _22 people in their lives_ – other than family members. Something I heard some years ago (‘interesting factoid’ my husband would say), if it is true it could account for tiredness on meeting more than that in a day, for many days, row on row.

  139. Wow, what an event! Some knitters from my knitting group were able to make it and said everything was fabulous! Wishing you the best on all your travels ๐Ÿ™‚

  140. Hey! I just saw Nick Lowe in Carrboro, NC last week! Played “I Knew the Bride”, but somehow, wasn’t playing “American Squirm” to an American audience… although I think we would have loved it. Get your tickets early. Carrboro show sold out quick.

  141. Thank you so much for making my weekend. Not only were you a charming and entertaining speaker, but you commented on my sweater. I spent the rest of the afternoon squealing to my husband “SHE liked my sweater! STEPHANIE said she liked my sweater!”

  142. I so enjoy reading about your visits on your tour! Everyone looks so happy and you seem to bring out their best. Glad you didn’t go down in a faint. Hope you add Pittsburgh to your tour.

  143. I am beginning to feel cursed. Last year I was sick & missed your appearance in Oak Brook. This year, weather kept you from Nana’s Knit shop appearance. Guess where SO & I are going this weekend – you got it Indianapolis! But not until FRIDAY so I’ll miss you by a day! One of these days I’ll manage to be at the right spot at the right time! That is a great picture of you on Caro’s blog.

  144. A friend and I drove three hours each way to see you at WEBS, and boy, was it worth it! Your words, your kindness in signing my books (and everyone else’s who chose to stand in line, both before AND after your talk), and your attitude are truly inspirational. My experience on Sunday has been sustaining me all week and keeping me in a great mood. So, THANK YOU, for all that you do…

  145. Emma was thrilled to see her picture on your site and pranced around singing, “I’m Famous!” So rejuvenated was she about her knitting that she finished the socks she’s been working on for about a year and a half! So thanks for the motivation! It was a great day for us!

  146. You are fast approaching Rock Star status! When you go to an event and the LYS proprietors gather thousands of knitters to attend, I will bet there were thousands in the area who wish that what ever it was that was keeping them away, would evaporate so they too could attend! Iโ€™m one of those this weekend at Makers Faire. I will be bowling in Reno, not such a bad consolation prize, but still bowling vs. seeing the one and only Harlot in person, well I donโ€™t need to tell your readers, itโ€™s not a fair contest. Yarn Harlot would win out if I didnโ€™t have this damn commitment.
    So have fun in California, San Mateo is a little boring, but donโ€™t let that taint your view of our wonderful local. There are many great things to see and do here, and hey we have a Carmel too and I will bet itโ€™s prettier than Carmel Indianaโ€ฆ. Ours has the Pacific Ocean at the end of the main drag. So have fun at Makers Faire, there will be thousands of talented artists there.

  147. I’m so jealous. This was the only time I wished I knew how to drive, so I could get out to WEBS to see you! It was easier for me to get to NY last year (the power of the bus)!
    It sounds like it was a blast!

  148. When I gave you the Maine washcloth and Bar Harbor Ale at Webs I forgot to mention that if you feel along the coastline (about halfway “down east”) you’ll find a lump. That is the place I live, on Mount Desert Island (pronounced like the after dinner event, not the dry place), which is also the home of Acadia National Park. I wanted to mark it, but didn’t want to exaggerate its size, so it ended up as a bump…

  149. you know, i was looking at my stats last night and i noticed a huge bump for april 29th and now i know why.
    the girls get mad at me all of the time because i always seem to disappear during the photo ops. it’s no coincidence that i’m behind the camera a lot of the time.
    anyway it was great seeing you. good luck for the rest of the tour.

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