You have no idea

I am (although this is usually not the case) entirely at a loss for words to describe yesterday and last night. It was wild. It was crazy. It was like for one whole day, everything went down knitter style, and I didn’t even know we had a style. Andy and Michael were wonderful,

, I took that from backstage, if it worked…. the company was excellent, if entirely mad.


The babies were happy.


(Many knitters love this baby. You can tell because she has so much wool on.)

Drea finished an afghan.


The pictures from the scavenger hunt, and a whole lot of the stories for how they got them are downright exceptional.


Knitterly subterfuge, trickery and careful application of the knitters wit have made for some shots you won’t believe, and some stories you’ll be telling all day.


I’m going to refer you to the Flickr group, and get on a plane for NYC, and leave the knitters to use the comments to tell you what happened. Or didn’t. (Hint: The Mayor’s secretary is very nice, several Canadian Icons are excellent sports, and much of an entire city doesn’t know what hit them.)

Get a cup of coffee. Read. C’est fantastique.

134 thoughts on “You have no idea

  1. I’m glad it all went so well.. Missed being there I was there in spirit!

  2. Can’t wait to read all the reports all over the web… Being from Belgium it was not possible to attend, but sounds like a lot of fun !

  3. I cannot believe that I am going to be in the first 5 on your comments! I wanted to tell you how much I wish I could be a part of the audience on your tour and what an inspiration you are! Seriously Stephanie, you are the best!

  4. Glad to hear it all went wonderful… I do belive my hubby is gonna have to live with the fact I’m sniping the car to come see one of your events (better yet, I’ll have him confront his fears of knitter en masse and have him come with me!)

  5. Wish I had been in Toronto yesterday, looking forward to seeing you tonight in NYC.

  6. Wow, what a crowd. And I’m not #167 or later. I had a blast getting a photo to submit. Can’t wait to see all the photos.

  7. Stephanie, you were AWSOME last night! You get funnier every time. Can’t wait to read the book.
    And I will post my lame ass 1 point picture on the Flickr group, but my work has decided Flickr is not a good use of company time so I have to wait until tonight… last night, needless to say, I was otherwise occupied.

  8. So sad that I couldn’t be in Toronto yesterday to see all the knitting. I wonder if it made the evening news? You’re only two hours away tonight (NYC) but it’s daughter’s first tennis match…I can’t miss that. Be assured, I’ll have knitting with me!
    And Wow! I’m in the first 20 commenters!

  9. Bother! Now I’m wishing that I didn’t let my work day run away with me yesterday and that I had entered the International Freestyle Category from London…
    …oh well, roll on Sept 6th – I have my ticket!

  10. looks like it was so fun it should have been illegal.
    cant wait til you get to Michigan, Stephanie!

  11. It occurred to me after hearing you describe the muggles’ reaction when you tell them you write ‘knitting humour’, that you are underselling yourself. After hearing you speak last night, and reading part of your great new book, I realized that what you write is knitting philosophy (in a humorous way). Try that one at the next cocktail party and check for MORE RESPECT!!!
    Thanks for last night. It was great to be able to sit comfortably, have enough light to knit and enjoy that big cozy composite knitter personality that coalesced in the theatre. It was knitting with friends PLUS.

  12. Looks like everyone had a blast! Safe travels and we’ll see you in St.Paul.

  13. Haha, I had so much fun. I’m glad it all went well and congratulations again!!
    (I am especially fond of the flock of birds section of the book!)

  14. Geez, the pictures are great! After all my hoping that international knitters are allowed, and you, Steph kindly answering, I got almost no pictures. My anniversary,but I sent kind knitterly thoughts everyone’s way. GREAT JOB!!

  15. What a well-traveled whack of socks.
    Gail’s right – it’s all in how you phrase it. Tell the muggles you write philosophical satire in essay form with a unifying theme of common humanity as it emerges from the familiar iconic metaphor of the humblest of clothing, the sock.

  16. It was a busy night in the yarn shop last night- (knit-night, you know), but I recall seeing someone flash your new book around. Sending my spouse out to track it down for me today… can’t wait to read it, and the flickr group is something I intend to savor later. Thanks for the fun! Cami

  17. My husband was ready to wisk off at 5 am to get up there.. mostly to play a joke on his workmates who’s main office is in Toronto..
    I had a sock ready to go with him.. he didn’t go and he was awfully grumpy all day long.. didn’t know he was so keen to see you!

  18. The video posted at 8:26 AM is “no longer available” says YouTube at 9:15 AM.

  19. Woohoo!! Sounds like you had yourself another huge blast off. πŸ™‚ Am looking forward to seeing you tonight, and this time I am bringing the first sock I ever made. Don’t laugh too hard!
    Bunny hugs,

  20. I had so much fun vicariously going along with everyone that my daughter is due IN preschool in 30 mins and I am still in my jammies. But I have to say, everyone looks like they are having a wonderful time, and I’m so glad things went well. I love the looks on the “muggles” faces as they are asked, possibly multiple times, to hold SOCKS ON NEEDLES. how confusing for them.
    But now I have to RUN. Clothes…hair. In that order…..

  21. I had an amazing time last night. Luved the opening act and your talk was great as usual. Can’t wait to read your new book(s).
    I brought a muggle with me and he enjoyed it immensely too – seems like we’ve converted another one – plan to take over the world +1!

  22. Add me to the “wish I coulda been there” list. When’s the book going to be here??!?!?? Off to check the local bookstores online….

  23. So amazingly psyched to see you in NYC tonight! I’m planning on leaving MUCH EARLIER THAN USUAL in order to get a decent seat (read: not bringing my husband). My pathetic picture is up on the Flickr group; hope you get a kick out of my license plate!
    Lysa “glitterbug” on Ravelry

  24. Off to make more coffee before checking out the pictures. I wonder what people were thinking to see all these knitters loose in the city taking pictures. lol! πŸ˜‰

  25. Wish I’d been there – but I got to teach a bunch of knitters a new technique, and they ALL GOT IT! It felt great. I’m looking forward to seeing the pictures of the hunt. Got your book, and will be reading at lunch time.
    We’re going to set up a York Region Scavenger hunt as well, if you come back to Aurora this summer. It may revolve around beer somehow…

  26. Wish I could have been there too.
    Just picked up your new book last night, and it’s hilarious. I spent last night reading parts to my husband — he loves it too.

  27. Yesterday was fantastic! I had a great time, and hope you did too πŸ™‚ Enjoy New York, and safe travels!

  28. What a hoot, though it made me a little sad. My big brother lives in Toronto, and we love to visit. All the wonderful sock pictures made me homesick. (Is it possible to be homesick for a place you’ve not lived, but visit regularly? Oh well.)

  29. I swear I heard Steph say “anyone who ignored the ‘horse’ part, and mounts a police officer with a sock: automatic first place in the freestyle category”.
    Fueled by the drive to win and a coupla glasses of courage, I fled the bar in search of an obliging man in blue. Couldn’t find any cops roaming the street, but remembered one who always stood at the Police Union on College.
    We approached with caution… is mounting a police statue a crime? We only had a chance to snap two quick photos before a security vehicle drove by and beeped at us!
    It’s in the flickr group…

  30. What a great time. I wish I could have been there. I was in New York last week., but am back home now. Maybe I will come see you in Lexington though, its only 1 1/2 hours away! Look for a black lace Faux Russian stole.

  31. Wow! A published author giving a talk on a new book to a sell out crowd (only in one sense, our styles may be iconoclastic, but our souls are pure), with a great band to open for her….Dis that!

  32. Steph, the evils of technology made me late yesterday but I am *so* glad that I caught part of your talk. It was inspiring! Meeting fellow knitters over a pint of Guiness at the pub was a real treat as well. Safe travels! Any idea how much was raised for Medicins sans Frontiers last night?

  33. i can’t believe someone got Gord Downie!! Holy crap!
    Well done, if I wasn’t in the midst of end of term, I would have gladly joined in!

  34. Phenomenal pictures. Awesome crowd.
    You know what is really interesting – how many knitters in those pics use DPN’s for sock knitting. In Boston, it seemed everyone I knew used Magic Loop. In Indiana, two circs and DPNs. Here in DC, more of an even mix. Regional difference? Who knows.
    Have you seen any differences like this in your travels?
    Either way, AWESOME socks!

  35. Oh and everyone…..Rachel H. looked hot. And soft, she was wearing a brand new handknit ( by herself) cashmere vest. A crisp white cotton shirt, dark pants and her (as me and Steph call them) “big girl boots”. She looked very lovely and tall and because of the cashmere I couldn’t keep my hands off her, I may have even grazed a boob. O.k. I didn’t graze, I grabbed. But I’m aloud to, sort of. Don’t any one else try though, her D.P.N.’s are sharp!! A swell night, Happy trails girlfriend.

  36. What a great evening – and some very dedicated scavenger hunters indeed! You were on great form Steph, and the world’s first knitter’s opening act were wonderful ;0) Bon voyage and good luck on the tour.

  37. Looks and sounds like a great time. Sadly, I won’t be able to see you tonight in NYC due to a loss in the family – hope someone else is able to bring you chocolate! Looking forward to getting the book.

  38. Yea! Sounds like everyone had fun. I started looking through the flickr photos – nice shots, plus Toronto looks like a nice place to visit! I love your photo of the baby wrapped in wool. Looking forward to hearing more ‘on the road’ stories and seeing more photos – of first socks and little babies!

  39. Did my bit in downtown Vancouver…I have to say, it’s moments like this, with this knitting thing, far more than hockey, Tim Hortons, or our damned fine brew, makes me Very Proud to Be Canadian!

  40. Did my bit photographing the sock at work yesterday. I’m officially the weirdest person in my office. (details are on the blog- I had a blast.)

  41. A whole day in Toronto & not one sock posing with Lord Stanley???? I am shocked and saddened….what kind of Canadians are you?

  42. I’m one of those people who is always sure she’s gonna get in trouble if she does anything the least bit rebellious. So, I was more than a little nervous being the official photographer for Miss Ewe’s “mounted police officer” shoot. When we got honked at I was ready to get my mug shot taken and go into solitary. Clearly, I need to get out more. It was a fun night (and yes, Rachel H felt luscious).

  43. Knitters are so clevor. But I am happy for you that everything went so well for you. Best wishes and remember your family can use paper plates and napkins with peanut butter sandwiches to survive. cecilia

  44. YAY! And jealous. Of course. But yay! glad all went well….. knitters really should rule the world… it would be warmer- more beautiful, more fun and more kind.
    PS- you’re all haveing fun… and in Michigan the snow melted….to reveal… not crocus or budding bloom… but doggy piles of doom… I blogged them and now- am knitting to avoid them;)
    Can’t wait till you come to Ann Arbor…. gonna be a blast… (no poo- I promise;)

  45. Congratulations on the book, Stephanie! I didn’t get a chance to thank you in person at the pub, but your talk was wonderful (and made me feel vindicated for making time to knit as a grad student).
    Safe travels!

  46. Those are some fantastic photos in Flickr! Gord Downie and the Bulgarian hot dog lady giving knitting tips were my favorites… or maybe Greg Kinnear commenting on the sock? Wish I had gotten my act together for an International Freestyle Category entry. Maybe next time? If there is a next time… Congrats on what looked like a wonderful night! All those Timmy’s photos and various TO pics made me a little homesick!

  47. Ok, ok – first of all, who got the Mayor and where’s the pic?
    Second, the mis-interpretation of Mounted Police Officer – that was a spit-take. However, I gotta think Gord Downie is at least tie for top of the Freestyle category. I mean, Holy Canuck or WHAT there? That’s amazing. All I got was a hot firefighter.

  48. Can’t wait to get to Flickr tonight. Looking forward to seeing you later this month at Webs. Received my preordered book from Amazon on the 31st, so I read the book yesterday to be with you in spirit.
    (Don’t worry, I definitely give Webs plenty of monetary support! – I just couldn’t resist that pre-order invite from Amazon!)

  49. It was a fun night and a great crowd. The Skydiggers were just fantastic too! I don’t know how I would explain to non-knitters how you can have a whole theatre full of folks knitting and still paying attention and enjoying a concert and a talk when half the room isn’t looking at their hands. Awesome. Good luck for the rest of the tour!
    I was thinking during the talk that knitters will be like Cylons sleeper agents… one day the normal world will look around and suddenly realize we’ve been here all along.

  50. Many thanks to Denny for the Rachel Style Update, a critical aspect of any Harlot launch.
    It is perhaps a measure of how grumpy I am at missing you all that I don’t feel like asking if Steph said arse or forgot her bra.

  51. Stephanie, you have done more for the cause of knitting being “hip” than anyone could have imagined! Bravo! And I love the new book!

  52. Wish I could have been there, but I did my best to be there in spirit: the new book I pre-ordered came in the mail yesterday (and it’s fabulous, by the way), I took freestyle sock pics and posted them on Flickr, and just generally behaved inexplicably all day–just in your honor, Steph. Thanks for being you! (Is that corny or what?)

  53. Congratulations on a great launch. My daughter heard me lamenting that I couldn’t see you on this tour, but you were going to be near her when you go to Portland OR. Now, what did my great daughter do???? She bought me a plane ticket to go out there on the Saturday before, see you on Tuesday, and fly back on the following Sunday. What a great daughter, huh? Plus I get to see my grandkids……can’t wait.

  54. It sounds like yesterday was a blast! Hopefully you’ll be going to Webs again this year, and I’ll get to join the fun there.

  55. Love the wooly baby, love the afghan, love the circled and x-ed out scavenger hunt sheet. Hate that I couldn’t be up there. Looks like you all had so much fun. I did have a beer for you though. I’m pretty sure it was just one.
    The kids and I had great fun trying to decide on sock pictures, and even hubby got into the idea of, well, it’s sort of x-rated, if you can imagine a sock being turned into a willie warmer, but then when I got the camera, he chickened out. That was, however, after the kids were in bed, lest anyone think we’re THOSE kind of people.
    My pic’s (minus neked hubby) are up on the flicr page, and I too had very much fun reading up on everyone’s stories and also the comments. I especially love how one person was assigning points to people for certain things. Very funny.

  56. Please please pretty please tell me you’re coming to California? Preferably one visit to Southern California, and one to Central California?
    (California’s 825 miles from one corner to the other, so two visits for one state isn’t as greedy as sounds, I swear.)

  57. Amanda, you’re right about DC-area sock knitters using all needle configurations (I’m agnostic on the subject–I use everything except the two-socks-on-one-set-of-DPNs-double-knitting method!).
    Stephanie, I’m excited about Monday in Annapolis. My parents live not 20 minutes from there, but it’s been so long since we visited the mall that the Borders hadn’t even been built yet! I’m leaving work (70 miles away from there) at 2 or 3 p.m., because when I got to Baileys Crossroads at 4 for your last visit, the signing-ticket line was already well established!
    It was very hard to avoid buying The Book at B&N last weekend (and getting member card discount), but I’m going to be good and honor your request to buy it at the signing store. Four copies–me, a knitting guild friend, and two knitting proteges with May birthdays. I’ll be knitting on my second Lenore sock!

  58. My picture isn’t showing up in the flickr pool! Technology is failing me. Anyway, I got a group of my college students to pose with my almost-sock (it’s a swatch), and they though I was crazy — but they usually think that.
    It was fun to participate, even from a distance.

    I am in awe. Just…wow. Oh. My. Gosh. Whoa.

  60. No worries, Presbytera. Arse was said more than once, and the bra was remembered.

  61. OMG and MARGARET ATWOOD?????
    How amazing is that to get added in a Canadian Author’s scavenger hunt? Also must tie for tops in Freestyle.

  62. Being a brit some of the significance of stuff passes me by which is a shame because it seems truly amazing- I am sure I would be gobsmacked if I understood it it all, anyway hoping to see you in London at iknit- any chance of you venturing North??? There are way more yarn shops/ mill shops and really nice people up here??? I was going to try a international photo yesterday and even cast on a sock but self sriping colour soooooo sucked I am ashamed of it and refuse to share it with you kind people.

  63. So glad the big launch in Toronto went so well! Naturally. (Since I couldn’t be there, I read your book instead — it’s a great read!)
    The sock photos on Flickr are cracking me up!!! Whenever I visit CA, I must experience that doughnut place. Oh. man. And the photo of Canada’s finest is definitely FINE!!! Nice eye candy.

  64. Well now, Where to begin. Yesterday was absolutely amazing. And on request from Stephanie Here is the skinny on the socks visit the CN Tower and the socks go to center island.
    So the day started at 9:30 for me, 7:30 for Mandysdemons and around 12:30 for shosh15 (placement thou art cruel) And our aspirations were great. We planned for 70 points, but let me tell you it was no easy feat to achieve the 52 we did manage. My hat’s off to those who managed more.
    So we went into the CN Tower and asked the lovely staff there to star in a picture against the “this way to the top” wall. Well needless to say the poor girl was nervous, but so kind. She did it and then we chatted about the whole hunt and mentioned the glass floor part we didn’t think we could do. Well she hmmm’d and hawww’d about it, not thinking she could leave her post, but leave it she did. Took us through, up to security, where she bumped us to the front of the line (yes knitters are VIP you know) and then down to the glass elevator where she accosted the elevator operator to take my camera and the sock up to another employee up top. Then said employee took over a dozen shots, finally figuring out the flash component, and got some amazing shots for us. The gentleman brought it back down to us and asked if all the shots were ok, or if not they would go back up and take more. By this time me and mandy were completely dumbfounded. We checked the pics and were astounded and thanked them profusely.
    So went back to the front desk, thanking the girls there profusely, finding out the one who took us up lives in scarborough and was excited I did too LOL. So we decided they needed something for helping us, so down to the gift store we went and bought some maple candies and tied them in sock yarn, and went back and tried to give them to them… But alas they cnnot accept gifts but they thought us very sweet. AWWWW
    So total cost for the socks to travel to the glass floor without their knitters. $4.20 the cost of the maple candies.
    WOW what a highlight.
    Next major one was Mandy and Shosh giving me the instruction to head to center island for that photo. Oh I did let me tell you, and got some weird looks to boot for taking Boo (my unfinished black bamboo glove) out and taking pics with him and cue cards. So finally along comes the ferry. (The first to Hanlan island as it re-opens in April…) And me and one other person (a custodian for the school over there) get on. We chat for a while and I convince him to take a shot with Me and Boo. It does contain city in the background however not the CN Tower. By the time that was in good photo range the muggle was clearly weirded out.
    Let me tell you Boo almost turned blue… Yes it might have been rainy and +12 in the AM, but by 3:30 it was cloudy and below freezing, or felt like it on the lake with winds above 90kph…
    Ya I would like to point out this soooo should have been worth more than 3 pts LOL (especially given my lack of knowledge of anything downtown and my asking I don’t know how many people, “how do I get to the ferry?” LOL)
    The last bit of exciting hapenings were meeting other knitbloggers, who were ravelrers and on the hunt too. We posed for a group photo.
    Then to finally be able to sit down, listen to the great music and laugh my own arse off to Stephanie’s musings all while knitting, was quite amazing.
    You were is fine form my dear πŸ™‚
    To then be able to recount the CN tower story in brief to Stephanie and get my book personalized at the pub after just topped the Cake πŸ™‚
    Viva La Knitters πŸ™‚
    A.k.a. Scoobert on Ravelry
    P.S. There will be our entry into freestyle put together by Shosh soon, but I will let her announce it and put it out there.

  65. I saw the scavenger hunt list, and wanted to go. I’ve always wanted to see Toronto. (Who the heck am I kidding… I’m a sagitarius, I’ve always wanted to see _everywhere_.) Now that I’ve seen the pictures, I really want to go. Now that I’ve seen a picture of a Toronto fireman? I want to relocate. *wink*

  66. W*rking for a living kept me from running off to Toronto to join in all the fun. For some strange reason, though, a small jolt of Screech was consumed in your name last night.

  67. Stephanie, I just wanted to say that I just finished “What I Learned From Knitting…” and LOVED it! Once again, you are spot-on!

  68. B. and I had such a fun day yesterday scavenging for sock photo-opps (okay, I had fun; B. merely didn’t complain much.) The music was great and you were beyond. I wish you well, hoping you didn’t jinx yourself by declaring that there is little worse than cowering in a hotel lobby elevator in your scivvies. See you when you get back!

  69. So jealous . . . couldn’t come to Toronto, haven’t yet seen the book in the wild (will go looking again today), and to date you aren’t coming to San Francisco on the tour! Sigh.
    Cheered myself up looking at the all the photos on Flickr though. πŸ™‚

  70. That’s a sight to see, a knitting scavenger hunt. I wonder what would happen if there were one in philly? Hmmm….
    And that baby is loved by knitters. When all you can see is eyes, yeah, I see clicking sticks down the road for that little one.

  71. Stephanie, I’m SO glad that April Fool’s Day 08 was much better than April Fool’s Day 07. No running through airports screaming into your computer, or Nascar races through SE Michigan.
    Looking forward to seeing you in Ann Arbor next Friday for more inexplicable knitter behavior!
    P.S. Did Brad ever get his socks?

  72. Ugh! I am so bummed! I read the scavenger hunt stuff a few days ago and figured that I needn’t bother, since I’m not in Toronto, only to skip a couple of days and come back and find out I could have been in the International Freestyle!
    Stephanie–I wish I could come see you in Lexington, KY, but one of my comrades is coming to get me a book (I have my Guild retreat that day and I already signed up!) and have you sign it for me!! πŸ™‚

  73. TAMAR above cracked me up! the photo’s cracked me up… I think Nor. California was represented, unless there is some other place with PEANUTS characters all over town. I, being stuck at work, failed to do anything knitterly, as hoped, but one must keep one’s job in order to have funds to buy sock yarn!

  74. What a hoot! i wasn’t able to take any photos yesterday, but soon there will be a whole bunch on my blog as the Truly International Sock KAL sock known as AlphaMonkey visits the greater Boston area (the visit was a few weeks ago, but my blogging time is so precious little that the photos are still marinating).
    I haven’t even watched the whole slide show yet, but it is scary how much parts of the University of Toronto look like Cornell (in Ithaca, NY, where I went to school). Some architect must have made a fortune when those colleges were being built.
    My book is on its way – can’t wait!

  75. I totally gave Zoe the one NON knitted thing she’s wearing (pink vest) and yay for it being useful! Huzzah!

  76. For those of us who live south of your border, it was great to see part of life there and your lovely city.

  77. thank you all for shareing
    the fun and laughs
    i am in florida and its 86 today
    itty bitty knitted swim suits
    not socks would be fun double dare

  78. It sounds like yesterday was a big giantic success! This corner of The Blog wants to know if your lovely family was able to attend the launch? If they did, were they introduced as the celebrities they are in our knitterly world? I am sure they were so incredibly proud of you!

  79. Wow. I’ve been thinking about moving to Canada, and I think this event and the photos go strongly in the “plus” column.

  80. One of my oldest & dearest friends lives on Gothic Avenue about 1/2 block from the subway station and near High Park. I was hoping for those High Park photos so I’d feel a wee bit closer to her. It’s been ages since I’ve been up there. Not a single picture of the park. I wonder why. Wasn’t that one of the ones listed? My memory is not so good!

  81. Oh the fun we Westerners miss out on!!!! Come on Stephanie point your navigational system this way. Glad to see that all went well. Love the new book!

  82. …could it be that you got a new computer and I missed it? My Mac-spying eye spotted a silver MacBook Pro in your last post, and I could have sworn that you had a white MacBook.
    Did you miss a whole “I got a new computer” post? I thought I paid attention to these things, but I must’ve missed it.
    Congrats on the successful book launch and I’m glad you survived it so well πŸ™‚ I’m looking forward to seeing you (time #3 for me) at Webs in April!
    Oh, and my muggle husband thinks you have some sort of mind-control powers — you tell us to take random sock pictures all over the world and we do it with blind obedience! He just doesn’t get it… …or does he? πŸ˜‰

  83. Sure loved those pictures…laughed out loud at the bewildered looks on the sock holder’s faces:)

  84. Where is everyone? Seriously, only 104 comments? Our Dear Harlot must have worn you all out last night!

  85. Thank you, thank you, thank you for a terrific evening. Lots of fun, lots of laughs. Great book, too. πŸ™‚

  86. I am looking at the Flickr group and listening to the Skydiggers. I ought to be holding some in-progress socks to complete the experience but the pang of not being able to come to Toronto for the fun would then become too poignant. I am SO ENVIOUS!!! πŸ™‚

  87. Brava and Bravo everyone, and not least to Stephanie who inspires so much more than nice blog comments – she moves us to action. That is true leadership.

  88. Steph, Congratulations on a Great Launch! I have really enjoyed seeing the Flikr photos. Will Waterloos’ finest get a pair of socks or would it be too personal to ask his shoe size? I am all for re-christening April 1st to encourage IKB!

  89. At 9:14 pm, CST, the book is list at #263 on the bestseller list at Not too bad for the second day. The list is updated hourly. Let’s move it to the top!

  90. What fun! Wish I could have been in Toronto … and NYC! Congratulations!

  91. Interesting Pictures! I was curious…whoever has those fun rubber monster “point protectors”, where did you get them? Can they still be purchased? Any info would be appreciated.

  92. Stephanie:
    My daughter Jennifer came to your NY book opening. She had a blast watching everyone knit while you talked,knit in line for the book signing, knit, knit knit every where and every moment! The woman in line ahead of her got her mom on the phone for you to talk to. You signed my book! Yeah!

  93. Magnifique! Thanks to everyone who gave details in the comments (Denny particularly, plus Tamar for one of the best baffling ’em phrases I’ve *ever* heard), their blogs, and especially the Flickr pool. Hurray for a wonderful launch!
    And on a practical note…I think if you find you’ve forgotten anything, you should do a one-line post *before* you hit the next stop, so people can grab it for you. More inexplicable behavior: knitters buying travel necessities for a knitting book author! Ok, so you might end up with about 89 of whatever it is, but there’s always donating it… πŸ˜‰

  94. There are some SERIOUSLY HOT firefighters in Toronto. Jeez. I really think we need to do something similar to this in London in September. Any Londoners want to put something together? I don’t know the city well enough, but how about the Beefeaters or the gates of Buckingham Palace, and triple points if you can get the guards on Horseguards to pose and smile!!!

  95. The launch sounded great, and I’m glad that you were able to start the tour in Canada, which only seems right.
    Is there any way you can make it here to the San Francisco Bay Area? It will be so hard to fly all the way to Portland!
    Good luck with all travels.

  96. Found you in the UK press – this weekends Telegraph -

  97. At 7:29 am, CST, the book was ranked #234 on Amazon bestsller list. Moved up 29 places. My copy arrives today!!!!

  98. Bravo Toronto Knitters! Well done!!
    That kind of Launch is wayyyy better than getting whacked with a bottle of Champgne ;o )

  99. Even my non-fiber husband loved the flicker pictures. Thanks for a lovely evening. It’s great you use your power for the good side of the force!

  100. 1) My daughter (tiara.purl) and I did observe Inexplicable Knitter Behaviour Day here in Pennsylvania and had a blast….
    2) What pray tell is Tire money?
    3) Toronto is BEAUTIFUL! I will plan a visit….. thank you all for the travelogue!

  101. I cherish this mental image of one person saying “The weirdest thing happened the other day. This knitter asked me to hold a sock, then took a photo. Crazy knitters.” and then the person they’re talking to looks kind of shocked and says “…Dude, *me too*!” and then they lapse into silence as they realise that the apocalypse might not involve zombies after all.

  102. just wondering who else has blog entries about this great event. i would love to read/see all about it. please e-mail me if you know of any blogs to recommend that contain updates from those who were there!

  103. Thank you for the comment! It really made my day. Can’t wait to see you in Denver on Friday. =) =) =)

  104. HOLY CRAP!!! That really IS Margaret Atwood! I thought they meant someone had found Margaret Atwood’s star on the walk of fame. Margaret Atwood, knitting, with a newspaper held up in the background to prove it’s really taking place on explicable behavior day, not a stock shot, Margaret Atwood going out of her way to support the Yarn Harlot…
    I’m going back to bed. I need a wee lie-down.

  105. I fully expected the US news to have a lead story about Toronto being overrun with crazed knitters wielding socks. I’m so sorry I couldn’t be one of the crazed knitters–it looks like you all had a blast!

  106. My pal Jennifer and I had the pleasure of sitting behind your girls, chatting with them while we waited for the show to begin. They do you proud. Even in the embarassing “Aw Mum, did you have to say THAT” parts!
    Sorry we couldn’t join you in the pub after all but needed to leave after the launch. I am hoping Joe let you have at least one or two of the bagels and some squeeky cheese–he was threatening to keep them all for home last time I heard.
    Look forward to your adventures on the road and thoroughly enjoying the pictures of the Scavenger hunt (although somehow keep missing the Margaret Atwood one…back to take another look)
    Cheers, Barbie O.

  107. Oh, forgot to mention how much we enjoyed Andy and Michael. Not only am I purchasing Skydigger CDs but truly think you should have them open for you at every launch!
    Cheers, Barbie O.

  108. Welcome to Denver, again! I can’t wait to see you tonight! Congrats on your new book! I coined you as the Mark Twain, my girlfriend, Tamara says your the Walt Whitman, and hubby says, Will Rogers, on You Tube the last time you were here. My bad that I didn’t ask your permission to put you up for everyone to see! I pray all is forgiven, may I try again? I really am sorry I didn’t ask…..

  109. I haven’t read all of the other comments but thought I’d go to YouTube to see if anyone posted video of you. There, I found the Sockumentary which includes photos of inexplicable sock behaviour in Canada. I also found the Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppets and Polyphonic Spree “Lithium” in Sock Puppets. It almost made up for not having a blog to read for the last 2 days.

  110. About your book.
    When you posted about a week ago that it was now available in the US, I immediately took it upon myself to journey to the nearest major bookstore (Borders, as it so happens) and triumphantly carry it home.
    It was not there. It has not been there everyday for a week. This has deeply troubling for me, since you happen to be one of my favorite authors–you have this incredibly invitingly conversational style, and a wicked sense of humor which makes me giggle out loud in public places; for some reason, people give me very odd looks when I tell them I’m reading knitting humor and philosophy. Let’s not forget the fact that you ably and articulately describe much of my exact feelings on knitting, which, given the fact that I am a teenager from LA and not a mother of teenagers from Canada, is pretty cool. These together add up to a feeling for your blog and your books quite close to my feelings on knitting: no matter how I was feeling beforehand, I simply can’t be in much of bad a mood anymore.
    (A couple of my other favorite authors are Neil Gaiman and Jane Austen, but I don’t know whether that says more about you or about me; seemed woth mentioning anyway.)
    Anyway. The point I was making was that I had just about given up hope of finding your new book for some time, before making the entirely unrelated decision to go to a yarn store to equip myself for a hat (I wound up with sock yarn instead, which happens a lot). There, nestled between the designer stitch-markers and the various bottles of Soak, was a stack of copies of your book on the counter, and I purchased it following a very audible gasp of victory which may have startled the other knitters, for which I apologize. Alas, the only blot on my satisfaction was that I am leaving for a road trip today, and since I can’t read in the car and could not promise the book’s safety on the trip, I would not be able to read it. In fact, I PROMISED not to read it until I got back in order to enjoy it in it’s entirety.
    Unfortunately for my woefully inflated image of self-control, I made the mistake of reading the first few segments in bed last night, and was therefore powerless NOT to sit at my kitchen table with my coffee and read the entire thing while I waited for my notoriously unpunctual travel companion to secure a car rental and finish packing.
    I’ve just finished reading it now, and it is completely lovely. I feel my cravings for more Yarn Harlot musings have been thoroughly satisfied for now. I can knit through my roadtrip with renewed zeal and yet more private giggles. Thank you very much for the book.

  111. that was so much fun ! i have not been here for a whole week i drove took the bus and the subway to get there.

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