Random Thursday

1. I’m knitting that beaded scarf and I have 10 repeats to go and I’m so glad. It doesn’t matter how beautiful a project is, at some point in it you just think “Oh, come on.” I’m there with this one. Done with it before it’s done with me.

2. Juno arrived here yesterday to celebrate my birthday with me, she’s come for the whole weekend, for the 1000 knitters shoot and for the and I’m pretty glad about that too. We went to knit night last night and she cracked me up by saying that she thinks it’s a real shame that her local knit night is a plane ride away. We ate yam burritos from the Big Fat Burrito, we drank beer on the Lettuce Knit steps. It was totally awesome.

3. I don’t have pictures of either one because my camera is broken. Not a long story, but one in which my stupidity figures largely, so we’re skipping it. It will be fixed/replaced soon, please bear with what will be spotty pictures until then.

4. We go get Franklin from the airport tomorrow, and both Rachel and I are getting nervous about Saturday. We know that there is little we haven’t covered, but we worry anyway. (I am especially worried because all previous attempts to control weather with my mind have failed.) Wish for sun (but not too much) and definitely not rain. Work extra hard on the not rain.

5. If you signed up for a spot on Saturday to have Franklin take your picture, and now you see your real life stretched out before you and you know that you are not going to make it after all…could you please call Lettuce Knit and take your name off the list? There are a limited number of spots and if we know you’re not coming then we can give someone else your spot.

6. If you have been hoping for a spot, you can call Lettuce Knit and see if anyone forked one over. There’s no waiting list, but you can check.

7. I just arranged a cool thing for my brother for his birthday (which was yesterday, but we’re celebrating as a family on the weekend) and I’m really happy about it.

8. I am going on a jag of baby knitting. What’s the best baby sweater you’ve ever seen? Why?