Rather good

I have to tell you, I’ve only been 40 years old for a few hours and it’s very good. The last day of 39 was pretty wicked as well. I spent it puttering around the house with Juno and Joe, and then Rachel H came about lunchtime and we went to the airport to collect up Franklin. His flight was delayed (he was flying from O’Hare, my personal O’Hell, so my expectations were low) but me and Juno and Rach had mad waiting skillz.


See? No troubles. We collected the gentleman in all due time. (Thank goodness. Rachel and I were playing it cool, but dudes, we were sweaty. No Franklin is totally the only thing we can’t recover from. We have spreadsheets with names and I bought bottled water and we are trying to control the weather with our minds, but if Franklin didn’t get off that plane there would be nothing we could do. It created nausea to even dwell in that special land of disappointment.)

We finally collected him (he cleared customs as well as any man with that much wool can) and we took him down to Lettuce Knit, showed him the lay of the land and he fancied the local welcome…


Then trouped him back to my house for a lovely supper in the garden, which was promptly rained out, which was fine with me and Rachel H. because we figure that the more it rained last night, the less likely it is to rain today.

(I’m actually not sure if the statistics are with me on that one…but I need to believe.) This morning dawned warm and damp, with a few clouds…so we’ll see.

I think that today, the first day of the second half of my life… is likely going to be wonderful.

Wherever you are, remember that today is a lofty and noble thing. It’s World Wide Knit in Public Day, the day we celebrate knitting’s social roots. Get out there and knit something.

(Ps, I finished the scarf but I have to borrow a camera.)