All I’ve done in the days since the big deal on the weekend is putter around the house, go to be early… and knit. I’d felt tired in the time leading up to it (actually, I think “exhausted” has been a theme word for about 2 months now) and this fantastic, wonderful event and celebration just about finished me off. If it had, I’d have died happy, that’s for sure, but two days of lying here in this tangle of a house and doing only the things my family has needed from me has only begun to put the shine back on. One more good sleep is all it will take I think, to put me back among the land of the living, and that’s a good thing, because tomorrow morning I fly to Chicago for the do-over event with Nana’s Knitting. Click that if you need details.

I really think that all I would have been able to do if had been booked for Monday, was step up to the microphone wearing a pair of ratty yoga pants and a coffee stained tee shirt and stand there weeping incoherent tears with a sock in my hand. As it stands now, with a little rest in me, I’m really looking forward to it, though I am disturbingly obsessed with the weather. Since it was Chicago’s weather that kept me from getting there last time, I’m glued to the weather link for Chicago, and for here. I’ve clicked them an unreasonable number of times. Unreasonable. While I’m angsting away on all of things I can’t control, I’ve been fussing with a new sock.

I know, I’m fickle. When I was in Kingston, I got to see some very nice knitters, one of whom was Robyn, owner of the aptly named Robyn’s nest. Robyn’s got herself a slick little sock club, and although I’m not a member (which is starting to look like a big mistake on my part) she brought me one of the sock club kits.

It’s very pretty, designed by Jennifer, and knit in a Canadian yarn that I didn’t even know about, which is sort of surprising, since I really sort of pride myself on getting out a little more than that. I’m not sure if this qualifies as a spoiler, so I’m only posting a tiny corner of a picture.