Better late than never

That’s what I’m telling myself as I realize that Claudia’s ride for MS is upon us, I just looked at the date and did a big (*&^%$!!. I’ve failed to both donate a prize, (though I did help Rachel) and to send her my donation… and I didn’t remind you to send yours if you haven’t yet. Claudia does this every year, and last year she raised so much money that this year, she and her husband were going to wear the #1 in the race. Then, in the week that Joe broke his foot (he’s back down to just a brace now… very good) Claudia’s husband smashed the daylights out of his, taking him out of the race. All appeared to be lost, until knitter Michele stepped up to the rescue and team knits-a-lot surged forward.

Knitters Against MS

This year they have so many prizes in the raffle that I can’t hardly even tell you about it. (Go look here, it’s incredible what’s going on.) and if you donate, you get a shot at winning some fantastic stuff for every $10 you put in (although I’m sure that you would donate even if you didn’t get a prize. Knitters are like that.) I’m going to email Claudia my donation and the stuff about my prizes (which is three copies of my page a day calendar, which is so new that hardly nobody should have it, and a whack of yarn.)

It’s a really great cause, really great knitters changing the world, and it would be really awesome if you donated and blew their goal entirely out of the water. (Like, right away, on account of the ride is in the morning, but you can still donate until Sunday morning. Better hustle.) A thousand thanks for even considering helping them.

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  1. I’ll make my donation soon. I have to go upstairs and grab my credit card – where does time go?

  2. Donation already in – fingers crossed for raffle – GO TEAM KNITTERS – fantastic cause!

  3. Well, I forgot to include specifics on the sock yarn and needles I’m sending along with the book I donated, so you know. It’s not just you. 😀

  4. I almost forgot too… got my donation in just a few days ago. Go Claudia!
    Am I the only one who finds this weird: she does all the work, we get the prizes?
    I love knitters!

  5. This is one of things I love best about your blog – supporting others in the effort to better the world (and not just through knitting, noble as that is). Thank you, thank you!

  6. Thank you for reminding me, because I donate to her every year!
    I have MS myself, so it’s a cause that is near and dear to my heart… I’m having a craft yardsale myself in a couple of weeks to raise money for the MD chapter, and I’ve got a ton of yarn to give to the cause! 🙂
    I’m so glad Claudia does this… And even more glad that people support her like they do!

  7. I got myself right over and donated. Even without all the cool prizes I would donate. Go Claudia!!

  8. Done and done. Thanks for the heads-up, Steph! My husband’s boss and good friend has MS so I want to do what I can.

  9. I have your new calendar and it’s fantastic!! I just got it from Knit Picks and of course I read the whole calendar already! I’m hoping that my advancing age will help me forget all the entries so I can enjoy them again in 2009!

  10. Those of us who have MS are extremely touched (my husband says I’ve been “touched” for years)by those who reach out and do so much to help raise money for research, etc. Cheers to Claudia and thank you for mentioning her ride. Donation has long since been sent in and I hope she secures the number 1 jersey again for next year. Knitters Rule!

  11. Thanks for the reminder! I’ve duly donated. Hopefully it won’t be too beastly hot and humid for the ride. Go Claudia and Michele!

  12. I’ve just been diagnosed with MS myself.
    Thank you to all who donate to help find a cure for this terrible thing.
    Off to add my donation. Go Team Knitters!

  13. Thanks for reminding us! Go Claudia and Michele! My little sister has MS and I always do the walk but haven’t been brave enough to do the bike race. I just made my pledge to the awesome knitting team!

  14. I’ll get out my credit card – already sent a check to a friend in the Twin Cities, who’s walking for the Cancer Society, but I still have a little $$ left somewhere. My 2 copies of your page-a-day calendar are already in the mail, according to How ’bout that??!!
    Nancy in N MN

  15. I’m tired enough that in my initial scan of the post, I read “Knitters Against Mississippi”, and thought “why would knitters be against Mississippi?”.

  16. Just donated! Go Team Knitters! 2 of my BFF ave MS and aren’t able to knit or bead anymore.

  17. Thanks for the reminder. My donation’s in. My boyfriend’s sister has MS and she does a 150 mile ride here in Northeast Ohio (Pedal to the Point) every year. I’ll donate for her, too, but that’s not till August, so I have time to save up. 🙂
    Way to go, Knitters!

  18. Donated when you first mentioned it, and Amazon says that your calendar is on its way (I pre-ordered it as soon as it was possible. *sheepish grin*

  19. You know, I watched the prizes add up and today when the title said it was “The Last Prize Basket”, I was thinking *&*%^&*(!! I placed my pledge this morning. What a great cause. I wish Claudia and Michele well!

  20. I did this exact same thing until yesterday when I finally woke up and realized I needed to get my money in!! Thanks for the PSA….
    A brace? Really? Can he do the laundry now?

  21. I just want to thank all those who participate/donate. My mother died of MS just last year. This horrible disease caused her and our family so much pain. Some very hopeful treatments appear to be just around the corner. Thank you all.

  22. Better late than never, indeed.
    When you posted this earlier today, she was 3/4 of the way to her goal. Now, just a few hours later, she’s only a few dollars shy of it.
    You have pull.

  23. I’ll donate, of course, but I have always thought it was an unfortunate coincidence that there’s a horrible disease with my initials.

  24. Forget about people who give donations. What about people *with* MS? I think you should have a second set of prizes where all of us who have MS (myself included) who suffer through it and still make awesome things can get free swag to make up for the pain and spasticity and inch-long injection needles.

  25. I have the calendar, Steph,or I soon will, as they just told me they mailed it from Amazon. I am so excited!! I will have to read ahead as I am not one to put it down and away till Jan. My lovely co worker has newly diagnosed MS : ( and so I am off to donate myself. It’s a scary disease and she is terrified. I am so proud of the knitters being #1. Also, if anyone has made the Vintage Grape Socks successfully, please email me at They are challenging, and I’ve got the leaves down, but the start at the toe is hard to grasp and I am struggling a bit. Thank you! Kathleen at

  26. Just got back from making my donation. I have some clients with MS. One, whose progression is slow. The other not so slow. It’s a horrible disease, and one the world needs to be rid of. God bless all who help in whatever way they can. (She’s less than $500 from her goal – whoohoo – go donate NOW knitters!)

  27. DH just did the MS150 in PA. What a great cause! We have several friends and family members suffering from MS and it’s wonderful that knitters and cyclists (my two favorite groups of people) are getting so involved. (I would have ridden it too, but my midwife nixed the idea of a two day, 150 mile ride at 5 months pregnant.)

  28. I want to thank everyone who donated to this worthycause. I have MS and it means a lot to me that everyone who donated did so.

  29. Worthy cause which speaks especially to knitters. Thanks for the heads up. Donated easily through paypal. Hope she gets #1 jersey again!

  30. Thank you for the reminder. I’ve made my donation. Hooray for Claudia and Michele!

  31. I just barely remembered to donate last night before the ride today. I have two friends (who are both knitters!) with MS, so this hits home.

  32. My partner has MS, diagnosed in January 2007. It has been a difficult transition, but we are always touched by the generosity and support of others. Thank you for those who raise the money the support the fight of this disease, and those who contribute to that fight. Every bit does make a difference.

  33. Thanks for the reminder. I donate locally and nationally, but this is more personal. My “baby” sister suffers from this dreadful disease and it’s painful to watch her worsen. At this point in time, there is no cure. Wish I could do more. Good Luck! Claudia & Michele!

  34. Thanks for this. My mother died of MS and I’m glad to know about Knitters Against MS. I appreciate the attention you’re giving it.

  35. Perhaps next year we should start a special gift pile for those who donate who HAVE MS…. so that they can have a better choice of winning a prize. I would be willing to try and help with that if anyone is interested, or thinks it’s a good idea. Love, Kathleen, a nurse who also has Rheumatoid arthritis, and does the shot thing every month, twice a month. Beats the pain of the disease, but nothing to write home about. Wishing all the bike riders good luck today. xo

  36. Just saw the most recent article in Spin Off with you and Judith. So nice to have my two favorite spinners in one article. Thanks for plugging the MS thing. One in my family has it and it’s great when energy is directed to raising $$ for a cure.

  37. Just sent my donation in memory of my Mom, Mary. I hope the weather cooperates and the ride goes well. Stephnie, thank you for doing the heads up-I had totally forgotten. One of my dear friends has MS, it truly is a cruel disease. Knitters are the best!

  38. I think I missed my chance to enter the contest, (poop), but! We actually saw all the riders yesterday – I had no idea, but the ride went right through my town. We were up and out early,and all of a sudden, there was a wall of bicycles coming down the street towards us! It was pretty amazing to watch.
    I think I’ll go donate anyway =)

  39. I have been saving my yarn dollars and other dollars to make donations to all the worthy charities. I figured that it was a way to make a difference, because charitable donations tend to go way down when the economy isn’t quite so hot!

  40. Thanks for the Pride plug Stephanie. Oh and not all those rainbow yarns actually knit up into rainbows. But they sure are pretty.

  41. Woo Hoo! California’s MS ride isn’t until September, but I’m training away. Not on a tandem, but then Claudia’s cooler than me.
    Knitters really are the best sort of people.

  42. Knitters Against MS!! My mom has MS, and i think this is the most, most MOST wonderful thing i have ever seen. it is totally bringing me to tears. i miss how my mom was before this struck her. I am totally supporting this cause!!!

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