Done like dinner

Home, home, home. Home for two days until I bolt off Wednesday (June 4th) to Kingston, Ontario (Chapters, 2376 Princess Street, 6:00, big fun) and then off to TNNA, which I’m pretty excited about as well. The house is trashed, I’m super tired, Joe’s leg is still broken (he’s allowed to put some weight on it now, which is a huge help, the next x-ray in next week, then we’ll know how much longer for the cast) every stitch of clothing in the house is dirty and there are no towels… and I just found the scariest thing in the fruit bowl I have ever seen. (I think it used to be a peach. Maybe a mango. The fact that I can’t tell is really messing with me.) Clearly today needs to be spent reclaiming this place, doing laundry, buying groceries and trying to get things back to a place where I can walk out again. (Yes, I know that all that means is that when I come home again I’ll have to do it again. It’s a cycle. They trash it while I’m gone, I come home and clean it up, and then leave so that we can start from the beginning. I think these people must think I find housework fulfilling. No amount of denial seems to shift them.)

That’s what I should spent today doing. Instead, I want to spend at least part of today blocking Adamas, which I finished on the plane on my way to LA. It still looks pretty scruffy here, in it’s pre-blocked state.


I wanted to block it right away but didn’t have blocking wires or pins. I had a brief plan involving many, many, many, tiny little hotel sewing kits…but the plan would have taken a long time and someone would have noticed I was missing from BEA for sure. Besides managing the duet of sock picture dorkiness from yesterday, there was neat stuff everywhere at BEA. I got advance reading copies of the new Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. (Not sock pictures though. Didn’t see them.) I met Lynn Johnston – who it turns out is a knitter. (Sweaters. That’s her thing.)


I chilled at the Interweave booth for a while. It’s nice to find a knitting oasis in the middle of something like BEA.


While I was there I scored blads (“book layout and design”) thingies for both Franklin’s book and Judith’s book. They both look beautiful and I can’t wait to get them. Judith’s comes in November, Franklin’s October. (The blad for Judith’s book has only the first page of the introduction in it. It was so “Judith” that I can’t believe I have to wait to read the rest. Wicked teaser.)

I saw Crazy Aunt Purl.


She was very funny, but I never did find the “wine booth” she kept talking about.

I found knitters… but I am a terrible person who can’t remember their names even though they were just about the high point of my days there…. Emily? Lynn? Son-of a moth where is that piece of paper?


On a rather wild impulse I kinneared Marilu Henner. She’s 56 years old and I swear that you could bounce quarters off any part of her. Her stomach is so flat that it makes a pancake look like it has wild topography.


I had a lovely time with Melissa.


I even had a couple of moments with Christopher Paolini and his sister (once I convinced the Random House people that I wasn’t actually a crazed stalker and that Chris would really, really want to hold a sock. I admit. The whole sock thing can be hard to get ordinary people down with.)


Chris reads the blog sometimes for the writer stuff (or so he claims… I suspect that he has knitterly urges that he just hasn’t entirely given over to yet) and his sister (pictured here being shy) is an avid knitter and fibre artist who knows her stuff. They are both just lovely.

Finally (and I know that this is really what you care about) here’s the sum total of the BEA knitting.


Meagre, I know. This is still The bleeding heart stole turned scarf and my handspun has run right out. I went with A in the end, majority rules, and I’ve feathered it into the handspun so that it isn’t a jarring change.

I think it looks awesome. The green, although very, very close, wasn’t just right, being too blue a shade in real life and the dark pink….truthfully, I couldn’t get the image of the whore’s panties out of my mind. Too much contrast for me, and more importantly, for the intended recipient. I’d love to spend another few hours working on it, but for now I’ve got to go. I’ve got a shawl in the sink.

174 thoughts on “Done like dinner

  1. That is like my dream! Books, books everywhere…knitting, neil gaiman…YOU…I mean MY GOD. A little chocolate and maybe some beer and they’d have to drag me out screaming and clutching frantically at every book in my path.

  2. I can’t really be first! That bleeding heart with A is GORGEOUS!! Love it, love it. How cool to learn Marilu Henner is enough of a fibre fan that she would attend a festival of the stuff. The shawl looks like it will be lovely, too. I working on simple jaywalkers in KWB for fall (for the simplicity).

  3. That is not a meagre amount of knitting when you consider the effort of spinning and the pattern. It looks gorgeous and I’m looking forward to seeing it finished. The purple creeping in is stunning.

  4. *GASP!!!* Lynn Johnston knits? NO FREAKIN’ WAY!!! That’s the best news I’ve heard all day. Like I didn’t love her enough before I knew that.

  5. That bleeding heart yarn is even more lovely knitted up! It looks sort of like a very wide Branching Out scarf at the bottom.

  6. Oh – it’s a book convention – that makes more sense (although I’m sure she’s knitter – why wouldn’t she be). Maybe I should read the posts in order of posting. duh

  7. Dude. Lynn Johnson’s One More Washload Blues saved my life when the kids were little. She is as a god.
    My life right now, on the other hand, would be immeasurably improved by that Pratchett ARC.

  8. So amazing. I really love that yarn… I wish I had it. It would chill me out for exams. πŸ™

  9. “Too much contrast for me” probably sums up how Leonard Nimoy felt yesterday, but meantime, how cool that Lynn Johnson is a knitter and that you got her holding your sock!!!

  10. You just made some kids very excited — and very curious about knitting. An email linking Eragon’s author holding a sock led to a return email going ‘is it hard to knit?’ *grins evilly* Wait till I haul them into a yarn store . . .

  11. Lynn Johnston knits? How cool is that? She should have made Ellie or Dee a knitter, but I forgive her since she’s been writing about my life and my kids all these years. Oh yes she did. Not that she knows me or anything but the woman puts my life in there too often to be mere coincidence. Lovely shawl/scarf thingy too. Books and yarn, mmm, perfect.

  12. Good call on the pale pink yarn. I myself was rooting for the green, just because I loved the color by itself, but seeing the pink knitted up convinced me it was the right choice. And seriously, Lynn Johnston’s a knitter? Perfect!

  13. Your “Today I should…” list looks exactly like mine. I’m skipping the laundry in favor of blocking, too.

  14. You know scientists have show that pancakes aren’t very flat at all. There’s a ton of microtopography going on with a pancake. Yes, indeed. And just why was this research conducted? To show that Kansas is really much flatter than a pancake.
    But really – thanks for the heads up on Pratchett and Gaiman. Two of my faves.
    Oh and lovely scarf, good decision, etc.

  15. …the handspun into the pink looks gorgeous…I voted for the green but was obviously wrong. The feathering in looks great too, not sure how to do that being a bit of an amateur. I bet you’ve done a tutorial somewhere about that?

  16. Well, I find it interesting that at my age, the people with stomachs flatter than a pancake tend to add topography to it via belly button piercing. Isn’t that lovely?

  17. The wine booth is a state of mind. Akin to going to your happy place I believe.I would like to go to the gin & tonic booth right now.sigh

  18. “Judith says” don’t start a project until all your fiber is spun. Your spinning can change half-way through the project, of course if you have a finite amount of roving that’s a different story. Merino “blooms” it can double it’s diameter when plied and set, which eats into your yardage, ( not that it was there it just seems like it is there as it looks longer before you wash it).
    Have a ball at TNNA wish I was going, but I have to stay home and make yarn….

  19. I hope you enjoy your visit to our fair city of Columbus. We have a whole brewery district close to the convention center where I am quite certain some good local brews may be had. πŸ™‚

  20. I taught both of my kids to knit, but I taught them to do laundry first. One still knits, the other doesn’t, but they both do laundry.
    Do laundry for your family,
    they can dress and bathe for a couple of days.
    Teach them to do the laundry,
    you can knit instead of doing their laundry for a lifetime.

  21. OH! MY! GOSH!!!
    I am COUNTING the days until the last of the Eragon series comes out (Sept 20th, at last check!)
    I cannot WAIT to tell the kids!!!
    You have some of the best adventures!

  22. I read the whole post but will have to go back and re-read later because I read that you met Lynne Johnston and my brain couldn’t concentrate over all the squee-ing. Seriously, that is SO COOL.

  23. Although I’ve never met you in person, I can totally picture you rigging up some mad blocking scheme with dozens of tiny hotel sewing kits. Priceless! The maids would have been talking about it for weeks. Just as well you didn’t, though–the pins in those kits probably aren’t rustproof. It could have turned disastrous.
    Good call on the bleeding heart project–it is beautiful. And have fun at TNNA. I’m jealous! (The housework, not so much.)

  24. Words cannot describe how jealous I am that you have advance copies of Neil and Terry’s books, so all I’m left with is wonderful knitting!

  25. Judith is coming out with a book?!!! Yay! I am such a lousy spinner, I really need all the help I can get.
    That shawl looks really lovely, especially since you went with my choice for Jennifer’s yarn – I don’t suppose the shawl’s for me, is it?

  26. Oooh! Do tell how you like the Neil Gaiman book, he’s one of my favorites! Lucky girl! And the bleeding heart scarf looks very pretty.

  27. Oh wow, the scarf is gorgeous.
    But, pray tell – what does it mean to “feather” the new color in? Does this mean you alternated rows of the handspun with rows of A? (That’s this less experienced knitter’s best guess…)

  28. I think the bleeding heart stole/scarf is coming out beautifully! I’m sure the gift-recipient will love it.
    Also: “I had a brief plan involving many, many, many, tiny little hotel sewing kits..” — that just made me laugh out loud in my cubicle here at work. Mostly because I could totally see myself attempting something like that. Very creative! πŸ˜‰

  29. “Meagre, I know.” snort. You are the fastest, most prolific knitter I have ever met. I’ve been working on the same project for 4 months, and you are whipping out socks, sweaters, shawls, and scarves at warp speed…. hmm. that must explain the star trek thing.
    The bleeding heart scarf is lovely. Good luck catching up on the housework. No fun running out of underwear and towels. Seriously though, teach those girls of yours how to do laundry (and the husband as well, when he’s back on two feet).

  30. I love the stole!!! So lovely, I didn’t even catch on at first that you had switched yarns. πŸ™‚

  31. You got to talk to writers all weekend? Okay, that’s it! I’m too jealous to talk to you, now. I’m going to go sulk. (But first I have to tell you that the bleeding heart is STUNNING.)

  32. I just finished an Adamas that looks very similar in color. I added beads to mine, but it, also, is not yet blocked. I’m sure it took me MUCH longer though…..
    I want to try the Civil War shawl knit-along as (one of) my next projects. Anyone have any tips?

  33. Where was your 19 yr old to help around the house and check in on dad?? But then I guess when I was 19 I wasn’t all that concerned about the house either.
    Lovely scarf — It turned out sooooo nice. Can you make one for me???

  34. i am always so strangely reassured to hear of other people with untidy homes. i seem to persist in the belief that i am the only person on the planet who doesn’t keep a house resembling a PLEDGE ad! i must find a way to spend more time with those of you out there who eschew housecleaning in favour of living creatively! i seem to be surrounded by too many stepford types! and they are messing with my worldview.

  35. Stephanie! If you want to bring the shawl to TNNA we could meet up and pull another Icarus-like Photoshoot. I’ll be there all of Saturday.

  36. Yes, I am a knitter. However, in my day job I am a librarian, so imagine my jealousy at your getting to spend your time surrounded by books, authors and publishers! And to score a readers copy of the new Pratchett – serious jealousy here. As for the unknown in the fruitbowl – my hausband was away for 3 weeks, I was away for one of those weeks, all our kids are adults and no longer live with us. I found what may once have been an onion in the basket used for potatoes. Any idea what my house smelled like?!

  37. What an interesting life! Love the shawl, and I understand how strong the urge to block RIGHT NOW is. Hope you can catch your breath after the digout/laundry etc. Thanks for showing the scarf – the feathering between A and the handspun is really lovely (as are the handspun colors). Can’t wait to see it in a bigger pix. You wouldn’t consider a little bit of fringe (in the C), for a tiny touch of naughty?

  38. In this picture it the “A” pink yarn looks slightly more purple, and is just right.

  39. Lynne Johnston is a knitter? Too cool.
    Too bad there was no Gaiman or Prachett to Kinnear; they’re both such wonderful authors. Prachett’s diagnosis of Alzheimer’s is so sad.

  40. I always liked Barbara Kingsolver’s take on minimising housework from her book of essays, “High Tide in Tuscon” where she and her friends compose a ‘secret slut society’ with its aim of specifically cutting corners on housekeeping in order to do things like rocket science – or in Barbara’s case – writing wonderful novels. Has everyone read The Bean Trees, Pigs in Heaven and Animal Dreams? : )

  41. You got advanced copies of BOTH Terry Pratchett AND Neil Gaiman???
    I’m so glad I’m your friend. Can I touch the books? Please?? Do you mind if I might possibly be naked whilst doing so? Not because of anything sexual (much, anyway), I’m just thinking maybe I could absorb them better that way…

  42. I think meeting Lynn Johnston is even better than Shatner and Nimroy put together. SO AWESOME. Just sayin’.

  43. Advance reading copies of new books by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman!
    And you got to meet Christopher Paolini! Wow!
    That settles it! I have to write a book!
    Crazy Aunt Purl looks just as I would expect her to look. Crazy, and taking your photo.
    I hope you gave her a big hug from all of us (and vice versa).
    I LOVE the shawl. Considering that it’s lace, I think you got a lot done. And I think you made the right choice on the color. It’s beautiful.
    The handspun is such delicate shades, I don’t think that the green or hot pink would work well.
    This is beautiful!

  44. The last time I went to BEA I was in line for over an HOUR to see Neil Gaiman. Time was running out and the handler cut off the line…right in front of me. I cried. Must have been pathetic cause I got to get up to him…and it was only for the FIRST CHAPTER of American Gods.
    You got a WHOLE BOOK from him?!?! Sigh.

  45. pTerry and Neil Gaiman…(and christopher Paolini as well)…*fangirly scream* …
    I’ll stop that now.
    The stole/shawl/scarf/blob is looking really edible!

  46. I went out to dinner with Melissa Morgan at WEBS in April. I still can’t get over that. And I didn’t even know who she was at first…
    That in itself was so exciting, I don’t think I could have handled hobnobbing with all those famous people at BEA. Good thing I didn’t go…

  47. I had a lovely time with you, too. And, uh. How’d you make it look like I have a waist?? I wish I could do that….

  48. On the housework bit . . . the only way to let someone else really learn how to do housework is to stop doing it yourself. For the first few years of our marriage, my DH pitched in so much that it was nearly eight years before I really learned how to keep house very well. So, as scary as it might be, you might want to try just not doing all of the catch up and leave the house largely as you found it. Just a thought . . .
    And I love the scarf. It’s gorgeous . . . and I love your closing line. Not a roast in the oven, but a scarf in the sink. ;o)

  49. I’m with Lucia, I think I need to write a book so I can hang out with all you cool book people.
    The bleeding heart piece turned out so lovely, good job!

  50. I think A was the way to go, that looks great. (it’s also what I voted for, so I’m a little biased)
    And just look at that picture with Eragon’s author – I’ll have to show that to my kids – maybe they’ll finally think one of the knitting blogs I read is cool!

  51. That’s looking lovely — the colors work so well together! I’m glad you survived your LA experience. πŸ™‚

  52. My kids learned to do laundry when they were tall enough to reach the controls. I hate doing laundry — had to get rid of that neverending, onerous chore as soon as I could! They did their own from about age 10 on. Thanks for the intro to Crazy Aunt Pearl. I hadn’t read her before & she’s delightful.

  53. Reason#144,567 to stalk the Yarn Harlot:
    We are huge, I mean, marking off the days until the next book is released HUGE fans of CP. So much so that some well intending soul loaned things 1, 2 and 3 the book on tape of Eragon last summer and I, after a month straight of hearing the dragon’s rough, breathy voice, had to ban it. What can I say? Dragon convo and classical music – both make me feel violent!

  54. It was funny meeting you at BEA Friday. There seemed to be a lot more knitting books this year. I went with my daughter (she’s a writer, I’m an editor) and we kept running into the same great people as we made our way from one knitting author to the next. Much more fun than usual–but just as hard on the feet.

  55. Lynn Johnston should make Deanna a knitter, so she’d be less annoying. I don’t know why, but she just rubs me the wrong way. I’m so jealous that you got to meet Crazy Aunt Purl! But at least I got to meet you in Philadelphia, and your compliment on the perpetual Manos made my day! (I’m now on the left front … progress comes a few rows at a time, baby!)
    And speaking of progress, if you DON’T do the grocery shopping, one of your daughters will have to … just a thought. Surely one of them is old enough to make a list and drive to the store.

  56. Enjoy your time at home! Wash only your clothes, and wash only the dish that you need for dinner.
    Then knit in the park and spin in the back garden.
    If I were you I would tape detailed instructions above Mr. Washy. Maybe I would feel sorry for Joe if Mr. Washy is in the basement, but only until his foot is all better. And remember that none of us judge you by how your family members dress. So if they wear dirty clothes, we won’t care.
    Isn’t it true that two layers of grime comes off just as easily as one?

  57. NERDGASM! I would have loved to meet any of those people!
    And the scarf/stole adaptation – gorgeous.

  58. whimper…You got the new Pratchett…
    Oh well, I got into the BEA once (helping a bookseller friend) and got a new Pratchett.
    The pink was the right choice!

  59. I ruined the pink for you didn’t I? ;-). Oh well. They were all great colours so you couldn’t go wrong. It was a hard choice, but when you mentioned whore’s panties I couldn’t hold myself back. It was too perfect.
    Anyway I just wanted to let someone know (who would get it anyway) that I just finished my very first knitting project. A men’s sweater for my husband (he happens to like whore’s panties ;-). I must say it is HUGE! I think it was a bit ambitious for my first project, but it is done! I can’t believe I knit the whole thing!!!

  60. It was me in one of those photographs, but I look like I have been dragged through a hedge backwards (kind of the whole BEA thing in a nut-shell) so I will not confess as to which photo is me. It was wonderful to finally meet you, but now I have to hate you just a little bit because you got a copy of the new Neil Gaiman and even though I tried really hard I didn’t.

  61. I stand corrected. A is better than C would have been. Furthermore, having just finished a king size quilt in colors I wouldn’t normally touch with a 10 foot (that’s 3.048m) pole, I can attest to the recipient’s taste being of paramount importance. good show!

  62. TNNA- Hi, I will be there as an intern with the PiPN ( Pathways into Professional Needle arts). I hope I get to meet you we have been keeping track of the program on my blog.

  63. The scarf looks great.
    I can’t wait until the new Christopher Paolini comes out this fall.
    Sounds like you had a wonderful time at BEA. Hope the Canadian event is as much fun.

  64. I voted for A, and your feathered-in treatment makes the stole wonderful!

  65. How great to see your take on Book Expo – where I ran into you! I was the crazy lady who started babbling when I saw you in the Storey Publishing booth. You very graciously let me have my picture taken with you and our knitting. I blogged about it and posted the picture of you there ( You just made my whole weekend, which was otherwise work, work, work. I, too, got very little knitting done – maybe ten rows on a tank top and most of that on the plane. Thank you so much, Stephanie!

  66. I have your book!!!!! My International Scarf Exchange person Kathleen went to a book signing, got her photo taken, and also got you to sign it too! wahoo, I am jealous of the Neil Gaiman thing. PS come visit australia some time, its nice, no snow. (Beware drop bears)

  67. Yeah, so I TOTALLY have you beat on the unrecognizable fruit. My oldest boy Chris was with his dad for the school year and youngest boy Daniel was home. Daniel was taking PB&J for his lunch. We began to smell a smelly smell, a something-is-dead smell. I suspect a mouse in the walls perhaps. (I’d seen a mouse out on the then-deck/now-patio.) Eventually Dan went off to spend the summer with his dad and I began my annual big-project-at-the-beginning-of-summer which in this particular year involved painting of the rooms. In Chris’s closet I found a couple MONTHS worth of PB&J’s. The following year we told Dan he could no longer take his lunch. Ugh, that was really disgusting!

  68. Books and stealth knitters…wow, that sounds like heaven. Oh, and I’m not speaking to you. You have Terry Pratchett’s new book AND you got a peek at Franklin’s? I have to hate you for a little while now.

  69. Ok, I’ve gazed at enough pictures of the bleeding heart to ask WHERE DID YOU GET YOUR ROVING???
    Wow, I didn’t know Lynn Johnston knit. Hunh. I guess that’s why she makes Elizabeth knit too.

  70. I met Lynn Johnson about 25 years ago when I was a bookseller in Edmonton. She still looks the same!
    I’m still mad that I had to work and couldn’t go to BEA.

  71. Hear, hear on this housecleaning business… *they make a mess, I clean a mess* repeat ad infinitum. Moving on, thanks for all the links. I will entertain myself with them tonight, once everyone else is asleep. Happy Trails!
    PS Rams – Is it hear, hear, or here, here? I know you’ll know!

  72. Okay, so I would have loved to have met Lynn Johnston. I subscribe to our local paper ONLY so I can keep up with “For Better or For Worse.” (And yes, I know I can read it online, and I do. Still, one needs the newspaper quality sometimes for that type of creative treat.)
    And I am *really* glad that Judith’s new book is channeling Judith. The spinning world needs that.

  73. Lynn Johnson knits! how cool is that? Adamas looks great. I think I may add it to my “To Knit when I get my lace making braincells back” list. Bleeding Hearts is lovely. Good call on the pale pink.
    I know I’m a bit late on this one, but HOLY COW!! Leonard Nimoy AND William Shatner sock pictures!! You made my nerdy day.
    On a completely unrelated note, I shaved a butterfly’s leg on Friday.

  74. i am trying very hard not to turn green
    books and reading authors authors
    sarasota fl lost its reading festival
    i will not be able to meet my favorites
    i like to read you also* you are very good
    i do not have a virus and i am green
    it was 96 degees in my part of florida
    we print advice on how to survive the
    summer months its our cabin fever time

  75. Yes you are right, the shawl is awesome. I am pleased you went with the pastel pink. The lucky recepient to get a shawl like that – I love the way the fan and feathers are turning out.
    I told my 13 yrs old avid reader daughter about the new Pratchett novel, but she went into her bilingual stage – English and Duh. I got the latter.

  76. Honestly Stephanie, yours is the very first blog I check daily. I absolutely love your sense of humor – I wish we were neighbors cause my fruit bowl has the same thing growing in it.
    Tora in Chagrin Falls, Ohio

  77. You know, I’m sure I could do something with that poor lonely green, now that you’ve shunned it like the red-headed step-child.

  78. Ok, that’s it. My goal for the next year is figuring out how I can convince someone to let me into BEA.
    I gave up on keeping fruit in fruit bowls, the husband seems to not want it if it’s kept in one. In any case, sock and lac yarns look so much nicer in them. Even he says so.

  79. You are wonderful for being such a sweetie to my awesome mom, who is not a knitter, when she came to get a book for me at BEA this weekend. When I asked her how long she had to wait in line, she said something about being the first in line and I may have fallen down laughing. I don’t have that kind of luck or organization. She is certainly the greatest mom ever already and this clinched it without a doubt. I send Joe and his broken leg lots of good wishes for a speedy recovery.

  80. My 88-year-old Mom doesn’t go many places anymore…. the occasional trip to the Mall and regular visits to the doctor and that’s about all. However, she told me yesterday that she’s going to Chapters in Kingston on Wednesday to hear you talk. I think that is so cool, and I’m glad that she’s doing something fun. Thank you!

  81. I just love it when you kinnear people. That is so great. (Even if I do slightly resent people who have rock hard bodies at 56. That’s just me being bitter) I can see why you didn’t kinnear Shattner and Nimoy though. Some things are just too big to leave to chance.
    Your scarf is beautiful. That handspun makes me want to start spinning.

  82. I’m really glad there was an explanation on the word “Adamas” on that web page, because I totally was thinking Bill and Lee (Leeland!!) Adama.

  83. Be still my heart! There’s a recipient! Could it be ME?!!!
    Nope. But it’s like dreaming of the lottery, you know?
    And I’d wear whore’s panties scarves even, but pale pink is me. Totally.
    [deep happy sigh as I dream]

  84. Mmmm, BEA. I can’t wait till next year when it’s back in NYC. LA was just a little too far for me to travel. πŸ™‚ I’m enjoying living vicariously through you. Nimoy! Shatner! Paolini! ARCs of Pratchett and Gaiman! Ahh, I love being nerdly. πŸ™‚

  85. sigh.. now you have us all breathless and excited about Judith’s newest book.. and Franklin’s too… fall is too far away.
    It looks like it was a spectacular event.
    Love the bleeding heart’s shawl. It really is stunning.

  86. …I..but…advanced Pratchett? NOT FAIR!
    Okay, fit of jealousy over…the knitting looks lovely. Kudos on the self control not to rig yourself an impromptu blocking kit at the hotel. I’m sure a maid would have found a way to mess it up for you while you were out and about.

  87. Every single day, I dive into the paper for Lynne Johnson’s comic strip. (The second thing I do every day is read your blog!) How neat that you met her. And hey- you have a great attitude about coming home to a house in need of mom. Keep your sense of humour, Stephanie.

  88. Count me in as one of the Lynn Johnson groupies!!! And she knits!!!! Well NOW I will have to buy all her books. SHE IS ONE OF US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  89. Wow, I just worked on a book with an entire ESL unit based on Christopher Paolini’s book, Eragon. He held a sock, HA! I shall be spreading the rumour of his fiberly demise, you can be sure of that. Knit on, Christopher, knit on…
    I only leave the house for a day at a time and there are fruits in the bowl that weird me out.
    Is it normal to think of Battlestar Galactica every time I see the Adamas shawl?

  90. Aren’t you the clever cat to have feathered the pink into the handspun. The stole turned scarf is lovely, and the colors work together so well that if I didn’t know otherwise, I’d think you planned the whole thing.
    I come here for the humor & the slices of crazy pie, yet I learn a lot from you, too. πŸ˜‰

  91. OMG. I just got a squeal out of my 10-year old son when I showed him his HERO Christopher Paolini holding your sock!

  92. The Bleeding Heart scarf does look truly awesome. The two yarns just seem to flow together. Low contrast was definitely the way to go.

  93. The new Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman novels! I’m in total envy mode at the moment. You’re bringing The Graveyard Book with to TNNA right?
    A girl can hope… see you this weekend.

  94. I *loved* Christopher Paolini when he came for a booksigning when “Eldest” came out. But NOW? With the SOCK? I wish he was about 5 or 6 years older! *drool* Hmmm, maybe between now and the 4th book when we’re hoping to get him back I can figure out some awesome Eragon-inspired scarf and convert him for good.
    …to knitting. Get your mind out of the gutter, people! πŸ˜‰

  95. Well yesterday I did NOT skip the laudry! Neither the hall and stairs of our house (which was the worse, because I dislike my neighbours and the stairs where already quite clean in contrast to my own appartment). Am I a good girl or what? I have two papers to write, an exam on thursday, one sick girl… and I wonder what am I doing now at work with all this going on. Oh yes, I know: resting, trying to breethe, and reading your blog – which makes me smile!
    So thank you.
    And have fun with your pretty shawls. You need this to keep going on with the rhytm of our nice-but-crazy life. Ask me how I know. πŸ˜‰
    xo from Switzerland

  96. What all of us Lynn Johnston fans want to know is-
    Did you ask her if the strip is going to continue?
    Are all the flashback strips intended to wind things down?
    There was an internet rumor a while ago about the strip ending.
    Lovely shawls, you are inspiring sock knitters to add lace.

  97. …advanced copies of Terry Pratchett.
    You are SO lucky. For srs. XD I didn’t even know he was writing that particular book, and I’m a pretty rabid Pratchett fan…
    Oh, and the knitting looks good, too. ^^;

  98. I like the handspun with the Bleeding Heart, it gives it a soft rippling wave. Can’t wait to see it finished.

  99. Lynn Johnston! Wow! I feel like I am a member of her “family”. Can’t wait to see the shawl blocked, and the bleeding hearts looks very calming.

  100. I assume from the lack of piccies that Terry Pratchet and Neil Gaiman weren’t there. Oooh the thought of Neil Gaiman with a half knit sock, be still my beating heart! My sister tells me that Terry Pratchet is lovely (though we must never let our mother meet him, she has a thing for short funny men). But anyway enough with the fantasy writers and yarn fantasies. It looks like you had a great time, it must (almost) make the housework worth it πŸ˜‰

  101. You HAD to get to the joining point, HAD to see how it would look!! And, of course you made the correct decision; the pink is lovely, it blends right in! So far, it is simply gorgeous!!! Thanks for the pix……..

  102. You got Christopher Paolini to hold the sock?!
    I am in awe.
    Now I know you’re somebody.

  103. I am so, so glad you found more people who understand the awesomeness of holding the sock. I was like, “Hey, you famous authors! Get your head out of your books and WAKE UP!”
    And if I seen any more references to whore’s panties in this blog again, I’ll just continue to laugh my head off. I have never heard of such a thing. I’ve heard worse, but not quite using that terminology. lol

  104. OMG, you got an advance copy of the new Terry Pratchett AND you met Christopher Paolini!! It’s possible I just died of geeky jealousy…

  105. Wow, It’s wonderful that Terry Pratchett is still writing, even with his Alzheimer’s diagnosis.
    Your Adamas shawl is beautiful even before blocking. I’ve had that on my needles since last December and it looks nowhere near as pretty as yours. Or as finished.
    BTW: Romni Wools rocks! I ordered the Patons “Street Smart” book from them and it got to me in London in less than a week!

  106. Wait a minute!! You have two teenage daughters in that house and THEY are not doing the housework for you?! You obviously didn’t do a good enough job of heaping on the GUILT factor when they were younger? I mean, after all, you SWEATED through their births, put off all this knitting time to raise them properly, even gave the new adult permission to have a beer and they aren’t helping you out so you can knit? I sense evil forces rearing their ugly heads once again, preventing you from being able to indulge in the one thing that prevents you from going totally pyscho-freakoid crazy!!! You need to make it quite clear to everyone involved that your time to knit provides them with unlimited peace of mind because if Mama ain’t happy, then NO ONE is happy (said with sinister lowering of gravelly sounding voice!). Get them moving, Sister! Your hordes of adoring fans are eagerly awaiting the finished product of said shawl-and NO ONE should be allowed to stand in OUR way (said with sinister lowering of gravelly sounding voice!)

  107. Terry Pratchett! I’m so jealous, books, knitting, Terry Pratchett – now my husband is seriously impressed.
    If you really want to know what was in the fruit bowl look at the seed, if you can bear it πŸ™‚

  108. I work three nights a week and come home to a disaster. I can’t imagine being away like you are and finding the mess when you get home. How do you handle it without throwing a tantrum? It can be very hard being a mom. Thank goodness for knitting.

  109. I actually gasped when the photo of the bleeding heart stole came into view. Absolutely gorgeous!
    By the way, after years and years of not crocheting, reading your blog spurred me to tackle an extremely complicated (for me, anyway) pattern for a baby blanket, and boy, is it going to be beautiful! So thank you for inspiring me.

  110. Your kinnear of Marilu Henner looks better than your Kinnear of Kinnear did!
    I am just too jealous of your BEA adventure. I must write a book.

  111. I’m with Kathleen up there. FBOFW is my absolute favorite comic … I rank it up there with Peanuts and Calvin & Hobbes. I am so. very. jealous.

  112. Something has seriously got to give for you to return to a happy, neat, relaxing homestead after your brutal traveling. Motivating anyone at home probably isn’t going to work, since they don’t seemed compelled to fix up the house before you get home now. Best arrange for a maid to come in the day before you get home so walking in the door is a pleasant experience all the way around. If anyone balks at this solution, threaten to not come home—we can organize an “underground knitter’s alliance” that can whisk and stow you away at safe, neat havens all over the continent where you’ll have the chores done for you and good lighting to knit by.

  113. I am so jealous of your advance copies of the Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett books! 2 of my fav authors!

  114. Comment 1: I *heart* that nerdy knitters so plentifully abound.
    Comment 2: finished shawl – loverly. Bleeding hearts – loverly too. (This will not make me ignore the boring, straightforward baby blanket I’m making. It won’t. It…)
    Comment 3: So what _are_ you going to make with the whore’s panties yarn?
    Comment 3a: just noticed that *gasp* the stole/scarf is for someone else. Wow. Rawk.

  115. Holy cow, the third Inheritance book is finally coming out! Must. Go. Preregister. NOW! Thanks for the heads-up!

  116. Hey, that’s me! I’m the third of the three un-identified knitters (with the turquoise sock). BEA certainly was a wild and crazy event. My back is still sore from packing around all the books. This does not happen when packing around yarn! Thanks, Stephanie, for providing one of the more fun and sane moments of the weekend (yarn always helps maintain the sanity.) Also, the knitting you managed at BEA is beautiful!

  117. Neil Gaiman would have got the whole sock piccy thing as well – maybe next time. Good score with the books πŸ™‚

  118. TERRY PRATCHETT’S new book!?!? I am so jealous! I understand from the Ravely Pratchett group he has done some knitting experience ….

  119. Wow! Am I so jealous. . . William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Lynne Johnson… sigh …
    And humbled.
    It never occured to me that the spun wool and A had so much colour to them. I thought they were both much more pale than is showing in your picture. Learn, learn, learn.
    I have finished the thrice knit Earl Grey socks for my dad. It’s not that his feet are bigger than Joe’s, it is that he is 82 and his feet swell. I added 12 stitches to the count for ‘ease’.
    I am now working on twice knit socks for me using your ‘straight up’ pattern (that knits down). I will be happy when I can knit a pair of socks right the first time. I find it very difficult to refrain from ‘improving’ the second sock and making silly mistakes.

  120. Bummer ! You’ll be in Columbus, Ohio, but most of us local knitters will not get to see you! Not fair! Any chance you’ll be somewhere where we can come touch the hem of your outfit? Or just snap a photo? You’ve never had a book signing in Columbus (hint, hint)…….Enjoy our city! (Knitters Connection is the following week at the same convention center).

  121. Ausum is right on for the bleeding heart shawl scarf and of course the Addamas shawl is luscious even without the blocking!!! I love the look of lace and shawls. Lace knitting class has got to be the next thing on my list to learn. Even tho I did knit a lace scarf a few years ago the idea of following a large chart and getting it right scares me off . Glad you had a good time at BEA. Lord how could you not what with meeting the people you do. Lynn Johnston Woo Hoo and she knits too!! Smart cookies you ladies are. See you soon , safe travels.

  122. Okay, I’m several days on this, I know. I just wanted to say that I’m pretty sure I recognize that LA escalator as the one my sister and I ran down some years back. Several stories of running down an up escalator IS a workout, if a rather contrarian one.
    Reaching even farther back, it was nice to finally see/hear you at the Maker Faire, which I only knew about because you mentioned it in your blog. My mom and I had a great time and both of us bought drop spindles and roving (we encountered you doing the latter at the Tensile/Verb For Keeping Warm booth; I think that’s my arm in your photo), which we probably would have held out on doing for a while if you hadn’t informed us about the faire. I don’t know whether to thank you or blame you. πŸ˜‰ (Mom’s doing all the spinning; my six cats are a little too interested for me to follow suit.)

  123. Okay- so I am going to be in the audience on Wednesday night-in Kingston. Whaddya need? A fresh grilled cheese sandwich? A beer? Some sock yarn? Speak, and I shall see what can be done!!!!

  124. Lynn Johnston. Knits. Of course she does….she would have to, since she basically writes the Canadian version of my life, and has for about 28 years now. I lurve the woman.

  125. Others have said it but it bears repeating: your children need to help you with housekeeping, including laundry especially with your husband being disabled. This not only helps you but it is a skill that will be valuable in their independent lives.

  126. The bleeding heart stole/scarf is absolutely gorgeous! I love the colors of the handspun – so cheery!

  127. Would you please tell us the correct pronunciation of “Adamas?” Inquiring minds in Wisconsin want to know…..before we make stupid mistakes. Thanks so much!
    (…just in case no one else is as stupid as I.)

  128. Hello!
    I so wish your book tour would come to little ol Kansas! I just finished my first set of socks!! I so want to be part of the first sock club!!

  129. I came home yesterday from a trip and my house was just the same. My DH assures me that they can never do without me–I’m the one that keeps the whole family together (which is supposed to calm me down as I look at the same pans that were in the sink four days ago.)(Yes, I did leave them. But really… four days?) Nice to know it doesn’t just happen to me!

  130. Welcome home Steph! I bet it feels good to have your own home cooked food, fruits, vegies, etc. which are hard to come by on the road!
    Have you heard anything about the release date for your friend’s book The Eclectic Sole? I preordered and am anxiously waiting in happy anticipation, but have yet to hear anything and not getting an response to emails…..

  131. Terry Pratchett and Leonard Nimoy! OOOOO!
    Like others on this list books and knitting (and scrapbooking).
    A sister-knitter and I have started a book/knitting club at the local library. One of us will read aloud while everyone else knits.
    Knitting Rules is our first read – of course.

  132. What was this magical place so full of talented people? Knitters, writers, actors. Love the advance books you got – that’s cool.
    I haven’t read any Neil Gaiman other than Neverworld (was that the title?) and I didn’t like it at all. I’ve heard the show is excellent.
    I might just give another series a try.
    The Bleeding Heart is gorgeous. Good choice on blending in A – it is subtle and suits the colours perfectly.

  133. I met Marilu Henner too. She knits?? WOW…and yes, you can bounce a quarater off most of her.. she’s about as big as a NY minute!!

  134. Honeypie–you have three daughters who are of an age to be responsible and clean up for other people (like you) who are running around the continent to pay the bills!Or (like Joe) who has a broken leg, and also pays the bills. I have three sons, and they had to do their own laundry starting in third grade. My husband has always done his own laundry and ironing. If I went away for a couple of weeks to take care of a sick parent, the rule was I had to come back to a clean house with groceries(even if I didn’t leave it that way). I don’t care what my husband and 3 sons did in the intervening time, it just had to be straightened out by the time I got home.
    Unless you’re planning on asking them to move out when they’re 18, you better buck them up now. Anyways, not very considerate of them seeing as how you all live in the same house!

  135. Hey! What about *my* blads? Did you see *them* at Interweave? :sulk:
    They’re nice blads too, and they deserve a break. πŸ˜‰

  136. I had the same problem and I am the same size as you (except 2″ taller). I bet the pants that you are trying on are “Juniors.” Those seem to have about 3″ of material for your back section and the zippers are about 2-3″ long. I think the Gap is for people under age 20. I would try a women’s adult store like Talbots or J.Jill. Also, TJ Maxx has a good variety of women’s jeans & shirts and the prices are great! I would stay away from the “junior section”……..their jeans are made for ars’s that have not developed yet! πŸ™‚ Good Luck, from Denver!

  137. Will you be coming to Los Angeles,CA again?
    I met Denise Crosby at starbucks I thought that was pretty neat.I love reading your blog.Please pop over to mine sometime and let me know what you think:)Hugs Darcy

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