Off to the train in a minute, to go to Kingston (Chapters, 2376 Princess Street, for an event at 6:00, please come if you’re around). I love the train. Adore it. I think it’s the most civilized form of travel around. Even in coach (which is how I am always going) there is space and big windows and you don’t have to make other people get up if you have to go to the loo. (I hate that about airplanes.) It’s very good knitting time too. I’m still deciding what to take with me for this short hop. I’ve got the beaded scarf, the Bleeding Hearts stole/scarf….

The only thing I don’t have is some idiot knitting. It’s the trouble with lace, or at least the lace I’m knitting, is that I need to look at the chart the whole time, thus making it great train knitting, but terrible walking/talking/waiting knitting. You can’t just whip it out of your bag and whip off a few stitches right there. I think I need a sock.

In other news, the Adamas Shawl is finally off the blocking wires. (I use these ones, and love them.) It took forever to dry, since it’s been so rainy and yucky in Toronto since I got back. It’s still crappy out, so the pictures aren’t the best. I’ll take more when I have time and the sun shines. (Also, it is too windy. Lace is too light to be properly posed in the wind.)


I’m very happy with it, especially the yarn. It’s Knitpicks Shadow Lace yarn in a colour called “campfire” (I think. I don’t see it there though…I wonder if it’s a discontinued colour? If so, there’s a shame.) It took about 1.5 skeins, and the pattern was free, so here we have a $6 shawl. That amuses the cheap knitter within me to no end.


Gotta leave for the train. See you in Kingston! (Well maybe not you, but a knitter just like you. You know what I mean.)

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  1. Shawl is gorgeous! And I agree about the train. It’s the only way to go. Have fun in Kingston!

  2. I love your shawl! ๐Ÿ™‚ I wish we had trains around here. I would definitely take the train whenever I could for long trips, it is indeed much more enjoyable.

  3. The shawl is beautiful! I am so tempted to try lace but it still intimidates me… Plus I love the blocking wires. I want an excuse to use them. For now I am content to admire lace knitting from afar.
    Have a great time in Kingston!

  4. The shawl looks fantastic blowing in the wind. I love it, and the $6 deal is too much to pass up! Well done, you!

  5. LOVE the shawl! It blocked out beautifully! You should knit some Monkeys! They’re fun! And easy! And they are called Monkeys! How could that ever be a bad thing!?!
    (Apologies…allergy medicine-induced exclamation syndrome.)

  6. The shawl is lovely–congrats on getting it off of the UFO pile. My husband, when he used to commute on train, saw knitters every day. I kept asking what they were working on, but he never got up the nerve to ask…lol.

  7. I totally agree about train knitting. (ergo my trip to see you in Philly last month) Since I’m a teacher, my knitting time is about to increase beyond exponentially. I may even have time to block shawls!
    Tomorrow is the last day with students in the building, and only until 11:30 – yay. (oops, did that come out?) Friday is in-service, where I may or may not have to pay attention to something, but will have knitting available. At 10 p.m. I get in the car to drive for ten hours to Swan Quarter, North Carolina, and a week on the Outer Banks. Unfortunately, NO knitting can be done during the drive, because I’m the designated night driver, and even in the daylight Mom has never figured out that one should try to read highway signs BEFORE one arrives immediately beneath them.
    I will be knitting while at the Banks, quite possibly with some lovely knitters I met through Ravelry, one of whom is a member of the family that owns the realty service we always rent through! (It has been suggested that there might be yarn in our welcome box!)

  8. It’s charming with the wind blowing it. I found it on-line too, and printed it up. Now to look for some perfect wool…..
    Kingston is a great town. Once I took the train there from Toronto in the winter though, which added an additional 6 hours to my travel time (the switches were frozen).

  9. There’s no other knitter “just like me” but if there is, I pity the poor woman.

  10. Wave to me as you go by, my daughter takes the tran back and forth to school in Ottawa. She loves the fact she can sometimes catch her dad driving a big machine through a field (he is outstanding in his field).

  11. I’m taking the train tomorrow to Chicago for work, a 5+ hour ride for me, and after your dismal experiences trying to fly to and from Chicago, I know you will agree, a MUCH more humane way to travel! I am taking my lace shawl and a sock; and maybe a baby thing too. Hopefully that will be enough for a four day trip — you think?? It would be terrible to run out of knitting! (But there are three yarn stores within reach, I found out last year, so all would not be lost, I suppose….)

  12. I commute by train. It certainly is a civilized way to go. I usually chuckle to myself as I watch the bumper-to-bumper traffic on the highway and I speed by on the train and knit.

  13. Wiah there were trains here to travel on! Love the shawl. The color is beautiful and swaying in the breeze – it is lovely.
    Have fun tonight.

  14. The shawl is lovely. And I agree that there is nothing to tickle the “cheap bone” like a shawl made for $6! The time would be there anyway, but it’s delightful to have so much fun for so little money.

  15. The shawl is beautiful! I hope to learn how to knit lace in the near future. I have never traveled by train except for short pleasure rides. I can imagaine a long train ride and knitting would equal the perfect day ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Been a lurker on here forever, thought I’d finally post. Your knitting is lovely and you make me giggle. I’ve got about three of your books too. Beautiful shawl!

  17. What a beautiful shawl! I was all excited about the blocking wires and about to click on the order form when I thought “Wait, I should probably actually knit something that needs blocking, before I buy blocking wires.” But then, Harlot to the rescue! There was the link for the laceweight. So at some point…after I finish my mountain of UFOs, there’s a shawl in my future. Many thanks! (You know you’re a terrible enabler, right? Or a great one. It all depends on the perspective.)

  18. Your shawl is gorgeous! I’m pretty sure Campfire is a discontinued color (or at least it was on sale when I bought my 4 skeins of that heather green color… I should really do something with those that yarn…). I’m glad to hear good things about the train. We’re considering taking it up to a fiber festival and then to the family reunion. My hubby likes the fact that you can have a beer and take a nap. I like the fact that I can knit to my hearts content.

  19. Love your shawl. It’s on my very long To Do List, and maybe I should push it higher up on the list – now having seen your beautiful work and considered the price!!

  20. Made the same shawl in same colorway a couple of years ago. I’m a 5’7″ gal so I used the full two skeins and made another repeat of the main pattern. There was plenty to go ’round. Get
    nice remarks every time I wear it and it was easy enough in its repetitive nature to be one of my first lace projects. Enjoy wearing yours!

  21. Good for you! But the word you want is FRUGAL, not cheap! I was raised to believe anything cheap is not worth having. If you have the tenacity to hunt down a bargain and the ingenuity to fashion things by hand, though, you will be able to have beautiful things and still keep your money in YOUR bank account, not someone else’s!

  22. Beautiful shawl and that is a gorgeous color.
    I keep hoping that the rise in gas prices might mean, eventually, a resurgence in train travel. It sure beats flying. I have wonderful memories of a train trip my mother, brother and I took from Baltimore to Carlsbad, New Mexico in the early ’60s. So cool. Though my mom had to carry me over the joins between train cars for the whole trip. Hey, I was only 5!

  23. You mean you don’t ALWAYS have socks on the needles, every minute of your life? Wow.
    Lovely shawl; and I’m sure you have a lot of company in the cheap knitter neighborhood; I love that lace knitting gives you a big bang for the buck. All that entertainment (not to mention the finished product) for very few $$.

  24. A $6 shawl…oh my…I’ve never done lace, but the frugal part of me is now intrigued…I’ve always loved to look at them, but didn’t think I’d enjoy the finickyness of knitting one…but for $6 that’s cheap entertainment even if I don’t finish .
    Hmm, that translates to a $6 WIP – again, cheaper than my other Ravelry zzzzzzz projects…

  25. Have the pattern…..
    Have the yarn (although not that color)……
    Have conquered my fear of laceweight……..
    Will (hopefully) soon have an Adamas of my own!

  26. I think you’re correct that the Campfire color is discontinued. I had a skein in the stash when I heard they were discontinuing some colors. I managed to get 2 more skeins before it was all gone.

  27. I agree about trains, though it’s been a while since I was on one. I’m actually surprised that, in all the kerfuffle about rising gas prices and skyrocketing airline costs, that more pundits aren’t recommending people try travelling by train for a change. So much more civilized.

  28. The shawl looks great! I was just looking at that yarn online the other day. Nice to see another positive review of it.
    Have fun in Kingston and be sure to stop into Cooks if it’s still open. Coffee HEAVEN if it hasn’t changed since my childhood. Let me know if they still have the penny candy and bubblegum cigars (well, if want to or even have time to go anyways…) Have fun on the train, too!

  29. “If you would not step into the harlot’s house, do not go by the harlot’s door.” — Thomas Secker
    This was my ‘motivational quote of the day.’ Hehhehhehe. Too funny, just had to share. Safe journeys.

  30. You always seem to knit the nicest things and in such pretty colors! Another job well done, if I may say so.
    As for ‘idiot’ knitting, what about gloves or mittens? If you knit them, they’ll fit somebody, won’t they?

  31. My 3 hours on the train each weekday are the entire reason behind my knitting fanaticism. Enjoy the trip!

  32. Oh my, keep showing these gorgeous shawls and you may convince me to try one yet. I’m getting close, ok, closer, ok I’m off to print the pattern, can’t get better than free.
    Idiot knitting…..how about hats? I use yarn scraps, odds and ends then donate the hats to schools or shelters. I feel quite smart (doesn’t happen often)finding a productive way to use up bits of yarn.

  33. Another knitter just like me? That’s a bizarre thought… You sure you’re going to Kingston and not the Twilight Zone?

  34. Six of my best knitter friends and I will be arriving with socks in hand at Chapters Kingston at 4:00 pm today to get the best seats possible. We can not wait to see you!

  35. I wish I could take the train to Kingston. (alas I am 50 mi N of NYC)
    I would love lunch at CHez Piggy right about NOW!
    I have two skeins of shadow lace! Cool!

  36. Stephanie, did you see this book among the thousands at the book fair the other day?
    โ€œThe Lace Reader,โ€ by Brunonia Barry, is set in modern-day Salem, where the narrator hails from a family of women who can read the future in a pattern of lace. The novel, being published by William Morrow in July, was previously self-published by the author.
    (Found this quote on a publishing website as I’m in the industry – not for this publisher! I live in Ireland – but here it is on Amazon:
    Thought it was appropriate to your post! And as you picked up Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, I’m guessing you’re a fantasy fan.
    While I’m here, if anyone can recommend other blocking wires, I’d be eternally grateful – the ones you recommend aren’t shipped internationally and, as I said, I live in Ireland!

  37. I used to commute every day by train. And while I don’t regret my current one mile commute, I do miss the time on the train.

  38. Beautiful shawl!
    I agree about travel by rail. It’s so civilized. I’ve been contemplating a cross country trip by train actually.
    Thanks for the reminder!

  39. What? No sock??????? I thought that was an absolute requirement for traveling knitters!!!
    I even keep one in my car to work on at stoplights. Boy does THAT freak out the other drivers. ๐Ÿ™‚

  40. Oh my what a choice to make with all those beauties. Whatever you bring to show us we will all enjoy seeing it or them –I’m sure . TRAINS !! Did you say trains are civilized mode of transport? I don’t know if this train still runs from the north but it was called “The Polar Bear Express””. It ran from Timmins to Toronto in years gone by . It had to be the most memorable FUN FUN FUN trip on a train EVER!! Especially if it was ski season and all the tourists were high on fresh , cold air . ahem The conducters were the very best and fun loving guys too. GOOD memories for sure . I even took up sking after my first trip –cross country –just to be on the safe side. Trains civilized ?–yes of course. To this day I still LOVE trains

  41. I love the trains in Canada! So much better than the train here, and that isn’t too bad (just not great). I went from Windsor to Montreal to Quebec and back to Montreal on the train last year! We were on a hockey tour, but did a little travelling before the tour started. So much fun and I love seeing the countryside. Quite beautiful. Oh and the fact that they give you wine with lunch and dinner is totally freaking awesome. I might be a Canadian in American clothing….
    oh and the lace is beautiful. you are right though, it isn’t knitting that you can do anything to. I was listening to my i-pod recently while knitting some lace and screwed up 2 times!!! So when I knit lace, all around me must be quiet like the grave. ugh.

  42. Train travel and knitting are a perfect match! I especially love taking the bus and subway to the train – none of the highway stuff to deal with as when flying!

  43. mmmm… idiot knitting…I could really use some of that right now! The shawl is gorgeous, and I’ve got some of that in my stash (different color!)…may need to pull that out!

  44. I agree with everyone – I love the train and I love the shawl. You do good work, Marvin.
    I almost miss my old commute (bus/train). Almost quite since I’m now less than a mile from work but I so miss getting out amongst folk and having that time to knit or read or just think.
    There must be lace juice in the water – everyone seems to have lace projects going just now.

  45. The shawl IS gorgeous – but I really want to know how to get you scheduled to visit? I did send you an email a week or 2 ago and I know you’ve been traveling, etc etc. Just wondering how we go about asking you to visit Central New York?

  46. Lace may not photograph well in the wind, but I bet it would video great. Shall I watch for yours on YouTube?

  47. I loved! the train from Philly to NYC last fall. Very civilized and quite knitting friendly. May I add… bless your optimism (and clearly superior skills) to even THINK about taking a bajillion bead project on a moving vehicle you don’t own. But it should make great reading for us, no doubt! Safe travels whatever you knit.

  48. Love the shawl, I have fear of lace. I have the Luna Moth shawl on my list — pattern and yarn all queued up, but hesitate to cast on. Blocking, I now have 3 projects in need of blocking. I have fear of blocking too. time to put my big girl panties on and get with it!

  49. LOVE the shawl. I have an “idiot knitting” shawl in the Shadow/Campfire. I purchased it last year and do believe the colorway is discontinued. There is much to be said for the color of Campfire as well as the delights of idiot knitting.
    I’m looking for a train trip actually, have been for a month or so——- you make me want to redouble my efforts.

  50. Wonderful shawl!!! Kind of compensates for all the $30 socks & $200 sweaters!!!

  51. The shawl is gorgeous – love the color. I agree 100% about trains – that’s what I always say too – train travel is so civilized. Airlines treat their passengers like cattle -herding them here & there, not feeding them & not feeling any need to explain any delays. I just returned from a round trip from Chicago to Seattle last week. I did go first class (at my age, sleeping in a coach seat causes all kinds of aches & pains – but SO actually prefers coach). One thing that is particularly delightful about taking the train is that, in some places, it goes through areas away from roads so you see scenery that you can’t see anywhere else. The Rockies & Cascades are spectacular. And the journey is so relaxing & enjoyable – the train personnel are all so friendly & seem to actually enjoy their jobs (unlike airline personnel who seem to take out their frustrations with their jobs on the passengers). First class includes all meals & a shower (a necessity to me on a 46 hour train trip – it is not as hard as you might think taking a shower on a moving train). The first evening, there was champagne (or sparkling apple cider) & the 2nd day, there was a wine & cheese tasting (Washington state wines) in the dining car. They announce any delays (including the reason) & keep you up to date on what’s going on. They seat you community style in the dining car, so you get to meet interesting people, especially if you travel alone. One very elderly woman (I’d estimate late 80’s or 90’s) graduated from U of Chicago (unusual for women of her age) & was on her way home from a n Alternatives to Violence conference (http://www.avpusa.org/). She was one of the founders, said the early meetings were held in her living room & that it was very rewarding to see how it had grown & the good work that it was doing. I also shared a couple of meals with a teenage girl who was traveling from upstate NY to visit her family in Portland OR for a month. She attends some kind of wilderness school where she learns to live off the land. She had a raccoon skin hat that she made herself (including curing the leather) from roadkill & was going to spend a few days of her time on the west coast, on the Olympic Peninsula with only a few matches & a knife (the organizers of the event would check up on her every day). I don’t know if train travelers are different & more interesting than people who fly – I suspect it may be that they just have time to get to know one another. And there were several knitters in first class – although one I spoke with had the same problem I did – the combination of the rythm of the knitting & the rocking of the train made it very hard to stay awake!

  52. I love the ‘shadow’ yarn. I did a few scarves (for mom and MIL) in their Dimple Shale pattern with a darker color and just loved working with it.
    Your shawl is lovely so now I’m tempted to call knitpicks and whip up one of my own. Whipping up meaning taking the summer to make it. Not much actual ‘whipping up’ of anything happens at my house with 6 children.

  53. I love the shawl, and the price makes it even better. I wish we had trains around here, I would always take them! Have a great trip!

  54. Love the shawl! Around my house, they are usually handwoven. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Trains are BIG in my home. My hubby is a retired locomotive engineer and is pining to buid a model railway somewhere in the house and is eyeing my weaving studio space. I put my foot down of course!
    As for the trashed house when you come back from traveling: what is wrong with the training sessions? You know the ones that are supposed to enable your teens and hub to ‘do it themselves’ Last time I checked, washing machines aren’t that complicated. If my man can do it, any one can!
    The other answer is MOLLY MAID. I love it when they come to my house. I simply get out of their way. 3 gals and one hour…. that’s it!

  55. Could you tell me what size needle you knit your Adamas shawl on? I’m making one with Shadow yarn and using a size 3…keep second guessing myself that it’s too small and wondering if I should frog and start over.

  56. I *love* the train – at least 90% of the time when I go to visit my parents in Chatham (same amount of travel time as Kingston but in the other direction) I take the train ๐Ÿ™‚ One of my few big indulgences in life is going VIA 1 – food, alcohol, roomier seats than coach, boarding first with assigned seating, that nice lounge in Union Station… it costs more, but it’s worth it ๐Ÿ˜‰ I usually have at least 2 projects with me (unless it’s Christmas and I’m racing to finish something that is, which has happened more often in the last few years than I’d like to admit *g*)

  57. I have been blocking with quilting needles…clueless git that I am…now I find there are long needles in different weights….have I been unintentionally abusing my fiber children? Is there a hotline I can call?
    Seriously, if someone can intervene, I would appreciate it.

  58. I think that the photo of the shawl turned out lovely – the wind gave it some movement, and it suited the shawl quite nicely.

  59. I love your Exquisite shawl can you let me have a copy of the pattern as I would like to knit a very special wedding veil for me but am having a lot of trouble finding a lacy hearts pattern. Your shawl looks ideal. As for the yarn Kerrie of HipKnits her in little ol England, has just sent me the most gorrrrrgeous 100% cashmere laceweight its 750m long and 150g I snapped up the last two, thing is its the wrong colour, I wanted very pale pink, I got lovely purpley vilots with pinks. Dude its gonna be one helluva shawl, it will be my first shawl I’ll bring it with me to iKnit in September, I can’t wait to see you. I taught Jane to knit her first sock at my Knitting club, she’s now turned her first heel and is steaming ahead for the foot. She’s a good student. Jane has crocheted me a very beautiful turquoise shawl for my 50th Birthday on Saturday, 7 June, and Irene very kindly knitted a beautiful cream cushion with three free buttons from June Simply Knitting mag, it was totally unexpected. So on Monday I am gonna bring my birthday cake to our meeting at Starbucks, some more ladies are coming I hear. I hope you have a rail nice time on the train I always enjoy my trips to London I went to Hull to see my lovely generous friend we had a meal her pub and a pint of Guinness to celebrated our birthdays, boy it is was fab knitting and chatting all day.

  60. I am nearing completion on this EXACT SAME shawl! (My first ever lace project!) I’m using Knit Picks Alpaca Dream. I’ve never blocked anything in my knitting life yet. (I tried with one baby sweater, but it was acrylic yarn [I REPENT!!].. so blocking wasn’t actually possible.)
    Do you have any tips for blocking this shawl? Or web sites you can point me to?
    Kim in IA
    ps….I feel bad if no one invited you to the Iowa Sheep and Wool Festival June 14-15. We’d love to have you if you’re feeling the need to go somewhere really hot and incredible humid.

  61. Beautiful shawl, and I love trains too. I take one Friday to an appointment, and I also am having difficulty in deciding which of 3 sweaters-in-progress to take along. Last trip, I got an entire sleeve finished!

  62. 1. Of course you need a sock, dear. You *always* need a sock.
    2. Six bucks! I love that about lace. The shawl is gorgeous.

  63. I know what you mean about idiot knitting. I run an early arrival program at my school, which starts at 7 a.m. Sometimes there’s a child or two at the door at 7, but sometimes they don’t start arriving until almost 7:30. Its a perfect time to get some uncomplicated knitting done–the kind that gives you a nice knitting fix but doesn’t require too much brain work or pattern reading. I’ve made quite a few dishcloths and socks this year. I’ve even had some “help” with dishcloths from a five-year-old (his tension seems a bit different than mine though…)

  64. I have those blocking wires, based on your recommendation. I love them. The shawl is beautiful, and you know, I might have $6 to spare…hmmm. Lace is so addictive.

  65. SIX DOLLARS?!?! For an entire project?!?! That my friends, is happiness in a nutshell! Wish I could be there in Kingston tonight as it is a town I do enjoy. But if you meet a knitter named Jordan, just know that I sent her (and possibly some of her smallfry, TJ, Clover, Oakley?) your way. Have a great time.

  66. I can confirm that Campfire has (sadly) been discontinued. I even called KnitPicks to see if they had any errant skeins. Nope!

  67. I can not imagine you without a sock is the works!?!
    That must mean your Star Trek red Captain Kirk Mr Spock socks are done?
    The shawl is so pretty! I have a Feather & Fan Shawl in process. This inspires me to lay down my WIP & return to it.

  68. Lovely shawl.. it’s actually one my mom and I were considering for my wedding. I love the colour too.
    And I agree… the train is awesome.. I even love the Go (but not at peak hours) I miss takign it to college in Oakville… far more fun than driving. I’d love to take the Via somewhere.. someday…

  69. I Love trains. love love love. am sad that there aren’t more of them and that amtrak down here state side sux so much. agree about the lace. wishing you luck…

  70. Shawl is fabulous! Kingston a favorite place whether by train, car or ferry. Great Thai restaurant near Chapters. Have a glorious trip.

  71. this is what i love about your blog — no matter what, (like say, if i have a friend who hasn’t posted in FOREVER)i can always come to your blog and read about somehting new and interesting. love train trips as well and double ditto on loving the shawl!

  72. I love the train. We came across Canada by train when we were children moving from west to east. Union Station is my first memory of Ontario.
    When I go to Ottawa I take the train. I am on the east side of Toronto and it is probably about the same amount of time to take that train as it is for flying, especially when you take into consideration the lead time, in case of traffic, parking, boarding pass, checking in, undressing at security, redressing as security (I swear, one day I am going to go to the airport in my bath robe), getting all your stuff together at security, convincing security that circular knitting needles wrapped up in a loop is not a weapon, demonstrating knitting to security so they can see that it isn’t a ploy, shuffling to the gate and waaaaaiting. Squishing into seats, taking off (I still don’t believe planes fly, come on, look how heavy they are! pshaw), “flying”, turbulence, landing (racing headlong into the ground, stopping just in time!). Waiting. Collecting stuff again, shuffling off.
    If you take VIA1 they treat you like royalty, it is a bit more money, but pamper yourself one day, it is well worth the beyond civilized treatment (and pre-dinner drink, choice of decent meals, more wine, dessert, nightcap, chocolates). (Suggestion: get someone to pick you up at the other end)
    Too bad cross Canada takes days and is more pricey, don’t think I haven’t considered it.
    Oh, and lovely shawl. I had heart failure the other day when you posted it, because I designed a shawl and posted it in ravelry and I thought I might have created the same shawl…turns out my flower is just a tad different! Is it plagiarism if you are oblivious?

  73. Thank you so very much for coming to Kingston and making my evening so pleasant. As our LYS said on her blog it’s like Santa Clause coming. I didn’t get up to say thank you in person as you had a god turn out with lots of happy people in line. You knew all along there were more knitters in this area . I want to become a Buddhist monk that knits hmmmmmm I wonder how one does that haha

  74. I am not a lace knitter, but if I was this would be the project I think I might start with. I love the fact that a beautiful shawl can come from a yarn that doesn’t cost $25 a skein. Knit Picks has me loving their interchangeable needles, perhaps it’s time that I try some of their lace weight.

  75. Ooo, what a pretty shawl. I like the name, Campfire, also. Yes, that’s my problem with lace knitting, also, is I have to be sitting at home or something to accomplish the chart and everything. But that’s why the plain vanilla socks get knit!

  76. So, Stephanie—- shouldn’t it be getting warm in Toronto? Hope you can wear shorts sooooon.

  77. Idiot knitting = good. I have some kind of strain of Martian Death Flu, and idiot knitting is all I’m capable of right now. All hail socks!
    The shawl is beautiful, though. I love the cascading effect it gives. Also, don’t know if you’re a Battlestar Galactica fan or not, but “Adama”, the last name of two rather prominent characters, mean “unbreakable”, I believe (it’s in the pattern intro). Hmm, interesting…

  78. Your shawl is gorgeous. Will you wear it on the train? That, and knitting while train-riding are so civilized. Very Miss Marple.

  79. Just returned from a fabulous coast to coast tour by train from Vancouver to Halifax and then we flew home (boring). We did several stops, one in Toronto. I kept looking out the bus window on our city tour looking for the Harlot riding by on her bicycle but no such luck. Had a great meal at a little restaurant across from the hotel called “Fred’s Not Here” – yes, there is a story to it. Didn’t do much knitting as I was watching scenery and I couldn’t watch and knit unless I wanted to do it over several times.. I love the train except climbing into the top bunk – we won’t go there. The food is wonderful. Couldn’t sleep in the hotel at first – nothing to rock me to dreamland. Want to go again!!!

  80. I just read your comment about gaiman and Pratchett -and thought great: I will be in London on July 2nd so I can buy both books there and then take the next day off from work and just enjoy reading the books. But now Amazon tells me they are not due until SEPTEMBER 30!
    That is not FAIR!
    Hanna, Sweden

  81. When I was a teenager I used to take the train from Niagara Falls to Kingston every summer. The first few times my best friend’s uncle met me at Union Station and accompany me the rest of the way Kingston and then I would spend the summer at their family’s camp near Smith Falls. As I got a bit older I could make the trip by myself. Considering I’m the oldest of 6 that trip was a magical time alone. When I made the trip at 19 I had a notion that my world was changing, I was growing up and that this would be the last trip by train to Kingston. I silently cried the whole way and thirty-four years later I can close my eyes and recall the entire scene as it went past the window. Those times are magic and I hope your trip is also.

  82. Good job on the shawl! That’s a really pretty color yarn, and the cost of the whole things is just icing on the cake.
    I love riding trains, too, although it’s more Underground and less choo-choo where I live. Still, best way to travel, in my opinion.

  83. Your shawl is just lovely. The $6 thing just cracks me up, probably because I’m just as cheap LOL! I love Kingston. I’ve never taken the train there but the city is great. Hope you find your simple knitting project and have a great time.

  84. Love the lace! There are a few really simple lace patterns out there that can be done any old where (and I finished my wedding shawl that way). By the time I’m at the end point, I usually have the pattern memorized and can just whip it out for a row or two.
    Not sure if you’d want to do a ton of dishcloths instead of socks, but there has got to be a suitably small pattern that you’d get a kick out of.

  85. My husband commutes by train as well. but with the storms and tornadoes in northern virginia last nite, there were floods and trees across the tracks. I had to go try to pick him up at the Metro which also had issues with trees, then take him to his car at the train station and then back home. I was driving for 3 straight hours thru horrible traffic and did not get home until 9pm. one of the dogs pooped in the house and I could hardly walk when I finally got out of the car. It was a nightmare. Whine over. Thank you.

  86. When I was a little girl I saw “Murder on the Orient Express” and I told my father that one day, I too would travel on the Orient Express (Although I was not so sure I wanted all the murder/espionage accompaniment)I am from a small town in the Midwestern United States (Chaffee, MO) where trains take corn and tractors and other such items all over. It wasn’t until I saw the movie that I realized that actually riding on a train to get from one place to another was a possibility. Humans on trains! What a concept! He waited a while before dashing my dreams by letting me know that the Orient Express was no longer running. I rode trains while I was in Europe but it never matched my visions of high tea on the Orient Express.
    PS. What a beautiful and economic shawl! I’ve started Francie socks as my older sister’s birthday present. Thanks for posting your finished product so that I could see how beautiful they are!

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