Rather good

I have to tell you, I’ve only been 40 years old for a few hours and it’s very good. The last day of 39 was pretty wicked as well. I spent it puttering around the house with Juno and Joe, and then Rachel H came about lunchtime and we went to the airport to collect up Franklin. His flight was delayed (he was flying from O’Hare, my personal O’Hell, so my expectations were low) but me and Juno and Rach had mad waiting skillz.


See? No troubles. We collected the gentleman in all due time. (Thank goodness. Rachel and I were playing it cool, but dudes, we were sweaty. No Franklin is totally the only thing we can’t recover from. We have spreadsheets with names and I bought bottled water and we are trying to control the weather with our minds, but if Franklin didn’t get off that plane there would be nothing we could do. It created nausea to even dwell in that special land of disappointment.)

We finally collected him (he cleared customs as well as any man with that much wool can) and we took him down to Lettuce Knit, showed him the lay of the land and he fancied the local welcome…


Then trouped him back to my house for a lovely supper in the garden, which was promptly rained out, which was fine with me and Rachel H. because we figure that the more it rained last night, the less likely it is to rain today.

(I’m actually not sure if the statistics are with me on that one…but I need to believe.) This morning dawned warm and damp, with a few clouds…so we’ll see.

I think that today, the first day of the second half of my life… is likely going to be wonderful.

Wherever you are, remember that today is a lofty and noble thing. It’s World Wide Knit in Public Day, the day we celebrate knitting’s social roots. Get out there and knit something.

(Ps, I finished the scarf but I have to borrow a camera.)

329 thoughts on “Rather good

  1. Have a wonderful birthday! Wish we could be there, but we’ll be knitting our hearts out here in Nova Scotia!

  2. Have a fabulous birthday! The big 4-0! I can’t wait to hear the details of your 1000 knitters’ celebration!!

  3. Have a happy birthday and I will be sending rain-less thoughts in your direction. I cannot wait to hear all about the glorious adventures that I am sure are about to ensue!

  4. Happy Birthday Dear Harlot, Happy Birthday to You! Forty is great, there is something very liberating about this stage of life. Everything is better, and we’ve learned to savor the sweetness of the simple day to day joys of life – and that includes knitting.
    “As is a tale, so is life: not how long it is, but how good it is, is what matters.” Seneca

  5. Happy Birthday! We will be kip today here in NJ but will be with you in spirit. Franklin is so good at what he does that the day will be a blast no matter what the weather. It’s cloudy here so maybe the sun will come out there. I’m trying to influence the weather with my mind. It might work better if I had more mind!

  6. I hope that your birthday is filed with great joy, lots of yummy wool, and much quality knitting time!
    Have a wonderful birthday – they say life begins at 40 – go for it, girl! You have only just begun!
    Best wishes – and tell Franklin Hi for us!!

  7. Stephanie- Many happy and wooly returns of the day. I can’t wait to “join the club” next month myself. Hope today is everything you wished for!

  8. So far, 40 doesn’t suck too bad. But then, I’ve only been at it for a month. I’m chuffed that you’re having such a fabulous birthday!

  9. Happiest of Birthdays, Stephanie!
    Best of luck on the weather front and I’m so jealous of all you knitters getting together today.
    I won’t be with other knitters today (except by chance), but I will be knitting on two planes and in two airports while I make my way home.

  10. Happy birthday! Am I the only one who finds your PS about borrowing a camera hilarious when Franklin is visiting? The one who is photographing a scarf 1000 times? The scarf photographer extraordinaire?

  11. Happy 40th to you and a happy sixth for my youngest!! We just got back from fetching his “Birthday Breakfast” – donuts for him, coffee for mom.
    I agree, 40 isn’t so bad – been at it for a year or two myself.
    Of course, you could always tell folks your celebrating the 15th anniversary of your 25th birthday. Goes down easier that way!

  12. Happy birthday Stephanie, sounds like it’s going to be a blast. I’m at home in Dublin today, too ill to go join fellow Irish WWKIP peeps, but not so ill that I can’t cast on for a new project. So I will raise my sick glass to you all today … and get knitting … my first lace project! Thought I had to do something special to mark the day.

  13. happy harlotty birthday to you. 40s are wonderful. i am midway through them and they’ve been very good years.

  14. Have a most marvelous birthday!
    A friend a few years older than I told me that life really begins at 40 (and I didn’t believe her then). Since I hit that milestone almost two years ago now, I’m totally seeing that she was on to something.
    Happy WWKIP day!

  15. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Hope you have a great day!! All of that WWKIP stuff sounds like fun – Atlanta is a little too far away for me to commute to all the festivities though! Can’t wait to see the pictures – from a borrowed camera of course……

  16. Happy Birthday—- may your year be full of health and happiness, may your year be rich with blessings you can count and pass on. And of course may each day be full of yarn and adventure!
    Have a fabulous day!

  17. Have a great birthday.
    You’ve corrupted me. I finished my first pair of socks the other day. One was an inch longer than the other. After blocking, I tried them on. The smaller one fit me prefectly. So did the larger one.
    I’m already halfway through my third sock.

  18. Happy Birthday, Stephanie! I always remember yours because it’s mine too! Hope you’re enjoying it as much as I am πŸ™‚

  19. Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday dear Harlotttttttttttt
    Happy birthday to youuuu and many more!!
    Have a great one, wish we could all be there with you.
    Sue of the scat chart

  20. Happy Birthday Steph! Knit something fabulous today, enjoy a tasty beverage, and feel the love as you are surrounded by your family and friends!

  21. Happy Birthday! Is there a “no rain” dance we could do for you? I would be happy to go in my back yard with some sticks and flail around as your birthday gift! πŸ™‚

  22. Happy birthday Stephanie ! It will be a great one, I’m sure, lots of fun.
    See on the 6th Sept in London, can’t wait!!!
    In Reims, knitting and drinking Champagne seem to go together…

  23. HAPPY BIRTHDAY again; enjoy every minute of this very special day!! I am off to a WWKIP event, equipped with wips, bottled water, snacks etc. It should be great fun as I am sure yours will be.

  24. I have a lovely open patio area at work to knit in public! I’ll make sure I’m out there today.
    And a funny thing happened yesterday while I was driving to work..A huge group of motorcycle drivers pulled up behind me at a light. They saw my “I’d rather be knitting” license plate frame and the whole group was roaring with laughter as if they had never seen anything so funny in their lives. I had to laugh myself just watching them.

  25. In the spirit of your bilingual country, Happy Birthday/Joyeux Anniversaire!!!
    Hope you have a great day.

  26. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Have a fabulous day surrounded by friends, wool, beer and LOVE!
    Thank you for all of your inspiration through the years!

  27. Lots of love to you on your 40th Birthday! Have a great day I KNOW you will!- xoxo Blogless Carla

  28. For a knitter, the Sandra Boynton version seems quite appropriate –
    Hippo Birdy Two Ewes!
    Hippo Birdy Two Ewes!
    Hippo Birdy, Deer Harlot,
    Hippo Birdy, Two Ewes.
    Well, Sandra didn’t actually use “harlot” in her lovely children’s book. A bit of poetic license.

  29. A very Happy Birthday to you, Stephanie!
    I hope you have a fun filled day.
    Happy Knitting!!

  30. Franklin is the cutest birthday present. Ever. Have a great visit… and good going on the mind-over-weather thing. Excellent control. I’ll bet the beer helped. Best wishes to you, and Happy Knitting In Public Day, too! Cami

  31. The second half of your life? Aren’t you cutting yourself a little short there?
    (And really? Franklin is staying with/near you and you have no picture of the scarf?)
    PS – Happy happy, I hope it’s even more fun than you thought it’d be.

  32. Happiest of Birthdays! I sort of set up our WAY informal WWKIP here. (Okay, so mostly all that I did was call the Mall to see if it was okay and posted it on the WWKIP site and on Ravelry…) Um in reference to your comment about “(Ps, I finished the scarf but I have to borrow a camera.) ” I heard there was this world class photographer dude going the WWKIP in Toronto… Maybe he’d take one for you. I’m just sayin’!
    (Says the woman with a sticky note on her camera that says BATTERIES!)

  33. Happy Birthday!! Stretch it out and celebrate a birthday week. Your writings brighten my day.

  34. I wish I could be in Toronto today. A very Happy Birthday to you. I hope there’s lots of cold beer involved!

  35. Happy Birthday! Enjoy your WWKIP event, I look forward to reading about later.

  36. Happy Birthday, Steph! And my friend Lisa P will be there to represent music librarian knitters!! Wish I could be in Toronto today, but I’m working at my LYS, welcoming knitters returning from the WWKIPD gathering!

  37. Happy Birthday Steph- may your shadow never grow greater, and may you never run out of wool πŸ™‚

  38. Happy Birthday! (If the gods have arranged to have your 40th land on WWKIP day, I’m sure keeping the rain at bay should be a piece of cake.) Thanks for bringing us Franklin!

  39. Happy Birthday!!!
    Second half of your life? No, no, no, 70 is the new 40 according to my uncle’s doctor. That gives you another 30 years on your first half, ok, maybe only another 10-15, but you’re still in your first half. Let’s not be sellin’ ourselves short, k? I need to believe in this. It won’t be much longer until I’m there myself!
    Have a great Birthday! And many, many happy returns!

  40. Happy 40th Stephanie!!! It is so nice of all the knitters of the world to get out there and Knit In Public in honor of you today.
    I raise my knitting needles to you! That, and a very nice beer I will be sure to consume in your honor.
    I hit the big 4-0 this year too, but not until November…and I am holding on and enjoying every day of my 39th year!
    Hope the next 40 years are just as wonderful to you as the first 40 have been!!!

  41. Happy Birthday! Enjoy having Franklin visit, but don’t forget to send him back to Chicago.

  42. Happy, happy birthday! Welcome to my decade!
    I figure 40’s cannot be too bad because I was 40 when I discovered knitting, and I cannot imagine how I lived without it.
    Can’t wait to see the pictures.

  43. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m sorry I’ll be missing the Lettuce Knit shindig (damned job) but I’m hoping for a wonderful turnout. Don’t get too drunk and throw up on the wool!(like that would ever happen. teehee)

  44. HAPPY 40th STEPHANIE. Enjoy your day & your wonderful party with Franklin & Lettuce Knit.Wish he was coming to Kingston too!!

  45. Count your age by friends, not years;
    Count your life by smiles, not tears!
    Happy Birthday, Harlot!
    See you at Lettuce Knit!

  46. Dear Stephanie,
    Have a very happy birthday! May your days be long and happy and most of all KNITTY!

  47. Happy Birthday, my DEAR Yarn Harlot!! I consider you a dear friend and mentor (just like the 429 gajillion others of us) and are tickled to celebrate this day with you. I’d say it’s more like the beginning of the Second THIRD of your life; people are better-nourished now, and we’re all going to live to 273. (I do NOT do wicked maths, so don’t come telling me about thirds and numbers and so on.) Want you to know, I’m going to see you properly toasted as the Hog-and-Bloggers and other denizens of the Sow’s Ear line up to publicly knit! (Tell Franklin, we’re also taking the opportunity to campaign for Dolores; the Fibertarian Party will be represented as well.) I hope you have a magical, wondrous and merry day withal! (Oh, and I’m typing really FAST and so MAY still be within the first 100 commenters!!!)

  48. Here’s hoping you have the happiest and driest of birthdays! Have a wonderful day!

  49. Happy Birthday Stephanie! Here’s a toast to you! (Maybe a little later in the day. It’s a little early to toast at 9am.)

  50. Happy Birthday, and on the optimistic side – this may be the first day of the second half of your life, but the second half may be longer as well as better. (Let’s not create a deadline, if you know what I mean!) Anyway – Happy Birthday! Here’s hoping everything goes well today and you all have a great success, lots of fun and no rain!

  51. Happy birthday, Stephanie! I’ll be at my sister’s house today celebrating HER birthday, so I won’t have a chance to KIP (unless her living room counts?). It sounds like you’re already having a great day, though. Enjoy yourselves! (snort–like you need to be told.)

  52. Sol-sol-la-sol-do-ti,
    Vegan cake awaits you on my blog.
    Have an amazing day!
    p.s. The Yarnery Family Singers wish we could be there…

  53. Happy Birthday Stephanie
    Have a blast knitting in public with all of your friends and family. I will be driving across Texas and will knit it public somewhere along the way.

  54. Happy birthday!
    I’ll third or fifth or dozenth what Mel said. I didn’t start thinking about the “second half” until just now when I turned 50 (and BTW, 50 is big fun too, something to look forward to). Forty is old enough to sound grown-up, but it’s still plenty young for being and doing. Life begins at 41. But when you turn 50 we’ll tell you life begins at 51. It keeps beginning whenever you damn well want it to, which I suspect is pretty much always.

  55. Happy Birthday Stephanie! Hope you have a beautiful day and fun fiber filled year. Take one wonderful day at a time and savor each moment. You are so loved — what more could a gal ask for….? Well, ya, MORE YARN & KNIT time — sure that goes without saying!
    Peace, Joy & Blessings,

  56. Happy Birthday, Stephanie. Hope you have a happy, sunny day.
    Say hi to Franklin for us.

  57. A very happy birthday to you! We are off for a family camping trip, so I will have to knit in public whenever we make stops. Informed Husband and four sons of this fact and the smart aleck son said, “How is that any different from what you do every day of your life?” I explained the difference between and obsession and an intentional statement. Not sure he gets it! Donna

  58. I have to say, 40 sounds like it is REALLY not 19 anymore. Or 12. Or various other ages. I mean, there are all kinds of things you aren’t supposed to be or do once you’re, you know, 40. I’m counting on you to make it look good and fun because you’re ahead of me, and I am going to need a good example.

  59. Happy Bday!
    You have to borrow a camera… with Franklin Habit in the house. Heh.

  60. Hope your fortieth birthday is a blast. Have fun Knitting in Public and have a great day.

  61. Too many years ago to mention there was an episode on the “Odd Couple” where Felix wanted to throw a birthday party for Oscar telling him that you have to celebrate your birthday so you have “memorable moments in birthdays.” Of course Oscar didn’t want a party and Felix threw him one anyway – Felix always did what he wanted to do and thought others should agree with him. (I think I remember Oscar having a good time after all.) I’m more with Felix and I’m happy that you are celebrating your birthday in style. Here’s to your 40th and memorable moments in birthdays! Can’t imagine a better birthday than having Franklin photograph you and your friends and having the world knit with you in public! Cheers!

  62. From way down here in North Carolina, I get such happiness from the love you and Rachel H and Franklin shower on one another. We all deserve friends who wait breathlessly for us at the airport. Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the company to its fullest. –Nancy in NC

  63. A very happy birthday to you, dear Stephanie. Have a wonderful day, big party, awesome knit…. and N O RAIN !!

  64. Henry and I send our very best Birthday wishes to you!
    He would be winging his way to celebrate with you, but Henry is needed at WWKIP Halifax where he will be offering snorgles and photo ops in return for a donation to a local women’s shelter!
    Celebrity is so exhausting!

  65. Happy Birthday, Stephanie!
    Now, listen up. This is not the first day of the second half of your life. That’s fifty, at least. It’s our parents’ generation that started half 2 at 40.
    You take good care of Franklin, and watch out for Dolores! She’ll drink you under the table and … well, let’s not think about what kind of trouble she could get you into. Her kind of trouble would probably shorten your life expectancy.

  66. Hope your day is filled with perfection and fabulosity and your “second half” of life is totally tremendous and blessed! Happy Birthday from Florida! πŸ™‚

  67. Happy Happy Day Steph!
    I’m off to a birthday party for a 3 year old. Ponies. In 90 degree heat.
    You got the better deal! Happy Day!

  68. HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear Stephanie. Turning any age is only as good as you make it and by the sounds of the day you and Rachel H have planned it’s going to be a DOOZY!! Have fun and make LOTS of memories.Glad Franklin made it safe and sound.

  69. Happy Birthday! I’ve been forty for the better part of a year now, and it has been perfectly lovely. I have to agree with a previous commenter, though – I don’t consider myself anywhere near the halfway point!

  70. Happy Birthday! What a wonderful day you have planned – I wish I could be there, but alas, I will have to KIP and have a cold one here for you instead.
    Here’s to sun and knitters…

  71. Happiest and yarniest of birthdays! I’m off to mark WWKIP day by taking over public transit with a flock of knitters…heheheheheheh…

  72. Happy birthday from sunny, hot and dry Northern California. I hope your day is all you can hope for. What a celebration for an amazing lady! Knit on, fear not.

  73. Happy Birthday Stephanie! It sounds like your WWKIP day is off to a good start. I’m so jealous that you’re spending it hanging out with Franklin and Juno.
    I’m spending mine in bed with a cold. blech. I hope it’s gone by tomorrow, because that’s my birthday!
    Welcome to the 40’s club!

  74. Wait a minute. You might be 40, but you haven’t finished the first half of your life yet so you can’t start the second already.
    Happy b’day. Nice of Franklin to come help you celebrate. Along with a huge party of knitters.

  75. ‘Tis is not mere coincidence that KIP day and your 40th coinside.
    Have a merry and happy celebration! And what a gift – having one’s 40th birthday portrait immortalized doing what they love in a book!

  76. Happy Birthday, Stephanie! I promise it only gets better as you go along… really! Enjoy your fabulous day, E

  77. Oh forget it, I wished you happy birthday already because I wasn’t sure I’d have the time to look in on you today, but what the heck, here I go again: Happy, Happy Birthday, kiddo. You are sooo young (I am 45). Thanks for being here and thanks for everything you do.
    Happy WWKIP day, too, can’t wait to see how it went for you guys.
    I just can’t even believe that your 40th birthday and that day are on the same day!! The stars are indeed aligned!

  78. Happy Birthday! In 2006 spent the whole year from January 1 through my birthday in September dreading turning 40, but when it actually happened it really wasn’t really worth all that angst. Older and wiser are good things to be.

  79. Happy Birthday! Have fun, drink beer and get your knit on! (Like you weren’t going to do all that anyway…) The 40s have been pretty good for me so far, maybe because that’s when I took up my needles again. Coincidence? I think not.

  80. Happy Birthday Stephanie. You share a birthday with my Grand Daughter Meika. She is turning 3 today. Enjoy your day.

  81. I’m unable to get out and knit in public today, so in honor of your birthday, I bought myself some yarn and needles on-line today. No need to thank me, really. I’m happy to do it.
    HAPPY HAPPY DAY TO YOU! And many more ahead!

  82. Happy Birthday.
    If you think 40 is mid-way, does this mean that you are planning your retirement stash to run out at 80? Let’s hope not!
    All the best.

  83. Happy birthday Stephanie! May today be filled with sunshine and yarn (and good beer!) and may there be many, many more great knit days to come!

  84. Happy Birthday!!! I’m glad to hear 40 looks so bright abd lovely. I’m heading there myself in mere months, so it’s great to hear. I like how you put it: “I think that today, the first day of the second half of my life… is likely going to be wonderful.” Reassuring words.

  85. Happy Birthday, Stephanie!!
    Hope it’s wonderful! Hope the sun shines on you all day (but not too hot)! Hope you have lots of friends (1000!) and yarn and beer (but not too much)!
    I hit 50 this year so I’m thinking this must be the start of the next half. Aim high!! How else are we gonna knit up all the yarn we have amassed??

  86. Hippo Birdie two ewes
    Hippo Birdie two ewes
    Hippo Birdie dear Harlot!!
    Hippo Birdie two ewes!!
    Welcome to the 40’s. It’s pretty awesome thus far. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!
    Nathania posted the pic of you holding Ellie, my goddaughter @ TNNA on her blog. It sounds like you had lovely cuddles with her and her wacky harido!!

  87. Happy Birthday!!! And welcome, Franklin!! Now off to see Nathania’s photos of you holding my Ellie, whom I am campaigning hard to have her see me as her adopted grandma. The 40’s are wonderful; welcome!

  88. Happy Birthday Stephanie! The weather is holding out here in K-W, hope it’s doing the same for you there. Sigh, I wish I could have gone.

  89. Have a wonderful birthday and a great time with Franklin!
    40 is a pretty cool birthday. So make the most of it.

  90. Feliz Cumpleanos, Stephanie!!
    …this is NOT the second half… (echo..echo…echo….)
    and btw; are you sure you did the math right this time? I know you’ve been having some trouble with that.
    I wish Franklin good light, no rain for the party, and to you, many many many happy returns!

  91. Happy Birthday but remember it isn’t the second half of your life until you hit 50 so you have a long way to go girl!

  92. Happy, happy birthday, dear Stephanie. You’re going to LOVE your forties – best years of life! Have a super great party tonight.

  93. Hope the day continues to be as lovely for you – what a great way to celebrate; Franklin, 1000 knitters, and WWKIP day! It’s like the knitting gods smiling on you. πŸ™‚

  94. Happy Birthday! Know that those of us who couldn’t make it to Canada are out in our own corner of the world knitting in public!

  95. Happy, happy birthday! And may this be less than half way through your life. Have a great day.
    Belated birthday wishes to Ian and your mum.
    Enjoy WWKIP today.

  96. Happy Birthday! I will knit in your honour today at work as I cannot make it to Toronto (or any other public place) for WWKIP Day. Hope you have a fabulously yarny birthday. With cake. And beer.

  97. HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEPHANIE!! Hope the weather stays lovely, the beer stays cold, and Dolores stays out of trouble. And the yarn flows like water.
    Happy 40th. With so much already accomplished (go you!) we can only wait with great anticipation to what you’ll find in the next 40 years. Thanks for having us along for the ride.

  98. HAPPY B’DAY Stephanie from your buddy Paul. Thanks for the hugs!

  99. Happy Birthday! Welcome to the 40 club. I joined last year and still can’t believe it!

  100. Happy Birthday!!!!! I too turn 40 in just a few hours and am looking forward to Act 2.
    May you never be without yarn!!!

  101. Happy Happy Birthday and have a wonderful time at WWKIP Day and the 1,000 knitters shoot. I can’t wait to hear all about it.

  102. Wow! Happy birthday to you! Hope it continues on it’s present course.
    And it’s WWKIPD and I forgot all about it, but did actually knit in public already today. Today was my daughter’s first day of gymnastics, so natch I took something to do while I was waiting. Yea me for celebrating our little knitting holiday in spite of my bad memory. πŸ™‚

  103. Hippo Birdie, Two Ewes!
    Hippo Birdie, Two Ewes!
    Hippo Birdie, Dearest Stephanie!
    Hippo Birdie, Two Ewes!
    In honor of WWKIP day there will be a whack of knitters clicking away at McKenna’s graduation tonight. We’ll send you pictuers. My sock will be the soggy one, I can’t stop crying.

  104. Drat! I didn’t realize it was a day to knit in public. Missed my chance to really befuddle a room full of seventeen year olds by knitting at the ACT. Oh, well.
    Happy birthday! Hope you get lots of wonderful yarn and cake, and drink some good beer for those of us still below the legal age.

  105. Have a very wonderful birthday. The 40s are pretty good years – still young enough to do whatever you fancy but old enough to know whether what you fancy is wise (or not)!

  106. Happy Birthday!
    I still can’t quite grasp that you are a year younger than me – probably because your children are so much older (mine are 6 and 4 – see, I can’t be older than you…)
    Being 40 is great – enjoy it!

  107. Wishing you all the best on your 49th with 1000 crazy ass knitters (or however many you have lined up).

  108. Happy Birthday! I agree with the several previous posters that the 40’s are, all round, the best years of one’s life. So sit back & enjoy! Things just keep getting better from here on out!

  109. Happy Birthday my dear!
    Hope you had a wonderful day knitting in public and having your picture taken, and seeing others get their picture taken.

  110. Happy Birthday! We are all really anxious to hear all of the details about your day and your presents and, of course, Franklin! Did he bring Delores?

  111. Happy Birthday Stephanie. It’s also my Baby girl’s 25th birthday. Somehow I think the universe knew I would return to the love of knitting and had me deliver a child on the Knitting Queen’s birthday. She’s so excited that you share a day. As has been the usual course of events for crafts we share, she has SO passed me in her abilities. You would be so proud of her as a knitter. She makes use of every single free minute she has to knit. SO! GO out and knit today on WWKIP day! WOW!

  112. Happy Birthday! I wish I could be there. Here’s wishing you a great day! (that involves lots of yarn that is yours now.)
    Knit Long and Prosper,
    Emma πŸ™‚

  113. Happy Birthday! It gets better and better. Fifty was pretty good for me (freedom to express myself…) but I’m looking at 60 now and realizing that maybe, just maybe I better not water anymore time. Gotta knit …

  114. Happy Birthday… and many more than 40 more to come I’m sure!
    I did my best for WWKIP day… slacked and knit at work as much as possible! Have a great one.

  115. Lamenting my lack of timing – was across the Atlantic and at Lettuce Knit a fortnight ago (burbled helplessly to Laura about how much I liked Thermal and Serrano, and she was really kind…). Hope it all went utterly beautifully today, and happy birthday!

  116. Hippo birdie, 2 ewe.
    Hippo birdie, 2 ewe.
    Hippo birdie, deer ewe.
    Hippo birdie, 2 ewe!!!!
    (a subtle (or is that silly) wool connection.)

    We’ve been having a wonderful WWKIP playing Iknit’s London Treasure hunt in glorious sunshine – it’s dusk now and I’m pretty sure we’ve sent the sun in the right direction – fingers crossed

  118. Happy Birthday, Stephanie! I was in Toronto about 2 weeks ago and made the pilgrimage to Lettuce Knits…it’s a fun neighborhood!

  119. Many happy returns of the day — they say that how you spend your birthday is how you’ll spend the year. So it sounds like you’re off to a good start — knitting, friends, and beer.

  120. Happy Birthday πŸ™‚
    I hope it’s a wonderful day for you, and I hope the rain held off for your celebration!
    Thank you for all that you do for knitters everywhere!

  121. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day. It is my brother’s birthday too and Flag Day in the US. I hope to visit Toronto one day, you make it seem like such a fabulous city. Come to Florida one day!
    Heather R.

  122. We are knitting in public in your honor in Los Gatos, California. Happy Birthday!

  123. Happy 40th!
    Think positive – there’s way too much knitting to do to only think of 80! Aim high!

  124. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day. I can’t wait to see the follow up post. I’m convinced that Toronto is the coolest place to be a knitter. Someday I’ll find out for sure!

  125. happy birthday stepahnie! as i near 49 i can safely say that this has been the best decade yet, and i hope it is for you too! (omg, does that mean i’m going to be 50 in 18 months?)

  126. Happy Birthday, Steph! I’m sending good weather karma from Michigan for your events today. πŸ™‚
    Your birthday party ROCKS!

  127. I went out to knit on WWKIP day. Went to Urbana Illinois where Bridgette from Klose Knits hosted a site at the Lincoln Square Mall in Urbana. Let me tell you it was an exciting experience. I not only sat, knitted, and talked with other knitters, but checked at the Farmers Market there, which was huge, and just sat back. Very fun. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO U

  128. Welcome to the forties!
    I don’t know why people stress about turning 40. Trust me, the forties are the best time in your life. So far….

  129. Ah! I’m insanely jealous and I wish I was there. But happy birthday and have a great time!

  130. Happy Birthday Stephanie! (My birthday is June 16th!) Hope you have a great day! Also, happy WWKIP day!

  131. Hippo birdie two ewes
    Hippo birdie two ewes
    Hippo birdie deer Stephanie
    Hippo birdie two ewes
    Many, many happy returns — 40 is awesome, but really, it’s only 1/3 of the way through the journey. πŸ™‚

  132. Happy Birthday!
    I had such a great time today. I just wish I could ahve stayed longer. Thank you for organizing such a great event, and also thank you to Franklin and Rachel H.
    If you ever have need of more celebratory cupcakes just let me know πŸ˜‰

  133. Happy Birthday, Stephanie!! May this birthday be the start of a year of robust good health, much happiness, and as yet undreamed of success! Read your blog every day and enjoy it much!!

  134. Excellent–Happy Birthday Steph, welcome Franklin, and may worldwide Knit in Public Day be a ROARING success.
    (Okay, but when I thought ‘OMG–I have GOT to go outside and knit in public today’ it occurred to me that I’d already knit at my kids gymnastics hour–and then it hit me: EVERY DAY IS KNIT IN PUBLIC DAY!!! Best thing Steph could give to us EVER!!!!)

  135. Happy Birthday, Stephanie!
    We knit in public here in Columbus, GA. We also had a brownie to celebrate your birthday.

  136. Happy Birthday, Steph!
    I thought of you as I knit in public! And I was certain you were having an entertaining and memorable time then — and all day.
    Hope I was right!

  137. have the happiest birthday ever, and welcome to the second half of your life. it is GRAND.
    we sat in the park today, behind make one; spun, knit, laughed, talked.. and thought of you.
    it did not rain (for the second day in june)

  138. happy birthday! i knit a sock for a friend while at my stepdaughters’ dance recital this afternoon, as my contribution to knit in public day. have a great one!

  139. Happy Birthday Stephanie! I knit in the park today with a ton of my friends for WWKIP day! Hoping you have wonderful weather for the rest of your day!

  140. Happy Birthday dear Harlot! Us Gemini’s do have a wonderful birthday weekend! Mind is tomorrow.
    Enjoy the firs day of the second half of your life. May it be filled with love, laughter and well yarn of course!
    Well, maybe beer to.

  141. Have an amazing birthday! You obviously got a great head start considering beer and knitting kicked off the night before. Hope Lettuce Knit and the 1000 Knitters picture sessions went well for Franklin.
    Thanks for being such a blast – for an amazing perspective, a great attitude, and a kick-ass sense of humor!!
    Happy Birthday Ms Harlot!!!

  142. I would have loved to be in Toronto today, but am busy grading too many algebra finals, and it’s just too far from NJ to make the trip in one day. Happy happy birthday and i can’t wait to see the pictures. 40 was the best year of my life. So far.
    Make every day KIP day.

  143. You have arrived!
    (But what I really want to know is what RachelH wore today.)

  144. Oh, right! I forgot that I have a birthday about the same time as yours! How could such two wonderful people come to this earth at nearly the same time?? It’s fate, I tell you, it’s mystical fate!
    Best wishes on the second half of your life. How are you going to top the first half?

  145. Happy birthday, Stephanie! Everyone else is right — the 40’s rock. I’m 43, and you couldn’t pay me to go back to my 30’s or 20’s, and thinking too much about anything earlier would have me seeing my therapist a lot more frequently. It’s like all the earlier decades were just practice. I needed to go through them to become who I am today, but my head is finally cooked long enough or something. I’m really me now. Yep, 40’s rock. And no, your life isn’t half over!
    I would tell you to have a good day on your birthday, but it looks like you’ve got that one worked out already…

  146. Markus was all ready to sing you the birthday song but chickened out when he saw you. Happy Birthday anyway (he sang it the whole TTC trip home though).

  147. Happy Birthday, Stephanie. Although I couldn’t be with you, I think I did your birthday proud. I went 100 miles to Cincinnati to attend a WWKIP Day event. Serendipitously (while looking for a non-fast food place to eat breakfast),I found a lovely LYS in Kentucky and added measurably to my stash in your honor. I hope you were pleased with my choice of celebrations for your special day. I just know you had a glorious day.

  148. Happy, happy birthday. Getting older isn’t so bad. I feel more settled and happy than I did when I was younger. Happy, happy KIP day.

  149. Chiming in to wish you a very happy birthday. I can’t imagine a better way to spend it. Here’s hoping that you, Franklin, Rachel, Denny, Juno, and everyone else have a fantastic day. Way to orchestrate a memorable 40th!

  150. I had a fantastic time today Stephanie, thank you SOOOO much to you and Rachel for arranging it! And thanks also very, very much to the weather gods for being so bee-yew-tifully accommodating.
    No thanks, however, to my brain, which forgot my camera. Pooh.

  151. Happy birthday, Stephanie. It was a great party, and I thank you for letting us join you.
    You were right, you and Rachel H. really know how to organise a memorable shindig. I’m quite sure you could run the world (if only you didn’t have better things to do with your time).

  152. oooh… is Delores still in customs? I know you didn’t buy her a ticket, but I’m sure she could have talked her way onto that plane πŸ™‚
    Did you get to meet Harry? If so, are you going to hide him in your stash as a ‘pet skein’? I’m sure he’d love to live at your house (provided you don’t let that evil squirrel near him πŸ™‚

  153. Stephanie, I thought of you often today and sent happy-birthday vibes toward Toronto, while KIPping near & in Lansing.
    Four shops participated and I missed nothing. Much fun. Not Toronto, no Franklin, but fun anyway.
    Happy Birthday, again. Big hugs.

  154. Best wishes for a wonderful birthday and beyond! Fifty-two of my knitting compadres and myself celebrated the WWKIP (and your birthday!) harbourside in Sydney.

  155. Happy Knitting Birthday!
    What fun to also read of all the KIP gathers here, there, and everywhere!
    In the “I got a rock” department, I worked all day; fortunately I love my work and get to hand-spin on a spindle friends made and gave me, on my breaks.
    Life, she is GOOD.

  156. How did it happen to be WWKIP day on the Harlot’s birthday? The yarn gods must have made that one happen! Have a great birthday & I agree with the others – 40 is not half – it will take longer to knit up the stash! Best Wishes:)

  157. Have a Happy and Joyous birthday and enjoy all the WWKIP celebrating.
    I went to the local library and did some KIP, then to Tim Horton’s and did some KIP and tomorrow a friend and I are going to KIP at Square One Shopping Centre. I am the organizer of the Canadian Division of the Oddball Baby Blanket KAL and I am knitting charity baby blankets for the Sick Kids Hospital. I took one with me to KIP today. The blanket is called Mud Pie and is all browns. Five different knitters from all over Canada have worked on this blanket so far and I am doing the final knitting and then crocheting a border on it. When I have six blankets ready I will deliver them to the hospital. It’s been a lot of fun today showing people our knitting.
    Anyways I wish you many many more Happy Birthdays, filled with love, laughter and of course KNITTING in KIP, at home, on a plane, wherever!

  158. Happy birthday, Stephanie. I hope you got a new camera for your birthday. Might I suggest the Panasonic Lumix DZT? It has 7.2 megapixels and 10x optical zoom. Just a suggestion…
    Hope you had a wonderful day.

  159. Happy birthday lady! In honour of this special day, I road a horse named cowboy, and knit on the skytrain. I love you, keep on writing.

  160. Happy day after your birthday! I’m visiting in Reno and didn’t know of any WWKIP events here. So, when we took five boxes to Kinko’s to ship home, I told the helpful girl all about WWKIP day and gave her your blog info. She is a beginner knitter. πŸ˜‰ I did KIP at Kinko’s.
    When we got home and finally read the paper – –
    there it was!WWKIP Day at the Mall! of course by the time we saw it, it was after nine!! Oh, well, hope they had fun! Blessings for the next 2/3rds. You’ve only just begun!

  161. Hope all went well at Lettuce Knits. Was too sick to go to mall to KIP…even too sick to pick up needles (now that’s SICK!!! *sigh*)
    Did you know that life only begins at 40? And that you get on a roll by 50? I think the 50’s are the most fun years a body can have. So Happy Birthday and enjoy what is truly the first days of your wonderful life!

  162. i knitted out on the west
    central coast of florida
    95 degrees i did not knit for long
    great big nasty -i;ll get you yet
    lighting storm

  163. Happy Birthday Harlot! WooHoo on 40! I think every birthday is great, but there’s something about making it to 40 that’s really wonderful! And you get to have Franklin too, how cool is that! Hope you get the yarn of your dreams, squeaky cheese and buttertarts galore! (Oops! I think that the cheese and tarts are on my list!) Have an awesome birthday!

  164. I’m sorry I’m a day late in posting your “Happy 40th Birthday!!!” wishes. I had a surprise visit from my daughter (it made me cry!), but we did spin in public and knit in public. In fact, she knitted a bib at the baby shower we attended and handed it over to the happy mom-to-be right then and there!
    Thanks for all you do to brighten our days and I hope the rest of your year goes as well as it has since Friday!!!

  165. I’ve always thought the belief that if it rains more NOW then it will have less chance of raining later when you don’t want rain goes hand-in-hand with the belief that if you knit faster you either won’t run out of yarn or the fact that said item is the wrong size means it will turn out the right size. It’s all very logical.

  166. Happy birthday somewhat belatedly but no less heartfelt! And congratulations on remembering your age this year (even decades are funny that way). There was entirely too much math involved last time!
    Cheers to you, Stephanie, and may the good times roll!

  167. Happy Birthday Stephanie
    Just letting you know we celebrated your 40th in fine style with a KIP in Geelong Australia.
    I’m sending a photo by e-mail

  168. Happy Birthday! Congrats on reaching the second third of your life. *grin*
    I’ll possibly do some KIP, but it is raining pretty hard just south of Boston. Every day on the train is KIP for me, so missing the official day isn’t quite so bad.

  169. Happy Birthday!! My Daughter shares her birthday with you. (I told you last year too) I should get an extra special prize cause I have managed to keep her alive for 2 years now!! Hope your year is full of wonderful knits!!

  170. Happy 40th! I can’t believe that you are such a fabulous knitter at the tender age of 40. I’m 43 and have, so far, loved my 40s (though they are exhausting — my kids are still quite young). I’ve become a much bolder, more outspoken person and have learned to, as my father says, “turn the other cheek” instead of letting things get to me. It’s liberating.

  171. So should I knit at my own graduation party, or at others’? Hmm, decisions, decisions . . . Although I think a 40h birthday is giving me some proper perspective on graduating high school . . . πŸ™‚

  172. Hi Steph Did you get my little poem early Sat morning. Hope it made ya laff.
    Hope you had a very Happy Birthday, once you hit 40 the wrinkles start to appear around the eyes and everything on yer face and on the bod heads south, beleive me I been there. I have been partying all week, its was my B I G 5 0 on 7 June, I must say I don’t half look bad. People think I am much younger. I am still getting pressies from my yarnaholic friends, yesterday I got a lovely yarny surprise on WWKIP day, Ruth sent me some of her beautiful hand-painted sock yarn, how awesome is that. She calls it Cinders Sox its purple dark lilac, mid lilac dk coral and a lovely quiet red. Yum. There was also a sweet little box of Celebrations sweeties which i shared with my KIP ladies, it was a bit of a disaster, only five of us turned up. Next year I’ll get a press pack. Hope your KIP was a much better blast. BIG Hug for your birthday, can’t wait to see you in London, I’ll show you my socks made with Ruth’s yarn.

  173. One of the boys in my school knitting club had his birthday party yesterday…I’m super excited to know if they knit in public at Pizza Hut. They said they might. 10 nine and ten year old boys sitting there working on scarves and stuff? Awesome.

  174. I hope that at least one fellow child of the 1980’s sang you the Altered Images “Happy Birthday” song. If they didn’t, I’ll just have to…
    dit dit diiit ditdit
    dit dit diiit ditdit
    Happy birthday, happy birthdayyyyyyy
    dit dit diiit ditdit
    dit dit diiit ditdit
    Happy birthday, happy birthdayyyyyyy…
    And yes, 40 is rather good. I’ve been at it for six months and, if I do say so myself, it’s been righteous. And I’ve been unemployed, disorganized and at total loose ends, so I can only imagine just how spectacular your own year is going to be.
    (Just try to get that Altered Images song out of your head. You can’t, can you? Bwahahaha.)

  175. Happy birthday, Stephanie. At 60, I can barely remember being 40, while at the same time it feels like it was only yesterday. Weird, how time gets confounded like that. I’m actually hoping I’m a little less than 3/4 done — I might not get grandkids by 80, since I started the next generation a little late….

  176. I hope somebody gave you a camera for your birthday! May it be a great year. The year I was forty all sorts of sucky things happened. I hope you fair much better.

  177. Certainly I’m neither the first nor the last to profer salutations on the occasion of your natal anniversary, albeit a day late. No contact with the internets yesterday, but I did KIP at Stanford with a cute boy; he happens to be 18 months old, but is great company nonetheless.
    Yeah, I can tell you from experience that the second twenty of that next 40 is fantastic! Something about making that milestone gives us permission to just go on about life, being our own sweet, twisted, yarn-obsessed crazy selves, and just not giving a rat’s patootie what anyone else says. That’s not to say that you haven’t been doing that all along, but there’s a new freedom to it that adds an extra layer of sweetness. You know, kinda like when your teenager will actually admit to loving you (sotto voce with no other human within distance of witnessing same, but still.)
    Thanks for all you give us; for sharing not just mad inspiration for knitting, but for living a mostly conscious life so publicly.
    I’ll raise a glass of scotch to you this evening – hope it was a wonderful day!

  178. Was there in spirit.
    Happy 40th Birthday Steph!
    In honour of the day, I have knit on three different projects, finishing one ….

  179. Happy birthday to the Harlot!!! May you enjoy many more yarn filled years (and continue to tell us about them daily).

  180. Happy Birthday Yarn Harlot. If you were in Vancouver now, you would still have 8 minutes left of your big day! Hope it was the happiest one ever and that you have a great year being 40!

  181. Happy Birthday!!! I hope the sun shone and you all had a wonderful day with knitting and beer and yarn and laughter and smiles and all you could wish for!
    (and I’ll correct you, I think it was the first day of your second third of you life… good knitters live to be at least 120, right?)

  182. I’m not great on organised events. I prefer free-range KIP. I spent WWKIP day on the Shropshire Union Canal in England. Working locks, knitting as I went.
    I was asked what I was knitting several times – the reply was “Lock Socks” to which the next question would be “What’s a lock sock?” answer “A sock you knit at a lock”.
    I must say that the canal was Very busy, the journey down the 15 locks was Very Very slow (almost a record – we do this journey a lot and this was the second slowest trip ever). The only thing that kept me sane was knitting (and noticing that I tended to freak out the oncoming boaters who aren’t used to people being able to do 2 things at once).
    I enjoyed the day and I hope you got the warm yarny “Happy Birthday” thoughts that I sent over the ether to you.

  183. A very Happy Birthday to you…May you live as long as you want and never want as long as you live. Thanks for making our lives that much richer.

  184. Happy Birthday! Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!
    I am sure Franklin especially appreciated the welcome was to him rather than to Dolores. (Though I love Harry.)

  185. Well, 40 looks waaay better than 31 (maybe because I celebrated on Friday, the 13th)? Either way, I wonder if Franklin will be available in 2017? Heck, I’d settle for Dolores!
    Happy Birthday, Ms. Harlot. May there be 60+ more just like ’em.

  186. I see a lot of concern over Steph seeing 40 os the start of the “second half.” No need for concern– she’s probably planning on having three halves.

  187. “As,” of course. The scary thing is that I don’t knit any better than I type.

  188. A belated Happy 40th! Hope you had a wonderful day. . . As for knitting in public, I knit on the Amtrak to and from NY on Friday, and on a golf course Saturday! (And wow did I get weird looks on that one . . .)

  189. Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY from another “just turned 40-years young…” knitter. Last year WWKIP was on my birthday and what a way to celebrate. I look forward to seeing pictures from your day. πŸ™‚

  190. Happy Birthday a little late, Stephanie!
    Hoping you had a spectacular day….
    I survived mine a couple of years ago, but I didn’t have to go to TNNA one weekend, plan a WWKIP extravaganza, and then celebrate my birthday…. you are one extraordinary woman!

  191. Happy Bird-day–a little late! I have to say, I loved my 40s the most, so far. I felt great, the kids were semi-independent, and we had a little spare money so I could figure out who I was now that I wasn’t a full-time mom anymore. Fun times. And now in my mid-50s I learned to knit and have no more spare money, but a nice stash.

  192. You really scared me with that “the first day of the second half of my life…”
    I am facing a birthday in the next two months, and I’ll be 65.
    Does that mean I’ll be (am) in the last quarter of my life?
    And not at the beginning of that quarter?
    What a bad way to look at things!

  193. Happy 40th! I must say, the 40s rock. It’s been by far the best decade of my life. But really, the first day of the second half of your life? That’s means you expect to survive until 80? I turn 50 this year and I’m just barely thinking of that as the second half of my life!

  194. Happy birthday! My husband asks if you’re sure you’re actually 40 today, and I told him that I thought your mother’d straightened you out last year πŸ™‚ Hope the KIP went as representationally as possible — I so wish I lived up your way!

  195. Happy (belated) birthday! One’s 50s are even better because we’re even older, wiser, more skilled and talented too! Like a fine bottle of wine….
    Best wishes!
    (PS looking forward to the 1000knitters pics)

  196. Happy birthday!!!!!
    I WWKiP’ed at my graduation ceremony. I hope that counts as public.
    I had posted in an earlier comment that I would start my first pair o’ socks after I graduated. I cast them on during the commencement ceremony. πŸ™‚ My goal is to be able to show them to you if you’re at Rhinebeck. You ARE going to be at Rhinebeck, yes??? *raised eyebrow* After all, I’m waiting until then to buy the new book. πŸ˜‰

  197. just another in the very long list of wishes for a very happy birthday (man, if all of these work that will have been one HAPPY dang birthday!).
    welcome to the 40’s- it’s nice here, you’ll like it!

  198. Wishing you a belated, but no less heartfelt, Happy-Happy-Happy B-day!!!!!!!!!
    Hope the 1000 knitters on WWKIP day was outrageous knitterly wonderful!
    But how could it be anything but……yes?!
    Big hugs!

  199. HAPPY 40TH BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Is it a coincidence that WWKIP day is on your birthday? The power one woman with sock yarn can have……

  200. I hope someone bought you a new camera for your birthday because I want to see the scarf!

  201. Best wishes for many yarny returns. Hope you had a fab WWKIP day and birthday.
    I was working at my LYS and we had a very big turn out for my Sat morning drop in class. I sadly missed out on beer because I got to the bar late and didn’t see the rest of the knitters.
    Happy (belated) Birthday!

  202. O’Hell was nothing compared to LaGonnaNot ( LaGuardia-NYC) on KIP Day.
    2 hours in the airport and 4 hours on the tarmac because of lighting and wind shear go so much smoother with lots of yarn in your carry on!! Only to get cancelled. Another $$$ in NYC.
    I was hoping to get stuck in O’Hare on KIP Day (have family there) but no such luck.
    I didn’t buy a β€œI love NYC” t-shirt. I was looking for the β€œI survived NYC” ones. Guess they don’t make those .
    Turning 40 is great. Just wait till you turn 50. No one can stop you then. You are old enough to know better but old enough to ignore that and do what you want! No one will dare argue with a pre-senior!!! Its great!
    Happy Birthday!
    Glad all arrived safe and sound!

  203. Hey my mom turned 40 on the thirteenth! She’s lucky to have a birthday so near yours congrats!

  204. I am sorry I missed it (I had planned to attend) Thanks for helping me feel like I was there. It looked like a GREAT day!
    PS Happy 40th and I hope your second half of your life is as adventurous, happy, fulfilling and loving as the first!

  205. >
    Now then, Stephanie, where’s your ambition, your drive, your will to get to a full century? Reached 40? That’s just climbing the hill. You need to get to 50 before you get on that downward slippery slope to the 2nd half.
    Sounds like you had a great party. Congratulations on reaching a good milestone.

  206. I think I’ll buy a new Random House Dictionary just to see if it now includes as common vernacular the term:
    KINNEAR: verb (Etymology: derived from new slang Canadian English; specifically attributed to the Yarn Harlot of Toronto, circa 2006): “to kinnear” describes the act of surreptitiously taking a cell phone photograph of an individual using what can only be described as “an Alfred Hitchcock” angle.
    Cuz, what better way to assimilate the muggles into our collective than to slip bits of our language into their sub-conscious?

  207. Stephanie, I just read about the i-pod dude on your flight to Chicago. In your description of your reaction to his inconsiderate behaviour you have totally defined what it is to be a Canadian!! obedient, considerate, and (dare I say) conformist, but inside, a raging bull.
    You did exactly what I would have done in the same situation. I mean, the guy would probably have punched you out if you had said something.
    Best wishes,
    Gail in Ajax

  208. As I was reading about your frustration at finding pants that fit a couple of posts back I thought. You really need Red Ants Pants. That really is their name, not a joke! There is a gal in Montana who had the same frustration and created Red Ants Pants to fix it. Check them out. Cheers.

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