All I’ve done in the days since the big deal on the weekend is putter around the house, go to be early… and knit. I’d felt tired in the time leading up to it (actually, I think “exhausted” has been a theme word for about 2 months now) and this fantastic, wonderful event and celebration just about finished me off. If it had, I’d have died happy, that’s for sure, but two days of lying here in this tangle of a house and doing only the things my family has needed from me has only begun to put the shine back on. One more good sleep is all it will take I think, to put me back among the land of the living, and that’s a good thing, because tomorrow morning I fly to Chicago for the do-over event with Nana’s Knitting. Click that if you need details.

I really think that all I would have been able to do if had been booked for Monday, was step up to the microphone wearing a pair of ratty yoga pants and a coffee stained tee shirt and stand there weeping incoherent tears with a sock in my hand. As it stands now, with a little rest in me, I’m really looking forward to it, though I am disturbingly obsessed with the weather. Since it was Chicago’s weather that kept me from getting there last time, I’m glued to the weather link for Chicago, and for here. I’ve clicked them an unreasonable number of times. Unreasonable. While I’m angsting away on all of things I can’t control, I’ve been fussing with a new sock.

I know, I’m fickle. When I was in Kingston, I got to see some very nice knitters, one of whom was Robyn, owner of the aptly named Robyn’s nest. Robyn’s got herself a slick little sock club, and although I’m not a member (which is starting to look like a big mistake on my part) she brought me one of the sock club kits.

It’s very pretty, designed by Jennifer, and knit in a Canadian yarn that I didn’t even know about, which is sort of surprising, since I really sort of pride myself on getting out a little more than that. I’m not sure if this qualifies as a spoiler, so I’m only posting a tiny corner of a picture.



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  1. pretty sock!!
    You did a good job controlling the weather with your mind for Saturday, give it another go for Chicago.
    The kids are old enough to help hold the house down while you’re gone… let them, and get some sleep!

  2. Wow – The “Grand” Ballroom. Have a great time in Chicago – last time was the snow – Now you’re heading into the heat. I love Chicago though.
    Robyn’s Nest looks great, I think I may be becoming a member of another sock club!

  3. Bacopa* for scale.
    *(cabana.) (I’m sorry Rachel, I tried. I just couldn’t not do it. I’m off to the Chair of Penitence.)

  4. Hi Stephanie – a question for you. How well are you able to knit when you’re exhausted? Do you end up frogging almost as much as you have done? I struggle when I’m too tired, even on a plain vanilla sock that otherwise requires no thought.
    PS Gorgeous colour, whatever it is.

  5. Have fun in Chicago…just moved here…sadly I cannot make it to see you and bring my first sock….maybe next time!

  6. Purple seems to be the color of the month. There’s another sock club that I won’t name so that I don’t spoil it that has purple. Yummy.

  7. I can’t believe you showed us a Canadian yarn, one that you haven’t heard of before, and left us hanging! No way Steph, pass on the name of that lucious fibre, and of course, where I, I mean we, can get our hands on it! ….. Hurry up…..
    Leeanne 😉

  8. YES! What lovely shades of purple. I <3 purple very much.
    Hope you have a lovely, easy safe flight into Chicago and that the weather shines bright and sunny for you!

  9. And here I’ll miss you due to many things, one of which however is not weather.
    Have a great time in Chicago!

  10. Can’t wait to see you tomorrow! I plan on doing my own personal make the rain go away dance tonight….and purchased a new umbrella just to keep the rain away!
    Glad you won’t be too tired to talk. 🙂

  11. You might want to keep an eye on the weather over Detroit, MI and Green Bay, WI. Anything happening over the lake will probably impact your travel.

  12. Glad you are starting to feel back-on-track, but when will it end? When will you be able to just stay home and be home for awhile? The sock yarn is beautiful, can’t wait to see the finished pair. I’m so glad everything went well this past weekend! The pictures of your knitting daughters are lovely. Have a good safe trip – hope the weather cooperates!!

  13. Dang it. I was supposed to be there tomorrow. I’m in Kansas still. My sister lives pretty close to Nana’s, and my plan was to drive over there for a visit and spend the week over there. But, dang it, my anniversary is Monday, and I couldn’t see a way out of that one. So, have fun, smoosh the yarn for me, and tell it that I’ll be there over 4th of July weekend. It’s my dad’s birthday, and he lives over there too.
    Note to self, next time there has to be a cancellation, make sure that everyone reschedules things according to when it’s convenient to ME!

  14. Oooooooooooh!!!! Love that color! When are you going to tell us what that luscious stuff is? I want some! (I’ve just decided that sock yarn bought at 50% off at a going-out-of-business sale doesn’t count, no matter how much I bought. I can, in good conscious, consider it an investment, skip it for now, and go on to something else that requires newly-bought sock yarn.)

  15. Tempting? What are you crazy? It’s a woolen sock in afetching color and pattern. Of course it’s tempting. BTW just finished the book… outstanding, as usual.

  16. I just got Robyn’s sock kit in the mail the other day – isn’t she just great? July’s kit is the last for a while, so sign up quick if you’re interested!

  17. Ha ha Rams! We used to sing that at my former job at a garden shop.
    I love the color of the yarn, and must learn to knit socks.

  18. Very tempting – esp since I am a big fan of the blues & purples! DD, Baby M & I are excitedly awaiting tomorrow night (well DD & I are – Baby M usually loves to be around people so we’re crossing our fingers on that). Current forecast is for possibly light scattered showers – nothing that should disturb air traffic.

  19. Has everyone forgot the scarf?! When do we get to see the scarf with all the little dew drop beads? One project at a time please (tee hee!).

  20. Given that you somehow manage to do more in one day than any other human I know of, I think a few days of holing up is more than reasonable! I’m loving that sock…

  21. Stunning colorway, that sock. Hope another night of rest restores you beyond all reason. We should probably apologize in advance for the horrid weather the Midwest is enduring recently. Have you any water wings?

  22. I don’t know about anyone else, but I would PAY to see you stand in front of a microphone in ratty yoga pants and a coffee-stained shirt with a sock in your hand weeping incoherent tears. What a photo-op!! It would be on EVERYONE’S blog!! And it would be way better than never getting to see you at all. 😉
    I hope you get through O’Hell fine this time.

  23. Wow- I’m so glad you like the sock! I called Robyn to let her know about your post (she’s in the hospital, having just given birth on Tuesday) and she wanted me to let you know that all of the sock club kits have been mailed out, so you are more than welcome to post a photo of finished sock from the pattern, if you like. I hope you enjoy knitting it!

  24. Okay… that’s just mean. LOL
    And yes, it’s very pretty!
    BTW, what is that flower? It’s just beautiful!

  25. Tempting? Yes.
    Being a bit of an “enabler?”
    I shall pretend I did not see another lovely yarn that I cannot buy this year….

  26. Glad you got some down time you certainly needed and deserved it.
    Bon voyage. The weather’s looking good for tomorrow here in Chi-town. I wish that I was able to come but the location doesn’t fit well with my commute basically opposite ends of the Chicago region and a noncooperative train schedule). Next time you come through could you please have an event downtown? I know this isn’t really under your control but I’m just putting one in the suggestion box.
    Sock yarn very pretty. I can’t wait to see the pattern.

  27. That sock reminds me of hydrangeas… love that color, and it looks like it has some nice depth to it too. Are you sure you can’t even mention the name of the yarn? Come on. You know you want to!
    PS – Good luck with Chicago. Lovely city. Lovely people. A bear to get in and out of.

  28. Good luck at O’Hare – or the third circle of Hell as I call it. I was in Lexington KY, chatting with the owner of Magpie Yarns. We were liking the thought of the updated Dante hanging out at Concourse C.
    In order to get to Lexington I had to spend way too much quality time at O’Hare. I don’t ordinarily cry at airports, but my close friends from United took away any shred of self-respect or dignity that remained after the first three hours of torture.

  29. OH that color… is just delicious. I want some of that yarn… must get that color…

  30. Will you get to see Franklin while in Chicago? I hope he’s recovered, too.
    May this be your last trip for a while. It does take time to recover, huh? Since the first of the year I’ve prepped, listed, sold, packed and moved three houses, including my mother’s. I’m not sure I’d swap with you. Enjoy the summer, the garden, the bike, the Farmers’ Market, and home.

  31. Isn’t it amazing how resilient we are? (I’m not sure men can bounce back as quickly; it may have something to do with our maternity or the potential therefore.) Anyway, the truth is, if you HAD appeared in ratty pants, sobbing with a sock in your hand, you’d doubtless have been borne down into the throng, soothed and comforted and coddled and given beer and wound up having a great time anyway. Chicago IS in the Midwest.

  32. Well of course it’s tempting! It’s a beautiful blue/violet colour and it’s yarn – what could be better (unless, of course, it was pure silk and it was mine)? I hope your trip goes smoothly and that you soon get all the sleep you can desire. Best wishes!

  33. I have Robyn’s yarn in my possession and it is one of the yummiest purples I have seen and oh so soft. Her sock club is a fun sock club. I have not been disapointed yet 🙂

  34. One more sleep is all you need? I’d need a month of sleep if I’d done what you’ve been doing in the last four months!

  35. I read from Jennifer that you have official permission to give up the goods on the yarn… dying of curiousity here… what Canadian yarn is this? Where does it come from?

  36. I can’t wait to meet you tomorrow! Fly safe, and we’re all doing anti-storm dances! (Except for my poor boyfriend Alex, who I think was freaked out enough last time seeing all the knitters in one room!)

  37. Ooooh… pretty pretty sock… me want pretty sock TOO…
    And every summer after school lets out, I plan to spend the first week of my summer vacation cleaning the house so that I might not be embarrassed to live.
    Every 1st week of my summer vacation I spend with kids on my lap, writing in the rubble and starting 5000 new knitting projects that it will take me all year to finish.
    The human body has amazing powers of recovery, as long as we pretend we’re eggplant once in a while.

  38. Ooohhh pretty!
    I agree with Leanne, it is cruel of you not to tell us the name of the yarn. Please, please, what is it?
    Oh, and to the commenter who said they’d pay to see you talk in your yoga pants: that’s exactly what this Londoner is doing in September (gladly, willingly and thinks your talk will be cheap at twice the price). And I hope I can buy you a beer afterwards.
    – Pam

  39. I’m sitting here, having ordered yarn, again, at your mere suggestion, wondering what sort of power you have over the universe. Please use it for good.
    Oh, and a continuation of the lovely weather in the mid-atlantic states would be devine. Thanks.

  40. Oh what a teasing harlot you are. SPILL YOUR GUTS! That may be an “Australianism”. It means TELL US EVERYTHING.

  41. Inappropriate comment alert:
    *giggle* I saw a half naked Harlot on Franklin’s blog! (I do not believe I’ve ever seen you sleeveless before… and with nearly visible cleavage!) You are usually buried in handknits;)
    (ooops……..probably shouldn’t have said that…but I’m American, we tend to be rude…and silly.:)

  42. The yarn is beautiful! My sister [Robyn] does an awesome job on these kits! She adds a bit of personality to each one! I woul definately sign up quick for the July kits as they are selling out fast and you don’t want to miss them!!
    Very nice photo 🙂 Hope you enjoyed ur kit!

  43. Can’t wait until The Grand Ballroom! I’ve got my first pair of socks ready to go!! Can’t wait for my first Harlot Experience!

  44. I was suppposed to go the last time(cursed rain) and cannot go tonight. I’m sorry I’m gonna miss it. The weather looks fine. Have fun.

  45. I love the tempting color, but I’m not gonna knit a sock out of it, whatever “it” is! I can see it as a cute little cardi, though … No!
    Will. Finish. Perpetual. Manos. First!

  46. I haven’t read through all the comments, so I don’t know if you’re aware that Robyn had her baby on Tuesday! I think she’s in for a surprise when she gets home!

  47. FIngers crossed for your travel to Chicago. We’re in a more typical summer pattern now — isolated thunderstorms. They pop up when the summer sun hits the wet (in some places swamped!) ground. Unfortunately, that makes them very difficult to predict. Your only true hope is radar, but, really, they can blossom so quickly that it’s nearly impossible to know what’s going to happen.
    I recommend the US gov’t site for weather:
    Or, if that link doesn’t work, go to and search for Chicago (not, it’s the .gov, not the .com). The radar at this site is excellent, and you get direct access to all the official hazardous weather conditions.
    Of course , even if the weather cooperates in Chicago, any hiccup in air traffic will hit O’Hare hard.
    Good luck!

  48. I hope Chicago/O’Hell is good to you!
    But even if you did get up in ratty yoga pants and weep while clutching your sock, I think you would probably soon be surrounded by big hugs from 300 of your closest knitting friends.

  49. Oh, that’s *lovely*. Yarn, pattern & color (not to mention the knitting).
    Breathe deeply. You can Overcome O’Hare *shudder*. Gah. I hate that place!

  50. Good luck with travelling again. Glad to know you are in the land of the living and had some time to get rested up for the next round . You deserve a good holiday to what you want , when you want and if you want . Good Luck

  51. What a gorgeous color! At first glance, I thought you had photographed a hydrangea.

  52. Dear Stephanie –
    I am very excited to see you in Chicago this evening. However, I believe you may be a weather curse for this Midwest city. We’ve had beautiful weather all week. Today (Friday)? We’ve had thunderstorms in my part of town. Good luck.

  53. Glad you grabbed some rest…get sum more 🙂 I think Chicago should be named The Frizzy City, as my hair lifts-off and goes crazy. Perhaps you can use knitting needles to hold it up away from your neck?

  54. Stephanie, can I just say –
    You know all the deep & wonderful stuff you & Franklin were talking about & trying to express (not trying, I mean, expressing well enough that I was nearly standing up & clapping at my keyboard) the other day?
    His photo of you says it all. I felt tears in my eyes the moment I looked at it. It’s the best, most representative image of you I’ve ever seen, hands down. And you look like you would have died happy. Totally happy.
    I’m so glad they convinced you to sit.

  55. Better to be standing with a sock *in* your hand than *on* your hand with the sock doing all the talking.

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